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Show HN: Show HN: 59a34eabe31910abfb06f308 - NeuralHash碰撞演示

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2021 年 第 34 周归档(08.23 - 08.30)

1. 警方在加州住宅内发现电子信号干扰装置

d1hfln2sfez66z.cloudfront.net image
Police find electronic signal-jamming device inside California home (www.whio.com)

2. 新研究对癌症肿瘤的 "阿基里斯之踵 "进行研究

www.med.ubc.ca image
New study examines ‘Achilles heel’ of cancer tumours (www.med.ubc.ca)

3. 一个重建Windows 7图形用户界面的CSS框架

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
A CSS framework to recreate Windows 7 GUI (github.com)

4. 与艾达相处四个月后的总结

s3.amazonaws.com image
Summary After Four Months with Ada (pyjarrett.github.io)

5. 企业是蹩脚的档案管理员

www.pcjs.org image
Corporations Are Crappy Archivists (www.pcjs.org)

6. 适用于Linux的开源多层次星舰桥模拟器

smcameron.github.io image
An Open Source Multi-Player Starship Bridge Simulator for Linux (smcameron.github.io)

7. NP完整的三年级数学问题(2018)。

leosstemhacks.files.wordpress.com image
NP Complete 3rd Grade Math Problems (2018) (leosstemhacks.wordpress.com)

8. 这是水 (2005)

149366099.v2.pressablecdn.com image
This Is Water (2005) (fs.blog)

9. TekSavvy将阻止盗版网站的斗争推向加拿大最高法院

torrentfreak.com image
TekSavvy takes pirate site blocking battle to Canada’s Supreme Court (torrentfreak.com)

10. 减少包装食品中的糖分可以预防数百万人的疾病

Reducing sugar in packaged foods can prevent disease in millions (www.eurekalert.org)

11. LucidVR开源的力反馈VR手套

opengraph.githubassets.com image
LucidVR open source force feedback VR gloves (github.com)

12. 下一代芯片将自下而上供电

spectrum.ieee.org image
Next-gen chips will be powered from below (spectrum.ieee.org)

13. FB信使悄悄审查链接,称已发送

FB messenger silently censoring links, claims they were sent (twitter.com)

14. NetBSD在苹果M1上的启动

NetBSD Booting on the Apple M1 (twitter.com)

15. Pwn2Own 2021中的缩放RCE

sector7.computest.nl image
Zoom RCE from Pwn2Own 2021 (sector7.computest.nl)

16. 欧盟机构建议不要将搜索和浏览历史用于信用评分

therecord.media image
EU agency advises against using search and browsing history for credit scores (therecord.media)

17. 苹果可以读取你的iMessages(即使它们是E2E加密的)。

www.redditstatic.com image
Apple can read your iMessages (even though they’re E2E encrypted) (old.reddit.com)

18. 观看Windows 95崩溃直播,因为它超过了49.7天的正常运行时间[直播] 。

Watch Windows 95 crash live as it exceeds 49.7 days uptime [livestream] (www.youtube.com)

19. 苹果新的私人中继通过WebRTC泄露了你的原始地址

styles.redditmedia.com image
Apple’s new Private Relay is leaking your original address through WebRTC (www.reddit.com)

20. 气候变化将改变许多农作物的种植地点

www.economist.com image
Climate change will alter where many crops are grown (www.economist.com)

21. 奇怪的语言

s.yimg.com image
Weird Languages (paulgraham.com)

22. 布鲁塞尔与古老的偏见作斗争,将不受欢迎的河流从拱顶中解放出来

i.guim.co.uk image
Brussels battles old prejudices as it frees unloved river from its vault (www.theguardian.com)

23. OnlyFans的真正丑闻是平台和银行的不负责任的权力

i.guim.co.uk image
The real OnlyFans scandal is the unaccountable power of platforms and banks (www.theguardian.com)

24. 三星似乎被发现在其970 Evo Plus固态硬盘中偷换组件

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Samsung seemingly caught swapping components in its 970 Evo Plus SSDs (arstechnica.com)

25. 测量的一些原因

Some Reasons to Measure (danluu.com)

26. 我黑进了办公室的电话来玩Doom游戏

I hacked an office telephone to play Doom (neilbostian.github.io)

27. 大科技工作的心理健康影响

s0.wp.com image
Mental health impacts of a Big Tech job (oilyraincloud.com)

28. 为什么旧金山的市政府会如此失调

www.economist.com image
Why San Francisco’s city government is so dysfunctional (www.economist.com)

29. Nimforum: 用Nim编写的Discourse的轻量级替代品

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Nimforum: Lightweight alternative to Discourse written in Nim (github.com)

30. 从Smalltalk-72到Squeak,Smalltalk的演变[视频]

www.pldi21.org image
The Evolution of Smalltalk from Smalltalk-72 to Squeak [video] (www.pldi21.org)

31. Discord.py的未来

github.githubassets.com image
The Future of discord.py (gist.github.com)

32. 谷歌认证器是如何工作的?

wikimedia.org image
How does Google Authenticator work? (prezu.ca)

33. 本世纪的半导体抢劫案

i0.wp.com image
The Semiconductor Heist of the Century (semianalysis.com)

34. 警方与管道公司共享关于抗议者的情报

theintercept.imgix.net image
Police Shared Intelligence on Protesters with Pipeline Company (theintercept.com)

35. Show HN: 展示HN:我做了一个备忘录的创造者,每月能赚4千美元左右

metameme.app image
I made a meme creator that makes around $4k a month (metameme.app)

36. 西部数据确认SN550固态硬盘闪存的速度残缺不全的变化

www.bleepstatic.com image
Western Digital confirms speed crippling SN550 SSD flash change (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

37. Whoogle搜索。一个自我托管的、无广告的、尊重隐私的元搜索引擎

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Whoogle Search: A self-hosted, ad-free, privacy-respecting metasearch engine (github.com)

38. 首次有半数美国人赞成在中国入侵时保卫台湾

www.thechicagocouncil.org image
For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades (www.thechicagocouncil.org)

39. 我希望早些知道的Ansible技术

zwischenzugs.files.wordpress.com image
Ansible Techniques I Wish I’d Known Earlier (zwischenzugs.com)

40. 应用商店支付将有更多竞争

images1.kalzumeus.com image
App store payments will have increased competition (www.kalzumeus.com)

41. 本世纪的半导体抢劫案--中国的手臂已经完全变成了流氓

cdn.substack.com image
The Semiconductor Heist of the Century – Arm China Has Gone Completely Rogue (semianalysis.substack.com)

42. 启动HN:Hotswap(YC S21)--轻松地将客户从竞争对手那里迁移过来

Launch HN: Hotswap (YC S21) – Easily migrate customers away from competitors (news.ycombinator.com)

43. IPv4与IPv6常见问题

tailscale.com image
IPv4 vs. IPv6 FAQ (tailscale.com)

44. SnakeOS:Rust中的可启动x86蛇形游戏

opengraph.githubassets.com image
SnakeOS: Bootable x86 snake game in Rust (github.com)

45. 患过一次SARS-CoV-2的人所获得的免疫力要比接种疫苗大得多。

www.sciencemag.org image
Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine (www.sciencemag.org)

46. 达美航空不想把德尔塔变体称为 "德尔塔变体"。

www.washingtonpost.com image
Delta Air Lines doesn’t want to call delta variant the ‘delta variant’ (www.washingtonpost.com)

47. Iced: 一个跨平台的Rust图形用户界面库,灵感来自Elm

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Iced: A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm (github.com)

48. 图解重定向教程

Illustrated Redirection Tutorial (wiki.bash-hackers.org)

49. 我对技术的爱恨情仇

secure.gravatar.com image
My love-hate affair with technology (nolanlawson.com)

50. 脸书的 "透明度报告 "原来不是这样的

www.cjr.org image
Facebook “transparency report” turns out to be anything but (www.cjr.org)

51. 中国当局称加班 "996 "政策是非法的

www.reuters.com image
Chinese authorities say overtime '996' policy is illegal (www.reuters.com)

52. "诱发需求是否适用于自行车道?"以及其他问题

static1.squarespace.com image
“Does induced demand apply to bike lanes?” and other questions (www.strongtowns.org)

53. 从零开始写一个简单的JSON库:现代C++之旅

Writing a simple JSON library from scratch: a tour through modern C++ (notes.eatonphil.com)

54. 像素着色器中的Linux--VRChat的RISC-V仿真器

blog.pimaker.at image
Linux in a Pixel Shader – A RISC-V Emulator for VRChat (blog.pimaker.at)

55. 苹果将允许开发者在App Store之外接受付款

www.washingtonpost.com image
Apple will let developers accept payment outside App Store (www.washingtonpost.com)

56. 微软警告数以千计的云客户数据库被暴露

www.reuters.com image
Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers of exposed databases (www.reuters.com)

57. 谷歌信息传递应用的历史

cdn.arstechnica.net image
The history of Google messaging apps (arstechnica.com)

58. 苹果同意解决美国开发者的潜在集体诉讼案

images.axios.com image
Apple agrees to settle potential class action suit by U.S. developers (www.axios.com)

59. Show HN: Show HN: 带着一份朝九晚五的工作和两个孩子,我终于完成了我的第一个MVP。

With a 9-5 job and 2 kids I have finally finished my first MVP (news.ycombinator.com)

60. 西班牙的寮屋居民要求 "赎金 "才肯离开房产

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Squatters in Spain who demand a "ransom" before they will leave a property (www.bbc.com)

61. 为拯救加州,牺牲单户区划

ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image
To save California, sacrifice single-family zoning (www.latimes.com)

62. 我的钨合金立方体(2019年)

thume.ca image
My Tungsten Cube (2019) (thume.ca)

63. Yt-dlp - YouTube-dl的分支,具有额外的功能和修复。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Yt-dlp – A YouTube-dl fork with additional features and fixes (github.com)

64. 在使用苹果15年后,我从macOS转到了Linux。

markosaric.com image
I switched from macOS to Linux after 15 years of Apple (markosaric.com)

65. 由Covid-19疫苗产生的免疫力与感染不同

directorsblog.nih.gov image
Immunity Generated from Covid-19 Vaccines Differs from an Infection (directorsblog.nih.gov)

66. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我在哪里可以靠每月1千美元生活?

Where can I live off 1k USD per month? (news.ycombinator.com)

67. 努力工作 (2007)

secure.gravatar.com image
Work Hard (2007) (terrytao.wordpress.com)

68. 美国联邦调查局Palantir漏洞允许未经授权访问私人数据

i0.wp.com image
FBI Palantir glitch allowed unauthorized access to private data (nypost.com)

69. 后奥威尔时代审查制度的图解指南

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image
An Illustrated Guide to Post-Orwellian Censorship (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

70. 租金控制在瑞典不起作用

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Rent control isn’t working in Sweden (www.bbc.com)

71. 中共出版物称西藏政策是其他少数民族地区的模板

www.tibetanreview.net image
CCP publication calls Tibet policy a template for other ethnic minority regions (www.tibetanreview.net)

72. 窃取5000万用户数据的T-Mobile黑客:"他们的安全很糟糕

images.wsj.net image
T-Mobile Hacker Who Stole Data on 50M Customers: ‘Their Security Is Awful’ (www.wsj.com)

73. 为什么超链接是蓝色的?

blog.mozilla.org image
Why Are Hyperlinks Blue? (blog.mozilla.org)

74. 大石油公司创造了 "碳足迹 "来指责我们的贪婪行为

i.guim.co.uk image
Big oil coined ‘carbon footprints’ to blame us for their greed (www.theguardian.com)

75. 西部数据经济型固态硬盘的无声变化可能使速度降低50%。

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Silent changes to Western Digital’s budget SSD may lower speeds by up to 50% (arstechnica.com)

76. 为什么我们不能给肌肉萎缩症患者注射类固醇?

lh6.googleusercontent.com image
Why can't we just give steroids to people with muscular dystrophy? (trevorklee.com)

77. 数以千计的Debian软件包从其上游的Git库中得到更新

www.jelmer.uk image
Thousands of Debian packages updated from their upstream Git repository (www.jelmer.uk)

78. 旗鱼4

sailfishos.org image
Sailfish 4 (sailfishos.org)

79. 2048年的数学:马尔科夫决策过程的最佳玩法(2018)。

jdlm.info image
The Mathematics of 2048: Optimal Play with Markov Decision Processes (2018) (jdlm.info)

80. 在供应短缺的情况下,台积电将芯片价格提高到20%。

www.ft.com image
TSMC hikes chip prices up to 20% amid supply shortage (asia.nikkei.com)

81. 谷歌将向苹果支付150亿美元,以便在2021年保持默认的Safari搜索引擎

i2.wp.com image
Google to pay Apple $15B to remain default Safari search engine in 2021 (9to5mac.com)

82. 敌视用户的软件的崛起

cdn.den.dev image
The rise of user-hostile software (den.dev)

83. 不存在 "基于glibc的阿尔卑斯山图像 "这样的东西。

There is no such thing as a “glibc based alpine image” (ariadne.space)

84. Discord已经赢得了游戏玩家的青睐。现在它希望其他所有人都能

d1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfront.net image
Discord has won over gamers. Now it wants everybody else (www.ft.com)

85. 治疗莱姆病的mRNA疫苗试验

www.pfizer.com image
mRNA vaccine trial for Lyme disease (www.pfizer.com)

86. 感知的幻觉 (2018)

static.nautil.us image
Perceptual Illusions (2018) (nautil.us)

87. 几乎所有的顶级子版块都是由同一个人管理的

preview.redd.it image
Almost all of the top subreddits are moderated by the same people (www.reddit.com)

88. 碳空气捕集的梦想正在向现实靠拢

e360.yale.edu image
The dream of carbon air capture edges toward reality (e360.yale.edu)

89. 澳大利亚议会通过 "非常规 "黑客权力

www.innovationaus.com image
‘Extraordinary’ hacking powers pass Australian Parliament (www.innovationaus.com)

90. 网飞的点击率化

compote.slate.com image
The Clickbaitification of Netflix (slate.com)

91. 比较SARS-CoV-2的自然免疫和疫苗诱导的免疫 [pdf]

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity [pdf] (www.medrxiv.org)

92. 坎斯提鲁斯.com

cdn.jim-nielsen.com image
Canistilluse.com (blog.jim-nielsen.com)

93. 无所不在的 "我"。苹果刚刚向你的隐私宣战

cdn.substack.com image
The All-Seeing “I”: Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy (edwardsnowden.substack.com)

94. 我死去的父亲的日记

www.seanblanda.com image
My dead dad’s journal (www.seanblanda.com)

95. 启动HN:证据(YC S21)--数据分析员的网络框架

Launch HN: Evidence (YC S21) – Web framework for data analysts (news.ycombinator.com)

96. 生日快乐--Linux的30年

ubuntu.com image
Happy birthday – 30 years of Linux (ubuntu.com)

97. 倦怠和辞职

Burning Out and Quitting (mayakaczorowski.com)

98. Bumble约会软件的漏洞暴露了任何用户的确切位置

robertheaton.com image
Vulnerability in Bumble dating app reveals any user's exact location (robertheaton.com)

99. Haiku已经聘请了一位现有的贡献者全职从事Haiku的工作

www.haiku-os.org image
Haiku has hired an existing contributor to work on Haiku full-time (www.haiku-os.org)

100. 被局限在Spotify的乔-罗根正在失去影响力

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Joe Rogan, confined to Spotify, is losing influence (www.theverge.com)

101. 我的MacBook Pro有超过1万美元的维修费用

pqvst.com image
My MacBook Pro had over 10k USD in repairs (pqvst.com)

102. Show HN: Show HN: Exatorrent - 用Go编写的可自我托管的Torrent客户端

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Exatorrent – Self-hostable Torrent client written in Go (github.com)

103. Show HN: Show HN: 59a34eabe31910abfb06f308 - NeuralHash碰撞演示

thishashcollisionisnotporn.com image
59a34eabe31910abfb06f308 – NeuralHash Collision Demo (thishashcollisionisnotporn.com)

104. 涅磐被作为婴儿出现在Nevermind专辑封面上的人起诉了

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Nirvana sued by the man who appeared on Nevermind’s album cover as a baby (www.bbc.com)

105. 我们雇用老人

We Hire Old People (relevantdb.com)

106. 思考的工具

www.juliendesrosiers.com image
Tools for Thinking (www.juliendesrosiers.com)

107. OnlyFans放弃了计划中的色情禁令

variety.com image
OnlyFans drops planned porn ban (variety.com)

108. Adobe: 用户离职的心理学

cdn.growth.design image
Adobe: The Psychology of User Offboarding (growth.design)

109. 图灵Pi V2来了

turingpi.com image
Turing Pi V2 is here (turingpi.com)

110. 漂亮的地图。从OpenStreetMap数据中绘制自定义地图的小型Python库

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Prettymaps: Small Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data (github.com)

111. 韩国议会委员会投票决定遏制谷歌、苹果的佣金支配地位

www.reuters.com image
S.Korea parliament committee votes to curb Google, Apple commission dominance (www.reuters.com)

112. Ask HN: Ask HN: 为那些没有兴趣进步的人管理职业发展?

Managing career progression for those with no interest in progressing? (news.ycombinator.com)

113. Miller CLI - 像Awk、sed、cut、join,以及CSV、TSV和JSON的排序。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Miller CLI – Like Awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for CSV, TSV and JSON (github.com)

114. Ask HN: Ask HN: 一家公司,你的技术栈是什么?

Companies of one, what is your tech stack? (news.ycombinator.com)

115. OnlyFans暂停禁止 "性爱 "内容的计划,引起强烈反响

images.axios.com image
OnlyFans suspends plan to ban "sexually explicit" content after outcry (www.axios.com)

116. 最未使用的浏览器功能:读者模式

The most underused browser feature: reader mode (frankgroeneveld.nl)

117. 苏联月球图像 (2004)

mentallandscape.com image
Soviet Moon Images (2004) (mentallandscape.com)

118. 美国无人机飞行员泄露的录像显示儿童和成人被意外杀害

U.S. drone pilot leaks footage reveals accidental killing of children and adults (eminetra.co.uk)

119. 一个自然发生的图像目录,其苹果NeuralHash是相同的

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A catalog of naturally occurring images whose Apple NeuralHash is identical (github.com)

120. 关于乔布斯无法雇用的设计师的两个观点

www.arun.is image
Two perspectives on a designer who Steve Jobs could not hire (www.arun.is)

121. 超物理学

hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu image
HyperPhysics (hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu)

122. Airbnb为2万名阿富汗难民提供免费住宿

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Airbnb offers free accommodation for 20k Afghan refugees (www.bbc.com)

123. 诺姆-乔姆斯基 - 创业文化

Noam Chomsky – Startup Culture (www.youtube.com)

124. 寻找免费/开源的移动操作系统

The Search for a Free/Open Source Mobile Operating System (blog.emacsen.net)

125. JQ简介

earthly.dev image
An Introduction to JQ (earthly.dev)

126. SQLModel - FastAPI中的SQL数据库

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
SQLModel – SQL Databases in FastAPI (github.com)

127. 杰夫-瓦拉萨诺的纽约披萨食谱(2008)。

www.varasanos.com image
Jeff Varasano's NY Pizza Recipe (2008) (www.varasanos.com)

128. 如果你把地区改为法国,旧的iPhone手机会变得更快

www.gizchina.com image
Old iPhones become faster if you change the region to France (www.gizchina.com)

129. API令牌。一个繁琐的调查

fly.io image
API Tokens: A Tedious Survey (fly.io)

130. 欧盟将使比特币可追踪,禁止匿名的加密货币钱包

static.euronews.com image
EU to make Bitcoin traceable, ban anonymous crypto wallets (www.euronews.com)

131. Nelua编程语言

Nelua Programming Language (nelua.io)

132. 尼特。另类的Twitter前端

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Nitter: Alternative Twitter Front-End (github.com)

133. 男子从家中盗取iCloud账户中的62万张照片,苹果公司未予察觉

ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image
Man steals 620k photos from iCloud accounts from home without Apple noticing (www.latimes.com)

134. 心理现象并不像预期的那样映射到大脑中去

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Mental phenomena don’t map into the brain as expected (www.quantamagazine.org)

135. Y Combinator的欧洲创始人人数继续增加

images.sifted.eu image
Y Combinator’s European founder intake continues to grow (sifted.eu)

136. Googlespeak--谷歌如何限制对反垄断的思考

zyppy.com image
Googlespeak – How Google Limits Thought About Antitrust (zyppy.com)

137. Discord如何存储数十亿条信息(2017年

miro.medium.com image
How Discord Stores Billions of Messages (2017) (blog.discord.com)

138. 八十多种文化仍然用口哨说话

thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com image
More than eighty cultures still speak in whistles (www.smithsonianmag.com)

139. 路透社摄影师在撤退时被遗弃后遇害

www.reuters.com image
Reuters photographer was killed after being left behind in retreat (www.reuters.com)

140. 三星远程禁用从南非仓库掠夺的电视

img.global.news.samsung.com image
Samsung remotely disables TVs looted from South African warehouse (news.samsung.com)

141. 黑人理发师已成为非裔美国男子的心理健康倡导者

cdn.cnn.com image
Black barbers have become mental health advocates for African American men (edition.cnn.com)

142. 查理-沃茨已经去世

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Charlie Watts has died (www.bbc.com)

143. 欢迎我们在旧金山的第一批骑手

1.bp.blogspot.com image
Welcoming our first riders in San Francisco (blog.waymo.com)

144. Youtube-dl可能已经死亡

external-preview.redd.it image
Youtube-dl is possibly dead (old.reddit.com)

145. 黑客新闻是未来科技趋势的良好预测者吗?

jamespotter.dev image
Is Hacker News a good predictor of future tech trends? (jamespotter.dev)

146. 推特开始要求登录后才能查看推文

Twitter starts to require login to view tweets (www.reddit.com)

147. 自1994年以来的科学爱好者网站

amasci.com image
Science hobbyist website since 1994 (amasci.com)

148. 如果你解锁启动程序,三星将杀死Galaxy Z Fold 3上的摄像头

www.xda-developers.com image
Samsung kills the cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 if you unlock the bootloader (www.xda-developers.com)

149. IMF工作文件建议在计算信用分数时使用浏览记录

www.extremetech.com image
IMF working paper suggests using browsing history in credit score calculations (www.extremetech.com)

150. 巴林政府利用NSO集团的零点击iPhone漏洞黑客活动家

citizenlab.ca image
Bahraini Government Hacks Activists with NSO Group Zero-Click iPhone Exploits (citizenlab.ca)

151. 他们以为自己要去戒毒所。结果他们被关进了养鸡场

i1.wp.com image
They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in chicken plants (revealnews.org)

152. 将图像隐藏在众目睽睽之下。魔法窗的物理学

mattferraro.dev image
Hiding Images in Plain Sight: The Physics of Magic Windows (mattferraro.dev)

153. 苹果公司对多播的怪异镇压

thomask.sdf.org image
Apple's Bizarre Crackdown on Multicast (thomask.sdf.org)

154. 有条件地设置你的gitconfig

utf9k.net image
Conditionally setting your gitconfig (utf9k.net)

155. Ploopy: 开放式硬件轨迹球和鼠标

ploopy.co image
Ploopy: open hardware trackballs and mouse (ploopy.co)

156. Waymo失去了CEO,还在被交通锥体阻挠

Waymo has lost its CEO and is still getting stymied by traffic cones (www.bloomberg.com)

157. 瑞典必须向被定罪的毒贩偿还160万美元的比特币

i1.wp.com image
Sweden must repay $1.6M in Bitcoin to convicted drug dealer (nypost.com)

158. Linux内核模块编程指南

sysprog21.github.io image
Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide (sysprog21.github.io)

159. 维基数据或搜刮维基百科

simia.net image
Wikidata or Scraping Wikipedia (simia.net)

160. 现代XMPP

Modern XMPP (docs.modernxmpp.org)

161. Gail.com

www.eff.org image
Gail.com (gail.com)

162. OCaml在彭博社

OCaml at Bloomberg (twitter.com)

163. LudoTune,一个浏览器中的3D音乐编曲器

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
LudoTune, a 3D music sequencer in the browser (ludotune.com)

164. 唯一有效的护肤品? 科学视频回应(2020)

labmuffin.com image
The only skin care that works? science video response (2020) (labmuffin.com)

165. 技术面试手册

techinterviewhandbook.org image
Tech Interview Handbook (techinterviewhandbook.org)

166. 飞机在巴顿维尔机场被约克警方的无人机击中后受损

www.ctvnews.ca image
Plane damaged after being hit by York police drone at Buttonville Airport (toronto.ctvnews.ca)

167. 约翰-卡马克访问星际基地

John Carmack visits Starbase (twitter.com)

168. 像塔利班一样战斗

i2.wp.com image
Fighting Like Taliban (scholars-stage.org)

169. 澳大利亚的太阳能发电量首次超过燃煤发电量

i.guim.co.uk image
Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time (www.theguardian.com)

170. 发射HN:Buoyant (YC S21) - 空中货运的飞艇无人机

Launch HN: Buoyant (YC S21) – Blimp drones for air freight (news.ycombinator.com)

171. 如何在5分钟内绕过Sprint/T-Mobile的2FA?

external-preview.redd.it image
How to bypass Sprint/T-Mobile 2FA in under 5 minutes (www.reddit.com)

172. 竞争性编程是无用的

kislayverma.com image
Competitive programming is useless (kislayverma.com)

173. 仅仅是蚊子的唾液就对人类的免疫系统有深刻的影响(2018年

journals.plos.org image
Mosquito saliva alone has profound effects on the human immune system (2018) (journals.plos.org)

174. 一家自行车零部件公司放弃亚马逊,转而支持独立商店

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
A bike parts company ditched Amazon to support indie shops instead (www.theverge.com)

175. 物理学家发现逃避霍金黑洞悖论的方法

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Physicist discovered an escape from Hawking’s black hole paradox (www.quantamagazine.org)

176. Bootstrap的十年

blog.getbootstrap.com image
Ten Years of Bootstrap (blog.getbootstrap.com)

177. 我今天如何体验网络

How I Experience Web Today (how-i-experience-web-today.com)

178. 苹果已经为CSAM扫描了iCloud邮件,但没有扫描iCloud照片

i0.wp.com image
Apple already scans iCloud Mail for CSAM, but not iCloud Photos (9to5mac.com)

179. 当美国有一个原子机甲战士机器人时

i1.wp.com image
When America Had an Atomic Mecha Warrior Robot (orangebeanindiana.com)

180. 多萝西-巴特勒-吉列姆:"我不是女仆,我是记者

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Dorothy Butler Gilliam: ‘I am not a maid, I am a reporter’ (www.bbc.com)

181. Razer Bug让你插上鼠标就能成为Windows 10管理员

www.bleepstatic.com image
Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

182. 冠状病毒永远在这里

cdn.theatlantic.com image
The Coronavirus Is Here Forever (www.theatlantic.com)

183. Sonic Pi - 基于代码的现场音乐创作工具

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Sonic Pi – Code based live music creation tool (github.com)

184. 美国食品和药物管理局批准了第一种Covid-19疫苗

www.fda.gov image
FDA Approves First Covid-19 Vaccine (www.fda.gov)

185. 塔利班缴获美国监控设备,阿富汗人删除社交媒体

img.theepochtimes.com image
Afghans Delete Social Media as Taliban Seizes US Surveillance Equipment (www.theepochtimes.com)

186. 德诺在MDN上

deno.com image
Deno is on MDN (deno.com)

187. 平台想成为公用事业,像帝国一样自我管理

www.eff.org image
Platforms Want to Be Utilities, Self-Govern Like Empires (www.eff.org)

188. 啊,是的,我的鼠标驱动程序要求防火墙豁免(2019年)。

Ah yes, my mouse driver is asking for a firewall exemption (2019) (twitter.com)

189. 我们并不是简单地计算绝对值

habrastorage.org image
One does not simply calculate the absolute value (habr.com)

190. 苹果M1上的Gnome Shell,裸机

Gnome Shell on the Apple M1, bare metal (twitter.com)

191. 科学政治化的危险 [pdf]

The Peril of Politicizing Science [pdf] (iopenshell.usc.edu)

192. 廉价的DIY电动自行车改装

spectrum.ieee.org image
A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap (spectrum.ieee.org)

193. /bin/true命令和版权 (2009)

The /bin/true Command and Copyright (2009) (trillian.mit.edu)

194. 我们怎样才能使空调的效率提高33%?一个革命性的解决方案

How can we make air conditioners 33% more efficient? A revolutionary solution (youtube.com)

195. 更大的车辆直接导致更多步行者的死亡

smartgrowthamerica.org image
Bigger vehicles are directly resulting in more deaths of people walking (smartgrowthamerica.org)

196. 解读罕见的太空历史需要专家帮助。伦纳德的数据磁带

lh5.googleusercontent.com image
Expert help needed to decode rare piece of space history: Lunokhod data tapes (attivissimo.blogspot.com)

197. 瑞典的实验:无禁闭如何带来心理健康和更健康的经济

www.telegraph.co.uk image
The Sweden experiment: how no lockdowns led to mental health, healthier economy (www.telegraph.co.uk)

198. 将Unix哲学带入21世纪 (2019)

blog.kellybrazil.com image
Bringing the Unix philosophy to the 21st century (2019) (blog.kellybrazil.com)

199. 关于伟大的思想和强迫性行走之间的联系

s26162.pcdn.co image
On the link between great thinking and obsessive walking (lithub.com)

200. 机器学习摇摇欲坠的基础

i1.wp.com image
Machine learning’s crumbling foundations (pluralistic.net)

201. FSNotes。适用于macOS和iOS的笔记管理器--原生、开源

fsnot.es image
FSNotes: Notes manager for macOS and iOS – native, open source (fsnot.es)

202. 谷歌称地理围栏搜查令占美国所有要求的四分之一

techcrunch.com image
Google says geofence warrants make up one-quarter of all US demands (techcrunch.com)

203. 如何在困难情况下提供建设性的反馈(2019年

productivetihube.files.wordpress.com image
How to deliver constructive feedback in difficult situations (2019) (productivityhub.org)

204. 当全世界都涌向电动汽车时,日本却裹足不前

static01.nyt.com image
Japan is holding back as the world rushes toward electric cars (www.nytimes.com)

205. PAM胁迫 - 恐慌情况下的备用密码

opengraph.githubassets.com image
PAM Duress – Alternate passwords for panic situations (github.com)

206. 项目包括一个具有禁止使用许可证的依赖关系

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Project includes a dependancy that has a license that forbids its use (github.com)

207. WinFsp - Windows文件系统代理

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
WinFsp – Windows File System Proxy (github.com)

208. 一家价值3000亿美元的荷兰公司生产制造半导体的机器

A $300B Dutch firm makes the machines that make semiconductors (twitter.com)

209. 日本的房屋售价低至500美元

image.urlaubspiraten.de image
Houses in Japan Are Going for as Little as $500 (www.travelpirates.com)

210. 吉特夫。版本控制的文件系统

www.presslabs.com image
Gitfs: Version Controlled File System (www.presslabs.com)

211. 医院与私人保险公司就病人服务谈判的价格

static01.nyt.com image
The prices hospitals negotiate with private insurers for patient services (www.nytimes.com)