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Ask HN: 问HN:我已经意识到自己是个糟糕的软件工程师,而且我已经超过30岁了,接下来该怎么办?

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2021 年 第 13 周归档(03.29 - 04.05)

1. Marwa Elselehdar:"我因封锁苏伊士运河而受到指责

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Marwa Elselehdar: 'I was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal' (www.bbc.com)

2. Space Jam 2

static1.squarespace.com image
Space Jam 2 (www.spacejam2.com)

3. 我以为我快死了 我的公寓是建在有毒废料上的

sfbayview.com image
I thought I was dying: My apartment was built on toxic waste (sfbayview.com)

4. 如何绕过Cloudflare僵尸保护?

miro.medium.com image
How to bypass Cloudflare bot protection (jychp.medium.com)

5. 开始使用Tmux

sunainapai.in image
Get Started with Tmux (sunainapai.in)

6. 预测市场的故事

cdn.substack.com image
Tales from Prediction Markets (misinfounderload.substack.com)

7. 我发布失败的SaaS产品的经历

miro.medium.com image
My experience releasing failed SaaS products (mmartinfahy.medium.com)

8. 伯特兰-罗素是教皇(2010年)。

Bertrand Russell Is the Pope (2010) (ceadserv1.nku.edu)

9. Show HN: 显示HN:博客圈 - 发现独立的技术博客。

Blogosphere – Discover independent technical blogs (bilbof.com)

10. 保持清醒治疗抑郁症(2018)

mosaicscience.com image
Staying awake to treat depression (2018) (mosaicscience.com)

11. SpatiaLite。SQLite的空间扩展

www.gaia-gis.it image
SpatiaLite: A Spatial Extension to SQLite (www.gaia-gis.it)

12. 修订版demoparty在Twitch上被禁止中流砥柱

Revision demoparty banned on Twitch mid-stream (twitter.com)

13. 在新的研究中,战利品箱与问题赌博相关联

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Loot boxes linked to problem gambling in new research (www.bbc.co.uk)

14. 如何在Bash中安全做事(2018)

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
How to do things safely in Bash (2018) (github.com)

15. SQLite Plus:缺少SQLite函数

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
SQLite Plus: Missing SQLite functions (github.com)

16. "我们为什么要睡觉 "充满了科学和事实的错误。

guzey.com image
“Why We Sleep” Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors (guzey.com)

17. 针对TSA和DEA的机场扣押诉讼案取得首胜

ij.org image
Lawsuit against TSA and DEA over airport seizures achieves first victory (ij.org)

18. 网络的粪坑在北荷兰的一个村子里。

images.nrc.nl image
The cesspool of the internet is to be found in a village in North Holland (www.nrc.nl)

19. MapLibre GL是mapbox-gl-js的一个免费开源的fork。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
MapLibre GL is a free and open-source fork of mapbox-gl-JS (github.com)

20. 三十年来,锂电池成本下降了98%。

www.economist.com image
Lithium battery costs have fallen by 98% in three decades (www.economist.com)

21. 我的NAS在未经允许的情况下,在互联网上暴露了自己。

kn100.me image
My NAS exposes itself over the internet without permission (kn100.me)

22. VPNCloud。用rust编写的开放源码点对点VPN

vpncloud.ddswd.de image
VPNCloud: Open-source peer-to-peer VPN written in rust (vpncloud.ddswd.de)

23. 亚马逊承认司机在瓶子里撒尿的问题致歉

static.reuters.com image
Amazon acknowledges issue of drivers urinating in bottles in apology (www.reuters.com)

24. 5.33亿Facebook用户的电话号码和个人资料已在网上泄露

i.insider.com image
533M Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online (www.businessinsider.com)

25. 船舶地图

www.shipmap.org image
ShipMap (www.shipmap.org)

26. 可变焦镜头,无任何活动部件

miro.medium.com image
Zoomable lens without any moving parts (medium.com)

27. Waymo的CEO约翰-克拉夫西克将离开。

1.bp.blogspot.com image
CEO of Waymo John Krafcik is leaving (blog.waymo.com)

28. GitHub调查滥用其服务器基础设施的加密采矿活动

therecord.media image
GitHub investigating crypto-mining campaign abusing its server infrastructure (therecord.media)

29. 手柄是更好的指向标(2018)

Handles are the better pointers (2018) (floooh.github.io)

30. 中国施压协和大学取消与维吾尔族活动人士的活动(2019)

i.cbc.ca image
China pressured Concordia University to cancel event with Uighur activist (2019) (www.cbc.ca)

31. 深度学习所需的矩阵微积分(2018)

static.arxiv.org image
The matrix calculus you need for deep learning (2018) (arxiv.org)

32. 挪威问题

hitchdev.com image
The Norway Problem (hitchdev.com)

33. 厌倦了Mac,我花了6个月的时间使用Linux笔记本电脑。

cfenollosa.com image
Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop (cfenollosa.com)

34. 很多免费软件都是免费的,就像钢琴一样

A lot of free software is free as in piano (twitter.com)

35. 内幕交易起诉书显示与彭博新闻社的独家新闻有关

www.cjr.org image
An insider-trading indictment shows ties to Bloomberg News scoops (www.cjr.org)

36. Windows 95 - 它今天看起来如何?

miro.medium.com image
Windows 95 – How Does It Look Today? (dmitryelj.medium.com)

37. Show HN: 显示HN:Grit--一个基于多平台的个人任务管理器。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Grit – a multitree-based personal task manager (github.com)

38. 以为打开TXT文件就可以的人想错了。

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Man who thought opening a TXT file is fine thought wrong (www.paulosyibelo.com)

39. 我买了ISO 8601-1:2019和8601-2:2019。

www.redditstatic.com image
I bought ISO 8601-1:2019 and 8601-2:2019 (www.reddit.com)

40. 为什么机器学习要与因果关系作斗争?

i0.wp.com image
Why machine learning struggles with causality (bdtechtalks.com)

41. 确保Postgres数据库的安全

goteleport.com image
Securing a Postgres Database (goteleport.com)

42. Show HN: 显示HN:本网站移动你的鼠标指针。

www.attejuvonen.fi image
This website moves your mouse cursor (www.attejuvonen.fi)

43. 第一颗高效蓝色LED的发明者赤崎勇去世了

cdn-japantimes.com image
Isamu Akasaki, inventor of first efficient blue LED, has died (www.japantimes.co.jp)

44. 国税局对小偷、毒贩、贪官的指导意见

files.taxfoundation.org image
IRS guidance for thieves, drug dealers, and corrupt officials (taxfoundation.org)

45. 在单个.c文件中的HTTP服务器

An HTTP server in a single .c file (unix4lyfe.org)

46. 白宫称核电应被视为清洁能源标准的一部分

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Nuclear should be considered part of clean energy standard, White House says (arstechnica.com)

47. 英国科维德医院近三分之一的患者在4个月内重新入院治疗。

i.guim.co.uk image
Almost third of UK Covid hospital patients readmitted within four months (www.theguardian.com)

48. 论Perl的衰落--外部因素

st.pimg.net image
On the Decline of Perl – external factors (www.nntp.perl.org)

49. 微软咖啡

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Microsoft Coffee (www.microsoftcoffee.org)

50. 本博客现在使用GPS/LTE调制解调器托管。

nns.ee image
This Blog is now hosted on a GPS/LTE modem (nns.ee)

51. 慢慢来,把事情做好

multithreaded.stitchfix.com image
Move Slow and Make Things (multithreaded.stitchfix.com)

52. OpenBSD 增加了对协调火星时间的支持

OpenBSD adds support for Coordinated Mars Time (marc.info)

53. 一次性的噪音

everynoise.com image
Every Noise at Once (everynoise.com)

54. Tmux可以让你用键盘选择和复制文本。

ianthehenry.com image
Tmux lets you select and copy text with your keyboard (ianthehenry.com)

55. Ask HN: 问HN:谁想被录用?(2021年4月)

Who wants to be hired? (April 2021) (news.ycombinator.com)

56. 大写字母和小写字母。

tom7.org image
Uppestcase and Lowestcase Letters (tom7.org)

57. 1亿帖子分析。你需要什么才能写出最好的标题

s31735.pcdn.co image
100M Posts Analyzed: What You Need to Write the Best Headlines (buzzsumo.com)

58. 缅甸下令关闭无线互联网,直到进一步通知:电信人士

s1.reutersmedia.net image
Myanmar orders wireless internet shutdown until further notice: telecoms sources (www.reuters.com)

59. OpenBSD 增加对协调火星时间 (MTC) 的支持。

OpenBSD Adds Support for Coordinated Mars Time (MTC) (marc.info)

60. MS Azure 宕机。正在调查一个新出现的问题

MS Azure down: An emerging issue is being investigated (status2.azure.com)

61. 54%的旧金山住宅位于今天不合法的建筑中

sfzoning.deapthoughts.com image
54% of San Francisco homes are in buildings that would be illegal to build today (sfzoning.deapthoughts.com)

62. 苹果macOS邮件存在零点击漏洞

miro.medium.com image
Zero click vulnerability in Apple’s macOS Mail (mikko-kenttala.medium.com)

63. OpenTTD 1.11.0

www.openttd.org image
OpenTTD 1.11.0 (www.openttd.org)

64. 为10年干杯

www.gravatar.com image
Cheers to 10 Years (blog.elementary.io)

65. 夏洛特签名

Signed Char Lotte (nickdrozd.github.io)

66. Ask HN: 问HN:你在哪里找到潜在客户来验证你的想法/MVP?

Where do you find potential customers to validate your idea / MVP? (news.ycombinator.com)

67. 从JDK 8到16的所有Java和JVM特性的分类列表。

advancedweb.hu image
A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 16 (advancedweb.hu)

68. 类别理论。订单

boris-marinov.github.io image
Category Theory: Orders (boris-marinov.github.io)

69. Ask HN: 问HN:谁在招聘?(2021年4月)

Who is hiring? (April 2021) (news.ycombinator.com)

70. 辉瑞最新数据91%有效,对南非变种有保护作用。

static.reuters.com image
Pfizer 91% effective in updated data, protective against South African variant (www.reuters.com)

71. Ask HN: 问HN:简单的基于Web的数据库前端的最佳低代码/无代码解决方案。

Best low-/no-code solution for simple web-based database frontends (news.ycombinator.com)

72. 阿拉伯之夜

dproofreaders.files.wordpress.com image
Arabian Nights (blog.pgdp.net)

73. 台积电取消芯片降价,承诺千亿投资大增。

www.ft.com image
TSMC cancels chip price cuts and promises $100B investment surge (asia.nikkei.com)

74. LineageOS 18.1

lineageos.org image
LineageOS 18.1 (lineageos.org)

75. 大苦湖协会

99percentinvisible.org image
Great Bitter Lake Association, the Sort-of-Micronation Formed in the Suez Canal (99percentinvisible.org)

76. Pro¹X:一款带有滑盖键盘的Linux智能手机。

www.fxtec.com image
Pro¹X: A Linux smartphone with slideout keyboard (www.fxtec.com)

77. 美国大学出现安全漏洞

Security Breach at US Universities (dorper.me)

78. OBS Studio现在可以支持Wayland采集了

www.phoronix.com image
OBS Studio Now Ready with Wayland Capture Support (www.phoronix.com)

79. 苹果不关心专辑封面设计

guilhermesimoes.github.io image
Apple doesn't care about album cover art (guilhermesimoes.github.io)

80. 谷歌正在加速重新开放办公室,并对远程工作进行限制。

image.cnbcfm.com image
Google is accelerating reopening of offices and putting limits on remote work (www.cnbc.com)

81. 德累斯顿大学最新的EmDrive测试显示,它不会产生任何推力。

www.grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de image
Latest EmDrive tests at Dresden University shows it does not develop any thrust (www.grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de)

82. 海滩高中

www2.cruzio.com image
Beach High School (www2.cruzio.com)

83. 关于针对安全研究人员的运动的最新情况

blog.google image
Update on campaign targeting security researchers (blog.google)

84. 苹果将在加州建设基于电池的太阳能储能项目

static.reuters.com image
Apple to build battery-based solar energy storage project in California (www.reuters.com)

85. 用新的信息和人工智能重新定义地图的功能。

storage.googleapis.com image
Redefining what a map can be with new information and AI (blog.google)

86. 描图纸(2020年)

images.ctfassets.net image
Tracing Paper (2020) (logicmag.io)

87. 65岁癌症诊断的跳跃性增长意味着患者在等待医疗保险的到来

med.stanford.edu image
Jump in cancer diagnoses at 65 implies patients wait for Medicare (med.stanford.edu)

88. YouTube删除不喜欢的人

YouTube to Remove Dislikes (twitter.com)

89. 我们用来筹集种子资金的卡牌

airbyte.io image
The deck we used to raise our seed funding (airbyte.io)

90. 数据不能做什么

media.newyorker.com image
What Data Can’t Do (www.newyorker.com)

91. 日立将以96亿美元收购美国软件开发商GlobalLogic。

static.reuters.com image
Hitachi to buy U.S. software developer GlobalLogic for $9.6B (www.reuters.com)

92. 微软与美国陆军赢得219亿美元合同,提供AR头盔。

static.reuters.com image
Microsoft wins $21.9B contract with U.S. Army to supply AR headsets (www.reuters.com)

93. 在洗手液中检测到苯

www.valisure.com image
Benzene detected in hand sanitizers (www.valisure.com)

94. 科学家创造出简单的合成细胞,可正常生长和分裂

www.nist.gov image
Scientists create simple synthetic cell that grows and divides normally (www.nist.gov)

95. 机器学习先驱说,别再把所有东西都叫AI了。

Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says (spectrum.ieee.org)

96. Git提交的PGP签名能证明什么?

people.kernel.org image
What does a PGP signature on a Git commit prove? (people.kernel.org)

97. 全面禁止加密货币的政治案例

The political case for a blanket cryptocurrency ban (www.stephendiehl.com)

98. 最新的Mozilla VPN功能

blog.mozilla.org image
Latest Mozilla VPN features (blog.mozilla.org)

99. 加拿大分发的面具有微型石墨烯潜在毒性

i.cbc.ca image
Masks distributed in Canada with microscopic graphene potentially toxic (www.cbc.ca)

100. 社交媒体成瘾与网络欺凌有关

news.uga.edu image
Social media addiction linked to cyberbullying (news.uga.edu)

101. 图灵奖授予Aho和Ullman,表彰他们在编译器方面的工作

static01.nyt.com image
Turing Award to Aho and Ullman for work on compilers (www.nytimes.com)

102. Ask HN: 问HN:我已经意识到自己是个糟糕的软件工程师,而且我已经超过30岁了,接下来该怎么办?

I've realized I'm a bad software engineer and I'm over 30, what's next? (news.ycombinator.com)

103. 安卓新的蓝牙协议栈重写(Gabeldorsh)是用Rust写的

www.gstatic.com image
Android's new Bluetooth stack rewrite (Gabeldorsh) is written with Rust (android.googlesource.com)

104. 崇高的文字4 [视频]

i.vimeocdn.com image
Sublime Text 4 [video] (vimeo.com)

105. 热门歌曲作者要求流行歌星不要再为自己没有写的歌曲邀功了

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Hit songwriters ask pop stars to stop taking credit for songs they didn't write (www.bbc.co.uk)

106. 如何使用和不使用Rails库来构建Web应用?

cdn.shopify.com image
How to Build a Web App with and Without Rails Libraries (shopify.engineering)

107. Libreboot - 为Richard Stallman辩护!

web.archive.org image
Libreboot – Defend Richard Stallman! (libreboot.org)

108. 苹果与专制政府的合作

www.jessesquires.com image
Apple's Cooperation with Authoritarian Governments (www.jessesquires.com)

109. 德国联系人追踪应用侵犯版权

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Copyright infringement by German contact tracing app (github.com)

110. UP:一个用于编写Linux管道的工具,具有即时的实时预览功能。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
UP: A tool for writing Linux pipes with instant live preview (github.com)

111. 波音737-8 MAX报告俯仰微调问题或故障,并退回原产地。

avherald.com image
Boeing 737-8 MAX reported a pitch trim issue or failure and returned origin (avherald.com)

112. 创业烧钱1000万后,我学到了什么?

What I learnt after burning $10M as an entrepreneur (twitter.com)

113. 利用其抗体抑制基因可导致牙齿生长:动物研究

Suppressing a gene by using its antibody can lead to tooth growth: animal study (www.u-fukui.ac.jp)

114. EC2 串行控制台

d2908q01vomqb2.cloudfront.net image
EC2 Serial Console (aws.amazon.com)

115. 拨号的声音,图为(2012年)

2.bp.blogspot.com image
The sound of the dialup, pictured (2012) (www.windytan.com)

116. 今晚看卫星

james.darpinian.com image
See a Satellite Tonight (james.darpinian.com)

117. BBC: 反对中国的代价(维吾尔族)

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
BBC: The cost of speaking up against China (Uyghurs) (www.bbc.com)

118. 消息人士:大众汽车不会更改美国业务名称

static.reuters.com image
Volkswagen will not change name of U.S. operations: sources (www.reuters.com)

119. 网络匿名指南》搭车人的指南

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity (anonymousplanet.org)

120. 没有ZooKeeper的Kafka

cdn.confluent.io image
Kafka without ZooKeeper (www.confluent.io)

121. Arm宣布Armv9架构。SVE2、安全和下一个十年

images.anandtech.com image
Arm Announces Armv9 Architecture: SVE2, Security, and the Next Decade (www.anandtech.com)

122. Goolgle从安卓设备上收集的遥测数据比苹果从iOS上收集的遥测数据多20倍。

therecord.media image
Goolgle collects 20X more telemetry from Android devices than Apple from iOS (therecord.media)

123. 日本樱花 "有记录以来最早的高峰期

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Japan's cherry blossom 'earliest peak since records began' (www.bbc.com)

124. 亚马逊在工会投票中安装摄像头观看计票的努力失败。

image.cnbcfm.com image
Amazon loses effort to install camera to watch counting of ballots in union vote (www.cnbc.com)

125. 让我们固定字体大小

tonsky.me image
Let’s fix font size (tonsky.me)

126. 举报人。Ubiquiti公司的违规行为是 "灾难性的"

krebsonsecurity.com image
Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic” (krebsonsecurity.com)

127. "假 "亚马逊员工在Twitter上为公司辩护

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
'Fake' Amazon workers defend company on Twitter (www.bbc.com)

128. 苹果全球开发者大会又以全线上形式举行了

www.apple.com image
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is back in its all-online format (www.apple.com)

129. 美国大众汽车公司

media.vw.com image
Voltswagen of America (media.vw.com)

130. 无质量 "储能的突破性进展

www.chalmers.se image
Breakthrough for ‘massless’ energy storage (www.chalmers.se)

131. PayPal推出加密结账服务

static.reuters.com image
PayPal launches crypto checkout service (www.reuters.com)

132. Unsplash被Getty Images收购。

unsplash.com image
Unsplash is being acquired by Getty Images (unsplash.com)

133. 英特尔将斥资200亿美元在亚利桑那州新建两家芯片工厂。

static01.nyt.com image
Intel to spend $20B on two new chip factories in Arizona (www.nytimes.com)

134. Git邮件流VS GitHub流

blog.brixit.nl image
Git email flow vs. GitHub flow (blog.brixit.nl)

135. 冰激凌。在Python中再也不用print()来调试了。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Icecream: Never use print() to debug again in Python (github.com)

136. Innernet:开源的基于Rust的Tailscale替代方案。

blog.tonari.no image
Innernet: open source Rust based Tailscale alternative (blog.tonari.no)

137. FreeBSD 核心团队关于 FreeBSD 开发流程的声明

FreeBSD Core Team Statement on FreeBSD Development Processes (lists.freebsd.org)

138. 十面埋伏的结局和我从中得到的启示

1.bp.blogspot.com image
The end of TenFourFox and what I've learned from it (tenfourfox.blogspot.com)

139. AT&T游说全国光纤,称10Mbps上传就够了

cdn.arstechnica.net image
AT&T lobbies against nationwide fiber, says 10Mbps uploads are good enough (arstechnica.com)

140. React和D3.js

React and D3.js (wattenberger.com)

141. 通过SSH的VPN?Socks代理服务器

miro.medium.com image
VPN over SSH? The Socks Proxy (blog.gwlab.page)

142. 工作高峰和职业衰退

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Work peak and professional decline (www.theatlantic.com)

143. Ubiquiti开始在其管理界面上提供广告服务。

Ubiquiti starts serving ads in their management interface (twitter.com)

144. 哥德尔、埃舍尔、巴赫的回顾(1996年) [pdf]

Retrospective review of Gödel, Escher, Bach (1996) [pdf] (cs.nyu.edu)

145. Moderna mRNA序列发布到GitHub [pdf] 。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Moderna mRNA sequence released to GitHub [pdf] (github.com)

146. 波士顿动力公司推出Stretch,这是一款专为在仓库中移动箱子而设计的机器人。

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Boston Dynamics unveils Stretch, a robot designed to move boxes in warehouses (www.theverge.com)

147. 低DNS TTLs的问题

00f.net image
Problems with low DNS TTLs (00f.net)

148. 你好,HPy

hpyproject.org image
Hello, HPy (hpyproject.org)

149. USB 3.0* 对2.4 GHz设备的射频干扰

www.intel.com image
USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference on 2.4 GHz Devices (www.intel.com)

150. Show HN: 显示HN:一个开源的,可自我托管的Heroku和Netlify的替代品。

cdn.coollabs.io image
An open-source, self-hostable Heroku and Netlify alternative (coollabs.io)

151. Numi。美丽的计算器应用程序的Mac

numi.app image
Numi. Beautiful calculator app for Mac (numi.app)

152. Visa采取行动允许使用加密货币进行支付结算

static.reuters.com image
Visa moves to allow payment settlements using cryptocurrency (www.reuters.com)

153. &&操作链(和-|,可能)会产生不可优化的LLVM IR。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
&& operator chains (and –|, possibly) generates unoptimizable LLVM IR (github.com)

154. Show HN: 出示HN:我写了一个程序,把一行行文字转换成树状物

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
I wrote a program to convert lines of text into trees (github.com)

155. 罗纳德-里根开除11359名空管员

www.history.com image
Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 air-traffic controllers (1981) (www.history.com)

156. 盖洛普 美国教会成员首次跌至50%以下

images.axios.com image
Gallup: U.S. church membership dips below 50% for first time (www.axios.com)

157. 如何批评计算机科学家(2001年)

How to Criticize Computer Scientists (2001) (www.cs.purdue.edu)

158. 苏伊士运河再次获得自由

static.reuters.com image
Suez canal is free again (www.reuters.com)

159. FicusJS

FicusJS (docs.ficusjs.org)

160. 德诺公司

deno.com image
The Deno Company (deno.com)

161. 巨型船舶来回移动以打破吸力。苏伊士运河最新情况

Giant Ship Is Moved To and Fro to Break Suction: Suez Update (www.bloomberg.com)

162. PHP的Git服务器被入侵,转移到GitHub上。

php.net image
PHP's Git server compromised, moving to GitHub (news-web.php.net)

163. 实际OSI模型

The Actual OSI Model (computer.rip)

164. Collabora Office。LibreOffice的企业版

www.collaboraoffice.com image
Collabora Office: The enterprise-ready edition of LibreOffice (www.collaboraoffice.com)

165. 纽约时报的Robots.txt有一篇1996年的新闻文章,特别排除了以下内容

Robots.txt for the NYT has a specific exclusion for an 1996 news article (twitter.com)

166. 大家都想做模型的工作,而不是数据的工作[pdf]。

Everyone wants to do the model work, not the data work [pdf] (storage.googleapis.com)

167. 文本到图像生成

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Text to Image Generation (github.com)

168. 无处不在的永远给予

cdn.glitch.com image
Ever Given Everywhere (evergiven-everywhere.glitch.me)

169. 不,我没有黑你的MS Exchange服务器。

krebsonsecurity.com image
No, I did not hack your MS Exchange server (krebsonsecurity.com)

170. Git提交邮件字段中的终端转义序列

Terminal escape sequences in Git commit email field (twitter.com)

171. 对付雪佛龙的律师--现在是他被软禁的第600天。

i.guim.co.uk image
The lawyer who took on Chevron – and now marks his 600th day under house arrest (www.theguardian.com)

172. 比特币作为一种电池

www.nickgrossman.xyz image
Bitcoin as a Battery (www.nickgrossman.xyz)

173. 美国媒体是如何失去公众信任的?

i.cbc.ca image
How U.S. media lost the trust of the public (www.cbc.ca)

174. Ada for the C++ and Java Developer [pdf]。

Ada for the C++ and Java Developer [pdf] (learn.adacore.com)

175. 被人遗忘的中世纪水果,名字很俗气。

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
The forgotten medieval fruit with a vulgar name (www.bbc.com)

176. 班克斯(Iain M. Banks)的模糊乌托邦(2009)。

www.thenewatlantis.com image
The Ambiguous Utopia of Iain M. Banks (2009) (www.thenewatlantis.com)

177. 开发者工具可以有魔力,但反而会收集灰尘

lh4.googleusercontent.com image
Developer tools can be magic but instead collect dust (www.pathsensitive.com)

178. 当你的无人机飞入火山时会发生什么?

petapixel.com image
This is What Happens When You Fly a Drone Into a Volcano (petapixel.com)

179. 愤怒成瘾正在毁掉你的生活

miro.medium.com image
Addiction to Outrage Is Ruining Your Life (medium.com)

180. 女性创始人的秘密。男人们哗啦啦地来了

femfosec.com image
Female Founder Secrets: Men Clamming Up (femfosec.com)

181. 新研究发现,运动前喝浓咖啡可增加脂肪燃烧量

i2.wp.com image
Drinking strong coffee before exercising increases fat-burning, new study finds (canal.ugr.es)

182. 新的5G协议漏洞允许位置跟踪

therecord.media image
New 5G protocol vulnerabilities allow location tracking (therecord.media)

183. 我做了一份电子墨水报纸

gregraiz.com image
I made an eInk newspaper (gregraiz.com)

184. 练琴软件的进步很大

jacquesmattheij.com image
Lots of progress on the piano practice software (jacquesmattheij.com)

185. 亚马逊司机因送货车辆中的AI动力安全摄像头而辞职

i.insider.com image
Amazon driver quits over AI-powered safety cameras in delivery vehicles (www.businessinsider.com)

186. 软件设计的形式化方法》在线课程,Eric Hehner 著。

Formal Methods of Software Design an Online Course by Eric Hehner (www.cs.utoronto.ca)