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乔-拜登、中国和二十国集团领导人支持 "迅速 "改变比特币、以太坊、BNB 和 XRP 市场 1 万亿美元价格的加密货币价格规则 - Forbes

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Ukraine's Eastern Command Is Swapping Soviet Vehicles For Polish Ones ( image
Monday, September 18. Russia’s War On Ukraine: News And Information From Ukraine ( image
U.S. Considering Defense Treaty With Saudi Arabia That Includes Israel Normalization, Report Says ( image
Ousted Chinese Foreign Minister Reportedly Had An Affair And Fathered Child In The U.S. ( image
A Ukrainian Cruise Missile With A Special Warhead Blew Up That Russian Submarine From The Inside ( image
Ukraine's French Recon Vehicles Are Too Flimsy For Frontal Assaults ( image
Russia Will Deploy Captured Ukrainian-Made BMPs ... Against Ukraine ( image
In Three Days, Ukrainian Drones Ran Down Four Russian Patrol Boats ( image
Kim Jong Un Tours Fighter Russian Jet Factory As Worries Grow Of Deepening Military Ties ( image
Britain Will Ban American XL Bully Dogs By End Of Year After Recent Attacks ( image
What To Know About The Deadly Nipah Virus As India Races To Contain Outbreak ( image
Strange Lights Recorded During Morocco’s Devastating Earthquake ( image
Britain Considers Banning American XL Bully Dogs After Attack On Child—Here’s What Experts Say About The Breed ( image
Ukraine Just Blew Up Two Russian Warships In Their Drydock ( image
Ukrainian Troops Ejected Russians From Oil Platforms Near Snake Island ( image
Russia Might Restart Production Of T-80 Tanks. It Could Take a While. ( image
Joe Biden, China And G20 Leaders Back ‘Swift’ Game-Changing Crypto Price Rules For $1 Trillion Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB And XRP Market ( image
Turkish Cave Rescue Update: Teams Begin Transport Of Sick American 3,000 Feet Below Surface ( image
To Train Ukrainian Troops, the Danish Military Had To Borrow Leopard 1 Tanks From Three Museums ( image
Instructor's Advice To Ukrainian Leopard 1 Crews: Fight On The Move ( image
Canada Investigating Potential Election Interference From China And Russia ( image
European, Middle Eastern, South American Floods Kill At Least 35 People, Damage Structures—See Photos ( image
'India' Or 'Bharat'? Country's Name Change On G20 Invites Sparks Political Row ( image
Disastrous Armored Assaults Taught The Ukrainian Army To Flank Russian Defenses, Instead ( image
The Russian Army Quadrupled The Size Of Its Minefields ( image
How To Decode China’s Imperial Map —And Stop It From Becoming Reality ( image
The Russians Bolted 1950s Naval Guns To Armored Tractors—And Produced Nearly Useless Combat Vehicles ( image
Images Of Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Covered With Car Tires Mocked On X ( image
Iran Reportedly Receives Russian Jets, But They Aren’t The Long-Sought-After Su-35 Flanker ( image
Live Worm Found In Woman’s Brain Is Rare—But Common Deadly Parasites Already Plague Billions Of People ( image
Japan And Australia Notch Hottest Seasons On Record As 2023 Heat Records Continue ( image
Russia Has Deployed Its Last Reserve Division To Southern Ukraine. Did A Ukrainian Screw-Up Make That Possible? ( image
What We Know About Andrew Tate’s ‘War Room’—As Report Alleges Global Network To Exploit Women ( image
Ukrainian Troops Have Crossed The First Of The Russians' Three Main Trenchlines ( image
Kremlin Admits ‘Deliberate Atrocity’ May Have Killed Wagner Leader Prigozhin ( image
Spain's Tomato-Throwing Festival Kicks Off—Here Are The World's Top Festivals Still Worth Traveling To This Year ( image
Bernie Sanders Calls For U.S. Probe Into Alleged Killings By Saudi Border Guards—Latest Criticism Of Saudi Government ( image
Two Ukrainian Air Assault Brigades Are Flanking Russia's Next Strongpoint On The Road To Melitopol ( image
Vladimir Putin Reportedly Visiting China In Farthest Foreign Visit Since The Hague Issued A Warrant For His Arrest ( image
Billionaire Terry Gou Makes Bid For Taiwan Presidency, Promising Peace And Prosperity ( image
What Are Ukrainian Troops Most Afraid Of? Russia's Glide-Bombs. ( image
As Ukraine's Offensive Speeds Up, Russia Deploys Its Last Reserves ( image
Those F-16s Norway Is Giving To Ukraine—They Can Carry Anti-Ship Missiles ( image
How To Prepare For Major Natural Disasters—From Wildfire To Hurricanes ( image
Greece Arrests ‘Arsonist Scum’ As Historic Wildfires Leave 21 Dead ( image
To Blow Up Russia's S-400 Battery In Crimea, Ukraine Tweaked Its Cruiser-Sinking Neptune Missile ( image
Ukraine's Su-27 Interceptors Are Dropping High-Tech American Glide Bombs ( image
Ukraine's Counteroffensive Has Broken Through Robotyne ( image
Greece Wildfires: More Than 200 Fires Blazing As Devastation Spreads To Turkey ( image
Ukrainian Gunners Are Hunting Down Russia's Siege Mortars ( image
Russia Sues Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko Over Allegedly ‘Corrupt’ Energy Deal ( image
Add A New Radar To An Old Air-Defense Missile, And You'd Get The Ukrainian 5V28—Kyiv's Most Potent Deep-Strike Weapon ( image
Tenerife Wildfire: More Than 26,000 Evacuated On Spanish Island ( image
Canada Wildfire Latest: British Columbia Declares State Of Emergency, Yellowknife Fire Approaches City ( image
Ukraine Is Getting A Lot Of German-Made Leopard 1 Tanks. That Means A Lot Of Training For Ukrainian Tankers. ( image
Canadian Government Demands Facebook And Instagram Lift Ban On Canadian News Amid Wildfires ( image
Ukraine's Helicopter-Killing Missiles Can See Right Through Jamming ( image
Norway Train Line Closed Following Bridge Collapse ( image
The Collapsing Soviet Army Left Behind Dozens Of IMR-2 Engineering Vehicles. The Ukrainian Army Eagerly Snatched Them Up. ( image
Ukraine's Powerful 82nd Brigade Has Joined The Counteroffensive ( image
Russian Ruble Tumbles Past 100 Against Dollar—Here’s Why That’s Significant ( image
Ukrainian Cluster Shells Massacred Russian Troops Fleeing Urozhaine ( image
A Swarm Of Tiny Ukrainian Drones Just Knocked Out One Of Russia's Nine Remaining Terminator Vehicles ( image
Ukrainian Tanks Are In Urozhaine—And Inching Toward Mariupol ( image
A Very Rare Combat Vehicle Just Appeared in Southern Ukraine: A High-Speed Trench-Digger ( image
Gates Foundation Funds Nearly 50 Generative AI Projects In Low And Middle Income Countries ( image
Twitter Exec Defends Restoring Account That Shared Child Sex Abuse Material ( image
DHS Says It Identified 311 New Child Sexual Exploitation Victims—After Forbes Reports AI Facial Recognition Push ( image
Pope Warns Artificial Intelligence Could ‘Fuel Conflicts And Antagonism’ ( image
Belgium Just Found Another 30 Old Leopard 1 Tanks For Ukraine ( image
Monday, August 7. Russia’s War On Ukraine: News And Information From Ukraine ( image
Ukraine Detains Woman For Planning Assassination Attempt On Zelensky ( image
China Hacked Japanese Military Networks, Report Says ( image
The Ukrainian Air Force Lost 62 Planes In 2022. So Far In 2023, It Has Lost Just Seven. ( image
Artillery 'Genocide': Ukrainian Batteries Knock Out More Russian Guns ( image
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau And Wife Separating After 18 Years ( image
Tourists Go Home! Fed Up With Over-tourism, European Hotspots Impose Bans, Fines, Taxes ( image
Monday, July 31. Russia’s War On Ukraine: News And Information From Ukraine ( image
NATO Planes Watched As Civilian Ships Ran Russia's Blockade Of Ukraine ( image
Ukraine Is Lobbing Eight-Ton Air-Defense Missiles At Russian Cities ( image
Nero’s Ancient Theater Discovered In Rome ( image
Ukrainian Troops Apparently Sent An Unmanned Fighting Vehicle On A One-Way Assault Across A Suspected Minefield ( image
Enough About How The West Provoked Putin Into Attacking Ukraine: Here’s The Truth ( image
Mediterranean Wildfire Deaths Mount As European Heat Wave Continues ( image
Hundred Years In The Making: Paris Allowing Swimming In River Seine After Century-Long Ban ( image
Harried By Ukraine's Drone Boats, A Russian Navy Warship Goes Hunting For Grain Ships ( image
Counterattacking In The North And South, Ukrainian Troops Are Cutting The Supply Lines Into Bakhmut ( image
The Russians Packed Hundreds Of Vehicles Into A Crimean Repair Depot. The Ukrainians Just Hit It With A Cruise Missile. ( image
The Ukrainians Have Their Own Surface-To-Air Missile System. What They Don't Have, Is Factories To Make Them. ( image
Russia's Countercounteroffensive Finally Bagged A Ukrainian M-55S Tank ( image
War On Cruise Ships? Amsterdam Latest Port To Limit Or Ban Cruise Liners ( image
India’s Rice Export Ban Could Drive Global Food Prices Even Higher—Here’s What You Need To Know ( image
Quran Violation In Sweden Sparks Diplomatic Anger As Muslim Nations Protest ( image
China’s New Cruise Ships Are An Overlooked Amphibious Assault Challenge ( image
The Russians Lost 18 Old BMP-1 Fighting Vehicles In Just A Day Or So ( image
Ukraine Could Get 60-Year-Old Ex-British Chieftan Tanks ( image
A Ukrainian M-2 Fighting Vehicle Reportedly Blew Up Two Russian Tanks In A Single Skirmish ( image
World’s Most Powerful Passports: Japan Loses Top Spot In Henley Ranking ( image
One Of Ukraine's Super-Upgraded M-55S Tanks Survived A Russian Shell ( image
Ukrainian Marines Use Shock Tactics To Terrify Russian Troops. In One Battle, It Took Just A Single Russian Tank To End The Shock. ( image
Europe’s Dangerous Heat Wave: Greece Closes Acropolis As Warnings Issued Across Italy, Spain And Germany ( image
Ukraine's Powerful Stryker Brigade Is Still Waiting For the Order To Join The Counteroffensive ( image
The Ukrainian Army Has Lost Its First Super-Upgraded M-55S Tank ( image
Johnson & Johnson Letting Nonprofit Distribute Life-Saving Generic Tuberculosis Drug—Greatly Expanding Access In Poorer Countries ( image
Over 60,000 People In Europe Died Of Heat Last Summer, Study Finds. Here’s Why This Year Could Be Even Hotter ( image
Ukraine's Newest Deep-Strike Missile Is An Ex-Soviet Antique ( image
Russian Military Chief Gerasimov Makes First Public Appearance Since Wagner Coup Attempt ( image
Russia Escalates A Smear Campaign Against ‘Traitor’ Prigozhin That Includes Wigs And Weapons ( image
The Russians Packed A Robotic T-55 Tank With Explosives And Rolled It Toward Ukrainian Lines ( image
Pope Francis Leaves Hospital After Abdominal Surgery ( image
Ukraine's 128th Mountain Brigade Is Probing Russian Defenses—And Finding 70-Year-Old T-54 Tanks ( image
Swedish CV90 Fighting Vehicles Have Arrived In Ukraine Just In Time For The Southern Counteroffensive ( image
Boris Johnson Deliberately Misled U.K. Parliament Over Covid Lockdown Parties, Investigation Finds ( image
The Ukrainian Marine Corps' AMX-10RC Recon Vehicles Didn't Last Long in A Frontal Assault On Russian Defenses ( image
As Losses Pile Up, Ukraine Wants A Lot More Tanks And Fighting Vehicles ( image
The Ukrainian Army Has Already Lost Half Of Its Unique Leopard 2R Breaching Vehicles ( image
Social Media 'Armchair Generals' Are Focused On The Losses Of The Leopard 2 MBT In Ukraine ( image
The Ukrainian Army Lost Bradley Fighting Vehicles And A Leopard 2 Tank Trying And Failing To Breach Russian Defenses In Southern Ukraine ( image
The Russians Just Destroyed Their First Ukrainian Leopard 2 Tank ( image
The Prize For Weirdest Armored Vehicle Goes To Ukraine's 'Frankenstein' Scout Car ( image
Ukraine's Unique Terminator Fighting Vehicle Has Arrived At The Front ( image
At The Tip Of the Counteroffensive, Ukrainian Marines Use New Tactics ( image
'Leopard 2' Tank Seen Destroyed In Russian Media Video Was Actually A Farm Harvester ( image
Wealthy Countries Owe Poorer Nations $192 Trillion For CO2 Emissions, Study Suggests ( image
It Seems Ukraine's French-Made Recon Vehicles Are In Position To Break Through Russian Lines ( image
Russians Report Leopard 2 Tanks On The Move As Kyiv's Brigades Attack ( image
Ukraine Aims To Cut Off Russian Troops In Crimea. Kyiv's New Snow-Tractors Could Make It Possible. ( image
Here’s How Americans Really Feel About LGBTQ Issues ( image
Ship Refloated After Being Stuck In The Suez Canal For Hours ( image
RBI Withdraws 2000 Rupee Notes From Circulation – Forbes Advisor INDIA ( image
Russia Hits Immobile And Predictable M-777, AHS Krab, And M-109 Howitzers Hard ( image
Russian Forces Scattered Ukraine's SAM Batteries For A Few Days In Early 2022. But Ukraine's Fighter Pilots Held The Line. ( image
Ex-Polish PT-91 Tanks Have Arrived In Ukraine. They're Better Than Russia's Own Replacement Tanks. ( image
This Unarmored Tractor With A 1950s Naval Gun Is The Most Desperate Russian Vehicle Yet ( image
Ukraine Has Captured Three of Russia's Giant Engineering Vehicles. They're About To Become Very Useful. ( image
Why Western Sanctions Failed To Truly Impact The Wealth Of Russia's Billionaire Oligarchs ( image
The Russians Aren't Just Running Out Of Tanks—They're Running Out Of Tank Crews, Too. And It's Going To Get Worse. ( image
Russia Launches Thermobaric Rockets, Ukraine Flings A Line-Charge—And Bakhmut Explodes ( image
Ukrainian Challenger 2 And Russian T-55 Tanks Could Meet in Ukraine. The Last Time They Clashed, It Was A Massacre. ( image
Ukraine's Challenger 2 Tanks Could Counterattack Around Bakhmut ( image
That Viral Image Of Pope Francis Wearing A White Puffer Coat Is Totally Fake ( image
The Ukrainian Army Needs More Heavy Vehicles. Until It Gets Them, Creative Tactics Must Suffice. ( image
Those T-55 Tanks The Russians Are Pulling Out Of Storage? They Were Obsolete ... In 1973. ( image
The Russians Are Pulling 70-Year-Old T-55 Tanks Out Of Storage ( image
How A TikTok Ban Would Deal A Blow To Creators, Businesses And The American Economy ( image
The Ukrainians Are Knocking The Russians' Newest And Oldest Tanks As Fast As They Arrive At The Front ( image
The Ukrainian Army Is Probing Russian Lines In The South—And Suffering Heavy Losses ( image
Ranked: The 20 Happiest Countries In The World In 2023 ( image
Ukraine's BTR-4 Wheeled Fighting Vehicles Are Wreaking Havoc In Bakhmut—And Taking Heavy Losses ( image
To Keep Open Its Supply Line Into Bakhmut, The Ukrainian Army Rolled In One Of Its Armored Bridgelayers ( image
The Ukrainian 4th Tank Brigade Was Running Out Of Tanks. Then It Got Leopard 2s. ( image
The T-80B Was A Great Tank—In 1978. Now It's The Latest Obsolete Vehicle To Join The Russian War Effort. ( image
Some Of Ukraine's Heavy Brigades Don't Have Real Tanks Yet. Here's How They Might Fight. ( image
More Ex-British Challenger 2 Tanks Are Bound For Ukraine As London Doubles Its Pledge ( image
Desperate Russian Forces Are Adding 80-Year-Old Naval Guns To 70-Year-Old Armored Tractors ( image
Russian Troops Keep Rolling Into The Same Kill Zone Outside Vuhledar ( image
The Scientific Error That Might Have Caused The Covid-19 Pandemic ( image
As Russian Forces Push Toward Bakhmut, Ukrainian Crews In Upgraded T-64 Tanks Push Back ( image
To Win With Their Leopard 1 Tanks, Ukrainian Crews Need To Think Like Snipers ( image
Russia's Tank Plan: Take A 60-Year-Old T-62, Install New Optics, Send It To Ukraine To Get Blown Up ( image
Ukraine's Big Rigs Haul Damaged Tanks Away From The Battlefield—So They Can Get Fixed Up And Fight Again ( image
The Russian Army Is Time-Traveling Back To 1966 As It Reequips With Hundreds Of Old BMP-1 Fighting Vehicles ( image
When Russian Troops Got Stuck In a Minefield Near Vuhledar, They Deployed A 'Flamethrower' Rocket Launcher. The Ukrainians Blew It Up. ( image
Poland Made A Better Russian-Style Tank—And Gave It To Ukraine ( image
Lawyer Dies After Shot By His Own Concealed Gun Triggered By MRI Scanner ( image
Ukraine Could Send Its New Challenger 2 Tanks To Fight Russia's Best T-90 Tanks ( image
Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Death Toll Approaches 30,000 And Over 100 Detained As Government Targets Building Contractors ( image
The Ukrainian Army Just Blew Up One Of The Russian Army's 10 Terminator Fighting Vehicles ( image
Ukraine Has Exactly One T-80UK Command Tank. It Just Fought A Dangerous Solo Battle Near Bakhmut. ( image
Smashed By Ukrainian Mines And Artillery, Russia's Winter Offensive Just Ground To A Halt Outside Vuhledar ( image
It's Possible 270,000 Russians Have Been Killed Or Wounded In Ukraine ( image
China Helping Russia’s War With Ukraine With Military Aid—Violating Sanctions—Reports Show ( image
Russian Marines Just Attempted Another Frontal Assault On Ukrainian Positions Around Pavlivka. The Result Was Predictably Bloody. ( image
Beaten Twice In Ukraine, Russia's Elite 1st Guards Tank Army Is Poised To Attack Yet Again ( image
Russia Is Refitting Old T-72 Tanks For The War In Ukraine. But It's Running Out Of Optics. ( image
The Tungsten M-1—How Ukraine's Tanks Will Differ From America's ( image
NATO Countries Are Giving Ukraine Hundreds Of Their Old Howitzers—and Replacing Them With South Korea's Excellent K-9 ( image
Ukraine’s New Swedish Howitzer Can Hit The Russians With Three Shells At A Time—And Drive Away Before The Salvo Lands ( image
Ukraine's Swedish-Made CV90 Fighting Vehicles Are Meant To Hunt Enemy Armor In The Woods ( image
The U.K. Is Giving Ukraine Hundreds Of Armored Vehicles. Russia Has A Plan For Wrecking Them. ( image
With Ex-German Marder Fighting Vehicles, Ukrainian Infantry Can Keep Up With The Tanks ( image
Ukraine's About To Get French Scout 'Tanks'—And A New Way Of Exploiting Gaps In Russian Lines ( image
Ukraine's Drones Keep Hitting Russia's Bomber Bases. Now Russian Missile Crews Are Getting Jumpy. ( image
Ukraine Converts $21.9 Billion In U.S. Military Surplus Into Fearsome Force ( image
Russia's Electronic-Warfare Troops Knocked Out 90 Percent Of Ukraine's Drones ( image
Bakhmut Is 'Soaked In Blood' As Eight Of Ukraine's Best Brigades Battle 40,000 Former Russian Prisoners ( image
Netflix’s ‘Harry & Megan’ Is Going Disastrously For Harry And Megan ( image
An Atmospheric Trick May Have Helped A Ukrainian Missile Battery Find And Sink The Russian Cruiser 'Moskva' ( image
Russian Soldiers Are Freezing To Death In Eastern Ukraine ( image
Six Months After The Russians Shot Down Ukraine's Last Naval Rescue Helicopter, the U.K. Is Sending Replacements ( image
Ukrainian Commandos Have Made an Amphibious Landing On The Kinburn Spit ( image
The U.S. Navy Is About To Pack A Dozen Hypersonic Missiles Apiece Into Its New Stealth Destroyers ( image
Ukraine's Drone Boats Are Winning The Black Sea Naval War ( image
Russian Soldiers Are Surrendering To Ukrainian Drones. This Has Happened Before. ( image
Fleeing Russian Troops Are Leaving Behind More And More Of Their Best Howitzers ( image
The Zaporizhzhia Left Hook: How The Ukrainian Army Could Get Behind The Dnipro River And Roll Up Thousands Of Russian Troops ( image
Russia's Southern Supply Hub Is Now In Range Of Ukraine's Rockets. Expect Explosions. ( image
Easily In Range Of Ukrainian Artillery, Kherson's Airport Was A Death Trap For Russian Troops ( image
Fly Low, Get Aggressive—How Ukrainian Pilots Fought The Russian Air Force To A Standstill ( image
How The Ukrainians Wrecked the Russians' Best Helicopter Regiments ( image
Ukrainian Saboteurs Reportedly Blew Up Russian Helicopters 500 Miles From Ukraine (