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How put off would you be if your gf didn’t like physical touch (
What do men get nervous about during a first date? (
How did dating become a rocket science? (
What Dad red flags from your Dads do you have that you won't be passing down to your children? (
Men of Reddit, What is the difference between love Signs and lust Signs that you feel for a woman. (
[30F] I usually swipe left on guys who post shirtless pics on dating apps. Is there any eqivalent dealbreakers that you guys have when looking at women's dating profiles? (
What was your “I need new friends,” moment? (
Are y’all open to women shooting their shot ? Any tips on how to approach a guy first? (
What is the proper paying etiquette when your girlfriends parents take you to dinner (
How do you stop yourself from cringing hard at the idiot you were in your early twenties/ late teens? (
What do men do that people don’t realise takes a lot of courage. (
How do I deal with losing my best friend to his girlfriend? (
Children of divorce, how did it affect you? (
Men with Asperger's Syndrome in successful relationships - What do you do in order to make these relationships successful? What does your partner do to make your relationship successful? (
Men of Reddit: What was the worst thing that happened when you approached a girl? How did it affect you? (
How do you handle flakes and make it clear you wont tolerate their behavior without making yourself seem like an asshole? (
How the hell do you pronounce your ‘R’s over the phone when spelling something out? (
What is a thing women do that they think is amazing but it’s actually not? (
I had to put down my cat yesterday, and I am absolutely devastated. How do I cope from here? (
What do you expect a girl to have done to get ready before you come over? (
Which 'drunk text' are you most ashamed/embarrassed of? (
How can I stop viewing men as father figures and try and make friends with them instead? (
What the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you? (
Men who were raised by abusive FATHERS: how has it affected your relationships with women? (
Has a compliment from a woman ever made you change the way you see yourselves? If so how? (
I feel myself getting dumber each day in quarantine. What are some things you’re doing to stay sharp? (
Men of Reddit, what's the first thing you think if a girl compliments you? (
My buddy is freaking out because we had a drunken night, and shared a bed in our undies. Nothing happened. How do I calm him down? (Serious) (
Men who own a house, what are the pros and cons of buying a house after living in an apartment? (
How common is skipping cringeworthy scenes or moments when you're watching films/TV? (
Men who were raised by abusive has it affected your relationships with women? (
How do you keep yourself from turning into a bitter, grumpy old man? (
Dear Men of Reddit, how would you react if a long term SO told you they fell out of love? / sick of the relationship? (
What is an area where you easily outperform 99% of other males? (
What are some ways you like to uplift yourself when you are slipping into a depressive episode? (from r/askwoman but maybe we deal we this different and I wanna know) (
A manager told me he’d hire me full time after my internship if I got all A’s. I got all A’s. How do I remind him of his offer without being an asshole? (
How do you talk to someone past casual politeness? (
Just found out I am going to be an uncle, what are some annoying toys I can get the kid? (
Anyone get into better shape in their 30's rather than their 20's? What did it take? (
What are those jobs people talk about where they BS 90% of the time and then can just go home? (
Men who have loud vehicles and tend to rev them up when going down residential roads, why? (
When did you realize you've grown apart from very old friends, and how did you cope with the loss? Someone posted this on Askwomen, but since I'm a man and going through this I thought I ask my fellow men. (
Men of Reddit - What traits make a woman someone you’d sleep with (“booty call” material), but never date? (
What's the best diet for producing the largest single log of shit possible? (
When did you realize following pretty people on Instagram is I huge waste of time? (
If you have a picture of yourself holding a fish on your dating profile...why? (
What are some real life terrible advice you have received? (
Can someone give me a step-by-step guide of what to do after sex? How do you clean up? (
Hi AskMen, what do you wish your sister(s) did differently? (
How did it feel to make someone cum for the first time? (
Gentlemen, How important is it for you that your spouse has direction, ambition, non-complacency, etc. (
How to handle the thoughts that you might live the rest of your life alone? (
Men, did you ever reach a point where you realized women don't actually make you happy? (
Men who HAD low self esteem and low self worth, what did you do to change that? (
What’s the hardest truth you’ve ever learned? (
What's an example of time when your instincts were bang on? (
How would you react if a girl you slept with (let’s say 10yrs ago) reaches out to you today & confessed to getting pregnant back then, & you are the father of her now 10 year old child. (
I want to spend more time with my younger brother. What are some unusual, yet cool activities to do together? (
Well, I’m officially divorcing. It feels like a life redo button, now what? (
I have never lived alone. How to manage expenses on food, rent, bills, etc and save money? (
I've come to realize that what may really be missing from my life is a nemesis. Who would be willing to take up that role, and what are your qualifications? (
What do you think about the saying that most men don’t ever fully move on from their first love? (
How do you walk behind a woman when its just the 2 of you and dark outside? (
(NSFW) What was your “please don’t make that sound” in bed story? (
How would you feel to find out a woman masturbated to your photos? (
Would You date a girl who has no social media (instagram and FaceBook) and why? (
My wife is 8.5 months pregnant with our first child. Fathers of reddit, what's it like to become a father, and what can I do to best support my wife during these next few months? (
How do I stop looking at every girl like a potential partner ? (
How can I begin to live a more exciting life? (
How do you get over all the cringy and embarassing stuff you did in the past? (
How to deal with friends “dick measuring” (
Gentlemen, what’s your 2 cents on an interviewer coming in late for your interview? (
How do you respond/react to "I love you" when the feeling is not mutual? (
When it comes to relationships with a girl, what do men daydream or fantasise about in particular? (
Men of Reddit, what are your creepy experiences with a girl? (
How did most of you go on about adjusting to the work life (9-5) (
What does a guy do with the photos he screenshots from your private messages? (
Gentlemen of 30+ age, what is that one thing you wish you knew when you were in your twenties? (
Men of Reddit, what are subtle ways to show you're interested in a woman vs just wanting to be friends? (
What Is A Book That You Think Every Man Should Read? (
How early in the relationship can I bust out the Lord of the Rings extended edition? (
When did you realize you dated someone people disliked? (
How do you deal with the prospect of a potential life lived alone? (
What other sites do you spends your time on when you're online? (
How do you respond to girls that wouldn’t date you because you don’t offer “financial security” ? (
What's something that your S/O did that made you realize you could fall for them? (
Fellow short dudes, when did you learn being short wasn’t such a bad thing? (
At what point did you realize that you weren't conventionally attractive? (
What do you find attractive in women that 95% of others don't? (
How do you react when a girl remembers a small thing about you? (
If you were worth $50million and had kids, what would you do to try and prevent them from becoming spoiled, entitled, rich snobs? (
Men, how do you clean your penis after having a wee? (
What a "lie" you were told as a kid about masculinity that isn't true? (