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E Ink平板电脑和记事本的崛起:reMarkable 2 vs Onyx Boox Note Air

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2021 年 第 24 周归档(06.14 - 06.21)

1. 在一个学期内带领学生从原理图到硅片(2018) [pdf]

Taking students from schematic to silicon in one semester (2018) [pdf] (people.eecs.berkeley.edu)

2. 突破iOS界限的应用之家。无需越狱

altstore.io image
A home for apps that push the boundaries of iOS. No jailbreak required (altstore.io)

3. 在加入亚马逊之前要考虑清楚

leetcode.com image
Think before you join Amazon (leetcode.com)

4. 有可能是1200年来最严重的干旱":科学家谈美国热浪

i.guim.co.uk image
‘Potentially the worst drought in 1,200 years’: scientists on the US heatwave (www.theguardian.com)

5. 盒子里的互联网

internet-in-a-box.org image
Internet in a Box (internet-in-a-box.org)

6. Show HN: 显示HN:黑客新闻--股票新闻,来自40多个来源

dkofva0t6jnyn.cloudfront.net image
Hacker News-ish stock news, from 40+ sources (steez.news)

7. 我是如何发现入侵iCloud账户的漏洞以及苹果如何应对的?

thezerohack.com image
How I Found a Vulnerability to Hack iCloud Accounts and How Apple Reacted to It (thezerohack.com)

8. 税收是为小市民服务的

i1.wp.com image
Taxes Are for the Little People (pluralistic.net)

9. Renoise - 一个具有类似跟踪器界面的DAW

www.renoise.com image
Renoise – A DAW with a tracker-like interface (www.renoise.com)

10. 新发现的Vigilante恶意软件将软件盗版者排除在外并阻止他们

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Newly discovered Vigilante malware outs software pirates and blocks them (arstechnica.com)

11. 库伯佩迪,澳大利亚的采矿镇,居民生活在地下(2020年)。

i.insider.com image
Coober Pedy, the Australian mining town where residents live underground (2020) (www.businessinsider.com)

12. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你在职业生涯的早期犯了什么巨大的错误?

What huge mistake did you make early in your career? (news.ycombinator.com)

13. '安息吧,约翰。我很幸运能如此深入地了解你

peewee.com image
'Rest In Peace, John. I was lucky to know you so deeply' (peewee.com)

14. 卡苏-马尔祖

upload.wikimedia.org image
Casu Martzu (en.wikipedia.org)

15. 伊维菌素用于预防和治疗Covid-19感染

images.journals.lww.com image
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of Covid-19 Infection (journals.lww.com)

16. 数学家欢迎 "大统一 "理论中的计算机辅助证明

media.nature.com image
Mathematicians welcome computer-assisted proof in ‘grand unification’ theory (www.nature.com)

17. 我是Peter Roberts,移民律师,为YC初创企业做工作。AMA

I'm Peter Roberts, immigration attorney who does work for YC startups. AMA (news.ycombinator.com)

18. 美国参议员提议为半导体制造业提供25%的税收优惠

static.reuters.com image
U.S. senators propose 25% tax credit for semiconductor manufacturing (www.reuters.com)

19. 推出HN:刺猬(YC S21) - 加密货币投资组合经理

Launch HN: Hedgehog (YC S21) – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager (news.ycombinator.com)

20. 你的谷歌账户出现不需要的更新

robole.github.io image
An unwanted update to your Google Account (roboleary.net)

21. 幽灵缓解措施谋杀用户空间性能

resources.blogblog.com image
Spectre Mitigations Murder Userspace Performance (robert.ocallahan.org)

22. 2021年旧金山湾区的公立学校教师生活

adamcadre.ac image
Life as a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2021 (adamcadre.ac)

23. 北卡罗来纳州告诉退休工程师他不能谈论工程问题

ij.org image
North Carolina tells retired engineer he can't talk about engineering (ij.org)

24. Mac OS上的Safari 15,用户界面混乱

morrick.me image
Safari 15 on Mac OS, a user interface mess (morrick.me)

25. 黑匣子的发明者被告知要放弃这个想法

The inventor of the black box was told to drop the idea (spectrum.ieee.org)

26. 最小可行的自我

cdn.substack.com image
Minimum Viable Self (kneelingbus.substack.com)

27. 在Windows 11中至少有10种不同的微软设计惯例

preview.redd.it image
There are at least 10 different Microsoft design conventions in Windows 11 (old.reddit.com)

28. 编程可以从冯-诺伊曼风格中解放出来吗?(1978)

dl.acm.org image
Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style? (1978) (dl.acm.org)

29. 麦迪 可组合的一体式邮件服务器

Maddy: Composable all-in-one mail server (maddy.email)

30. 谷歌和马萨诸塞州在未经同意或通知的情况下安装了一个应用程序

play-lh.googleusercontent.com image
Google and Massachusetts have installed an app without consent or notification (play.google.com)

31. 人用雷帕霉素的长寿临床试验开始了

www.lifespan.io image
Human Rapamycin Longevity Clinical Trials Begin (www.lifespan.io)

32. 窗户的状态。Windows 10中有多少层不一致的用户界面?

ntdotdev.files.wordpress.com image
State of the Windows: How many layers of UI inconsistencies are in Windows 10? (ntdotdev.wordpress.com)

33. 困难的美国青少年在严酷的爱的训练营中留下了心理创伤

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Troubled US teens left traumatised by tough love camps (www.bbc.com)

34. 韦克尔树

vitalik.ca image
Verkle Trees (vitalik.ca)

35. 猫叫声。一个公开可用的猫咪发声数据集

zenodo.org image
CatMeows: A Publicly-Available Dataset of Cat Vocalizations (zenodo.org)

36. 看来Reddit正在强迫我使用他们的应用程序来查看深度链接的内容

It appears that Reddit is forcing me to use their app to see deep linked content (twitter.com)

37. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你找到了一个好的办公椅吗?

Have you found a good desk chair? (news.ycombinator.com)

38. 火星直升机采用先进的控制技术在飞行中的异常情况下生存下来

control.com image
Mars helicopter employs advanced control techniques to survive in-flight anomaly (control.com)

39. 我知道静心的秘诀,但希望我从未学过它

cdn.theatlantic.com image
I know the secret to the quiet mind but wish I’d never learned it (www.theatlantic.com)

40. AMD与英特尔CPU市场份额的对比

www.cpubenchmark.net image
AMD vs. Intel CPU Market Share (www.cpubenchmark.net)

41. SNES - 超级马里奥世界宽屏版

opengraph.githubassets.com image
SNES – Super Mario World Widescreen (github.com)

42. ZFS的粉丝们,欢呼吧--RAIDz的扩展即将成为现实

cdn.arstechnica.net image
ZFS fans, rejoice – RAIDz expansion will be a thing soon (arstechnica.com)

43. 俄勒冈州已将人体堆肥合法化

video-images.vice.com image
Oregon Has Legalized Human Composting (www.vice.com)

44. .NET 6预览5

user-images.githubusercontent.com image
.NET 6 Preview 5 (devblogs.microsoft.com)

45. 多个地方新闻台逐字逐句地说着同样的话[视频]

Multiple local news stations say the same thing verbatim [video] (www.youtube.com)

46. 叙利亚与考试有关的互联网关闭

blog.cloudflare.com image
Syria’s exam-related Internet shutdowns (blog.cloudflare.com)

47. Hasura GraphQL引擎和SQL服务器

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Hasura GraphQL Engine and SQL Server (github.com)

48. 团队中没有 "我们"。

secure.gravatar.com image
There is no “us” in team (www.sicpers.info)

49. 南极洲麦克默多站的核动力

large.stanford.edu image
Nuclear Power at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (large.stanford.edu)

50. 80%支付了赎金的机构再次受到冲击

venturebeat.com image
80% of orgs that paid the ransom were hit again (venturebeat.com)

51. 亚马逊的人力资源失败

cdn.substack.com image
Amazon’s HR Failures (amazonchronicles.substack.com)

52. 街道完整。易于使用的OpenStreetMap数据编辑器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
StreetComplete: Easy to use editor of OpenStreetMap data (github.com)

53. 我的公寓里有多少只苍蝇?

saml98.github.io image
How many flies are in my apartment? (saml98.github.io)

54. 你的产品是个笑话:从即兴表演中吸取教训,打造更好的产品

www.eesel.app image
Your product is a joke: lessons from improv to build better product (www.eesel.app)

55. 勇敢的,虚假的隐私感觉

ebin.city image
Brave, the false sensation of privacy (ebin.city)

56. 来自Factorio团队的TDD

cdn.factorio.com image
TDD from the Factorio Team (factorio.com)

57. 虚拟现实广告进入Facebook的Oculus头盔

www.reuters.com image
Virtual reality ads make their way to Facebook's Oculus headsets (www.reuters.com)

58. 通用融合将在英国建立示范工厂

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
General Fusion to build demonstration plant in UK (www.bbc.co.uk)

59. 让异步Rust更容易的六种方法

carllerche.com image
Six ways to make async Rust easier (carllerche.com)

60. ǞǞǞ

opengraph.githubassets.com image
DenoDB (github.com)

61. 内部竞争往往可能是最危险的一种

cdn.substack.com image
Internal competition can often be the most dangerous kind (madned.substack.com)

62. Notion如何将自己从失败的边缘拉回来(2019年)。

cdn.sanity.io image
How Notion pulled itself back from the brink of failure (2019) (www.figma.com)

63. 生物化学途径图

Biochemical Pathway Maps (biochemical-pathways.com)

64. 亚马逊的文件文化

justingarrison.com image
The Document Culture of Amazon (www.justingarrison.com)

65. 关于抑郁症和创始人

cdn.substack.com image
On Depression and Founders (startupstrats.substack.com)

66. 将SHA-256哈希值表示为头像

francoisbest.com image
Representing SHA-256 Hashes as Avatars (francoisbest.com)

67. 香港《苹果日报》因国家安全法被500名官员突击检查

www.reuters.com image
HK's Apple Daily raided by 500 officers over national security law (www.reuters.com)

68. HBO Max不小心给很多人发了一封集成测试邮件

HBO Max accidentally sent a Integration Test email to many people (twitter.com)

69. 道歉

Apology (felleisen.org)

70. 有机地图。为旅行者、游客、徒步旅行者提供的安卓和iOS离线地图应用

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Organicmaps: Android and iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers (github.com)

71. Neo4j获得3.25亿美元的F轮融资

dist.neo4j.com image
Neo4j raises $325M series F (neo4j.com)

72. 美国联储在每日逆回购操作中接受了7560亿美元

s1.reutersmedia.net image
U.S. Fed accepts $756B in daily reverse repo operation (www.reuters.com)

73. CaribouLite。将任何40针的Raspberry-Pi变成一个Tx/Rx 6GHz的SDR

opengraph.githubassets.com image
CaribouLite: Turn any 40-pin Raspberry-Pi into a Tx/Rx 6GHz SDR (github.com)

74. Gleam 0.16编译成了JavaScript

gleam.run image
Gleam 0.16 compiles to JavaScript (gleam.run)

75. 对Triplebyte的反思

assets.website-files.com image
Rethinking Triplebyte (triplebyte.com)

76. 吹风机事件 (2014)

s0.wp.com image
The Hair Dryer Incident (2014) (quotulatiousness.ca)

77. 经过50年的毒品战争,"它对我们有什么好处?

After 50 Years of the War on Drugs, 'What Good Is It Doing for Us?' (text.npr.org)

78. 亚马逊将把开发收入从30%减少到20%,并给予10%的AWS信贷。

www.aftvnews.com image
Amazon will reduce dev. revenue cut from 30% to 20% and give 10% in AWS Credit (www.aftvnews.com)

79. 在阿根廷,政府发放的廉价上网本引发了一场音乐文艺复兴

149346090.v2.pressablecdn.com image
In Argentina, cheap government-issued netbooks sparked a musical Renaissance (restofworld.org)

80. 我写了一本儿童读物/Apache Kafka的图解指南

www.gentlydownthe.stream image
I wrote a children's book / illustrated guide to Apache Kafka (gentlydownthe.stream)

81. IRON稳定币的崩溃

miro.medium.com image
The collapse of the IRON stable coin (irony-97882.medium.com)

82. Io_uring不是一个事件系统

despairlabs.com image
Io_uring is not an event system (despairlabs.com)

83. Rust 1.53

www.rust-lang.org image
Rust 1.53 (blog.rust-lang.org)

84. 瓦斯默2.0

wasmer.io image
Wasmer 2.0 (wasmer.io)

85. 如何成为一个糟糕的开发者

rafaelquintanilha.com image
How to Become a Bad Developer (rafaelquintanilha.com)

86. 启动你自己的ISP

startyourownisp.com image
Start Your Own ISP (startyourownisp.com)

87. IPO中会发生什么?- 初学者的指南

cdn.substack.com image
What happens in an IPO? – A beginner's guide (www.simplanations.in)

88. 俄亥俄州共和党人接近于对市政宽带实施近乎全面的禁令

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Ohio Republicans close to imposing near-total ban on municipal broadband (arstechnica.com)

89. 凉爽的URI不会改变 (1998)

www.w3.org image
Cool URIs don't change (1998) (www.w3.org)

90. 微软Ubuntu软件库因空间问题而损坏

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Microsoft Ubuntu repositories are broken because of space issues (github.com)

91. Show HN: 展示HN:GraphCDN,具有边缘缓存和分析功能的GraphQL CDN

graphcdn.io image
GraphCDN, the GraphQL CDN with edge caching and analytics (graphcdn.io)

92. 1931: 库尔特-哥德尔展示了数学、逻辑、计算、人工智能的极限

people.idsia.ch image
1931: Kurt Gödel shows limits of math, logic, computing, AI (people.idsia.ch)

93. 在macOS Monterey中已经删除了PHP。

PHP has been removed in macOS Monterey (developer.apple.com)

94. 用Python编写的Python编译器,用于制作独立的可执行文件

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Python compiler written in Python to make standalone executables (github.com)

95. Stripe阅读器

images.ctfassets.net image
Stripe Reader (stripe.com)

96. 沙特阿拉伯因青少年抗议活动而处决穆斯塔法-达尔维什

reprieve.org image
Saudi Arabia executes Mustafa al-Darwish for teenage protests (reprieve.org)

97. 如何提高自尊心和停止拖延行为

How to Boost Self Esteem and Stop Procrastinating (neuralshifter.com)

98. 使用视图在Postgres中进行零停机模式迁移

Zero-downtime schema migrations in Postgres using views (fabianlindfors.se)

99. 迈尔斯-戴维斯初学者指南》(A Beginner's Guide to Miles Davis

samenright.files.wordpress.com image
A Beginner’s Guide to Miles Davis (samenright.com)

100. 作为QEMU MicroVMs执行Docker容器

mergeboard.com image
Execute Docker Containers as QEMU MicroVMs (mergeboard.com)

101. 熊加雪花等于北极熊

andysalerno.com image
Bear plus snowflake equals polar bear (andysalerno.com)

102. 日本微软公司表示,4天工作周将工人的生产力提高了40%。

media.npr.org image
4-day workweek boosted workers' productivity by 40%, Microsoft Japan says (www.npr.org)

103. 史上被复制最多的StackOverflow片段有缺陷(2019年

programming.guide image
The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed (2019) (programming.guide)

104. Facebook将开始在Oculus Quest应用中投放广告

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Facebook will start putting ads in Oculus Quest apps (www.theverge.com)

105. 像变形金刚一样思考问题

static.arxiv.org image
Thinking Like Transformers (arxiv.org)

106. 法律专家称Tether和Binance Coin可能是SEC诉讼的对象

cryptoslate.com image
Legal expert says Tether and Binance Coin are likely picks for SEC lawsuit (cryptoslate.com)

107. PyWhat: 识别任何东西

opengraph.githubassets.com image
PyWhat: Identify Anything (github.com)

108. 孩子们也需要自由

cdn.substack.com image
Kids need freedom, too (www.persuasion.community)

109. 一个人如何被一个顶级网络犯罪团伙雇佣?

krebsonsecurity.com image
How does one get hired by a top cybercrime gang? (krebsonsecurity.com)

110. Wayfinder - 浏览器中的轻松 "艺术游戏"。

wayfinder.nfb.ca image
Wayfinder – a relaxing 'art game' in the browser (wayfinder.nfb.ca)

111. 致命的自主武器是存在的;它们必须被禁止。

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Exist; They Must Be Banned (spectrum.ieee.org)

112. 为什么我不再向Racket投稿

Why I no longer contribute to Racket (beautifulracket.com)

113. 硅谷内幕交易团伙中的六人被起诉

www.sec.gov image
Six charged in Silicon Valley insider trading ring (www.sec.gov)

114. 银河系定居的视觉化

www.centauri-dreams.org image
A Visualization of Galactic Settlement (www.centauri-dreams.org)

115. 对GPRS加密算法GEA-1的加密分析表明存在故意的弱点

Cryptanalysis of GPRS Encryption Algorithms GEA-1 suggest intentional weakness (eprint.iacr.org)

116. DuckDuckGo试图证明在线隐私是可能的

media.wired.com image
DuckDuckGo’s Quest to Prove Online Privacy Is Possible (www.wired.com)

117. 如果你认为心理科学很糟糕,想象一下1999年的情况有多糟糕

If you think psychological science is bad, imagine how bad it was in 1999 (statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu)

118. EFF浏览器追踪器模拟器

coveryourtracks.eff.org image
EFF Browser Tracker Simulator (firstpartysimulator.org)

119. 规模化的不可靠

1.bp.blogspot.com image
Unreliability at Scale (blog.dshr.org)

120. 苹果的iCloud+"VPN"

Apple's iCloud+ “VPN” (www.metzdowd.com)

121. 新的浏览器信号可能使cookie横幅广告过时

www.dataprotectioncontrol.org image
New browser signal could make cookie banners obsolete (www.dataprotectioncontrol.org)

122. 研究人员担心出现智能音箱为睡眠者提供潜意识广告的情况

www.sciencemag.org image
Researchers fear a scenario in which smart speakers feed sleepers subliminal ads (www.sciencemag.org)

123. 一个男孩,他的大脑,和一个长达数十年的医学争论

media.wired.com image
A boy, his brain, and a decades-long medical controversy (www.wired.com)

124. 一个能创造出永无止境的铅笔的削笔器 (2015)

www.spoon-tamago.com image
A pencil sharpener that creates a never-ending pencil (2015) (www.spoon-tamago.com)

125. 午夜高潮行动:中情局如何给旧金山市民服用迷幻药(2012年)。

www.sfweekly.com image
Operation Midnight Climax: How the CIA Dosed S.F. Citizens with LSD (2012) (www.sfweekly.com)

126. 关于代码中的评论

henrikwarne1.files.wordpress.com image
On Comments in Code (henrikwarne.com)

127. GitHub - nushell/nushell。一种新型的shell

opengraph.githubassets.com image
GitHub – nushell/nushell: A new type of shell (github.com)

128. 大科技批评家Lina Khan将领导FTC

media.npr.org image
Lina Khan, Big Tech Critic, Will Lead the FTC (www.npr.org)

129. 亚马逊S3悄悄地取消了对BitTorrent的支持

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Amazon S3 quietly deprecates BitTorrent support (github.com)

130. 约翰尼-诺克斯维尔的最后一场竞技表演

media.gq.com image
Johnny Knoxville’s Last Rodeo (www.gq.com)

131. 西南航空在巨大的电脑故障中停运整个机队

i2.wp.com image
Southwest Airlines grounds its entire fleet amid giant computer outage (nypost.com)

132. 美国国立卫生研究院的研究提供了美国早期SARS-CoV-2感染的新证据。

www.nih.gov image
NIH study offers new evidence of early SARS-CoV-2 infections in U.S. (www.nih.gov)

133. Show HN: 展示HN:影响,一个受围棋启发的1分钟棋盘游戏

cintrest.com image
Influence, a Go-inspired 1-minute board game (cintrest.com)

134. 完成你的事情 (2015)

Finish Your Stuff (2015) (250bpm.com)

135. Airbnb正花费数百万美元使恶梦不再发生

Airbnb Is Spending Millions of Dollars to Make Nightmares Go Away (www.bloomberg.com)

136. 700个HTTP状态代码的RFC

opengraph.githubassets.com image
RFC for 700 HTTP Status Codes (github.com)

137. 不要只是缩短你的URL,要让它变得可疑和可怕 (2010)

www.shadyurl.com image
Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening (2010) (shadyurl.com)

138. 我们不再对轻微犯罪故事中的嫌疑人进行命名

blog.ap.org image
We’re no longer naming suspects in minor crime stories (blog.ap.org)

139. 参议院一致批准将六一节定为公共假日的法案

media.npr.org image
Senate Unanimously Approves a Bill to Make Juneteenth a Public Holiday (www.npr.org)

140. Utopia,React的可视化设计工具,以代码为真理之源

Utopia, a visual design tool for React, with code as the source of truth (utopia.app)

141. 草创公司。价值210亿美元的SPAC打赌它可以隐藏其黑市业务

hindenburgresearch.com image
DraftKings: A $21B SPAC Betting It Can Hide Its Black Market Operations (hindenburgresearch.com)

142. 为什么虫子会觉得 "不可能"

Why bugs might feel “impossible” (jvns.ca)

143. Emacs爱情故事》 作者:sdp

Emacs Love Tale by sdp (emacs.love)

144. 盖洛普的新报告发现,美国工人是世界上压力最大的国家之一

image.cnbcfm.com image
U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world, new Gallup report finds (www.cnbc.com)

145. 我们在做快速资助时学到的东西

future.a16z.com image
What We Learned Doing Fast Grants (future.com)

146. 中情局暴行年表 (1993)

www.huppi.com image
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities (1993) (www.huppi.com)

147. 88x31 GIF集锦

cyber.dabamos.de image
The 88x31 GIF Collection (cyber.dabamos.de)

148. 新操作系统亮相,Windows 10将于2025年退役

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils (www.bbc.com)

149. 我如何选择我的接入点不使用谷歌定位服务?

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
How do I opt my access point out of Google Location services? (support.google.com)

150. 理查德-费曼的积分诀窍

miro.medium.com image
Richard Feynman’s Integral Trick (www.cantorsparadise.com)

151. Next.js 11

nextjs.org image
Next.js 11 (nextjs.org)

152. 棒球的肮脏小秘密被曝光--我们决定进行实验

assets-cms.thescore.com image
Baseball's dirty little secret is out – we decided to experiment (www.thescore.com)

153. 大多数医院没有遵守价格透明规则

images.axios.com image
Most hospitals aren't complying with price transparency rule (www.axios.com)

154. 亚马逊正在阻挠谷歌的FLoC

digiday.com image
Amazon is blocking Google’s FLoC (digiday.com)

155. 欧洲的软件问题

berthub.eu image
Europe's Software Problem (berthub.eu)

156. Cue,一种开源的数据验证语言

Cue, an open-source data validation language (cuelang.org)

157. Ask HN: Ask HN: 成人多动症的诊断对你有什么帮助?

How did an adult ADHD diagnosis help you? (news.ycombinator.com)

158. 欧盟法院支持国家数据监督机构的权力,对Facebook和大型科技公司造成打击

www.reuters.com image
EU court backs national data watchdog powers in blow to Facebook, big tech (www.reuters.com)

159. 调查显示人们不再相信努力工作会带来更好的生活

res.cloudinary.com image
Survey shows people no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life (insidermag.net)

160. E Ink平板电脑和记事本的崛起:reMarkable 2 vs Onyx Boox Note Air

www.hanselman.com image
The rise of E Ink Tablets and Note Takers: reMarkable 2 vs Onyx Boox Note Air (www.hanselman.com)

161. 在最新的Safari浏览器中,IndexedDB被完全破坏了

IndexedDB is completely broken in latest Safari (twitter.com)

162. 我在公共图书馆教授Raspberry Pi 400上的Python。

opensource.com image
I teach Python on the Raspberry Pi 400 at the public library (opensource.com)

163. 完全同态加密(FHE)

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) (github.com)

164. 带有 "内存对开 "的Linux:编译内核时性能提升7%。

Linux with “memory folios”: a 7% performance boost when compiling the kernel (lore.kernel.org)

165. 美国最高法院重启LinkedIn屏蔽个人数据的申请

www.reuters.com image
U.S. Supreme Court revives LinkedIn bid to shield personal data (www.reuters.com)

166. 你可以合法地获得并免费运行WordPerfect。

l-files.livejournal.net image
You can legally get and run WordPerfect for free (liam-on-linux.livejournal.com)

167. 大学成立了一家看起来很像专利巨头的公司

www.eff.org image
Universities have formed a company that looks a lot like a patent troll (www.eff.org)

168. 避免新闻,第二部分:股票市场让我了解的新闻

s0.wp.com image
Avoid News, Part 2: What the Stock Market Taught Me about News (www.bayesianinvestor.com)

169. 支持Let's Encrypt,这个非营利组织使HTTPS对所有人免费。

blog.1password.com image
Supporting Let’s Encrypt, the nonprofit making HTTPS free for all (blog.1password.com)

170. Freenode自杀,不再是一个严肃的IRC网络

Freenode commits suicide, is no longer a serious IRC network (www.devever.net)

171. 如何让自己做事情 (2015)

www.raptitude.com image
How to get yourself to do things (2015) (www.raptitude.com)

172. 自行车运动中的神话:更宽的轮胎会更慢

www.renehersecycles.com image
Myths in cycling: wider tires are slower (www.renehersecycles.com)

173. 主体通常是一个函数,那么什么时候不是呢?(2015)

memedad.com image
Main is usually a function, so when is it not? (2015) (jroweboy.github.io)

174. 用新材料制作的旧帐篷设计

An old tent design made with new materials (azartiz.com)

175. 泄密案中的NSA承包商Reality Winner出狱了

storage.googleapis.com image
Reality Winner, NSA contractor in leak case, out of prison (apnews.com)

176. 让网络应用程序成为文件处理程序

web-dev.imgix.net image
Let web applications be file handlers (web.dev)

177. 面向程序员的实用里德-所罗门

berthub.eu image
Practical Reed-Solomon for Programmers (berthub.eu)

178. 壕沟战的技巧 (2020)

s0.wp.com image
Tricks of Trench Warfare (2020) (gru.gq)

179. Ripgrep 13.0

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Ripgrep 13.0 (github.com)

180. 为每个人提供的谷歌工作空间

storage.googleapis.com image
Google Workspace for everyone (blog.google)

181. 一些美国人正在冲出政治回声室

media.wired.com image
Some Americans Are Breaking Out of Political Echo Chambers (www.wired.com)

182. Show HN: 展示HN:我做了一个社区来源的健身程序数据库

I made a community sourced fitness routine database (routinedb.com)

183. "请不要把我的任何东西添加到这个项目中"

opengraph.githubassets.com image
“Please don't add any of my stuff to this project” (github.com)

184. 爱尔兰警方将被赋予管理密码的权力

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Irish police to be given powers over passwords (www.bbc.com)

185. Rust的类型系统中未挖掘的潜力

Untapped potential in Rust's type system (www.jakobmeier.ch)

186. 条纹识别

images.ctfassets.net image
Stripe Identity (stripe.com)

187. 最后一个剩余的1000多个用户的社区频道被Freenode工作人员查封了

linux.chat image
Last remaining 1000+ user community channel seized by Freenode staff (linux.chat)

188. 抢购

up-for-grabs.net image
Up for Grabs (up-for-grabs.net)

189. ClojureScript中的俄罗斯方块

Tetris in ClojureScript (shaunlebron.github.io)

190. 企业 "大辞典 "浪潮来袭

images.axios.com image
“Great resignation” wave coming for companies (www.axios.com)

191. Cuda.jl v3.3:联盟类型、调试信息、图形API

juliagpu.org image
Cuda.jl v3.3: union types, debug info, graph APIs (juliagpu.org)

192. Gooey:将几乎所有的Python命令行程序变成GUI应用程序

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Gooey: Turn almost any Python command line program into a GUI application (github.com)

193. Solana实验室完成3.14亿美元的私人代币销售,由Andreessen Horowitz主导

solana.ghost.io image
Solana Labs completes a $314M private token sale led by Andreessen Horowitz (solana.com)

194. 投球医生应该是体育界最大的丑闻

www.si.com image
Pitch doctoring should be the biggest scandal in sports (www.si.com)

195. 积极的异类"。为什么叛逆的工人会引发伟大的想法

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
'Positive deviants': Why rebellious workers spark great ideas (www.bbc.com)

196. 一种对癌症肿瘤来说是毒药的欧米伽3

scitechdaily.com image
An Omega-3 that’s poison for cancer tumors (scitechdaily.com)

197. Chromebook上的Linux可能让我读完计算机科学的硕士课程

www.aboutchromebooks.com image
Linux on Chromebooks just might get me through a masters in computer science (www.aboutchromebooks.com)

198. 意见。秘密禁言令必须停止

www.washingtonpost.com image
Opinion: The secret gag orders must stop (www.washingtonpost.com)

199. 在宜家灯上运行的厄运[视频]

Doom Running on an IKEA Lamp [video] (www.youtube.com)

200. 我在微服务世界中看到的灾难

world.hey.com image
Disasters I've seen in a microservices world (world.hey.com)

201. 忘记回办公室吧--人们只是在辞职。

images.wsj.net image
Forget going back to the office – people are just quitting instead (www.wsj.com)

202. 众议院议员发布反垄断议程,打造 "更强大的网络经济"

cicilline.house.gov image
House lawmakers release anti-monopoly agenda for “a stronger online economy” (cicilline.house.gov)

203. LSD和psilocybin增加了大脑活动的分形维度

www.biorxiv.org image
LSD and psilocybin increase the fractal dimension of brain activity (www.biorxiv.org)

204. 我想学习D3。我不想学习Observable。这样可以吗?

aws1.discourse-cdn.com image
I want to learn D3. I don’t want to learn Observable. Is that ok? (talk.observablehq.com)

205. 动物试验是剥削性的,基本上没有效果

www.erichgrunewald.com image
Animal testing is exploitative and largely ineffective (www.erichgrunewald.com)

206. MS Paint IDE

ms-paint-i.de image
MS Paint IDE (ms-paint-i.de)

207. Show HN: 展示HN:我策划了HN的故事,这些故事没有到达头版。

I curate HN stories which didn't reach the front page (news.ycombinator.com)

208. Isfreenodedeadyet - 追踪Freenode向Libera.Chat迁移的情况

Isfreenodedeadyet – Tracking Freenode to Libera.Chat Migration (isfreenodedeadyet.com)

209. 149美元的智能手机可以为Linux移动生态系统带来活力

video-images.vice.com image
The $149 Smartphone That Could Bring the Linux Mobile Ecosystem to Life (www.vice.com)

210. Freenode已经屏蔽了所有IRCCloud用户

Freenode has blocked all IRCCloud users (twitter.com)

211. "YouTube正在关闭有异议的生物学博士和医学博士"

“YouTube is shutting down dissenting Biology PhDs and MDs” (twitter.com)

212. 对大多数人来说,做一些事情比什么都不做要好--研究(2014)

news.virginia.edu image
Doing something is better than doing nothing for most people – study (2014) (news.virginia.edu)

213. 计算机科学家的Git

eagain.net image
Git for Computer Scientists (eagain.net)

214. 双子座是无用的

Gemini is Useless (alex.flounder.online)

215. 再见Freenode

Goodbye Freenode (nedbatchelder.com)

216. 为什么我对加密货币风险资本家的信心为零

bennettftomlin.files.wordpress.com image
Why I have zero faith in crypto venture capitalists (bennettftomlin.com)