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2021 年 第 10 周归档(03.08 - 03.15)

Redditors who called numbers on bathroom walls, how did it go? (
After having Covid, your body retains antibodies against it for only a short period of time. Why does the body essentially "forget" these antibodies? (
How knowledgeable would the Romans, Greeks, Carthagians, etc. have been about the geography of Sub-Saharan Africa? Did they know about coastal west Africa, the Congo rainforest, or the African Great lakes? What about even further south? (
What video games need to be remastered? (
How did so many different countries come to converge on a higher education system that universally offered Master's degrees and PhDs? (
What's A Rich Person Hobby You Don't Actually Need To Be Rich To Do? (
Latin was, "the primary language of Europe until it was killed off by renaissance scholars who complained that Modern Latin was nowhere near the strength of classical Latin." How true is this? (
What did Carl Jung mean when he said “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves” (
Who had chronic health problems that disappeared after your divorce/breakup? (
Women who had mental health issues in college, what happened? (
Francesco Morozini, Doge of Venice (1619-1694), had a Bible with a hidden gun in it. He could fire by pulling on the bookmark. Were clandestine weapons more widespread than one eccentric doge's Bible gun? Was there good reason for powerful people in the 17th century to have weapons like this? (
Why isn’t sign language taught in elementary school? It seems so useful even if you’re not deaf, but also deaf people would be able to communicate with pretty much everyone. (
When did you realize you don’t really have friends? (
Do male elephants masturbate using their long trunk? (
In Feudal Japan, did people see themselves as part of an overarching Japanese nation headed by the Emperor (or Shogun) or did they primarily see themselves as subjects of the local daimyo, seeing neighboring (Japanese) people as foreigners? (
Human laws now apply to pets, what is your pet getting arrested for day 1? (
Who else is so excited about losing an hour of sleep tonight? I know I am. Seriously why is this still a thing? (
Why there is liquid water under ice sheets? (
People that have woken up in bed with a stranger, what’s your story? (
What are some respectful things you can say during sex? Spice things up but not make it weird? (
Does anyone else ever set their alarm 2+ hours earlier than when you’re supposed to wake up so you can look at your phone and feel relieved that you still have time to sleep? (
What was your "Thank god its over and ill never have to do it again" thing? (
If you could ask any question at all and receive the absolute truth, what question would it be? (
Is adults jokingly insulting each other a common thing in the USAs culture? It happens a lot in movies and TV shows, and I'm wondering if that reflects reality. (
In nuclear pasta all the electrons merge with protons so what dictates nuclear pasta’s chemical properties? Please explain in simple terms because I am not an astrophysicist :) (
How do you receive without feeling guilty or the need to reciprocate? Emotionally, sexually, materially, etc. (
Do we know anything about the patients which get COVID19 in spite of the vaccination? (
Completely separate cultures show women wearing skirts and men wearing pants. Is this an example of Convergent Evolution or a long standing gender role? (
For women who have had a partner who is not connected to their emotions: Did they change ? What happened ? (
In "fuck bitches get money", are you supposed to have sex with the bitches or ignore them? (
Do Good People Deserve Good Things (And Bad People Bad Things) (
Now I'm aware of how racist Woodrow Wilson was but how racially tolerant or open minded were American Presidents/politicians around the turn of the century (late 19th/early 20th century)? Did any seek African-American voters? Were any quite simply, "a friend of the Black community"? (
When and why did Congress start passing so much legislation through massive omnibus spending bills instead of stand-alone, issue-specific bills? (
Women who have experienced a miscarriage, what were the most helpful ways you were comforted, and what were the most insensitive responses? (
Tradition of women carrying things by balancing them on their heads in some cultures- why is this more common in hotter climates? (
Letters Patent for the Creation of New Moderators (
In the HBO miniseries "John Adams", Louis XVI is portrayed as at first being surprised and then completely amused by the fact that Adams could not speak French. Would the prospect of someone of Adams' social status or political importance not speaking French really be such an oddity? (
Insomniacs and troubled sleepers of Reddit, when you wake up at 3am and can’t fall back asleep, what do you do?? (
People who waited until marriage to have sex, was it worth it? Would you recommend it to others? (
What is up with the right wing conspiracy about marxism and socialism threatening to overthrow our current system? (
What subreddits are notorious for being awful at receiving criticism? (
Australia, New Zealand and Canada all switched from currencies called "Pound" to currencies called "Dollar" in the 20th Century. Was this to gain diplomatic and economic favours from the USA or was there some other reason? (
What are some daily things you do to look and feel your best that don’t cost a lot of money? (
What did Tolkien think of the fact that Led Zeppelin wrote several songs about the Lord of the Rings? Did he know about (or like) any of them? (
What part of the brain handles translating mental math into written math formulas? (
Lawyers of Reddit, which fictional villain would you have the easiest time defending? (
What’s a conspiracy theory you’ve come to accept as 100% true? (
Does anyone else get unreasonably self conscious about how fast their windshield wipers are going compared to other cars during a rainstorm? (
If white paint spilled on your black cat, how would you prevent local skunks from trying to have sex with it? (
What are the best responses to this "elitist" argument against democracy? (
Jack in the Box workers of reddit, do you intentionally put one regular fry in an order of curly fries? If so, why? (
How do you deal with the grief of losing a pet? (
Redditors who hoarded toilet paper about a year ago, how much toilet paper you got left? (
In The Great Gatsby, Tom reads white supremacist books and goes off on a racist tirade against interracial marriage. Nowadays we see this as proof he's a scumbag, but what would Fitzgerald's original audience have thought of it? (
What online trend confuses you the most? (
Women of Reddit, how do you distinguish the line between accepting flaws in your partner and your partner simply not being a good match? (
In a 1515 letter, Erasmus complained about how disgusting the floors of English houses were, claiming they harboured "... expectoration, vomiting ... and other abominations not fit to be mentioned." Was Erasmus just being a grumpy tourist, or were English floors particularly unsanitary? (
The Colorado river "has rarely reached the sea since the 1960s." How has this changed the gulf of mexico ecologically or climate wise, etc.? (
Do animals within the Arctic Circle have a day-night rhythm during polar nights? (
How did Polynesian sailing technology differ before and after the Long Pause? (
Is improper usage of "their" "they're" "there" "your" and "you're" just a meme or are people just that bad at English? (
Does anyone else sacrifice their own comfort at night, to ensure their pet continues sleeping peacefully? (
What should be the first thing my brother sees? (
Why is it that the majority of people act like they are the most empathetic people on the planet right up until someone disagrees with them? (
Did you ever wake up from a intense dream so real, one that made you happy and then sad and angry when you woke up because it wasn‘t real? (
How did Christian philosophers reconcile philosophical notions of God with Biblical notions of Yahweh. (
History Lesson Please! AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told POLITICO last week that the filibuster is “An artifact of Jim Crow. A creature of white supremacy. A procedure that was said to encourage robust debate but has turned into an instrument of government paralysis.” Can someone provide input? (
Why has nothing been done about the absolutely insane number of spam calls we all receive on a daily basis? (
Did the Mulakkaram (breast tax) ever exist and are the stories around it true? (
The original iPod was released in 2001, does that mean the 20 year rule now allows the discussion of historical impacts of the iPod? (
People with synesthesia who contracted Covid and lost some sense of taste/smell, how does it affect you? (
Do you consider it rude for service workers you don’t know to call you pet names like sweetie, honey, or boo? (
What's are some 'hard to swallow pills' about relationships? (
What's the deal with people who try to violently open clearly occupied bathroom stalls? (
Fellow ladies fighting mental illness, what’s your best “getting out of bed and through the day” tips for those REALLY bad episodes? (
What food was a disappointment to you that you were excited to try? (
People who own multiple pets, what is some drama going on between them right now? (
Does anyone else get disappointed when they feel like they’re about to sneeze but then at the last second they don’t feel like they need to sneeze anymore? (
Does black skin only look different or does touching it also feel different? (
Is it bad to dislike the creation of new genders and pronouns? (read text before hating) (
AskScience AMA Series: We are experts looking at connections between the gut microbiome and mental health. AUA! (
Why when we’re busy, do we get excited for all the things we can accomplish in our free time, but when we have free time we aren’t motivated to do those things? (
Does anyone else think to with “we” instead of “I” in their inner monologue? (
Why is universal healthcare even a matter of debate in America when every other first world country has it ? (
You are playing 20 questions and are a fictional character, and the question asked is “are you alive?” - would you answer Yes or No. please include why, or what circumstances may drive your answer? (
How were Soviet computers programmed? Did the Soviet Union have their own “communist programming languages” and a soviet ASCII? Did they create an alternative “Soviet FORTRAN/C/ASSEMBLY”? (
Haile Selassie was an incredibly controversial figure, seen by some as a cruel tyrant and by others as a national hero. How do today’s historians evaluate his reign? (
How do we know that Cave drawings aren’t ancient doodles by bored caveman kids? (
Why do I have to go through to have proceeds donated, instead of designating a charity on my main account? What are the technical or business reasons behind this? (
How does a black hole consume matter? (
What's a real life example of foreshadowing that has happened to you? (
UK women of Reddit (and those who follow UK news), how are you doing after the shitshow of a week we’ve had? What are you doing to look after yourselves? (
Have Rep. Porter's tough questions to CEOs resulted in any changes by those companies? (
Is suicide a purely human concept, are there historical cases of other species who posses reflection enough to intentionally take their lives? (
Is it normal for people 20+ to feel weird calling their age group "men and women" vs "guys and girls"? (
Is it possible for a planet to be tidally locked around a star, so that one side is always facing its sun, and the other always facing darkness? (
The mystical is not how the world is, but that it is (
Is it normal to really hate online classes? (
Why in gods name do I need to know what you have edited in your posts? (
People with jobs that require you to go into strangers’ houses, what is the weirdest thing you’ve encountered? (
Have you ever applied for a job that you weren't really qualified for but you got it anyway? What's your story? (
When people colorize old photos, do they just choose whatever colors they want/what they guess would look accurate? Is there a way to know the precise colors of the photo? (
Why do people care about the British Royal Family? They are literally just the Kardashians but British (
You have to choose one person from all of human history to shit their pants, at a time so as to change the course of history as much as possible. Who would you choose, when and why? (
What was your “wow, this really is a small world” moment? (
What made the popular guy/girl lose their popularity? (
Lovely women of Reddit, how did you build your backbone? (
Am I the only person in the world who isn't affected by spicy food when I take a shit? (
Why do they censor Genitals in Japanese Porn?? What the point? If they are against porn, why not just ban it? (
Is anyone else secretly relieved that the boomer population is aging out? (
Is it normal to have sex every day? (
Lawyers of Reddit, is there a time where you said, "Fuck it, you are on your own." to a client? (
In 1792, free people of colour in France were given equal rights to their white counterparts. Who were these people? What was life like for the typical French (or European more broadly) POC at this time? (
I am Dr. Michael Taylor, historian of the Roman Republic and author of Soldiers and Silver: Mobilizing Resources in the Age of Roman Conquest; expert on Roman warfare and imperialism--AMA! (
If you've celebrated your birthday alone, how did you celebrate the day? (
[Serious] Why do you buy OnlyFan’s content when adult content is available online for free? (
Does anyone else feel like if they comment on a post, there is always someone waiting to comment negatively to try and bring you down? (
New Reddit User Here. How do awards even work and what's the point of them? (
What does the coronavirus vaccine effectiveness rate mean? (
Women, what is something you wish you knew sooner about your body? Or even, what is something you are ashamed to ask about your body and still don't have an answer to. (
What is, surprisingly, safe for human consumption? (
How did you overcome mental illness when you had no access to a psychologist? (
Is the secret to being a 'good cook' to just add: Butter, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder to everything? (
How the hell is no one freaking out about not knowing the origins of the universe? (
Why are conservative Americans attacking Megan and Harry? I thought breaking free from the monarchy was a distinctly American ideal. (
My German great-great-grandfather refused to evacuate Poland at the end of WWII as he believed there would be fellow Freemasons in the Red Army who would recognise him. Was this a common belief among Masons in WWII? (
In the original Star Wars: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi instructs R2-D2 to connect to the Imperial network to gain access to the whole system. Did the concept of an interconnected vast computer network exist in 1977? What were the largest government and corporate computer systems used for in 1977? (
How/when did the color red become a recognized symbol of "no/negative" and green a symbol of "yes/positive"? (
How would you feel about a global No Ad Day where the entire internet is completely Advertisement free and all services must comply or be shut down? (
Redditors, what is the worst fit of gamer rage you’ve seen/experienced? (
English has a series of obscure collective nouns ostensibly used to describe groups of animals e.g. "a murder of crows." What is the background to these words? Were they ever in common use? (
People that lost their virginity to another virgin, what issues if any did the lack of experience by both parties cause? (
Are there lists for state level think tanks and their bias? (
Does anyone else avoid “online” gaming because it makes them too anxious? (
Does the way religious belief seems to depend on your location cast reasonable doubt on the veracity of religious philosophy? (
What is something that is significantly cheaper if you 'do it yourself'? (
Do people actually agree with allowing young children and teenagers to medically transition genders? Is it bad that I disagree? (
How does a river like the Colorado go from a dribble to this massive river that carved the Southwest? (
How would you feel if Reddit added a feature where you could still use your normal account, but then have an option to press a button on your account and post anonymously rather then creating a throwaway? (
Experts say 70% of a population needs immunity to reach the herd threshold. Where I live, in Texas, polls say 1/3 of people refuse to get the vaccination. Can we reach herd immunity? (
Why not raise minimum wage if the prices of everything has risen? (
Why do manual and automatic transmissions use such wildly different gearing mechanisms? (
Why is no one talking about the genocide that’s happening in China? (
I'm depressed. Is it silly of me to only look forward to eating my favorite food every day? (
Why do people who claim they hate labels constantly label themselves? (
How was Julius Caesar able to invest the Gauls at Alesia with two rings of walls in so little time without being attacked? (
Does anyone else ever have abnormal, psychotic thoughts that they have no intention of doing? (
In a world where body shaming and sexual comments against women are rightfully not tolerated, why are small penis jokes still fair game? (
The Sumerian king list contains a single woman as ruler, a former alewife called Kubaba. Do we know how this was interpreted by Ancient Mesopotamian societies? And what significance did an alewife have? (
Therapists and psychiatrists of Reddit, what is the best/most uplifting recovery journey you’ve witnessed? (
Geopolitical debates in the 19th century were often framed around “questions” (the Irish Question, the German Question, the Eastern Question, etc.). What is the origin of this terminology? (
In his novel "The Secret Agent", Joseph Conrad describes Italian restaurants as a "peculiarly British institution." Are these the same Italian restaurants we're familiar with today, and if so when and why did they stop being associated with the United Kingdom? (
What's your most toxic trait you can admit to? (
Your spouse calls you middle of the day, asks you to trust them, don’t ask questions, grab whatever you can, grab some cash and leave the city. Don’t stop, don’t call anyone, just disappear for a few days. What do you do? Question to know more or trust and disappear? If later, how will you do it? (
If you had to make one animal extinct to cause as much panic as possible, what one would you choose and why? (
Why do americans seem to be totally obsessed with race and gender? (
My Six year old wants to know what is the biggest man made circle in North America. (
Can blind people be dyslexic when they read Braille? (
what is the most important component of viral structure as far as invasion is concerned? (
What is the weirdest behavior you have had from a damaged computer? (
Is it okay to delete my mom off social media because she nags and bitches about what I post when I'm 24? (
If selling girl scout cookies is about teaching young ladies responsibility and entrepreneurship then why do I always just see the mothers peddling the cookies for them and never the girls actually selling the cookies themselves even if the consequence is bad sales volume? (
My sister is 88 pounds at 5'2", 28 years old, and is publishing a dieting book where you don't eat once a week every month and eat a diet of mostly raw vegetables and no starch. Am I an asshole for not wanting this to sell well? (
Anyone else keep their fan on but sleep under a mound of covers? (
What would 12 year-old you never believe about adult you? (
On July 31st 1715, A Spanish Treasure Fleet bound for mainland Spain set off from Havana, Cuba. 7 days later, 11 of the 12 ships were sunk off the coast of Florida in a fierce storm. Just how impactful was the loss of the treasure fleet for Spain, and how much of a news event was it? (
Have any Asian philosophers from a non-Judeo/Christian background attempted to prove or disprove an all powerful God? (
What is a hated thing that isn’t actually that bad? (
Can you explain your favorite movie so vaguely nobody can guess what it is? (
Can someone explain why this sub was temporarily banned today? What made some dumbass admin decide to terminate an active sub with 1.3 million users? (
In the immediate aftermath of WW2 were the American soldiers that fought in Europe viewed or treated differently than those that fought in the Pacific? (
To women who have close male friends, have they ever made comments about women (appearances, certain traits, etc.) that has made you uncomfortable? If so, how did you deal with it? (
In 1537 the Pope banned the enslavement of Native Americans and any unknown-yet people. Did this Papal Bull actually have any effect, and if not, why not? (
What are some red flags when talking to potential employers? (
With the introduction of vaccines, even if a variant isn’t strictly “covered” by the vaccine due to changes in proteins, would there be enough “training” of the body’s immune system on how to deal with a corona virus that the body would be more efficient if infected later? (
Polish women of reddit, how have the recently worsened abortion laws affected your life? (
On the Wikipedia page for 9/11 where it lists various international responses, it is mostly an outpouring of support. However the section ends with some Greek soccer fans trying to burn an American flag. Was this hooliganism, or a sign of some broader antipathy toward the US in Greece at the time? (
Bilingual speakers of reddit, what’s one scene in a foreign show or movie, that the subtitles say something wildly different from what the character actually says? (
FBI/CIA agents of Reddit, what’s something that you can tell us without killing us? (
Teachers of reddit, What generation did you like teaching most? (80s, 90s, 00s) Why? (
Women of reddit, what are things men do that scares you but they don't realise? (
What movie which you’d expect to be terrible is actually unexpectedly really good? (
What would happen to the people of a country if the country is wiped off the map by an asteroid or some natural disaster? (
If a man removes the condom without consent its considered rape, why is this not the case for a woman lieing about taking the pill? (
Mexico was ruled by the same party, the PRI, for over 70 years since the end of the mexican civil war until the year 2000. Including the entirety of the cold war. Did that present a concern to the US at some point? (
Since today is the international women’s day, who is one woman you are thankful for? (
Margaret Thatcher criticized the gov of Argentina for being a military junta during the Falklands War, yet she received support from Chile, which was also being run by a military dictatorship at the time. How did that work? (
Why don't toilets have a power wash option to power wash poostains off the side (
What was the juiciest gossip you ever hear/overheard/got involved in? (
Why do current-carrying wires have multiple thin copper wires instead of a single thick copper wire? (
Are sensory organs like eyes, ears, nose etc. in all or almost all animals close to the brain? (
How do we know that Plato accurately represents Socrates' opinions? (
"Once you were old enough, what were the dark family secrets you were finally let in on?" (
Why was the use of lead and asbestos so widespread in the modern period (and earlier) when their detrimental effects have been known for centuries? (
What are some less known, darker facts about beloved countries? (
What is the best response to "Why Are You So Quiet" ? (
Reddit, what is the most cliche message you’re just sick of hearing? (
Be honest, do you still use cotton swabs to clean your ears to clean them although advised not to? (
What’s your everyday breakfast menu that keeps you full for hours? (
If Republicans nuked the filibuster for judicial nominations, can’t Democrats also be specific and nuke it for certain issues? (
I'm new. I wanted to join subs for talking about stocks and the stock market. I can't post anywhere because my account isn't old enough and I don't have karma. Why is this a requirement on so many subreddits? Does it make sense to anyone? (
Serious question. Why do we keep trying to keep suicidal people alive as much as possible? (
How do "ugly" or "fat" actors actually feel about being cast to play known ugly or fat characters? (
Does altitude make a difference during earthquakes? (
Tiny Greek city states with 10-20k in population managed to build grand temples, bath houses, walls, and other monumental-scale buildings. Was this level of architectural achievement at low population levels common in the ancient world? (
In the 1950’s section of WandaVision, no one is bothered by Wanda’s (fictional) Sokovian nationality; while this episode was based on sitcom logic, how would Suburban Americans actually have reacted to an Eastern European immigrant? (
What small decision you made unexpectedly had a significant impact on your life? (
What irritates you way more than it should? (
Why the “Greek fire” couldn’t be replicated by any other nation other than the Byzantine Empire and is still a mystery today? (
Is it weird to don't answer your phone? (
911 dispatchers what has been your most creepy/unnerving call? (
If i bought myseld a garbage truck could i legally steal peoples trash? (
What is that one thing your parents taught you, that later turned to be totally wrong? (
What's something you should ALWAYS keep in your car? (
If you were Dr. Doofenshmirtz, what kind of -inator would you invent? (
Do other cat owners find odd objects that have been moved across the entire house by their cat? (