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在《木板路帝国》(Boardwalk Empire)中,有一个场景,两个人物进入一个小镇的餐馆,点了意大利面条和肉丸子。到了20世纪20年代,意大利食品在美国已经足够正常化,以至于你可以在后院的小餐馆里找到类似意大利面条和肉丸的东西?

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2022 年 第 14 周归档(04.04 - 04.11)

Is it bad that someone is so easily satisfied that as long as they have enough money, food, and some entertainment to occupy their time, they feel like all their needs are met and don't feel like they need much more out of life? (
Atheists, if you 100% don’t believe in God, then what do you think about when you hear religious people say “they can feel God’s presence” or they “can hear Him”? (
If Tom Hanks' porn name was Tom Wanks, what would other celebrities porn names be? (
If the police do a no knock raid on an innocent individuals house, what happens if the individual kills an officer thinking hes an intruder? (
Why Do Those Who Falsely Claim Someone Raped Them Not Get Severely Punished? (
Why do so many people want to live in LA despite it being a concrete heat trap with no public transport, too many cars and too much pollution? (
Why do the porn subs on here not have any sound? (
How is the outlawing of stuff like Holocaust denial not against the principles of freedom of speech? (
what's stopping me from grabbing a bunch of McDonalds' salt packets, repackaging them and then reselling them for half the market price of a standard bag full of salt? (
In one Calvin and Hobbes comic, Calvin imagines he's a future archaeologist trying to discern the purpose of a wire hanger. He imagines it served a religious function or was used for eating. Is there an infamous example in your field of a similar mis-identification of an artifact? (
Do men prefer “doggy” so they can imagine someone else? (
In a poem in the Satires, Horace says he can't wait to get home and eat a dish of chickpeas, leeks, and lagana. Was lagana an ancient Roman version of Pasta? More like a Lasagne? More like fried bread? Do we know what it was? (
How does alcohol make intimacy better for you from personal experience? (
“Peasant Rebellions” are often mentioned in passing and as something quickly put down, when reciting premodern history, but what did they actually look like? How did they develop? How were they lead (or not lead), and what would compel a peasant to risk their lives? (
Why do antibodies in Rhematoid Arthritis patients attack only joints? (
So, has ‘Anonymous’ actually done anything with all their threats? I haven’t heard of any outcomes, just a couple of threats (
Is it possible to make a relationship between an asexual person and a sexual person work? (
If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called? (
If you could add a “0” to any number in your life, where would you put it? (
If you owned an “inconvenient store” what would you sell there? (
Why do people BOTHER to get married if all they do is complain that marriage sucks and no one is ever happy. (
What is a simple pleasure that the opposite sex rarely/ never gets to experience? (
What made you realize if you were physically attractive, average or unattractive? (
Do Americans actually pledge to the American flag every morning before school or is that just one big inside joke? (
How were tall women viewed in ancient Greece? Would it be embarrassing or seem like a gift or descendant of one of the gods? (
Dear women, what was the most painful thing happening to you while having sex because of your partner not knowing what they were doing? (
Why do canaries show symptoms of poisonous gas before humans do, in the context of canaries in coal mines? (
How did you find out you were the other woman? (
Not to be a d***, but if the U.S. government decides to "waive" student loans, what do I get for actually paying mine? (
Is my mom playing dumb or is she being serious about a box under my bed? (
Which animal do you think deserves more love and recognition than it gets? (
Do drunk people in the USA tend to punch a wall more than ,for example, Europe because there walls are thinner ? (
How important is the education level in a relationship? (
What’s the best response to “I hate you”? (
Do people who are born blind develop a physical attraction towards a specific gender without being able to see them? (
Why do singers say “1234” before singing and dancers say “5678” before dancing? (
How do I save a voicemail permanently? My mother passed away and it was the last voicemail she sent me. (
Which country has the worst tourists? (
why isnt having gender dysphoria considered a mental illness? (
What was the rationale for putting a cap on the income subject to taxation for Social Security? (
What do sex scenes even bring to movies? like, even in a serious movie where the characters and their relationships are established, what does putting sex scenes bring to movies? I'm trying to understand from a filmmaking or from a critiques perspective. (
[Serious] What kind of people do you have no sympathy for? (
Why do people say you're throwing money away renting but you're literally paying for a roof over your head. (
What's the difference between vitamin A, retinol, and retinoids? (
Why is Ancient Greece not considered a "cradle of civilization"? (
Gym goers: Do you ever judge someone who is new to the gym or overweight? (
How extensive was the purposeful destruction of foodstuffs during the Great Depression? Steinbeck paints a very severe picture. (
How often do you see someone irl that you want to bang? (
Women of Reddit, do you prefer a male or female gynaecologist, and why? (
I typed the name of an OnlyFans girl into the PornHub search bar and got a warning that i might be looking for illegal stuff. Am I in trouble? (
What is something dumb people love but smart people hate? (
Are there any philosophy subreddits or forums outside of reddit with less stringency, less moderation by professional academics, and more openness to amateurs interested in philosophy? (
Did surgeons try general anesthesia in real patients or volunteers before it was considered a safe procedure? What was the process of turning it into a general practice? (
Why is sex , which most people will have in life, blurred in movies but not violence which most people will never encounter? (
Why are videos of naked people tagged NSFW but videos of people being brutally murdered not tagged? (
Why women always tell that you should be very gentle with clitoris to deliver them pleasure, while whenever there are video of a horny girl masturbating - it always look like she's performing a wild guitar solo on her clit? (
Is not being circumcised in the U.S. really a big deal? (
Which movie would have been way better if it had a sex scene? (
Men who Have taken penis enlargement pills, what were the results and side effects? (
Why does it take humans 10 minutes to poop but animals are done in 30 seconds? (
What is something you wish guys understood about women? (
What is the one good lesson you learned from your last relationship? (
Assuming hell is real, who really deserves to go to hell? (
What is your reaction if you found out your future child has down syndrome? (
How come most people will agree astrology is completely fake but will still be religious? (
What's so wrong about being sheltered? (
What is one thing a person has said to you that made you think ‘wow this person is an idiot’? (
Is a $50 dollars pizza considered extremely expensive? (
With jobless claims now at the lowest since 1968, is the claim that nobody is returning to work/wants to work not even valid? Is it possible they are working, but everyone moved to better paying jobs/tech jobs, and no one is left to fill in the bottom paying jobs? (
What is something you started doing that massively 'leveled up' your life? (
As a black guy, is it bad that I sorta don’t care if people of other race say the n-word? (
What’s something negative that an older or other woman in your family did or said to you that has stuck with you / hurts you to this day? (
Im not american and English is not my first language. What does "forowan key" mean? (
Are amputees affected in the hematopoietic process? If so, does the body develop a way to compensate? (
Why has men's formal wear become so bland? Presidents and CEOs wear only slightly more expensive business suits than their employees do. In the past high status people would have marked themselves off with elaborate and extremely expensive outfits. (
What’s the unwritten secret to a happy life ? (
What’s a piece of propoganda that to this day still has many people fooled? (
Is it normal to leave philosophy more confused than when I started? (
Do you really believe what Netflix says are its top 10 shows today? Or does Netflix put whatever in there to push certain shows? (
What is something that poor people can do, but rich people can't? (
What is the best reaction to someone calling you a racist slur? (
If you could improve the way female super heros are portrayed, what would you do? How would you like to see them represented to the next generation? (
Women of Reddit, what do you want to hear when having sex? (
Did the Nazis originally plan for Hitler to be followed by additional Fuhrers? (
Is there an electronic component that can change its resistance based on the current that flowed trough it? A bit like air ionization just more permanently. (
Are there any adults who actually like the "real world"? (
When and why was it decided that formal wear must be uncomfortable and expensive? (
Women of reddit what is that one food which will taste bad to you even if Gordon Ramsay made it? (
Why do people leave the tap on while brushing their teeth? (
Are there any examples of species that have gone extinct and then much later come back into existence via a totally different evolutionary route? (
If I were to put popcorn kernals into my mouth and shocked myself to the voltage that is required to pop popcorn, would it work? (
I hope I don't get banned for this in this subreddit. Be respectful in the comments please? (
Old Redditors, what's a must-know story of Reddit new users should know? (
What are the "we don't talk about these things" history of your country? (
What did people think of static electricity before electricity was understood? (
What is the most non suspicious way to get your girlfriend's ring size? (
How many 2 inch plastic easter eggs would you need to completely fill the interior of a 2011 camero top to bottom? (
How do I bring up my that it’s my birthday without letting people think I want the attention of telling them it’s my birthday? (
What is something you wish people would stop assuming you can't do just because you're a woman? (
What is something that you think is only enjoyed in small amounts? (
Why is the oversexualization/fetishization of female characters so rampant, normalized, and even overlooked in anime? (
Non-Americans of Reddit, what state would you want to visit the most? (
When a Roman emperor or European king would mint new coins with his portrait (or whatever) on them, did they take the old ones of previous rulers out of circulation? Or would citizens be faced with a myriad of coins with different faces of different people? (
Why is (straight) men liking "pretty" things like flowers and jewelry seen as feminine when they are attracted to women, and love how pretty they are? (
Is it just me or is woke rasicm against whites being brushed under the rug too often? (
What can you say that will trigger an entire fandom? (
[Serious] It is estimated that 70-90% of sexual assault goes unreported. People who have been sexually assaulted but did not report it, what is your story? (
What happens if you don't tip the waitress in the USA? (
What are some unwritten rules at a nude beach? (
woman if reddit, where did you get your first period at? (
What one line from a song will make people compulsively complete the rest of it? (
woman of reddit, what is a lie about your bodies that you later found wasn't true? (
Why do US students take out large student loans without thinking about how to pay it back? (
Why do people believe that it's hard to get out of the "hood"? (
If 1 in 6 women have been raped and 80% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, does that mean that all of us probably know at least 1 rapist? (
Why are jokes about alopecia for women considered rude but male pattern baldness is just accepted as a common thing to make fun of? (
Wrong answer only, who's humanity's greatest sex icon? (
Apart from cheating, what is the most inexcusable thing in a relationship? (
[Serious] What's the worst relationship advice you've ever heard? (
How do you make peace with the thought of aging, that one day you'll never be able to run and jump like you use to, everyday your physique becomes a lesser version of itself, and there's no uphill in your journey of life all the way till the final destination? (
What Were the Extent of Tsar Nicolas II's Atrocities? (
Is it okay if I tell my gay friend (previously office colleague) not to touch my hands in a flirtatious way? (
Will filling your butt with helium and then farting make your farts higher pitched? (
The Mongols exterminated ~60 million people during their conquests, including 90% of the Iranian population (Hitler's Holocaust murdered 66% of European Jews, by comparison). Just how was the Mongol genocide machinery so effective in the absence of modern technology and bureaucracy? (
If holy water is just blessed water, why doesn’t the church bless the oceans and then all water is holy water? (
My roommate’s girlfriend recently became paraplegic. I really consider both of them great friends, so I’d like to make it as easy as possible for her to hang here. What are some tips and tricks on how to make our kitchen and living room more accessible/comfortable? (
In 675AD Japanese emperor Temmu banned the consumption of meat. How strictly did people adhere to this mandate? (
What if the only real purpose for political ideologies and their supporters is to keep us divided so that we don’t grow and evolve? (
there's a scene in Boardwalk Empire where two characters enter a small town Diner and order spaghetti & meatballs. By the 1920s had Italian food become sufficiently normalised in America that you could expect to find something like spaghetti & meatballs in a back woods Diner? (
Women who are Daydreamers, what situations do you actually day dream about ? (
In Ancient Rome, would you be able to get a drink to go from a street vendor? If so, would you have to give back the “cup”? (
What do you wish people would stop asking you? (
Are demons in the Bible just mental illness’s people didn’t know what they were? (
Do you think your pet dog or cat should sleep in the bed or not and why? (
Do other people put a piece of toilet paper in the water before shitting in a toilet so their ass doesnt get wet? (
Women with tattoos, what questions do you generally get asked? (
It's 2022- why are legislators and faith leaders still so obsessed with controlling women's bodies? (
Is it weird for me to go to the movie theater, get a large popcorn, butter it myself there, and then just walk out and bring it home with me? (
Japan was a “hermit kingdom” until 1853 but was a global empire by 1910. How was Japan able to rise so rapidly? (
What’s that one thing you wish you could remove from supermarket? What’s that product? (
You’ve recently joined the Spice Girls. What Spice name have you created for yourself? (
What's a sentence we say regularly today that in the 90s would have made no sense? (
How do English speakers deal with the words for relatives all being clumped into generic categories? The word 'Aunt' could refer to one of 4 different groups of women - father's sister, father's brother's wife, mother's sister, or mother's brother's wife. How do they deal with the ambiguity? (
What’s your most controversial food opinion? (
How many times did you attempt to leave your abusive relationship prior to successfully leaving? (
Why are conservatives opposed to government intervention in regard to vaccination and mask mandantes but in favor of government intervention in regard to abortions? (
Why do people want men to be emotional, yet the moment men are emotional they are repulsed by them? (
You get to give everyone in your country access to one thing, for free, what is it? (
What are Parrots trying to achieve by mimicking sounds they hear? (
What is the best response to “you are ugly”? (
Why is no one bothered about half the content on Prime Video having a paywall? (
How come the atrocities being done in Yemen are not being covered by media? (
Is the BLM Global Network Foundation really funnelling money into mansions for its leaders? What is happening with the rest of the donations? ($90 million) (
"Overmorrow" is an official English word. It's also much shorter to say than "the day after tomorrow". Why's nobody using it? (
Women, what do you think of the stereotype that men are generally funnier than women? (
What fictional character would be the worst roommate? (
how do you figure out if you want to have kids or not? (
what did your "horny you" do that your "normal you" would never do? (
Why post nut clarity make me crave for gay porn or dick in general ? (
Is the US medical system really as broken as the clichès make it seem? (
What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house? (
There are hundreds of religions that claim they are the truth, if god is good then why do we have to suffer in hell for not following a certain religion or for not knowing what’s true when it was made hard for us to know (
What would you rename Earth ? (
How does people like Matt Gaetz remain in the house of representatives? (
Do you ever feel like you wish you could cry, but your body just won't let you? (
What do you do with your chest hair (between boobs) shave it, wax it, or leave it? (
How come covid vaccines that are variant specific need to go under all 3 phases of a vaccine development again instead of being like the flu shot where they just update it and slap it on? (
why is that when man dosent want to have sex, people always assume there is a problem? (
people who have came close to death what was your “last” thoughts? (serious) (
Does the rest of the world think that the US is a bad country? (
How well regarded is An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States? (
Why is the stereotype that Muslims are terrorists offensive but not the stereotype that Catholics are child molesters? (
Without saying their name, who was your first celebrity crush? (
Was stealing a base in baseball a deliberate inclusion in the rules, or something that evolved from a lack of rules preventing it? (
How can a fat dude go to the gym, without feeling embarassed? (
Women who used to be too self-conscious and insecure of themselves, what helped you change? (
would you trust your parents to choose your partner? why or why not? (
What’s a beauty hack that you swear by? (
Ladies what are the best things to keep in mind when you're in the dating phase? (
What is a severely out-of-date technology you're still forced to use regularly? (
Is it Okay to ask if a person is 'clean' (of STIs) before having sex for the first time. (
What is the current, most heated debate on a topic in your specific field of study that people are not aware of? (
Why is insulin so expensive when it's so cheap to produce in large quantities? (
If personalized advertising is so accurate these days, then why the fuck, do I have to watch the same YouTube ad over and over again? It’s having the opposite effect on me than what it is supposed to achieve. (
According to the recent news reports, Russia seems to be targeting and destroying Ukrainian culture such as museums, libraries and art galleries in an intentional effort to delete Ukrainian cultural heritage. Did similar things happen in the past? (
Not religious people, what do you think happens after death? (
My family wants to get another pet but I’m scared of going through the “end of life stage” again (
What TV show managed to be consistently fantastic from the first episode to the finale? (
If I feed wild crows and eventually teach them to bring me money in exchange of food would I be legally responsible of they steal from someone? (
Will there ever be a point in time on Earth when we won't be able to look at the entirety of the geologic record? (
what's the cruelest thing you've ever heard about yourself? (
According to men, what is it that girls do that they think is attractive but that is not, not even the slightest bit? (
Does the length of sleep affect the perceived length of dreams? (
Ladies of Reddit; what celebrity (if any) would you consider a good role model for young women? (
Why do people assume that the way things are is the way things have to be? (
You can have $1 billion but you can never get drunk or high again, are you interested? Why or why not? (
I don’t understand the argument for being born as a certain sexuality? (
Anyone who has suffered or is suffering from depression, what is some advice that moved you or helped you? (
Guys of Reddit. What are your best NSFW life hacks? (
Why are black immigrants(from Nigeria for example) to the US far more successful on average than African Americans ? (
Was it actually popularly claimed that the Titanic was unsinkable, or did that part of the story grow in the years and decades after the sinking? (
Accidentally gave my boyfriend head with a cold sore, how worried should we be? (
What’s the female equivalent of “Don’t put your dick in crazy”? (
Ladies, what are a few good beauty/healthy/hygienic tips you learned? (
Women, at what point is the line crossed where flirting begins to feel creepy? (
Redditors who work at the ER, what's the funniest/absurd reason someone was brought in? (
Redditors who broke up with their fiancés, what made you go from wanting to spend the rest of your life with them to not wanting to be with them at all? (
The ancient Greeks and Romans called "Libya" the continent south of the Mediterranean, west of the Nile, while "Africa" roughly referred to today's Tunisia. When did the term "Africa" start referring to the whole continent and why it replaced "Libya" which now refers to a limited area? (
What is the male equivalent of a "horse girl"? (
How do you determine the age of living plants that aren’t trees? (
Did the pizza industry, particularly small mom and pop chains, experience any unusual or notable growth (if any) between the years 1988 to 1996 due to the popularity and televised syndication of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? What was the industry like as a whole before the show aired? (
Former, "I cartwheel all the time" girls, what was it that was going on in your brain? (
What's something that's completely fucking stupid in your opinion? (
Historians of very niche topics: How did you get in to your field? Was it a life-long passion or...? What is your experience like working in something so esoteric? How many people share your field? (
Are there cases of Jewish people that remained in hiding for months/years after WW2 was over, because they were unaware it ended? (
What is something that is a blessing but also a curse? (
Would you abort your child if it was going to be born with several disabilities? why or why not? (
Vikings and Varangians left Scandinavia roughly around the same time. Were they the same or similar social groups, or were they responding to the same "push" and "pull" factors? (
How does one convert dates from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars? If I am looking at an early 16th century French primary source document that gives a date for an event before 1582, and I want to find the anniversary of it in our time, do I simply add 10 days to the date given? (
What seemingly nice person turned out to be a monster? (
Boys of Reddit, what’s the most unattractive thing a girl can do on the first date? (
What drug ruined your family? (
Without saying it's name, what is your favorite game? (
Is anyone else getting followed by 10 times as many fake girls lately? Always like 0 Karma, a bio that slutty in broken English, and a link to somewhere else (
To help yourself fall asleep, do you ever find yourself making up a storyline and playing it through your head like a scene in a movie? (
If i have a human fingerprint of just the index finger ,can an ai generate the rest of the palm's prints if the AI is trained with a huge dataset of human palms and will it be accurate? (
Why do people generally assume that when someone flies a U.S. flag that they are conservative? (
If penis size doesn't matter, why do women often use dildos that are either average or above average length? (
Dear Women of Reddit, what's something you've learned about lately (and can you teach us about it)? (
How is a vibrator pleasurable, but if a man puts his penis in a vagina and shakes like they're having a seizure usually women don't enjoy it? (
Girls on Reddit, what’s something guys shouldn’t be insecure about? (
How long did it take for Americans to lose their English accents? (
You are guilty for 100 murders. The police catch you and say that you will be free if you have a good explanation for them. What do you tell them? (
What is the reason why people on the political right don’t want to make healthcare more affordable? (
What is something that we can all agree on being morally wrong? (
What led the Welsh & English to unite against the Vikings in Powys at the Battle of Buttington? (
Now that the US has released the data from the 1950 census, what sort of information will historians be looking for? (
Women who stay single purposefully - what's the reason behind it and how's life been since you made the decision? (
What was the hottest thing someone said to you? (
Guys on Reddit, what’s something girls shouldn’t be insecure about? (
Why do I feel “upside down” when I sleep with my head at the foot of my bed? (
The US visa form asks you if you are planning to commit acts of terrorism or genocide. Why? (
If time travel is possible in the future, why hasn’t someone from the future gone back to our time? (
What is the quickest way to fuck up your life? (
Curvy Women of reddit, what made you pass your insecurities for being on top during sex? (
You are forced to have sex with the main character of the last show you just watched. Who will it be? (
What’s an unspoken rule that annoys you when people don’t know about it? (
What is the worst thing a woman can do during sex? (
What is the best reply a woman can give to a dick pic? (
You have to choose between meat or veggies *for the rest of your life* which would it be and why? (
What is the least "Chinese" thing you've seen in a "Chinese buffet"? (
Do abortions for twins/triplets cost more than an abortion for a single baby? (
What’s an oddly violent fact that you know? (
Do humans have a dominant kidney? A human can be left or right handed, is it the same for kidneys? (
Why did coastal parts of West Africa never take off as vacation hubs in the same way the Caribbean has? (
After cooking bacon, you have a lot of excess grease left in the pan. Can you then reuse that grease again as a substitute to using cooking oil, while simultaneously adding bacon flavor to that food? (
Why are women more likely to believe in astrology and pseudo-sciences like crystals and ‘energy’ than men? (
How does analytical perception ability correlate with perfect pitch? Can individuals with perfect pitch more easily distinguish between the fundamental and upper partials? (
Is it natural to feel like the COVID-19 pandemic has changed you? (
Women who live with their SO, which year in your relationship did you decide to move in together? (
What determines where the poles are on a ball magnet? Or a bar magnet? (
What actor do you wish would stop getting roles? (
Your toilet is now sentient. Would you prefer it to passionately, exuberantly crave your excrement, or deeply resent and despise you for what you do to it? Why? (
Is it okay not wanting to date people because I feel uneasy with them having a high sexual body count? (
Is it true that in some Western countries like the USA, UK and Denmark, toilets have no water supply at all, other than to flush, and they just use toilet paper? How is it possible? (
Did Hitler actually give autographs to German officers like shown in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? (
boys watch lesbian porn , do girls also watch gay porn ? (
Dante's 'Divine Comedy' features 8 verses written in Occitan, while the rest is in Italian. Today, Occitan is not widely spoken and is scarcely known. What was Occitan's cultural significance at the time of Dante's writing, and why did it lose prominence in the centuries after? (
Do brands pay McDonalds to include their toys in Happy Meals or do McDonalds pay brands to use their toys in Happy Meals? (
[Serious] Women of Reddit, what uncommon red flags in women should men be on the lookout for? (