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巴西第一任皇帝佩德罗一世的全名是 "佩德罗-德-阿尔坎塔拉-弗朗西斯科-安东尼奥-若昂-卡洛斯-哈维尔-德-保拉-米格尔-拉斐尔-华金-何塞-冈萨加-帕斯科-西普里亚诺-塞拉菲姆"--18个字(而他儿子佩德罗二世的全名是17个字)。为什么葡萄牙皇室成员会起这么长的名字?

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2021 年 第 34 周归档(08.23 - 08.30)

Why do other middle eastern countries never seem to take responsibility of helping refugees from the middle East? (Afghans etc.) (
Is historical pornography considered a reliably primary source for what people found attractive at different times? (
Women who’ve been proposed to, were to ACTUALLY surprised? (
What was COD, how did it work, why did so many commercials specify "No COD," and why was it phased out? (
How did people in the Medieval Era imagine the future would be? (
What’s a small thing that feels like a luxury to you but isn’t really? (
Were there ever any eras in which humanity actually regressed or had significant losses in advancements or intelligence/knowledge? (
What was the worst timing where you got your period? (
My Boyfriend Keeps Calling me Slut in Bed but I don’t like it (
How many of you have racist thoughts only to let your brain take over and tell you off for thinking of something like that? (
'Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back' was initially released to mixed reviews. What were the criticisms of the film, and why did the reception change over time to where it is now considered to be one of the best films ever made? (
Why do Americans leave the teabag in their cup of tea when they drink it? (
What's an instance where the movie was better than the book? (
Do you know anyone who puts on rubber gloves before they poo?! A buddy of mine does this, it seems very odd to me (
What is the income gap between you and your SO? (
How is Batman allowed to drive an unregistered, uninsured, custom super car around with no issue? (
Why is it okay for alcohol in the US to not display any nutritional facts, especially the sugar content? (
Has humanity gone full retard or has the internet just made it more obvious? (
What's a hard decision you made that worked out for the best looking back on it? (
What object would be impossible to kill someone with? (
If someone asks you to tell them a joke, what's your go to? (
Do fully vaccinated people who still get COVID have the same level of infection as an unvaccinated person? (
what are some things you wish you were taught in sex ed? (
What is a non-life threatening illness/disease that you fear of the most? (
Women who realized how codependent they were on their partners, how did you learn to step back and regain your independence? (
Men of the reddit. How did it feel the first time you got a blowjob? (
How do white blood cells or any immune cell move specifically towards the bacteria, virus, etc ? (
How would you feel if you found out your partner was tracking your period? (
What would you like to to remove from the Earth? (
China is currently the largest prosecutor of Muslims, specifically the ethnic Uyghurs, as well as being an expansionist nation so why do Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS not target them? (
If someone with a last name like "Sargeant" joins the military, are they called "Private Sargeant?" (
Is there a known correlation between having sensitive skin or problematic skin in general and having a psychological disorder such as anxiety disorder? (
Married couples. How do you turn down sex, without offending your spouse? (
People who wear glasses. What are things non glasses wearing people will never experience/understand about wearing glasses? (
How are so many women "religious" (support religion) even after being fully aware that their religion is openly sexist against women? (
What conspiracy theory is just bullshit? (
What is the consensus regarding the CIA's alleged ties to the '80s crack epidemic? (
Is it weird to watch exclusively lesbian porn as a straight woman? (
What is your favorite word in the english vocabulary? (
Independent single women, what's your ideal relationship like? (
People who think kids shouldn't get free school lunches, or other such "socialist" programs, what is it you are opposed to? (
Was there a real life equivalent to "Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers"? (
I have a little dime size house spider bro in the corner. I found a house fly my cat killed and put it in his web. He cut it out instead of saying thanks. Was is too big? Too dead? Too easy? (
Happy 10th Birthday AskHistorians! Thank you everyone for a wonderful first decade, and for more to come. Now as is tradition, you may be lightly irreverent in this thread. (
“A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” What examples do you have of this that you have seen? (
What’s the protocol for when fire alarms happen in hospitals during operations? For example, a long operation with the patient being under anaesthesia, surely you can’t use lifts and you need to be sterile? (
Is it weird that when I first see a man, I look at the face then I look down at the man’s crotch when he’s wearing tight jeans, thin shorts or gray jogging pants? (
Is the USA a source of invasive species in other countries? (
What was the most disturbing thing found in a video game? (
When i know my girlfriend is pooping/wiping and she exits without washing her hands, am i a dick for asking her to PLEASE wash her hands?! (
Where were you and what were you doing when 9/11 happened? (
Which fictional creature/villain traumatized you in your childhood? (
Does anyone else see the D in Disney as a backwards G? (
What is the most ridiculous fashion trend you have ever seen? (
Girls of Reddit, what is the hardest thing to explain to a males? (
Why do legumes (mainly thinking about peanuts and soybeans) seem to be more allergenic than other foods? (
What are peoples best responses/comebacks to when someone tells you that they f****d your mother? (
What's the creepiest thing you've seen at your relatives house? (
I am ashamed to have this thought, but is it wrong of me to think that we should deny anti-vaxxers medical care in hospital so people who took precautions and have deadly diseases (like cancer) can have actual proper care? (
Why do some organs come in pairs and others are singular? (
At what age did you move out on your own? (
Flight Attendents, What Are Some Of Your Craziest Stories? (
If every cell in your body is replaced in 7 years; why don't Tattoos disappear after 7 years? (
What morning routine has helped you with your mental health tremendously? (
What item have you carried in your purse the longest but never used? (
Question about Ye olde timey cuisine! When did 'season with salt and pepper' became a thing? (
Does exposure to COVID-19 after vaccination extend the immunity received from the vaccine? (
AskScience AMA Series: We're marine scientists exploring the deep sea off Cabo Verde sailing on board the iMirabilis2 cruise. Ask us Anything! (
If an agent is working undercover, and in the role of the undercover agent, has to be, say, a McDonald's worker, will he get both salaries? (
Why is Ireland so well-known around the world despite having a low population and being geographically isolated? (
Am I a simple-minded idiot for liking music simply because I like the way it sounds and the emotions I feel when I listen to it? (
What depiction of women in the media made you eye-roll the hardest? (
John Wayne called High Noon (1952) the most "un-American" thing he had ever seen. What was the cultural significance of this movie that prompted him to say this? (
If someone were born with no senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing), would they know that they exist? (
Ex-antivaxxers of Reddit, what made you change your mind? (
if someone who has had plastic surgery dies, would the plastic just stay there after the body decomposes?? (
Before European contact, did the native Hawaiians know that the rest of the world existed? (
How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza? (
If there is god which punishes the evil and bad people. How come he waited for 6 million deaths before killing hitler. How come small children have crippling disabilities and murderer politicians walk free? (
In the future, if COVID has disappeared and a new disease appears, will the world be better prepared now or do you all think it will be another massive shit show? (
Do people with curly hair also have more curly pubes? (
In 1848, the Milanese planned to quit smoking and gambling in order to starve their Austrian overlords of tax revenues, who in turn sent in thousands of soldiers with 6 cigars each with orders to 'smoke provocatively'. Why did anyone take any of this bizarre plan seriously? (
Women who train to get a semi-muscled physique, how do you keep up with eating appropriate protein so as to not lose muscle mass? (
What is a completely rational sentence you could speak today, that if you said 20 years ago, people would think you were insane? (
In space, two pieces of metal of the same type will "cold weld" if they touch. Why does this happen, and what do space agencies do to avoid or prevent this? (
What’s the simplest thing that makes you happy? (
Why is it important for LGBTQ+ characters to be played by LGBTQ+ Actors? It's acting for a reason right? (
What prevents girls filling up with water when they jump into a pool? (
Taxi drivers, what's the deepest secrets you've overheard in your car? (
What game has made you rage like no other game has? (
Anyone else not want to hang out with bosses/co-workers outside of work? Not because you dont like them(well,maybe) but you just want to keep work and home life totally seperate (
You get 0,01 dollars everytime someone says your word. What is it? (
What do you think is the worst method of torture? (
What made Akira such a groundbreaking and influential animated film? (
Does anyone else have an irrational fear of accidentally "sharing" a p*rn video when watching to other social media? (
Why didn’t the United States “manifest destiny” including going north and taking Canada? (
Why are the mirrors of the James Webb telescope yellow? (
What's something even when it's bad is still good ? (
What documents do historians have now that Gibbon did not when he wrote The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (
What's something that improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner? (
Incels seem like a modern emergent phenomenon but their problems aren't uniquely modern. Is there evidence of incel-like groups or behaviour in older civilizations? (
How do you recognize red flags in yourself? What red flags have you noticed and how did you address them, if at all? (
Why is gravity stronger in the ocean than on land? (
What's a completely normal word that annoys you every time you hear it? (
Does the moon, other planets experience earthquake? (
If the Joker from the Dark Knight was real, how do you think the US Government would be a ble to deal with his threats? (
Do you look people in the eye as you walk by them, or do you try to act like they're not there? (
When did you realize your standards needed to be higher? (
Isn't shaming men for being virgins actually objectifying women in a way? (
Why do caucasian people love sun tanning so much if we clearly know how damaging the sun can be to our bodies? (
You die according to the last song you listened to. What is your cause of death? (
What outrageously misogynistic incident or comment left you so stunned that you couldn’t even respond? (
Why does it feel like everything went to shit after the 90s? (
If you get pulled over and arrested while you have your dog with you, what happens to your dog? (
Now that OnlyFans is taking back it’s ban on sexual content, what other company bankrupted itself (or nearly bankrupted itself) through poorly thought-out and/or unnecessary decisions? (
What are the chances the OnlyFans porn ban and then reversal of said ban was just a marketing ploy? (
What’s that one embarrassing moment that keeps coming back to haunt you? (
Ex drinkers of Reddit, what was your “Damn I need to stop” moment? (
What do you do when you feel a depressive episode coming? (
What’s something you thought you’d have by now? (
Non-USA Redditors: which American restaurants have you always wanted to try? (
What do you consider to be a sign of weakness in a person? (
Have you ever seen a dead body? (Not at a funeral) How did you cope? (
What is a simple thing that makes you very happy? (
What is it with everybody commenting “nah he tweakin” on Instagram? (
Should LSD be decriminalised for use in research in curing depression and trauma? Why or why not? (
[X-Post] Reddit's unwillingness to properly contain COVID-19 misinformation is part of a broad trend of inadequate action by the Admins against bad faith actors. We stand with our fellow mod teams in calling on reddit to improve. (
The majority of Supreme Court justices appointed up to Sandra Day O'Connor (1981) had held elected office. Few had been federal judges. Since 1981, no former elected officials have been appointed to the court and nearly all appointees have been federal judges. What changed? (
Why are companies pushing the "return to office agenda" if people have been working from home perfectly fine? (
Studies from 2003 in China, showed that 80% of the wild animals in the markets and 13-60% of traders with wild animals had SARS-Cov-1 antibodies indicating of larger spreading of the virus. Do we have similar early studies for SARS-Cov-2? (
If suddenly every woman wanted to have sex with you, what would you do on day 1? (
What's an insignificant thing that triggers the shit out of you? (
Why is the US government asking China to accept Afghan refugees if they believe China is committing genocide on Muslim Uyghurs? (
Women who walked away from professional careers, why? (
Philosophy of Mind question: When we describe the relative "intelligence" of other animals, are we really just quantifying how human-like they are? (
I've heard that George Washington mandated his troops get vaccinated for smallpox, but this must have been well before the germ theory of disease was invented. How did people think that vaccines worked and how were they administered? Was technology advanced enough to make needles? (
Kind of a stupid question but what would a front line physically look like during WW2? (
How would you feel about finding out that someone you just started dating was in therapy? (
What is something that you were warned about when you were younger that you now feel was exaggerated? (
Since Titans atmosphere is mostly methane, what prevents the whole moon from detonating when hit by a meteor? (
Slovakia was under Hungarian rule for almost one thousand years. How could they maintain their culture, language and nationality? (
Why are there so many islands between Canada and Greenland? What natural process occurred to make that land formation? (
How is the effectiveness of the vaccines ''waning''? Does your body just forget how to fight COVID? Does Delta kill all the cells that know how to deal with it? (
What’s a piece of media that you think gets unfairly disrespected because it doesn’t appeal to men? (
Without naming the video game, what's a quote that gives it away? (
Has anyone ever gone out to a bar and ended up sleeping with someone they just met? Or does that only happen in the movies? (
What is it that makes people die when they get burnt alive? (
Am I controlling for wanting my girlfriend to quit smoking? (
AskScience AMA Series: Hi, Reddit! I'm a critical care-related researcher, professor of medicine and doctor in the ICU. AMA about wellness, burnout and PTSD in healthcare professionals! (
What piece of music do you find "hauntingly beautiful"? (
What actor/actress was completely 100% wrong for the role? (
What is something that you wish was free? (
Why do doctors and nurses work super long shifts. Wouldn’t they be mentally fresher working 8 hour shifts? (
Without telling the name of your country where do you live ? (
without naming the YouTuber, what's the one quote that gives it away? (
Do MA / R rated film actors pretend to have sex, or do they actually have sex for the sake of an authentic sex scene? (
What is your strangest wrong number story? (
What is the next step if you suspect being slowly poisoned (
Ladies, which celebrities according to you are criticised unjustly and why? (
Why do you think reddit is more common among men as opposed to women? Around 70% of users are men...I find reddit very informative. (
Did Catharism/the Cathar heresy actually exist? (
Why is the western world so supportive of the fat-acceptance movement? (
What’s a political hill you’re willing to die on? (
What’s a 1st world “problem” that’s a 3rd world luxury? (
People who don’t support marijuana use recreationally at a federal scale, why? (
Women of Reddit, what do you wish you knew about buying a house before you bought your house? (
I’m a crotchety old man in the 1700s. What do I complain about “kids these days” not appreciating and what sort of new inventions are ruining the world? (
Pliny the Elder reported that two “Indians” washed up in Germany in 62AD. Who were they? (
Mental health professionals of Reddit, what is the most disturbing case you have personally encountered? (
What habits/interests of your partner would you have found awful in someone before you started dating your significant other but now it's kind of "it is what it is" ? (
When I graduated in '98, my first job paid 35k and my first home cost 214k. Today folks are still making 35k yet the same home costs 800k. How are you younger folks making it work? (
Which proven beauty tip you have tried that actually works? (
Was the Sikh Empire noticeably "nicer" than contemporary Indian states? (
I was taught that Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) was black because of the soot. Wikipedia says it was because Santa was often depicted taming demons, and that evolved to show him 'taming' a black moor instead. The sources are mostly in Dutch. What is the true origin of Zwarte Piet? (
How much do you actually share with your friends about sex with your partner or with someone you hooked up with? (
What is something you genuinely don't give a fuck about? (
without naming the show, what's the one quote that gives it away? (
Not horny teenage boys on reddit, how tired are you of the sex questions on this subreddit? (
If you were attacked by 3 five year olds at a time and they came in endless waves, how many waves could you survive until you were eventually overwhelmed? (
Why do people say that violence isn't the answer when if you look at history you clearly see that everything was achieved trough violence? (
If I release an ant back outside, can it find its way to its nest or is it hopelessly lost forever? (
What food isn't worth the effort to be home made? (
Why do people want children when it requires so much work, time, money, etc… And creates so much stress and exhaustion? What is the point when you can avoid this?? (
Do caterpillars have stomachs? (
If being transgender isn't about gender roles, then why are so many trans people reinforcing gender stereotypes? (
How did Ancient Egypt maintain such a consistent form of art/writing/language over a period of 2,500 years? (
Women, what are some redflags in another woman that wouldn't make you want to befriend them? (
What is the most hilarious 'Yo mama' joke you ever heard? (
China is overwhelmingly Han, but was ruled by the minority Manchu group until 1917. What is the legacy of this ethnic mismatch? Does modern China have Manchu people disproportionately holding high offices, the way that former European nobility does? (
The popular understanding of WW1 holds that, in 1914, the major powers had no idea how brutal, costly, and prolonged the war would be. Were the expectations really that unrealistic, or is this narrative inaccurate? (
What's a "typically unattractive" trait that you actually find to be attractive? (
Why aren't women who falsely accuse men of rape given severe punishment? (
Do we have any studies on reinfection rates with Delta in people previously infected? (
Should the majority of Latin American countries during the Cold War be considered “satellite states” of the United States, just like the majority of Eastern Europe being satellites of the Soviet Union? (
What's something you saw coming from miles away that other people didn't? (
If the Ancient Romans considered the Pyramids of Giza to be ancient, what did the people who build the Pyramids consider ancient? (
What famous person is impossible to hate? (
Undergrad who failed some philosophy courses due to depression, other grades merely okayish but really passionate in philosophy and want to spend my life in research and to do a PhD. Do I have a shot? How should I achieve my goal? (
Is it okay to be hurt over my(27f) boyfriend(33m) using onlyfans? (
To what extent should we put the burden of saving the environment on everyday people, as opposed to all the governments and corporations responsible for producing so much waste and pollution? (
So two Frankish Knights and a Bishop walk into a Turkish bathhouse... What examples of Crusader-Era jokes do we have? (
Nepal is considered to have been "never colonized" while Kuwait is accepted as having been a British colony, yet both were British protectorates. Why is this? What were the differences? (
Do all women in their early 30s go through a type of “heat”? (
AC: Odyssey states that "Spartan men had to marry between ages 25 and 35. Those who did not were penalized through a tax and excluded from some celebrations." Is there any truth to this? (
why have the proud boys not been declared a terrorist group already? (
What is the biggest myth that you grew up with? (
Does everyone else have the 'not dirty' but 'not clean' clothes chair in their room? (
How can I get my younger brother to stop using sex jokes he doesn’t understand without explaining what sex is? (
Since allergies are caused by immune response, do immunocompromised individuals have less allergies? (
Why is it socially acceptable to body shame men (IE: height, penis size, balding, facial/body etc) but frowned upon to body shame women? (
If I fully submerged myself in a liquid but I was hooked up to a blood transfusion machine to give me a constant supply of oxygenated blood, would I drown? Would I still have the breathing reflex and breathe in liquid? (
What are some of the most iconic lines in movie history? (
What’s a TV show that you used to love but not many people remember? (
The earliest discovered preserved cheese was found near Xinjiang, China, which dated back nearly 3,600 years. Why does almost all modern east-Asian cuisine seem to eschew cheese? Was there a recorded point where cheeses fell out of favor? (
Are Americans really as bad at geography as the internet makes out (
During the 20th Century, were the decades of the 1800s remembered as distinctively as the decades of the 1900s are now? (
Women: When have you ever seen a man you weren’t dating or related-to step in and correct misogyny in action? (
Monday Methods: The 'New Qing' Turn and Decentering Chinese History | Also, Reddit Talk Announcement (
How does Cardi B have a “show” on Facebook after she admitted to drugging and robbing men before she was famous? (
What is an illegal thing most people don't know is illegal? (
Is it normal to wake up in the morning and dread going to school? But when I'm there I really don't mind it. (
What can people start doing now that will help them a lot in about five years? (
What instantly ruins someone’s first impression with you? (
What is your least favourite colour too wear ? (
Why doesn’t our moon rotate, and what would happen if it started rotating suddenly? (
What small things have you come to appreciate about your life as you’ve gotten older? (
How is it that COVID-19 "booster" vaccines help Delta more, if it's a matter of the spike proteins 'looking' different than the previous variants that the vaccine was initially designed for? (
What’s keeping you up right now? Why aren’t you asleep? (
My wife proposed a dissolution, should I counter it with a divorce? (
Why did Mao fail to introduce an alphabet-based writing system despite saying that he wanted to do so? (
Is it bad that I’m only getting into self improvement to impress women to get laid? (
Do any other guys find it weird to call women they’re attractive “cute”? (
if you completely stop masturbation, what are affects on your body? (
Who just really doesn't deserve to be a celebrity? (
Reading about American slavery, I am struck by how much enslaved people resisted their condition. This many sound ignorant, but how did they know there was an alternative? E.g. in Mauritania one of the cited problems of ending slavery is that slaves in isolated villages cannot imagine another life. (
I often wonder what historically has happened near my home, or places I visit. Is there a "Google Maps" of Local History? (
[NSFW] If you could poop anything other than poop, what would you poop? (
Does anyone else feel embarrassed when their windshield wipers are going faster than other peoples? (
Does anyone else eat penne pasta by sliding the tines of their fork through the pasta tubes rather than stabbing them or am I just weird? (
Why are bicycle seats so uncomfortable? I literally feel like they go out of their way to make them hurt us lol (
If i am unconscious for some reason and someone calls the ambulance for me in America and they transport me to a hospital. Am i forced to pay the bill even though i didn’t want or need the ambulance? (
Did ethnic Etruscans retain their culture after their territories were annexed into Rome? If so, for how long? (
What is something that you didn’t realize other people did until you lived with someone else? (
Why is American television obsessed with highschool (Teenagers)? (
Why in the absolute fuck are animators able to make Pixar Quality porn of Overwatch? (
What are some paradoxes that make your brain hurt? (
What is a food opinion that you stand by? (
Why is the American southeast the worst at.. basically everything? (
People, who say they'll arrive at 5:00 and come knocking at exact 5:00, what's your secret? (
Why do Americans reply with the State they live in as a response to non-Americans asking where they’re from? (
What’s a friendly gesture in one country but a big no-no in another? (
Has anyone here (specifically those over 30) gone from having no friends to having a decent social circle? What changed? (
What are some movies where the bad guy wins? (
What sexist bullshit are you sick of seeing on Reddit? (
If an apocalypse was to begin tomorrow and money lost all of its value, what new thing would take over as the new currency and why? (
Why didn't flak cannons used against airplanes rain down shrapnel on friendlies? (
Why was Stalin looked on unfavourably in the USSR after his death but Mao continued (and continues) to be revered in China, despite many of the policies of both being reversed? (
If you were God, what would you do to fuck with people? (
When Haiti is “ravaged” by an earthquake why isn’t the Dominican Republic also “ravaged”. (
Does the name “Poland” have anything to do with the polish word “pole” which means “fields”, since the country has lots of fields, or is it a coincidence? (
What is your reason for not having a child? (
If you could eliminate one profession from the world, which would it be and why? (
Apparently, Mark Twain blamed Sir Walter Scott for the mindset within the American South that led to the Civil War. Is this completely nuts, or is there some truth to be found behind exaggeration? (
What surprised you the most about sex when you lost your virginity? (
The full name of Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil, was "Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim" - 18 words (and the full name of his son Pedro II was 17 words). Why did Portuguese royalty give such long names? (
If you are an unattractive person, how are you supposed to reconcile between "you don't choose who you're attracted to" and "lower your standards"? (
Ladies who are desired sexually more than they are romantically: how do you cope? How has it affected you in general? (