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有一些半流行的备忘录是关于回到过去,给中世纪的农民提供像Mt.Dew、Doritos、Warheads糖果等东西。这个笑话是说,农民永远不会有那种 "爆炸性的味道"。那时候他们能吃到的最大的 "爆炸性味道 "是什么?

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2022 年 第 39 周归档(09.26 - 10.03)

What is something that you do not like about yourself but you find it fabuolus on other woman? (
Is Hades being depicted as a villain a conflation with the Christian Devil? How was he viewed in Ancient Greece? Were other gods more maligned? (
With the current state of affairs, how do you feel when people say they aren’t into politics? (
There are some semi-popular memes about going back in time to give medieval peasants things like Mt. Dew, Doritos, Warheads candy etc. The joke being that peasants would never have had that 'blast of flavor.' What would have been the biggest 'blast of flavor' they would have had back then? (
Is there any limit to the mass of an object in the universe? Can something, like a black hole, become so massive that it can rip through the fabric of spacetime, or would physics prevent that, or is there no upper limit to the mass an object can be? (
Ladies of reddit, what’s the most weird/cringe thing a guy has done/spoke to try to impress you? (
To what extent did post-USSR Russia attempt to align itself with the West before cementing itself as an adversary, and what was the role of the CIA in leading it to its current position? (
How do the alveoli maintain a different air composition to the atmosphere if they are connected to the atmosphere by an open tube? (
How does it feel to have a significant other touching you all the time? (
The 1931 film Frankenstein begins with a warning to the audience that the studio thinks it's too scary, and audiences might be shocked. Was this merely a marketing gimmick, or did Universal truly believe that the film was so scary compared to other films that it warranted a warning to audiences? (
What is something you wish you knew before getting into a long term relationship? (
A Wehrmacht field manual is said to have stated that "experience has shown that attacks against tanks with close-combat weapons by a sufficiently determined man will basically always succeed." What experiences, if any, were the manual authors referring to? (
How much of the Jews' work in concentration camps was useful to the war effort and how much was just forced to inflict suffering? (
Women who wear jewelry, what kind of jewelry do you like to wear the most? (
What so called "benevolently sexist" behaviours do you not mind? (
How do invertebrates with exoskeletons experience and deal with injuries? (
Who knows that you are seeing a therapist/taking anti depressants? (
How often do you experience sexism in your part of the world? Trying to see the different experiences women have in different places. (
Why does it seem like guys don't need any makeup in everyday life but it is noticeable when a women doesn't wear any? (
Are there known "evolutionary valleys?" Suboptimal traits that, once evolved, remain for long periods of time because, despite being suboptimal, selection pressure still pushes deviations back towards the trait? (
Most know the Statue of Liberty is made from copper and due to the salt water in NY harbor, had been "rusting" away, giving it it's green look. When the US accepted it in the 1800s, did they know that would happen? If so, did they just assume it would eventually rot and dissolve into the ocean? (
Why can my Shop-Vac blow things that are 5 feet away but it can't suck things up that are 5 feet away? (
How did Israel come to have little to no Reform Jewish representation? (
AMA: I'm Lydia Moland, author of "Lydia Maria Child: A Radical American Life," the story of a fierce abolitionist who both dedicated her life to ending slavery and wrote "Over the River and Through the Wood." The book will be out in November. Ask me anything! (
Why did European Paganism become extinct, but Hinduism and other Asian IE religions survived? (
AskScience AMA Series: I'm Sanne van Rooij, assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University. Ask me anything about PTSD, the impact of stress and trauma on the brain, and new treatments for PTSD! (
What is the most inappropriate thing a boss or supervisor has ever done to you? (
What shape are spiral galaxies? Pictures look like 2D discs; like water down a plug hole. Are there model images of them in 3 dimensions? Why do they tend towards flat-ness? (
When a male seahorse gives birth, it looks like each contraction spews baby seahorses out. Do the contractions stop when all of the babies are out? Or can some be accidentally trapped inside? How does it work? (
James Polk is one of the most "successful" US presidents of all time, massively expanding US Territory, averting war with Britain and settling the Canadian/Oregon border dispute, and reestablishing an independent Treasury Department. How did he get so much done, and why isn't he well known? (
Women of Reddit, How many hours do you sleep on average per night? (
Is diarrhea caused by an influx of fluid into the digestive tract, or the inability of the large intestine to absorb water ? (
Has there ever been previous "haha funny sex/drug meme" numbers like 69 and 420 in the past? Were ancient Roman kids giggling every time 17 came up, or Sumerians over 190? (
What is your response when men say you can get sex whenever you want just by being a woman? (
How much affection (if any) was expected to exist in a marriage in common folk during European medieval times? (
How much of the Sicilian Population was Muslim or Pro-Emirate just before the Norman Conquests? (
How do you tell a woman respectfully that you want to have casual sex with her when stating your intentions? (
What are the safest countries for women to travel alone? (
What’s the reason head lice prefer the head and pubic lice prefer the pubic area? Hair is just hair isn’t it? (
How many times in a day do you actively think and adjust your posture? (
How does period life expectancy adjust when cohort life expectancy goes down? (
What is your “comfort thought” that helps you relax and sleep at night? (
How important is it for your partner to have steady employment? (
What's something you do that others may consider a waste of time/ money? (
What is the purpose of going into explicit details about bedroom stuff with your friends and sisters? (
In U.S. television situation comedies (sitcoms) from the 50s, 60s, and early 70s, there is a common trope of a male office worker inviting his boss to a homecooked dinner with the ultimate goal of asking for a raise or currying favor for a promotion. Did this really happen? If so, how common was it? (
Since we use multiple telescopes on Earth to increase the resolution in interferometry, Is it possible to build a network of space telescopes around Earths orbit to make a space telescope around 2au wide? (
What’s something you’ve come to realise about yourself as you got older? (
Do black holes gain Mass when absorbing photons? Like light, microwaves, ect. (
how did you figure out if you are a gold or silver jewelry person ? (
"Moby Dick" describes a whaling voyage where the captain remains shut in below deck while the ship departs, and most crew members only meet him several days into the voyage. Is this even remotely realistic? (
What wierd thing would you make socially acceptable if you could? (
How often do you have moments when you just want to cry for no obvious reason? (
How do you avoid being convinced by every philosophy book you read? (
Pre-Bronze-Age Earth must have had sufficient easily accessible deposits of copper, tin, iron, gold and other metals in such abundance to equip vast armies. How likely is it that similar metal ore veins can be found in a native state on the surface of Mars? (
Why can't the Gardasil vaccine rid you of the HPV strains you have, but can give protection from the ones that you don't have? (
The last known auroch only died in 1627. There were royal restrictions on hunting them as early as the 1200s. How did 400 years of proto-conservation fail for such a high status, visible animal? (
The 22nd Amendment states that no president shall being elected to office more than two times. But theres nothing about them running for congress or local elections. Has there been an president that got elected to congress or held a high position in the state government, post presidency? (
How many of your close friends today are from high school? (
how many dms do u get when you post in a women's sub or make it clear you're woman in your post? (
In the western world, we think of the time around 2500 years ago as part of the age of antiquity. For anyone living back then, it was their modern era. Did people living in Greece or Rome during this time have their equivalent, what they considered an age of antiquity? (
Which “cult” or “must watch” film(s) have you never seen and why? (
Why did the surname of Mussolini not fall out of favor in Italy the way that Hitler did in Germany? (
If I wanted to drink a beer as close to the ale circulating in the medieval times, what would be a good recommendation? (
Almost all English words for spatial measurements end in "th" (breadth, depth, width, length, etc) except for "height." Why don't we say "heighth?" (
What gesture of kindness made the biggest impact on you, and why? (