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2021 年 第 19 周归档(05.10 - 05.17)

Did anyone else as a kid think quicksand was going to be a common danger in life? (
What is something people don’t realise is actually affordable? (
"At the age of 60, Snoop Dogg will be 420 in dog years." What other useless fact do you know? (
What did you have as a teenager that you don't have now? (
What would you do if your partner cheats on you with a famous person and justifies it by saying that it was a "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity" and anyone would have done it? (
Anybody else ever had the experience where you feel like you have a booger cornered while picking your nose, but you're having a little trouble getting it out, and you don't want to fully take your finger out of your nose, because if you do, you might lose the booger forever? (
What's something people don't know just how dangerous it actually is? (
Why is it schools haven't devoted a course how to do basic life responsibilities? Doing taxes, building credit, creating a resume, dealing with pressure, etc. I was always under the impression school was to get us ready for life, but it misses the most important lesson of all. How to be an adult (
Why is Satan looked at as a bad guy if his main thing is punishing bad people? (
What villain do you actually agree with/get? (
Women who migrated from a socially conservative country to a progressive country how significantly has your life changed? (
Do we have an idea what the carthaginian architecture was like in Carthage itself and in the colonies (Sicily, Spain etc.)? Was it hellenistic, or more phoenician/middle eastern? (
People with no children or pets, what’s your phone’s background image? (
[NSFW] Teachers, what are some family secrets you know about people because their kids told you? (
NYC's Book Row had 48 bookstores at its height. What distinguished them and kept them in business? What sort of book culture supported such a density of booksellers? (
At the end of "Hamilton: An American Musical", Jefferson says "(Hamilton's) financial system is a work of genius. I couldn’t undo it if I tried... And I tried". Does this refer to specific failed financial reforms during Jefferson's Presidency? (
What’s something inherently toxic that is perceived as normal? (
How many cats would you need to make cat cheese, from cat milk? (
What is your most shameful sex/masturbation story? (
[Serious]Male sex workers, what is something the general population wouldn't consider thinking of, due to sex work being more female-focused? (
What is the difference between Absolute Risk Reduction(ARR) and Relative Risk Reduction(RRR) as it relates to COVID vaccines? (
Ex homeless people, what are some things people dont know about the streets? (
[Serious] Why do you think it’s ok to put an animal in pain/who is dying to sleep, but we cannot do the same for humans? (
Did people smell like shit all the time before most housing had bathrooms? (
Why is the inner solar system rocky (inner planets), the outer solar system gas (outer planets), and the far outer solar system rocky (Oort cloud, transNeptunian objects)? (
Life is better when you keep to yourself. It seems like the more people I know, the more BS there is. Anyone else feel this way? (
Who is the creepiest celebrity that has yet to be publicly exposed for their past/current behavior? (
Have you ever struggled so much that you think theres no more pages to turn in your life? And that you are never ever gonna be happy ? What did you do to achieve the opposite? (
Who here has gotten so used to wearing face masks now in your country/region you will carry on wearing them after they are no longer necessary? (
Modern English is as far as I'm aware the only European language that uses the Latin alphabet without any diacritical marks. Is there a historical reason for this? (
To those who NEVER want to have a child, what are your reasons? (
FDR had a “gentleman’s agreement” with the press not to photograph him in a wheelchair or comment on his paralysis due to the stigma of the era. Was this upheld by the foreign press during the summits negotiating the post WWII world order? Did the soviets use it in their press against him? (
[Serious] People who have been fully vaccinated will you continue to wear a mask even after the CDC told us we don’t have to? Why or why not? (
When John Carpenter's The Thing was released in 1982, it was received extremely negatively and even named the most-hated film of all time by some. Today, it's considered one of the greatest horror films of all time. What was the reason for the initial response and why did it change? (
What is your favourite easily-digestible philosophy book? (
As a bisexual person, how do your relationships different dating a man vs dating a woman? (
Saw the bus driver pump gas into the trashcan during my highschool band trip several years ago (
Did early European colonizers of the Americas have issues with inbreeding? (
Why Does Health Insurance Not Guarantee Healthcare In the U.S.? (
Anyone else find the treatment of black people on TV dehumanizing? (
Ex-deaf people of reddit, what was the most underwhelming sound, respective to your expectations? (
When did you realize being single wasn’t so bad? (
Did Medieval European warships ever have mounted ballistas or other siege weapons for ship-to-ship combat, or has Dungeons & Dragons lied to me? (
Where there known serial killers before the 1800s and if so, how were those crimes investigated to be able to bring someone to justice? What would have been considered modern evidence for them? (
Why did Black Southerners in the 60s form insurgent movements within their state Democratic Parties rather than allying with Republicans? (
Does anyone know of this isolated culture in China that apparently had no war or rape ever? (
At what point did you feel like you needed to start “dressing your age” instead of following the most recent fashion trends? (
People who take out their phones to record strangers who are having bad days: Why? (
Why is it illegal to scalp tickets but perfectly legal for sites like stub hub to resell? (
People who have overcome any addiction....What's your secret? (
Those who live with depression, how do you get yourself back? (
Does anyone else type their argument in the comments then delete the entire thing just because you think its not worth the effort? (
How did you manage to become significantly more attractive? (
What causes diarrhea? Specifically why and how is a virus causing the body to expel massive amounts of water? (
who else is glad to use mobile ordering to get all the options for customizing their food they were too afraid to ask for before it was made popular? (
Why do most animals have their eyes, nose, and mouth clustered together in roughly the same way as other species? (
Is anyone else's sole purpose of continuing to live that your family will be sad if you died? (
Let’s do some awareness. People with chronic/invisible illnesses, what do a typical good day and bad day look like for you? (
In Richard Kee's "The Green Flag", he considers the concepts of "Irishness" and Irish nationalim as products of the Enlightenment and the 1798 Rebellion. Was there really no sense of Irish national identity prior to this? (
What is the thing that surprised you the most when you traveled to a country you had never been to before? (
What’s is something a partner wanted to try that freaked you out at first but now you’re into it? (
What is something that in real life is far more horrific than the way it is depicted in movies? (
I often hear about trauma causing children to grow up too quickly but I’ve also read about adolescent behavior being extended well into peoples young adult lives. What is a “good” age to leave adolescent behavior behind? (
What’s a conspiracy theory that annoys you due to how easily disprovable it is? (
Why does reddit keep turning off the “show nsfw content” button for me (
What is something you thought as a kid was a sign someone was rich, but now realize is something that everyone does? (
Are we slowly making better black flys and mosquitoes via natural selection by swatting and killing the slower ones? (
Can someone explain the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? (
How can I convince my father in law that he, can not, in fact cure his prostate cancer through changing his diet alone. And that while I support his new diet as part of a treatment plan he can not just forgo medical treatment (
If 4 is written as "four", why is 40 written as "fourty" treated a misspelling? (
Let's educate ourselves on the history of Israel/Palestine (
What is a fact about the human body that not many people know about? (
Ladies, in what way did you “win” the genetic lottery? (
Why is it racist to call it "Wuhan Virus" or "China virus" but okay to call it Brazil variant, Indian variant, UK variant, etc? (
I have tried multiple times to get into philosophy, but every time I start a new book I can't understand it because the words used are to big for me to understand. What should I do? (
What Google search result should you never look at the images for? (
Why are so many gas stations (mostly in the USA) even allowing customers to fill up non-approved containers with gasoline? It's literally against the law, and gas station employees are supposed to know this. (
How did paprika, whose primary compound is pepper, a New World ingredient, become so synonymous with Hungarian cuisine? (
The period 1648-1665 was arguably the most calamitous and tragic for the Polish people, only second to the Nazi occupation. Why was the Russo-Swedish Deluge such an incredibly destructive war and how did it lead to the long decline of the once powerful Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth? (
What is the shittiest way you’ve been woken up? (
In Jane Eyre, the girls at the institute suffer from cold and hunger, to the point of getting sick and dying. How realistic is that historically speaking? (
Do r/AskHistorians have any plans to create a digital (or printed copy) of answered “Great Question” posts? (Meta) (
AskScience AMA Series: COVID Variants and Vaccines - We are a physician scientist and emergency physician, ask us anything! (
People who discovered their passion at a later stage of life, what is it and how did you figure it out? (
Those who have been to a ruined wedding, what happened? (
Which actor was perfectly selected for his or her respective role in a film? (
Why are women's sports referred to as such and men's sports just referred to as sports? (
Did Woody Guthrie remove two verses from "This Land Is Your Land" to avoid accusations of communism? (
What did you witness or overhear as a child that still haunts you today as an adult? (
How did Spinoza’s ideas about God challenge the views of orthodox theism? (
How much money do you have in savings, and how do you feel about that amount? (
People who were caught cheating or caught someone cheating, what is your story ? (
Teddy Roosevelt sent the U.S. Navy to circumnavigate the globe. Was this a technical and logistical achievement for the world? An attempt to win hearts and minds abroad? Intimidation? What did the U.S. get out of it, and how did foreigners react? (
Is it true that Nestle used to give impoverished new mother's 2 weeks of free baby formula so their natural milk production dried up and they had to keep buying formula? (
Sometimes I feel like I want to socialise but when I actually partake in socialising, I want to get out of that situation as soon as possible. Why is this? (
Anyone else ever just not get out of bed just because you don’t wanna wake up your cat/dog? (
Is it normal to hate bumping into people even if I like them? (
Are there any polls showing the demographic breakdown of the GOP along pro- vs. anti-Trump lines? (
Do we actually have choice? Or are we just a bundle of chemical reactions? (
Can astronauts wear whatever underwear they want, or is there some special spacesuit underwear they have to use? (
What were some "social rules" you didn't figure out until you were older? (
Why do people like to blame the schooling system for things they don’t know, but are not willing to do the research themselves? (
My partner lost his childhood dog this morning and is so distraught. I have never lost a pet so I don't know how to help him through this but I really want to. Does anyone have advice on how I should handle this? (
What's the dumbest thing you were paid to do and how much were you paid? (
People who download porn and save it on your computer, why do you save it as there is an endless supply of porn out there? (
What's the scariest thing you've ever stood face to face with? (
Jewish people have dealt with so much through history, how come they pass that on and do the same to Palestinian people? (
When was the last time you checked your breasts? (
Westerns always seem to have Desperados breaking out windows to shoot at the Marshals, or tavern brawls where someone a quick exit into the street through a large window instead of the door. How hard would actually have been to replace a broken window (large or small) in the Old West? (
What happens if you cook pasta and let it dry? Does it go back to uncooked pasta, and can you cook it again? (
Today, when I go out for dinner, I can choose to visit an Italian, Indian, or Chinese restaurant. How old is the idea of “ethnic” restaurants that specialize in the food of a particular foreign culture? Could a hungry Roman go out for some Persian takeout? (
I have never seen in my entire life, neither in photos nor live, a baby pigeon. Do they even exist or do they just spawn as adults? (
People who stockpiled toilet paper-have you used it all yet? (
How do you get into a tooth brushing routine? (
What is the most penny pinching shit you ever did? (
Why has Japan failed to successfully export its train technology? (
Why doesn't the frosting on a poptart melt off when you toast it? (
What do people think is a scam but they just don't understand? (
Who actually enjoys home office and would rather never go back to their office life? (
How do you teach your daughters to love their bodies, when their body looks so much different than the women around them? (
People old enough to remember life pre-Internet, what are some less obvious things you miss about that time? (
Why is Liz Cheney's House Republican Leadership position in question? (
The plague of frogs from the book of Exodus sounds pretty harmless compared to the other plagues (boils, fire, hail, etc). Is there some reason why Egyptians or Israelites would have been particularly afraid of frogs? (
What’s one villain that was supposed to be sympathetic but failed to spark any sympathy? (
What are the little things that make you happy and enjoy life more? (
In "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen sings about being sent to Vietnam after getting into a "hometown jam." Was there really an "enlist or jail" policy during the Vietnam War? (
What are the after effects of having a hysterectomy that aren't talked about? (
Redditors who have found dead bodies, what’s the story? (
What is Your Best "(chuckles) I'm in Danger" Story? What Happened? (
What's the most random fact you know about? (
How did you go from broke to having decently financially stable? (
In English we steal words like “voila” that don’t have an equivalent in our language. Non-english speakers of reddit, what are some stolen words like this in your language? (
Does anyone else pick up items that fell off the shelves in stores, even though you didn't make them fall? (
What would you first do if you ever became a billionaire? (
Are there any animal species whose gender ratio isn't close to balanced? If so, why? (
You die and wake up in a Valhalla for Florida men, they give you the head seat at the table. What did you do to get there? (
What’s with all of the panic news stories about declining birth rates and declining fertility? Isn’t this actually a good thing due to overpopulation, famine, etc? (
Does anyone else have moments where they realize they're a real person? (
In 2010 series 'Spartacus', in a scene where Spartacus fights as a gladiator while the crowd is dancing and acclaiming him, some women are shown topless. Was it common for women in Ancient Rome to be publicly topless? Otherwise, when and why was Ancient Rome so erotized in the social imaginary? (
Is there a virus that we know exists but haven't been able to isolate it? (
What was the reaction of the general public in 1924 when Edwin Hubble announced that the spiral nebula Andromeda was actually another galaxy, and that our own galaxy was just one of many? This seems like it would have a profound effect on the world, but did anyone care? (
Which group of snobs do you have the biggest problem with? (
Did Al-Qaeda expect the twin towers to actually collapse? (
If Elon Musk can tank a cryptocurrency with a lame joke, what does that say about the viability and intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies as a whole? (
To all practicing muslims here, how much weight do you guys lose every year after ramadan? (
I love watching Philosophers debate. Can anyone recommend me some of their favourite debates? (
Ice Cream has been around as early as Persian Empire, circa 500 BCE. Both Chocolate and Vanilla come from New World plants, so their use as ice cream flavorings most likely didn't happen for at least another 2000 years. What were the most popular flavors up until that point? (
Where can you go on Reddit to actually speak to kind people? (
Why is it acceptable for bags of flour from the grocery store to just casually be spilling/leaking flour all over the place, when this isn’t true of virtually any other food item? (
What's a polite way of asking people to go "fuck themselves" ? (
What makes you think to yourself “Yup, I’m in love with this person”? (
If printing more money causes inflation, does burning money cause reverse inflation? (
What’s the most annoying thing you’ve heard from a therapist? (
Does anyone else avoid reading posts about financial success because it makes them feel ashamed? (
Why does someone asking me "Are you okay?" make me feel like crying? (
Austria was occupied by the UK, the US, France & the Soviets from '45 to '55. Why did the Soviets choose to withdraw from Austria? Why not create an East Austria? (
What's the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to you? (
Redditors who were raised in cults, when was the first time you realized something was wrong? (
What’s a movie you can watch several times and still genuinely not understand at all? (
Does the visual cortex get 're-purposed' in blind people? (
Are German and Austrian soldiers of WW1 remembered the same way we (British, ANZACS etc) remember ours? Or are they ostracized like those of Nazi Germany? (
In 1961, Goa, a colony of Portugal at the time was attacked by India, Portugal was a member of NATO when this happened, yet the USA and NATO didn't help Portugal or invade India, why is this and what was the global reaction to this? (
Mothers of siblings, what did you took way too serious with your first child, and let go with your next child/children? (
How to interpret efficiency cruves of climb and cruise propellers? (
There's a room in your house where time just doesn't flow. You could stay in there for as long as you could possibly want, and not even a second will have passed outside that room. What would you use this room for? (
Did anyone from West Africa, I.e Songhai, Mali etc attempt to sail west across the Atlantic before the discovery of the Americas by Columbus? What did West Africans think was beyond the ocean? (
Why losing yourself in a book is good, and losing yourself in a game/social media/online is bad? (
When did American healthcare begin getting so expensive? (
Is it okay for your SO to freely read your messages with your friends without asking for permission first and just log into your account/phone whenever they feel like it? (
Anybody Else Really Missing Their Mom On Mother's Day ? (
Reddit: why are you so obsessed with who’s masturbating to you? (
Just hit and killed a dog with my car. It happened in front of the teenage girl owner and her father. What should I have done after? (
What celebrity suffered the worst fall from grace? (
Did anybody notice when different dialects of Latin became mutually unintelligible? (
What shouldn't be considered as a normal thing in our society? (
After the fall of the Habsburg Empire, the Czechs and Slovaks were amalgamated into a single state, Czechoslovakia, rather than immediately forming individual nation-states. Why? What was the historical context behind the formation of Czechoslovakia? (
Do people ever reach a weight where they have to spread their butt cheeks themselves before they poo? (
Why is criticizing Christianity acceptable in progressive circles but criticizing Islam is racist? (
When you tell a good friend, “make yourself at home”, what is off limits? (
Why did no major trade city develop at the mouth of the Danube river? (
Imagine: You have an opportunity to pay $1000 to be able to click a button that prints out a list of every single person whose ever thought about you while masturbating. Would you do it, why/why not? NSFW (
What’s the worst movie you’ve ever watched? (
What mystery would you like to see solved in your lifetime? (
Why was there no “deconfederitization” in the U.S. following the civil war, like there was “denazification” in Germany post ww2? (
Folks who make $100k+ a year, what do you do for work and how long did it take you to get there? (
Why are there so few widely known russian philosophers? (
When Roald Dahl wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1964, did he come up with the character Augustus Gloop himself, or was he referencing an existing trope? (
The top 10% of families own 70% + of the stock market. But we also hear the stock market is where the average person has their retirement funds. Are those "average people"s accounts in that remaining 30%? (
What’s the most annoying thing about people asking about your genitals? (
People who exercise/lift weights: what is your secret to staying motivated when it takes a while to get results? (
What was completely ruined because too many people start doing it? (
When I look at maps of Napoleon’s conquests, it seems he mostly set up a system of puppet states to run Europe for him..... except for modern day Croatia, which he ran directly. Why? (
Why does the 'Jury System' exist? They're just random citizens with zero legal knowledge. (