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在他2000年的专辑 "The Marshall Mathers LP "中,阿姆在 "The Real Slim Shady "中写道,在他出道之后,有很多模仿者冒了出来。在那段时间里,是否有很多阿姆的模仿者或模仿者得到了各大唱片公司的关注?(1999-2000)

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2021 年 第 29 周归档(07.19 - 07.26)

When the fuck did it become okay to take your dog everywhere? (
Do straight men get offended when a gay guy compliments/crushes on him? (
If every person in the world stopped tipping collectively, employers in the US would be forced to pay their employees a minimum wage or close down, so why are we not cancelling tipping? (
How do you restart your life when you completely messed up every relationship you had and are now broke and lonely? (
How often do you guys make up strange scenarios in your head that would never happen irl? (
What’s something about clothing that irritates you? (
What were the major problems in pre-Islamic Arab society, to which Islam was, ostensibly, a solution? (
Why does there seem to be so many people in the US that are against everyone being paid a living wage? (
If you could fill a pool with anything other than water and money, what would you pick and why? (
What if UFOs are just billionaires from other planets? (
Which philosophers actually lived according to what they preached ? And which of them were actually modest ? (
In Ancient Greece, did unmarried pregnant women ever claim Zeus or another god to be the father of their child to escape scrutiny? (
Was there "fan fiction" or off-brand knockoffs of popular works of literature in the Victorian Era? How strong were IP copyright laws with regards to creative works back then? (
is it weird that I want to be left alone but also I'm also sick and tired of being alone? (
How fast would everything fall apart if every person in the world decided enough was enough and just stopped working? (
Does anyone on the Reddit dev team realize how terrible the new video player is? (
What movie would be terrifying if it was based off a true story? (
Why does the speed of light being constant for all observers imply spacetime is non-Euclidean? (
What is a sign that someone was poorly raised? (
At the revival of the Olympic games in 1896, the only event that was not reinstated as an Olympic event was pankration. The official decision was announced by the archbishop of Lyon, who had stated: “We accept all events to be reinstated, except pankration.” What was the reason for this decision? (
What is something people don't realize is a privilege? (
Is it normal to cry every day for 5 months after your mom dies? (
What is the most underrated pizza topping? (
What's the strangest dichotomy you've discovered in a person? (
How old were you when you discovered that a job is simply a means to bring money to the table instead of a dreamy experience you get to enjoy every day? (
If you had the ability to instantly give any person an orgasm, simply by looking at them, how would you use this power? (
What’s the best question your therapist has asked you? (
In the first season of The Sopranos, one of the male characters was hesitant about performing oral sex on a woman. He said if any of his peers found out, they would think less of him and view him as a possible homosexual. Was this actually the case in mafia culture? If so, why? (
[Serious] What's the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that happened to you? (
What’s a favorite show of yours that was canceled that you wish they would bring back ? (
I just can’t understand Compatibilism. How does it make sense ? (
Why do conspiracy theorists not believe scientists, but gladly believe youtubers and discredited former scientists? (
Without saying the name, what’s your favorite video game? (
[19M] I used to be 100% straight, but I think being a (non-hateful) incel for 3 years turned me gay. Is this at all possible? (I'm no longer an incel) [NSFW] (
Is it gay to be sexually attracted to yourself? (
The last thing you ate is the only thing you can eat for the rest of your life. What are you surviving on? (
What things are a huge turn off for you but is considered hot by others? (
Do you squeegee your body with your hands after a shower before you towel off? (
What's a game you badly wanted to come out but didn't? (
America banned titles of nobility. As far as I can tell, they were the first Western society to do so. Why did they do so, and what was the reaction of the nobility back in Europe? (
What are boundaries that you’ve had to teach yourself as an adult? (
When a person develops an alcohol tolerance by drinking frequently, does that mean their BAC is actually lower after a drink than the average person? (
If Jeff Bezos become an actual supervillain then who would be the superhero to stop him? (
What can you say during sex, but also in an interview? (
Since mosquitoes and flies find their prey partially by following the odor of CO2, will increasing ambient CO2 in the atmosphere interfere with their ability to hunt? What concentration would we expect to see an impact? (
Disagreements between the citizenry have caused extreme polarization where it seemed that civil war would certainly result. In your period of focus, what examples exist of such groups becoming so enraged at each other that fell short of civil war, and how did they end up mending their differences? (
In which movie did the villain actually have a point? (
Why did so many nations choose to intervene in the Angolan civil war? (
What is the current state of Jesus mythicism theories? (
What is the last show you watched that was really good? (
Why do none of the porn videos on Reddit have sound? Reddit interrupts my music every two seconds to play an ad with sound. Wouldn’t mind if it was porn lol. (
What is something that rich people do that really annoys you? (
What are some companies with ethical practices (labor, environment, etc.) that you wish other people knew about and supported more? (
What was the most legendary thing a student did at school? (
A ring is the most common item to signify engagement. What would you rather have than a ring? (
If god is supposedly all knowing what’s the point of praying he already knows about your problems? (
What are men's honest feelings about blue balls? (
Has anyone else been frequently forgetting that the olympics are even going on right now? (
My wife was hit by a car and killed 5 weeks ago. What are the chances her killer will be arrested for this? (
Gents of Reddit, how do you hint your partner that you want to have s*x with her without being too obvious? (
What do you do when a man touches your waist “to get around you” ? (
If non-addictive pain killers exist, why do doctors prescribe addictive pain killers? (
how many women ended up in prostitution in ancient Rome? (
On his 2000 album “The Marshall Mathers LP”, Eminem writes in “The Real Slim Shady” that a lot of imitators have popped up after his debut. Were there a lot of Eminem soundalikes or lookalikes that got attention from major record labels during that period of time? (1999-2000) (
Should sufficiently intelligent animals that constitute moral persons, such as dolphins and octopuses, likewise be treated as moral agents responsible for unethical behavior? (
Why don’t flat earthers fly a plane/sail a boat to ‘prove’ their theory? (
Either travel to the dirty, crowded city to work 70 + hours a week in a dangerous factory or try to stay on your family farm, only to be driven from the land by increasingly efficient machines and consolidated ownership. Was life during the industrial revolution this grim? (
How come the time it takes for me to “take a shit” gets longer as I get older? (
American politics are extremely polarized with fewer and fewer concessions on many issues. Instead of instances where civil war erupts, have there been any other instances in history of such polarization, and if so how did that polarization end? (
I am completely unable to imagine someone’s face in my head. Is this common? (
I’m curious about something: Do vaccines affect Delta variant as much as older variants? If not, How much difference (
What's something that you're ashamed to admit you like? (
What things have you sacrificed to be with your partner? (
Lawyers of Reddit, what is the pettiest reason you've ever seen for divorce? (
How do we test for the different variants of Covid? (Alpha, beta, delta, lambda, yada) (
What happens to ants who hitch rides on cars and then are taken far away? Are they just homeless then? (
It's 1945. I'm a Japanese kamikaze pilot sitting in a plane on the deck of an aircraft carrier about to take off. I have zero intention of carrying this out. WTF do I do to maximize my chances of survival/successful surrender? (
How do you handle all the casual sexism on Reddit? (
For those of you who know someone who disappeared without a trace, what happened? (
Why is outing people and speculating about the sexuality of other people so rampant in LGBT dominated spaces? Shouldn’t they be the most sensitive to this kind of thing? (
FAQ Update - What was your experience with cosmetic breast surgery? (
Men of Reddit, what’s the fastest way to get rid of your boner? (
(Serious) What is an aspect of life you've come to accept? (
What sexual fantasy you would love to explore in real life, but don't have the courage to? (
What is the first thing you would buy if you had infinite money? (
What is something that makes you unreasonably angry? (
What line from "The Simpsons" do you, your family, or friends use regularly? (
If the U.S. legalized and taxed marijuana on a federal level, what do you think the money would be best used for? (
We’ve all heard of chick flicks, but was is the single most dude movie ever? What makes it so manly? (
What can you talk about for 40 minutes without preparation? (
The year is 1050 AD and I’m a decently well off farmer in central Sweden. While the king and many powerful lords have converted to Christianity I still hold on to the old gods. How open can I be about my faith, and how do I go about performing my rites? Can I in any way do it out in the open? (
Can moths or butterflies remember experiences from before their transformation? (
Has anyone here ever actually called into one of the FBI rewards for information on criminals and won the money? And what happened ? (
What were the biggest driving factors behind the bronze-age collapse? (
People say they want historically accurate "medieval fantasy". (
Do you ever repeat a word in your head and it starts to sound funny? It starts to not even sound like a proper word? (
As a kid/teen, I couldn't have cared less about world history. Now, as an adult, I am fascinated watching videos on the subject. Is everyone like this and how does this happen? (
What is your best response when someone pissed you off and telling you to "Chill out" or "Calm Down"? (
Why are vacuum cleaners so much less powerful than they used to be? (
Rome’s origin story, of a town founded by criminals and vagabonds, replete with constant war and duplicitous betrayals such as the Rape of the Sabine women, sounds almost barbaric compared to the proud statesmen senators in the later Roman republic. How did the romans themselves view their origin? (
What are some small pleasures that make you way happier than they should? (
What’s the worst thing to say after a kiss? (
Which organism would be absolutely terrifying if it were 6 feet tall? (
Assuming athletes would be nude at modern Olympics (as there were in the ancient times), which discipline would be the most cringy or the most awkward to watch? (
Is Reddit (and other social media) designed to make you feel miserable? No matter where I go, the upvoted posts are something sad, tragic, annoying or just obnoxious. (
Where did office workers in the 19th Century go to the bathroom? (
If you’re going to have sex with a conjoined twin, do you need consent from both? (
If the coronavirus (sars-cov-2) spreads through aerosols flying out of people's nose/mouth, why do we need a sample from deep inside the nose to detect it instead of just taking a saliva/snot sample from people? (
What is a song you love and listen to 10 times over without getting tired of it? (
I am an average person living near Jerusalem during the earliest periods of the Christian church. While I am of Jewish ancestry, I also recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah. At what point would I cease to consider myself a Jew and see myself as only Christian? (
What is one thing that is so sexualized in society but has nothing to do with sex? (
Hypothetically You meet your exact clone just the opposite sex. Do you fall in love with them since it is exactly you, just opposite sex. why or why not? (
What is one trait that could turns someone from a 10 to a 5? (
Do blind people with guide dogs pick up their dog's poop? (
What is something that everyone looks stupid doing? (
What lessons you've learned from your parents' marriage that you found useful later on in your relationships? (
I stub my toe, and involuntarily tell “Ow!” But a Spanish speaker would say “Ay!” and a German would say “Autsch!” How long have English speakers been saying ow, and how did these splits emerge? (
How would one prove "ownership" of a horse during heyday of equine transportation? Were there papers/registration as we have today with cars? How would disputes in ownership be resolved? (
The High Priest of Jupiter was not permitted to touch metal, touch a horse, sleep one night outside Rome or look upon an army. Why did a society so obsessed with military conquest as ancient Rome place such pacifist restrictions on the head of their state religion? (
Who's the most famous person you've interacted with? (
Is it embarassing to hike and take lots of breaks? (
What is a mental health tip that everybody should hear? (
I recently learned that the Philippines is named after king Philip second of spain. Was there any attempt to change the name into a more native one? (
What disappointment that happened in your career actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise? (
Females of Reddit what's the deal with Doctors always asking when was the last time you had your period? You could literally come in the ER missing an arm from a shark bite and they'll still ask you? (
Why dont we finally just tax the rich so we can finally be able to build up a better world? (
What’s a hobby you want to try but you don’t want to embarrass yourself? (
What's the most creepiest thing you've seen that you weren't supposed to see? (
What video game soundtrack will you never forget? (
What is the most annoying type of social media post? (
Would you be in a relationship with someone without friends? Why or why not (
Is it really that uncommon for men not to know where the clitoris is? (
What is the difference between ‘mansplaining’ and a man simply explaining something? (
John Keegan claims that Union and Confederate armies were superior to French, Prussian and Russian armies of their time, and would have threatened them with defeat if not for the Atlantic. How true is this claim? (
Anyone else just clean the entire house and make it spotless when either mad or upset? (
Why the hell are we not still talking about Jeffrey Epstein? (
What was the weirdest habit you had as a child? (
To the people who record themselves crying and then post it to a social media, why? (
Was Homer's Odysseus a representation of a distant memory of the sea peoples? (
what sentence would make you a billionaire if you got a dollar each time someone said it? (
Can adrenaline actually give you the strength to lift a car and how does it work? (
Hijabi women, when, if ever, is it acceptable for non-hijabi wearers to compliment your hijab/headscarf? (
Do a lot of people just end up ‘settling’ for an okay relationship rather than waiting for an amazing one? (
Matthias Corvinus’ Wikipedia page says his mom was in charge of his education because of his father’s bed-wetting. That’s it. No follow up. No clarifying info. It seems his dad was a respected nobleman who led troops into battle so is there something I’m missing here? (
Satan creates a separate room for everyone. What's your personal hell? (
What fictional character would you trust with your life? (
I recently learned of Joseph Stalin's string of underage mistresses, particularly with a 13 year old Siberian girl, Lydia Perelygino. Possibly NSFW Questions: (
Anyone else send a risky text and then proceed to do every chore you can think of before returning to your phone? (
How does Jeff Bezos Spending 110minutes on the Edge Of Space Advance The cause of Space colonization? (
Have you ever looked at someone's nudes and thought, yeah you have a nice body but why don't you clean your room ya slob? Or is it just me with the OCD? (
Does anyone else besides me proofread their text messages at least three times before sending them? (
Which male vocalist has the most “beautiful” voice? (
Modern meat is full of preservatives and still spoils fairly quickly when left unrefrigerated. How did people in the old days have fresh meat in open air markets? Wouldn't flies alone ruin the meat within a few hours by laying eggs? Did people just eat spoiled meat regularly? (
You’re permanently inserted into the last video game you played, how’s your life going and what’s the plan? (
What’s the one thing that completely turns you on? (
If mods can ban me from a sub why can't I ban that sub from displaying in my feed? (
What do you want to be done to you when you die? Buried, cremated, or something else? (
Do we have any evidence for evolutionary/behavioural adaptation by the barn swallow? It has coexisted in a mutually beneficial relationship with humans for millennia, and swallows are remarkably tolerant of humans near nest sites. Has this tolerance been selected for? (
What clothes do you find appealing on the gender(s) you’re attracted to? (
Why was the late Roman Army so small? The numbers don't seem to add up? (
What was your reaction when you heard about the Norway women's handball team being fined and threatened with disqualification for wanting to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms? (
What is something you thought was hot in theory but turned out not to be in practice? (
Is chemotherapy better now than it was 10 years ago? (
Why do many people say "you won't find another person like me" after a breakup with someone? (
How do you keep yourself from feeling burnt out? (
Why do people act like if Bezo's dies, everything will be better? I promise you the guy who takes over after him is still gonna be a massive shit head too, so why wish dead upon him? (
Why do people say you're not supposed to be scared of something because you're a man? Like am I supposed to kill that roach with my dick? How does it even make sense? (
What's a show that has never had a bad episode? (
Women who are in a relationship of 6+ years. What do you think is the key to making it work and staying in love? (
What was the most disappointing reason you had to end a relationship? (
In June 16, 1955, hundreds of civilians were killed in Buenos Aires by the Argentine Air force, in a failed coup attempt. Was there any international reaction to this massacre or was just considered an internal affair and ignored? (
Non-Australians on Reddit, what comes to your mind when you think of the country Australia? (
What do you think you are doing wrong, but are too scared to ask somebody? (
Am I tripping or does it seem like Reddit has been hyper sexualized lately? (
Why are COVID serology tests not recommended as a measure to estimate protection in vaccinated individuals? (
What famous quote is really bad if it is said by Hitler? (
Americans (USA) what is something in other parts of the world that you wish was in America? (
What's something you believe people are overly negative about? (
Is it true that in medieval England people could claim “sanctuary” inside a church to avoid violence and threat of civil law? How consistently was this observed and what noteworthy examples exist of “sanctuary” being violated? (
Was there a reaction by Hindus to the discovery to the American Bison? Was there any debate about whether they qualified as sacred in the way that Indian buffalo were considered so? (
What is something that's probably unhealthy that you do anyway because it "helps"? (
AskScience AMA Series: We're UCSF neuroscientists who were featured in the NY Times for developing a neuroprosthesis that enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in full sentences simply by attempting to speak. AUA! (
Does the Queen Bee/Queen Ant have sex just once and produce all those eggs or do the workers run a train on her? (
Is the "tik tik" sound you hear when turning on your turn signal a true mechanical noise or just an audio sound effect? (
People who did super secret work. What is something you can share now, that you couldn't before? (
What are you supposed to say when someone knocks on the bathroom door when you're in there? (
A common question on this sub asks "who was history's Big Bad before Hitler?" That's interesting and all, but I want to know the inverse: who was history's Good Guy before Dr. King, Ghandi, or Mother Theresa? (
What is something that is universally liked by everyone? (
I Struggle to Understand Indian Accents; What Can I Do to Improve? (
What is the most unforgettable Reddit post that everyone needs to read? (
How accurate is Slavoj Žižek's recent defense of The French Revolution? (
What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve heard eavesdropping? (
Non-Japanese on Reddit, what comes to your mind when you think of the country Japan? (
What’s something that’s a red flag in real life, but you love in books? (
What’s the worst thing you have ever done to an annoying neighbour? (
My friend said the fact that I’m disabled is the only reason women react nicely to this. Do you think that’s really true? (
Do black people (who often have larger nostrils) breath more air than others? (
Ladies, can you tell me when the phrase “It’s just the way I am” is a problem? (
Did anyone in the ancient world build the kind of traps and machines depicted in the Indiana Jones Movies and Uncharted games? (
Is it incest if I want to have a relationship with my cousin and we’re both lesbians? (
There's a meme going around alleging that "There was a 22-year window in which a samurai could have sent a fax to Abraham Lincoln." I have multiple questions. (
During the Jersey Shore Shark Attacks of 1916, many scientists refused to blame sharks for the deaths. They suggested sea turtles, mackerel, or even German U-Boats were the cause of death. Shark attacks are rare, but hardly unheard of. What led to this belief that sharks just did not attack humans? (
Why are people actually happy about being able to work from home? (
[Serious] People who cheated on their SO, why did you do it? (
Doctors of reddit, what was the dumbest "I read on the internet..." moment you had with a patient? (
Between foam, liquid, or bar, what is the best type of soap for handwashing? (
What’s a non sexual thing that you find super hot? (
Mothers, what is the most embarrassing thing your child has ever done? (
Gen Z and Millennials. What’s Something You Wish The Older Generations Understood? (
What was something your ex did that gave you the ick? (
How often does your partner kiss you? (
Couldn't Elon musk just buy a $1,000,000,000 in $Dogecoin, tweet another meme about Dogecoin, and just sell for an instant $200,000,000 after the price jumps an easy 20%? (
What is something a high school teacher told you, that you will never forget? (
Since height is such an advantage in basketball, why aren’t teams split into height divisions like fighting sports are categorized into weight divisions? (
What's the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did in your home? (
What’s the smoothest thing your SO has done/said to you? (
Why is transgender not considered a form of body dysmorphia? (
What's the best thing you've got going on in your life at the moment? (
Given that the tectonic plates are (slowly but constantly) moving, what does it mean when geologists/palaeontologists say something happened in (for example) the region of England hundreds of millions of years ago? (
What is your misheard song lyrics and how long until you noticed that you where wrong? (
All over the world, it seems that all playgrounds have the same three staples: the swing, the slide and the see-saw. Has this always been the case? Where did they originate? (
What is the psychology behind the Holocaust Denial? What are the factors that explain the resilience against any historical and archeological evidence that explain the existence of the Holocaust? Why is there such resilience against this infamous genocide versus other controversies that occurred? (
Pizzeria workers, what's the most disgusting or ridiculous pizza someone has ordered? (
Is it inevitable to lose any joy in life? Does everyone stop enjoying things after turning 20 something years old? (
What is one country you will gladly visit again? (
Watching Deadwood and the episode in which Bullock's wife and son arrive and it led me to a question about traveling by stage (
What would happen if everyone on the planet paused having babies for ten years? (
I am an American slave in 1804. Will I have heard of Toussaint Louverture or the successful Haitian revolution? (
Why are always random girls on the internet and real life way more attractive than most super models and porn stars? (
What is one computer skill that you are surprised many people don't know how to do? (
Why do religious leaders get treatment with modern medicine. Shouldn't they all be praying to be healed and waiting for a miracle? (
How can a person stop touching themselves (inappropriately) ? (
Does the pancreas produce insulin in anticipation of food? (
Ladies, how much concern do you really put toward your "body count"? (
What's the last thing your partner did that made you full on belly laugh/cry laugh? (