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How did you overcome the loss of someone who was an important part of your life? (
What is the greatest struggle you’ve had to overcome? (
What is the most beautiful thing in nature you’ve ever seen or witnessed? (
when did you realize that your life is "real life" with real consequences? (
how do you deal with no one ever really showing romantic interest/having a crush on you? (
How would you react if you walked in on your SO pleasuring themselves to photos of you? (
What is your hands down favorite piece of clothes you own? (
What is one company you go out of your own way to make sure to NOT give your business to? (
What's something you wish someone told you when you turned 18? (
How do you deal with anxiety when you don't know why your anxious? (
What movie can't you watch because it hits too close to home? (
Women who’s SO went “Redpill” or joined the redpill movement, how did their words, behavior, abs attitude toward you change? (
What is one makeup technique that you will never stop doing even if it goes “out of style”? (
Which celebrity do you think truly regrets being famous or being in the spotlight? (
Right now Im learning that love isn’t always enough, when did YOU realize that love isn’t enough and how did you deal with it? (
Women of Reddit, how do you prepare yourself for the possible loss of a parent? And how do you support your family through it all? (
Those of you who have left an abusive relationship; what did you need to hear or accept? (
How would you feel if your partner bought you something you really wanted but also got it for their sibling? (
If it’s not a ‘fuck yes’ it’s a ‘no’. How much do you agree with that statement? (
What do you remember from your last day of high school? (
How would you feel if your spouse asks you for a threesome? (
What's something that's getting hard to enjoy/put up with as you get older? (
When has friendships left you feeling "heartbroken"? (
What are some good things to say to a young girl so she can grow up being able to have strong boundaries? (
Those who were someone's first, how is/was the relationship? (
How do you feel about colloquial/hyperbolic use of “rape”? (
What do you think is a lie about motherhood you want to warn future mothers about? (
Women who enjoy cooking and/or eat at home at least most of the time, what do you eat? (
What is the longest amount of time you have been single for? (
What would your reaction be if your partner told you “I’ll marry you if you lose weight”? (
What seemingly harmless personality traits ended up turning out to be a dealbreaker in your relationships? (
Who are some of the most funniest well written female characters you've seen in television, cartoons or movies? (
What’s something you see a lot of moms doing to/for their sons that you hate? (
How often do people assume you to be way younger than your actual age? (
What movie, tv or media content do you think absolutely aced the concept of the female gaze? (
If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend? (
How do you respond if your current S/O asks about your sexual acts with prior partners? (
What is the dumbest thing you have done as a people pleaser? (
Do you think it's possible to date without any expectations of sex nowadays ? And why so ? (
Older women of reddit, what’s something you notice younger girls do, that makes you happy? (
How do you feel when another woman says, "You're so pretty!" Is it weird, nice, or something else? (
What are some habits that a woman aiming to be overall more graceful/gracious should adopt? (
What are/were some personal issues of yours that made you stop dating someone? (
How often do you find yourself overthinking situations and it leads you to be paranoid then you realize it wasn’t true but just all in your head? (
What is your go to for comforting 'trash television' ? (
How did you know you had married the wrong person? What did you do when you realized it? (
When you went to a social event and saw someone wearing the exact same outfit, what happened? (
What's the difference between someone you see as a friend & someone you see as a potential partner? (
What part of your body needs an apology because it's being overused? (
Was the prettiest girl in your highschool a kind person or a bully? What's she up to today? (
Women who have survived their spouses midlife crisis. How did it go? (
What would you do if your boss accidentally paid you 300 times you salary due to a system error (yes, this has actually happened)? (
What's something about women from another culture you admire? (
which type of things that other people do bothers you when it comes to texting? (
You are tasked with setting up a dating profile for your pet, what would it say in the bio? (
What are some things about yourself others assume you're insecure about but it is actually the opposite? (
What is something that men are praised for doing but it's actually the bare minimum? (
What is the "must-have" thing you should bring at work or in the office? (
What do you do to deescalate catastrophizing thoughts and emotions when you need to push through work or school deadlines? (
When you were a teen, what sort of stuff did you have on your walls? (
What are you looking forward to the most in 2023? (
What nicknames do you have for your neighbours? (
What are some of the most infuriating female stereotypes you’re sick of seeing in TV shows, books, or movies? (
What is the best response when someone says 'you got small boobies'? (
What are things you’d do as a girlfriend that you wouldn’t do if you’re just dating or before defining the relationship? (
What was the thing that made you realize you were not dating the person you thought you were? (
if you had bought Twitter instead of elon musk what changes would you have made? (
How do you respond to people who tell you how you've gained weight when you are simply minding your business? How do you give it right to them without showing that you're angry? (
What is your favorite vegetable and how do you like it prepared? (
Why is natural hair considered “unprofessional” in the workplace? (
Women of Reddit, What do you think about International Men's Day? (
Women of Reddit, how would you react if your best friend suddenly told you "I don't want to be friends anymore"? (
Those who invested more into a relationship emotionally and financially, how do you feel about it? (
How do you make getting up in the morning easier for yourself? (
What, in your opinion, is a scam that too many of us otherwise smart, awesome ladies fall for? (
What’s something that you’ve been insecure about that reddit has taught you is actually completely normal? (
What was your experience with abortion like? Did you experience conflicting emotions afterwards, or even a sense of grief? How did you cope? (
How do you feel about when a man puts his hand on the small of your back? (
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? (
what is something you realized you actually liked/enjoyed after getting out of an abusive relationship? (
If animals could talk which one would you like to have a conversation with? (
What are the big signs that a man is dangerous to be around with in your opinion? (
What's some workplace etiquette that people need to keep/start doing? (
How much does it matter to you if a cute/potential date have close to 0 social media presence such a as a very low insta followers count? (
what did you recently buy and then you realized how did you ever live without it? (
What hard liquor do you enjoy taking straight shots of? (
What was your last online purchase and why did u buy it? (
When was the last time you did something that made you happy? What did you do? (
What is something you would only ever buy in person and never online? (
What kind of clothing do you like to see on other women? (
What do you do/how do you feel when your partner gets mad when you’re not in the mood to do any sexual activity? (
What worries you when you think about the next 10 years? 20 years? (
What’s some SPICY Gossip you heard in your daily life this week? (
One day suddenly time stopped and everything is frozen except you, Now you can do anything...What will you do? (
What are your thoughts on jobs with make-up requirements? (
What is something your therapist said that sticks with you to this day? (
What can turn a breakfast into a wonderful breakfast experience? (
Women who WFH, how do you handle sitting/being at home all day and getting exercise when you’re mentally tired afterwards? (
What is your subtle middle finger to the patriarchy? (
What traits do you consider positive when it comes to masculinity? (
What’s a question your SO has asked you that totally caught you off guard? (
Single women who live alone: what do you do after a conflict with someone? Is there someone you talk to or do you carry on by yourself? (
what is the most ridiculous thing you have ever had to explain to someone? (
how would you still have fun going out without consuming any alcohol? (
What's the biggest misconception about relationships you had when you were growing up that you learned weren't realistic as an adult? (
What rookie mistakes did you commit when you first started online dating? (
What 10 house rules do you have in place for your home? (
Women who were raised to behave like "ladies" : Not speaking your minds, not taking risks, not being confrontational, staying in the comfort zone, etc. How did you break that behavior? or What actions or information made you be able to stop that behavior? (
When dating someone new how can one avoid making the date feel like a platonic friend hangout? (
lefties of Reddit. What are some normal day-to-day things that are irritating or difficult for you? (
Hey ladies! How often should you wash your makeup brushes and sponges? And what do you wash it with? (
What’s something you love now ,that you never could have imagined you would like in the past ? (
Women. If you've been living with your partner for a few years and they decided to move out and live on their own. How would honestly view that? (
How do you feel when a male says "feel free to say no" before asking you a question? (
When was a time you should’ve listened to yourself but rejected it? (
What do you do in times of intense academic stress, when you have too much to do but not enough time? (
what's going on in your mind when you're working out? (
What do you do when it’s 1am, you can’t sleep, and you have to get up early for work/life? (
What is the maximal number of times you returned to the same ex? Why? (
Why is there not a single women president in US history ever? (
what’s something that someone has told you that you will never forget? (
What pivotal decision or change in your life made you the happiest you’ve ever been? (
How important is it to you that your significant other votes in elections? (
Women of reddit, what's your opinion on the recent stay-at-home girlfriend trend? (
What’s a good retort when a guy says the “lock and key” analogy to you? (
What do you wear on a regular basis in your house when strangers aren’t around? (
What’s something you are shamelessly selfish about? No shame or guilt about it whatsoever. (
What was the reason that got you into weight lifting and fitness besides from wanting to be healthier? (
When was the moment you realized you were the problem in a relationship? (
What’s something that happened to you when you were younger that you thought was ok at the time but now realize it isn’t? (
What’s your opinion on solo trip while in a relationship? (
Women of Reddit. What question do you never want to hear from your partner? (
What’s the strangest thing a person did after you rejected their advances? (
What fast food restaurant has the best French fries? (
What’s on your mind right this very minute? (
What makes you feel better when you have no one to talk to about your issues? (
Women who have not yet married but might want to in the future, what would it take for you to want to marry someone? (
women who said “i love you” first in relationships, how did things work out? (
What was a toxic/negative trait that you realized you possessed and how did you address it? (
Women of Reddit who played with dolls growing up...what are some of the terrible things you did with them or to them? I'm talking plots, characters, the social order, life and death, the doll you hated and the doll you mercilessly favoured above the rest... (
Those who no longer speak with their mother by choice, what was the final straw? (
Older women of reddit, what’s something you notice younger girls do that worries you? (
Divorcées - What did you do with your engagement ring and wedding band? (
What’s a subtle/small act of intimacy that warms your heart? From anyone in your life. (
Married women: what’s when thing you wish you could tell your partner if you weren’t afraid it’d start a fight? (
What is something you really wish for someone you love? (
What is one weird habit you have that you can't explain? (
What’s your most uncomfortable experience with someone who “can’t take a hint?” (
what's one thing you've done that definitely changed your life for the better? (
How did you get past depression? If you went to therapy, what tips did you get from it that helped? (
what's the first thing you think about when you hear "video games"? (
If you could ask for anything in the world, besides money, what would it be? (
How old were you when you first “worried” about your weight/appearance? (
When did you start feeling more secure in your body and what helped you feel that way? (
Women with a people-pleaser personality, what helped you realize that you really truly don't need people's approval, and that it's okay to show the real you instead of a mirror of the person you're talking to? (
Women who chose to have a child-free life, how is everyday life for you? (
on average how much do you spend when you get your hair done? (
what "female duties" have you been asked in the workplace even through it wasn't your job? (
Women, when you've had a bad day, are feeling down and just shutting everyone out, what's would you really like to hear from your SO? (
How would you react to seeing someone years after they ruined your life? (
Women of askwomen who are in happy relationships, in what ways has your life improved by being in the relationship? (
Women who’ve struggled with depression, how did you regain an interest in the world and your life? (