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Show HN: 显示 HN: Endgame - 一个 AWS Pentesting 工具,用于后门或暴露 AWS 资源。

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2021 年 第 7 周归档(02.15 - 02.22)

1. 贝鲁特银行工作(2017)

darknetdiaries.com image
The Beirut Bank Job (2017) (darknetdiaries.com)

2. 找到你愿意做的苦差事(2018)

www.cs.uni.edu image
Find the Hard Work You're Willing to Do (2018) (www.cs.uni.edu)

3. Boringtechnology.club

boringtechnology.club image
Boringtechnology.club (boringtechnology.club)

4. 需要爱护的 Debian 软件包

wnpp.debian.net image
Debian Packages That Need Lovin' (wnpp.debian.net)

5. 不诚实、冷漠、有毒的文化。

miro.medium.com image
A Dishonest, Indifferent, and Toxic Culture (huixiangvoice.medium.com)

6. 加州将使迷幻药非刑罪化,为医疗铺平道路。

i.guim.co.uk image
California would decriminalize psychedelics, paving way for medical treatment (www.theguardian.com)

7. OpenBSD在苹果M1硬件上启动多用户

OpenBSD boots multi-user on Apple M1 hardware (marc.info)

8. 我们生活在一个心烦意乱的时代,要面对不断的精神刺激。

www.lostbookofsales.com image
We live in an age of distractions, dealing with constant mental stimulus (www.lostbookofsales.com)

9. 美国宇航局已决定开始使用 "猎鹰重型 "建造月球门户。

www.universetoday.com image
NASA Has Decided to Start Building the Lunar Gateway Using the Falcon Heavy (www.universetoday.com)

10. Adversarial.io - 打击大规模图像识别。

adversarial.io image
Adversarial.io – Fighting mass image recognition (adversarial.io)

11. Little是一种静态类型的、类似C语言的脚本语言。

www.little-lang.org image
Little is a statically typed, C-like scripting language (www.little-lang.org)

12. 新型植物基塑料可以以近乎完美的效率进行化学回收利用

academictimes.s3.amazonaws.com image
New plant-based plastics can be chemically recycled with near-perfect efficiency (academictimes.com)

13. 2021年2月20日在丹佛的美联航B772,发动机进气口与发动机分离。

avherald.com image
United B772 at Denver on Feb 20th 2021, engine inlet separates from engine (avherald.com)

14. 新发布。公元0年 阿尔法24: Xšayāršā

play0ad.com image
New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 24: Xšayāršā (play0ad.com)

15. 对于编程,你怎么能不浪漫?

How can you not be romantic about programming? (thorstenball.com)

16. 如何毁灭地球(2006)

How to Destroy the Earth (2006) (qntm.org)

17. Coinbase估值超过1000亿美元,领先于直接上市。

images.axios.com image
Coinbase valued above $100B, ahead of direct listing (www.axios.com)

18. 研究表明,朋友和朋友的朋友之间的欺凌行为发生率最高。

www.ucdavis.edu image
Highest rates of teen bullying are between friends and friends-of-friends: study (www.ucdavis.edu)

19. 在3万台Mac上发现的新恶意软件让安全专家们大跌眼镜。

cdn.arstechnica.net image
New malware found on 30k Macs has security pros stumped (arstechnica.com)

20. 暗黑破坏神II:复活

images.blz-contentstack.com image
Diablo II: Resurrected (diablo2.blizzard.com)

21. 在90年代,德国的部分空中交通管制软件在Emacs上运行。

www.redditstatic.com image
In the 90s part of Germany's air traffic control software ran on Emacs (www.reddit.com)

22. 发布HN:MindsDB (YC W20)--在您的数据库中进行机器学习。

Launch HN: MindsDB (YC W20) – Machine Learning Inside Your Database (news.ycombinator.com)

23. M1 Mac有另一种隐藏的启动模式

s0.wp.com image
M1 Macs have another hidden boot mode (eclecticlight.co)

24. 鸟类为什么不会脚冷

miro.medium.com image
Why Birds Don’t Get Cold Feet (medium.com)

25. 我不知道,Timmy,做上帝是一个很大的责任(2007)。

I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility (2007) (qntm.org)

26. 我的电子墨水生活

rgoswami.me image
My Life in E-Ink (rgoswami.me)

27. Show HN: 显示HN:分体式键盘画廊

aposymbiont.github.io image
Split Keyboards Gallery (aposymbiont.github.io)

28. 抗抑郁药最后是如何发挥作用的?

blogs.sciencemag.org image
How Antidepressants Work, at Last? (blogs.sciencemag.org)

29. 画一座冰山,看看它在水中如何漂浮。

Draw an iceberg and see how it would float in water (joshdata.me)

30. 研究人员寻找mRNA遭同事嘲笑

www.macleans.ca image
Researchers looking for mRNA were ridiculed by colleagues (www.macleans.ca)

31. 对Pinboard老前辈的要求

A request for Pinboard old-timers (www.prettyfwd.com)

32. 火星登陆。照片显示 "锲而不舍 "号火星车在着陆时的情况。

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Mars landing: Photo shows Perseverance rover during landing (www.bbc.co.uk)

33. OpenStreetMap描绘了一个有争议的新方向。

OpenStreetMap charts a controversial new direction (www.bloomberg.com)

34. Cockpit - 基于网络的服务器综合界面,一目了然。

Cockpit – Integrated, glanceable, web-based interface for servers (cockpit-project.org)

35. BTC终局

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
BTC Endgame (github.com)

36. 梦库,收集了2万多份梦境报告。

www.dreambank.net image
The DreamBank, a collection of over 20k dream reports (www.dreambank.net)

37. 已检查C

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Checked C (github.com)

38. 火星成为第2个运行Linux的计算机数量超过Windows的星球。

Mars becomes the 2nd planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows (twitter.com)

39. Ultima VIII--如何在一个简单的步骤中摧毁一个游戏专营店

www.filfre.net image
Ultima VIII – How to destroy a gaming franchise in one easy step (www.filfre.net)

40. 预测市场。选举中的故事

vitalik.ca image
Prediction Markets: Tales from the Election (vitalik.ca)

41. 勇敢的浏览器通过DNS泄露你的Tor/洋葱服务请求。

ramble.pw image
Brave Browser leaks your Tor / Onion service requests through DNS (ramble.pw)

42. Tauri: 一个用Rust编写的电子替代方案。

tauri.studio image
Tauri: An Electron alternative written in Rust (tauri.studio)

43. 您现在应该做的事情

Things You Should Do Now (secure.phabricator.com)

44. Facebook向广告商举报假号

s.yimg.com image
Facebook reported fake numbers to advertisers (news.yahoo.com)

45. 如何不强迫自己提高工作效率

www.deprocrastination.co image
How to be more productive without forcing yourself (www.deprocrastination.co)

46. 不要从恢复模式格式化M1 Mac的驱动器

miro.medium.com image
Don’t format a drive of M1 Macs from recovery mode (giuliomagnifico.medium.com)

47. "我要宰了你"

daniel.haxx.se image
“I will slaughter you” (daniel.haxx.se)

48. 最高法院裁定,Uber司机是工人不是自雇人员

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Uber drivers are workers not self employed, Supreme Court rules (www.bbc.co.uk)

49. Monolith First

martinfowler.com image
Monolith First (martinfowler.com)

50. OpenZFS - dRAID,终于

i0.wp.com image
OpenZFS – dRAID, Finally (klarasystems.com)

51. 每秒12个请求:Python网络框架的真实面貌

suade.org image
12 requests per second: A realistic look at Python web frameworks (suade.org)

52. 开源棋牌开发者对基于Stockfish的商业引擎发出警告

images.prismic.io image
Open source chess developers warn about a commercial engine based on Stockfish (lichess.org)

53. 德州停电是一个全国性的问题

garrettbattaglia.com image
The Texas power outage is a nation-wide problem (garrettbattaglia.com)

54. Python 3.x: RCE在Python应用程序中接受floats作为不信任的输入。

cve.mitre.org image
Python 3.x: RCE in Python applications that accept floats as untrusted input (cve.mitre.org)

55. 为什么5分钟前的代码这么难看?

web.eecs.utk.edu image
Why is it so hard to see code from 5 minutes ago? (web.eecs.utk.edu)

56. 迁移到SQLAlchemy 2.0。

www.sqlalchemy.org image
Migrating to SQLAlchemy 2.0 (docs.sqlalchemy.org)

57. Uber关闭应用程序,告诉司机Uber是否少付了他们的工资。

video-images.vice.com image
Uber shuts down app that told drivers if Uber underpaid them (www.vice.com)

58. Facebook多年来一直知道广告到达率的估计是基于 "错误的数据"。

techcrunch.com image
Facebook knew for years ad reach estimates were based on ‘wrong data’ (techcrunch.com)

59. 加利福尼亚州议员提出法案,将迷幻药非刑罪化。

maps.org image
California State Legislator Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Psychedelics (maps.org)

60. Nvidia宣布挖矿GPU,将RTX-3060的哈希率降低一半。

blogs.nvidia.com image
Nvidia announces mining GPUs, cuts the hash rate of RTX-3060 in half (blogs.nvidia.com)

61. 毅力号探测器登陆火星

mars.nasa.gov image
Perseverance Rover lands on Mars (mars.nasa.gov)

62. 美国宇航局的 "锲而不舍 "火星车:确认着陆。

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover: touch down confirmed (twitter.com)

63. Sci-Hub。爱思唯尔和施普林格-自然公司获得英国互联网服务提供商封杀令

torrentfreak.com image
Sci-Hub: Elsevier and Springer Nature Obtain UK ISP Blocking Order (torrentfreak.com)

64. 美国宇航局的锲而不舍的漫游车降落生活流。

NASA's Perseverance Rover Landing Livestream (www.youtube.com)

65. 天际线 - 你的GitHub故事的3D版本

skyline.github.com image
Skyline – Your GitHub story in 3D (skyline.github.com)

66. 文字游戏的50年--1977年:Zork公司

cdn.substack.com image
50 years of text games – 1977: Zork (if50.substack.com)

67. 新款M型键盘是一款美国制造的键盘,让你的打字变得更加轻松。

tidbits.com image
New Model M Is an American-Made Keyboard That Puts a Spring Back in Your Typing (tidbits.com)

68. 盎格鲁-撒克逊人以为自己是谁?

i2.wp.com image
Who did the Anglo-Saxons think they were? (www.archaeology.co.uk)

69. 选择退出的幻想

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image
The Fantasy of Opting Out (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

70. 我是一个海洛因使用者。我没有毒品问题

static.nautil.us image
I Am a Heroin User. I Do Not Have a Drug Problem (m.nautil.us)

71. 美国宇航局如何设计出能在火星上自主飞行的直升机?

How NASA Designed a Helicopter That Could Fly Autonomously on Mars (spectrum.ieee.org)

72. 花旗银行刚刚上了一堂价值5亿美元的课,让我们知道了UI设计的重要性。

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Citibank just got a $500M lesson in the importance of UI design (arstechnica.com)

73. 为什么没有 "大公司里的创业者"?

miro.medium.com image
Why There’s No Such Thing as “A Startup Within a Big Company” (hunterwalk.medium.com)

74. 首次在自然界中看到功能的 "机械齿轮"(2013)

www.cam.ac.uk image
Functioning ‘mechanical gears’ seen in nature for the first time (2013) (www.cam.ac.uk)

75. 缓解开源软件中的内存安全问题

2.bp.blogspot.com image
Mitigating Memory Safety Issues in Open Source Software (security.googleblog.com)

76. 让比特币颤抖的背后老板意大利网络Bitfinex

miro.medium.com image
Bitfinex, the Italian network behind the boss that makes Bitcoin tremble (nicolaborzi.medium.com)

77. Zsh技巧让你大开眼界

twilio-cms-prod.s3.amazonaws.com image
Zsh Tricks to Blow Your Mind (www.twilio.com)

78. 现在美国西部大部分地区的电费超过900美元/兆瓦时。

www.caiso.com image
Electricity over $900/MWh in most of Western US now (www.caiso.com)

79. 消除不良管理的必要性

s0.wp.com image
The Need to Remove Bad Management (pedestrianobservations.com)

80. 如何结束

avc.com image
How this Ends (avc.com)

81. 星际链接》现已接受全面预购。

www.starlink.com image
Starlink is now Accepting General Pre-orders (www.starlink.com)

82. 扩大我们在旧金山的测试

1.bp.blogspot.com image
Expanding our testing in San Francisco (blog.waymo.com)

83. 在购买《纽约时报》订阅版之前,先看看取消订阅需要什么条件

i.imgur.com image
Before buying a NYT subscription, see what it'll take to cancel it (imgur.com)

84. Ask HN: 问HN:找一份入门级远程工作的建议?

Advice for finding an entry-level remote job? (news.ycombinator.com)

85. 英国将成立纳税人资助的高风险科技研究机构,豁免FOI。

www.thetimes.co.uk image
UK to launch taxpayer-funded high-risk tech research agency exempt from FOI (www.thetimes.co.uk)

86. Nx: 具有多阶段编译功能的多维时序Elixir库(CPU/GPU)

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Nx: Multi-dimensional tensors Elixir lib with multi-staged compilation (CPU/GPU) (github.com)

87. Blitz.js现已进入测试阶段(包含电池的框架建立在Next.js上)。

blitzjs.com image
Blitz.js Now in Beta (Batteries Included Framework Built on Next.js) (blitzjs.com)

88. 工程领导的软技能

www.datocms-assets.com image
Soft Skills in Engineering Leadership (codingsans.com)

89. "性爱是音乐界的常态

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
'Sexual favours were the norm in music industry' (www.bbc.com)

90. 40M电池塔的可视化

alpercinar.com image
Visualization of 40M Cell Towers (alpercinar.com)

91. 澳大利亚Facebook上分享和查看新闻的变化

about.fb.com image
Changes to sharing and viewing news on Facebook in Australia (about.fb.com)

92. Quad9公共DNS移至瑞士

www.quad9.net image
Quad9 public DNS moves to Switzerland (www.quad9.net)

93. 杀死通讯--将电子邮件通讯转换为Atom feeds。

kill-the-newsletter.com image
Kill the Newsletter – Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds (kill-the-newsletter.com)

94. WebKit的怪癖

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
WebKit Quirks (github.com)

95. Show HN: 显示HN:Ray.so - 为您的代码创建美丽的图像。

Ray.so – Create beautiful images of your code (ray.so)

96. 皮克斯的盒子:讲故事的艺术。

cdn.kastatic.org image
Pixar in a Box: the art of storytelling (www.khanacademy.org)

97. Python编程和数值方法。工程师和科学家指南

Python Programming and Numerical Methods: A Guide for Engineers and Scientists (pythonnumericalmethods.berkeley.edu)

98. Epic Games向欧盟提出反垄断申诉,加大对苹果的打击力度。

static.reuters.com image
Epic Games steps up Apple fight with EU antitrust complaint (www.reuters.com)

99. 苏联解密的航天器和轨道武器

1.bp.blogspot.com image
Declassified spacecrafts and orbital weapons of the USSR (www.xissufotoday.space)

100. Pine64推出Quartz64 SBC。

www.cnx-software.com image
Pine64 Unveils Quartz64 SBC (www.cnx-software.com)

101. 我为什么要离开谷歌,或者说,我为什么要呆这么久?

paygo-public-prod.s3.amazonaws.com image
Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long? (paygo.media)

102. GitHub已故用户政策

GitHub Deceased User Policy (docs.github.com)

103. 总是在文字上下注

v.dreamwidth.org image
Always Bet on Text (graydon2.dreamwidth.org)

104. 电子邮件中的间谍像素 "已经成为流行的"。

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Spy pixels in emails 'have become endemic' (www.bbc.co.uk)

105. 欧洲公民关于禁止生物识别大规模监控的倡议。

reclaimyourface.eu image
European Citizens' Initiative for a ban on biometric mass surveillance (reclaimyourface.eu)

106. 会所的必然性

stratechery.com image
Clubhouse’s Inevitability (stratechery.com)

107. 宜家家居将停产年度目录,结束70年的经营历史。

media.architecturaldigest.com image
IKEA to discontinue its annual catalog, ending a 70-year run (www.architecturaldigest.com)

108. 开源网络扩展中的恶意软件

static.lwn.net image
Malware in open-source web extensions (lwn.net)

109. 会所生物发生器

perchance.org image
Clubhouse Bio Generator (perchance.org)

110. 新的报告显示,警察使用环形摄像机监控黑人生命至上的抗议活动。

www.eff.org image
New Report Shows Cops Used Ring Cameras to Monitor Black Lives Matter Protests (www.eff.org)

111. 大义凛然的纪念日。20年后纪念 "你的所有基地"

cdn.arstechnica.net image
An anniversary for great justice: Remembering “All Your Base” 20 years later (arstechnica.com)

112. 美国宇航局的 "锲而不舍 "号探测器将在本周尝试登陆火星。

NASA's Perseverance rover will attempt to land on Mars this week (spectrum.ieee.org)

113. 完成回答问题 Stack Overflow

games.greggman.com image
Done Answering Questions Stack Overflow (games.greggman.com)

114. 比特币突破5万美元,各大公司纷纷跳入加密领域

image.cnbcfm.com image
Bitcoin surpasses $50K as major companies jump into crypto (www.cnbc.com)

115. 德州电网出了什么问题?

s.hdnux.com image
What went wrong with the Texas power grid? (www.houstonchronicle.com)

116. Go 1.16 发行说明

golang.org image
Go 1.16 Release Notes (golang.org)

117. 翁贝托-埃科: 乌尔-法西斯主义(1995年) [pdf]

Umberto Eco: Ur-Fascism (1995) [pdf] (theanarchistlibrary.org)

118. Functorio

bartoszmilewski.files.wordpress.com image
Functorio (bartoszmilewski.com)

119. 尊重隐私的WhatsApp替代品

protonmail.com image
WhatsApp alternatives that respect privacy (protonmail.com)

120. 为什么Esbuild速度快?

esbuild.github.io image
Why Is Esbuild Fast? (esbuild.github.io)

121. TikTok在欧洲各地遭遇消费者法律违规投诉

static.reuters.com image
TikTok hit with consumer law breaches complaints across Europe (www.reuters.com)

122. 新车气味 "是致癌物的气味。即使是短途旅行也可能使我们过度暴露于此

www.sciencealert.com image
'New Car Smell' Is the Scent of Carcinogens. Even Short Trips May Overexpose Us (www.sciencealert.com)

123. 我的工作内容

s.yimg.com image
What I Worked On (paulgraham.com)

124. 对LastPass免费的改变

blog.lastpass.com image
Changes to LastPass Free (blog.lastpass.com)

125. Show HN: 显示 HN: Endgame - 一个 AWS Pentesting 工具,用于后门或暴露 AWS 资源。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Endgame – An AWS Pentesting tool to backdoor or expose AWS resources (github.com)

126. "硅谷的安全空间 "误导了读者

reason.com image
“Silicon Valley’s Safe Space” has misinformed readers (reason.com)

127. 学习Ruby。从Python中我喜欢的东西,我错过的东西

miro.medium.com image
Learning Ruby: Things I Like, Things I Miss from Python (medium.com)

128. "用户参与度 "是 "上瘾 "的代码

miro.medium.com image
“User Engagement” Is Code for “Addiction” (craigwritescode.medium.com)

129. 新款M1 Macbook对深度学习有好处吗?

www.betterdatascience.com image
Are the New M1 Macbooks Any Good for Deep Learning? (www.betterdatascience.com)

130. 在二次元时间内排列不可见图标

randomascii.files.wordpress.com image
Arranging Invisible Icons in Quadratic Time (randomascii.wordpress.com)

131. 他们如何SRE

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
How They SRE (github.com)

132. 超微黑客。中国多年来利用美国一家科技供应商[2021年后续报道]。

Supermicro Hack: China Exploited a US Tech Supplier over Years [2021 Follow-Up] (www.bloomberg.com)

133. 在一个HTML中使用本地存储的看板。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Kanban board in one HTML using localstorage (github.com)

134. 在SQLite中,许多小的查询都是高效的

sqlite.org image
Many Small Queries Are Efficient in SQLite (sqlite.org)

135. Python字符串是不可变的,但只是有时候

web.eecs.utk.edu image
Python strings are immutable, but only sometimes (web.eecs.utk.edu)

136. Sourcetrail。免费和开源的交互式源码探索器

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Sourcetrail: Free and open-source interactive source explorer (github.com)

137. Show HN: 显示HN:Jam,一个开放源码的会所(W/WebRTC)

jam.systems image
Jam, an Open Source Clubhouse (w/ WebRTC) (jam.systems)

138. 窗口退款日

marc.merlins.org image
Windows Refund Day (marc.merlins.org)

139. 亚马逊的假评论在网上 "被大量出售

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Fake Amazon reviews 'being sold in bulk' online (www.bbc.com)

140. Sonobus。低延迟点对点音频的开源应用程序

sonobus.net image
Sonobus: Open-source app for low latency peer-to-peer audio (sonobus.net)

141. 从朝鲜红星操作系统中提取的媒体文件。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Media files extracted from North Korea's Red Star OS (github.com)

142. 蒂姆-库克如何在乔布斯之后改变苹果

How Tim Cook transformed Apple after Steve Jobs (www.bloomberg.com)

143. 构建丰富的终端仪表盘

media.moyaproject.com image
Building Rich Terminal Dashboards (www.willmcgugan.com)

144. Therac-25事件

thedailywtf.com image
The Therac-25 Incident (thedailywtf.com)

145. 汽车上的自动驾驶,售价999元

comma.ai image
Autopilot on Cars for $999 (comma.ai)

146. 用铅笔和纸开采比特币。每天0.67次哈希(2014年)

lh6.googleusercontent.com image
Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper: 0.67 hashes per day (2014) (www.righto.com)

147. 我们如何在Matrix上举办FOSDEM 2021展会

matrix.org image
How we hosted FOSDEM 2021 on Matrix (matrix.org)

148. YouTubers必须申报广告。为什么别人不用?[视频]

YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else? [video] (www.youtube.com)

149. 发射HN: Noya(YC W21)--使用冷却塔直接从空气中捕获二氧化碳

Launch HN: Noya (YC W21) – Direct air capture of CO2 using cooling towers (news.ycombinator.com)

150. Ask HN: 问HN:为什么电子墨水记事本设备比iPad贵?

Why are e-ink note-taking devices so expensive compared to iPads? (news.ycombinator.com)

151. 德尔菲26年

blogs.embarcadero.com image
26 Years of Delphi (blogs.embarcadero.com)

152. 为家庭服务器运行Nomad

mrkaran.dev image
Running Nomad for a Home Server (mrkaran.dev)

153. 更快的JavaScript调用

v8.dev image
Faster JavaScript Calls (v8.dev)

154. Spotify让员工在任何地方工作,同时支付旧金山和纽约的工资。

i.insider.com image
Spotify is letting employees work from anywhere while paying SF and NY salaries (www.businessinsider.com)

155. OWASP小抄系列

cheatsheetseries.owasp.org image
OWASP Cheat Sheet Series (cheatsheetseries.owasp.org)

156. 为什么SELECT *对SQL性能不利

tanelpoder.com image
Why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance (tanelpoder.com)

157. 对NurseryCam用户的警告

cybergibbons.com image
A Warning to Users of NurseryCam (cybergibbons.com)

158. Nyuzi - 一个实验性的开源FPGA GPGPU处理器

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Nyuzi – An Experimental Open-Source FPGA GPGPU Processor (github.com)

159. 冻土融化导致西伯利亚巨大的地下甲烷爆炸。

siberiantimes.com image
Melting permafrost cause huge underground methane explosions in Siberia (siberiantimes.com)

160. 一个微小的C编译器,它可以自己编译(2048字节)。

A tiny C compiler which can compile itself (in 2048 bytes) (bellard.org)

161. I Blew It

www.erasmatazz.com image
I Blew It (www.erasmatazz.com)

162. 新闻工作,尤其是最高级别的新闻工作,讲究的是生力军。

cdn.cjr.org image
Journalism, particularly at the highest level, is about raw power (www.cjr.org)

163. 以色列研究发现,使用辉瑞疫苗后,症状性Covid-19病例下降94%。

static.reuters.com image
Israeli study finds 94% drop in symptomatic Covid-19 cases with Pfizer vaccine (www.reuters.com)

164. 我利用现有的YouTube视频,用一个假的Patreon个人资料。

monosnap.com image
I exploited existing YouTube videos with a fake Patreon profile (www.lucas03.com)

165. 图形编程周刊

www.jendrikillner.com image
Graphics Programming Weekly (www.jendrikillner.com)

166. 为什么 "相信科学 "是复杂的?

lareviewofbooks-org-cgwbfgl6lklqqj3f4t3.netdna-ssl.com image
Why “Trusting the Science” Is Complicated (lareviewofbooks.org)

167. Show HN: 显示 HN: ustaxes.org - 开源报税网络应用。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
ustaxes.org – open-source tax filing webapp (github.com)

168. Bevy。一个用Rust打造的游戏引擎

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Bevy: A game engine built in Rust (github.com)

169. 埃尔科特公司几乎达到德州电网的负荷能力

Ercot nearly at capacity for Texas power grid (www.ercot.com)

170. SolarWinds黑客是 "有史以来最大最复杂的攻击"。MSFT总裁

static.reuters.com image
SolarWinds hack was 'largest and most sophisticated attack' ever: MSFT president (www.reuters.com)

171. 这15位亿万富翁拥有美国的新闻媒体公司(2016)

thumbor.forbes.com image
These 15 Billionaires Own America's News Media Companies (2016) (www.forbes.com)

172. Ask HN: 问HN:有哪些好的网站是英伦人不知道的?

What are the best websites that the Anglosphere doesn't know about? (news.ycombinator.com)

173. 贫困如何降低工人的生产力

media.npr.org image
How Poverty Makes Workers Less Productive (www.npr.org)

174. (非常)椭圆曲线密码学基础介绍

qvault.io image
(Very) Basic Intro to Elliptic Curve Cryptography (qvault.io)

175. 半剂量莫德纳疫苗可产生中和抗体

marginalrevolution.com image
Half Doses of Moderna Vaccine Produce Neutralizing Antibodies (marginalrevolution.com)

176. 昼夜冻融的钢制围栏和管道中的挤出冰块 (2008)

my.ilstu.edu image
Extruding Ice from Steel Fences and Pipes with Diurnal Freeze/Thaw (2008) (my.ilstu.edu)

177. 布伦丹-艾希在莱克斯-弗里德曼播客[视频]。

Brendan Eich on the Lex Fridman Podcast [video] (www.youtube.com)

178. 警察编造谎言以证明手机被扣押是正确的,不享有无条件豁免权。

ii.techdirt.com image
No Qualified Immunity for Cops Who Made Stuff Up to Justify Phone Seizure (www.techdirt.com)

179. Show HN: 显示HN:Khan-dl - 可汗学院课程下载器。

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Khan-dl – Khan Academy Course Downloader (github.com)

180. Fluxus - 一个3D游戏引擎,用于实时编码世界的存在。

www.pawfal.org image
Fluxus – A 3D game engine for live-coding worlds into existence (www.pawfal.org)

181. DeepMind实现SOTA图像识别,训练速度提高8.7倍。

static.arxiv.org image
DeepMind achieves SOTA image recognition with 8.7x faster training (arxiv.org)

182. Roaring Kitty将与对冲基金经理一起为GameStop作证。

static.reuters.com image
Roaring Kitty to testify on GameStop alongside hedge fund managers (www.reuters.com)

183. Julia 1.6:从Julia 1.0开始,有什么变化?

www.oxinabox.net image
Julia 1.6: what has changed since Julia 1.0? (www.oxinabox.net)

184. "按位置付费"--你凭什么投诉?

cdn.substack.com image
“Location-Based Pay” – Who Are You to Complain? (blackshaw.substack.com)

185. GTA III和副城完全逆向工程:re3

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
GTA III and Vice City fully reverse engineered: re3 (github.com)

186. 直观地学习功能编程

david-peter.de image
Learn Functional Programming Visually (david-peter.de)