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我的丹麦二世曾祖父在给他侄子的一封信中写道,他于1890年离开丹麦。他所有的兄弟都是在同一时间离开的。当时那里发生了什么,导致了这种逃离?1890年的丹麦是什么样子的? 如评论中的更多背景/信中信息。

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2022 年 第 51 周归档(12.19 - 12.26)

How certain are we that the universe began 13.77 billion years ago? (
Is it possible for one blastomere to develop a mutation, causing half of the grown adult’s cells to carry a mutation, and the other half be mutation-free? (
Can someone explain what Deleuze’s concept “body without organs” is? (
why do we only have LEDs around the visible light spectrum? Why not have MEDs (microwave-emitting) or REDs (radio), or even XED (x-ray) or GED (gamma)? (
Comparative Philosophy: How many Philosophies can you compare? (
Please settle a heated Christmas debate. Who sharpened medieval people's knives? (
Morgan Freeman once said in an interview that racism would likely die on its own if people just stopped talking about race period. Could this be plausible? (
any book recommendations for basically the “basis” of philosophy? (
Women with “successful” careers, what does your SO do? Do they need to be successful as well? Why or why not? (
Was the CIA involved in selling Crack Cocaine to inner city persons to fund secret armies in Nicaragua? (
Why if you're heterosexual and binary would you have he/him or she/her in your profile. I get it if your trans or anything else but if youre the norm then why do you need to state it? (
Desperate: can someone quickly comment a picture of their Christmas dinner? (
women with stretch marks on the breasts, what reactions if any did you get from your partners? (
What is the current consensus on Roger Ekirch’s whole First Sleep and Second Sleep hypothesis about how pre-modern humans apparently slept in two periods with a segment of activity in between? (
Would one deaf ear have really disqualified George Bailey from military service in World War II? (
Are there any examples of legendary beings which were widely believed in by children but known not to exist by adults, like Santa Claus, from other periods of history? (
Can philosophy prove the existence of the Christian God? (
How long have people been claiming "you can't say Christmas any more" in places like the UK and USA? What's the origin of this idea? (
Has Judith Butler's notion of performativity ever been defended as an analysis of race or other social constructs? (
What do you dislike the most about the way love is portrayed in movies and TV shows? (
Why do people keep trying to convince me that socializing is something I need to do? (
What are your thoughts on falling in love with someone Long Distance? (
What can you ask/say on a first date to get an idea of someone’s political/social opinions? (
How is it 8 years ago all I ever heard about Tesla cars was how well-made and high-tech they are, and now they apparently rank rock bottom and always have? (
There’s a common idea that Freud’s clientele might have been struggling with childhood sexual abuse unacknowledgeable in bourgeois, fin-de-siècle Vienna. At this moment, is there any solid historical evidence for this? (
Why are people against housing, something you need to live, being affordable to the average person? (
What are your thoughts on women who are into CNC? (
In the Spirit of the Holidays, I'd Like to Give a Thank You to This Sub. (
Do conferences and magazines accept subs from non-Phil. students? (
Did the people of the Iberian peninsula, circa 16th century, enjoy going to the beach for fun? (
Women of reddit, what nusances and minor annoyances are caused just because you are a woman? (except periods) (
Why did St. Nicholas, in particular, become Santa Claus? The guy was a 3rd century bishop from Anatolia, why was he in particular merged with Odin and given an association with Christmas (
Bob's Burgers "The Land Ship." Did anyone during the Golden Age of Sail trick enemy ships into running aground with a "land ship?" Would that be feasible? (
If the clitoris is even more sensitive than the tip of a penis, why is it statistically higher for men to reach an orgasm compared to women? (
Philosophers who talked about the value/function of literature/art (
Sigmund Freud is known as the father of psychology, and his ideas are immersed in our culture. But it seems like Freud was a disaster for every patient that ever worked with him. Were his ideas actually useful for treating patients, or was he just a good marketer of his ideas? (
For Caucasian people, would you be scared if you were walking an suddenly ran into a group of Klansmen (
What was the most emotional irrational decision you ever made? (
Was it considered inappropriate for Winston Churchill to wear a "Siren Suit" to the White House during his 1943 visit? (
Women who have tried anal, what are your thoughts? (
What do Moral Realists say to the Evolutionary origin of Morality? (
Can the Doppler effect make sounds inaudible by shifting frequencies out of human hearing range? Or vice versa? (
Having trouble understanding infinities and probability (
How was the Apollo moon landing portrayed in the USSR? And why did the Soviets never put a man on the moon? (
If there exists more than one substance, in what way could they ever interact with each other? (
Is there any validity whatsoever to the idea that Islam was founded as an alt-Christian anti-Nicene 'conspiracy'? (
How did 'entrée' become the American term for the main course of a meal, when the original meaning of the word is appetizer? (
Wearing revealing clothing doesn’t make someone responsible for other people looking at them. If you were to walk in public naked, you would be arrested for public indecency. When does one cross the line of personal fault? (
Why did parents in the early 1900s give children initials rather than complete names in the south? My great uncle had to legally give himself a first and last name as an adult because before they time his first name was L and his second one was R. (
Can the Problem of Evil be resolved by defining God's behavior as inherently good? (
Did scientists know that nuclear explosions would produce mushroom clouds before the first one was set off? (
how do you deal with the ideology "women are not as interesting when they turn 40?" (
How do fusion scientists expect to produce enough Tritium to sustain D-T fusion (see text)? (
What is something that you want to be able to do this time next year? (
What are the implications for Einstein's theory of general relativity for Kant's metaphysics? (
Many articles I've read about Sappho say that she wrote romantic poetry about both women and men. Where are the poems about men? (
in HBO Rome the characters start talking like the Republic is just dead forever right after the Battle of Pharsalus. is it realistic they would have been that pessimistic that soon? (
12 year old daughter came out as bi. wants to keep having sleepovers with long time best friend. (
What's the origin of the concept of throwing a toaster in a bathtub to commit suicide/murder? (
Can anyone provide an account of how historical (dead) philosophers have viewed (non-human) animal intelligence? (
If you had the chance, would you want to become the most beautiful woman in the world? Why? (
The average height of terracotta soldiers was 5’11. Were men in the Qin Dynasty really that tall? (
Why is smelling flowers a trope when flowers typically have no smell, let alone a pleasant smell? (
After reading Kant, what are the best possible authors and paths of study in Logic? (
What are some things you have stopped apologizing for? (
From my understanding, when 'Christianity' first emerged out of Judaism, there was no ontological division between the two until it was later firmly established by future theologians/scholars. Was this true also of Islam as far as the people of the Arabic peninsula were concerned? Were Muslims Jews? (
Is there something else like existence and non existence that is beyond our imagination? (
What is something ‘small’ that’s stressing you out right now? (
Browsing a high-end grocery store in the US, I saw a variety of grains - farro, amaranth, quinoa, etc. It got me thinking - what led to the dominance of wheat, rye, oats and corn over others, historically? Was it a choice, some inherent property, related to population migrations? (
How does one solve this paradox of independent probability? (
It is said by many cultures that suicide is a sin because it is God's/the god's decision when you die. But, now that humans are able to artificially keep the body alive during terminal illness well past the point that people would have normally died, should suicide now be considered a viable option? (
Ask Anything Wednesday - Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology (
Who built and maintained the roads between city-states in ancient Greece? Did each city only build its own section of the road, or was there some international cooperation? (
On the topic of dragons, I once heard that Marco Polo reportedly wrote about seeing dragons kept as pets in China. does anyone have any information about this? is it possible there was a kimono dragon type of some kind that has long been extinct and forgotten? (
Married Women who sleep in separate rooms why do you do that? (
Did royal families in medieval times suspect that inbreeding was leading to genetic issues such as hemophilia or the "Hapsburg Jaw", or did they blame these things on other circumstances? (
Can you derive general prescriptive statements? What are the differences between values, morals, and ethics. (
How could it be the case that the mind/consciousness is anything others than neurons or some other physical state? (
Women Of Reddit,What Goes On In Your Mind As You're Removing Makeup? (
Why are there people worried about low birth rates and population collapse? Isn’t the earth over populated and less people would be better for the environment? (
I’m a Medieval peasant during the Black Death outbreak, what measures am I taking to avoid catching the disease? (
What does your brain try to make you do and you have to resist yourself not to do it? (
What are the best arguments in favor of "Collective Responsibility"? (
Did medieval people really believe in dragons/sea monsters or it was a just a weird belief like Aliens are today? (
What would you do differently about the first time you had sex? (
Women of Reddit, what do you think if someone has a dirty and unorganised house? (
Why can’t evolution be classified as a scientific fact rather than a scientific theory? (
Why do so many texts that deal with Philosophy depict the views of certain Philosophers rather than engaging with them with arguments? (
Women who live in cold climates; how do you stay fit in the winter without breaking the bank on a gym membership? (
What is something people misunderstand about you? (
Was all currency in Ancient societies in physical form only? Before building a mega project, did an ancient person first need to amass a hoard of physical currency and pay up front, or could things constructed on speculation or credit? (
How does pyruvate know to go to the mitochondria or to do the anaerobic reaction? (
Could being submersed in a sealed tank of fluid help humans survive heavy G acceleration in outer space? (
Are there any documented cases of German rank-and-file soldiers objecting to the Holocaust on moral grounds and refusing to follow orders at concentration camps, or otherwise openly challenging those crimes against humanity? If so, what happened to them? (
Correct to split Western Philosophy history to Renaissance, Enlightenment and Modernity? (
Would a peasant's life in 1000 A.D. be any different than in the year 1300? Would technological advancements have made any meaningful difference to the life of a common peasant? Would a peasant's living standards have been significantly better in 1300? (
At what point of evolution, does a living organism have a soul? (
Why do people have safe words for sex? Why not just say, "I don't like that," or "Please stop," or "No, thank you?" (
Is Donald Hoffman evolutionary argument against reality the same as Plantinga's EAAN ? (
Is there a logical fallacy in this argument attempting to minimize the pandemic and an opponent’s views, and if so, which one(s)? (
Tuesday Trivia: Christmas! This thread has relaxed standards—we invite everyone to participate! (
If one of Psycho-Therapy's main goals is to make us function in unfair capitalist neoliberalism, how can we be truly happy while being conscious of the unfairnesses around us? What philosophers to read about that? (
what’s some juicey gossip from your real life that you can’t share with anyone else? (
Would radiation be "pitch-shifted" (like the Doppler Effect) if it were to hit you while you were going incredibly fast, say half the speed of light? (
If your friend lends you $5 , you buy a lottery ticket and win $80 million. How much would you give your friend back? (
Why are trans people talked about so much despite making up only %5 of the population? (
as a teenager interested in philosophy, how do i start in exploring it and then branch out to more complex ideas? (
Where did our modern stereotypical image of a caveman come from, where they wear loin clothes, carry a big club, grunt, hunt sabertooth tigers, and live in a cave come from? And where does the term “caveman” originate? (
AskScience AMA Series: I'm Dr. Matt O'Dowd. AMA about PBS Space Time, my new program to map black holes, and our new film Inventing Reality! (
In Europe in the Middle Ages wine and beer were the primary drink, obviously that wasn’t the case in the Medieval Islamic world — what was? Coffee? (
Are nuclear bombs radioactive by design or is it the result of the best way of setting off an extremely large explosion in a small package? (
I'm currently being extorted for money. Threatening to send revenge porn to my family. What do I do? (
Just found a video of a sheep that was lost in the woods for 7 years. It has almost 100 pounds if wool. Do sheep continue to grow wool indefinitely if left alone? What is the evolutionary benefit? (
What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to women and fitness? (
Were Americans generally “aware” that the Compromise of 1877 had taken place? (
What is a hobbie you would love to take up but can't afford/don't have time to do? (
What's the origin of the "classic sports jersey font"? (see link) (
Burke says the right to declare war and peace "is said to reside in a metaphor, shewn at the Tower for sixpence or a shilling a-piece". What is he referring to? (
In a time of grief, what words or actions comforted you the most? (
Is there an ethical framework favoring equality of outcome more than overall wealth? (
In a letter to his nephew, my Danish 2x great grandfather wrote of leaving Denmark in 1890. All of his brothers left around the same time. What was going on there at the time to cause such flight? What was Denmark like in 1890? like More context/info from letter in comments. (
"I introspect too much". Could this sentence be sort of the opposite of the liar paradox? Kind of like an immediately self confirming sentence instead of a self refuting one? (
Before modern medicine, one of the things people thought caused disease was "bad air". We now know that this is somewhat true, given airborne transmission. What measures taken to stop "bad air" were incidentally effective against airborne transmission? (
Did left-handed swordsmen have an advantage on the battlefield, like left-handed batters do in baseball? (
Mothers of Reddit, what is one thing in your life that was never the same after you became a mother? (
Can someone explain how Q is calculated with different fusion systems and why some parts of the energy inputs can be ignored? (
What did europeans in the early and mid middle ages make of all the roman stuff around? Roads, structures, etc. Did they know who built them and why, any other details. (
Where were you when you got your first period? (
Why did Renaissance artists depict both men and women completely hairless? Was body hair seen as something sexual back then? (
What would you call the view that specific parts of philosophy are tautology? (
I have been hearing/reading a lot over the past few days about the terminal decline of academic history as a profession. Historians of Reddit, how bad is it? (
What’s something you wish people would stop telling single people? (
What's the best example of 'partner not understanding your body' you ever heard? (
Would it be possible to 'carbonate' a beverage with a gas much heavier or lighter than air, and then when the consumer drinks it, the gas density changes their voice pich? Such as with the helium trick? (