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1956年至1965年期间,军情五处处长罗杰-霍利斯被他在英国和美国的同事怀疑是苏联GRU的内鬼。在 "猎杀者 "事件发生数十年后,历史学家们是否已经成功地彻底解决了这个问题?

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2022 年 第 52 周归档(12.26 - 01.02)

I've been waiting years to ask: why did we all go absolutely bananas for The DaVinci Code in 2003? (
How do we reconcile a desire to avoid presentism with a moral desire to recognise that historical subjects suffered from domestic abuse and child sex abuse? (
Women who have no dishwasher, how often do you do the dishes? (
How unique were the ethical teachings of Jesus in the 1st century Roman Empire? (
Ladies, how do you respond to people who told you that you’ve gained weight ? (
How do you normally decide if a person is friend material or not? (
are empiricism and religion compatible with each other? (
What Reason(s) Do We Have For Relying On Inductive Inferences? (
With half the world already in the New Year, what in your life or about yourself are you *not* changing in 2023? (
Are there any Major or semi- major generally accepted historic events that we only know about due to secondary sources? (
What’s something you wished you tried in 2022 that you’re probably still not gonna try in 2023?? (
Will historians thousands of years from now have a significantly harder time studying us because we no longer store any information on stone tablets? Like if the Sumerians stored the Epic of Gilgamesh on the latest SSD we would know a lot less. (
Is using the law of large numbers to dismiss the significance of an improbable event a valid form of inference? (
Is it rude to have sex if you are staying over as a guest in someone’s house? (
What is something you think every human should hear at least once before they die? (
The mighty Asterix and Obelix is obviously pop culture fiction, but its been insanely popular. Did it lead to an increase in ancient Gaulish history? Has it influenced perceptions of the field? (
How do you feel about men that make comments such as "that girl is so hot" or "damn, she's so smashable" even though they're in a relationship? (
What are your thoughts about someone you don't know asking you for a hug? (
What did your ex do that made you think you had no idea who they were? (
If you were ever given an ultimatum in a relationship or gave one, how did it work out in the end? (
What does Charon do with his eye-coins in Greek mythology? What is he buying? Does he hoard them or toss them away? (
How well-researched and truthful are YouTube Videos about Philosophy? Such as Eternalised, Academy of Ideas, Third Paradigm, and Weltgeist. (
What strange events have gotten swept under the rug over the past year like they didn't even happen? (
What was life like for the average citizen in Wallachia, during the reign of Vlad the Impaler? Was he well liked by his people, or did they fear him more than they liked him? (
Does Atheistic Naturalism offer anything of long-term pragmatic value when compared to Non-Naturalist views, such as Theism? (
What is the evidence for the existence of moral facts? (
2022 In Reading: Share Your Reading List from the Past Year, and Plans for the Next One! (
How do you find and/or create meaning, value, purpose, and beauty in a postmodern neoliberal world? (
Why do so many letters exchanged between platonic male friends in the 18th and 19th centuries read as extremely homoerotic in the modern day? (
I'm a Hindu merchant living in pre-modern India. Being a member of the merchant caste, I'm not supposed to consume meat and might be shunned by my community if I do. But I have to frequently travel to foreign places where vegetarian options might be unavailable. How do I manage this conundrum? (
Was there a way to verify that telegrams were authentic? (
Stories like "Indiana Jones" and "Tomb Raider" always feature ruins where a mechanical trap is triggered by stepping on a button on the ground. Was a mechanism like this ever used in real life? (
How did Rutherford arrive at gold foil as the best choice for his particle experiments? (
Was there a decrease in other infectious diseases other than Covid due to wearing masks during the past 2 years? (
How much does the liquid magma of the Earth affect it's surface temperature? (
Can something exist and not exist simultaneously according to contemporary philosophical understanding? (
What is something that you are yet to experience in life which almost everyone of your age has already experienced? (
My apartment block got levelled during the Blitz. What am I entitled to after reconstruction ? Exact same size apartment ? Do I need to pay for it myself ? (
Suggestions for analytic philosophy for a reader of continental philosophy (
my girlfriend's dad passed 10 years ago. should I ask her mom for permission to marry her? (
What does it really mean when you say you're exploring and trying to find yourself? (
Ladies, What’s a hard to swallow pill you’ve learned over the years? (
Is Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug) a pseudo-philosopher? I already perceive him as a 'right-wing nutjob', but does he actually have a basic understanding of philosophy?) (
What type of hardware is used to render amazing CGI projects like Avatar: Way of the Water? Are these beefed up computers, or are they made special just for this line of work? (
Is it true that vikings treated women better than most European societies at the time? (
Was there ever talks about a Marshall Plan Equivalent for Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union? (
Is there a philosophical school or philosopher who synthesized existentialism & essentialism? (
Almost all Popes have died in office. Has there ever been a case of a Pope who suffered from Dementia or Alzheimer’s while in office? (
What are signs (especially easily overlooked signs) of incompatibility in a relationship? (
Is there a logic where every conditional statement is logically equivalent to its inverse, converse, and contrapositive? (
What are the "key books" of Indian and Buddhist Philosophies? (
What was the protective coating applied to American tanks crossing the Atlantic during WW2? (
How fast does the Milky Way spin? How far does Earth move through space in a year? (
In Parkinson disease, why doesn't the adrenal gland fill the dopamine deficiency? (
Is there anything good that North Korea does or better than other countries? (
What is the reason that you paint your nails for? (
Is there any truth to the idea that in ancient China, a bride could be the wrong person because they weren't seen until after the marriage? (
I recently read a comment stating that "France is one city-state with extended borders that reach defensive positions. Italy is multiple city-states in one country." How accurate is this statement and how relevant is it in a discussion about the distribution of the population of those countries? (
Why in clothing stores are a lot of the female models plus sized or in all ages, but ALL the male models are super skinny and super muscular and all in their 20s or 30s? (
In popular fiction, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl is often depicted as a time that strange cults and movements appeared, did this time period actually produce any? (
How would you feel if you broke up with your ex and then found out you were pregnant? (
How does it feel to finally have a partner who’s just “ peace” for you? ❤️ (
Theodore Roosevelt insulted his political opponents by comparing them unfavorably to guinea pigs. What did ordinary Americans know about guinea pigs at this time? Were they thought of as unusually stupid animals? (
Is it normal for a guy to always prefer a woman over a man, but wouldn’t mind sleeping with a man if there isn’t a woman available? If so, what would this be called (
Ask Anything Wednesday - Economics, Political Science, Linguistics, Anthropology (
What was Soviet pet culture like? Were dogs and cats considered capitalist fripperaries, or were they comrades? Did the planned economy make any attempt at meeting this market? (
Is the question "where does life begin" a question of biology or epistemology? (
When Stalin occupied Eastern Europe after defeating Nazi Germany, why was it that some countries (e.g. Lithuania) became part of the USSR, and others (e.g. Czechoslovakia) were simply part of the Eastern Bloc? (
Are there philosophers arguing for God's omniscience being "knowing everything that can be known" similar to omnipotence being "what is logically possible"? (
When was the last jousting tournament in medieval Europe? Did people care, or had audience interest evaporated at that point? (
When did landlocked regions get access to ocean seafood? Did it only become feasible after the invention of proper refrigeration or was it already in practice to send sea fish inland? (
What is the best habit you have started to improve your health and wellbeing? (
Aztecs usually buried their dead in their family's home under the floor, but how did this work in the long term? Was the floor of every old home a mass grave for every family that ever lived in that home? (
Why is "the whole is greater than its parts" not tautological? (
How often do you text/hang out with your friends? (including best friends) do they understand your busy lifestyle? (
Currently in the Irish national archeological museum, how did ancient peoples get this much gold??? (
How soon is too soon to get into a new relationship after breaking up with a long term partner? (
What are the benifits (if any) of getting into reading philosophy books, as a middle aged person? (
What are some conceptual blindspots of the Civilization series of video games? (
I understand the initial appeal of Trump. But I do not understand continued support of him knowing what we now know in (almost) 2023. He’s become a laughing stock. Why the continued support? (
Ancient Rome had a million people crammed into its 5.25 square miles, but the streets were winding and circuitous. Do we know how long it would take to walk from one end to the other? (
Before the Age of Sail, did most goods travel through a few merchants travelling large distances, or through many merchants travelling small distances? (
Do you think single you would swipe right on your current partner if they made a dating profile? Why or why not? How do you think their profile would even look? (
Its seems impossible that the English dice game Hazard could be invented without knowledge of probability. But modern probability was developed in the 16th century and Hazard was played in the 12th. Was there premodern probability theory? (
How to write better from a logical and philosophical perspective? (
What exactly caused people to think Beanie Babies would eventually be worth a fortune? (
What is something you wish you could treat yourself to more often? (
I`m a peasant living in the countryside of England in the year 1000 A.D. I just stubbed my toe against the wall. What cuss word do i yell out loud to announce that i`m in pain? (
How did scientists determined that Oumuamua was an interstellar object? (
How in detail do you share your intimate life with your friends? (
What's something everyone said you'd regret, but you definitely don't regret? (
What are your thoughts on cohabitation before marriage? (
Who cleaned up the carnage (removing dead, etc.) after a large bloody Napoleonic-era battle i.e. Waterloo, Leipzig, or Borodino? (
Can someone explain the following passage from Todd Mcgowan's "emancipation after Hegel"? (
PBR supposedly won the award for the best beer at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. What was beer like in 1893? Would a PBR from 2022 be recognizable in the late 1800s? (
Fiction authors on philosophy and fiction/creative writing? (
When epidurals and other methods of reducing pain in childbirth started to become common in the Christian world, were there any religious objections to their use based on the passage in Genesis where God punishes women by making childbirth painful? (
What are some sexist comments that people have normalised using in day to day life? (
How did humility become universally celebrated as a virtue; while pride was deemed evil? (
How did Arthur Conan Doyle become a judge at the first Bodybuilding contest in 1891? (
AskScience AMA Series: I'm Here to Talk About Roots and Shoots: How Plants Prosper in the Desert and What it Means for Agriculture and Biodiversity, AMA! (
Are the neurodegenerative effects of long-term isolation partially offset by online friendships and long-distance relationships? (
In Sci-Fi the concept of eye-transplants is common enough - what would it take to actually be able to do it? (
What did Nietzsche mean when he said that Christianity is platonism for the people? (
Would it be bad to ask my girlfriend why she didn’t want to consent? (Which is fine ofc) (
Why do men go out shopping with their wife or girlfriend just to sit on the benches at the mall? (
Does a planet’s orbital wobble have to align with its orbital period? Could it have a wobble cycle that isn’t? (
What happens if a mother‘a child has a non-compatible blood type? What will happen when she is pregnant? (
How much skin are you comfortable with showing around other women? (
Why do modern day Protestants continue to give value to ancient Phoenician deities? (
Being whatever gender is ok but, don't you have to strongly believe in gender stereotypes to believe in the gender spectrum? (
Women of reddit, what are the signs that there is a hidden comparison and competitiveness coming from your girl friends and how do you deal with it? (
Does Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other "Slavic" nations share an generally overlapping mythology/folklore? (
Why did people twiddle toothpicks / matchsticks around their mouths in older media ? (
Did Homo sapiens have straighter or less crowded teeth in pre agricultural times? (
What situations in life, for you personally, are the closest to perfect stillness and peace? (
Hello! Is it necessary to read and understand Marxist Dialectics/Historical Materialism before reading or going onto Marxist Economics works (Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, Wage, Labour and Profit and Das Kapital)? (
Is there a definitive answer for who the earliest-living person whose exact date of birth (down to the day) we know is, and if not, who are some people that historians have theorized might be the oldest? (
Why is Martin Luther, rather than Jan Hus, considered the father of the Reformation? (
What certificates were given to the soldiers of the Wehrmacht after 1945? (
Why didn't the Muslims conquer Italy, given their close proximity to it? (
I’m a Japanese-American during WWII and I’ve been given notice to go to an internment camp. What happens to me if I don’t willingly go? (
Was it possible that Columbus or Lief Ericson weren't the first of the 'Old World' to reach America? (
What is a Value Judgment? What is the difference between an opinion and a value judgment? (
What was the industry reaction by other game developers when Super Mario 64 came out? Did developers openly express it was setting a new standard in the industry? (
How do you fight off the pressure of marriage? (
Roger Hollis, head of MI5 from 1956 to 1965, was under suspicion by his colleagues in Britain and America of being a Soviet GRU mole. Decades after the 'Spycatcher' affair, have historians managed to definitively settle the question once and for all? (
Bell's Inequality (and related experiments) shows realness and locality can't both be true. Most of the discussions I see prefer to keep locality and forego with realism. Why? Are we just being deferential to Einstein's aversion to spooky action at a distance? (
Anyone else feel cheated by Christmas Eve and Christmas happening on a Saturday and Sunday? (
Is 'The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism' worth buying? Is it a helpful resource for studying philosophy at university? (
Are the issues of Modernity and Tradition relevant? Is it a good base for research? (
Was the Delaware River wider or more rough in 1776 then it is now? It doesn't seem that big of a deal to cross currently. So why were the Hessian's complacent. (
Was Ebenezer Scrooge coded as a puritan (or dissenter/calvinist/non-conformist/etc.)? His dislike of Christmas, odd first-name, and commitment to profit are all stereotypes of English evangelical minorities in this period. (
I recently learned that humans can smell rain / petrichor (ozone and geosmin) better than sharks smell blood, now considering we don't have any extra hyper specific olfactory organs like some other animals do, how do we achieve this level of detection? (
Philosophers have been arguing for/against the existence of God for hundreds of years. Do any go further and argue for the existence of a particular God? (