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AskScience AMA系列。我们是来自西北太平洋国家实验室的Heather Job, Corinne Drennan, Jonathan Male, 和Yang Liang. 我们利用机器人推进能源存储和生物能源,帮助加快发现。4月3日至11日是全国机器人周,请大家一起庆祝。友达!

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2021 年 第 14 周归档(04.05 - 04.12)

What completely legal substance are you addicted to? (
Was Gödel right to say that Wittgenstein didn't understand his incompleteness theorems? (
The Tokyo Stock Exchange was in operation for much of WWII up to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of Tokyo. What were the conditions of Japan's stock market like during the course of the war, especially as Japan's cities and industry were destroyed by Allied bombs? (
Why is it offensive to do a Mexican or Chinese accent but not a British one? (
Beethoven was famously enraged when Napoleon declared himself Emperor. How did the rest of Europe, including French citizens, view his abandonment of republican ideals? Did his military forces that nominally fought for those ideals feel betrayed, and did foreign European aristocracy feel reassured? (
What accent do you find the most attractive? (
Why are Americans worried so much about China when their country is an absolute joke globally? (
What causes the uncomfortable physical sensation in your diaphragm after you've held your breath for a long time? (
Is it normal to cry because you miss being little? (
When did Byzantine culture begin to think of the Western Roman provinces as independent kingdoms as opposed to occupied provinces to which it still had de jure rights or claims? (
Ladies, are thongs comfortable? It seems to me as a dude, having a string in your buttcrack would be annoying. (
What free software should everyone have? (
It's been said that public education in the US was designed to educate kids just enough to be useful to industry, to feed a constant supply of laborers to factories. So what's the alternative? (
What was the average life like during the Middle Ages in Europe? Not necessarily a day to day life, but things like what age did folks get married? What age did they have kids? What ages were considered middle aged or old? (
Is there any evidence that the Knights Templar actually deviated from Christianity and adopted Greek Pantheism or belief in Pagan deities like Baphomet? (
Why do people like fishing? Seems pretty boring and I don't understand why you'd be proud that you tricked a fish, they aren't very smart. (
Ancient and medieval scribes made several errors and changes when copying the Bible, leading to several passages where the original version is disputed to this day, and several instances where errors have shaped the way key passages are understood. Is the same true of any sufficiently ancient text? (
At what point did you stop telling your close friends about your problems (venting) and started dealing with them alone because you felt like they have their own stuff going on too and you'd feel guilty for dumping more on them? (
How did Islam come to view alcohol as problematic, and what kind of alcohol would have been available in pre-Islamic Arabia? (
What doesn't deserve the hate it gets? (
Why is there such a culture of ‘boot licking’ in modern society? (
Why wasn’t the Roman Empire ever able to come up with a proper succession system? (
Married people of Reddit, what was the moment that made you go, "this is definitely the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with"? (
Why do police officers get paid leave when under investigation where maternity leave is leave without pay? (
Does anyone else get depressed after finishing a book because there's no one to talk to about it? (
Do male-to-female transgender people who have had their penis removed experience phantom limb syndrome, similar to someone who’s lost an arm? (
The US Military has started human trials of a Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID vaccine. How is this different from other types of vaccines? (
People who add their sexual orientation to bios and stuff like that or generally always have everybody know their sexual preferences, why do you think it's important for other people to know? (
People who were made to choose between your pet or your partner, how did your ex react when you chose your pet? (
The 1918 Spanish Flu was supposedly "forgotten" There are no memorials and no holidays commemorating it in any country. But historians believe the memory of it lives on privately, in family stories. What are your family's Spanish Flu stories that were passed down? (
You get to choose a super power but the first reply to your comment chooses a side effect. What super power do you choose? (
Anybody else have good/ weird ideas right before they go to sleep and then wake up the next morning and think that that idea was stupid? (
Ex-convicts of Reddit, what is your most pleasant prison memory? (
What is the most beautiful thing someone has done for you? (
What can realistically be done to aid the people of Myanmar? (
Is philosophy, like science, building up to any correct, singular "grand theory" or is it just competing branches of thought? (
Why are there wooden cutting board when wood is so porous and can house so much bacteria? Don’t you just cut through the coating/finish? (
Why do most of young adults (at least from my experience) in the US believe they have some form of mental health problem? (
Was there ever a time when homosexuality was as accepted as it is now in Western society? For example were homosexual couples allowed to openly exist or even have a family without it being taboo? (
What small thing happened in your childhood, that has effected you for the rest of your life? (
Is there a Khan Academy-like site for learning history? (
Movie lovers: what are the movies you know and love that use the "female gaze"? (
Did the term "Indian" really come from a mis-label from early European settlers in America? (
What commonly accepted fact are you not really buying? (
How do scientists actually know what material the Earth's core is made out of? (
[SERIOUS] Non-drinkers of Reddit, what are some of the main reasons you decided to not drink alcohol? (
Whats the coolest thing you own that ISNT expensive? (
What's the most overpriced item you seen someone actually buy? (
What do think about mandatory / voluntary self defense classes in high school? (
Breast cancer survivors: what were some symptoms you noticed early on that were not finding a lump? (
Am I the only one who constantly searches definitions of words because I'm not sure what they truly mean? I need to make sure I'm thinking correctly (
Does anyone else plan things to do during their free time but then when the free time rolls around you’re too tired to do anything and then you regret it? (
Can we dig channels to dried lakes, like Ahnet or Chad, so that when ice melts water will fill them up and prevent flooding of the coastlines? (
what is something that should not be popular but is? (
If you meet someone when you're both 18 and you stay together until you are old, what do you do with old nudes and sex tapes? (
What's your worst story from the "throw him in the pool, he'll learn how to swim" parenting style? (
How did whalers keep whales from diving? Couldn't they just take the whole boat down? (
If a flat-chested woman transitions to male but does no alteration to their breasts, will their nipples be considered NSFW or not? (
why does there have to be a black history month? (
AMA: I am Alex Wellerstein, historian of science, author of the new book RESTRICTED DATA: THE HISTORY OF NUCLEAR SECRECY IN THE UNITED STATES — ask me anything about nuclear history or government secrecy (
How was extramarritial sex punished in medieval times? (
How often do you question your sexuality and how do you feel about it? (
How do I shave my own butt crack? I have no idea where else to ask this... (
Do you guys also sing the alphabet song in a quick manner when organizing something alphabetically? (
Was I just born stupid? (serious, please read description) (
Bartenders of reddit, what was the weirdest/craziest thing you have overheard while making someone's drink? (
What is a hygiene/grooming act often expected of women that is either pointless or harmful? (
Why are there no microwave advertisements? (
If I were a professional boxer, could I paint my boxing gloves to look like dead babies or is that against the rules? (
Since ice is melting that hasn’t been melted in millions of years is it possible for an old virus or disease to be spread with no knowledge of what it is? (
What do you have a love / hate relationship with? (
is anyone else terrified that their ceiling fan will fall off and kill them? (
How can adrenaline slow your bleeding? (
Why do people look down on fast food workers and yet still want their cheap coffee or $1 burger? (
Would it be okay if I, a heterosexual male, wore something with a pride logo on? (
why does no one care about ads online becoming just like Black Mirror? (
Teens of reddit, what’s something that your parents/guardians do that makes you feel loved and appreciated? (
Am I the only one who upvotes when someone's downvotes are in the negatives (
You’re trapped in the most recent video game you played. What game is it and how screwed are you? (
How likely would a Roman legionary in the early C.E period be to survive his 25 years of promised service and be allowed to retire? (
Students enrolled at Princeton at age 13 in the colonial era. Were they at a similar level of academic achievement as today's 18-year old enrollees? Were they considered adults? (
What was ruined because not enough people were doing it? (
Anyone here used to stress and worried about every little thing and have managed to stop it? How did you do it?? (
What's a hard-to-swallow pill that everyone should know? (
What was the weirdest thing the weird kid did at school? (
What is a part of your body that you love? (
USMC historical tradition tells that sniper Carlos Hathcock crawled for four days to shoot a North Vietnamese General during a volunteer assignment. Is there any information about this assignment? (
Were fires uncommon phenomena during the early Earth when there wasn't so much oxygen produced from photosynthesis? (
The average temperature outside airplanes at 30,000ft is -40° F to -70° F (-40° C to -57° C). The average causing speed is 575mph. If speed=energy and energy equals=heat, is the skin of the airplane hot because of the speed or cold because of the temperature around? (
Do people really wash dishes in a sink full of water like in movies? (
Is anyone else too tired to do things they used to like? (
Is it unusual/fucked up that I have dreamed about punching dolphins for many many many years, but have never seen the ocean? (
is it normal to randomly realize "shit I'm gonna be dead one day"? (
Why do capacitors in series not just act as one capacitor with the center plates being null? (
Why is the color red associated with Communism? (
Hotel cleaners of Reddit, what’s your most memorable find left behind by a guest? (
Anyone ever look in the mirror and goes "wow I'm really in this bitch, I'm human?" (
What makes you think that someone is “immature”? (
I'm a 1350AD farmer and I've just stubbed my toe on the barn door. What are some swear/curse words I might use and rude phrases? (
What band do you never get tired of listening to? (
Do other countries besides the USA have idiotic commercials with bears in love with the feel of toilet paper? (
What are the obvious signs someone is going through depression/mental illness but is trying to 'mask' it? (
Has your SO/partner ever made a negative comment about your weight or the way you look? What did they say and how did you react? (
You've heard of Stockholm Syndrome, what would be the effects of other cities syndrome? (
What's something creepy that happened years ago but to this day you can't figure out why it happened? (
(US) Why is it illegal to lie to the police but perfectly legal for them the lie to you? (
If housing prices keep going up to the point where only a tiny fraction of millennials and Gen Z will be able to afford them, what happens? (
Could a statement, for example, "red is my favorite color" be both fact and opinion at the same time? (
"Tyrant" and "Despot" in modern English both refer to particularly cruel and oppressive rulers, but originally were just fairly generic Greek terms for rulers. How did they gain their English connotations? (
During the American occupation of Japan, was there any Japanese resistance movement or attacks against Americans? (
AskScience AMA Series: I'm a cancer doc and I'm studying how fecal microbiome transplants (poop!) could boost cancer immunotherapy. Ask Me Anything! (
Why were a large number of economies in the world in the 1970s suffering from stagflation? (
Anyone else feel like they're smart overall, but way too stupid way too often (like, suddenly all of your common sense leaves your body)? (
I’m very much pro-vaccine, but am nervous about the lack of data on long-term effects of the covid vaccines since they were pushed out so quickly. Are there any reassurances that it’s unlikely to be anything serious? (
Does anyone absolutely LOVE mornings, but HATE waking up early? (
Why is Black on Asian violence being swept under the rug? (
People of Reddit, what is something that was swept under the rug so fast that people forgot it happened? (
Does anyone else here find it more comfortable to sit weirdly in their chair than the "normal" way? (
What’s the best theory on UFOs or aliens you’ve ever heard? (
How fast are electrons moving in superconductors? (
Which film trope makes your blood boil when watching a movie? (
I've heard that light and gravity both travel at the speed of C (causality). How exactly did they measure the speed of gravity? (
If I added a single, matching Lego brick to a Lego sculpture at Legoland, would it get discovered and removed? (
Gay men: Do you just not eat for a while and go to the bathroom before sex, or do you just deal with the poop? How does spontaneous sex work for you? (
Cat owners of Reddit. Have you reenacted the lifting of baby simba from the Lion King with your cat(s)? Why or why not? (
Why do feminists tolerate Muslim culture despite it being extremely sexist? [please read below] (
(Serious) People who almost died, but lived because of a gut decision, what's your story? (
Can you make cheese out of human breast milk? (
Would it be correct to say that Liberia was colonized by Black Americans? Or at the very least a caste system was put in place? (
I am a random Praetorian Guard in 41 CE. How much notice do I have that we are about to assassinate Emperor Caligula and replace him with Claudius? (
Parents who dislike their own children; why? (
You're offered the ability to absorb the knowledge of any book you touch instantly, but the way it works is that time freezes and won't unfreeze until you finish reading the book cover to cover, do you accept this power/curse? Why or why not? (
What did the American Founding Fathers think of Napoleon? (
Which fictional character's death made you cry the most? (
does anyone feel like they’ve stopped being human after the pandemic? like all your motivation and emotion is gone and you feel like an organism that’s just surviving (
Is it normal to want to leave work as soon as you get there and wish you could sleep forever and not wake up for round 2? (
Does anyone make the weirdest impressions, sounds and voices when they are home alone? (
How are you supposed to dispose of a full size sex doll without getting ridiculed by the trashman and without it looking like it's a corpse? (
AskScience AMA Series: We're Heather Job, Corinne Drennan, Jonathan Male, and Yangang Liang from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. We use robots to advance energy storage and bioenergy, helping to speed up discoveries. National Robotics Week is April 3-11, help us celebrate. AUA! (
In a TIME article talking about the historical symbolism of Montero by Lil Nas X, there's a section talking about Christianity in the Middle Ages. It states that Christianity was more ambivalent than it is now towards queerness. So what caused that to change as time progressed? (
What’s your favorite “Go f*^k yourself” song? (
teachers of reddit, what are the new student groups replacing the ones (emo, goth, drama, etc) that used to be a thing when you were attending school? (
Is the conception of god innate in humans? If you could link me to any works on this topic, I would be highly grateful. (
4 of the Harry Potter movies were PG-13, which means they could each have had 1 f-bomb. Where do you think would be the best place to put them? (
I'm a wealthy American early adopter of TV in the 1940s. What's on? (
Why were Athenian women not given the same rights even though they worshiped a female god whose associated with wisdom? (
If life were a video game, what would the shitty loading screen tips be? (
Can everyone else smell pregnancy or do I have the lamest super power ever? (
Do vampires have blood instead of milk in their titties? (
How do Egyptians view their own history? We hear about Egypt from a European perspective. How do the people living in Egypt see ancient Egypt? (
We've taken photos of the night sky for some time now. Is it yet possible to see parallax from us moving through the milky way by comparing old and new observations? (
What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a friend's house? (
Why was the Italian use of gas in Ethiopia largely ignored during the investigation of Axis war crimes? (
Ladies who excelled when you were young, but then ran into a hurdle such as mental illness (or other confounding factors) and fell behind, how do you reconcile with the fact that you had so much wasted potential? (
Which word or phrase makes you want to tear your hair out every time you hear it? (
I’m a colonist in rural New York, living on a small one room house on a family farm. What is the storage situation for my clothes? Do I have dedicated summer and winter clothing? And how are my “off season” clothes stored? (
Is anyone really happy, or are we all secretly miserable and depressed? (
Why Did the Cherokee, a nation of people driven out of their lands in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky, give such strong support to the Confederates during the Civil War when many of the states in it were the primary actors of the Cherokee removal? (
How accurate is the concept of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" posters being placed in public for any prospective bounty hunter to take up the hunt? (
what is a secret you know about someone that could literally ruin their life? (
Redditors who got to date their longtime crush, but it turned out they weren’t for you. What was so disappointing about them? (
Is there a specific reason why Arabic script evolved into joined, curly form as compared to more blocky Greek and Latin alphabets? (
Did factories ever have those “x days since last incident” signs? (
Why does presidents get term limits but noth others? (
Ladies, what is the one hurtful comment that's stayed with you for eternity? (
Women who're lawyers, what are your thoughts on Legally Blonde? (
Which actor has everyone seen but nobody know the name of? (
What happened to the aristrocratic families of Rome? (
Tonight I was called "gay" for being a man and drinking a white claw. Just out of curiosity what chemicals in the white claw made me gay and how can I reverse it to go back to my normal asexual self? (
Why are boobs so fun to look at? I’m a straight girl and I enjoy looking at them just for the hell of it. (
If humans’ average lifespan was 1000 years, what jobs and businesses would there be that we don’t have now? (
Those who have a bachelors in history, what jobs did you get with your degree? (
What's the worst thing to say to someone you just had sex with? (
How would a Roman family find out that their family member died in war? (
Do you ever feel a lot younger than you actually are? In what way? (
It's the European middle ages, and I'm traveling from England to Rome or Jerusalem for a pilgrimage. What's border security like, as I cross (presumably) multiple international borders along the way? Do I need a passport or some equivalent? (
Since bugs have to deal with water tension, when they drink is it like drinking jelly, or is it like biting through the skin to get to water? (
What are some tips when starting a new job? (
Whats some outdated advice thats no longer applicable today? (
The 1950s are famous for recipes that rely on canned, gelatinized, and otherwise industrially packed ingredients. These recipes are often disgusting to a modern eye. How did culinary tastes turn against this trend in favor of "fresh" and "whole" ingredients? (
Where can I buy crystals when they won't try to tell me they have healing ability? (
Those of you with no more fucks to give, what would it take to increase the number of fucks you have? (
What is the worst thing a potential employer has bragged about the job you were interviewing for during a interview? (
Why are so many people obsessed with smoking weed and talking about weed in general (
What can you buy for less than $100 that makes you really happy? (
When Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet what was the cause of this? ie. more accurate observations? a recalculation of its size? A change in the definitions of planetary size? (
What's a common Movie thing that bothers you (old actors portraying children aside)? (
People who stay up late at night past 01:00 AM, what do you exactly do? (
What is the difference between "seeing things" visually, mentally and hallucinogenically? (
Women of Reddit: What can you acknowledge is harder for Men? (
why is it wrong to eat a dog but acceptable to eat a chicken? (
What were you doing when the twin towers fell? (
When you taste something sweet after eating another sweet thing, the second thing doesn’t taste as sweet. Is that due to the taste receptors themselves not firing as often or is it your brain filtering out the signal? (