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"到处都是水,却没有一滴水可以喝?" (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)难道工业化前的船只上没有一个蒸馏器或其他一些系统来淡化船上的海水?一个蒸馏器系统应该是相当紧凑和低技术的,对吗?

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2022 年 第 49 周归档(12.05 - 12.12)

Are there any neo-existentialists out there and which of them would be worth engaging with? (
Do trees create less oxygen in the winter after their leaves fall off? (
Ladies, how often do you do hair removal (stomach, back, etc), especially in places that you don’t really show that often? (
Why do political philosophers value political rights so highly (voting, representation, certain expression, etc.) but give short shrift to economic rights (property & contract)? (
In "Cunk on Earth", Egyptologist Tyledesly says "I don't think they had many homeless people in ancient Egypt. People looked after each other, I think." Did ancient Egypt (or other ancient societies) not experience homelessness as we know it today? (
Nowadays, when anyone dies before 70-75, it is considered tragic. Even deaths in 50s and 60s are thought to be really sad. Has it always been this way, maybe with lower ages? Or were deaths out of the blue just expected, aside from wars, and plagues, obviously? (
Assumptions of Science and human experience (consciousness as an emergent property) (
If someone cover their eyes for a year straight without seeing any light, would it just be really bright when they take it off then slowly adjust back to normal or would it have a permanent affect on the persons vision? (
Why do sonic booms happen at the speed of sound specifically? What does the speed of wave propagation have to do with the compression of air in front of a moving object? (
Croatia has a population about the size of Los Angeles. How can we not find 11 soccer players in the United States good enough to advance in the World Cup? (
I have read that the Zapatista uprising of 1994 came in part because Zapatistas were worried about the effects NAFTA would have on their indgenious communities. So were they right to be worried? Did NAFTA damage the indenious of Mexico? (
Did Kant successfully show that there were synthetic a priori truths? (
Why did Europe develop so much of firearm technology when China found gunpowder first? (
Early Irish law texts like the Críth Gablach and Uraicecht Becc say things like ‘[peasants] are not entitled to butter’ but what does that mean? They couldn’t make or possess butter, or that they couldn’t be given butter at a public feast or as alms? (
What is the difference between atomic, nuclear and hydrogen bombs? (
Modern jokes aside, what’s the latest known instance of English people (presumably nobility and/or military) still being sincerely sore about the loss of the 13 colonies? (
If your partner propose to you to record your sexual encounters and then watch them together, how would you react? (
If you had to describe your moral compass using a phrase, what phrase would you use? (
What was the make up of general Italian meals before the introduction of the tomato? and how would one be able to compare it to modern Mediterranean fare? (
Ladies what do you think about receiving a “push present? “Is it something that should become a cultural norm? (
Help with disanalogy of gender-incongruence and conditions like anorexia (
Lyndon B. Johnson is often perceived as masterful in his ability to persuade or lobby Congress, for example in securing the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Is this reputation deserved, and is he really such an outlier? (
As a philosophy undergrad interested in philosophy of science what 'science' should I know and how should I learn about it? (
How important do you consider financial stability before raising a family? (
I’m a Roman soldier in the late Republic/early Empire era, and I suffer an injury that leaves me unable to fight. What happens to me? Am I removed from service early? Or will I be given some sort of non-combat role (or the closest equivalent thereof) within my legion? (
Were long poles with hooked ends really ever used to pull people off stage if they were performing badly? (
What do you think the world would be like if most men read and appreciated romance novels? (
How accurate is the claim that the Catholic Church ordered cats to be killed en masse and worsened the Black Plague? (
Is Nihilism a tenable position forever or does one always strive to create meaning? Is Absurdism an acceptable compromise? (
(Realistic answers only) You're on the roof of a 2 story building with no ladder or fire escape. Time is running out. How do you get down? (
Do academics ever rate the most influential/well respected contemporary philosophers? (
I am a viking during the height of Danish raiding in the west, I am a Veteran of several raids and know how to fight well, my neighbours farm appeals to me, I know is not much of a fighter, could I challenge him to a holmgang for it? (
Is there a branch of Philosophy that studies religions as cultural products, similar to artistic mediums? (
Why does North Korea call itself the “Democratic People’s Republic” when it’s a communist country? (
Is it ethical to participate in a behavior currently deemed socially acceptable, even though you expect society’s view to shift to consider it differently in the future? (
Being the first to the enemy’s walls during a siege sounds like certain death. What motivated people during the Middle Ages and Antiquity to be the first to climb the ladder or siege tower? (
Postwar West Germany became home to considerable numbers of Turkish immigrants, and 3-7 million Germans today have recent Turkish ancestry. What drove Turkish migration to Germany? What led to Turkish immigrants settling down long term rather than a more seasonal or circular migration pattern? (
If the Branch Davidians and David Koresh surrendered peacefully at Waco, was the government going to put 60 people on trial? (
What are the most popular arguments for the existence of other minds? (
Why did the early Muslims invade Iberia instead of continuing through Anatolia and invading the Balkans like the Ottomans? (
Can all of philosophy be simplified as "An attempt to understand reality or truth"? (
Did Julius Caesar really win against Pompey due to his superior knowledge of the Roman calendar? (
When it comes to Norse mythology, Valhalla is far more well known that Folkvangr, where half of the dead of battle went. Why is this? and did the Norse view Folkvangr as preferable or a worse fate than Valhalla? (
Are there any viruses that humans must have in/on our bodies in order to stay alive? (
What's the colour for clothes which in your opinion suits you the most and why? (
AskScience AMA Series: I'm Finn Brunton, and I wrote a book about the history of cryptocurrencies. Ask me anything! (
What is an example of a morally good action whose moral goodness does not reduce to its (good) consequences? (
How did large, disperse groups, like the Council of Nicea organize and get together over such large distances? (
Why did people make it so that the conventional date systems (MM DD YYYY and DD MM YYYY) can't be accurately interpreted if the day is below 13 and you don't know which format is being used? (
Ethical/Moral arguments against Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) for those with mental illness? What does MAiD for those with mental illness say about how we view death and dying? (
Who were some of the best examples of good dads in movies and tv? (
Why do you we say "a double edge sword" as if it was an exception? When did this expression originate? Was it common to only sharpen one side of the blade? (
What is the best "apologetic" thought experiment that you have come across? (
What’s something you learned recently that you really should have already known? (
I'm watching a documentary about Moussolini and there were a few scenes where it seems that him & Hitler were conversing with each other without interpreters. What language did they used? (
Question about Desire: Is it possible for a person to want to do something, to be able to do it, and not to do it? Are our desires determined by our perception of them, or what our actions reveal them to be? (
Am I going crazy or has the chewing-gum consumption drastically collapsed since the 2000s ? I never see people chewing gum anymore. (
Have living things always had an immune system? How did they survive / evolve to deal with diseases, and how does that compare to modern immune systems? (
Quick clarification about symbolising propositions in logic (
Would Dickens’s contemporary readers have inferred that Ebenezer Scrooge was Jewish? (
In 1916, Life Magazine published a map depicting North America if the Central Powers won the Great War, with the US partitioned between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and... Japan. Except Japan was an Allied power. What might have led to the map's creators including it among the victors? (
Why are Day/Night temperature changes larger in summer than in winter? (
from where do the new nucleotides come in DNA replication? (
self study guide for structuralism, post-structuralism, post-modernism, critical theory blah blah blah rabbithole? :) (
Where are all the descendants of African slaves in the Middle East and Maghreb? (
If proteins are needed to create more proteins, then how were the first proteins created ? (
When did people discover that different regions of the world are not experiencing night at the same time? (
What would you do if your partner wanted to wait until marriage to have sex? (
When was the time you realised you're lonely, although you were in a relationship? (
Why is it that all the news on trans people seem to always revolve around trans-women? (
In your field/period of study, is there a particular chunk of time for which primary sources are scarce? What caused this? (
Is it true that 'totalitarianism' is becoming more irrelevant as a concept due to its weak theoretical basis? (
What are some taboo topics or topics in general you wished were talked about more? (
Let's says we're in late 700s France and my job is to prepare a feast for Charlemagne. What does the prep and execution for a meal that grand look like with the food and tools I have available? (
At what point do you consider a relationship to be a “long term” relationship? (
Does parenting get easier? I wake up at 6am, get ready for work, wake up my 9 year old, get him ready, pack his lunch, school, go to work, pick him up at school, dinner, help w home work, play, go to sleep, start over. And today someone asked me “what’s your purpose in life”. I started crying. (
does anyone else just feel like they’re existing? nothing really feels fun or exciting anymore and you don’t really feel like doing anything unless you have to? (
The persistence of Jim Crow was because the U.S. is a historically majority-white nation. How did a minority-white population in South Africa institute apartheid? (
Before European arrival in South America, why didn't potatoes seem to travel far from Peru? (
The cosmological argument’s definition of God doesn’t make sense (
How much credence should I put in the "Santa Claus = Siberian mushroom shaman" story I hear every year? (
What are most important/interesting current trends in French Continental Philosophy? (
What are some questions to ask someone before considering a relationship with them? (
Single men of Reddit, how often do you genuinely praise a women on their looks to be nice without ulterior motives to go out with them or just sleep with them? (
How would the water cycle be affected if we were to switch to hydrogen as a fuel for the majority of cars? (
It’s 1750 in London, England. What’s something “those damn kids” might be doing that drove older generations nuts? (
Women who love kids but don’t want to raise your own, how did you come to that decision? (
What happened to gay individuals under Antonio Salazar's regime in Portugal? Please I need answers. (
What is the view that Good and Evil do not inherently/objectively exist, but that each person has their own subjective view of what is Good and Evil? (
What’s the craziest thing your ex has ever done during your relationship or after you broke up? (
“Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?” (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner) Did pre-industrial ships not have a still or some other system to desalinate ocean water on board? A distillery system would have been pretty compact and low tech, right? (
I just realized I’ve never seen Maori, Polynesians, or Hawaiians depicted with bows and arrows, why is this the case? (
How do you keep your sex life fresh in a long-term relationship? (
Did women in the past really faint from seeing mice? Did people get frightened into permanent institutionalization by seeing criminals? Why was everyone so sensitive? (
George Washington is known for warning about the pernicious influence of political parties and polarization. But given how few democracies or republics there were in his day, what examples would Washington have been thinking of? (
How would you feel if your partner commented on a another persons photo saying “looking gorgeous/beautiful/cute”? (
Is there a religion where God is not believed to have our best interests at heart? (
What would a utilitarian respond to the ethical statement: “parents should always choose the -genetical- best children” and how would that differ from a Kantian-deontology response? (
Golf balls are said to be dimpled to reduce drag. If that’s true, why aren’t aeroplanes dimpled? (
Was a connection made in pre-modern times between drinking and birth defects? (
What is an underrated hygeine tip that changed your life without drilling a hole in your pocket? (
If a hypothetical universe were to not contain a single conscious life form to be able to perceive it, would this universe even exist? (
Which fallacy/fallacies best describes the following scenario? (
Married women, what are the unspoken rules for a successful marriage? (
How did the classical musicians 'drop' their music? How did anyone know, for example, when Beethoven was about to drop a banger? Was their an announcement? (
In medieval northern Europe, how did people manage privacy for eg. sex in their homes? (
When people say "now is not the time to discuss gun control" just after a major tragedy involving guns, why not? (
Problem of Evil: Are there any philosophers that argue that the inequitable distribution of suffering indicates that there isn’t a God? (
When put on trial, Socrates refused to fake-weep and performatively bemoan that his children and wife would be left destitute without him. But they were after he was forced to drink Hemlock. Did Socrates's rich friends, like Plato, step in to support them? (
What was the extent of Helmut Kentler’s “giving foster children to literal pedophiles” experiment from the 60s-90s? (
What do we call the part of a discourse that is constituted by silence? (
I read Smilansky's "Should We Sacrifice the Utilitarians First?", and wonder to what degree it's 100% serious, slightly tongue in cheek or something else? (
Did women in the 18th century know how to dye their eyes? (
Why would someone not agree with free universal healthcare? (
I don't agree with an assumption of the question and I am unsure how a philsopher would approach answering this. (Philsophy student, Practical Ethics, Medical Ethics) (
It's 112 AD, and I'm a middle class Roman citizen. Is it safe for me to travel to any part of the empire, or are there still cities/provinces that are inherently dangerous? (
Did sheep fur always just endlessly grow or was that something that was selectively bred? Were they originally naturally adapted to be going through a lot of foliage and thickets and stuff that would keep their coat relatively trimmed? (
Do you think that the total knowledge accessible to the human species has a limit? (
Is it really true that conceptualizing women's breasts as sexually attractive is (relatively) unique to the modern West? (
Was it common practice for "the poor" to opt to have their Christmas Dinners at the baker? (
How often do you cry because of something your romantic partner did? (
How are we sure that speed of light and other basic constants are really constants on a large cosmological scale of time and space? (
What is the difference between Philosophy of Religion or Religious Studies and Theology as they are taught in universities? (
How did Dentistry grow to be so separated from the rest of the medical field and why haven't they been annexed into it? (
What would you like to change about your family? (
What would you say to the last person who broke your heart? (
Were mustaches on women actually considered attractive in 19th century Persia as is often claimed here on reddit? (
Philosophies/Philosophers that talk about being a good person is the way of life? (