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Show HN: 展示HN:通过x86到WASM JIT在浏览器中运行Python、Ruby、Node.js、C++、Lua。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2021 年 第 47 周归档(11.22 - 11.29)

1. 看1984年的《捉鬼敢死队》电影会杀人吗?

static.wixstatic.com image
Is watching the 1984 Ghostbusters movie killing people? (www.covid-datascience.com)

2. 加密货币爱好者想买一支NBA球队,在没有购买美国宪法之后

media.npr.org image
Crypto enthusiasts want to buy an NBA team, after not purchasing US Constitution (www.npr.org)

3. 圣康。撬锁律师的主题演讲

Saintcon: Lock Picking Lawyer Keynote (www.youtube.com)

4. EmacsConf 2021 - 现在直播

EmacsConf 2021 – Live Now (live.emacsconf.org)

5. 印度学者在具有里程碑意义的案件中支持Sci-Hub和LibGen

cdni0.trtworld.com image
Indian academics throw weight behind Sci-Hub and LibGen in landmark case (www.trtworld.com)

6. 股权证明是一个骗局,宣传它的人是骗子。

yanmaani.github.io image
Proof of stake is a scam and the people promoting it are scammers (yanmaani.github.io)

7. 用工程游戏手册编码

microsoft.github.io image
Code with Engineering Playbook (microsoft.github.io)

8. Show HN: 显示HN:我做了一个基于你心情的电影推荐应用程序

www.mood2movie.com image
I made a movie recommendation app based on your mood (www.mood2movie.com)

9. 改变我的软件工程师生涯的书籍

julianogtz.github.io image
Books that changed my career as a software engineer (julianogtz.github.io)

10. Ask HN: Ask HN: 为什么Docusign是一家500亿美元的公司?

Why is Docusign a $50B company? (news.ycombinator.com)

11. 我朋友的Instagram被黑了,在不到6个小时的时间里发布了深度伪造的视频

My friends Instagram was hacked and deep-fake videos posted in less than 6 hours (news.ycombinator.com)

12. 你不能下载这个图片

youcantdownloadthisimage.online image
You can't download this image (youcantdownloadthisimage.online)

13. Godot 4.0中的多人游戏。场景复制 (第一部分)

godotengine.org image
Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: Scene Replication (Part 1) (godotengine.org)

14. 用普罗米修斯、家庭助理和Grafana熏制火鸡

blockloop.keybase.pub image
Smoking a turkey with Prometheus, Home Assistant, and Grafana (www.blockloop.io)

15. Tell HN: 告诉HN:GitHub又坏了

GitHub is down again (news.ycombinator.com)

16. SQLite 3.37.0版

www.sqlite.org image
SQLite Release 3.37.0 (www.sqlite.org)

17. 里拉一天内暴跌15%,苹果停止在土耳其销售

www.reuters.com image
Apple stopped sales in Turkey after the lira crashed 15% in a day (www.reuters.com)

18. Ask HN: Ask HN: 软件工程师40岁了:下一步是什么?

Software Engineer hitting 40: what's next? (news.ycombinator.com)

19. 用于Windows 3.x的VMware鼠标驱动程序

opengraph.githubassets.com image
VMware mouse driver for Windows 3.x (github.com)

20. 付费花园:iOS是广告软件 (2020)

stevestreza.com image
The Paywalled Garden: iOS is Adware (2020) (stevestreza.com)

21. 这封PayPal的欺骗邮件是如何通过SPF、DKIM和DMARC的?

cdn.sstatic.net image
How did this PayPal spoof email pass SPF, DKIM and DMARC (security.stackexchange.com)

22. 银行转账作为一种支付方式

images.unsplash.com image
Bank transfers as a payment method (bam.kalzumeus.com)

23. 新颖的身心计划优于其他治疗慢性背痛的方法

www.bidmc.org image
Novel mind-body program outperforms other treatments for chronic back pain (www.bidmc.org)

24. AWS降低了向互联网传输数据的价格

a0.awsstatic.com image
AWS price reduction for data transfers out to the internet (aws.amazon.com)

25. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你曾经使用过的设计最好的东西是什么?

What are the best-designed things you've ever used? (news.ycombinator.com)

26. 自学计算机科学 (2020)

teachyourselfcs.com image
Teach Yourself Computer Science (2020) (teachyourselfcs.com)

27. PyTorch。我们的方向以及为什么它看起来很像Julia(但不完全是)。

aws1.discourse-cdn.com image
PyTorch: Where we are headed and why it looks a lot like Julia (but not exactly) (dev-discuss.pytorch.org)

28. 加州港口卡车司机 "淹没 "在供应链的低效率中

s29755.pcdn.co image
California port truckers ‘drowning’ in supply chain inefficiencies (www.freightwaves.com)

29. 克鲁泡特金的 "面包的征服

Kropotkin's 'The Conquest of Bread' (www.awanderingmind.blog)

30. 多账户容器到 "用Firefox以外的程序交换信息"

wh0.github.io image
Multi-Account Containers to “Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox” (wh0.github.io)

31. 新关注的变种。B.1.1.529

cdn.substack.com image
New Concerning Variant: B.1.1.529 (yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com)

32. 我伪造了大量的Covid通行证--"现实世界中的弱密钥加密法"

ctrsec.io image
I faked tons of Covid passes – “Weak Key Cryptography in real world” (ctrsec.io)

33. 互联网是用口水和打包线固定在一起的。

krebsonsecurity.com image
The internet is held together with spit and baling wire (krebsonsecurity.com)

34. Omicron的分类(B.1.1.529)。关注SARS-CoV-2变体

www.who.int image
Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (www.who.int)

35. 微软为Edge推进有争议的 "先买后付 "功能

portswigger.net image
Microsoft pushes ahead with controversial ‘buy now, pay later’ feature for Edge (portswigger.net)

36. 物理学家在大型强子对撞机上探测到中微子的迹象

scx2.b-cdn.net image
Physicists detect signs of neutrinos at Large Hadron Collider (phys.org)

37. 暗器C大赛

The Underhanded C Contest (www.underhanded-c.org)

38. 维生素D水平对Covid-19的影响。系统回顾Meta分析

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov image
The Impact of Vitamin D Level on Covid-19: Systematic Review Meta-Analysis (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

39. 盗版发行组织EVO "指责 "电影业的流行

torrentfreak.com image
Piracy release group EVO ‘blames’ movie industry for its popularity (torrentfreak.com)

40. GetElementById㱮㱮vs.QuerySelector

GetElementById vs. QuerySelector (blog.wesleyac.com)

41. Show HN: 展示HN:随机创建美丽的网站布局

shuffle.dev image
Randomly create beautiful website layouts (shuffle.dev)

42. 乌马雷尔

upload.wikimedia.org image
Umarell (en.wikipedia.org)

43. 锈蚀维护者的完美主义,或者,Alacritty的悲剧

github.githubassets.com image
Rust maintainer perfectionism, or, the tragedy of Alacritty (gist.github.com)

44. 意大利莫卡咖啡壶的谦逊辉煌(2018)

assets.atlasobscura.com image
The Humble Brilliance of Italy's Moka Coffee Pot (2018) (www.atlasobscura.com)

45. 手工解压Gzip文件

Decompressing a Gzip File by Hand (ttay.me)

46. 理论计算机科学小抄 [pdf]

Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet [pdf] (www.tug.org)

47. 爱因斯坦奖将颁发给创建arXiv.org的保罗-金斯帕格

www.idw-online.de image
Einstein award going to Paul Ginsparg for creating arXiv.org (idw-online.de)

48. 新的差异化模糊工具揭示了新的HTTP请求偷渡技术

portswigger.net image
New differential fuzzing tool reveals novel HTTP request smuggling techniques (portswigger.net)

49. 黑色星期五/网络星期一实时地图

cdn.shopify.com image
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Live Map (datastories.shopify.com)

50. 亚马逊Linux 2022

a0.awsstatic.com image
Amazon Linux 2022 (aws.amazon.com)

51. 去年90%的 "黑色星期五 "交易在销售活动前6个月更便宜

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Last year 90% of Black Friday deals were cheaper six months before sales event (www.bbc.com)

52. Jamulus - 在线播放音乐。与朋友一起。免费的

jamulus.io image
Jamulus ‒ Play music online. With friends. For free (jamulus.io)

53. B.1.1.529

B.1.1.529 (twitter.com)

54. 严重变异的冠状病毒变体让科学家们提高了警惕

media.nature.com image
Heavily mutated coronavirus variant puts scientists on alert (www.nature.com)

55. Gov.uk的一个专门的色情网站?

thecrow.uk image
A Gov.uk site dedicated to porn? (thecrow.uk)

56. PHP 8.1.0 发布公告

www.php.net image
PHP 8.1.0 Release Announcement (www.php.net)

57. 为什么1949年的烤面包机仍然比今天出售的任何烤面包机更聪明?

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today (www.theverge.com)

58. 抽象的Clojure

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Abstract Clojure (www.juxt.pro)

59. Ask HN: Ask HN: 为什么机器学习比基本社交技能更容易学习?

Why is machine learning easier to learn than basic social skills? (news.ycombinator.com)

60. 吉姆-沃伦已经去世

www.stanford.edu image
Jim Warren has died (web.stanford.edu)

61. Emacs附带的电池

karthinks.com image
Batteries included with Emacs (karthinks.com)

62. 彭帅对一党统治的启示

www.economist.com image
What Peng Shuai reveals about one-party rule (www.economist.com)

63. 鱼壳是惊人的

asciinema.org image
The fish shell is amazing (rmpr.xyz)

64. 购买电动自行车

cdn.substack.com image
Buying an ebike (ryanj.substack.com)

65. 沃尔玛撤下用波兰语说脏话和唱可卡因的儿童玩具

www.ctvnews.ca image
Walmart pulls children's toy that swears and sings in Polish about doing cocaine (toronto.ctvnews.ca)

66. 台积电 "苹果优先 "的3纳米政策导致AMD和高通叛变

www.club386.com image
TSMC “Apple-first” 3nm policy leads to AMD and Qualcomm mutiny (www.club386.com)

67. 现代PHP小抄

front-line-php.com image
Modern PHP Cheat Sheet (front-line-php.com)

68. 德国新政府呼吁欧洲禁止生物识别大规模监控

reclaimyourface.eu image
New German government calls for European ban on biometric mass surveillance (reclaimyourface.eu)

69. JavaScript引擎如何实现出色的性能

miro.medium.com image
How JavaScript engines achieve great performance (blogg.bekk.no)

70. 被低估的感恩的理由

dynomight.net image
Underrated Reasons to Be Thankful (dynomight.net)

71. Nvidia发布Paint me Picture - GauGAN2的网络应用程序

blogs.nvidia.com image
Nvidia releases Paint me Picture – A web app for GauGAN2 (blogs.nvidia.com)

72. 插头和插座博物馆

www.plugsocketmuseum.nl image
Museum of Plugs and Sockets (www.plugsocketmuseum.nl)

73. LetsEncrypt的证书发行被叫停

image.status.io image
LetsEncrypt Certificate Issuance Halted (letsencrypt.status.io)

74. 赞美闲暇》(1932)

harpers.org image
In Praise of Idleness (1932) (harpers.org)

75. FarPlay。互联网上的低延迟音频

farplay.io image
FarPlay: Low-Latency Audio over the Internet (farplay.io)

76. OpenLGTV。LG电视固件的合法反向工程和研究

img.shields.io image
OpenLGTV: Legal reverse engineering and research of LG TVs firmware (openlgtv.github.io)

77. 3-2-1备份规则--为什么你的数据总能生存下去(2019年)

www.vmwareblog.org image
The 3-2-1 Backup Rule – Why Your Data Will Always Survive (2019) (www.vmwareblog.org)

78. Tell HN: 告诉HN:大家感恩节快乐

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (news.ycombinator.com)

79. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我想雇佣一名个人/行政助理--有什么技巧或建议吗?

I’d like to hire a personal/executive assistant – any tips or advice? (news.ycombinator.com)

80. 两名挪威记者在采访卡塔尔世界杯经理后被捕

gfx.nrk.no image
Two Norwegian journalists arrested after interviewing Qatar World Cup Manager (www.nrk.no)

81. 随着禁书的呼声越来越高,数字图书馆员提供了一些看法

blog.archive.org image
As calls to ban books intensify, digital librarians offer perspective (blog.archive.org)

82. Alpine Linux 3.15

alpinelinux.org image
Alpine Linux 3.15 (alpinelinux.org)

83. 华尔街勉强允许远程工作,银行家们挖空心思地工作

static01.nyt.com image
Wall Street grudgingly allows remote work as bankers dig in (www.nytimes.com)

84. 街头摄影中棘手的同意问题

dinalitovsky.bulletin.com image
The sticky issue of consent in street photography (dinalitovsky.bulletin.com)

85. 地球的绿化缓解了地表变暖

www.nasa.gov image
Greening of the Earth mitigates surface warming (www.nasa.gov)

86. Microsoft_craziness.h (2018)

github.githubassets.com image
Microsoft_craziness.h (2018) (gist.github.com)

87. 我将离开伦敦前往纽约,带着我的科技创业公司

images.sifted.eu image
I’m leaving London for NYC and taking my tech startup (sifted.eu)

88. 斯科特-亚当斯的进一步文字冒险

cdn.substack.com image
The Further Text Adventures of Scott Adams (madned.substack.com)

89. 苹果公司将通知用户有关国家支持的网络安全威胁

support.apple.com image
Apple will notify users about state-sponsored cybersecurity threats (support.apple.com)

90. AWS免费层数据传输扩展

d2908q01vomqb2.cloudfront.net image
AWS Free Tier Data Transfer Expansion (aws.amazon.com)

91. 只有IPv6的子网和EC2实例

d2908q01vomqb2.cloudfront.net image
IPv6-only subnets and EC2 instances (aws.amazon.com)

92. 智能家居令人难以忍受的大惊小怪

i2.wp.com image
The unbearable fussiness of the smart home (staceyoniot.com)

93. 三星计划在德克萨斯州泰勒市建立价值170亿美元的芯片厂

media.datacenterdynamics.com image
Samsung plans $17B chip plant in Taylor, Texas (www.datacenterdynamics.com)

94. 我的猫是图灵完整的吗?

belaycpp.files.wordpress.com image
Is my cat Turing-complete? (belaycpp.com)

95. 手忙脚乱的技术专家们对加密货币一无所知。

The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger of Crypto (www.stephendiehl.com)

96. 从Java 8到17的GC进展

kstefanj.github.io image
GC Progress from Java 8 to 17 (kstefanj.github.io)

97. 鹦鹉将分享货币以帮助它们的伙伴购买食物(2020)。

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
Parrots will share currency to help their pals purchase food (2020) (www.smithsonianmag.com)

98. 过度的工程设计会扼杀你的产品

www.mindtheproduct.com image
Overengineering can kill your product (www.mindtheproduct.com)

99. 我们如何将授权逻辑转化为SQL

assets.website-files.com image
How We Turn Authorization Logic into SQL (www.osohq.com)

100. Go不需要一个Java风格的GC

miro.medium.com image
Go does not need a Java-style GC (erik-engheim.medium.com)

101. 处理和P5让新手进入编码领域

miro.medium.com image
Processing and P5 got newbies into coding (clivethompson.medium.com)

102. 超级空气动力学但不实用的德国汽车

rarehistoricalphotos.com image
German car that was super-aerodynamic but impractical (rarehistoricalphotos.com)

103. QOI:以O(n)时间进行无损图像压缩

phoboslab.org image
QOI: Lossless Image Compression in O(n) Time (phoboslab.org)

104. 树状物和解析语言的复杂性

www.masteringemacs.org image
Tree Sitter and the Complications of Parsing Languages (www.masteringemacs.org)

105. .NET 6中带有托盘图标和服务的命名管道

erikengberg.com image
Named Pipes in .NET 6 with Tray Icon and Service (erikengberg.com)

106. 麦当劳冰淇淋机诉讼案中公布的新邮件

media.wired.com image
New emails released in the McDonald’s ice cream machine lawsuit (www.wired.com)

107. 结束对Firefox Lockwise的支持

static-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net image
End of Support for Firefox Lockwise (support.mozilla.org)

108. GoDaddy的漏洞扩大了

www.wordfence.com image
GoDaddy Breach Widens (www.wordfence.com)

109. C64

storage.googleapis.com image
C64 (replit.com)

110. 倾斜5是神奇的

i0.wp.com image
Tilt-5 Was Magical (kguttag.com)

111. 凯瑟琳计划。自由教育的新实验

s3.amazonaws.com image
The Catherine Project: A new experiment in liberal education (hedgehogreview.com)

112. 下一个 "实验室泄密 "事件

static01.nyt.com image
The Next ‘Lab Leak’ (www.nytimes.com)

113. Blueboat,Cloudflare工人的开源替代品

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Blueboat, an open-source alternative to Cloudflare Workers (github.com)

114. 一个工程师对Web3及其可能性的观察

assets.website-files.com image
An engineer's observations on Web3 and its possibilities (www.psl.com)

115. 我从建立生产数据库中学到的东西

Things I learned from building a production database (maheshba.bitbucket.io)

116. 加利福尼亚州采取行动,建议在全州范围内将代数课程推迟到9年级进行

sfstandard.com image
California moves to recommend delaying algebra to 9th grade statewide (sfstandard.com)

117. Wirecutter罢工,抵制感恩节至网络星期一

Wirecutter strike and boycott Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday (twitter.com)

118. 政府称印度寻求在新法案中封杀大多数加密货币

www.reuters.com image
India seeks to block most cryptocurrencies in new bill, government says (www.reuters.com)

119. 美元树称1.25美元价位将成为新标准

www.bnnbloomberg.ca image
Dollar Tree says US$1.25 price point to become new standard (www.bnnbloomberg.ca)

120. HATEOAS:另一种解释

HATEOAS: An Alternative Explaination (htmx.org)

121. 马克斯-赫德鲁姆事件,美国最令人毛骨悚然的未解电视黑客事件

allthatsinteresting.com image
The Max Headroom Incident, America’s Creepiest Unsolved TV Hack (allthatsinteresting.com)

122. 詹姆斯-韦伯太空望远镜发生 "事故"

cdn.arstechnica.net image
An “incident” with the James Webb Space Telescope has occurred (arstechnica.com)

123. 苹果起诉NSO集团以遏制国家支持的间谍软件的滥用

www.apple.com image
Apple sues NSO Group to curb the abuse of state-sponsored spyware (www.apple.com)

124. 你的董事会很可能会解雇你

s0.wp.com image
Your Boards of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You (reactionwheel.net)

125. 赢商网

www.winamp.com image
Winamp (www.winamp.com)

126. 红星操作系统的乐趣

Fun with Red Star OS (sizeofcat.ru)

127. Django、HTMX和Alpine.js。现代网站,JavaScript可选

www.saaspegasus.com image
Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional (www.saaspegasus.com)

128. 美国宇航局在1970年代想象的未来太空殖民地

rarehistoricalphotos.com image
Space colonies of the future as imagined by NASA in the 1970s (rarehistoricalphotos.com)

129. Vercel获得1.5亿美元的D轮融资

assets.vercel.com image
Vercel raises $150M Series D (vercel.com)

130. 不要软化反馈

larahogan.me image
Don't soften feedback (larahogan.me)

131. 我被书呆子狙击了,要对传统的X86指令进行基准测试(2019年)。

www.acepace.net image
I got nerd sniped into benchmarking legacy x86 instructions (2019) (www.acepace.net)

132. 11月16日 GCP负载平衡事件报告

status.cloud.google.com image
Nov 16 GCP Load Balancing Incident Report (status.cloud.google.com)

133. 基于DOS版本反汇编的《波斯王子》开源移植版

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Prince of Persia open-source port based on the DOS version disassembly (github.com)

134. 扁平包装不是未来

ludocode.com image
Flatpak Is Not the Future (ludocode.com)

135. YARP - 建立快速反向代理服务器的微软工具包

microsoft.github.io image
YARP – Microsoft toolkit to build fast reverse proxy servers (microsoft.github.io)

136. 70年代的可卡因用具广告

rarehistoricalphotos.com image
Cocaine Paraphernalia Ads in the 70s (rarehistoricalphotos.com)

137. Ask HN: Ask HN: 2021年,哪些浏览器扩展是必须的?

What browser extensions are a must-have in 2021? (news.ycombinator.com)

138. SugarCoat。不破坏网络的私人浏览

ucsdnews.ucsd.edu image
SugarCoat: Private browsing without breaking the web (ucsdnews.ucsd.edu)

139. 追踪者。16比特的声音[视频]

Trackers: The Sound of 16-Bit [video] (www.youtube.com)

140. Nvidia TSEC的全部密钥提取

Full key extraction of Nvidia TSEC (gist.githubusercontent.com)

141. 糖尿病患者的血糖水平遵循感知的时间而不是实际的时间

www.pnas.org image
Blood sugar level follows perceived time rather than actual time in diabetics (www.pnas.org)

142. 世界上最致命的东西

static1.squarespace.com image
The World's Deadliest Thing (www.the-angry-chef.com)

143. 网页开发人员的Rust编程,作者是网页开发人员

docs.codeamigo.dev image
Rust programming for web developers, by a web developer (codeamigo.dev)

144. I 在生产中测试

images.ctfassets.net image
I Test in Prod (increment.com)

145. GitHub - tzarc/djinn: Djinn分体式键盘

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
GitHub – tzarc/djinn: Djinn Split Keyboard (github.com)

146. 纤细的立方体

svelte-cubed.vercel.app image
Svelte Cubed (svelte-cubed.vercel.app)

147. Show HN: 展示HN:通过x86到WASM JIT在浏览器中运行Python、Ruby、Node.js、C++、Lua。

repl.leaningtech.com image
Run Python, Ruby, Node.js, C++, Lua in the Browser via x86 to WASM JIT (repl.leaningtech.com)

148. Remix - 一个专注于网络基础知识和现代用户体验的框架

remix.run image
Remix – A framework focused on web fundamentals and modern UX (remix.run)

149. Rust-CUDA: 完全用Rust编写的极快的GPU代码

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rust-CUDA: Extremely fast GPU code fully in Rust (github.com)

150. 锂离子电池成本暴跌

news.mit.edu image
Plunge in lithium-ion battery costs (news.mit.edu)

151. 苹果M1 Max的基准测试

hashnode.com image
Benchmarking the Apple M1 Max (tlkh.dev)

152. 今年我喜欢读的书

media.gatesnotes.com image
Books I loved reading this year (www.gatesnotes.com)

153. 揭开Facebook上最具病毒性页面的面纱

cdn.substack.com image
Unmasking the most viral page on Facebook (www.garbageday.email)

154. 人们把互联网的知识误认为是自己的知识

www.pnas.org image
People mistake the internet’s knowledge for their own (www.pnas.org)

155. 路透社报道亚马逊后,美国立法者呼吁为隐私立法

www.reuters.com image
U.S. lawmakers call for privacy legislation after Reuters report on Amazon (www.reuters.com)

156. 星际飞船的科学颠覆

caseyhandmer.files.wordpress.com image
Science Upside for Starship (caseyhandmer.wordpress.com)

157. 真正的融合就在这里。PureOS 10为所有Librem产品发布

puri.sm image
True Convergence is Here: PureOS 10 is Released for all Librem Products (puri.sm)

158. 表情符号

Emojimix (tikolu.net)

159. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你如何以最低的资历开始新的事业?

How do you start a new career with minimal qualifications? (news.ycombinator.com)

160. GoDaddy安全漏洞

GoDaddy Security Breach (www.sec.gov)

161. 欧盟取缔加密和引入通信监控的最新计划

mailbox.org image
The latest EU plan to outlaw encryption and introduce communication surveillance (mailbox.org)

162. Toit语言现在是开源的

miro.medium.com image
The Toit language is now open source (blog.toit.io)

163. 没有笔记本是完美的,但reMarkable接近了。

cfenollosa.com image
No notebook is perfect, but the reMarkable comes close (cfenollosa.com)

164. 为什么蒙特利的控制中心在监听端口?

developer.apple.com image
Why is Control Center on Monterey listening on ports? (developer.apple.com)

165. 锈迹斑斑的节制团队辞职了

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rust Moderation Team Resigns (github.com)

166. 指纹可以被入侵

blog.kraken.com image
Fingerprints can be hacked (blog.kraken.com)

167. Ask HN: Ask HN: 那些没有任何计划就辞职的人。进展如何?

Those who quit their jobs without anything planned. How did it go? (news.ycombinator.com)

168. TIL 假设字符串的长度在大写时不会改变是错误的

chaos.social image
TIL the assumption that string length does not change when upper-cased is false (chaos.social)

169. Django 4.0候选版本1发布

static.djangoproject.com image
Django 4.0 release candidate 1 released (www.djangoproject.com)

170. 舞蹈分子 "成功修复严重的脊髓损伤

news.northwestern.edu image
‘Dancing molecules’ successfully repair severe spinal cord injuries (news.northwestern.edu)

171. mRNA疫苗能打败疱疹吗?

www.precisionvaccinations.com image
Can mRNA Vaccines Defeat Herpes? (www.precisionvaccinations.com)

172. 我使用的工具。PyCharm / Idea插件

blog.rfox.eu image
Tools I use: PyCharm / Idea plugins (blog.rfox.eu)

173. 如何学习尼克斯

ianthehenry.com image
How to Learn Nix (ianthehenry.com)

174. 语言设计的下一步是什么?(2017)

v.dreamwidth.org image
What's next for language design? (2017) (graydon2.dreamwidth.org)

175. 第一阶段POWER9 Firefox JIT通过测试

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
First stage POWER9 Firefox JIT passes tests (www.talospace.com)

176. 20个国家的亚马逊员工将在黑色星期五罢工

i.insider.com image
Amazon employees in 20 countries will strike on Black Friday (www.businessinsider.com)

177. Git的ls-files比Fd和Find更快

cj.rs image
Git ls-files is Faster Than Fd and Find (cj.rs)

178. 尴尬的沉默的许多礼物

cdn.substack.com image
The many gifts of awkward silence (jessicahagy.substack.com)

179. 日本圆顶屋

www.i-domehouse.com image
Japanese Dome House (www.i-domehouse.com)

180. 斯特罗德

static1.squarespace.com image
The Stroad (www.strongtowns.org)

181. 英国法律将承认八爪鱼、螃蟹和龙虾为有生命的人

www.lse.ac.uk image
Octopuses, crabs and lobsters to be recognised as sentient beings under UK law (www.lse.ac.uk)

182. 写作是内向的人的网络

miro.medium.com image
Writing is networking for introverts (byrnehobart.medium.com)

183. 坎贝尔定律。公尺固定化的黑暗面

media.nngroup.com image
Campbell's Law: The dark side of metric fixation (www.nngroup.com)

184. Ask HN: 询问HN:你每天使用哪些心理模式?

What mental models do you use everyday? (news.ycombinator.com)

185. Ask HN: Ask HN: 单独的SaaS创始人的伟大工具?

Great tools for solo SaaS founders? (news.ycombinator.com)

186. 基金会

bartoszmilewski.files.wordpress.com image
Functorio (bartoszmilewski.com)

187. 锈蚀宏小书》(The Little Book of Rust Macros

The Little Book of Rust Macros (danielkeep.github.io)

188. 我是/r/kafka的版主,人们误以为它是一个关于kafka产品的子reddit。

I moderate /r/kafka; people mistake it as a subreddit about kafka the product (twitter.com)

189. 单行的CSS布局

1-Line CSS Layouts (1linelayouts.glitch.me)

190. 小偷为什么喜欢偷催化器

thehustle.co image
Why thieves love to steal catalytic converters (thehustle.co)

191. 只有90年代的网络开发者才记得这一点 (2014)

zachholman.com image
Only 90s Web Developers Remember This (2014) (zachholman.com)

192. Berkeley DB的历史

queue.acm.org image
The history of Berkeley DB (queue.acm.org)

193. 阿黛尔让Spotify在所有专辑页面上取消shuffle按钮

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Adele gets Spotify to take shuffle button off all album pages (www.bbc.co.uk)

194. Yara birkeland,第一艘自主和无排放的集装箱船

gcaptain.com image
Yara birkeland, the first autonomous and emission-free containership (gcaptain.com)

195. 一个内向的人增加能量的指南

ashleyjanssen.com image
An introverts guide to increasing energy (ashleyjanssen.com)

196. Tell HN: 告诉HN:亚马逊欺诈性地将订单作为退货物品取消

Amazon fraudulently canceling orders as returned items (news.ycombinator.com)

197. 狼使道路更加安全,产生大量的经济回报

www.pnas.org image
Wolves make roadways safer, generating large economic returns (www.pnas.org)