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2022 年 第 31 周归档(08.01 - 08.08)

Where do people actually buy drugs from? (
Is it wrong for a woman to tell me she was amab, after we’ve had sex? (
What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19? (
Divorced people of Reddit, what ruined your marriage? (
AITA for not causing a scene when my girlfriend of 3 years told me she was cheating on me with my best friend? (
In 1983, in the midst of the Cold War, the Soviet Air Force shot down a civilian flight with a sitting US congressman on board. Given our image of Cold War tensions being as taut as piano wire, how did this not immediately make the war very very hot? (
How Long You Can Really Go Without Showering? (
What attracts male dogs to female girls? (
Exactly how accurate is depiction of Comanche tribe in "Prey" (2022)? (
Where do you find sex partners...? (
What porn are you most ashamed of watching and why? (
How often do you find yourself starting a comment and going “nah” and deleting, and why? (
What would a company have to do to make you want to go into the office rather than work remotely? (
What immediately makes you think less of someone? (
Did North American native populations have domesticated pets, mainly dogs prior to settlers coming to the new world? (
What is something you are aware of about your friend that they don’t know you know? (
What is the biggest myth you learned in school that has now been disproven? (
In the Bond film A View To A Kill. James remarks that they're pumping sea water into the oil fields and a geologists states that the area is near a fault line and that it is incredibly dangerous. Is this true? and if so why? (
After Rome had already gone crazy for all things Greek, it got obsessed again with the Second Sophistic in the 1st century, and then again with the Third Sophistic in the 5th. What explains this renewal of obsession with Greek culture? What new was there to be exposed to/interested in? (
Why can I sleep 10 hours and wake up on the same thought train as when I fell asleep, but when I wake from a 10 minute nap I have to remind myself where I am, who I am, and what year it is? (
Do the notable socialist ‘regimes’ of the 20th century—the USSR, China, Cuba etc—owe their authoritativeness much to a survivorship bias or something inhered in their doctrine? (
I matched with a kinky girl in a wheelchair. Should I go for it? (
Recently, I have found out about 100’000 to 200’000 Zoroastrians still exist. But I was wondering how? The Islamic conversions of Iran definitely wouldn’t have let them stay right? How did they avoid religious extinction for so long? (
How and why did Rome experience such massive depopulation after the Western Empire's collapse (from 1 million people to only 50,000 in the Middle Ages)? (
What’s your most “unpopular” dating behavior that you’ll admit to? (
Why is "some of my best friends are black" not a valid argument for proving you're not racist against black people? (
I got laid last night and I was really loud.. Do I apologize to my housemates or do I say nothing in case they didn't hear it/were sleeping? (
How do you feel about eye contact while having sex? (
If having someone’s license plate after a hit and run can get police to arrest the other driver for the crime, how come having them on dash cam video doing dangerous things on the road isn’t enough evidence to get the cops to act? (
Does it matter to you the number of people your partner has slept with? (
What's something boys can never tell their girlfriends? (
What’s a work related accident that still haunts you to this day? (
Please don’t make fun of me for this - How do you know where to place your pain on a scale of 1-10? (
What should never have gotten popular? (
Is little to no communication with your dad considered normal? (
How bad was opium addiction that it led to China's downfall? (
What food do you find absolutely disgusting, that others think isn't? (
How would you react to your partner forbidding you from wearing croptops or shorts? (
Do the asymmetries in size and structure between the left and right lungs cause any differences in gas exchange rates? In other words, does the right lung "breathe more" than the left lung due to it being bigger? (
What topic could you talk about for 30 minutes with no preparation? (
Are there a lot of instances of suicide with pharmacy employees? (
Is it ever okay to look through your partner’s phone without explicit permission? Why or why not? (
What’s stopping you from having an onlyfans? (
What are the best arguments for the existence of a God? (
[Possible TW] How is Chris Brown still active in the music industry? (
What is the most disturbing thing you've stumbled upon while browsing the internet? (
Why did the Ottomans wait until 1453 to conquer Constantinople when they already had it under their thumb by the 1390s? (
When Native Americans were being slaughtered in the 1700's-1800's, did anyone sympathize with them? (
Is popcorn an OK breakfast for a 3 year old? it's all I have except for random condiments and some cookies I got from the library. (
What is something that used to be highly respected, but is now a joke? (
What’s a little thing your SO did that signaled they were a good person? (
Why can’t I (F23) make friends with American women after making so much progress with British ones? (
Why are you so fucking awkward bud? (
What did the regular people of Ancient Egypt think of their rulers getting down and dirty with their blood relations? How did the common folk view incest? (
Caribbean islands are fantastically profitable colonies, what stopped that wealth from continuing to accrue to them post independence? (
Why is America negotiating to free Brittney Griner if what she did was illegal? (
Will police officers let you sit in the station for a few hours if you tell them you feel unsafe in your home? (
How are people eating fish without constant fear of swallowing bones? (
For women that have been physically abused by their partners, what do you wish your friends said or didn't say to you when you told them? (
Why did dinosaurs in fossils tend to curl backwards in death poses? Everything I know of today tends to curl inwards when it dies. (
What was the inspiration for your username? (
Do all 20 amino acids get 'used' about equally overall in building the proteins we need on a daily basis? Relatedly do all 20 amino acids show up about equally as often in the translation of our protein-coding genes or do some appear more? (
Why is Eminem considered the first "big" white rapper when The Beastie Boys were all white and were popular back in 1986 (according to a quick google search), years before Em's 1999 success? (
What isn't initially intended for women to use but should be? (
Is there any evidence that cities with high electric vehicle adoption have had increased air quality? (
What movie franchise should’ve stopped at 2? (
What colour should litmus paper be when left alone? (
is it possible to graft a fruit tree onto a non fruit tree? (
Why is it that you get attention when you're in a relationship but as soon as you become single it's like you become undesirable? (
Ladies of Reddit, what would you do if you had a penis for 20 minutes? (
What’s your biggest fear for your current relationship? (
Children’s nickname I can use for daughter’s private area?(girls = ?, boys = willy) (
Ancient Mediterranean piracy was largely wiped out by the Romans in the first century BC. But what about Indian Ocean piracy? With the vast wealth of India, Rome and China crisscrossing the seas from Egypt to Malacca, was piracy a major issue in the region in antiquity? (
What is the word when someone sexts you irl? (
Why do I feel like I have to pee when having sex? (
Is it acceptable to shower every other day? (
How would you finish this statement? “nothing is certain except death, taxes, and…..? (
What is something that all men could agree on? (
Is it rude to put gas in/wash someone’s car after borrowing it? (
Cashiers of Reddit, what items make you silently judge the people who buy them? (
Archie Bunker treats his wife and daughter like absolute shit, but no one says anything about it; did people in the 70s think he was an asshole, or was his behavior more or less normal for men in the 70s? (
What will make you instantly stop watching a movie or show and why? (
Is it okay to send flowers as a house warming gift to a Jewish couple? (
How do you pick birthday gifts for someone who seemingly has no hobbies or interests? (
Is it true that mad cow disease is caused by acts of cannibalism? If so, why is cow eating cow’s brain more dangerous than cow eating rat’s brain? (
Girls, what’s the downside of being a female? (
What parts of a guys body do girls check out? (
What's a good word to use instead of the R-slur? (
ELI5: Why does it seem like Jon Stewart is leading the charge in getting aid for veterans? (
Are you legally allowed to just stay in the roundabout indefinitely? (
How do you handle social anxiety when women are expected to be bubbly and perky? (
Did attitudes toward marriage between cousins change between the two editions of Frankenstein? (
Is it normal to like women with really small breasts but still look like adults? (
What’s something embarrassing that really shouldn’t be? 😭 (
Tomato juice is somewhat of a niche beverage, yet it is extremely popular aboard north american aircrafts. When, and how, did tomato juice become so popular and ubiquitous in this situation? (
What do people do at clubs besides dancing and flirting? (
What are the best “Yo mama” jokes you got? (
Why do all modern home appliances have to make a beeping sound for every button pressed and why don't manufacturers at least give you the option to disable it? (
I (31m) have a huge kink/fantasy for thinking about my girlfriend (35f) being fucked by someone else - is that weird or a problem? (
I'm in 16th century Europe, and dino nuggets haven't been invented yet. What do I feed my children that are picky eaters? (
You’re stuck in a room with every person you’ve ever had sex with. What’s your first move? (
Why do Americans call a chicken burger a “chicken sandwich”? (
What do you genuinely not understand? (
The Pontic-Caspian steppe is very rich in what is apparently very fertile soil (chernozem). But from what I can tell the region has mostly been inhabited by pastorialist nomads as opposed to agricultural societies. Why? (
Elizabeth I was technically born out of wedlock, due to the annulled marriage of her parents, meaning she could not claim the throne. How convoluted were the legal proceedings to allow her reign to become legitimate? (
What are your opinions on women only nightclubs? (
Is it true that humans have the genes required to produce their own vitamin C? If so why are we unable to like in Fish or Guinea Pugs? (
How do you feel about waiting until marriage? (
Why does chickenpox spare the bottom of your feet and your palms ? (
Breast is too formal , Tits is too aggressive and Boobs is so immature, than what should be the name? (
is calling a colleague "hot" considered sexual harassment? (
How do you feel about eye contact during sex? (
Do erections feel hard all the way through for the owner? (
Non-Americans of Reddit: what is an American thing you have always wanted to try? (
Why are there so many overweight cops? Isn't there a physical fitness requirements for LEOs? (
What is your least favorite thing to do when it comes to ‘personal hygiene’? (
What's a kink your partner/ex has that you went along with because you loved them? (
What historical event has not, but should be, made into a movie? (
Why is it considered fine to kill insects for little to no reason but not say, raccoons or birds? (
What conspiracy theory do you believe is 100% true? (
Is the LGBTQ+ flag design getting out of control? I thought the symbolism was to bed inclusive of everyone, but it keeps changing seemingly to the point that, in my opinion, it looks like a mess now. (
Does anyone else look at their toilet paper after wiping to see how much poop is on it before throwing it away? (
Ask Anything Wednesday - Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology (
What, in your opinion, is a low-effort thing you do that has massive high-level returns but is often overlooked? (
What kind of indicator is used in a sars cov-19 test? (
Why did Greek not leave behind a family of languages the way Latin did? (
Where does the pain come from when you have a viral infection (like covid or the flu)? (
What ingredient automatically ruins a dish for you? (
Women who have met the love of their life after a lot of difficulty, could you share what, if anything, changed in your life shortly before you met them? (
what did you think was completely normal in the relationship untill you discovered it was abusive behaviour? (
In Game Of Thrones during the siege of Winterfell, Ramsey Bolton was keeping the inhabitants of the castle awake by constantly blowing a trumpet. This drove them mad and made them want to sally out. Did things like these ever occur in real life? (
Why don't more couples combine resources, platonically live together and essentially become a family? (
which is your "favorite word" of all time? (
Do you find it weird to walk naked/in underwear around your family? (
Where is the worst place to lose your virginity? (
Is it weird that, as an adult, I buy kids meals when stopping at the drive thru? (
Can a group of asteroids form and maintain an atmosphere? Are there any existing asteroid clusters like this? (
did I just get permission to have an affair or girlfriend? (
What is your favorite word in the English language? (
Why do some Americans get offended when they hear someone speak another language? (
How hot do you think you are? Why? (
Did peasants ever try to leave their lords and establish a village of their own, and did these villages abandon the feudal system or would the founders be considered the lords of said villages? (
What is the cutest “meet cute” you’ve ever experienced? (
How would the diet of a medieval king compare to an average persons diet nowadays? (
What’s the smallest amount of internet fame / clout that you’ve seen go to someone’s head? (
What's the weirdest Wifi name around you? (
Women who were told they could “do better” in regards to your SO, what happened? (
In retellings of how the Dutch handed over Manhattan to the British in exchange for Suriname, you hear it said that the Dutch got swindled. But would Manhattan really have been valuable to the Dutch if it stayed a lone Dutch colony surrounded by English colonies? (
What do you tell your partner about your previous relationships or past sexual partners? (
What Do You Think Would Be The Worst Death Imaginable? (
On the evening before his death, George Washington read the newspapers with his secretary, Tobias Lear. What sort of stories would he have been printed in them? (
What brand do automatically associate with being shit? (
The recent assassination of Shinzo Abe has had some links made to the Unification Church. What is the history of the Unification Church in Japan and how involved has it been in Japanese politics? (
Women outside of America — how do you view the state of women’s rights within America? (
Why do dogs and other animals smell things in lots of small, short sniffs, rather than in a single breath? (
In the United States, what should you never do? (
Why do some monkeypox cases occur in particular parts of the body? (
NASA stated that they've recorded massive solar flares that are likely to hit Earth and cause geomagnetic storms. What exactly does this mean, and what are the risks? (
Did the "average ancient person" attend public executions, or was it viewed as barbaric? Say Rome announced they planned to behead a valuable POW - how large of an audience could be expected? (
Which Mandela effect freaks you out the most and why? (
Was there ever a time where breakfast cereals came directly from the cardboard boxes, without being contained in a plastic bag? (
Why don’t Islamic extremist groups attack China for their genocide against muslims? (
Why does women's clothing have such small or nonexistent pockets? (
What’s an unusual body feature of yours? (
Are blue balls really that painful? (
What fills the void left ungrounded when a volcano erupts? (
In the historical film OfficeSpace (1999), a laid-off software engineer turned magazine salesman quips that his pay is better now than it was as a SWE. Was the labor market for programmers actually so dire (or the market for salespeople so excellent) in the late 90’s for this to be plausible? (
Guys, what do you think about your partner farting in front of you? (
when was the moment you realized that your friends are assholes? (
What is something that is well intentioned but you don't appreciate? (
What is the last thing you bought that you spent way too much money on? (
Why are overweight women called "Curvy" or "Thicc" while overweight Men are just called "Fat" (
In what ways would the world be different if instead of women having menstrual cycles, guys dicks fell off and regrew each month? (
What’s something you do That’s ok if you do it but unacceptable when others do it? (
What book are you currently reading? (
What’s going on with girls diagnosing themselves with ASD all of a sudden? (
When did we accept that the very act of someone looking at your credit report, lowers your credit. (
If you you’re floating in space with zero gravity and ejaculate, will the force of the ejaculation propel you backwards? (
What are some great tips for teenagers? (
In places where you don't need to show ID to vote, how does it not cause huge problems? (
FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs was placed on FBI's most wanted list in the mid-2000s for the many crimes that were committed within the cult. How did Rulon Jeffs and his predecessors manage to stay under the radar for so long, despite committing the same crimes as Warren for generations? (
What’s the earliest major historical event you can remember happening? (
Is it ok to ask for a psychologist appointment because I'm feeling bad but I don't know why I'm feeling that way? (
Would I be right in assuming that the Japanese Warring States period's name (Sengoku Jidai 戦国時代) is an intentional allusion to the much earlier Chinese period of the same name (Zhànguó Shídài 戰國時代)? When, how, and by who was this period named? (
What is the best word for breasts which isn’t “breasts”? (
What horror movies fucked you up as a child? (
Women of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in Women that men should look out for? (
Why do people repeatedly don't want to use adblockers or always ignore them? (
"This. Isn’t. Sparta.” by historian Bret Devereaux argues that Sparta was a horrible place to live, had poorly educated citizens, was militarily mediocre, culturally stagnant, and was ruled by elites who were pretty crappy too. Anything inaccurate in that assessment? (
How do you properly clean yourself up after sex? (F) (
Redditors, what's something the internet was crazy about but is now forgotten? (
Australia is currently suffering from kangaroo overpopulation. Was this an issue before European colonisation? If so, how was it managed by the Aboriginal Australians? (
Have you ever had a relative or significant other steal your identity? (
If I'm lost in the woods and starving, is it better to eat "inedible" things like grass or leaves, or just not eat at all? (
In the Beach Boys song "409", the song states that the singer "saved my pennies and saved my dimes" to buy a brand new Chevy Impala 409. While I expect this line not to be taken literally, would it have been difficult for a teen (the band's audience) to buy a brand new car at the time? (
Men of Reddit: what was the BEST thing a woman has ever said to you? (
Just got a job where I will work 12+ hours a day of manual labor. Any advice on how to stay mentally sane during long shifts? (
Could I (an American pregnant woman with no insurance) at my last weeks before the expected delivery, fly to Denmark as a TOURIST, only to give birth to a child there without having to pay the enormous price tags like in the USA? (
Guys i seriously need some advice... How am I supposed to satisfy women? (
Thoughts on proposing to my girlfriend at 17-18 years old ? (
How does Ukraine keep discipline among its soldiers? (
Which regions of Germany did most German American families come from? (
What do you cook when you have nothing to eat at home? (
At what point did explorers in the Americas go “yeah, this isn’t India”? (
Redditors born before the year 2000, what will those born after 2000 never have to struggle with like you did? (
As microchips get smaller and smaller, won't single event upsets (SEU) caused by cosmic radiation get more likely? Are manufacturers putting any thought to hardening the chips against them? (
When is it okay to flirt with a girl? (
What’s something that would be 100% better if it was slightly shorter? (
Men of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in men that women should look out for? (
Has anyone else who has bad eyesight/ wears glasses or contacts realize they could use their phone to see? (
People Who Aren’t Scared Of Death, Why? (
I'm a soothsayer in the first century CE. Pliny the Elder wrote about my use of crystal balls. How would my crystal ball have been manufactured? How spherical would it have been? How much would it have cost me? (
Why does dust stick to wet wipes instead of the wet surface below? (
For those who are in a friends with benefits, what is it like? How do you not get attached and want a relationship out of your fwb? (
What is the earliest time period human civilization could make chicken nuggets? (
What is something cringy af that you did a loooong time ago (years ago) that you still think about today? (
In porn, how do they practice going from ass to pussy safely? (
Are these normal things for my father to tell his daughter? (
Why are there almost no color photos of Canadian residential schools despite having took place during a time that we had color photography commonly available? (
What do you want, but don’t currently have? (
How do I hook up with people when I still live at home with my parents? (
What kinky sex act would you recommend everybody try at least once? (
Do men actually like straightforwardness from women? (
Where should you NOT go on vacation? (
People that wear costumes at amusement parks - do you smile inside the mask when you take pictures? (
what are the downsides of dating you? (opposite of yesterday's post) (
Who is your example of “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”? (
What is the dumbest, most ridiculous, obviously brain dead lie someone has tried to convince you was true? (
Men of Reddit: what’s the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you? (
According to Wikipedia, the annexation of the Golan Heights is considered illegitimate because "land gained by either defensive or offensive wars cannot be legally annexed under international law". Where is the cut-off date for this legality? (
Why do teen-focused shows and movies still depict well adjusted teens with relationships and active sex lives, when in reality the majority of US teens don’t have that? (
How is colonialism (after 15th century) different from ancient kingdoms and empires that conquered other kingdoms and tribes all the time? (
Do environmental factors play a role in human facial development? (
When I (33f) was way younger I used to cry myself to sleep by imagining scenarios where I would disappear, move, or die and only then would people I love (real and imaginary) would realize my worth - is that normal? (
TIL that the Cucuteni-Trypillia Culture based in modern day Ukraine was established a millennium before Sumeria and Egypt and had settlements far larger than either of them. How come they are rarely if ever mentioned as an early civilization? (
What is the most self-destructive thing you have seen another person do for love? (
Is it weird to not use porn for self pleasure? (
How do you feel when you’re nude? (
Does anyone feel stupid singing the national anthem? (