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2021 年 第 36 周归档(09.06 - 09.13)

1. 如果你不点击同意,星巴克和TrustArc增加了虚假的cookie处理延迟

Starbucks and TrustArc add fake cookie processing delay if you don't click agree (twitter.com)

2. HSL和HSV的新替代品,更符合色彩感知的要求

New alternatives to HSL and HSV that better match color perception (bottosson.github.io)

3. Epic对苹果的禁令不允许替代应用内支付机制

img1.blogblog.com image
Epic vs. Apple injunction doesn't allow for alternative in-app payment mechanism (www.fosspatents.com)

4. 结构化的圣经数据API的多种翻译

www.paypal.com image
Structured Bible Data API in Multiple Translations (freebibleapi.com)

5. 格子地

bryanbraun.com image
Checkboxland (www.bryanbraun.com)

6. 用于macOS的开放源码应用程序

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Open source applications for macOS (github.com)

7. 不做的事--反向待办事项清单

To Don't – The reverse to-do list (crazymarvin.com)

8. AlphaGo纪录片(2020年)[视频

AlphaGo documentary (2020) [video] (www.youtube.com)

9. 一个陌生人秘密地住在我的家里

i.guim.co.uk image
A stranger secretly lived in my home (www.theguardian.com)

10. 世界顶级的牛肉供应商批准了可消除甲烷的奶牛饲料

World’s Top Beef Supplier Approves Methane-Busting Cow Feed (www.bloomberg.com)

11. 代码形式的数学符号小抄

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A cheat-sheet for mathematical notation in code form (github.com)

12. 故事书。面向前端开发者的UI组件探索器

storybook.js.org image
Storybook: UI component explorer for front end developers (storybook.js.org)

13. 社会网络。这比你想象的还要糟糕 (2020)

Social Networks: It's worse than you think (2020) (meta.ath0.com)

14. 我的房间在3D中

my-room-in-3d.vercel.app image
My Room in 3D (my-room-in-3d.vercel.app)

15. 虚假的诊断掩盖了养老院的高药害率

static01.nyt.com image
Phony Diagnoses Hide High Rates of Drugging at Nursing Homes (www.nytimes.com)

16. 停止使用加密的电子邮件(2020年

Stop Using Encrypted Email (2020) (latacora.micro.blog)

17. 9/11的隐私教训。大规模监控不是前进的方向

www.aclu.org image
The Privacy Lesson of 9/11: Mass Surveillance Is Not the Way Forward (www.aclu.org)

18. 远程工作对信息工作者之间协作的影响

media.springernature.com image
The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers (www.nature.com)

19. Cloudflare的1.1.1.1 DNS是否阻止Archive.is?(2019)

jarv.is image
Does Cloudflare's DNS Block Archive.is? (2019) (jarv.is)

20. 五角大楼重新夺回其在总统任期最后几分钟内转移的IP地址的控制权

www.washingtonpost.com image
Pentagon retakes control of IP addresses it moved in last minutes of presidency (www.washingtonpost.com)

21. 媒介是坏的。停止使用它

d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net image
Medium Is Bad. Stop Using It (nomedium.dev)

22. 脸书因提及开源社交网络Mastodon而对我进行审查

changelog.complete.org image
Facebook Censored Me for Mentioning Open-Source Social Network Mastodon (changelog.complete.org)

23. 使用桑拿作为一种生活方式来延长健康期

ars.els-cdn.com image
Sauna use as a lifestyle practice to extend healthspan (www.sciencedirect.com)

24. 为什么火狐浏览器12年来一直在衰退

news.itsfoss.com image
Why Firefox has been in decline for 12 years (news.itsfoss.com)

25. 推特为 "好 "的机器人账户贴上标签

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Twitter to label 'good' bot accounts (www.bbc.com)

26. 2001年9月11日实时同步的媒体

911realtime.org image
September 11, 2001 media synced in real-time (911realtime.org)

27. PCI-Express如何工作 (2020)

www.ovh.com image
How PCI-Express works (2020) (www.ovh.com)

28. Steam前50名游戏。超过70%的游戏现在可以在Linux上运行

boilingsteam.com image
Steam Top 50 Games: Over 70% now work on Linux (boilingsteam.com)

29. 为什么网络占据了桌面而不是移动?

cdn.substack.com image
Why did the web take over desktop and not mobile? (subconscious.substack.com)

30. 魯伊爾

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rouille (github.com)

31. Geizhals - 技术产品价格比较和跟踪

gzhls.at image
Geizhals – Tech Product Price Comparison and Tracking (geizhals.eu)

32. Gobang - 用Rust编写的跨平台TUI数据库管理工具

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Gobang – Cross-platform TUI database management tool written in Rust (github.com)

33. 我在AWS中犯的错误

laravelnews.imgix.net image
Mistakes I've Made in AWS (laravel-news.com)

34. AS8003就这样消失了吗?

images.ctfassets.net image
Did AS8003 just disappear? (www.kentik.com)

35. 树莓派上的PalmOS

pmig96.files.wordpress.com image
PalmOS on Raspberry Pi (pmig96.wordpress.com)

36. 巨魔让记者相信他们是 "堕胎赏金猎人"

miro.medium.com image
Trolls convinced journalists they were “abortion bounty hunters” (tracingwoodgrains.medium.com)

37. 视觉上震撼的数学概念,易于解释

cdn.sstatic.net image
Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain (math.stackexchange.com)

38. 在PostgreSQL v14中减少了索引的膨胀

www.cybertec-postgresql.com image
Index bloat reduced in PostgreSQL v14 (www.cybertec-postgresql.com)

39. Coalton:如何在Common Lisp中拥有我们的(类型化)蛋糕并(安全地)吃掉它

Coalton: How to Have Our (Typed) Cake and (Safely) Eat It Too, in Common Lisp (coalton-lang.github.io)

40. 从事有趣的问题的工作。不是有趣的技术

ruky.me image
Work on interesting problems. Not interesting tech (ruky.me)

41. 核战争生存技巧 (1987)

homelandcivildefense.org image
Nuclear War Survival Skills (1987) (www.oism.org)

42. Show HN: 展示HN:由HTML复选框组成的网络摄像头

A webcam made out of HTML checkboxes (www.bryanbraun.com)

43. 写得更多,但更短

Write More, but Shorter (blog.kewah.com)

44. 旅行计划软件。最常见的糟糕的创业想法(2012)。

phaven-prod.s3.amazonaws.com image
Travel planning software: The most common bad startup idea (2012) (blog.garrytan.com)

45. Linux图形用户界面的Windows子系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI (github.com)

46. Windy.com

www.windy.com image
Windy.com (windy.com)

47. 谷歌非法少付数千名工人工资

i.guim.co.uk image
Google illegally underpaid thousands of workers (www.theguardian.com)

48. Show HN: Show HN: Medusa - Shopify的开源替代品

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Medusa – Open-source alternative to Shopify (medusa-commerce.com)

49. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你是如何学习的?

How Do You Learn? (news.ycombinator.com)

50. SPJ的新视野

discourse.haskell.org image
New horizons for SPJ (discourse.haskell.org)

51. 追踪器控制

badges.crowdin.net image
TrackerControl (trackercontrol.org)

52. Oracle SQL是个魔鬼

codingtofreedom.com image
Oracle SQL Is the Devil (codingtofreedom.com)

53. 大范围的SolarWinds调查在美国企业中引发了恐慌

www.reuters.com image
Wide-ranging SolarWinds probe sparks fear in Corporate America (www.reuters.com)

54. Libreboot。尊重自由的启动固件

libreboot.org image
Libreboot: Freedom-Respecting Boot Firmware (libreboot.org)

55. 法院在Epic诉苹果案中发布永久禁令

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Court issues permanent injunction in Epic vs. Apple case (www.theverge.com)

56. Ask HN: Ask HN: 通过系统项目教你编程语言的书?

Books that teach you programming languages via systems projects? (news.ycombinator.com)

57. 红宝石对象的未来形态

chrisseaton.com image
The Future Shape of Ruby Objects (chrisseaton.com)

58. 我们仍然相信私人办公室 (2015)

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
We still believe in private offices (2015) (stackoverflow.blog)

59. 我们的冰箱刚给我们发了邮件,说我们开门的次数太多了

Our fridge just emailed us to say we opened its door too many times (twitter.com)

60. 用于优酷网的跨平台图形用户界面

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A cross-platform GUI for YouTube-dl (github.com)

61. 单体是内向量类别中的单体

Monads are monoids in the category of endofunctors (sambernheim.com)

62. 太多的自由时间可能和太少的时间一样糟糕

www.apa.org image
Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little (www.apa.org)

63. OSHA将要求拥有100名员工的雇主为员工接种疫苗或进行测试

www.whitehouse.gov image
OSHA to require employers with 100 employees vaccinate or test workforce (www.whitehouse.gov)

64. 通过钥匙孔发射的一束激光可以暴露房间里的所有东西

i.kinja-img.com image
A single laser fired through a keyhole can expose everything inside a room (gizmodo.com)

65. 深蹲可以促进大脑活动[视频]

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
Squats can boost brain activity [video] (www.bbc.com)

66. 那些见证了Castle Bravo的人看向了大决战

miro.medium.com image
Those who witnessed Castle Bravo looked into Armageddon (medium.com)

67. 2021年伊格-诺贝尔奖

cdn.arstechnica.net image
2021 Ig Nobels (arstechnica.com)

68. 一名推特用户侮辱了一名德国政治家,然后突袭了他的房子

A Twitter user insulted a German politician, then raided his house (www.washingtonpost.com)

69. Haskell中的类型级编程介绍

rebeccaskinner.net image
An Introduction to Type Level Programming in Haskell (rebeccaskinner.net)

70. PaddleOCR: 轻量级、80码OCR

thumbnails.huggingface.co image
PaddleOCR: Lightweight, 80 Langauge OCR (huggingface.co)

71. 杰伊-利曼已经去世

i.kinja-img.com image
Jay Leiderman has died (gizmodo.com)

72. 苹果公司解雇工程经理阿什利-吉维克,原因是他涉嫌泄露信息

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Apple fires engineering manager Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly leaking information (www.theverge.com)

73. 报告显示,美国最富有的1%的人每年未能支付1600亿美元的税款

i.guim.co.uk image
US’s wealthiest 1% are failing to pay $160bn a year in taxes, report finds (www.theguardian.com)

74. 当你翻译你的应用程序时,他们没有告诉你什么

ericwbailey.design image
What they don’t tell you when you translate your app (ericwbailey.design)

75. 斯巴达妇女的谚语

Sayings of Spartan women (penelope.uchicago.edu)

76. NIST的研究揭示了关于可能的第五种自然力的新细节

www.nist.gov image
NIST research reveals new details about a possible fifth force of nature (www.nist.gov)

77. 脸书和雷朋公司首次推出可拍照的智能眼镜

images.axios.com image
Facebook, Ray-Ban debut picture-taking smart glasses (www.axios.com)

78. 香港。警方突袭天安门广场博物馆

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Hong Kong: Police Raid Tiananmen Square Museum (www.bbc.co.uk)

79. 关于Clojure UI框架的思考

tonsky.me image
Thoughts on Clojure UI framework (tonsky.me)

80. 新的数学书挽救了里程碑式的拓扑学证明

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
New math book rescues landmark topology proof (www.quantamagazine.org)

81. 加州法案通过,赋予亚马逊工人对抗速度定额的权力

media.npr.org image
California bill passes, giving Amazon workers power to fight speed quotas (www.npr.org)

82. 自由部--预装了Libreboot的GNU+Linux笔记本电脑

minifree.org image
Ministry of Freedom – GNU+Linux laptops with Libreboot preinstalled (minifree.org)

83. Show HN: 展示HN:Python/Django应用程序的Heroku替代品

appliku.com image
Heroku Alternative for Python/Django apps (appliku.com)

84. Tell HN: 告诉HN:感谢thehodge和littlewarden.com,这个网站今天起来了。

Thanks to thehodge and littlewarden.com, this site is up today (news.ycombinator.com)

85. Rust 1.55.0

www.rust-lang.org image
Rust 1.55.0 (blog.rust-lang.org)

86. 德国法院裁定,有偿影响者必须将帖子标注为广告

www.reuters.com image
Paid influencers must label posts as ads, German court rules (www.reuters.com)

87. 萨尔瓦多的新比特币钱包可能使西联汇款公司每年损失4亿美元

image.cnbcfm.com image
El Salvador’s new Bitcoin wallets could cost Western Union $400M a year (www.cnbc.com)

88. 亚马逊将为其一线员工支付全部大学学费

assets.aboutamazon.com image
Amazon to pay full college tuition for its front-line employees (www.aboutamazon.com)

89. Linux的 "perf "速度提高了60倍

eighty-twenty.org image
60x speed-up of Linux “perf” (eighty-twenty.org)

90. 在Cloudflare工人上的原生Rust支持

blog.cloudflare.com image
Native Rust Support on Cloudflare Workers (blog.cloudflare.com)

91. 没有笑料?罗马人认为有趣的事情

antigonejournal.com image
No Laughing Matter? What the Romans Found Funny (antigonejournal.com)

92. 如果我被指控1%怎么办?(2013)

gravityandlevity.files.wordpress.com image
What if I were 1% charged? (2013) (gravityandlevity.wordpress.com)

93. 控制我们金钱的密码

images.ctfassets.net image
The code that controls our money (www.wealthsimple.com)

94. 加利福尼亚州旨在禁止在不可回收的东西上使用回收标志

static01.nyt.com image
California aims to ban recycling symbols on things that aren’t recyclable (www.nytimes.com)

95. 没有人再看到雪地巡洋舰 (2019)

i1.wp.com image
No One Ever Saw the Snow Cruiser Again (2019) (orangebeanindiana.com)

96. 丰田将花费1.5亿日元用于开发电动汽车电池

p.potaufeu.asahi.com image
Toyota to spend 1.5T yen on EV battery development (www.asahi.com)

97. 亚马逊EKS Anywhere

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Amazon EKS Anywhere (github.com)

98. OWASP Top 10 2021简介

owasp.org image
Introduction to OWASP Top 10 2021 (owasp.org)

99. MDMA重新开启了大脑中类似于儿童的 "关键期"。

cdn.technologynetworks.com image
MDMA Reopens Child-Like “Critical Periods” in the Brain (www.analyticalcannabis.com)

100. 缩小小鼠肿瘤后,mRNA癌症疗法现已进入人体试验阶段

images.newscientist.com image
mRNA cancer therapy now in human trials after shrinking mouse tumours (www.newscientist.com)

101. 磁场要有多强才能杀死你?

gravityandlevity.files.wordpress.com image
How strong would a magnetic field have to be to kill you? (gravityandlevity.wordpress.com)

102. 在50亿年前的伯吉斯页岩中发现大规模的动物物种

www.rom.on.ca image
Massive animal species discovered in half-billion-year-old Burgess Shale (www.rom.on.ca)

103. 医生是怎么死的。这和我们其他人不一样 (2016)

archive.cancerworld.net image
How Doctors die. It’s not like the rest of us (2016) (archive.cancerworld.net)

104. 我们如何在Postgres和Go的sqlc/pgx上全力以赴?

How We Went All In on sqlc/pgx for Postgres and Go (brandur.org)

105. GitHub行动的限制和问题

www.cbui.dev image
GitHub Actions limitations and gotchas (www.cbui.dev)

106. 如何在Mac上用Podman取代Docker

www.redhat.com image
How to Replace Docker with Podman on a Mac (www.redhat.com)

107. Docker如何一分为二

images.idgesg.net image
How Docker broke in half (www.infoworld.com)

108. 好的,所以你不能决定

secure.gravatar.com image
Ok, so you can’t decide (randsinrepose.com)

109. 麻省理工学院设计的项目在聚变能源方面取得重大进展

news.mit.edu image
MIT-designed project achieves major advance toward fusion energy (news.mit.edu)

110. 创造性世界的废话工业综合体

i2.wp.com image
The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex (99u.adobe.com)

111. 踏板板。淘宝网的音频效果库的Python

misc.spotifycdn.com image
Pedalboard: Spotify’s Audio Effects Library for Python (engineering.atspotify.com)

112. 洛杉矶警察被告知要收集他们拦截的每个平民的社交媒体数据

i.guim.co.uk image
LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop (www.theguardian.com)

113. Web3是一个愚蠢的想法

Web3 is a stupid idea (timdaub.github.io)

114. 刻意练习的问题 (2020)

commoncog.com image
The Problems with Deliberate Practice (2020) (commoncog.com)

115. Archive.is所有者关于 "他的项目的连续性"

64.media.tumblr.com image
Archive.is owner on “continuity of his project” (blog.archive.today)

116. 如果你如此成功,为什么你还在每周工作70个小时?

hbr.org image
If You’re So Successful, Why Are You Still Working 70 Hours a Week? (hbr.org)

117. 与Zig一起维护它

kristoff.it image
Maintain It with Zig (kristoff.it)

118. 伯纳迪内利-伯恩斯坦的 "巨无霸 "是一个十年的发现

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
The 'megacomet' Bernardinelli-Bernstein is the find of a decade (www.space.com)

119. 用AirGradient的DIY传感器监测我家里的空气质量

www.jeffgeerling.com image
Monitoring my home's air quality with AirGradient's DIY sensor (www.jeffgeerling.com)

120. Libreddit。用Rust编写的Reddit的私人前端

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Libreddit: Private front-end for Reddit written in Rust (github.com)

121. 9.11之后的20年。我们是否会停止在机场脱鞋?

www.ocregister.com image
20 years after 9/11: Will we ever stop taking our shoes off at airports? (www.ocregister.com)

122. 我的大学为意识形态牺牲了思想,所以今天我辞职了

cdn.substack.com image
My university sacrificed ideas for ideology, so today I quit (bariweiss.substack.com)

123. DeepFaceLive。深度假象直播

opengraph.githubassets.com image
DeepFaceLive: Live Deep Fake (github.com)

124. 一个柔软的、可穿戴的脑-机接口

spectrum.ieee.org image
A soft, wearable brain–machine interface (spectrum.ieee.org)

125. AWS中几乎免费的无服务器按需分配的Minecraft服务器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Almost free serverless on-demand Minecraft server in AWS (github.com)

126. 中国活动家艾未未表示瑞士信贷银行关闭了基金会的银行账户

www.reuters.com image
Chinese activist Ai Weiwei says Credit Suisse closing foundation's bank account (www.reuters.com)

127. 完全用Rust编写的Rust程序

Rust programs written entirely in Rust (blog.sunfishcode.online)

128. Spice.ai - 面向开发者的开源、时间序列人工智能

res.craft.do image
Spice.ai – Open-source, time series AI for developers (blog.spiceai.org)

129. Lemmy - 一个联邦宇宙的链接聚合器

join-lemmy.org image
Lemmy – A link aggregator for the fediverse (join-lemmy.org)

130. 前谷歌公司融资4000万美元,以实现自然语言AI的民主化

images.fastcompany.net image
Ex-Googlers raise $40M to democratize natural-language AI (www.fastcompany.com)

131. 中级代数

Intermediate Algebra (saylordotorg.github.io)

132. Show HN: Show HN: 无限记录的非版权作品播放列表

An infinite record playlist of out-of-copyright works (www.locserendipity.com)

133. 詹姆斯-韦伯太空望远镜发射媒体资料袋[pdf]

James Webb Space Telescope launch media kit [pdf] (esamultimedia.esa.int)

134. 美国证券交易委员会已经告诉我们,它想就Lend案起诉我们。我们不知道为什么

miro.medium.com image
The SEC has told us it wants to sue us over Lend. We don’t know why (blog.coinbase.com)

135. "它是开源的! 我们会让我们的客户来修复它。"

miles.land image
“It's open source! We’ll let our customers fix it.” (miles.land)

136. 澳大利亚的新的大规模监控任务

Australia’s new mass surveillance mandate (digitalrightswatch.org.au)

137. 行为不端的微软团队广告使整个Windows 11桌面瘫痪

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Misbehaving Microsoft Teams ad brings down the entire Windows 11 desktop (arstechnica.com)

138. 传说

Legend (legendapp.com)

139. 约翰-卡马克谈招聘

John Carmack on Hiring (twitter.com)

140. 矩阵拖车动态地使用当前时间

thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com image
Matrix trailer dynamically uses current time (thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com)

141. 在美国沙漠中建立一个新城市的计划

cdn.cnn.com image
Plans for a new city in the American desert (www.cnn.com)

142. OpenSSL 3.0

OpenSSL 3.0 (www.openssl.org)

143. 我每月4英镑的服务器每天可以处理420万个请求

mark.mcnally.je image
My £4 a month server can handle 4.2M requests a day (mark.mcnally.je)

144. 避免在科罗拉多州招工的公司

Companies that are avoiding hiring in Colorado (www.coloradoexcluded.com)

145. 统一的专利ECS

www.uspto.gov image
Unity patents ECS (pdfpiw.uspto.gov)

146. 精心打造 "匠心演绎"(2020)

journal.stuffwithstuff.com image
Crafting “Crafting Interpreters” (2020) (journal.stuffwithstuff.com)

147. 谁拥有美国的国债?

www.thebalance.com image
Who Owns the US National Debt? (www.thebalance.com)

148. Rumble,一个开源的、离线的、抗审查的微博(2017)。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rumble, an open source, offline, censorship resistant microblog (2017) (github.com)

149. Show HN: 展示HN:帮助程序员清晰思考的网络浏览器

bonsaibrowser.com image
Web-browser to help programmers think clearly (bonsaibrowser.com)

150. 低成本Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro 5端口千兆以太网路由器板

www.cnx-software.com image
Low Cost Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Router Board (www.cnx-software.com)

151. Netflix不是一家科技公司 (2019)

static1.squarespace.com image
Netflix is not a tech company (2019) (www.ben-evans.com)

152. 萨尔瓦多采用比特币作为官方货币,是第一个这样做的国家

media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com image
El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as official currency, first country to do so (www.nbcnews.com)

153. 嗷嗷叫。一个40年历史的语言的力量和承诺

www.fosslife.org image
Awk: The Power and Promise of a 40-Year-Old Language (www.fosslife.org)

154. 审视奥丁和齐格

www.gravatar.com image
Looking into Odin and Zig (ayende.com)

155. 2013年日本一款足球游戏的粉丝们追踪到了一个奇怪的浮点错误

dolphin-emu.org image
Fans of a 2013 Japanese soccer game tracked down a bizarre floating point bug (dolphin-emu.org)

156. 零信任的RDP和SSH访问谷歌云上的虚拟机

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Zero-Trust RDP and SSH Access to VMs on Google Cloud (github.com)

157. 圣彼得堡选举选票上有三个几乎相同的鲍里斯-维什内夫斯基人

i.guim.co.uk image
Three near-identical Boris Vishnevskys on St Petersburg election ballot (www.theguardian.com)

158. Show HN: 在IPFS上显示HN:Arxiv.org

upload.wikimedia.org image
Arxiv.org on IPFS (www.xirva.org)

159. 斯里兰卡一夜之间转向有机农业,导致了一场经济灾难

static.theprint.in image
Sri Lanka’s overnight flip to organic farming has led to an economic disaster (theprint.in)

160. 火狐92

www.mozilla.org image
Firefox 92 (www.mozilla.org)

161. Linux实验的YouTube频道已被终止

The Linux Experiments YouTube channel has been terminated (twitter.com)

162. 操作系统:应该有一个吗?

The operating system: should there be one? (citeseerx.ist.psu.edu)

163. 活动家被捕后,ProtonMail从网站上删除了 "我们不记录你的IP"。

regmedia.co.uk image
ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' from website after activist arrested (www.theregister.com)

164. SystemE - 一个用Emacs Lisp编写的轻量级systemd替代品

opengraph.githubassets.com image
SystemE – A lightweight systemd replacement written in Emacs Lisp (github.com)

165. 一代美国男人放弃了大学

images.wsj.net image
A generation of American men give up on college (www.wsj.com)

166. Htmlq:像jq一样,但用于html。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Htmlq: like jq, but for html (github.com)

167. 能否说服进步人士相信遗传学很重要?

media.newyorker.com image
Can progressives be convinced that genetics matters? (www.newyorker.com)

168. 以1500美元/月的预算为2000个请求提供服务

mangadex.dev image
Serving 2000 requests/s on a ~US$1500/month budget (mangadex.dev)

169. Libwebsockets是一个强大而轻量级的纯C语言库

libwebsockets.org image
Libwebsockets a powerful and lightweight pure C library (libwebsockets.org)

170. 脸书因人工智能给黑人男子贴上 "灵长类 "标签而道歉

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Facebook apology as AI labels black men 'primates' (www.bbc.com)

171. 苹果iMessage零点击黑科技

media.wired.com image
Apple iMessage Zero-Click Hacks (www.wired.com)

172. 失踪的女商人敦促前夫不要出版批评中国的书

media.npr.org image
Missing businesswoman urges ex-husband not to publish book critical of China (www.npr.org)

173. 赢了1万美元的扑克牌改变了我的思考方式

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
A $10k poker win changed how I think (www.bbc.com)

174. 奇亚币矿工将二手固态硬盘当做新的进行转卖

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Chia Coin Miners Are Reselling Used SSDs as New (www.tomshardware.com)

175. TikTok在美国和英国的平均观看时间超过了YouTube

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK (www.bbc.co.uk)

176. Linus Torvalds:"GitHub创造了无用的垃圾合并"

Linus Torvalds: “GitHub creates useless garbage merges” (lore.kernel.org)

177. 负数

Minus (minus.social)

178. Show HN: Show HN: Age 1.0 - 简单、现代、安全的文件加密方式

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Age 1.0 – Simple, modern and secure file encryption (github.com)

179. 在特斯拉的引领下,电动汽车推动芯片行业向硅以外的方向转变

www.ft.com image
Led by Tesla, EVs drive chip industry's shift beyond silicon (asia.nikkei.com)

180. 雇用开发人员。如何避开最好的

www.getparthenon.com image
Hiring Developers: How to avoid the best (www.getparthenon.com)

181. 一种怪异的水的形式可能存在于整个宇宙 (2019)

media.wired.com image
A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All over the Universe (2019) (www.wired.com)

182. Sci-Hub新发表的论文现在可以获得

sci-hub.ru image
Sci-Hub new published papers are now available (sci-hub.ru)

183. SpaceX获准在下周进行历史性的民用发射

i1.wp.com image
SpaceX cleared for historic civilian launch next week (nypost.com)

184. 叛变。用Rust编写的Discord的开源替代品

revolt.chat image
Revolt: Open-source alternative to Discord written in Rust (revolt.chat)

185. 瑞士当局下令后,ProtonMail记录了法国活动家的IP地址

techcrunch.com image
ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities (techcrunch.com)

186. ProtonMail。关于逮捕气候活动家的重要澄清

protonmail.com image
ProtonMail: Important clarifications regarding arrest of climate activist (protonmail.com)

187. 内华达州警察利用民事罚金偷窃退伍军人的毕生积蓄

ij.org image
Nevada cops use civil forfeiture to steal a veterans life savings (ij.org)

188. 德国希望智能手机制造商提供7年的软件更新服务

www.xda-developers.com image
Germany wants smartphone makers to offer 7 years of software updates (www.xda-developers.com)

189. 在火星6个月后,美国宇航局的小型直升机仍在高空飞行

scx2.b-cdn.net image
After six months on Mars, NASA's tiny copter is still flying high (phys.org)

190. 研究Facebook错误信息的研究人员说他们被贬低了

cdn.cnn.com image
Researchers studying Facebook misinformation say they were deplatformed (www.cnn.com)

191. 美国网通公司称大规模利用Atlassian Confluence漏洞的行为正在进行中

www.zdnet.com image
US Cybercom says mass exploitation of Atlassian Confluence vulnerability ongoing (www.zdnet.com)

192. 电子墨水打字机

opengraph.githubassets.com image
E-Ink Typewriter (github.com)

193. 我们在通往文明崩溃的路上吗?(2019)

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
Are we on the road to civilisation collapse? (2019) (www.bbc.com)

194. ZFS神秘地吃掉了我的CPU

www.brendangregg.com image
ZFS is mysteriously eating my CPU (www.brendangregg.com)

195. Podman,开源的Docker替代品,被移植到M1(苹果硅)机器上。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Podman, the open source Docker alternative ported to M1 (Apple Silicon) machines (github.com)

196. 不成功便成仁--提供程序性的宏,作为检查的提醒。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Todo-or-die – Provides procedural macros that act as checked reminders (github.com)

197. 褪黑激素:比你想知道的多得多(2018)

slatestarcodex.com image
Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted to Know (2018) (slatestarcodex.com)

198. 媒体信任度创下新低

images.axios.com image
Media trust hits new low (axios.com)

199. 理财知识是通往财务自由的通行证

www.ft.com image
Financial literacy is a passport to financial freedom (www.ft.com)

200. Terraform目前不审查社区拉动请求

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Terraform is currently not reviewing community pull requests (github.com)

201. Ask HN: Ask HN: 现代数据库可以做什么,而PostgreSQL和MySQL不能做什么?

What could a modern database do that PostgreSQL and MySQL can't (news.ycombinator.com)

202. 气候活动家在ProtonMail提供其IP地址后被捕

Climate activist arrested after ProtonMail provided his IP address (twitter.com)

203. 在俄罗斯销售的经典按键式手机中发现预装的恶意软件

therecord.media image
Malware found preinstalled in classic push-button phones sold in Russia (therecord.media)

204. 艺术学生的407件手工雕刻木钟(2016年

www.ablogtowatch.com image
Art student’s 407-piece hand-carved wooden clock (2016) (www.ablogtowatch.com)

205. 遵循无聊的建议

nywkap.com image
Follow boring advice (nywkap.com)

206. 快速锈蚀的构建

matklad.github.io image
Fast Rust Builds (matklad.github.io)

207. 反对宇宙学标准模型的新证据

lh5.googleusercontent.com image
New Evidence Against the Standard Model of Cosmology (backreaction.blogspot.com)

208. 这不是劳动力短缺--而是工资和工人权利的短缺

thehill.com image
It's not a labor shortage – it's a wage and workers rights shortage (thehill.com)

209. 文莱地图上充斥着20世纪的墨水

news.yale.edu image
The Vinland Map is awash in 20th-century ink (news.yale.edu)

210. Git-cliff - 从Git历史记录中生成更新日志文件

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Git-cliff – Generate changelog files from the Git history (github.com)

211. 关于黑客和美国角色的新细节使瞻博网络漏洞之谜开始明朗化

Juniper breach mystery starts to clear with new details on hackers and U.S. role (www.bloomberg.com)

212. 事故。空中客车A330在台北,主电脑在触地时出现故障(2020年)。

avherald.com image
Incident: Airbus A330 at Taipei, primary computers failed on touchdown (2020) (avherald.com)

213. 拉里-佩奇。"我认为我们应该考虑收购YouTube" (2005)

Larry Page: “I think we should look into acquiring YouTube” (2005) (twitter.com)

214. 契诃夫的枪

upload.wikimedia.org image
Chekhov's Gun (en.wikipedia.org)

215. 狗能分辨出人类的有意和无意的行为

media.springernature.com image
Dogs distinguish human intentional and unintentional action (www.nature.com)