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Is it childish that I as an adult(24~25m) enjoy playing kid's games and buying legos because I didn't have any happy moments in my childhood? (
Why does school start early when it's proven that it's bad for children? (
Is the Russian invasion actually going as badly as the western media portrays it to be? (
Has there ever been a politician who was just a genuinely good, honest person? (
Is there a single natural food source that if you only ate said food source, you wouldn’t get sick or die early because it’s lacking an important nutrient? (
How is Taco Bell able to give out 5000 sauce packets to each customer yet McDonald’s acts like you’ll bankrupt them if you ask for one sauce? (
Why do drug advertisements exist? Shouldn’t doctors be deciding what gets prescribed to their patients, not the other way around? (
What was normal back in the day that you couldnt get away with now ? (
Are there really bars in America that everyone will stare at you for ages when you walk in if you've not been before just like in the movies? (
What's stopping any cashier or drive-thru worker from just recording your credit card details and using it online? (
What’s actually the cause of the labor shortages? How do I respond to the very annoying and trite answer my FIL gives that: “Nobody wants to work anymore!!! This generation is lazy and getting handed money by the government!!” (
I'm terminal. Orphan, no family worth considering. Want to leave my home to a friend. Can I add my friend to the title now so there's no probate bullshit ? Do they have to know/be involved ahead of time? I want it to be a surprise. [Colorado, USA] (
When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught? (
How do canaries know to sing when trouble is brewing? Are they trained to do this or born that way to alert other canaries to danger? (
What's the challenge of climbing Mount Everest if these people pay sherpas to carry their weight and climb in designated lines? (
Why are cops allowed to lie about smelling weed, and then use that as a probable cause to search your property? (
Why are women stereotypically considered worse drivers when the statistics say that men have more crashes? (
I (M23) found a box of condoms that don’t belong to me underneath my girlfriend’s (F24) bed… Worth inquiring about? (
My boyfriend is angry at me because I said I was in support of a cure for autism and now I feel terrible. I just don't understand why giving people the option to be cured is so bad? (
If I'm buying a house, should I ask the owner about how much mortgage is still left on the property or is that largely irrelevant? A friend of mine told me I should know this piece of info but I never got why. (
Don't put metal in a microwave. Don't mix bleach and ammonia. What are some other examples of life-saving tips that a potentially uninformed person wouldn't be aware of? (
Before GPS was invented, how did people know the exact place of an address? (
Why are people saying student loan forgiveness is “unconstitutional”? (
Why is the South(U.S.) always stereotyped as being rampant with incest ? (
Do Americans really have such a casual attitude towards drink driving? (
What’s something that only exist because of dumb people ? (
Have there been any countries in history where immigration (not including invading armies) had a negative impact on the country? (
Seriously, how the hell do fruit flies just magically appear if you leave food out? (
My dad is 53 and practices basketball dribbling compulsively 4 hours per night in our basement and he doesn’t say why. Why do you think he does this? (
I haven't smoked for 14 days. I stopped cold turkey. I really want a cigarette, like REALLY want 1. It's been very difficult today, the craving hasn't let me concentrate on my work for over 2 hours. I'm tempted to go buy a packet and take 1 cig and give the rest to a homeless. Why shouldn't I do it? (
Why do companies pay for 30 second ads on YouTube if everyone will skip them after 5 seconds? (
How do dogs owners get over the fact that dogs poo, don't wipe their ass and then sit on your lap, your sofa or your bed? (
I am watching my brother's Mastiff, and I gave him some of my pizza, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Ham, and Onions. Then I realized I don't know if that would hurt the dog. He is just sitting there slobbering, would any of those things hurt the dog? (
Why is making fun of men's loss of hair okay or acceptable compared to other form of body shaming? (
Why does stealing $100 put you in jail immediatley, but folks who steal billions are not arrested and jailed? (
Why do police cars in America usually have a plain paint job compared to Europe where they are covered in Hi-Viz stickers? (
For people who don’t own guns, what’s your protocol if an armed intruder breaks into your home? (
Anyone find themselves become more racist after having increasing contact and experience with other cultures? (
Why don't we make Politicians take tests like lawyers, doctors, and a majority of other careers? (
If you are white and residing in the US, how often do you hear other white people use the N epithet in private company? (
I’m not religious. I was invited to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving (Canada). When asked if I wanted to say grace at dinner I politely declined. Awkward evening ensued. Since then I’ve been ghosted by my friend and his family completely, except for a text informing me I’m ignorant and ungrateful. (
Is it true that working U.S citizens have barely any vacation compared to European citizens ? (
Why is friendzoned such a terrible thing for guys? It means that she still sees you as part of her life, as she is down to spend time and talk to you (
Why is it so hard for native English speakers to differentiate between "then" and "than" when it is their own language? (
Does anyone else talk to their pets when they're alone? What are you and your pet's frequently discussed topics? (
Why didn’t Twitter just keep the same verification rules but charge $8 for verification as a service, instead of allowing anyone just to buy verification for $8? (
Why do some doctors refuse to perform reproductive sterilization surgeries if they deem you “too young”? (
My mom caught me mastrubating how can I overcome the embarrassment? (
What mythological creature do you think has a highest chance and probability of existing ? (
Am I weird for having sex with a woman in a studio apartment while her kids sleep? I told her what are you doing she said they are heavy sleepers and there are no rooms lol. (
How can everyone have "past lives" if the number of humans has grown exponentially every few thousand years? (
Why are people who take Russia's side of the conflict almost obsessed with the fact that Zelenskyj is jewish and a comedian/dancer in the past? (
Is there a good middle ground between a plastic straw that takes 20 decades to break down, and a paper straw that becomes a wet noodle within 20 minutes? (
Why are teens paychecks from work taxed before they turn 18 but they’re still not able to vote? (
How is nuclear energy considered environmentally friendly when it's waste has to be stored away for 100 000 years? (
My friend believes that Satan is actually good and mischaracterized and god is the evil there a name for this kind of belief? (
Isn’t publicly announcing the name of a lottery winner essentially…crime fuel? There’s plenty of people in society who have/can attain the resources to locate that lottery winner’s exact home/address/whereabouts and potentially take advantage of them criminally for the money they won (
[NSFW] If testicles can be transplanted, which sperm would it produce, the original owner's or the recipient's? (
Why are aliens always perceived as more advanced than humans ?, what’s stopping us from being the superior civilization ? (
In Vietnam war movies why do the American soldiers refer to the enemy as “Charlie”? How did that nickname get created? (
Why the hell is it 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) in the beginning of November? (
What is the point of a minimum wage if it is impossible to live on minimum wage? (
Why does the term "African-American" exist when others get stuff like "Irish-American" or "Chinese-American"? Why isn't there "Ugandan-American"? (
I so often see that in USA people are using big containers of milk. What do you do with so much of milk? Just streight up drink it every day? Iam personally scared to just open one liter box of milk that i wont be able to use it up before it expires. (
Why do adults just give up on childish things? I see so many adults just absolutely despise things that they used to absolutely love. Do we all have to learn to hate fun? (
Am I allowed to cut the chip off of my credit card and attach it inside of a magicians wand so I can tap it to magically complete purchases? (
Why does it seem like nowadays every young person has some sort of mental illness and everyone seems to be taking pills for something. (
Elon Musk tweeted “Being attacked by both left & right simultaneously is a good sign”Can someone explain? (
How do so many teenagers (16-18) have cars? How could you possibly afford that at such a young age? (
My parents believe all guys just want sex from me and how a female and a male friendship is uncommon without feelings down the road, do you believe this is also a false statement? (
Elon Musk says that with the new blue check mark subscription on Twitter you will be able to separate yourself from copycats that pretend to be you. But what is stopping from a copycat from paying $8/month to look legit? (
My buddies want me to rap "n words in Paris" for our talent show, but I'm an Arab and I'm totally not comfortable saying that word. My buddies are black and they said I'm being a pussy. What should I do? (
When I hear a lot of women complain about having to pay for tampons, pads etc. is the goal to make them cheaper or just free? (
If I eat one kilo of any food and get on the scale immediately after, will I be one kilo heavier? (
In a game like Candy Crush, do people design the levels, or do computers design them? (
Why cant we make electric cars with swappable batteries like how propane tanks are for grills? Just roll up to the "gas" station, swap out and go. (
Do left-handed people often find themselves having to shake hands using their non-dominant hand (right)? If so, is this irritating? (
Does anyone else feel super sad and somber after a tremendously fun event? (
Is there a fake cigarete brand i can buy so i can go on smoke breaks despite the fact i dont smoke? (
Is cancelling a date because they made you uncomfortable valid? (
Why is Eminem considered the first "big" white rapper when The Beastie Boys were all white and were popular back in 1986 (according to a quick google search), years before Em's 1999 success? (
Do erections feel hard all the way through for the owner? (
Could I (an American pregnant woman with no insurance) at my last weeks before the expected delivery, fly to Denmark as a TOURIST, only to give birth to a child there without having to pay the enormous price tags like in the USA? (
There is a snapping turtle in my path. The path is about 20 feet wide but curves around it. Are snapping turtles fast enough to close the distance when I get close to it? (
Can I (a male) wear my briefs to the beach? I have briefs that look exactly like a speedo (minus the logo), and was wandering if I could wear them to the beach? Obviously I won’t go in the water, but like sit on a towel, chair, etc. (
If we can recognize that there are thin people who eat poorly and don't exercise, but don't gain weight, why can't we recognize that there are fat people who eat healthy and exercise, but can't lose weight? (
Are guys really supposed to last for 1 hour of penetration during sex? (
Would a child automatically be a US citizen at conception if the mother got pregnant in Texas, or is there a different ruling against this? (
Does the average man really not get matches on Tinder or are they just being over dramatic? (
why on earth do people jerk off onto clothes instead of tissues? (
Do white people experience racism in a country where they are the minority? (
How many anime waifu stickers would I need to put on my bike for them to be notably effective as a theft deterrent? (
my cat brings me her toy, but when i try to play with her with the toy she just sits there and stares at me (
Is there any media where the humans are the bad guys and the aliens are the good guys? (
How old where you when you realized that most stripper poles spin and not the girl? (
The girl (20F) I have a crush on invited me(27M) on a walk, but she is in a relationship with a very difficult man. Should I go? (
Why do French people complain that foreigners do not speak French with them, but if foreigners do try and are not totally fluent, they switch to English to speak to them? It is an all or nothing attitude. (
Why do swimming trunks have an extremely uncomfortable mesh liner? (
If the earth would have rotated in the other direction, would life have been different somehow for us? (
Do American children really 'swear allegiance' to the American flag? (
Americans, do you think that in certain areas of the country, it’s impossible to eat healthy or stay fit and work out because you are too busy at work? (Not trying to be offensive) (
Why don’t people go for the “balls” more often when fighting? (
If a nuclear explosion went off, would there be a certain distance in the blast radius that would cook frozen supermarket pizzas to perfection for a brief moment? (
I went to the gas station and gave the lady 4$ and told her to put it on the pump. when i got to the pump i realized she had accidentally put 40$ im dead broke so i just pumped it and left. will they take it out of her paycheck? i just realized this as a possibility (
I am autistic and can’t understand one of my évaluation constructive feedback. Do you? (
What do you do with your wet anus after using a bidet? (
What should one be thinking about when trying to fall asleep? (
My entire apartment has just started to smell like gas... like the gas you fill the tank with for your outside grill. Should I be worried? Are there (past exporation date) foods that smell like gas? What should I do? (
Why do people think Germans wouldn’t talk about the time under the Nazis? (
Why are shy people told to become more outgoing but outgoing people are never told to be more shy/shut up? (
Is it okay for a straight man to break up with a woman because she transition to a man mid-relationship? (
I went to the hospital today and the bill is $5300. I live paycheck to paycheck and can't afford this, am I gonna be homeless?? (
Why do a lot of people on Reddit try to push everyone to get therapy for every little thing? (
Why do people assume that if someone flies a US flag that they are republican? (
As an adult, do you still do really childish or silly things and not care? (
Is there a word, in english, that has the letter ‘V’ and is not followed by a vowel? (
Americans and the C word (
Why are all major religions against homosexuality? (
Before Einstein, who did people consider the standard for being a genius? (
Is a $50 dollars pizza considered extremely expensive? (
Why is insulin so expensive when it's so cheap to produce in large quantities? (
I am 63 and I have few more years. List the things I should do before I die? (
How do I get anything and everything Kardashian related to stop showing up on my phone? (
Why are Hollywood villains almost always visibly deformed some way when most real life villains look like average people and are rarely deformed? (
Drinks to order at a bar that don't taste like alcohol, but also don't make me look like a "basic white girl?" (
I just went in for a job interview and got hired on the spot... but I just realized I went to the wrong restaurant. What should I do? (
Why do people say liberal arts degrees are useless when statistics say otherwise? (
My roommate coercing me to smoke weed because my life is too boring. Thoughts? (
Should I consider girls who ask for my zodiac sign a red flag? (
Why do Black people in America have a unique accent when other races don't? (
Is it reasonable for an employer to expect their employees to show up 15-30 minutes early without getting paid? (
Is it not super disrespectful to open Egyptian tombs and sarcophagi? (
70% of women cannot orgasm from PIV sex, even after 13.8 billion years of evolution. Why has evolution allowed this basic design flaw to pass through unchecked? (
Are there jokes in ancient writing that are so old/outdated that we just don't get them? (
How are we supposed to 'shop local' when the local shops don't have the things we need? (
Is it reasonable to ban customers who leave a fake $20 bill bible tract as a tip for restaurant employees? (
Why isn’t it considered discriminatory to pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court? (
If a bunch of dudes were trying to jump you, do you actually think that masturbating furiously out of nowhere would stop them? (
How do I cope with seeing my therapist on nights out and finding out that we have mutual friends? (
How did it become "shame the customer for not tipping well"; not "shame the business for paying low wages?" (
Did people make paper airplanes before there were real airplanes? what did they call them? (
I keep hearing about people in America completely quitting their jobs. How are they surviving after that? (
In American houses, why is the toilet in the same room as the shower? (
Do people actually party and have sex/one night stands at college? (
There is currently a 25 million dollar bounty on al-qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, can you just go out and get him? Or how does that work? How would you even claim the bounty just call a US ambassy or something? (
Does anybody else have the habit of saving reddit posts for later but never actually checks them? (
Does anyone have difficulty relaxing or doing things when you have an upcoming appointment? (
To all currently married, is your spouse the hot and sexy human you always fantasized about while single? (
[NSFW] Back when pictures had to be developed and you took naked pictures of yourself, would the employees have seen them? (
Do people actually talk/listen to music in the Car? (
Can a court appointed lawyer refuse to defend someone if they really can't stomach the crimes they committed? (
Is it wrong to assumed people with dye colorful hairs are LGBTQ+? (
Why does the Reddit app get slower and slower the longer I scroll, until it becomes totally unusable? (
I passed a car with the hazard lights on. It was on the side of the highway and I didn't stop. I did call the Highway Patrol with the cars location. The man on the call asked me if anyone was hurt. To which I replied I didn't know; he said most people would have stopped. So here is my question... (
Why do far right people simultaneously believe that Jews are racially inferior but control all of the world’s government institutions? (
Why are companies trying to push the "return to office" agenda if people have been working from home just fine? (
Why do Americans have storage units? Is this a Western thing? Why not just build a storage place at your house and store your belongings rather than pay a monthly fee on a storage unit? (
Does 'boomer' no longer mean 'someone born in the baby boom of ww2' and simply mean 'anyone over 40' now? (
Does anyone else feel like October this year went by REALLY fast, or is it just me? (
Every time I put in both earbuds and can’t hear other sounds, (my earbuds are noise cancelling) I feel extremely unsafe and vulnerable immediately. Why? (
Offensive question I think: why didn’t Jews just pretend not be Jews during the holocaust? (
Why do we start balding from the top of our heads and not from the sides? (
What can a man do if a girl suddenly changes her mind and wants to keep the baby? (
Could you treat drug addicts addictions by putting them into an induced coma, to see them through their their withdrawal period? (
Why don’t furniture manufacturers and door manufacturers get together and decide a good standard for door/furniture size so I can stop having to fight to try and fit a sofa into my house? (
they say teenage love is dumb, then why am i not over my highschool crush after a whole decade? and why doesn't any girl come close to being as beautiful as she was? (
Why do I overshare so much when talking to people even though I want to be very private with my life? (
Is there any food that majority of population eats that hasn’t been modified or altered? (
I'm a foreigner who has never been to IHOP. How should I order to have the most "authentic" experience? (
Why does the American health care debate fixate so much on how to pay for it instead of why it costs so much? (
I plagiarized someone's art work. My sister really wanted the piece for a birthday present and I offered to purchase it but the artist wouldn't ship it to me. So I recreated and by tracing the graphics and will be giving it to her. Is this ok? (
Can it be possible that the microphone in your phone is listening to you for targeted ads? (
I'm going to ask my 80 year old grandmother to teach me how to knit, I'm a 30 year old man but it looks relaxing af. Is it difficult to learn? (
Is there any way I can hide the “reddit live” thing from my feed? I am so sick and tired of seeing fuckers with their guitars (
Why do people say they "slept like a baby" after a good night's rest when babies are the worst at staying asleep? (
Why are some women so angry about men leaving the toilet seat up? (
How can a single person that lives alone reward themselves without food or masturbation? (
When cats lick to clean their assholes, are they eating their own shit (
Do teachers in the USA really buy school supplies for students? Why? Why don't student buy their own? For how many grades do teachers buy those supplies? (
At 20 years old is it normal to have grown apart from literally all of your old friends and acquaintances from elementary, middle, and high school? (
why do only humans need to brush their teeth? This may sound stupid but don't other animals eat food that has sugars like starch in them? Why don't they get cavities? (
Do you ever repeat a word in your head and it starts to sound funny? It starts to not even sound like a proper word? (
Is it inevitable to lose any joy in life? Does everyone stop enjoying things after turning 20 something years old? (
What happens when a whole generation of people retire with no house to call their own? Do pensioners automatically get government help or will we see a sea of homeless pensioners in the near future? (