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2022 年 第 23 周归档(06.06 - 06.13)

What's the dumbest mistake youve seen an incompetent co worker make? (
Why do 90% (probably more) redditors completely misinterprete every Post? And on top of that are always passive agressive or straight up just agressive? (
You meet an exact carbon copy of yourself, personality is the exact same, only difference is it’s the opposite sex, what’s the first thing you do? (
What is the worst response for "I love you?" (
What’s a word that disgusts you? (
If your SO ask you to unfollow an EX from social media how would you feel? (
Is it wrong of me to be turned on by CNC (consensual non consent) kinks/fetishes? (
Married men, how often do you really have sex (and get other sexual acts)? (
Do some people literally not wipe or clean their ass after using the toilet? (
if one were to design Vagina 2.0 how would you mold it/change it over the current model? (
In the Canadian Prairies, winters are very long and temps can dip into in the -40s. How did Indigenous people avoid dying from exposure in these incredibly harsh conditions? (
What is your kink you wish you didn't have? (
Parents of toddlers, what was today’s meltdown-worthy tragedy? (
Does the idea that the Soviets allowed the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising fail have any historical legitimacy? or does it just stem from anti-Soviet sentiments in Poland and other former Warsaw Pact states? (
Where did the common images on the face cards of a deck cards come from? Do they refer to any real historical figures? (
Why can't America just use their oil reserves to bring the price down until a better solution is in place? (
As I get older I loose my love for video games. Most games feel repetitive and grindy. I barely play anymore (even movies are tough to watch), I now yearn for more real social experiences. Does anyone feel this creep of bordem of digital entertainment as they age? (
what's the most disturbing thing a rich person has done? (
tobacco has no accepted medical usage, a high chance of addiction, and causes all sorts of cancers and diseases, why isn't it a schedule 1 drug? (
Women of Reddit, what are your best money saving tips? (
Why do people believe everyone has to have a voice/opinion on everything? (
what are facts about your job that general public has no idea about? (
Guys why do you like to leave to your penis in your girl after nutting? (
What isn’t torture but feels like it is? (
How did the US physically transfer gold to France for the Louisiana Purchase? (
How do i convince my girlfriend that when she asks me what I'm thinking and i say nothing i really am not thinking about anything. (
Is it OK to not want to have a wedding or reception? How does that even work? (
Does early humans have any special abilities that was lost through evolution? (
does size matter? (boobs edition) (
Why is that that we feel gas or farts moving but don't feel poop moving until it's ready to exit? (
If you had a gun pointed at your head, what would be your last words? (
what would happen if you went to a confessional and told the priest you wanted to have sex with him and continued dirty talking to him? (
whats the best song to play when running from police? (
Is anyone lying to their friends/family about where they are truly are mentally? About their fears and flaws that have to battle daily with….or it just me? (
What issues do republicans campaign on that actually help the average person and isn’t tied to identity politics? (
what would your ideal housing/living situation be between you and your significant other(s)? (
what’s a food you hate not because of the taste but because of the texture? (
How come people can be so calm around horses while 1 kick to heart or head can instantly kill you? (
Anyone else in their 30's absolutely lost what to do with their life? How do you cope? (
What was an idealization of love that you had that changed after your first relationship? (
Why do Americans always tell their yearly salary but not their monthly? Do Americans get their salary in one big batch once a year and then it's their responsibility to make sure they don't run out for the rest of the year? (
How do you guys explain that the religion your parents choose for you is the right one and all others followed by billions are wrong? (
Why do so many men like being called/are ok with being called "Daddy"? (
If you were an account holder at a multi-branch bank before the age of telegraphs, could you withdraw all your money at one location, beat the messenger to the next bank, and withdraw the same money there? (
Women who are into horror movies, what’s your favorite one? (
Is it true that the Confederate States of America was an autocratic authoritarian nation, or on it's way to become one? (
Did European herbs (i.e. rosemary, thyme, etc.) travel along the Silk Road/other trade routes to Asia, as Asian spices travelled to Europe? What did Europe have to offer Asia during this trade? (
What’s a song that you hate with all your being? (
Why do people pay good money to make their trucks or cars sound louder and shittier? (
Is this paper on a treatment for rectal cancer as promising as it sounds? (
(35) Asking for people around my age, did your grandparents ever have candies/sweets in a bowl or packs of Werther's? (
If MythBusters had a NSFW episode, what would you want to see on it? (
Is the Hydrogen spectrum fully solved? (
Why am I required to pay the hospital bill although someone else caused me to end up there? (
I'm only 20. Has the world always felt like this? Does it always feel like we're on the brink of awful things and everything could go up in flames tomorrow? Or is this an outlier? (
What household object do most people not realize, that if used incorrectly, could easily kill them? (
Could a competitive swimmer gain an advantage by building up gas and then strategically farting while swimming for additional propulsion? (
Anyone notice that the music that boomers like is super progressive? (
Should I be concerned if my boyfriend makes rape jokes? (
How do you feel about the words "I love you"? (
Which historically famous person do you think would be most surprised to learn they are famous? (
Straight guys, what has a woman done to flirt with you that you can never forget (in a good way)? (
What is a nsfw fact about humans? (
Could coca-cola sue to stop the release of a film, or for monetary damages, if a character in a movie took a sip of coke and said "that tastes like shit"? (
I just learned that the Sahara has only been a desert for about 5,000-6,000 years. This time period is somewhat close to the development of the earliest known writing systems in Mesopotamia. Are there any written sources that discuss the desertification of the Sahara? (
Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and is so vilified by Christians his name is synonymous with "traitor". In Pietro Perugino's "Delivery of the Keys" he is depicted with a halo (fifth figure to the left of Christ). What is going on here? (
Why do bullies get away with the abuse but the victim can get in trouble even for defending themselves? (
Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962. Was the fact that slavery still existed there a common political discussion point in the West during the 1950s, like Apartheid in the 1980s? (
is it okay for me to go to a hospital right now? (
Using only one word... What do you need right now? (
Why does companies such as McDonalds in one country pay a salary thst you can't survive on, like the U.S, but in another country pay a salary that's borderline lower middle class, like in Scandinavia? (
What the heck happened in Södertälje, Sweden in 1719? (
What is the dumbest explanation you've heard from someone who cheated? (
is it true that other inmates kill pedophiles if they are found out? (
Can you develop Autoantibodies against your own Blood group antigens? (
I can switch between breathing from my mouth, my nose, or both, even with both of my mouth and nose open. Anatomically and physiologically, how does this happen? Also, how does the body switch between the right and left nostrils? (
why doesn’t anyone care that the wealth of billionaires during the pandemic has more than doubled while the world’s most vulnerable populations have suffered and died? (
What do most people not realize can seriously f*ck you up? (
Why are politicians trying to increase Social security but nobody cares about student loans or pay increases, Is the working generation just screwed ? (
Degree holders: What's been best thing about formally studying philosophy? How does that show up in your life/how have you been changed for the better by it? (
Which two subreddits absolutely hate each other? (
In the 1970s & 80s Morocco had a reputation in Japan for being *the* place to go for sexual reassignment surgery. Was Morocco actually performing a lot of SRSs? (
Today we have several genres of music, but media depicting the medieval era seem to showcase the same musical style despite the occasion. Could someone expect to hear more diverse sampling of music in a court, or did music not diversify into other ‘genres’ until later on? (
Meta: what’s the history of this subreddit? How did it become so heavily regulated, as compared to other subreddits? (
What does the “Birds aren’t real” crowd think fried chicken is? (
Carbonated water tastes bitter and horrid, everyone says they just taste water/flavouring. Am I weird? (
Why it’s so hard to convince “communists” who never lived under communism, that, well, it sucks? (
Women, how did you lose the weight if you’ve been overweight most of your life? (
Does anyone else remember torturing bugs as a kid? (
What is a mental health tip you thought was BS but actually helped? (
What is the most awkward question you've ever been asked? (
Why is it okay for non-white people to cosplay white characters but the opposite is a huge problem? (
Why were the Chinese Nationalist Party often referred to by English speakers by it's Chinese name, Kuomintang, while the Chinese Communist Party is almost never referred to as the Gonchandang? (
Women who chose to be homemakers than pursue careers, what was your thought process? (
Why do swimming trunks have an extremely uncomfortable mesh liner? (
Why is society so determined to not let people commit suicide? (
Why are only rich white countries blamed for being racist and not rich Asian ones ? (
Why is flour always sold in a paper package and not in something more durable like a cardboard box? (
Why do christians consider LGBT+ wrong? if God created us, why would He give us the ability to be LGBT+ if He doesn't want us to be like that? (
90s/early 2000s movies were so campy and had amazing one liners. Nowadays you don’t see that. Actually… in the past decade they haven’t made many movies that can compare. I wonder why ? (
Would limiting the age of the President to 65 be something you’d support? Why or why not? (
What do you find fascinating even though you have no wish to explore that? (
What movie scares the hell outta you that isn’t a horror movie at all? (
people who have been in jail, what habits do you still do today that you learned from being in lockup? (
Where did early adopters of the automobile get gas? Was there much of a transition phase where cars were sold before infrastructure or standards were in place? (
Why is the fashion industry dominated by gay men? (
Why is it so uncommon to see older women in relationships with younger men compared to the opposite? (
is it just me or is inflation making me not care about working anymore? (
Women that live in unsafe neighborhoods or countries, how do you deal with going out in public? (
How do things like arteries stay “watertight” after being stitched together in an operation? (
My dog bit a mouse one time, and left the mouse with bad hind legs. I came back 10 minutes later to put it out of misery. Is this the right choice? (
AskScience AMA Series: Hi Reddit - we are group of 250 engineers, scientists, innovators, technologists, digital experts, and designers with a collected 45 PhDs / Professors and 35 members representing national science or engineering institutions. AUA! (
If you don't like your partners family is that a relationship/marriage deal-breaker? Why or why not? (
How do you deal with not having the same sense of humor in your relationship? (
Which bonding activities do you enjoy doing with your SO? (
Who are some of the biggest "they're going to suck in that role followed by them absolutely killing it" in cinema history? (
Why do so many companies advertise wages of 15 an hour like they’re bragging? It’s a step in the right direction but that’s still not a livable wage even for a single person. (
Do other people go through arguments with people in their imagination just to feel the satisfaction of winning? (
What's one show/movie that you just refuse to watch, no matter how popular it is and why? (
Anyone else have thousands of songs but only hear the same 100 when you shuffle? (
If Back to the Future was about someone from the 1880s going back to the 1850s, what kind of culture shocks and silly situations would arise? (
What traumatic things did previous partners put you through that you wouldn't tolerate now? (
Am I the only person who imagines a person having sex whenever it’s announced they’re having a baby? (
People who tag friends in the comment section of memes instead of sharing through DMs, why? (
Those thirty silver coins Judas was supposedly paid for betraying Jesus - How much wealth was that, in that time and place? (
Why do Americans and British people have different terms for the same cuts of beef? What caused American and British butchery traditions to diverge? (
What is your “The beatings will continue until Morale improves” work story? (
What will you always prioritize over your partner? (
What is the generic present for men. Women get chocolates and perfume. Men get? (
What is a record, sports or otherwise, that will likely never be broken? (
I keep watching a streamer I don't particularly enjoy because I'm her only streamer. Is this stupid or should I keep going? (
Life is mostly doing things you don't want to do until you die. How do most people, like, deal? (
Do any other adults go into a restaurant, promising to try something new, skimming the entire menu, then still ordering the exact same thing you always do? (
How are gas companies posting record profits, when I can't afford to get to work? (
Is it ok to pause when having sex? (
"I Was Born on a Pirate Ship" - What's the origin of this pre-Internet meme? (
what does my gf mean by got used to loving each other? (
Does anyone else waste a few hours, feel guilty, and then continue to waste the whole day guilt-free because the day has already been wasted because of those wasted few hours? (
AskScience AMA Series: We're a global nonprofit ocean exploration organization conducting science research missions in the most unexplored areas of the world, from the Galapagos Islands to the Arctic Ocean. Ask us anything! (
What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? (
How common was honey in the ancient world? Was it seen as a rare delicacy, or could a peasant expect to use it for certain recipes? (
What social norm just needs to fuck off already? (
Since the moon is moving away from us, will it remain tidally locked to Earth or will its rotation one day become out of sync with its orbit? (
How come that dogs like pitbulls are ilegal in some parts of the US but heavy weapons are not? (
Why do I always fantasise about a relationship as soon as someone's nice to me? (
How do you know if you want to be with your SO or you just don't want to be alone? (
Where did bed bugs live before beds were invented? (
What do women fantasize about when they masturbate? (
Do guys care when a girls boobs are asymmetrical? As in one is a DDD and the other is a G. (
is it possible to ask for feedback about removed comments [META] (
Piggy banks: How did pigs become the standard/most widely recognized shape for personal coin banks? (
Why do porn or +18 comics tend to depict vaginal penetration as the best source of women pleasure. Despite the fact that clitoral stimulation seems to be the go to? (
How do I tell my girlfriend to stop hitting me? (
What is your partner's strangest request while having sex? (
What is a stereotype that you fall into? (
What is the thing you saw other women doing that you thought was stupid and now you do it and it makes perfect sense? (
In all these gun threads about the US, defending from a “tyrannical government” pops up all the time. However, the US military is so powerful, how exactly are you or your tiny militia of bumfucks supposed to defeat the military with your AR-15? (
What is a girl code that every girl should know about? (
What is the most terrifying movie scene that still haunts you to this day? (
What things are said to be dangerous but are actually safe? (
Arguments against "back in the day people were tougher and smarter" and the "good times create weak men" viewpoints? (
I own a decent pair of $300 beginner binoculars, 8x magnification, 42mm lens. How would my ability to stargaze have compared with Galileo? (
My nose is often stuffed and I can't just blow it out, it does not work because it's kind of thick, dry and clingy. Instead, I have to pick it out because I find it very annoying to have any boogers in my nose. Am I in the minority here or do other people routinely pick their nose to clear it? (
What do people need to stop romanticizing? (
In your opinion, who is the biggest psychopath of all time and why? (
What seemingly normal activity would look suspicious done at 3AM? (
If I am only thinking about self-harm or suicide, should I go to the hospital? (
Do people who use sign language ever have Freudian slips? (
I know there is a correlation between elevation/altitude and suicide. I moved to a place at 8000 ft 7 years ago. I now have 6 people I know that have killed themselves. I had zero before moving here (in my 40's). Why? (
Gun owners always say they need that for protection, but protection against what exactly? In what scenario a handgun isn't enough? (
Why do we have to wake up early, and work jobs we hate, and do so many things we don’t want to do, all because society says we have to? (
Bill Clinton has been described as having an indescribable pull by people on Reddit/social media who have seen him in person. Have people who saw deceased charismatic presidents (Such as Reagan, FDR, and JFK) in person said similar things? (
Why is it that the CIA interfered with South America so heavily for relatively benign progressive policies, but Europe was left pretty much completely untouched? (
I’m Alex von Tunzelmann, author of five books, most recently ‘Fallen Idols: Twelve Statues That Made History' -- shortlisted for the Wolfson History Prize 2022. AMA about statues, empire and historical storytelling! (
Women of Reddit, what do you think of being roommates with a woman who likes girls? (
[Serious] What event in your life still fucks with you to this day? (
Genghis Khan is responsible for the death of 40 million people, yet there is a funky pop song about him that is well received. How many centuries will it take for funky pop songs about Adolf Hitler to become widely acceptable? (
How do you make everyday life more exciting? (
Why is a girl/woman dressing "manly" and enjoying/doing stuff that's labeled as something for boys normalized but when boys/men are interested in feminine clothing/items it's frowned upon? (
In backshots or “doggy” - do men stare at the butthole? (
what do you think about before falling asleep? (
(In America) Why can’t the citizens of the USA vote on every bill that is written? Why do we have to vote for other people to vote on it for us? When they most likely won’t listen to us and our needs? (
Does anyone actually watch live performances back on their phone? (
Do you ever worry about your partner killing you? (
Which celebrity would break the internet if they made an OnlyFans? (
How do you cope with nobody ever doing anything special or going out of their way for you? (
What are the “Ceiling Boobies” lights actually called? (
Is there credible evidence that Putin and Russian intelligence services orchestrated the 1998 Moscow apartment bombings? What is the general consensus among historians on this topic? (
Why do people get so triggered by a person asking their significant other to lose weight ? (
Did all winged insects evolve from a common winged insect, or did wings evolve multiple times in insects? (
What should you read at least once in your entire life? (
You bump into God and he is hammered. You let him sleep at your house and he gives you his powers to rule for him because he is hungover. What is the first thing you do as God? (
What are some of the greatest Fuck You's in history? (
What do you feel powerless against these days? (
When did it stop being normal for Leaders (Generals, Kings, etc) to die in battle? (
People often reference the Northern Crusades as especially brutal, but no one ever says anything specific. Were the Northern Crusades notably violent relative to other Christian campaigns? (
If you were able to design penis 2.0, what would you change? (
How common is it REALLY for women to lose respect for their male partner after he opened up to her emotionally? (
Women who have been bullied and isolated in school by other girls and classmates, what words or actions from your family helped, or how do you wish they would have? (
At first glance there are many similarities between Byzantine Basilica (Like the Hagia Sophia) and many mosques in their structure. To what extent did Byzantine architecture influence later architecture in Islamic Arabia, Persia, and beyond? (
If “body shaming” should not be tolerated, then why is rejecting a man over his height tolerated but rejecting a woman for her weight is not? (
How do you deal with or even conquer negative emotions? (
Why is Johnny Depp getting SO MUCH praise when he was obviously giving tendencies of a toxic/abusive person too? (
How did Japan rapidly industrialize during the Meiji Restoration, and why was it allowed to do so by the at the time Imperial Powers like the UK, France, and the United States? (
What do you think about the new law, implemented in Nigeria, under which : Rapists will be surgically castrated and anyone who rapes a child will face the death penalty? (
Why are people collectively pretending COVID just isn't a thing anymore? (
When did it hit you that you need to "grow up"? (
My mum keeps telling me I should never tell my boyfriend that I was sexually assaulted because he won’t like me. Is this really true? (
Why is it that when Russia invaded Ukraine, the whole world turned their backs against Russia, but they allow the US to do the same thing to the middle east? (
How did you stop seeking external validation? (
AskScience AMA Series: Summer is tick season. We are experts on the science of Lyme disease (and other tickborne illnesses), and we are here to answer your questions. AUA! (
is it normal that I just cant feel represented by pride movement? I just feel it's a huge marketing scam like the "left hand burger" (
If the avocado industry switched it up and decided to add a different toy in their avocados instead of a wooden ball, what toy would it be? (
What situation is always made out to be really sexy or romantic on TV, but is actually horrible and traumatizing in real life? (
Do ya'll ever stare at something but it's slightly out of focus but you make zero effort to put it in focus and just kind of stare at it thinking "I could put this in focus but I'm not going to" then get kind of scared that you're never going to be able to focus and something is wrong with you? (
Why do people think driving under the influence of weed is better than while drunk? (
Do you ever go online and see an opinion that the younger you would of repeated word for word and just cringe? (
Is it true that men are only friends with women because, at one point, they wanted to sleep with the woman? (
What has been the most glorious "KARMA" moment that you've seen play out? (
Hikers of Reddit, what has been the most fucked up thing you’ve seen? (
Why is this sub named "tooafraidtoask" if people still get ridiculed for asking simple/controversial questions? (
Why do US politicians justify laws based on Christianity when it is a country of free religion? (
Are bars allowed to confiscate prescriptions? (
I read that there are high concentrations of interstellar dust and gas near the center of the galaxy that make it difficult to resolve stars. If Earth were orbiting a planet very near to the galactic center, would space appear “hazy” instead of clear and black? (
Did foreigners and diplomats face segregation in the United States in the 60s and before? if so, how did this affect diplomacy between the US and foreign nations? (
Why is old writing (pre 20th century) so tedious and hard to follow? (
Why have you given up on finding true love? (
Do you think the top part of a mermaid also tastes like fish or that it would actually be red meat? Would there be a solid line where the meat changes in their body or would it kind of blend? Could you make a surf and turf platter with one carcass? (
Door-to-door salesmen were still among the best ways to sell books in the late 1950s/early 1960s. When did that change, and what lead to their decline? (
Is "man" a genderless term under some circumstances, like "manslaughter" or "spokesman"? (
What’s the ugliest name you’ve ever heard? (
Pretty much I found out my mom has an onlyfans. What do I do? (
How is your life after deciding to cut off both of your parents/ family members due to trauma or abuse? (
People who stop in the middle of staircases, doorways, and thoroughfares, why? (
Why did it take a pandemic to make school lunches free? Why aren’t school lunches always free? (
How significantly do plastic dental appliances, things like retainers, Invisalign, or night guards, contribute to the build up of microplastics in the body? (