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M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro 在 Arch Linux ARM 上运行 KDE Plasma 5

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2021 年 第 45 周归档(11.08 - 11.15)

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Dataminers are finding developer comments and unlicensed songs in GTA Trilogy (www.pcgamer.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Apple isn’t patching all the security holes in older versions of macOS (arstechnica.com)
news.mit.edu image
Study finds a difference between neurons of humans and other mammals (news.mit.edu)
images.wsj.net image
In ‘learning trap’ experiment, adults leap to conclusions while children explore (www.wsj.com)
video-images.vice.com image
Richard ‘Lowtax’ Kyanka, founder of Something Awful, has died (www.vice.com)
Mailgun doesn't validate the email headers of email sent through their system (twitter.com)
www.reuters.com image
U.S. states file updated antitrust complaint against Google (www.reuters.com)
149346090.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Fifty percent of Facebook Messenger’s total voice traffic comes from Cambodia (restofworld.org)
cdn.substack.com image
Monopoly supplier of critical Pentagon semiconductors shuts down its production (mattstoller.substack.com)
lh6.googleusercontent.com image
Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's sound chip from die photos (www.righto.com)
www.tagesschau.de image
Software company SAP: World-leading through intellectual property theft? (www.tagesschau.de)
oup.silverchair-cdn.com image
Intermittent fasting prompts anti-inflammatory response (academic.oup.com)
FBI email infrastructure has been compromised and is being used to send emails (twitter.com)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Deldo is a sex toy control and teledildonics mode for Emacs (github.com)
www.reuters.com image
Chinese embassy lobbies U.S. business to oppose China bills (www.reuters.com)
www.agwa.name image
It's Now Possible to Sign Arbitrary Data with Your SSH Keys (www.agwa.name)
blog.kronis.dev image
The good things in the current age in tech (blog.kronis.dev)
images.unsplash.com image
Debit cards are hidden financial infrastructure (bam.kalzumeus.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
SpinLaunch completes first test flight with rocket-flinging launch system (www.space.com)
cisweb.lancaster.ac.uk image
Nuclear radiation used to transmit digital data wirelessly (www.lancaster.ac.uk)
I'm unsure of the security of simultaneous multithreading on modern x86 CPUs (utcc.utoronto.ca)
blog.zulip.com image
Why Zulip will not get on the blockchain bandwagon (blog.zulip.com)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Scalable PostgreSQL Connection Pooler (github.com)
I'm Peter Roberts, immigration attorney who does work for YC and startups. AMA (news.ycombinator.com)
media.npr.org image
London's Thames, once biologically dead, has been coming back to life (www.npr.org)
skerritt.blog image
Tips For Making a Popular Open Source Project in 2021 (skerritt.blog)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Ironbci: Open-Source Brain Computer Interface (github.com)
sagrista.info image
Searx – Privacy-respecting metasearch engine (sagrista.info)
www.cambridgeday.com image
Amazon abandons package bin at apartment building, refuses to retrieve it (www.cambridgeday.com)
M1 Pro 14“ MacBook Pro Running KDE Plasma 5 on Arch Linux ARM (twitter.com)
uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Practical HTTP Header Smuggling: Sneaking Past Reverse Proxies to Attack AWS (www.intruder.io)
lh4.googleusercontent.com image
ISO should make all standards Publicly Available (docs.google.com)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Useful sed scripts and patterns for day to day usage (github.com)
nnethercote.github.io image
The Rust compiler has gotten faster again (nnethercote.github.io)
dynomight.net image
Breakdown of data on homeless populations across the U.S. (dynomight.net)
github.blog image
Make your monorepo feel small with Git’s sparse index (github.blog)
leerob.io image
Rust Is the Future of JavaScript Infrastructure (leerob.io)
www.ctrl.blog image
You can no longer bypass microsoft-edge:// links using apps like EdgeDeflector (www.ctrl.blog)
img.assets-c3.propublica.org image
The EPA allows polluters to turn neighborhoods into “sacrifice zones” (www.propublica.org)
images.theconversation.com image
Moon’s top layer has enough oxygen to sustain 8B people for 100k years (theconversation.com)
I'm “still afraid to use spaces in file names” years old (twitter.com)
repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Clog – The Common Lisp Omnificent GUI (github.com)
media.npr.org image
People exposed to lead in Flint, Mich., water will get a $626M settlement (www.npr.org)
images.nrc.nl image
American spy hacked Booking.com, company stayed silent (www.nrc.nl)
www.imperial.ac.uk image
Proposed illegal image detectors on devices are ‘easily fooled’ (www.imperial.ac.uk)
i0.wp.com image
WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted backups security assessment (research.nccgroup.com)
images.tedium.co image
Image file formats that didn’t make it (tedium.co)
Launch HN: Dendron (YC W21) – Structured note-taking for developers and teams (news.ycombinator.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Firefox is the 45th result when searching for “Firefox” on Windows Store (old.reddit.com)
blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Google Summer of Code in 2022 – No longer limited to students (opensource.googleblog.com)
media.nature.com image
Astrophysicists unveil glut of gravitational-wave detections (www.nature.com)
news.ncsu.edu image
Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills (news.ncsu.edu)
www.reuters.com image
Evergrande teeters on edge of default as $148M payment falls due (www.reuters.com)
images.macrumors.com image
M1 Pro and M1 Max MBP owners complain of crashes playing HDR YouTube videos (www.macrumors.com)
blog.whidev.com image
Using Flutter to build a native-looking desktop app for macOS and Windows (blog.whidev.com)
www.statnews.com image
Psilocybin trial finds psychedelic is effective in treating depression (www.statnews.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
US inflation jumps to 31-year high amid global supply chain crisis (www.theguardian.com)
www.cavelink.com image
Cave-Link: Underground text communication system (www.cavelink.com)
rows.com image
Rows.com – Spreadsheet that supports external API integration and collaboration (rows.com)
www.reuters.com image
Google loses challenge against EU antitrust ruling, $2.8-bln fine (www.reuters.com)
image.cnbcfm.com image
October had the biggest U.S. inflation surge in more than 30 years (www.cnbc.com)
www.sciencealert.com image
Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man's Thoughts into Text with 94% Accuracy (www.sciencealert.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Google sends anti-regulation propaganda to small businesses using Google Maps (arstechnica.com)
www.nearmedia.co image
Google’s New Business Profile: When Search Becomes a Political Tool (www.nearmedia.co)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Judge orders Apple to allow external payment options for App Store (www.theverge.com)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Metallurgist admits faking steel test results for US Navy subs (www.bbc.com)
nationalinterest.org image
The Frenchman who pioneered the modern mercenary industry (nationalinterest.org)
www.reuters.com image
Macron says France will build new nuclear energy reactors (www.reuters.com)
cdncache.azureedge.net image
You.com, private search engine that summarizes the web – built for devs (you.com)
www.reuters.com image
Macron says France will build new nuclear energy reactors (www.reuters.com)
images.wsj.net image
USC pushed a $115k online degree – graduates got low salaries, huge debts (www.wsj.com)
theintercept.imgix.net image
The U.S. Treasury is buying private app data to target and investigate people (theintercept.com)
cdn-images.postach.io image
Remote work will break the US monopoly on global talent (devonzuegel.com)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
liblinux: Architecture-independent access to Linux system calls (github.com)
techcrunch.com image
Robinhood says millions of customer names, email addresses taken in data breach (techcrunch.com)
Making an old USB printer support Apple AirPrint using a Raspberry Pi (blog.jgc.org)
Culturally transmitted skills and values (danluu.com)
Hydrogen: React-based framework for building custom storefronts (hydrogen.shopify.dev)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Jog: Print the last 10 commands you ran in the current directory (github.com)
torrentfreak.com image
Denuvo-Protected Games Rendered Unplayable After Domain Expires (torrentfreak.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Teen rescued after showing domestic violence hand signal known on TikTok (www.theguardian.com)
cdn2.mooreds.com image
Use forums rather than Slack/Discord to support developer community (www.mooreds.com)
smallcaps.com.au image
China to supercharge uranium race with 150 new nuclear reactors (smallcaps.com.au)
mikemcquaid.com image
Stop requiring specific technology experience for senior-plus engineers (mikemcquaid.com)
imgix.bustle.com image
How Pinterest utterly ruined photo search on the internet (www.inputmag.com)
static.euronews.com image
Workers in Portugal could see healthier work-life balance under new labour laws (www.euronews.com)
durmonski.com image
The benefits of staying off social media (durmonski.com)
www.mysk.blog image
iPhone apps can tell many things about you through the accelerometer (www.mysk.blog)
A recruiter lined me up an interview. With the employer that just fired me (twitter.com)
www.frontlinedefenders.org image
Six Palestinian human rights defenders hacked with NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware (www.frontlinedefenders.org)
media.wired.com image
Blind people won the right to break eBook DRM, but they'll have to do it again (www.wired.com)
castel.dev image
Taking notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim (2019) (castel.dev)
denoflare.dev image
Denoflare – develop, test, and deploy Cloudflare workers with Deno (denoflare.dev)
www.gwern.net image
The Melancholy of Subculture Society (www.gwern.net)
images.wsj.net image
What’s harder to find than microchips? The equipment that makes them (www.wsj.com)
www.nayuki.io image
Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies (www.nayuki.io)
miro.medium.com image
“Illegal” Moscow state university network built by students (2002-2013) (medium.com)