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Do you think the gender gap in NSFW industries/content will start to close as we get closer to equal treatment? Why/why not? (www.reddit.com)
Are there any formal studies/authors talking about Sacrificial Womanhood? (www.reddit.com)
Do you guys consider religion to be any more worthy of protection than other ideologies? (www.reddit.com)
If you were to switch America to a matriarchy, what would you change from the current status quo? (www.reddit.com)
Where does this "women only like bad boys" stereotype even come from? Why do so many men believe it? (www.reddit.com)
Do men have a moral obligation to take a wife? (details inside) (www.reddit.com)
Is there any feminist persectives or dialogues on the complimentary nature of sexual orientation (www.reddit.com)
What is the ultimate argument against pro lifers when it comes to abortion? (www.reddit.com)
Do you think the gender disparity between men and women when it comes to muggings/robberies/etc would skew back the other way if women went out at night like men do? (www.reddit.com)
Why is there sentencing disparity in relation to gender? (www.reddit.com)
Why is there no uproar about USWNT getting half the money won by USMNT? (www.reddit.com)
Did you become a feminist because of your personal experiences and naturally become one? Or did you actively seek out feminist literature to learn about it, and became a feminist that way? Or a combination of both? (www.reddit.com)
Whats the name of the YouTuber that looks like Jenny Nicholson (www.reddit.com)
Women care about sexual histories too. Why do feminists only have a problem with men caring about sexual history? (www.reddit.com)
To what extent are there generalised gender differences in brains/psychology? (www.reddit.com)
I’ve read Phyllis Chesler’s book “Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman” Can you recommend other books that discuss the similar issue? (www.reddit.com)
What is the feminist take on the social changes in the Eastern block? (www.reddit.com)
How do you think the western world would have developed if things had been equal from the start instead of patriarchal? (www.reddit.com)
does everything a woman does need to be empowering? (www.reddit.com)
Second wave feminism demanded an end to capitalism if the feminist movement were to succeed, what happened? (www.reddit.com)
How do you convince a man that womens' fear of strange men isn't media-generated, but based on their experiences in their own lives? (www.reddit.com)
Is it ok to agree with equality but not want to be considered a feminist? (www.reddit.com)
Do “the feminist/independent woman leaving my body when men does this” kind of posts bother you? (www.reddit.com)
Would you like to see criminals given more time for crimes such as rape, domestic violence, stalking, etc.? (www.reddit.com)
Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warns about 'epidemic of self-censorship'. What are your thoughts on her argument? (www.reddit.com)
Thoughts on equal rights equal fights? Should a man be able to hit a woman if she hits first? (www.reddit.com)
What is your opinion on babies made without a male sperm and only with a woman's bone marrow? (www.reddit.com)
How do you feel about the self-categorisation as "pro-feminist" when used by men supporting feminism? (www.reddit.com)
What's the difference between benevolent, malevolent and hostile sexism? (www.reddit.com)
Women are attracted to masculine men during their menstrual cycle? (www.reddit.com)
Has anyone read the dialectic of sex by shulamith firestone? I would like to ask something about it (www.reddit.com)
Feminist, in the world where women has the same equal rights and opportunities, what are you trying to get? (www.reddit.com)
Should we socially shame people who are problematic for being in public? Specifically I mean incels and incel-adjacent people. It seems like making/forcing them to stay inside would make women muh safer, no? (www.reddit.com)
Why do you say that men have the audacity? (www.reddit.com)
Do you consider cis men, trans men, straight men, heteroromantic queer men, white men, & AMAB non-binary people to be your enemies? (www.reddit.com)
What books about the male gaze and female objectification should I read as a man trying to work on his subconscious misogynistic and objectifying biases against women? (www.reddit.com)
Physically fighting to defend a woman you’re with (www.reddit.com)
Can someone explain to me why the joke about not finding the clitoris is funny (www.reddit.com)
What exactly is the "help" you say incels should get? What are the goals? How do you see it working? What does it look like? What are the outcomes? How are the incels helped? (www.reddit.com)
Are feminists under the impression that men in general get upset at the thought of a woman choosing to be single for life? (www.reddit.com)
Do you think Feminism has the potential to be or become a disconnected echo chamber? (www.reddit.com)
In what cases can the freedom to choose to withhold information be suppressed? (www.reddit.com)
[Recovered thread] "What’s the difference between sexual discipline and purity culture?" (old.reddit.com)
i don't get the difference between Bikini and Undies. (www.reddit.com)
What are your ideas for increasing women's representation in sports and top level decision-making bodies? (www.reddit.com)
Looking for opinions about my comment on a previous post (www.reddit.com)
If you’re offended by “punching up” humor, should you try to ignore it? (www.reddit.com)
Why does the view that women and girls are mentally inferior still persists today? (www.reddit.com)
What are some ways in which women or marginalised genders can feel safe and able to walk alone at night? (www.reddit.com)
What’s the difference between sexual discipline and purity culture? (www.reddit.com)
With which subtype of feminism do you identify the most with (www.reddit.com)
It's a very widespread belief, often times even affirmed by many teachers themselves, that most teachers discriminate against boys in school. Do you think this really happens, and if so, how do you think this affects potential misogyny for boys' adult life? (www.reddit.com)
I’m a male human and I wonder if women know about men’s issues (www.reddit.com)
Would you accept full abortion rights if the trade-off was: men are relieved of child support if an abortion is denied? (www.reddit.com)
What do feminists think of New Zealand's "Objectionable Material" law? (www.reddit.com)
What are your thoughts on the term 'Danger zone' regarding age? (www.reddit.com)
Do you think it’s possible to consume literature with tropes that are problematic in real life? (www.reddit.com)
Can we prepare an exhaustive list of all the types of oppression being faced by people in the world - why or why not? (www.reddit.com)
What's your view on genders for non-animate/ non-living things in languages such as English like river (female) and sun (male)? (www.reddit.com)
What can be an alternative to death penalty, which isn't too dictatorial nor is it too lenient to allow repeated crimes? (www.reddit.com)
How do you manage the interests of your nice but backwards in-laws? (www.reddit.com)
Am I the only one who thinks that both the men's right and the feminism subreddit tend to be very hateful and sexist? (www.reddit.com)
'Do women have sexual orientations' and female vs male sexual fluidity. Thoughts? (www.reddit.com)
Does withholding sex from men give women more power than "putting out"? (www.reddit.com)
What do you think about pseudoscience permeating feminist circles? (www.reddit.com)
What type of self-defence should one learn as a female, to be able to ward off any potential attack by male predators? (www.reddit.com)
Do you really think men and women and equal? Not equal in terms of rights but equal mentally and physiologically? (www.reddit.com)
Counter example of preference of sons over daughters in regard to male Male privilege. (www.reddit.com)
Portrayal of women in “She Said” film - the two lead journalists plus their mentor stay past midnight to work on the article. Yet the male characters seem to come in quickly to resolve any situation they can’t - Dean is positioned as the hero. Anyone else notice this? (www.reddit.com)
Does anyone else feel like men might, for lack of a better word, be lying about what they want out of companionship? Specifically the "Men don't get compliments" thing seems like a screen for the real issue. (www.reddit.com)
Do you support men being able to get a financial abortion? (www.reddit.com)
Is mixing up names a sign of misogyny or just forgetfulness? (www.reddit.com)
Is it cheating if a woman is coerced (with the absence of threats)? Think something closer to quid pro quo but outside of the workplace (in private life). (www.reddit.com)
Male school teachers in the U.K. are apparently at an all time low. Should we care? (www.reddit.com)
From Twitter: Is it misogyny to cook food for your neighbors? (www.reddit.com)
My girlfriend was raped as a minor before meeting me and I was wondering what we could do to ruin the persons life without going through a court battle (www.reddit.com)
Recent books critical of the sexual revolution (www.reddit.com)
Do you feel contemporary feminism is more to do with equal rights between the sexes or women’s rights? (www.reddit.com)
Looking for youtube recommendations on the subjects of recovering from eating disorders and/or the male gaze. (www.reddit.com)
[Dual Post] The Modern Action Genre & Darker Female Characters (www.reddit.com)
Writing the Other: a curious person who is seeking a unique perspective (www.reddit.com)
Lindsay Mannering and Historical attitudes of feminism regarding male rape ((Possible trigger warning)) (www.reddit.com)
how does societies perception of how attractive you are affect your life? (www.reddit.com)
UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak: “make the streets safer for women” (www.reddit.com)
[Recovered thread] "Is it wrong to say that you "hate men" or that "men are stupid"? " (old.reddit.com)
Do your think that I can portray my popular guy in my story as a feminist, wit it being respected in universe? (www.reddit.com)
Is it wrong to say that you "hate men" or that "men are stupid"? (www.reddit.com)
What do you all think about the whole vtuber thing? Specifically Hololive. (www.reddit.com)
Enraged when I look back and realize how much of my time and energy I've wasted trying to 'prove' my authenticity to people. I'm 30 and it still isn't over. (www.reddit.com)
For those who are economists, how does feminism influence your economic worldview, if at all? (www.reddit.com)
Does anybody else find r/witchesvspatriarchy infantile and antifeminist? (www.reddit.com)
What do you think about allegories to real world discrimination struggles in fantasy and sci-fi media? It feels like they sometimes miss the point? For example does anyone else think X-men as a concept kind of fails to actually tackle LGBT discrimination, like it tries to do, in a good way? (www.reddit.com)
Having a talk with my younger very sheltered little sister. What should I tell her? (www.reddit.com)
What are some ways that feminism can develop to become more inclusive to men, without diverging too much from its core principles? (www.reddit.com)
Does Anyone Know Anything About the Book Wholistic Feminism by Leah A. Jacobson (www.reddit.com)
What are some good feminists reads on the intersection between misogyny and bullying against men-loving-men, neurodivergant men, introverted men, and other men who don’t conform to cishet neurotypical standards of masculinity? (www.reddit.com)
thoughts on “My first little book of intersectional activism” by Titania McGrath? (www.reddit.com)
What are "Men's Rights Activists" expecting from Feminist subs/ Feminism related communities in general? (www.reddit.com)
Does queer sexual assault cause different reaction to the victim than straight one? (www.reddit.com)
How are men still allowed to be in charge? (www.reddit.com)
how do you celebrate international women's day? (www.reddit.com)
How do you react to women who say, "I'm a feminist in action, and don't like associating the label of feminist to me because .... (Any shitty reason)"? (www.reddit.com)
What is an alternative to the "ask feminists" community on reddit, instead of the heteronormative male and female person logo? (www.reddit.com)
How can we make people not be neutral to issues such as same sex marriages, lgbt rights, abortion rights, which affect so many people, just because they don't face it? (www.reddit.com)
I’m a guy who finds powerful confident liberated women much more appealing then women who adhere to traditional gender roles. Is this a valid reason to be a male ally? Is this genuine support for liberation or fetishizing the accomplishments of women? (www.reddit.com)
How can I be more progressive with acknowledging the real world (www.reddit.com)
What can I respond to men saying that they don't have any privilege job-wise, because they too are affected in construction or industry and other astraining manual jobs ? (www.reddit.com)
How do modern feminists contend with the ‘left-right’ political spectrum? (www.reddit.com)
“Women feel scared to roam alone at night mainly because of men.” Comments? (www.reddit.com)
Are there any subreddits for discussing texts through a feminist lens? (www.reddit.com)
i am in the works of starting an anti-porn/porn awareness campaign, particularly focusing on the effect it is having on sex workers and women in general. (www.reddit.com)
What are your thoughts about beliefs and their relation to facts/assumptions? (www.reddit.com)
Looking for early feminist speeches/texts/writing FROM America pre 1820 (www.reddit.com)
Does it annoy anyone else more when a man claims to be a feminist but is unable to recognize his own sexism than when a conservative is sexist? (www.reddit.com)
Does the patriarchy discourage women from performing marriage proposals towards men? Do marriage proposals reinforce patriarchal ideals? Is it concerning that not enough women are taking the initiative to propose marriage towards men? (www.reddit.com)
Why do women stop caring about feminism once they like a traditional guy? (www.reddit.com)
What can be done about the fact that it seems most people, at least on Reddit, consider simply existing in a social space an invitation to approach and bother women? (www.reddit.com)
Newcomer Question: What is the stance on the topic of emotional men? (www.reddit.com)
What God/Religion/Fiction or Real best represents gynocentrism and a gynocentric world? (www.reddit.com)
What's the difference between "old school" misogyny and today's misogyny or is it the same? (www.reddit.com)
Are you able to admit that men have it worse in some countries? If not, what would it take? (www.reddit.com)
How do you feel about Audre Lorde's that "the pornographic is a direct denial of the power of the erotic, for it represents the suppression of true feeling"? (www.reddit.com)
What priviliges do men have out of your own experiences? (www.reddit.com)
whats the main reason that make you hate andrew tate? (www.reddit.com)
Can someone help me understand what this guy is talking about? (www.reddit.com)
How can we encourage positive character traits (both physically and mentally) amongst the younger generation? (www.reddit.com)
Has anyone seen the video of the stalker going to the police station and acting like a crazy person that blew up recently? What do you think about it? What do you even do about these kind of people? (www.reddit.com)
Have you had people misinterpret your words, and then argue with the version of you they conjured in the imagination? (www.reddit.com)
How to tell if a partner's dislike of onlyfans (or sex work generally) is simply discomfort or based in misogyny? (www.reddit.com)
Hi! I'm doing a university group assignment involving the role of women in overcoming the barriers imposed on them by society for a social psychology class (www.reddit.com)
What is your opinion on mainstream feminism? (TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) (www.reddit.com)
Is the statement "Jealousy isn't pretty on a girl" a misogynistic thing to say? (www.reddit.com)
What do you ladies think about the YouTube ‘just pearly things’? I feel like I’m gonna throw up watching her …😅🥲 (www.reddit.com)
Do you feel that it's wrong for men to discuss their experiences with rape, sexual assault, or violence when people bring up those issues happening to women? (www.reddit.com)
What else am I supposed to do to dismantle patriarchy? (www.reddit.com)
Research shows that people have less empathy for men and male suffering. What is this subreddit's views on this? (www.reddit.com)
I’ve noticed a younger woman at work now twice crying in a secluded part of the work site while looking at her phone. (www.reddit.com)
I’m feeling more and more like… any sort of [gender] support subreddit just tends to be hateful towards the opposite sex?? (www.reddit.com)
There is a debate about how Men that ridicule Women that believe in Astrology can be perceived as Misogynist. In this case, would Women that ridicule Men's profiles in dating apps where they are seen Fishing or have a Fish in their hands be considered Misandric? Is there a double standard here?. (www.reddit.com)
Using Flowers to Describe Racial Groups in the Future? (www.reddit.com)
I'm new to Ask Feminists, aren't feminists just female supremacists and male haters? Are women really the disadvantaged gender? (www.reddit.com)
Does anyone of any examples of(at least somewhat) feminist works from the United States during the founding era(1776-1815ish)? (www.reddit.com)
To what extent (if at all) does the overrepresentation of white cishet men bother you? (www.reddit.com)
what are your opinions on the large number of pro life women and why? (www.reddit.com)
Is the fact that fields dominated by women are paid absolute garbage an American phenomenon, or is it more widespread? (www.reddit.com)
What's your answer when someone criticises activism against any oppression saying, "Your tiny actions won't help change the world?" (www.reddit.com)
In a world where patriarchy, sexism and other modes of oppression refuse to be extinct due to some people, how do you keep up your hopes of a feminist world? (www.reddit.com)
Genuine question , would love to hear your views (www.reddit.com)
Congratulations on managing to wake up! While you were asleep American Democracy didn't collapse, Democrats managed to hold on, we are not currently living in a Max Max like hellscape, and there is still the slightest chance that we will all not die horribly. What now? Did Democratic messaging work? (www.reddit.com)
Personality differences in gender seem greater in more gender-equal countries: do you agree with this? (www.reddit.com)
Is it sexism when men ask women to leave early from a place at night because they're worried about their safety, but don't leave early themselves because they feel they're strong enough to handle anything? (www.reddit.com)
Do you see a problem in the way liberal left-leaning men talk about/criticize women, even if the women in question are awful? (www.reddit.com)
Anyone else concerned with how "radfem" is being (over)used as a pejorative in leftist spaces? (www.reddit.com)
Thoughts on makeup being seen as exclusively a "women's thing"? (www.reddit.com)
Anyone else noticed a lot more 'left-wing' antifeminists lately? Where are they coming from? (www.reddit.com)
Doesnt toxic masculinity usually send the perpetrator to Jail unless it rape? (www.reddit.com)
Is the term manchild sexist if someone defends themselves/their partner for their entitled behavior and you call them out for it? (www.reddit.com)
When women enter male-dominated professions in large enough numbers, the men leave. How could this be prevented? (www.reddit.com)
Given higher rates of educational attainment in women, and women under 30 starting to out-earn men in some metro areas, do you think women will become more willing to date guys with lower levels of educational/career attainment? (www.reddit.com)
Should I not react to patriarchal comments when I visit someone’s house for the first time? (www.reddit.com)
Do you agree with the claim that men are overrepresented at both the top and the bottom? (www.reddit.com)
Why do women talk about the effects of the patriarchy on men? (www.reddit.com)