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HBO节目 "最后的我们 "的开场有一位1968年的科学家谈到了地球可能变暖的问题。那时候,气候变化是否被人所知并被疯狂讨论?科学家和学术界,随后是更多的公众,是什么时候开始注意和谈论气候变化的?

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2023 年 第 3 周归档(01.16 - 01.23)

Is there a name for the fallacy of the type, "you'll never accomplish 100% of your goal, so why bother doing it at all?" (
What pop history book has done the most damage to the study of your particular subfield? (
Women in long-term relationships, what do you miss from the early days with your SO? (
Women who work full time (40+hours/week), how do you use your time effectively on your days off and still find time to relax or have fun? (
How did you deal with emotionally manipulative and toxic parent who was your primary caregiver/provider? (
Is it true that unemployed British men stayed in the finest hotels in Vienna, in the post-ww1 era, as due to hyper-inflation it was cheaper than staying at home? (
Before the role of sperm and eggs were understood, what was the understanding of how conception occurred? (
Why don't women's pants have pockets when so many women seem to want pockets? (
Why did most civilizations shift from barley to wheat as their staple? (
The top-selling single of 1966 did not belong to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, or Simon & Garfunkel, but to Barry Sadler, whose “Ballad of the Green Berets” sold more than 9 million copies. How did that happen?! (
What is the difference between a battery and a capacitor? (
Why weren’t there diseases in the “new world” that would have effected colonisers similarly to how native Americans were wiped out by western diseases? (
What reason does one have to believe their intuitions are more correct than anyone else's? (
Has there ever been an elderly wave before? (
What’s the longest you’ve ever been without washing your hair? (
How do philosophers deal with the concept of 'infinity' when we can only understand things by defining and therefore establishing boundaries or limitations on them (i.e. making them finite)? (
As the number of medieval manuscripts in our possession is pretty much known, do we know how many years it will take for all of them to be digitized? (
What’s one thing you’ve done, but will never end up doing again? (
Why do you think that the lack of drama in a relationship can be interpreted as boredom or sometimes a lack of chemistry ? (
How did you react when you were told you would have a period for the next 40ish years after you had your first? (
What’s the difference between State of Nature and Human Nature? (
What would be the ethical dilemma behind the hypothetical scenario below, according to the moral or ethical philosophy of your choice? (
An oft-repeated factoid about the Yugoslav Wars is that a popular insult at the time was "I hope your home appears on CNN." Is there any truth to whether people in the former Yugoslavia said this? Is it likely someone in the middle of the war would be familiar with foreign media coverage? (
What is the most wholesome moment you've experienced with a SO? Did it surprise you? (
What signs have you ignored while dating, which is a problem after marriage? (
Is there any historical context for secret doors made out of bookshelves opening with a movement of a single book as seen in movies? Was this a thing? Any famous historical examples? (
How to deal with someone that hides behind descriptive claims during a debate? (
Why has so little seem to have been written about the Spanish flu even though it killed 50 million people (or about 200 million today as a percentage of total population)? (
Godwin's Law states that the longer an argument goes on, the more likely one side is to compare the other to Hitler. Was there an equivalent real world figure (or figures) in historical writing or other sources before 1900? (
How does the body know when to purge food through vomiting and/or diarrhea? (
When did pre-marital sex become a taboo in western society? And what have non-western cultures believed on the topic? (
Did Christianity have any actual contenders for the religion which would replace Romano-Hellenic religion? (
Women who had a positive experience losing their virginity, what was it like? (
How would you feel if a random person on the subway or street told you, that you are pretty? (
Can you be depressed, recognise that you are depressed but also not be able to pull yourself out of it? (
Philosophy books for beginners similar to that of Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell? (
What is perspectivism as a philosophical approach, and how far do different schools go with epistemological plurals? Do they deny "objective truth"?What potential points of fallacy exist with a perspectivist approaches to anything? (
Is this a good argument against van Fraassen's Reflection Principle? (
Since Most of the legendary philosophers of our time are getting older or leaving us. What are some of the big names among upcoming potential good philosophers? (
Is there a good source (book, documentary, investigative report, etc) on a behind the scenes look of the US Congress? (
How often do you get complimented for your appearance? (
What are considered the strongest arguments against the existence of God? (
How do you react to people when they tell you that you look tired (regardless of whether or not you’re tired)? (
During the Apollo 15 mission, the crew placed the "Fallen Astronaut" statue and memorial on the Moon. What was the Soviet reaction to the inclusion of cosmonauts' names alongside their American peers? (
In the movie "The Lighthouse" Willam Dafoe's character asks "yer fond of me lobster" to Robert Pattionson's character, after the latter complains about the food and wants a steak. What was food for like for late 19th century lighthouse workers ? Was there access to food like Steak or Lobster ? (
Can I refuse to pay extra fee at restaurants if I am not informed about it beforehand? (
Question about the simulation argument. Often Nick Bostrom or others when talking about the argument refer to ‘civilisations’ when saying something like ‘when civilisations reach technological maturity’. Does this mean an assumption of the argument is that other civilisations exist/have existed? (
What is the difference between the two subreddits of r/history and r/askhistorians? (
In what ways are you at a better place now than you were 1-3 years ago? (
Did the US Military ever give it’s troops what we would consider harmful or strange drugs? (
Ladies who are unable to remove yourself from certain situation, how do you deal with the stress/anxiety that is caused by that situation? (
What’s one grooming issue you can’t seem to solve? (
What is a question you wish men would stop asking you at work? (
How did cities destroyed and depopulated due to wars and sieges in the ancient world and Middle Ages survive? (
As a layperson I get the distinct impression that the historiography of Sparta is riven by controversies and academic factions. What exactly are these and what makes it such a seemingly emotive historical topic? (
What are your thoughts on having children while not financially stable? (
What does the best current evidence say about the efficacy of the bivalent COVID-19 vaccines? (
Is there any evidence of ancient cultures creating horror-type art that is macabre or reminiscent of how we have scary movies today? (
What is something you wish your s/o did without you having to ask them? (
Women who pay for OnlyFans content, why do you subscribe to it? (
I was offered s**ual favors by a girl who was clearly too high to know what she was doing. I refused, my friends are calling me an idiot. Does this mean that they are bad friends? (
Difficulty wrapping my head around the Boolean standpoint on existential fallacy. Your thoughts? (
Why did the Iroquois travel so far to attack tribes in the southeast during the early colonial period? (
Are there any fundamental axioms in philosophy, from which all philosophical work relies on? (
What branch of philosophy would be most akin to Dostoevsky’s writings? (
Is the explanation that the Church of England was formed so that Henry VIII could get divorced oversimplified? (
How much does your job care about tattoos, and what is your job? And how many do you have? (
Are there any purely metaphysical demonstrations against simulation-type arguments? (
Do beavers get splinters in their mouths, and if they do, how do they deal with them? (
What's the deal with eunuchs? In listening to Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman, the mention of eunuchs happens often enough that it makes it seem as if they're a part of daily life for the Persians and Macedonians. How prevalent were they in actuality and to what use did they provide society? (
Is it possible for a planet to have a mountain that pierces its atmosphere? (
Can morality exist outside of religion? And does it exist due to religion? (
How do you respond when someone tells you that you’d look prettier if you smiled? (
If the U.S. were somehow invaded, then, of all the American gun owners, how many of them would actually use their guns to fight the invaders? (
What’s a bad habit you developed as a child that you never outgrew? (
How different is the German Kant wrote in to the German Nietzsche wrote in, and how different are both to today's German? (
Was there a genre of music that was considered rebellious in the 19th century? (
Why did China's recent easing of it's COVID restrictions lead to such a huge explosion in new cases? (
Who were the South Vietnamese during the War? Why did they oppose Ho Chi Minh? (
What is the origin of the "last meal" request before someone is executed under the death penalty? (
If a citizen from the Roman Empire at the time of Augustus travelled forward in time and found himself in the Byzantine Empire, what is the furthest to which he can travel to still recognize the society, traditions, military, culture, daily life, etc. of his time? Would he still consider it Roman? (
Women of Reddit, do you believe there is an afterlife and why/why not? (
How did the English prepositions "on" and "off" come to be used to describe the state of powered devices? (
Is there any difference in efficacy when a vaccine is administered somewhere other than the upper arm (e.g. on the foot)? (
Is the claim "agriculture led to women becoming commodities which led to Abrahamic religion's attitude towards women" true? (
What's the point of discovering an "objective morality" or "universal moral standard" when, even if that exists, what people use as "morality" on a day-to-day basis is clearly subjective and individually-based? (
What is the most interesting and/or terrifying fact you’ve learned about women? (
is there a website similar to, but for the whole of philosophy? (
My American friend's great-grandfather was Finnish and he was documented as 'Asian' in his papers. Was this something that happened commonly with Finnish immigrants in the late 1800's? (
Did the Axis have their own "Kilroy Was Here" meme or doodles during the war, or was it purely an Allies phenomenon? (
If hedonism is true, what reason does one have to not do various drugs frequently for the rest of their life? (
What would you do if your significant other doesn’t drive and is afraid to drive but you’re both adults ? (
Given that reproduction is difficult or impossible when both animals have different numbers of chromosomes, how did so many species evolve to have so many different numbers of them? (
What do philosophers think about Max Tegmark's claims that the universe is literally a mathematical structure? (
Who was the first to develop the idea that Kants categories (specifically how they structure the world/reality) might be culturally relative? (
What's the history of the entertainment industry's infatuation with Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey"/monomyth? When did it become *a thing* for film & TV screenwriters to read it (... or the Wikipedia page on it at least)? (
Women who don’t like sex, how do you maintain a healthy relationship? (
Is Plato's theory of forms taken seriously by professional philosophers? (
How do you respond when someone tells you, "You're just a pretty face, that's why your work is being recognized?” (
[META] Academic history is in trouble but the public demand for history content is enormous. What’s going on? (
Women who have been pregnant, what smell could you absolutely not stand to be around while pregnant? (
In his memoirs, Ulysses S. Grant mentions "insulated [telegraph] that they would transmit messages in a storm, on the ground or under water" in use during the The Battle of the Wilderness in 1864. Plastic was invented in 1907. How could this have been done? (
does flu medicine ease symptoms and help you get through the virus quicker, or does it ease symptoms without shortening the duration? (
Women of Reddit, how old are you and how do you feel about your mother right now? (
Ask Anything Wednesday - Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Medicine, Psychology (
To what extent did the Ottomans target white/lighter skinned women for slavery? (
Women with high standards, what are the qualities you look for in a partner that make it hard for you to be with anyone? (
If someone told you that you should listen to Joe Rogan and that they listen to him all the time would that be a red flag for you? (
In 1945 German scientist Gernot Zippe was captured by the Soviet Union where he led the development of centrifuge-based uranium enrichment. In 1956 he was allowed to leave and later recreated the superior Soviet enrichment technology for the US. Why did the Soviet Union permit Zippe to leave? (
I am Peter Samsonov, author of IS-2: Development, Design, and Production of Stalin's Warhammer. AMA about Soviet heavy tanks! (
Why, and how, does a combination of isopropyl alcohol and salt, plus a lot of shaking, remove the resin tar from the inside of a water pipe? (
How surprised was the rest of the world when the Soviet Union split? (
Is there a polite way to say "I can tell by the way you're speaking to me that you think I'm a young teenager, but I promise you I am actually 30"? (
Certain colours are associated with certain emotions, but have they always been? What did "emotional colours"" look like in ancient Greece or medieval China? (
Biologically speaking, what makes men typically stronger than women? (
What do you wish someone would've told you about being a woman when you were a kid? (
Is modern AI a technological manifestation of the Jungian Collective Consciousness? (
Those who are in relationship, just like the golden retriever vibe, what dog breed vibe does your s.o give off? (
Is there actually important science done on the ISS/in LEO that cannot be done on Earth or in simulation? (
Let’s say it’s a cold night you, your SO, and your close friend are all out. Your friend has a long jacket on that they seem to be struggling to zip it up. Your SO sees this and helps them. How would you feel in this situation? (
Top Ramen you add any extra ingredients to make it taste even better? (
Why does the existence of magnetic monopoles imply quantized electric charges? (
If you burn yourself with a chemical that reacts in an undesired manner to water, how is the wound irrigated to remove the chemical? (
Women of reddit, what trait does your SO have, genetic or otherwise, that you know they absolutely got from their parent? (
Some Buddhist philosophy I've been reading seems like one could apply criticisms from Phil. of Language to similar to how Wittgenstein and others criticised western metaphysics. Are there books/papers applying western Phil. of Lang to Buddhism? (
Does Wittgenstein advocate a negation of everything that exists since anything can be logically inconsistent? (
Women of Reddit: when you met the love of your life, how did it happen? (
During the Medieval period suits of armor were very valuable, often costing a small fortune to make. Given this information what were the customs for salvaging pieces of armor from dead knights after a battle was finished? How likely was it that a commoner could claim some pieces for themselves? (
A game like Crusader Kings allows for the adoption of a distinct 'Outremer' culture in the Crusader States. Were there "settled" Crusaders that were appreciably different in their culture and practices to their European origins? (
Why did Russia get the USSR's security council spot when there were 14 other republics who became independent? Was there a negotiation? If so, how did it go? (
Is this a valid objection to the ontological argument? (
Why did the Manhattan project releases two vastly different bomb designs at the exact same time? (
American Gods (TV Show) contains a scene depicting two Nordic men conducting a human sacrifice in Wisconsin in 1690. How likely is this event, or any other version, to have taken place in North America? (
What are some things about sex that I should know about but isn't taught in sex-ed (
are there any good free online lectures or any resources on anti oedipus by deleuze and guattari to help me understand the text better? (
Megasthenes writes that Indians prepare rice, boiled as one would boil barley, was he surprised by the preparation method? Or was rice uncommon in Greece and he felt like pointing out that rice is boiled. (
If nuclear fission in U-235 causes the atom to be split into 2 smaller atoms (such as Kr-92 and Ba-141) then how is it that U-236 is produced as waste since the U-235 was just split into smaller peices? (
There's a legend that Condorcet was found by the French Revolutionary authorities after ordering a 12 egg omelette like an aristocrat. What is the origin of this story and how big would a 12 egg omelette really be in 1794 France? (
Is/Ought problem, is there any work on the fallacy of people wrongly assuming that someone claims that it "ought" to be that way while he's only describing what "is" ? (
A child starts crying in public after you see an incident where tears seem justified. The adult with them offers no comfort and yells at them instead. What do you do? (
What do people say about you behind your back? And if you don't know, what do you think they might be? (
What does Zizek mean when he says christianity is more atheist than atheism? (
The opening scene of the HBO show "The Last of Us" has a scientist in 1968 talk about the possible warming of Earth. Was climate change known and wildly discussed back then? When did scientists and academics, followed by the wider public, start to notice and talk about climate change? (
How do you stop fearing going to the gym because you’ll be judged? Women of Reddit who have been going to the gym often for a long time, are there any situations where you do judge others or is it an irrational fear? (
Is it true that President Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith was the unofficial “acting president” after Woodrow suffered a stroke in 1919? If so, how did she manage to do this without public outcry? If not, who was in power while Woodrow was incapacitated? (
There’s lots of articles lately on how wealth is continuing to accumulate and concentrate away from middle and lower classes. (“the 1%” owning more and more of new wealth etc). Are we at a point where wealth is more concentrated than during the times of kings and nobles versus peasants in Europe? (
How did you feel and how do you feel now if you had to attend a “Purity Ball” when you were younger? (
Not very long ago, wars of conquest were just an accepted fact of life and seemingly the right of any nation that could make a go at it. Now, any nation doing so is decried by even average citizens of almost every state. What caused this profound change? (
Women of Reddit, what’s your “and it got worse” story? (
How should we analyze statements like 'It is what it is' or 'If I die, I die' which seem like tautologies but are meaningful? (
What was the ancient Roman's (~200 BC - 100 AD) attitude towards feces? How was the communal tersorium ("sponge on a stick") regarded? (
During the 69AD Roman Civil War, four Roman Legions fought against each other in the Battle of Bedriacum. 9 months later the legions were fighting side by side against the Batavians. How did Rome reconcile these groups? (
is getting MA in philosophy of culture and aesthetics worth it? (
Women who have been called “standoffish” or “cold” when first meeting new people, how does that make you feel? How do you deal with those types of comments? (
What was (if any) the opinion of Muslim scholars on the Roman Empire of Antiquity? Did they make a distinction between the old Roman Empire and its continuation in the Byzantines as Hieronymus Wolf did in 1557 to separate the two entities? (
How do we know that we are in a certain place inside our galaxy? and how do we know how big it is just by looking at the cross section we are in? (
What was the reaction of non European powers to the discovery of the Americas? E.g: Where the Ottomans interested in colonizing them? (
as an ex stoner trying to slow down, what the fuck do sober people do in the evenings? (
Disney's Pinocchio was released in February 1940. At this point, Italy had been under Fascist rule for decades, was closely allied with Nazi Germany, and would soon join WWII as one of the Axis Powers. Did the political environment impact the film's development and reception at all? (
Since almost all European vineyards graft on to American rootstock which is resistant to phylloxera, if one didn't do this, would there still by phylloxera around to constitute a threat anymore? (
How stupid does an attempt to kill somebody have to be before it stops being a crime? (
Dated a woman 3 times, her birthday is in 10 days, is it too early or not to give her a birthday gift? (