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90岁老人花1万美元在《华尔街日报》上做2个广告,向AT&T CEO诉说网速慢的问题。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2021 年 第 6 周归档(02.08 - 02.15)

1. 关于浏览一个庞大的代码库

blog.royalsloth.eu image
On navigating a large codebase (blog.royalsloth.eu)

2. 会所用户ID、聊天室ID在互联网上以明文形式传输。

Clubhouse user IDs, Chatroom IDs are transmitted in plaintext over the internet (twitter.com)

3. 教程--用C语言写一个Shell

brennan.io image
Tutorial – Write a Shell in C (brennan.io)

4. Show HN: 显示HN:M1图--股市调整后的美圆货币供应量

m1chart.com image
M1 Chart – The stock market adjusted for the US-dollar money supply (m1chart.com)

5. 关于《纽约时报》文章的声明

cdn.substack.com image
Statement on New York Times Article (astralcodexten.substack.com)

6. 两个世界中最糟糕的:Excel遇上Outlook

adepts.of0x.cc image
The worst of the two worlds: Excel meets Outlook (adepts.of0x.cc)

7. Comp.lang.c谷歌小组被禁止了

Comp.lang.c Google Group has been banned (groups.google.com)

8. 美国对世卫组织关于科维德武汉产地的报告提出 "深切关注

static.reuters.com image
US raises ‘deep concerns’ over WHO report on Covid’s Wuhan origins (www.reuters.com)

9. AirPods导致耳鸣(2019年以来600多起报道?

discussions.apple.com image
AirPods Causing Tinnitus (600+ reports since 2019?) (discussions.apple.com)

10. 50年前,糖业悄悄付钱给科学家,让他们把责任推给脂肪(2016)

media.npr.org image
50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat (2016) (www.npr.org)

11. Ziglings。学习Zig编程语言,修复微小的破损程序。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Ziglings: Learn the Zig programming language by fixing tiny broken programs (github.com)

12. 我们残酷的科学体系几乎让我们失去了一个mRNA疫苗的先驱者

d279m997dpfwgl.cloudfront.net image
Our Brutal Science System Almost Cost Us a Pioneer of mRNA Vaccines (www.wbur.org)

13. 实时的OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap in Realtime (osm-in-realtime.jwestman.net)

14. 替代壳

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Alternative Shells (github.com)

15. Kotlin基金会

The Kotlin Foundation (kotlinlang.org)

16. 新模型可以解释古老的胆固醇之谜

image.sciencenorway.no image
New model could explain old cholesterol mystery (sciencenorway.no)

17. 硅谷的安全空间

static01.nyt.com image
Silicon Valley’s Safe Space (www.nytimes.com)

18. S**tbowl。算法驱动的家庭物理缓存平台。

S**tbowl: The algorithmically powered in-home physical caching platform (www.shitbowl.com)

19. 所以,你想学习破解密码?

littlemaninmyhead.files.wordpress.com image
So, You Want to Learn to Break Ciphers (littlemaninmyhead.wordpress.com)

20. Ditherpunk 2 - 超越1-bit

www.makeworld.gq image
Ditherpunk 2 – beyond 1-bit (www.makeworld.gq)

21. 谷歌现在是Python软件基金会的一个有远见的赞助商。

3.bp.blogspot.com image
Google is now a visionary sponsor of the Python Software Foundation (pyfound.blogspot.com)

22. 宫胁法。更好的森林建设方法?(2019)

daily.jstor.org image
The Miyawaki Method: A Better Way to Build Forests? (2019) (daily.jstor.org)

23. Linux内存管理常见问题

Linux Memory Management FAQ (landley.net)

24. 虚构的加密货币

cdn.substack.com image
Fictional Cryptocurrencies (astralcodexten.substack.com)

25. Ask HN: 问HN:你为什么不打码?

Why aren't you coding? (news.ycombinator.com)

26. Show HN: 显示HN:使用自然语言查询在YouTube视频内搜索。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Search inside YouTube videos using natural language queries (github.com)

27. AWS Babelfish。PostgreSQL房间里的大象?

postgresql.fund image
AWS Babelfish: The Elephant in the PostgreSQL Room? (postgresql.fund)

28. FIDO2安全密钥公司发布的硬件是开源的,使用的是Rust。

cdn.shopify.com image
FIDO2 security key company releases hardware that's open source and uses Rust (solokeys.com)

29. Svgrepo。浏览SVG矢量图和图标

Svgrepo: Browse SVG vectors and icons (www.svgrepo.com)

30. 加尔文与霍布斯搜索引擎

michaelyingling.com image
Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine (michaelyingling.com)

31. 再见,YC

Goodbye YC (blog.aaronkharris.com)

32. SVG:好的、坏的和丑的。

SVG: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (www.eisfunke.com)

33. 口腔和肠道中的微生物生态系统与许多疾病有关。

www.economist.com image
Microbial ecosystems in the mouth and gut are linked to many ills (www.economist.com)

34. 欧洲隐私监督机构呼吁结束定向广告投放

regmedia.co.uk image
Euro privacy watchdog calls for end of targeted advertising (www.theregister.com)

35. 矮胖工程师的价值被低估了

cdn.substack.com image
Short fat engineers are undervalued (nested.substack.com)

36. Flameshot - 超级截图工具

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Flameshot – Superb Screenshot Tool (github.com)

37. 三藩市校董会停止基于种族的任命。

cdn.abcotvs.com image
San Francisco school board halts appointment based on race (abc7news.com)

38. Swift for TensorFlow关闭

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Swift for TensorFlow Shuts Down (github.com)

39. 捷克枪械制造商CZG收购Colt

s1.reutersmedia.net image
Czech gunmaker CZG buys Colt (reuters.com)

40. 数学家用两页纸解决灵敏度猜想(2019)

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Mathematician Solves Sensitivity Conjecture in Two Pages (2019) (www.quantamagazine.org)

41. 欧盟隐私机构敦促采取更多保障措施以遏制美国科技巨头

static.reuters.com image
EU privacy agency urges more safeguards to curb U.S. tech giants (www.reuters.com)

42. 多名比佛利山庄警员现对流媒体进行版权武器化处理

video-images.vice.com image
Multiple Beverly Hills PD officers now weaponizing copyright against streaming (www.vice.com)

43. Spotify优化了有史以来最大的数据流作业,以包揽2020年的工作。

storage.googleapis.com image
Spotify Optimized the Largest Dataflow Job Ever for Wrapped 2020 (engineering.atspotify.com)

44. 来自细胞自动机的自组织纹理。

distill.pub image
Self-organising textures from cellular automata (distill.pub)

45. "我看到你在Azure中运行了一个Ubuntu镜像"

“I saw that you spun up an Ubuntu image in Azure” (twitter.com)

46. 如果你关注农民,你可以了解到中世纪欧洲的情况

www.laphamsquarterly.org image
What you can learn about medieval Europe if you focus on peasants (www.laphamsquarterly.org)

47. 计算机网络。系统方法

book.systemsapproach.org image
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (book.systemsapproach.org)

48. 离开Mozilla

imgur.com image
Leaving Mozilla (www.emilykager.com)

49. Pravetz Computers

upload.wikimedia.org image
Pravetz Computers (en.wikipedia.org)

50. 肥二代需要多肥?

storage.googleapis.com image
How Fat Does a Fat Binary Need to Be? (justine.lol)

51. 苹果在iOS 14.5中通过代理服务器重定向谷歌安全浏览流量。

the8-bit.com image
Apple redirects Google Safe Browsing traffic through proxy servers in iOS 14.5 (the8-bit.com)

52. 偷看MetaHuman Creator

cdn2.unrealengine.com image
A sneak peek at MetaHuman Creator (www.unrealengine.com)

53. 特斯拉召回EMMC故障汽车,称零件为 "磨损品

hackaday.com image
Tesla Recalls Cars with EMMC Failures, Calls Part a ‘Wear Item’ (hackaday.com)

54. Rust async和Linux线程上下文切换时间和内存使用情况比较

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Comparison of Rust async and Linux thread context switch time and memory use (github.com)

55. Chick Corea死了

chickcorea.com image
Chick Corea has died (chickcorea.com)

56. 在Fuchsia上运行未经修改的Linux程序。

Running unmodified Linux programs on Fuchsia (fuchsia-review.googlesource.com)

57. Tell HN: 告诉HN:我在服务上抓到的一个SEO负面案例,我是如何处理的?

A case of negative SEO I caught on my service and how I dealt with it (news.ycombinator.com)

58. 做不规模的事(2013)

s.yimg.com image
Do Things that Don't Scale (2013) (www.paulgraham.com)

59. Kubernetes失败的故事

Kubernetes Failure Stories (k8s.af)

60. LinkedIn的备用宇宙

d24ovhgu8s7341.cloudfront.net image
LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe (every.to)

61. 维基媒体缩小了应用程序发送90M请求的花的图片

phab.wmfusercontent.org image
Wikimedia narrows down the app sendin 90M requests to a pic of flower (phabricator.wikimedia.org)

62. 美国1%的人从底层90%的人那里拿走了50万美金

api.time.com image
America's 1% Has Taken $50T From the Bottom 90% (time.com)

63. 揭开Linux内核中一个24年前的bug。

engineering.skroutz.gr image
Uncovering a 24-year-old bug in the Linux Kernel (engineering.skroutz.gr)

64. 我为什么要建立Litestream?

Why I Built Litestream (litestream.io)

65. 当您接受所有Cookies时,您同意什么?

www.conradakunga.com image
What Do You Agree to When You Accept All Cookies (www.conradakunga.com)

66. Podman。一个无守护进程的容器引擎

podman.io image
Podman: A Daemonless Container Engine (podman.io)

67. AMD目前正在招聘更多的Linux工程师

www.phoronix.com image
AMD Is Currently Hiring More Linux Engineers (www.phoronix.com)

68. 从第一原理开始。为什么是Scala?

www.lihaoyi.com image
From First Principles: Why Scala? (www.lihaoyi.com)

69. 戴森空气净化器在市场测试中表现优于廉价的DIY箱式风机滤网

i.cbc.ca image
Dyson air purifier outperformed by cheap DIY box fan filter in Marketplace test (www.cbc.ca)

70. 生锈 1.50

www.rust-lang.org image
Rust 1.50 (blog.rust-lang.org)

71. TurboTax只是欺骗你,让你花钱报税

assets-c3.propublica.org image
TurboTax Just Tricked You into Paying to File Your Taxes (www.propublica.org)

72. Rust Cookbook

badge-cache.kominick.com image
Rust Cookbook (rust-lang-nursery.github.io)

73. 万事达卡将向加密货币开放网络

static.reuters.com image
MasterCard to open up network to cryptocurrencies (www.reuters.com)

74. 疫苗不得不用。他用了 他被解雇了

static01.nyt.com image
The Vaccine Had to Be Used. He Used It. He Was Fired (nyti.ms)

75. 将JavaScript库从JavaScript迁移到WebAssembly上

engineering.q42.nl image
Migrating a JavaScript Library from JavaScript to WebAssembly (engineering.q42.nl)

76. Beej的网络编程指南

Beej's Guide to Network Programming (beej.us)

77. 为什么Ruby 3的速度不快?

fastruby.io image
Why Wasn't Ruby 3 Faster? (www.fastruby.io)

78. WTF Python。通过令人惊讶的片段探索和理解Python。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
WTF Python: Exploring and understanding Python through surprising snippets (github.com)

79. 谷歌现在告诉用户,它的应用已经过时了。没有更新

spencerdailey.com image
Google is now telling users its apps are out of date. No updates are available (spencerdailey.com)

80. System76推出可配置的键盘,采用开源代码。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard with Open Source Code (github.com)

81. 发布HN:黄蜂(YC W21)--用于构建全栈网络应用的DSL。

Launch HN: Wasp (YC W21) – DSL for building full-stack web apps (news.ycombinator.com)

82. 拉里-弗林特去世了

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Larry Flynt has died (www.bbc.com)

83. Posix线程编程

computing.llnl.gov image
Posix Threads Programming (computing.llnl.gov)

84. Show HN: 显示HN:我写了整整一本书来构建一个无鼠标的开发环境。

themouseless.dev image
I wrote an entire book to build a mouseless dev environment (themouseless.dev)

85. 谷歌可以通过轻轻的开关杀死Facebook

shaneosullivan.files.wordpress.com image
Google could have killed Facebook with the flick of a switch (shaneosullivan.wordpress.com)

86. 2021年独立SaaS现状

static1.squarespace.com image
State of Independent SaaS 2021 (microconf.com)

87. 图案生成器--创建无缝的、免版税的图案。

Pattern Generator – Create Seamless, Royalty-Free Patterns (doodad.dev)

88. 环保局采取行动保护科学的完整性

www.epa.gov image
EPA Takes Action to Protect Scientific Integrity (www.epa.gov)

89. 柚子(任天堂Switch模拟器)2021年1月进展报告

yuzu-emu.org image
Yuzu (Nintendo Switch Emulator) Progress Report January 2021 (yuzu-emu.org)

90. 佛罗里达州供水系统被黑事件的有趣之处在于,我们听说过它

krebsonsecurity.com image
What’s interesting about the Florida water system hack is that we heard about it (krebsonsecurity.com)

91. 8岁的孩子呼吁NPR缺乏恐龙的故事。

media.npr.org image
8-Year-Old Calls Out NPR for Lack of Dinosaur Stories (www.npr.org)

92. 准备在24小时内发行200M证书。

letsencrypt.org image
Preparing to Issue 200M Certificates in 24 Hours (letsencrypt.org)

93. Python幕后花絮#8:Python整数是如何工作的?

tenthousandmeters.com image
Python behind the scenes #8: how Python integers work (tenthousandmeters.com)

94. 三星代工厂。2023年底前在美国新建170亿美元的工厂

images.anandtech.com image
Samsung Foundry: New $17B Fab in the USA by Late 2023 (www.anandtech.com)

95. 肯尼亚回收塑料垃圾制成比混凝土还坚固的砖块

static.reuters.com image
Kenyan recycles plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete (www.reuters.com)

96. 有证据表明,FBI可以黑进锁定的iPhone上的Signal私人信息。

thumbor.forbes.com image
Evidence that the FBI can hack into private Signal messages on a locked iPhone (www.forbes.com)

97. 哈啰系统

hellosystem.github.io image
Hello system, a FreeBSD-based OS designed to resemble Mac (hellosystem.github.io)

98. 屏蔽Facebook服务器

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Block Facebook Servers (github.com)

99. 高朗仿制药提案已被接受

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Golang generics proposal has been accepted (github.com)

100. 病毒式 "我不是猫 "滤镜是几十年前的软件。

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Viral 'I'm not a cat' filter is decades-old software (www.bbc.co.uk)

101. Apple Watch可识别SARS-CoV2感染并预测诊断结果

preprints.jmir.org image
Apple Watch Identifies SARS-CoV2 Infection and Predicts Diagnosis (preprints.jmir.org)

102. 自科学家发出警报以来,氟氯化碳的非法排放已经停止。

media.nature.com image
Illegal CFC emissions have stopped since scientists raised alarm (www.nature.com)

103. 用Python进行Web Scraping 101

www.scrapingbee.com image
Web Scraping 101 with Python (www.scrapingbee.com)

104. 分布式系统的模式(2020年)

martinfowler.com image
Patterns of Distributed Systems (2020) (martinfowler.com)

105. 斯坦福大学让iPhone开发课程免费

cs193p.sites.stanford.edu image
Stanford Makes iPhone Development Course Free (cs193p.sites.stanford.edu)

106. 哈姆无线电形成行星大小的空间气象传感器网络

eos.org image
Ham Radio Forms a Planet-Sized Space Weather Sensor Network (eos.org)

107. 我们是游戏了吗?- Rust游戏开发生态系统指南

arewegameyet.rs image
Are we game yet? – A guide to the Rust game development ecosystem (arewegameyet.rs)

108. 时区废话

Timezone Bullshit (blog.wesleyac.com)

109. Mozilla欢迎Rust基金会

blog.mozilla.org image
Mozilla Welcomes the Rust Foundation (blog.mozilla.org)

110. 比特币现在用电量比阿根廷还多

Bitcoin now uses more electricity than Argentina (cbeci.org)

111. 无限放大的植物花卉天堂画作。

arkadia.xyz image
Infinitely zooming botanical floral paradise painting (arkadia.xyz)

112. 90岁老人花1万美元在《华尔街日报》上做2个广告,向AT&T CEO诉说网速慢的问题。

images.foxtv.com image
90-year-old man spends $10k on 2 ads in WSJ to tell AT&T CEO about slow internet (www.foxla.com)

113. 研究人员在新颖的供应链攻击中黑掉了35家以上的科技公司。

www.bleepstatic.com image
Researcher hacks over 35 tech firms in novel supply chain attack (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

114. 亚马逊的竞争对手把我们的腰带列表撤下来了,说它含有毒品。

miro.medium.com image
Amazon competitor got our belt listing taken down by saying it contains drugs (travelhead.medium.com)

115. Github1s - 用VS Code一秒读懂GitHub代码。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Github1s – One second to read GitHub code with VS Code (github.com)

116. 想得太多会对你不利

www.economist.com image
Thinking too much can be bad for you (www.economist.com)

117. Haxe 4.2

community.haxe.org image
Haxe 4.2 (community.haxe.org)

118. 女王对英国法律的控制力比我们想象的要大得多

i.guim.co.uk image
The Queen has more power over British law than we thought (www.theguardian.com)

119. Ask HN: 问HN:WFH期间的团队趣味活动创意?

Team fun event ideas during WFH? (news.ycombinator.com)

120. SDL 移至 GitHub

discourse.libsdl.org image
SDL Moves to GitHub (discourse.libsdl.org)

121. Mozilla的浏览器模糊化

hacks.mozilla.org image
Browser Fuzzing at Mozilla (hacks.mozilla.org)

122. 农民不得不砍掉自己的拖拉机来进行维修。

api.thedrive.com image
Farmers are having to hack their own tractors to make repairs (www.thedrive.com)

123. 警察在市民拍摄时播放音乐,引发版权过滤。

Cops are playing music while citizens are filming to trigger copyright filters (twitter.com)

124. 事实证明,OpenStreetMap是美国顶级城市的高精度地图。

miro.medium.com image
OpenStreetMap proven to be a highly accurate map in top US cities (eng.lyft.com)

125. 推出HN:SigNoz(YC W21)--DataDog的开放源码替代方案。

Launch HN: SigNoz (YC W21) – Open-source alternative to DataDog (news.ycombinator.com)

126. 接受Python的模式匹配

static.lwn.net image
Pattern Matching Accepted for Python (lwn.net)

127. 匍匐作为一种服务

d24ovhgu8s7341.cloudfront.net image
Creeping as a Service (every.to)

128. 约翰-麦克沃特:新种族主义者

cdn.substack.com image
John McWhorter: The Neoracists (www.persuasion.community)

129. Haskell: 坏的部分,第二部分(2020年)

www.snoyman.com image
Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 2 (2020) (www.snoyman.com)

130. 伪哲学鼓励了混乱的、自我放纵的思考

epsilon.psyche.co image
Pseudophilosophy encourages confused, self-indulgent thinking (psyche.co)

131. 何塞-瓦里姆透露了 "Project Nx"(Numerical Elixir)。

thinkingelixir.com image
José Valim Reveals “Project Nx” (Numerical Elixir) (thinkingelixir.com)

132. 关于Signal和反审查界最近事件的声明。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
A Statement on Recent Events Between Signal and the Anti-Censorship Community (github.com)

133. Facebook因 "失去对用户数据的控制 "而被起诉。

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Facebook sued for ‘losing control’ of users’ data (www.bbc.com)

134. 男子因TrustPilot负面评论需赔偿2.5万英镑(3.4万美元)的损失。

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Man to pay £25,000 ($34,000) damages over negative TrustPilot review (www.bbc.com)

135. ReactOS更新

reactos.org image
ReactOS Updates (reactos.org)

136. 世界上老化的水坝

e360.yale.edu image
The World’s Aging Dams (e360.yale.edu)

137. 不支持Linux主机从黑客手中关机

No support Linux hosting shutting down from hack (www.nosupportlinuxhosting.com)

138. 停止用括号污损引号

compote.slate.com image
Stop defacing quotes with brackets (slate.com)

139. 我不想再做前端了。

I don't want to do front-end anymore (www.askonomm.com)

140. 红色项目CD被黑客攻击 遭遇勒索软件,数据被盗。

CD Project Red has been hacked. Hit with ransomware and data stolen. (twitter.com)

141. 迄今规模最大的性行为遗传基础研究(2019年)

media.nature.com image
The largest study to date on the genetic basis of sexuality (2019) (www.nature.com)

142. 观点。不要止于大科技--也要打击大农业。

modernfarmer.com image
Opinion: Don’t Stop at Big Tech–We Need to Bust Big Agriculture, Too (modernfarmer.com)

143. Reddit估值60亿美元,融资2.5亿美元。

static.reuters.com image
Reddit valued at $6B on a $250M round (www.reuters.com)

144. 将旧的亚马逊Kindle变成一个eInk开发平台。

adq454703481.files.wordpress.com image
Turning an old Amazon Kindle into a eInk development platform (blog.lidskialf.net)

145. Jeff Erickson的算法

jeffe.cs.illinois.edu image
Algorithms by Jeff Erickson (jeffe.cs.illinois.edu)

146. 一个在英国村子里长大的大猩猩。

miro.medium.com image
A gorilla who was brought up as a boy in an English village (medium.com)

147. 20%的维基共享资源请求是针对一朵花的图像。

20% of requests for Wikimedia Commons are for one image of a flower (phabricator.wikimedia.org)

148. 拒绝求职申请的电脑

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
The computers rejecting job applications (www.bbc.co.uk)

149. 警长说,黑客增加了Oldsmar城市供水系统的化学水平。

media.wtsp.com image
Hacker increased chemical level at Oldsmar's city water system, sheriff says (www.wtsp.com)

150. 新的10兆像素夜空图像包含1B星系

New 10 Terapixel Image of the Night Sky Contains 1B Galaxies (viewer.legacysurvey.org)

151. Show HN: 出示HN:《Lisp编程算法》一书

images.springer.com image
"Programming Algorithms in Lisp” Book (www.apress.com)

152. 用Markdown和Git写博客,并通过时间优雅地降解。

brandur.org image
Blog with Markdown and Git, and degrade gracefully through time (brandur.org)

153. Show HN: 显示HN:办事器--所有的用户管理即服务,而不仅仅是身份验证

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Clerk – all of user management as-a-service, not just authentication (clerk.dev)

154. 不要低估散步的力量。

hbr.org image
Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Walk (hbr.org)

155. 纽约时报记者诬陷科技投资者使用污言秽语。

cdn.substack.com image
NYT reporter falsely accuses tech investor of using a slur (greenwald.substack.com)

156. GitHub在动作、拉取请求、包方面遇到问题。

dka575ofm4ao0.cloudfront.net image
GitHub experiencing issues with actions, pull requests, packages (www.githubstatus.com)

157. 2020年共同语言生态系统的现状

State of the Common Lisp ecosystem, 2020 (lisp-journey.gitlab.io)

158. 提醒。Terraria Dev的谷歌故事一点也不稀奇

Reminder: Terraria Dev’s Google Story Is Not Unusual at All (codewriteplay.com)

159. 我追寻着自己的梦想,却被降职为软件开发人员。

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
I followed my dreams and got demoted to software developer (stackoverflow.blog)

160. 锈蚀基金会。你好,世界

foundation.rust-lang.org image
Rust Foundation: Hello, World (foundation.rust-lang.org)

161. 在商业项目中使用Cloudflare的免费层时,请求被删除。

pawelurbanek.com image
Requests dropped when using Cloudflare’s free tier for a commercial project (pawelurbanek.com)

162. 停止瑞士奶酪你的日历

cdn.substack.com image
Stop Swiss Cheesing your calendar (thinkingthrough.substack.com)

163. 被控杀人犯赢得检查DNA检测试剂盒源代码的权利。

regmedia.co.uk image
Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit (www.theregister.com)

164. 用shell脚本改变你的MAC地址(2019)

josh.works image
Change your MAC address with a shell script (2019) (josh.works)

165. 特斯拉购买15亿美元比特币,未来可能接受比特币作为支付方式。

techcrunch.com image
Tesla buys $1.5B in Bitcoin, may accept it as payment in the future (techcrunch.com)

166. 在Unix上理解音频堆栈

venam.nixers.net image
Making Sense of the Audio Stack on Unix (venam.nixers.net)

167. 提供免费计划

www.chrisfrantz.com image
Do Offer a Free Plan (www.chrisfrantz.com)

168. 广告拦截器的性能影响(2020年

www.debugbear.com image
Performance Impact of Ad Blockers (2020) (www.debugbear.com)

169. 南非暂停推广牛津-阿斯利康冠状病毒疫苗。

static.dw.com image
South Africa suspends rollout of Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine (www.dw.com)

170. 开发者的谷歌账户被锁定后,Terraria on Stadia被取消了。

Terraria on Stadia cancelled after developer's Google account gets locked (twitter.com)

171. Google Play上的条码扫描器应用一次更新就感染了1000万用户。

blog.malwarebytes.com image
Barcode scanner app on Google Play infects 10m users with one update (blog.malwarebytes.com)

172. 如果有Ubuntu的维护者在听,请不要再这样做了。请停止这样做

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
If any Ubuntu maintainers are listening: PLEASE STOP DOING THIS (github.com)

173. TurboTax为阻止美国人免费报税而进行的20年斗争。

assets-c3.propublica.org image
TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans from Filing Their Taxes for Free (www.propublica.org)

174. 当《纽约时报》和《纽约客》犯错时会发生什么?

cdn.substack.com image
What happens when the NYT and New Yorker make mistakes (savingjournalism.substack.com)

175. Show HN: 出示HN:印章把文件夹变成纯文本文件,把文件变成文件夹。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Stamp turns a folder into a plain text file and a file into a folder (github.com)

176. 索达:一款2D(侧视)多人动作游戏。

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Soldat: a 2D (side-view) multiplayer action game (github.com)

177. 不要提供免费计划

Don't Offer a Free Plan (nofreeplan.com)

178. 一名F-117飞行员和击落他的军官在15年后见面 (2013)

www.rd.com image
An F-117 pilot and the officer who shot him down meet, 15 years later (2013) (www.rd.com)

179. Frontex文件

frontexfiles.eu image
Frontex Files (frontexfiles.eu)

180. NRA破产让批评者窥视枪支游说团体的内部运作。

gumlet.assettype.com image
NRA bankruptcy lets critics peer into gun lobby’s inner workings (www.bloombergquint.com)

181. RFC 1178: 为你的计算机选择一个名字(1990年)

RFC 1178: Choosing a name for your computer (1990) (tools.ietf.org)

182. 新的阅读栈

macwright.com image
The new reading stack (macwright.com)

183. 科幻小说还没有让我们做好想象机器学习的准备

tedunderwood.files.wordpress.com image
Science fiction hasn’t prepared us to imagine machine learning (tedunderwood.com)

184. 马达加斯加发现 "地球上最小的爬行动物

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
‘Smallest reptile on earth’ discovered in Madagascar (www.bbc.com)