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观点:联邦调查局审讯员说:"在我与萨达姆-侯赛因第一次见面时,在30秒内,他知道了关于我的两件事 - CNN

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#CNN image
Thai firefighters battle huge forest blaze that spread across two mountains ( image
How a team of US and Canadian surgeons try to repair faces shattered by war in Ukraine ( image
A Wagner soldier returned home after fighting for Russia. Days later he was a murder suspect ( image
Australian surf swim club members shocked by ban on nudity in changing rooms and showers ( image
Oscar Pistorius: Reeva Steenkamp's parents oppose early release ( image
At least 35 killed after falling into underground stepwell in Indian temple ( image
UK reaches its biggest trade deal since Brexit, joining trans-Pacific partnership ( image
Turkey approves Finland's NATO application, clearing the last hurdle. Sweden is still waiting ( image
EU agrees to double renewables by 2030 and UK unveils its long-awaited climate plan ( image
UAE leader names his son as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi ( image
The first round-the-world passenger cruise took place 100 years ago. Here's what it was like on board ( image
Four bankers who helped Putin's friend set up Swiss bank account convicted ( image
Top US general says increased partnership between Iran, Russia, and China will make them 'problematic' for 'years to come' ( image
Plants aren't silent. They make clicking sounds, a study finds ( image
Relocating 70 of Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' to cost around $3.5 million ( image
Putin admits sanctions could hurt Russia's economy ( image
King Charles becomes first British monarch to address German parliament ( image
Video shows first cheetah cubs born in India in more than 70 years ( image
Wagner chief admits Bakhmut battle has 'battered' his army ( image
Pope's health 'improving,' says Vatican, after he was hospitalized with respiratory infection ( image
Deadly fire engulfs Philippine ferry as dozens of passengers jump into sea to escape ( image
India welcomes its first newborn cheetahs in more than 7 decades ( image
She's on Moscow's most wanted list. Hear what she thinks of Putin and his war in Ukraine ( image
This Russian student faced prison for social media posts. She's fled to Europe to regain her freedom of speech ( image
China's new premier rolls out the welcome wagon for foreign companies ( image
Meet the titanosaur: Dinosaur giant goes on display in Europe for the first time ( image
Russian man whose daughter made anti-war painting sentenced to two years in prison ( image
'Ultra-rare' pink diamond expected to sell for more than $35 million at auction ( image
'A win of epic proportions': World's highest court can set out countries' climate obligations after Vanuatu secures historic UN vote ( image
Ghana's president softens country's stance on draconian anti-LGBTQ bill as Kamala Harris visits ( image
US wants influence over this island nation but the small state has conditions ( image
Zelensky invites Chinese leader to visit Ukraine ( image
King Charles III arrives in Germany for first overseas visit as monarch ( image
Biden co-hosting the second Summit for Democracy ( image
Amsterdam asks 'wild' young male British tourists to 'stay away' ( image
Swiss women launch landmark lawsuit in Europe claiming weak climate action breaches their human rights ( image
Ten photographs that made the world wake up to climate change ( image
Taliban arrests prominent girls' education activist as repressive clampdown continues ( image
Myanmar junta dissolves Suu Kyi's party as election deadline passes ( image
Taiwan's defiant leader departs for New York to start Central American trip ( image
Video: Miners make frantic escape after being trapped in collapsed mine ( image
Live updates: Russia's war in Ukraine, Challenger and Leopard 2 tanks arrive ( image
'Historic moment': Politicians of South Asian descent set to lead Scotland, Britain and Ireland with Yousaf victory ( image
How one European country is planning a 'rail revolution' ( image
Look of the Week: What Pope Francis' AI puffer coat says about the future of fashion ( image
China gave huge loans to Belt and Road countries. Now it's spending billions to bail them out ( image
Amateur gold digger finds huge nugget worth $160,000 in Australia ( image
Tech expert weighs in on viral AI-generated photo of the Pope ( image
Northern Ireland terrorism threat level raised to 'severe' ( image
A cheetah relocated from Namibia to India as part of conservation efforts has died ( image
Russia fires cruise missiles in waters off Japan's coast during training exercise ( image
France anti-pension reform protests: Demonstrators enter airport amid nationwide protests ( image
Nearly 200 Rohingya people land by boat in Indonesia's Aceh ( image
Israel judicial overhaul plans delayed amid huge protests, says Ben Gvir's Jewish Power party ( image
Lebanon reverses decision on Daylight Saving, amid confusion on two different timezones ( image
How a historic general strike brought Israel to a standstill ( image
Netanyahu says he will delay his judicial overhaul. But will that be enough for protesters? ( image
Israeli journalist predicts what could happen next with protests ( image
Netanyahu announces delay to Israel judicial overhaul plans amid huge protests ( image
This teenager cycled from Alaska to Argentina ( image
Strikes in Germany disrupt flights and trains, 'paralyzing' Europe's biggest economy ( image
Clearing land mines by hand, farmers in Ukraine risk their lives for planting season ( image
Prince Harry back in London for UK High Court fight ( image
Myanmar junta throws huge military parade days after new US sanctions ( image
Japan wants 85% of male workers to take paternity leave. But fathers are too afraid to take it ( image
How US troops in Germany are training Ukrainians to save one another on the battlefield ( image
Israel protests erupt as political crisis deepens: Live updates ( image
'World's longest' bus journey will take 56 days to cross Europe ( image
As Antarctica's penguins struggle with record low sea ice, one species is adapting -- and it offers lessons to us all ( image
Watch protesters flood Tel Aviv highway to protest Netanyahu ( image
At least 28 migrants die as boats sink off Tunisia ( image
GPS Web Extra: Jon Stewart on the weapon of disinformation ( image
Zakaria identifies key part of Xi-Putin meeting that could change the world ( image
Jon Stewart responds to Tucker Carlson 'borrowing from his playbook' ( image
Pope Francis expands Catholic Church sexual abuse law to cover lay leaders ( image
Israeli defense minister breaks ranks and calls for halt to judicial overhaul ( image
As flooding increases, these cities are designed to work with -- not against -- the water. Here's how they're doing it ( image
Wagner in 'full control' of AZOM plant in Bakhmut, reports Russian state media ( image
From 20 dollars in his pocket to a dumpling empire: Din Tai Fung founder dies, age 96 ( image
Russia plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Putin says ( image
Daylight Saving row leaves Lebanon on brink of two timezones ( image
Biden officially notifies Congress of Syria airstrike ( image
A threat to democracy or much-needed reform? Israel's judicial overhaul explained ( image
Ramadan: For Muslims with eating disorders, fasting brings another set of challenges ( image
Sicilian island sees record-high migrant arrivals by boat ( image
Venice hunts for 'idiot' who jumped off three-story building into canal ( image
Parthenon fragments returned by the Vatican go on display in Greece ( image
A cow in the U.K. fakes sleep to get out of milking ( image
Vice President Harris embarks on history-making Africa trip amid US-China competition ( image
Scientists create mice from two dads after making eggs from skin cells ( image
Earth Hour: Why people across the world are turning their lights off ( image
US charges suspected Russian spy who allegedly used fake identity to enter US, gather info from American citizens ( image
A Ukrainian orphanage tried to hide its children when war began. Then the Russians came ( image
Prosecutors accept deal with George Santos in Brazilian fraud case ( image
'Hotel Rwanda' hero to be released from Rwanda prison ( image
Visitors will be able to walk on Westminster Abbey's historic 'coronation floor' -- but they'll have to take their shoes off ( image
Netanyahu acted illegally by getting involved in judicial overhaul, says Israel's attorney general ( image
India's parliament strips Rahul Gandhi of lawmaker status after defamation conviction ( image
King Charles state visit to France postponed amid violent pension protests ( image
US Navy challenges Beijing's South China Sea claims, gets angry reaction ( image
Question revealed for Australia's first referendum in 24 years ( image
Russia can't meet India arms deliveries due to Ukraine war, Indian Air Force says ( image
Zebra on the loose gives zookeepers the runaround in Seoul ( image
Torture, forced abortions and insects for food: Life inside North Korean jails, says this NGO ( image
France pension reform protests turn violent following national day of action ( image
Ukraine eyes an offensive around Bakhmut, as Russian momentum stalls ( image
Cow tries to fake its way out of early wake-up call. See the moment ( image
Bank of England hikes interest rates again following inflation shock ( image
See tourist freefall after bungee jump cord snaps in Thailand ( image
India's Rahul Gandhi found guilty of defamation, given two-year sentence ( image
Cold, remote and short of women: A portrait of life on the Faroe Islands ( image
Hungary says it would not arrest Putin if he entered the country ( image
Beijing's population has declined for the first time in 19 years ( image
Man charged with attempted murder after two fire attacks near mosques in England ( image
Biden to highlight US-Canadian unity in first presidential trip to Ottawa ( image
Taiwan recalls ambassador from Honduras, prepares to lose another diplomatic ally to China ( image
Nigerian senator guilty of organ harvesting plot, UK court rules ( image
Israel passes law shielding Netanyahu from being removed amid protests over judicial changes ( image
Trash is piling up on the streets of Paris. Here's why ( image
France national strike planned by unions after pension reform passed without a vote ( image
Tourist survives bungee jump fall in Thailand after cord snaps ( image
Russia launches deadly strikes across Ukraine as China's Xi departs Moscow ( image
Survivor reacts to Russian missile strike: We are not afraid, we are angry ( image
Canada sees record population growth in 2022 from immigration ( image
Two strangers shared a hotel room. They became best friends for life ( image
UN and US join chorus of condemnation against Uganda's hardline anti-LGBT bill ( image
Prince William makes surprise visit to troops near Ukrainian-Polish border ( image
Rare giant spider species spotted in Queensland ( image
Khalistan: The outlawed Sikh separatist movement that has Indian authorities on edge ( image
Sandstorms blanket Beijing and northern China as air pollution soars off the charts ( image
Ship tips over at port in Edinburgh, causing injuries ( image
Global water crisis could 'spiral out of control' due to overconsumption and climate change, UN report warns ( image
5 things to know for March 22: Trump, Economy, Covid-19, Earthquake, Ukraine ( image
Researchers say newly posted analysis supports natural origin for Covid-19 pandemic ( image
Ecuador opens terrorism investigation after journalists receive explosive devices in mail ( image
No path to peace: Five key takeaways from Xi and Putin's talks in Moscow ( image
UK accuses Russia of disinformation over depleted uranium ( image
Russia has become more dependent on China since Ukraine war began. Here's how ( image
Uganda parliament passes law criminalizing identifying as LGBTQ ( image
Russian soldiers emerge from forest after couple makes wrong turn on their drive ( image
Putin and Xi play peacemakers on Ukraine and pledge to expand ties in show of unity in Moscow ( image
'Vibrant' Roman mosaic discovered under supermarket construction site ( image
Sri Lanka agrees $3 billion IMF loan in boost for crisis-hit economy ( image
US tourist fined $500 for driving Ferrari into Florence's famous piazza ( image
Taiwan's President to transit US on Central America trip, but no word on meeting with Speaker McCarthy ( image
5 things to know for March 21: Russia, Trump, California storm, School strike, Fungus ( image
6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Afghanistan, according to USGS ( image
Israeli minister denies the existence of a Palestinian identity, inviting US rebuke ( image
Kitchen renovation unearths paintings nearly 400 years old ( image
'I killed a man today': Russian soldier accused of war crimes in absentia after audio files intercepted ( image
London's Metropolitan Police lets predators flourish, review concludes ( image
See Kim Jong Un's mock nuclear counterattack on US and South Korea ( image
Russian cruise missiles destroyed in strike in Crimea, Ukraine Defense Ministry says ( image
Japan Prime Minister Kishida making surprise visit to Ukraine to meet Zelensky ( image
Blinken accuses all sides in Ethiopian conflict of committing war crimes ( image
Archeologists discover 'oldest pearling town' in the Persian Gulf ( image
Three people stabbed in incident at high school in Nova Scotia ( image
Kenya opposition leader calls for weekly protests after being tear-gassed by police ( image
China's best new outdoor attractions ( image
5 things to know for March 20: Russia, Trump, Storms, Banking turmoil, Murdaugh case ( image
Netanyahu government makes first climbdown on plan to weaken Israel's judiciary ( image
China's Xi arrives in Moscow for first visit since Russia invaded Ukraine ( image
Former Australian soldier arrested for alleged war crime in Afghanistan ( image
Spring equinox 2023: Ancient traditions of renewal echo into the modern world ( image
Macron faces no-confidence votes as government digs in on raising retirement age ( image
The world's happiest countries for 2023 ( image
Former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou to make historic visit to mainland China ( image
Kim Jong Un talks up North Korea's nuclear capability as daughter watches latest missile test ( image
Retired lt. gen. breaks down video of Putin's Ukraine visit ( image
Hundreds protest clampdown on same-sex parents in Milan ( image
Ordinary people in Iraq were given disposable cameras. This is what they want you to see ( image
Trump and Le Pen backed these Dutch farmers -- now they've sprung an election shock ( image
Imran Khan marks court presence as former Pakistan leader's supporters clash with police ( image
Defiant Putin visits occupied Mariupol, symbol of Ukrainian resistance ( image
Millions of dead fish have washed up in a river near an Australian town ( image
As Taiwan embraces its Indigenous people, it rebuffs China ( image
NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft near Estonian airspace ( image
North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile, Japan's defense ministry says ( image
This country wanted a 69-hour work week. Millennials and generation Z had other ideas ( image
Slovak ambassador to U.S. on decision to send Ukraine fighter jets ( image
Trouble in paradise as Bali loses patience with Russians, Ukrainians fleeing war ( image
Putin's world just got a lot smaller with the ICC's arrest warrant ( image
Ecuador earthquake kills at least 4 people ( image
Video: Millions of dead fish cover Australian river ( image
UK Home Secretary visits Rwanda to discuss controversial deportation scheme ( image
Nigerians vote in governorship polls as ruling party scrambles to regain lost ground in key states ( image
Russian mercenary chief announces plans to recruit 30,000 more fighters ( image
Explainer: Why NATO allies are unlikely to send more advanced jets to Ukraine ( image
Battle for Bakhmut grinds down Wagner's mercenaries and cuts their notorious leader down to size ( image
New to the Caribbean: A theme park like it's never seen before ( image
'Not definitive': Dr. Sanjay Gupta on new analysis suggesting Covid-19 link to raccoon dogs ( image
ICC issues war crimes arrest warrant for Putin for alleged deportation of Ukrainian children ( image
French workers may have to retire at 64 and many are in uproar. Here's why ( image
Trump and his family failed to report nearly $300,000-worth of gifts from foreign governments, House Democrats allege in new report ( image
Turkey to start ratifying Finland's NATO membership after months of opposition ( image
This CNN Hero paid tribute to her late father by transforming a library into a center for feeding, teaching, and nurturing her community ( image
Libyan armed group says barrels of missing natural uranium recovered ( image
Hundreds detained in fiery protests after French government forces through higher retirement age ( image
Japan moves missile capable troops into remote island base as regional tensions rise ( image
A new species of orchid has been discovered in Japan, and its petals look like they're spun from glass ( image
5 things to know for March 17: Ukraine, Classified docs, Taxes, Pandemic, France ( image
New Zealand joins US push to curb TikTok use on official phones with parliament ban ( image
Saddam Hussein's former yacht is now an unlikely attraction ( image
China's Xi to meet Putin next week in first visit to Russia since invasion of Ukraine ( image
Two Indian pilots grounded after their cockpit coffee break sparked safety fears ( image
Protests erupt as French government forces through higher retirement age ( image
Secret document reveals Russia's 10-year plan to destabilize Moldova ( image
SpaceX's Starlink devices found in illegal mining sites in the Amazon ( image
They were strangers in Bolivia. Six months later they fell in love in Paris ( image
Poland to transfer four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in coming days, president says ( image
More than two tons of natural uranium missing in Libya, nuclear watchdog says ( image
The plastic water bottle industry is booming. Here's why that's a huge problem ( image
A radioactive cylinder has gone missing in Thailand. Authorities are now scrambling to find it ( image
Child detainees in Iran subjected to flogging, electric shocks and sexual violence, says Amnesty ( image
South Korean leader in Japan for first visit in 12 years for fence-mending summit ( image
Exclusive: Chinese-made drone, retrofitted and weaponized, downed in eastern Ukraine ( image
Blinken discusses need for accountability for atrocities during Ethiopia visit ( image
Swiss central bank says it is ready to provide support to Credit Suisse ( image
Brazilian researchers find 'terrifying' plastic rocks on remote island ( image
Desperate Cyclone Freddy survivors dig with bare hands to search for survivors in rubble ( image
Elderly penguins receive 'world first' custom lenses in successful cataract surgery ( image
'Endless, brutal heat': Argentina's late-season heatwave has 'no similarities in history' ( image
Spain's Crown Princess Leonor to start three-year military training ( image
Anti-Black racism surfaces in an African country. Critics are blaming the president for it ( image
Free-diver plunges to record depth beneath frozen Swiss lake ( image
Russian hackers targeted European military and transport organizations in newly discovered spying campaign ( image
The last UK budget nearly crashed the economy. It's still stuck in the doldrums ( image
Pilot makes first-ever plane landing on Burj Al Arab helipad ( image
Bali plans to ban tourists from renting motorbikes ( image
China has shattered the assumption of US dominance in the Middle East ( image
Polish court convicts rights activist for supplying pregnant woman with abortion pills ( image
A Japanese YouTube star became a lawmaker last year. Now he's been fired for never coming to work ( image
Myanmar monastery attack kills 22 as conflicting accounts emerge of alleged massacre ( image
Watch Colombian Navy remove 3 tons of cocaine from drug smuggling ship ( image
Xi tightens grip, hardens stance on US: Key takeaways from China's annual political meetings ( image
Clashes in Pakistan as police try to arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan ( image
Alexey Navalny knows about CNN documentary's Oscar win, his daughter says ( image
Australians warned to avoid crocodile-infested waters after record-breaking Queensland floods ( image
Opinion: 'At my first meeting with Saddam Hussein, within 30 seconds, he knew two things about me,' says FBI interrogator ( image
Taiwan unveils new combat and surveillance drones as China threat grows ( image
5 things to know for March 14: SVB, Nor'easter, Tourism, Opioids, Ukraine ( image
Only 13 countries and territories had 'healthy' air quality in 2022 ( image
China is fully reopening to tourists after three years of border restrictions ( image
Why a wildlife photographer took 40,000 photos to capture these extraordinary birds ( image
Ukraine orders evacuations from liberated city, as Russians creep closer again ( image
China looms large as Biden makes submarine moves with UK, Australia ( image
International Criminal Court to open war crimes cases over Russian invasion of Ukraine, report NYT and Reuters ( image
Skeletal remains of Roman aristocrat discovered in hidden lead coffin ( image
A Saudi-Iran reconciliation may ripple across the region. Here's why ( image
11 dead and 16 missing in Malawi as Cyclone Freddy takes hold ( image
5 things to know for March 13: Oscars wins, SVB, Floods, Oil Drilling, Immigration ( image
Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Africa later this month ( image
BBC reinstates star soccer host Gary Lineker after impartiality storm ( image
Retired colonel investigating war crimes vows Putin won't escape accountability ( image
Taiwan says soldier who went missing has been found in China ( image
UK ramps up defense spending by $6 billion ahead of key AUKUS submarine announcement ( image
'Navalny' wins Oscar for best documentary feature ( image
Xi Jinping vows to make China's military a 'great wall of steel' in first speech of new presidential term ( image
Nepal bans solo trekkers throughout the country ( image
Record-strength Cyclone Freddy pounds Mozambique after making second landfall ( image
Women can now swim topless in Berlin's swimming pools. The move reflects Germany's tradition of nudity ( image
Fox hunting club that first met in the 1700s holds last meet after new law ( image
Half a million Israelis join latest protest against Netanyahu's judicial overhaul, organizers say ( image
Russian wives and mothers call on Putin to stop sending mobilized men 'to the slaughter' ( image
After a tragic shipwreck, no peace for the dead or living ( image
Iran arrests more than 100 people over suspected poisonings of schoolgirls ( image
What happened to flight MH370? ( image
City with world's most expensive housing asks: what to do with 40,000 empty quarantine units? ( image
Parisian streets littered with trash after wave of strikes ( image
BBC's flagship soccer show boycotted over Gary Lineker impartiality row ( image
Scientists find a way to suck up carbon pollution, turn it into baking soda and store it in the oceans ( image
Chinese city proposes lockdowns for flu -- and faces a backlash ( image
See Ukrainians take down Russian missile with machine gun ( image
UK to pay $576 million in deal with France to combat illegal immigration ( image
Iran and Saudi Arabia signal the start of a new era, with China front and center ( image
US officially rescinds recent Covid testing rules for travelers from China ( image
Watch as thousands mourn the youngest battalion commander in Ukrainian army ( image
When China shot down five U-2 spy planes at the height of the Cold War (