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Emacs for You - 72行-/.emacs快速设置vanilla Emacs进行编辑。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2021 年 第 52 周归档(12.27 - 01.03)

1. 5MB的Electron替代品Sciter已经改用JavaScript。

terrainformatica.com image
Sciter, the 5 MB Electron alternative, has switched to JavaScript (terrainformatica.com)

2. 医院仍未遵守价格透明的规定

images.wsj.net image
Hospitals Still Not Complying with Price Transparency (www.wsj.com)

3. 大风刮起的大火在博尔德县肆虐

www.dailycamera.com image
Wind whipped fires raging through Boulder County (www.dailycamera.com)

4. 大数据可能不知道你的名字,但它知道其他一切

media.wired.com image
Big data may not know your name, but it knows everything else (www.wired.com)

5. 彼得-泰尔雇用失宠的前奥地利总理塞巴斯蒂安-库尔茨

nypost.com image
Peter Thiel hires disgraced ex-Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz (nypost.com)

6. 使用Linux 15年后的macOS设置

hookrace.net image
macOS Setup after 15 Years of Linux (hookrace.net)

7. Linux内核的RNG现在是Blake2而不是SHA1,速度快3倍

Linux Kernel RNG is now Blake2 instead of SHA1 and 3x faster (twitter.com)

8. /R/PixelArt更新:NFT帖子现在被禁止了

www.redditstatic.com image
/R/PixelArt Update: NFT Posts Are Now Banned (old.reddit.com)

9. iPhone相机应用将人的头部替换为照片中的一片树叶

iPhone camera app replaces person’s head with a leaf in photo (twitter.com)

10. 面向表格的编程 (2002)

web.archive.org image
Table Oriented Programming (2002) (web.archive.org)

11. 特斯拉召回近50万辆Model 3和Model S汽车

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Tesla recalls nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S cars (www.theverge.com)

12. 亚伦-斯沃茨的黑暗面 (2013)

media.newyorker.com image
The Darker Side of Aaron Swartz (2013) (www.newyorker.com)

13. 女性在印度的iPhone工厂中推动变革

www.reuters.com image
Women force change at Indian iPhone plant (www.reuters.com)


github.githubassets.com image
SQL language proposal: JOIN FOREIGN (gist.github.com)

15. 一种基于mRNA的抗蜱虫疫苗

www.science.org image
An mRNA-based anti-tick vaccine (www.science.org)

16. 德国。数据保留将被废除

tutanota.com image
Germany: Data retention to be abolished (tutanota.com)

17. 德克萨斯州的一个学区禁止我的书。然后事情变得很糟糕

img.texasmonthly.com image
A Texas School District Banned My Book. Then Things Got Ugly (www.texasmonthly.com)

18. 拥挤的宿舍,没有冲水马桶,iPhone工厂的食物爬满了虫子。

www.independent.ie image
Crowded dorms,no flush toilets and food crawling with worms at iPhone plant (www.independent.ie)

19. 世嘉意外公布AWS凭证为重大云漏洞的一部分

vpnoverview.com image
Sega accidentally published AWS credentials as part of major cloud breach (vpnoverview.com)

20. LastPass博客。不正常的登录活动是由于错误造成的

blog.lastpass.com image
LastPass blog: Unusual Login Activity was due to bug (blog.lastpass.com)

21. 类别理论。讲义和在线书籍

Category Theory: Lecture Notes and Online Books (www.logicmatters.net)

22. 记者可能因使用 "查看来源 "而被起诉

bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com image
Reporter May Be Prosecuted for Using “View Source” (www.stltoday.com)

23. 东京警方丢失两张载有公民个人信息的软盘

cdn.mainichi.jp image
Tokyo police lose 2 floppy disks containing personal info on citizens (mainichi.jp)

24. 为什么不能在频率空间设计噪声?

demofox2.files.wordpress.com image
Why Can’t You Design Noise in Frequency Space? (blog.demofox.org)

25. 斯坦福大学要求为所有学生注射强化疫苗

studentaffairs.stanford.edu image
Stanford requires booster shots for all students (studentaffairs.stanford.edu)

26. MacOS版韦氏1913词典

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Webster’s 1913 Dictionary for macOS (github.com)

27. 现在是你的问题的礼物

apenwarr.ca image
The Gift of It's Your Problem Now (apenwarr.ca)

28. 痴人说梦。一个令人不安的对未来的预言

i.guim.co.uk image
Idiocracy: A disturbingly prophetic look at the future (www.theguardian.com)

29. LastPass的主密码是如何被泄露的?

palant.info image
How did LastPass master passwords get compromised? (palant.info)

30. 像1999年一样浏览网络

Browse the web like its 1999 (oldweb.today)

31. 关于Emacs 28的上下文菜单和一般的Unix鼠标使用方法

ruzkuku.com image
On Emacs 28’ context menu and Unix mouse-usage in general (ruzkuku.com)

32. DeepCreamPy--用深度神经网络对Hentai进行脱敏处理

opengraph.githubassets.com image
DeepCreamPy- Decensoring Hentai with Deep Neural Networks (github.com)

33. 匿名的数据很少是匿名的

flowingdata.com image
Anonymized data is rarely anonymous (flowingdata.com)

34. 荷兰街道多年来的变化(相册)。

i.imgur.com image
Changes in Dutch streets throughout the years (photo album) (imgur.com)

35. 一个用于CSV文件的快速SQLite PWA笔记本

A fast SQLite PWA notebook for CSV files (dirtylittlesql.com)

36. 80年代末的斯洛伐克数字游戏的可玩性英语本地化

scd.sk image
Playable English Localizations of Slovak Digital Games from the Late 80s Period (scd.sk)

37. 铁路线曾经连接着中东地区

www.economist.com image
Railway lines once connected the Middle East (www.economist.com)

38. 日本惠普公司意外删除京都大学超级计算系统的77TB数据

www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp image
Japan HP accidentally deleted 77TB data in Kyoto U. supercomputing system (www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

39. 1月1日将进入公共领域的内容

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
What’s entering the public domain on January 1 (www.smithsonianmag.com)

40. 你可能用错了字典 (2014)

jsomers.net image
You’re probably using the wrong dictionary (2014) (jsomers.net)

41. 实际工作的模糊性

lorinhochstein.files.wordpress.com image
The Ambiguity of Real Work (surfingcomplexity.blog)

42. Northvolt在瑞典的千兆工厂组装了第一块锂离子电池单元

www.datocms-assets.com image
Northvolt assembles first lithium-ion battery cell at Swedish gigafactory (northvolt.com)

43. Implant.ARM.iLOBleed.a

threats.amnpardaz.com image
Implant.ARM.iLOBleed.a (threats.amnpardaz.com)

44. 图形绘制和可视化手册

Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization (cs.brown.edu)

45. 梦想中的编程语言的特点

dev.to image
Features of a dream programming language (dev.to)

46. 使用Tikz的LaTeX有限自动机和状态图

hayesall.com image
LaTeX Finite Automata and State Diagrams with Tikz (hayesall.com)

47. 炉灶和热墙 (2008)

krisdedecker.typepad.com image
Oven Stoves and Heat Walls (2008) (www.lowtechmagazine.com)

48. Show HN: 展示HN:我学会了如何使用WebSockets,做出了一些漂亮/糟糕的东西

I learnt how to use WebSockets, made something beautiful/terrible (www.walloftext.art)

49. Redo:一个递归的、通用的构建系统

Redo: A recursive, general-purpose build system (redo.readthedocs.io)

50. 香港民主立场新闻网在警方突击检查和逮捕后关闭。

www.reuters.com image
Hong Kong pro-democracy Stand News shuts down after police raid, arrests (www.reuters.com)

51. NASA称韦伯的多余燃料可能会延长其寿命预期

blogs.nasa.gov image
NASA Says Webb’s Excess Fuel Likely to Extend Its Lifetime Expectations (blogs.nasa.gov)

52. 微软收购了AT&T的高级广告业务Xandr公司

qtxasset.com image
Microsoft buys Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising business (www.fiercevideo.com)

53. 今年的嵌入式锈蚀

blog.rust-embedded.org image
This Year in Embedded Rust (blog.rust-embedded.org)

54. 氯胺酮疗法正成为主流

media.newyorker.com image
Ketamine therapy is going mainstream (www.newyorker.com)

55. 新的Log4j2漏洞

nvd.nist.gov image
New Log4j2 vulnerability (nvd.nist.gov)

56. 亚马逊的Alexa助手告诉一个孩子做一个可能致命的挑战

image.cnbcfm.com image
Amazon’s Alexa assistant told a child to do a potentially lethal challenge (www.cnbc.com)

57. 2021年的数据库。一年来的回顾

ottertune.com image
Databases in 2021: A Year in Review (ottertune.com)

58. 与C不同,Python的mod运算符总是返回一个正数。

Python, unlike C, has the mod operator always return a positive number (twitter.com)

59. 实验性抑郁症治疗在对照研究中近80%有效

med.stanford.edu image
Experimental depression treatment is nearly 80% effective in controlled study (med.stanford.edu)

60. 生成具有侵蚀特征的地形的三种方法

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Three Ways of Generating Terrain with Erosion Features (github.com)

61. 你不能用memcpy复制代码

devblogs.microsoft.com image
You can't copy code with memcpy (devblogs.microsoft.com)

62. 提交给国会的报告。劫持电话和传送误导性的来电显示

www.fcc.gov image
Report to Congress: Robocalls and Transmission of Misleading Caller ID (www.fcc.gov)

63. 安全启动如何在M1系列Mac上工作

eclecticlightdotcom.files.wordpress.com image
How Secure Boot Works on M1 Series Macs (eclecticlight.co)

64. 美国54%的成年人的散文读写能力低于六年级水平

upload.wikimedia.org image
54% of adults in the United States have prose literacy below the 6th-grade level (en.wikipedia.org)

65. 为什么是Web3?

avc.com image
Why Web3? (avc.com)

66. 哲理网

tetr.io image
Tetr.io (tetr.io)

67. Show HN: Show HN: Voiceliner - 在旅途中捕捉结构化的脑筋急转弯

a9.io image
Voiceliner – Capture structured braindumps on the go (a9.io)

68. 美国联邦航空局正在调查有争议的坠机视频

s30121.pcdn.co image
FAA investigating controversial crash video (www.avweb.com)

69. 通过建立自己的linter来学习Python ASTs

sadh.life image
Learn Python ASTs, by building your own linter (sadh.life)

70. 国税局。被盗财产必须作为收入报税

IRS: Stolen property must be reported as income on taxes (www.mcclatchydc.com)

71. 海湾合作委员会。客户拥有核武器。他们不做 "赏金"。

GCC: The customer has nuclear weapons. They do not do “bounty” (gcc.gnu.org)

72. 战争游戏可以帮助你通过游戏学习和练习安全概念

Wargames can help you to learn and practice security concepts through games (overthewire.org)

73. 中本聪泄露了他在洛杉矶的IP地址(2016年)。

whoissatoshi.files.wordpress.com image
Satoshi leaked his Los Angeles IP address (2016) (whoissatoshi.wordpress.com)

74. 考虑一下SQLite

Consider SQLite (blog.wesleyac.com)

75. 部分苹果工程师获得高达18万美元的股票红利作为留任激励

images.macrumors.com image
Some Apple engineers rewarded up to $180k in stock bonuses as incentive to stay (www.macrumors.com)

76. Emacs for You - 72行-/.emacs快速设置vanilla Emacs进行编辑。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Emacs for You – A 72 line –/.emacs to quickly set up vanilla Emacs for editing (github.com)

77. 探讨SpaceX火箭和星舰的飞行软件

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Exploring the software that flies SpaceX rockets and Starships (stackoverflow.blog)

78. Facebook说我的文章是假的。现在事实核查人员承认他们错了

d2eehagpk5cl65.cloudfront.net image
Facebook Said My Article Was False. Now the Fact-Checkers Admit They Were Wrong (reason.com)

79. 世界上最大的海上风电场--霍恩西2号,首次发电

orstedcdn.azureedge.net image
The world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, generates first power (orsted.com)

80. 在以太坊的黑暗森林中寻找一种生物

latex.codecogs.com image
Finding a Creature in Ethereum's Dark Forest (bertcmiller.com)

81. 数学和计算机科学年

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
The year in math and computer science (www.quantamagazine.org)

82. 系统设计入门:学习如何设计大规模系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
System Design Primer: Learn how to design large-scale systems (github.com)

83. DuckDuckGo的每日搜索查询量超过1亿次,增长47%。

en.brinkwire.com image
DuckDuckGo's daily search queries surpassed 100M, a 47% increase (en.brinkwire.com)

84. 瑞典人被我们这个时代最大的科学虚张声势之一所愚弄 (2020)

miro.medium.com image
Swedes were fooled by one of the biggest scientific bluffs of our time (2020) (soccermatics.medium.com)

85. 每位DoorDash的员工,从工程师到CEO,都会进行送货。

cdn.cnn.com image
Every DoorDash employee, from engineers to CEO, will make deliveries (www.cnn.com)

86. 我如何建造

pketh.org image
How I Build (pketh.org)

87. 从我的博士论文中得到的教训

web.eecs.utk.edu image
Lessons from my PhD (web.eecs.utk.edu)

88. 认识到为什么电子邮件是互联网的关键基础设施

A realization of why email is critical infrastructure for the Internet (utcc.utoronto.ca)

89. 想成为一名精算师吗?机会是,你将无法通过测试

images.wsj.net image
Want to be an actuary? Odds are, you’ll fail the test (www.wsj.com)

90. 迟钝的人像昆虫一样行走,体积是它们的50万倍

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Tardigrades walk like insects 500k times their size (arstechnica.com)

91. 麻省理工学院关于苹果硅的计划

kennethfriedman.org image
MIT Scheme on Apple Silicon (kennethfriedman.org)

92. glibc在默认情况下仍然不符合Y2038标准

s0.wp.com image
glibc is still not Y2038 compliant by default (ariadne.space)

93. 工程师应及早投资于决策技能

static1.squarespace.com image
Engineers should invest in decision-making skills early (www.reforge.com)

94. Show HN: Show HN: 一个用Go语言编写的向你的手机发送推送通知的工具。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A tool to send push notifications to your phone, written in Go (github.com)

95. 湾区的美国梦正处于生命支持阶段

super-static-assets.s3.amazonaws.com image
The American dream is on life support in the Bay Area (hariraghavan.com)

96. 技术不会拯救我们。缩减消费会

thetyee.ca image
Tech Won’t Save Us. Shrinking Consumption Will (thetyee.ca)

97. 格罗克{山,水}*。了解生成艺术的来临

zverok.github.io image
Grok {Shan, Shui}*: Advent of understanding the generative art (zverok.github.io)

98. 没有人确定罗马的青铜十二面体是用来做什么的

images2.minutemediacdn.com image
No one is certain what Roman bronze dodecahedrons were used for (www.mentalfloss.com)

99. Ask HN: 问HN:为什么YC不列出他们自己的空缺职位的报酬?

Why doesn't YC list compensation for their own open positions? (news.ycombinator.com)

100. 足球传奇人物约翰-麦登去世,享年85岁

profootballtalk.nbcsports.com image
John Madden, football legend, dies at 85 (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com)

101. 博士们的 "硬 "技能在学术界之外仍有意义

media.nature.com image
‘Hard’ skills from PhDs remain relevant beyond academia (www.nature.com)

102. 下载Netflix / Disney / Apple TV内容的工具

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Tools to Download Netflix / Disney / Apple TV Content (github.com)

103. 中西部地区开发商

lanie.dev image
Midwest Developer (lanie.dev)

104. 下兔洞:疏远的父母的论坛世界(2015年)

www.issendai.com image
Down the Rabbit Hole: The world of estranged parents' forums (2015) (www.issendai.com)

105. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我的Instagram怎么老是被破坏?

How does my Instagram keep getting compromised? (news.ycombinator.com)

106. "玩命挣钱 "和狗屁工作

r.moxy.social image
“Play-to-Earn” and Bullshit Jobs (paulbutler.org)

107. LastPass用户被警告其主密码已被泄露

www.bleepstatic.com image
LastPass users warned their master passwords are compromised (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

108. 美国联邦调查局文件显示可从加密的短信应用中获得哪些数据

therecord.media image
FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps (therecord.media)

109. Gobolinux : 重新定义Linux文件系统的层次结构

gobolinux.org image
Gobolinux : Redefining Linux filesystem hierarchy (gobolinux.org)

110. 现在停止排放比以后从空气中提取碳更便宜

cdn.arstechnica.net image
It’s cheaper to stop emitting now than to pull carbon from the air later (arstechnica.com)

111. 据说苹果准备在2022年推出没有SIM卡插槽的iPhone手机

images.macrumors.com image
Apple said to be preparing for iPhones without SIM card slot in 2022 (www.macrumors.com)

112. GnuPG用于请求您的支持,以帮助保护在线隐私

gnupg.org image
GnuPG used to ask for your support to help protect online privacy (gnupg.org)

113. 你应该向OpenStreetMap免费贡献开放数据吗?

www.ctrl.blog image
Should you contribute open data to OpenStreetMap for free? (www.ctrl.blog)

114. 强大的超级计算机现在可以靠光而不是电流运行

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Powerful supercomputer can now run on light instead of electric current (www.techradar.com)

115. Rust: 实验性的实时全局照明渲染器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rust: Experimental real-time global illumination renderer (github.com)

116. C不是一种低级语言 (2018)

queue.acm.org image
C Is Not a Low-level Language (2018) (queue.acm.org)

117. DIY邮件

DIY Mail (computer.rip)

118. 嘲笑鸟--中文实时语音克隆

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Mocking Bird – Realtime Voice Clone for Chinese (github.com)

119. Ask HN: Ask HN: 如果我不喜欢远程,如何在2021年找到工作?

How to find a job in 2021 if I dislike remote? (news.ycombinator.com)

120. 机架2(虚拟Eurorack)

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Rack 2 (Virtual Eurorack) (github.com)

121. 一位津巴布韦考古学家重新构想非洲文明的故事

www.economist.com image
A Zimbabwean archaeologist reimagines the story of an African civilisation (www.economist.com)

122. 贝弗利钟

upload.wikimedia.org image
The Beverly Clock (en.wikipedia.org)

123. 如何思考:你从未被教导过的技能

149664534.v2.pressablecdn.com image
How to Think: The Skill You’ve Never Been Taught (fs.blog)

124. DRM的目的不是为了防止侵犯版权 (2013)

web.archive.org image
The purpose of DRM is not to prevent copyright violations (2013) (web.archive.org)

125. Superhighway84 - 一个受Usenet启发的去中心化互联网讨论系统

xn--gckvb8fzb.com image
Superhighway84 – a Usenet-inspired decentralized internet discussion system (xn--gckvb8fzb.com)

126. 请不要在FOSS项目中使用Discord

Please don't use Discord for FOSS projects (drewdevault.com)

127. 帮助HN:Stripe在48小时内通知我们关闭假期的骨干人员

Help HN: Stripe shutting us down with 48 hours notice on a holiday skeleton crew (news.ycombinator.com)

128. 日本的造纸文化

static2.jetpens.com image
Japan's Paper Culture (www.jetpens.com)

129. 从安卓系统翻录电子书的快速和肮脏方法

shkspr.mobi image
Quick and dirty way to rip an eBook from Android (shkspr.mobi)

130. 波斯王子JavaScript

Prince of Persia JavaScript (princejs.com)

131. 亚历克斯建议向儿童提出致命挑战

Alexa suggests lethal challenge to child (twitter.com)

132. 颌骨上发现新的肌肉层

www.unibas.ch image
New muscle layer discovered on the jaw (www.unibas.ch)

133. 我今天做了我的第一个web0网站。它是如此的酷,它只是工作

elliott.computer image
I made my first web0 website today. It's so cool it just works (elliott.computer)

134. 在技术领域寻找新的高级角色的经验之谈

philcalcado.com image
Takeaways from looking for a new senior role in tech (philcalcado.com)

135. immudb - 世界上最快的不可更改的数据库,建立在零信任模型上。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
immudb – world’s fastest immutable database, built on a zero trust model (github.com)

136. Ask HN: Ask HN: 2021年最受欢迎的播客集?

Favorite Podcast Episode of 2021? (news.ycombinator.com)

137. 外部视网膜显示器的现状

The State of External Retina Displays (www.caseyliss.com)

138. 经济学人》追踪超额死亡

www.economist.com image
The Economist tracks excess deaths (www.economist.com)

139. 解码詹姆斯-韦伯太空望远镜

destevez.net image
Decoding James Webb Space Telescope (destevez.net)

140. 也许我们可以调低JavaScript (2016)

eev.ee image
Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript (2016) (eev.ee)

141. 2021年最好的事情和东西

fogus.me image
The Best Things and Stuff of 2021 (blog.fogus.me)

142. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我的LastPass主密码是如何被泄露的?

How did my LastPass master password get leaked? (news.ycombinator.com)

143. 用6美元的树莓派相机录制660FPS视频(2019)

blog.robertelder.org image
Recording 660FPS Video on a $6 Raspberry Pi Camera (2019) (blog.robertelder.org)

144. Windows 2000现代化指南

w2k.phreaknet.org image
Windows 2000 Modernization Guide (w2k.phreaknet.org)

145. 对Zig编程语言的评论(使用《代码的降临》2021年)。

www.duskborn.com image
A Review of the Zig Programming Language (Using Advent of Code 2021) (www.duskborn.com)

146. Pytudes: 用于完善特定编程技能的Python程序

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Pytudes: Python programs for perfecting particular programming skills (github.com)

147. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你如何验证对你的副业的需求?

How do you validate demand for your side-project? (news.ycombinator.com)

148. 注重隐私的搜索引擎DuckDuckGo在2021年增长了46%。

www.bleepstatic.com image
Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo grew by 46% in 2021 (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

149. 意大利法院认定开源软件条款可强制执行

ifthisbetreason.com image
Italian Courts Find Open Source Software Terms Enforceable (ifthisbetreason.com)

150. E.O. Wilson已经去世

www.reuters.com image
E.O. Wilson has died (www.reuters.com)

151. Ask HN: 问HN:你的灵修是什么?

What is your spiritual practice? (news.ycombinator.com)

152. "Widevine Dump":泄露的代码从迪斯尼+、亚马逊和Netflix下载高清视频

torrentfreak.com image
"Widevine Dump":Leaked Code Downloads HD Video from Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix (torrentfreak.com)

153. 敲敲门,谁在那里?- 国家安全局的虚拟机

reverse.put.as image
Knock Knock Who's There? – An NSA VM (reverse.put.as)

154. Ask HN: Ask HN: 现代Python需要阅读的好Python项目?

Good Python projects to read for modern Python? (news.ycombinator.com)

155. 一位Tumblr的开发者谈App Store的审批过程

64.media.tumblr.com image
A Tumblr developer on the App Store approval process (sreegs.tumblr.com)

156. Covid测试套件内有一个带蓝牙的ARM Cortex-M4

There's an ARM Cortex-M4 with Bluetooth inside a Covid test kit (twitter.com)

157. 租车的荒谬行为将不再被容忍

cdn.theatlantic.com image
The absurdity of renting a car will no longer be tolerated (www.theatlantic.com)

158. 超新星

hypernerf.github.io image
HyperNeRF (hypernerf.github.io)

159. 十年来记录我的生活

chaidarun.com image
Ten Years of Logging My Life (chaidarun.com)

160. 安大略省禁止非竞争性条款,并建立了与工作脱节的权利

Ontario bans non-competes and creates right to disconnect from work (gowlingwlg.com)

161. 价格信号的重要性

www.lynalden.com image
The Importance of Price Signals (www.lynalden.com)

162. 在30分钟内部署一个类似Gmail的电子邮件服务器

d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net image
Deploy a Gmail-like email server in 30 (ish) minutes (andycallaghan.com)

163. CPM MagnaCut - 刀钢的下一个突破口

knifesteelnerds.com image
CPM MagnaCut – The Next Breakthrough in Knife Steel (knifesteelnerds.com)

164. 销售我自己的GPL软件,第一部分:很多的障碍

Selling my own GPL software, part 1: a lot of hurdles (raymii.org)

165. 用一个USB加密狗和开放源代码对你的DNA进行测序

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Sequencing your DNA with a USB dongle and open source code (stackoverflow.blog)

166. 淇凯德6.0.0

gitlab.com image
KiCad 6.0.0 (gitlab.com)

167. 超媒体方法如何解决多页面应用程序的可用性问题

htmx.org image
How a hypermedia approach can address usability concerns with multi-page apps (htmx.org)

168. 权力与魔法的英雄

www.filfre.net image
Heroes of Might and Magic (www.filfre.net)

169. 过反文化生活的反模仿策略

www.epsilontheory.com image
Anti-mimetic tactics for living a counter-cultural life (www.epsilontheory.com)

170. 经过多年的怀疑,核聚变接近的希望越来越大

bostonglobe-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com image
After years of doubts, hopes grow that nuclear fusion is near (www.bostonglobe.com)

171. 容器节流的问题

danluu.com image
The Container Throttling Problem (danluu.com)