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Star Labs StarBook - AMD 14" Linux笔记本电脑,采用coreboot和 "开放保修"。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2022 年 第 15 周归档(04.11 - 04.18)

1. 去你的奇迹年

cdn.substack.com image
Fuck Your Miracle Year (rogersbacon.substack.com)

2. 伽马硫磺的稳定化使4000次循环的锂-S电池成为可能 [pdf]

Stabilization of gamma sulfur enables 4000 cycle Li-S batteries [pdf] (www.nature.com)

3. 减少技术性

Be Less Technical (www.sequential.dev)

4. 大脑随着时间的推移而膨胀和缩小

media.nature.com image
The brain expands and shrinks over time (www.nature.com)

5. 为什么有些蛋黄是橙色的?

www.foodunfolded.com image
Why Are Some Egg Yolks So Orange? (www.foodunfolded.com)

6. 死后生命在眼前闪现的证据

i0.wp.com image
Evidence that life flashes before the eyes upon death (hyperallergic.com)

7. Miniclip将停用桌面网站并完全过渡到移动游戏

www.miniclip.com image
Miniclip to Discontinue Desktop Site and Transition Exclusively to Mobile Games (www.miniclip.com)

8. 所有粒子和力量的新地图 (2020)

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
A New Map of All the Particles and Forces (2020) (www.quantamagazine.org)

9. 艺术家注意到什么

stopa.io image
What Artists Notice (stopa.io)

10. 弗兰兹和Lisp的历史

ieeexplore.ieee.org image
The History of Franz and Lisp (ieeexplore.ieee.org)

11. 自由电话在隐私方面并不出色

www.dreamwidth.org image
The Freedom Phone is not great at privacy (mjg59.dreamwidth.org)

12. 将SBCL Common Lisp作为动态库使用

resources.blogblog.com image
Using SBCL Common Lisp as a Dynamic Library (mstmetent.blogspot.com)

13. 收藏品是可怕的投资

fullstackeconomics.com image
Collectibles are terrible investments (fullstackeconomics.com)

14. 锈迹斑斑的网络了吗?

www.arewewebyet.org image
Is Rust Web Yet? (www.arewewebyet.org)

15. 英文维基百科中缺少的著名项目

pic.blog.plover.com image
Notable items missing from English Wikipedia (blog.plover.com)

16. 粘性胶带清单

upload.wikimedia.org image
List Of Adhesive Tapes (en.wikipedia.org)

17. 麻省理工学院工程师创造出比钢更强、像塑料一样轻的新材料

scitechdaily.com image
MIT Engineers Create New Material Stronger Than Steel and Light as Plastic (scitechdaily.com)

18. Show HN: Show HN: 完全用C#编写的类似i3wm的平铺窗口管理器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A tiling window manager like i3wm written entirely in C# (github.com)

19. 100位在新泽西州同一所高中就读的罕见癌症患者要求回答

static.foxnews.com image
100 People with rare cancers who attended same NJ high school demand answers (www.foxnews.com)

20. Show HN: Show HN: Golang FFmpeg包装器用于简单的视频I/O和网络摄像头流。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Golang FFmpeg wrapper for simple Video I/O and Webcam Streaming (github.com)

21. 蝙蝠侠效应":拥有另一个自我是如何赋予你力量的

lsa.umich.edu image
The 'Batman Effect': How having an alter ego empowers you (lsa.umich.edu)

22. 波德曼桌面伴侣GUI--在所有主要操作系统上的平等性

iongion.github.io image
Podman Desktop Companion GUI – Parity on All Major Operating Systems (iongion.github.io)

23. 操作系统。CPU调度

www.cs.uic.edu image
Operating Systems: CPU Scheduling (www.cs.uic.edu)

24. 核武器的破坏力到底有多大?

www.navalgazing.net image
How destructive are nuclear weapons really? (www.navalgazing.net)

25. Show HN: 显示HN:我的网站,托管在386 25 MHz,4 MiB的内存,38400波特的互联网上。

My website, hosted on a 386 25 MHz, 4 MiB of RAM, 38400 baud internet (serentty.com)

26. 我错了--CRDTs是未来 (2020)

I was wrong – CRDTs are the future (2020) (josephg.com)

27. 研究人员在人类肺部发现具有再生特性的新细胞类型

www.pennmedicine.org image
Researchers discover new cell type in human lung with regenerative properties (www.pennmedicine.org)

28. 27年前,我意外地举办了最难、最奇怪的复活节彩蛋活动

27 years ago I accidentally ran the hardest, strangest Easter egg hunt (twitter.com)

29. 弗吉尼亚州警方经常使用秘密的GPS定位器来追踪人们的手机

bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com image
Virginia police routinely use secret GPS pings to track people’s cell phones (www.insidenova.com)

30. 自我校准的USB纸带阅读器

www.e-basteln.de image
Self-calibrating USB Paper Tape Reader (www.e-basteln.de)

31. Show HN: Show HN: Slow Social,一个为朋友而非影响者建立的社交网络

slowsocial.us image
Slow Social, a social network built for friends, not influencers (slowsocial.us)

32. 苹果公司为设计自己的芯片所做的长达一年的冒险努力正在得到回报

images.wsj.net image
Apple’s risky, yearslong effort to design its own silicon is paying off (www.wsj.com)

33. Show HN: 展示HN:作为PWA运行的小型Hypercard堆栈

A small Hypercard stack running as a PWA (hypercardsimulator.com)

34. 威廉斯服务器的普查

blog.bithole.dev image
A Census of Minecraft Servers (blog.bithole.dev)

35. 深度学习理论的原则

static.arxiv.org image
The Principles of Deep Learning Theory (arxiv.org)

36. 我避免异步/等待

miro.medium.com image
I Avoid Async/Await (uniqname.medium.com)

37. Zig自我托管的编译器现在能够自我构建。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Zig self hosted compiler is now capable of building itself (github.com)

38. Mac应用商店勒索软件

pbs.twimg.com image
Mac App Store Ransomware (mjtsai.com)

39. 布伦丹-格雷格将离开Netflix

www.brendangregg.com image
Brendan Gregg is leaving Netflix (www.brendangregg.com)

40. 单线图

schollz.com image
One-line drawings (schollz.com)

41. 一种能治愈酒精中毒的药物可能是下一种抗焦虑药物

www.tus.ac.jp image
A drug that cures alcoholism may be the next anti-anxiety medication (www.tus.ac.jp)

42. 英特尔在酷睿系列处理器上弃用SGX

Intel deprecates SGX on Core series processors (edc.intel.com)

43. 操作保真度超过99%的双量子比特硅量子处理器

Two-qubit silicon quantum processor with operation fidelity exceeding 99% (www.science.org)

44. 用C++重新实现一个老的DOS游戏 17 (2019)

lethalguitar.files.wordpress.com image
Re-implementing an old DOS game in C++ 17 (2019) (lethalguitar.wordpress.com)

45. Heroku安全通知

Heroku Security Notification (status.heroku.com)

46. 对土地征税

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Tax the Land (www.vox.com)

47. 涉及向第三方集成商发放的被盗OAuth令牌的攻击活动

github.blog image
Attack campaign involving stolen OAuth tokens issued to third-party integrators (github.blog)

48. 从SQLite迁移到PostgreSQL

bytebase.com image
Migrating from SQLite to PostgreSQL (bytebase.com)

49. 在招聘开发人员时,让候选人阅读现有的代码

s0.wp.com image
When hiring developers, have the candidate read existing code (freakingrectangle.wordpress.com)

50. 我对埃隆对推特的提议的看法

My take on Elon's offer for Twitter (twitter.com)

51. 如何在MS Paint中画出分镜头(2015)?

www.hisutton.com image
How to draw sub cutaways in MS Paint (2015) (www.hisutton.com)

52. 使用Nim语言生成Python扩展

ramanlabs.in image
Generate Python extensions using Nim language (ramanlabs.in)

53. EpubPress,将网络内容变成电子书

epub.press image
EpubPress, turn web content into ebooks (epub.press)

54. 国际股票操纵团伙的10名成员在曼哈顿被指控

www.justice.gov image
Ten Members of International Stock Manipulation Ring Charged in Manhattan (www.justice.gov)

55. Ask HN: Ask HN: 有没有人成功地重新谈判过AWS的竞业限制?

Has anyone successfully renegotiated an AWS non-compete? (news.ycombinator.com)

56. Moreutils。一个很久以前没有人想到要写的Unix工具集

Moreutils: A collection of Unix tools that nobody thought to write long ago (joeyh.name)

57. 在马斯克出价430亿美元收购公司后,Twitter董事会通过了毒丸。

image.cnbcfm.com image
Twitter board adopts poison pill after Musk’s $43B bid to buy company (www.cnbc.com)

58. DuckDuckGo从其搜索结果中删除了海盗网站和YouTube-DL

torrentfreak.com image
DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results (torrentfreak.com)

59. 基础知识:统计学上的装甲

static.wixstatic.com image
Primer: Statistical Armour (www.tanknology.co.uk)

60. Windows 10去掉了间谍软件,增加了稳定性和安全性

ameliorated.info image
Windows 10 minus the spyware plus added stability and security (ameliorated.info)

61. 指针是复杂的III,或。指针--整数投射曝光

Pointers Are Complicated III, or: Pointer-integer casts exposed (www.ralfj.de)

62. 椭圆曲线密码学。基本介绍

blog.boot.dev image
Elliptic Curve Cryptography: A Basic Introduction (blog.boot.dev)

63. 他们以为自己是自由的:德国人,1933-45年

press.uchicago.edu image
They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 (press.uchicago.edu)

64. 我想用你的钱做的可怕的事情

Terrible things I'd do with your money (timdaub.github.io)

65. 雇员不受欢迎的生日派对在诉讼后为其带来45万美元的收入

Employee’s unwanted birthday party nets him $450k after lawsuit (www.kentucky.com)

66. 关于迷幻药和精神疾病你需要知道的一切

cdn.substack.com image
Everything you need to know about psychedelics and mental illness (stuartritchie.substack.com)

67. 维基百科在全球范围内阻止苹果私人中继IP范围的编辑工作

upload.wikimedia.org image
Wikipedia globally blocks Apple Private Relay IP ranges from editing (meta.wikimedia.org)

68. 科罗拉多州的安全站是国家的法律

www.bicyclecolorado.org image
The Colorado Safety Stop is the law of the land (www.bicyclecolorado.org)

69. 我希望分布式不是新的默认值

www.zeptonaut.com image
I hope distributed is not the new default (www.zeptonaut.com)

70. 左小青。脚本的小篮子

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Zuo: A Tiny Racket for Scripting (github.com)

71. Neovim 0.7版发布

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Neovim 0.7 Released (github.com)

72. Shirky.com已经消失了

web.archive.org image
Shirky.com is gone (web.archive.org)

73. 用再生疗法逆转听力损失

news.mit.edu image
Reversing hearing loss with regenerative therapy (news.mit.edu)

74. 邓宁-克鲁格效应就是自相矛盾

economicsfromthetopdown.com image
The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Autocorrelation (economicsfromthetopdown.com)

75. 链接。Stripe的简单、安全的一键支付

images.ctfassets.net image
Link: Simple, secure one-click payments by Stripe (link.co)

76. 边境上的Rustaceans [Linux Kernel] 。

static.lwn.net image
Rustaceans at the Border [Linux Kernel] (lwn.net)

77. Reddit公布评论搜索

www.redditinc.com image
Reddit Announces Comment Search (www.redditinc.com)

78. 买一台 "哑巴 "电视仍然是愚蠢的、困难的事情

www.techdirt.com image
It’s Still Stupidly, Difficult to Buy a ‘Dumb’ TV (www.techdirt.com)

79. Ninjam是开源软件,允许人们一起制作真正的音乐

www.cockos.com image
Ninjam is open source software to allow people to make real music together (www.cockos.com)

80. 被击沉的莫斯克瓦号可能是40年来最大的海军战斗损失

swp.thedrive.com image
Sunken Moskva Could Be the Biggest Naval Combat Loss in 40 Years (www.thedrive.com)

81. 你能把硬件木马间谍软件的IP插入到集成电路中吗?可以

www.eejournal.com image
Can You Insert Hardware Trojan Spyware IP into an IC at the Fab? Yes (www.eejournal.com)

82. 胶片相机如何将日期叠加到照片上

How a film camera superimposes the date onto photos (www.youtube.com)

83. 邪恶的JSLint的使用许可

web.archive.org image
License to Use JSLint for Evil (web.archive.org)

84. Ask HN: 询问HN:为什么没有一个标准的网络音频协议?

Why isn't there a standard network audio protocol? (news.ycombinator.com)

85. 5分钟的呼吸训练降低血压的效果不亚于运动和药物 (2021)

www.colorado.edu image
5-min breathing workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs (2021) (www.colorado.edu)

86. Star Labs StarBook - AMD 14" Linux笔记本电脑,采用coreboot和 "开放保修"。

cdn.shopify.com image
Star Labs StarBook – AMD 14" Linux Laptop with coreboot and “Open warranty” (starlabs.systems)

87. 为什么德国不会继续开放其核电站

cdn.substack.com image
Why Germany won’t keep its nuclear plants open (unchartedterritories.tomaspueyo.com)

88. 茴香。一个实用的Lisp

Fennel: A Practical Lisp (www.mattroelle.com)

89. 黑暗中的浏览器:用CSS和画布打手电筒

voussoir.net image
Browser in the Dark: flashlights with CSS and canvas (voussoir.net)

90. Ask HN: 询问HN:您是否管理您家庭的数字安全?

Do you manage your family's digital safety? (news.ycombinator.com)

91. 摩斯克瓦号巡洋舰在风暴中被拖曳时沉没--俄罗斯国防部

static.stormwall.pro image
Moskva cruiser sank while being towed in a storm – Russian Defense Ministry (tass.com)

92. 北美被遗弃的铁路路线

www.abandonedrails.com image
Abandoned railroad routes in North America (www.abandonedrails.com)

93. 岳麓区3.0

ngrok.com image
Ngrok 3.0 (ngrok.com)

94. Gallium OS:针对ChromeOS设备的快速和轻量级Linux发行版

galliumos.org image
Gallium OS: a fast and lightweight Linux distro for ChromeOS devices (galliumos.org)

95. 关于GNOME的文件管理器(又称Nautilus)的小议论

Little rant about GNOME's file manager (a.k.a. Nautilus) (randthoughts.github.io)

96. 我们失去了54000个GitHub之星

httpie.io image
We lost 54k GitHub stars (httpie.io)

97. 以太坊有问题

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Ethereum Has Issues (blog.dshr.org)

98. Youtube.js - 围绕YouTube的私有API的全功能包装器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Youtube.js – full-featured wrapper around YouTube's private API (github.com)

99. 东京的手稿写作咖啡馆在完成之前不会让作家离开

grapee.jp image
Tokyo’s Manuscript Writing Cafe won't let writers leave until they are finished (grapee.jp)

100. 美国人对战争的看法显示出惊人的代沟

www.economist.com image
Americans’ views on the war reveal a striking generational divide (www.economist.com)

101. 随着通货膨胀的飙升,亚利桑那州的冰茶怎么还是99美分?

ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image
As inflation soars, how is Arizona iced tea still 99 cents? (www.latimes.com)

102. 消除含铅汽油的历史

blogs.loc.gov image
The history of the elimination of leaded gasoline (blogs.loc.gov)

103. Julia中的小型神经网络比PyTorch快5倍

julialang.org image
Small Neural networks in Julia 5x faster than PyTorch (julialang.org)

104. 亚马逊在卖家费用中增加5%的 "燃料和通货膨胀附加费

storage.googleapis.com image
Amazon adds 5% ‘fuel and inflation surcharge’ to seller fees (apnews.com)

105. Tell HN: 告诉HN:今天44岁了,我很迷茫

Turned 44 today and I'm lost (news.ycombinator.com)

106. 为什么红宝石有符号

dmitrytsepelev.dev image
Why Ruby Has Symbols (dmitrytsepelev.dev)

107. i查看了你的API密钥

btw.i-use-ar.ch image
iViewed your API keys (wale.id.au)

108. 我已经厌倦了谷歌的商业产品

I'm tired of Google's business products (news.ycombinator.com)

109. 回归Web 1.0的论点

An argument for a return to Web 1.0 (vhsoverdrive.neocities.org)

110. 新的Covid鼻腔喷雾剂在小鼠中的表现优于目前的抗体治疗方法

news.northwestern.edu image
New Covid nasal spray outperforms current antibody treatments in mice (news.northwestern.edu)

111. 纽约时报》迫使Wordle档案项目被关闭

The New York Times compels the Wordle Archive project to be shut down (www.devangthakkar.com)

112. 埃隆-马斯克启动430亿美元敌意收购Twitter

Elon Musk Launches $43B Hostile Takeover of Twitter (www.bloomberg.com)

113. 与GitHub行动和代码空间的事件

dka575ofm4ao0.cloudfront.net image
Incident with GitHub Actions and Codespaces (www.githubstatus.com)

114. 为什么销售软件会如此奇怪?

www.zeptonaut.com image
Why is selling software so weird? (www.zeptonaut.com)

115. GCC 12编译器中静态分析的状况

developers.redhat.com image
The state of static analysis in the GCC 12 compiler (developers.redhat.com)

116. 我为什么退出这场战斗

Why I quit this battle (badmodems.com)

117. 在白天工作的同时找工作 (2021)

code.maiamccormick.com image
Job hunting while day-jobbing (2021) (code.maiamccormick.com)

118. 苹果的M1 Ultra带有32MB的TLB瓶颈

Apple's M1 Ultra comes with a 32MB TLB bottleneck (twitter.com)

119. OpenMower - 开源机器人割草机[视频]

OpenMower – Open-source robot lawn mower [video] (www.youtube.com)

120. Facebook开源Lexical,一个可扩展的文本编辑器库

lexical.dev image
Facebook open sources Lexical, an extensible text editor library (lexical.dev)

121. K-最近的邻居

K-Nearest Neighbors (www.pinecone.io)

122. Linux硬件数据库

linux-hardware.org image
Linux Hardware Database (linux-hardware.org)

123. Let's Encrypt获得列夫琴现实世界密码学奖

letsencrypt.org image
Let’s Encrypt Receives the Levchin Prize for Real-World Cryptography (letsencrypt.org)

124. 谷歌搜索落后于竞争对手的三个领域:代码、烹饪、旅游

assets.website-files.com image
Three areas where Google Search lags behind competitors: code, cooking, travel (www.surgehq.ai)

125. Ask HN: 询问HN:你是否创建了只供你个人使用的程序?

Have you created programs for only your personal use? (news.ycombinator.com)

126. 一个现代的自我参照的权重矩阵,学会了自我修改

static.arxiv.org image
A modern self-referential weight matrix that learns to modify itself (arxiv.org)

127. AlphaFold和人工智能蛋白质折叠革命的下一步是什么?

media.nature.com image
What's next for AlphaFold and the AI protein-folding revolution (www.nature.com)

128. 基于铁循环的储能和发电

teamsolid.org image
Iron Cycle based energy storage and generation (teamsolid.org)

129. 什么使你的比特翻转:Mozilla的宇宙射线错误

blog.mozilla.org image
What Flips Your Bit: Cosmic Ray Errors at Mozilla (blog.mozilla.org)

130. 使用LapLink通过DOS上的并行端口传输文件

www.cambus.net image
File transfers via the parallel port on DOS using LapLink (www.cambus.net)

131. Hetzner云 - 数据丢失事件

Hetzner Cloud – Data loss incident (news.ycombinator.com)

132. 你被静音了--还是你被静音了?视频会议应用程序即使在麦克风关闭的情况下也能收听

news.wisc.edu image
You’re muted – or are you? Videoconferencing apps listen even when mic is off (news.wisc.edu)

133. Ana是一种Python、PHP和C的动态类型的脚本语言。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Ana is a Python, PHP, and C inspired dynamically typed scripting language (github.com)

134. 朝鲜区块链演讲后美国判处加密货币专家5年徒刑

i.insider.com image
US sentences crypto expert to 5 years after North Korea blockchain presentation (markets.businessinsider.com)

135. 一种没有活动部件的新型热机与蒸汽轮机一样高效

news.mit.edu image
A new heat engine with no moving parts is as efficient as a steam turbine (news.mit.edu)

136. 迷幻药对抑郁症患者的大脑进行重塑

www.ucsf.edu image
Psilocybin Rewires the Brain for People with Depression (www.ucsf.edu)

137. 史上最长的Atlassian中断事件的内幕

cdn.substack.com image
Inside the longest Atlassian outage of all time (newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com)

138. 苹果公司公布iPhone Macro挑战赛的最佳照片

www.apple.com image
Apple unveils the best photos from the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge (www.apple.com)

139. Twitch上最受欢迎的国际象棋流媒体人

media.newyorker.com image
The Most Popular Chess Streamer on Twitch (www.newyorker.com)

140. 我太晚才知道的婚姻教训

cdn.theatlantic.com image
The Marriage Lesson That I Learned Too Late (www.theatlantic.com)

141. 间谍技术规则》(2009) [pdf]

Rules of Spycraft (2009) [pdf] (grugq.github.io)

142. Show HN: 展示HN:我做了一个网站来搜索半条面包的信息

d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net image
I made a website to search for half loaves of bread (halfloafnear.me)

143. 荷兰的丑闻是对欧洲使用算法的风险的警告

www.politico.eu image
Dutch scandal serves as a warning for Europe over risks of using algorithms (www.politico.eu)

144. Shine: 一个超快的定点MP3编码器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Shine: A super fast fixed-point MP3 encoder (github.com)

145. 关于影响部分客户的Atlassian中断的最新情况

aatlassianeng.wpengine.com image
Update on the Atlassian outage affecting some customers (www.atlassian.com)

146. 在纸上创建手绘GIF

Create hand-drawn GIFs on paper (www.eatmy.art)

147. U+237C ⍼ 直角与向下的人字形箭头

ionathan.ch image
U+237C ⍼ Right Angle with Downwards Zigzag Arrow (ionathan.ch)

148. Coinbase的内幕交易

Insider Trading at Coinbase (twitter.com)

149. Web3:由风险投资公司资助的证券欺诈的吉格经济

davidgerard.co.uk image
Web3: A VC-funded gig economy of securities fraud (davidgerard.co.uk)

150. 维基百科停止接受加密货币的RFC以多数票通过

upload.wikimedia.org image
Wikipedia RFC to stop accepting cryptocurrencies passes by majority vote (meta.wikimedia.org)

151. 用DALL-E尝试的几件事

A few things to try with DALL·E (www.bramadams.dev)

152. Show HN: 显示HN:在你的开发文档中添加可运行的实时代码

Add live runnable code to your dev docs (www.usedevbook.com)

153. 公布Git安全漏洞

github.blog image
Git security vulnerability announced (github.blog)

154. 流媒体平台上的假艺术家问题

cdn.substack.com image
The fake artists problem on streaming platforms (tedgioia.substack.com)

155. 墨西哥卡车司机抗议德克萨斯州的新检查,在边境桥梁上停止贸易

thumbnails.texastribune.org image
Mexico truckers protest new Texas inspections, halt trade at border bridges (www.texastribune.org)

156. 精算寿命表

www.ssa.gov image
Actuarial Life Table (www.ssa.gov)

157. 新的(大约)命令行工具

New(ish) command line tools (jvns.ca)

158. 谷歌驱动器。取代存储在多个位置的文件和文件夹的快捷方式

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Google Drive: Shortcuts replacing files and folders stored in multiple locations (support.google.com)

159. 何时使用仿制药

go.dev image
When to use generics (go.dev)

160. BBEdit今天已经30岁了

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
BBEdit is 30 years old today (groups.google.com)

161. I 债券的可变利率将随着5月的重设而上升至9.62%。

tipswatch.files.wordpress.com image
I Bond’s variable rate will rise to 9.62% with the May reset (tipswatch.com)

162. 不要把本田元素的软管拿出来

static1.squarespace.com image
Never hose out a Honda Element (fifthelementcamping.com)

163. 影评人是否与观众失去了同步性?

stephenfollows.com image
Are film critics losing sync with audiences? (stephenfollows.com)

164. DuckDuckGo for Mac

spreadprivacy.com image
DuckDuckGo for Mac (spreadprivacy.com)

165. 用OAuth2保护你的API的完整指南

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
The complete guide to protecting your APIs with OAuth2 (stackoverflow.blog)

166. 路易斯和克拉克探险队留下了重金属泻药的痕迹 (2010)

offbeatoregon.com image
Lewis and Clark expedition left a trail of heavy-metal laxatives (2010) (www.offbeatoregon.com)

167. 伊甸园

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Eden (github.com)

168. RaidForums被突击检查,据称管理员被捕

krebsonsecurity.com image
RaidForums gets raided, alleged admin arrested (krebsonsecurity.com)

169. 顶尖的Mac App Store开发者滥用 "应用内购买 "的免费服务,进行诱骗性的应用。

Top Mac App Store dev abuses Free with In-App Purchase for bait-and-switch apps (twitter.com)

170. 苹果推出具有故事板和魔幻电影功能的新版iMovie

www.apple.com image
Apple introduces new version of iMovie featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie (www.apple.com)

171. Show HN: Show HN: Monocle - 双向代码生成库

Monocle – bidirectional code generation library (news.ycombinator.com)

172. 为静态网站提供服务的小型Docker镜像

lipanski.com image
A Tiny Docker image to serve static websites (lipanski.com)

173. Mullvad应用程序中提供WireGuard多跳功能

mullvad.net image
WireGuard multihop available in the Mullvad app (mullvad.net)

174. Zapier。50亿美元的松绑机会

www.georgesequeira.com image
Zapier: The $5B Unbundling Opportunity (www.georgesequeira.com)

175. 亚马逊又有100家工厂的工人希望成立工会。亚马逊工会

s.yimg.com image
Amazon workers at 100 more facilities want to unionize: Amazon Labor Union (finance.yahoo.com)

176. Qt 6.3

www.qt.io image
Qt 6.3 (www.qt.io)

177. Lagrange预发布 - 一个也支持Gopher和Finger的Gemini客户端

skyjake.github.io image
Lagrange Pre-Release – A Gemini client that also supports Gopher and Finger (skyjake.github.io)

178. Show HN: 展示HN:发现独立网络,每次都是一篇博文

indieblog.page image
Discover the IndieWeb, one blog post at a time (indieblog.page)

179. 黑掉美国在线教会了一代程序员什么?

images.ctfassets.net image
What hacking AOL taught a generation of programmers (github.com)

180. 超过15%的世界人口在任何一天都有头痛的问题

images.english.elpais.com image
Over 15% of world population has a headache on any given day (english.elpais.com)

181. 人脑将工作记忆压缩成低分辨率的 "总结"。

i0.wp.com image
Human Brain Compresses Working Memories into Low-Res ‘Summaries’ (directorsblog.nih.gov)

182. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我们在哪里可以找到不性感的工作?

Where can we find the unsexy jobs? (news.ycombinator.com)

183. 3月消费者价格上涨8.5%--1981年以来最高

image.cnbcfm.com image
Consumer prices rose 8.5% in March – highest since 1981 (www.cnbc.com)

184. 勒-柯布西耶对办公空间的看法是正确的

timharford.com image
What Le Corbusier got right about office space (timharford.com)

185. 普京 "清洗 "150名联邦安全局特工以应对俄罗斯与乌克兰的拙劣战争

www.thetimes.co.uk image
Putin ‘purges’ 150 FSB agents in response to Russia’s botched war with Ukraine (www.thetimes.co.uk)

186. Ask HN: Ask HN: 在本地编辑远程代码的最佳做法?

Best practices for editing remote code locally? (news.ycombinator.com)

187. 尊重隐私的软件

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Privacy-Respecting Software (github.com)

188. 我们决定将90%的工作负载从云端转移到内部基础设施上

miro.medium.com image
We decided to move 90% of our workload from the cloud to on-prem infrastructure (medium.com)

189. 树莓的免费固件进展如何?

gwolf.org image
How is the free firmware for the Raspberry progressing? (gwolf.org)

190. 前新疆囚犯抵达美国,成为虐待行为的关键证人

images.axios.com image
Former Xinjiang prisoner arrives in U.S. as key witness to abuses (www.axios.com)

191. Ask HN: Ask HN: 科技何时不再是一种酷?

When did tech stop being cool? (news.ycombinator.com)

192. AWS RDS漏洞导致AWS内部服务凭证失效

7903508.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net image
AWS RDS Vulnerability Leads to AWS Internal Service Credentials (blog.lightspin.io)

193. Ceephax Acid Crew

www.ceephax.co.uk image
Ceephax Acid Crew (www.ceephax.co.uk)

194. 为什么Gov.uk设计系统团队改变了数字的输入类型(2020)?

technology.blog.gov.uk image
Why the Gov.uk Design System team changed the input type for numbers (2020) (technology.blog.gov.uk)

195. 为什么滑尺能发挥作用

www.johndcook.com image
Why a Slide Rule Works (www.johndcook.com)

196. 杨紫琼、武术和多元宇宙:年度最疯狂电影的内幕

i.guim.co.uk image
Michelle Yeoh, martial arts and the multiverse: inside the year’s wildest movie (www.theguardian.com)

197. Bill.com悄悄决定将客户资金转移到不需要的银行账户上

Bill.com Quietly Decided to Divert Customer Funds To Unwanted Bank Accounts (news.ycombinator.com)

198. -h -Help -Help 帮助 -? -?

blog.craftyguy.net image
-h –Help -help Help –? –? (blog.craftyguy.net)

199. 不诚信沟通的终结者

consilienceproject.org image
The Endgames of Bad Faith Communication (consilienceproject.org)

200. 谷歌宣布其免费的ACME服务器

cloud.google.com image
Google announced its free ACME server (cloud.google.com)

201. Medusa是一个允许将旧电脑连接到现代显示器的设备。

medusa-sc.org image
Medusa is a device that allows connecting of old computers to modern displays (medusa-sc.org)

202. 非工业社会中最受欢迎的活动之一:无所作为

One of the most popular activities in non-industrial societies: doing nothing (twitter.com)

203. 安全漫画

securityzines.com image
Security Comics (securityzines.com)

204. 卵石的成功与失败

miro.medium.com image
Success and Failure at Pebble (medium.com)

205. 今晚我们要像1979年一样登录。

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Tonight we’re gonna log on like it's 1979 (oldvcr.blogspot.com)

206. 为什么过去10年的美国生活是独一无二的愚蠢

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Why the past 10 years of American life have been uniquely stupid (www.theatlantic.com)

207. 熟悉工作空间

user-images.githubusercontent.com image
Get familiar with workspaces (go.dev)

208. Elementary Audio: 一个用于编写高性能音频软件的现代平台

www.elementary.audio image
Elementary Audio: a modern platform for writing high performance audio software (www.elementary.audio)

209. 一个首次使用Mac的用户的印象

loganmarchione.com image
Impressions from a first-time Mac user (loganmarchione.com)

210. 研究人员发现安提凯希拉装置可能的 "零日"。

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Researchers home in on possible “day zero” for Antikythera mechanism (arstechnica.com)

211. Daily如何以及为何在我们的WebRTC API中使用Rust?

www.daily.co image
How and why Daily is using Rust for our WebRTC APIs (www.daily.co)

212. 解密的政府数据显示,星际物体于2014年在地球上空爆炸。

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Interstellar object exploded over Earth in 2014, declassified govmt data reveal (www.livescience.com)

213. Show HN: Show HN: 如何为WASM编译C/C++,纯Clang,无libs,无框架

opengraph.githubassets.com image
How to compile C/C++ for WASM, pure Clang, no libs, no framework (github.com)

214. 在零重力状态下的猫会失去自动右转的反射能力

Cats in zero-g lose their auto-righting reflex (www.youtube.com)

215. 更多虚假信息

www.science.org image
More Fakery (www.science.org)

216. Intuit要求Mailchimp员工自掏腰包支付医疗费用

Intuit asked Mailchimp employees to pay medical costs out of pocket (twitter.com)

217. 欧洲正在大力投资于火车

static01.nyt.com image
Europe Is Investing Heavily in Trains (www.nytimes.com)

218. 我的建议是否过于市侩?

jacobian.org image
Is my advice too mercenary? (jacobian.org)

219. FAANG等公司如何构建他们的规模化推荐系统

cdn.substack.com image
How FAANG etc. architect their recommendation systems at scale (blog.fennel.ai)

220. 阿特拉斯:我们估计重建工作将持续2周之久。

Atlassian: We estimate the rebuilding effort to last for up to 2 more weeks (twitter.com)

221. 苹果开始在印度生产iPhone 13

www.reuters.com image
Apple starts manufacturing iPhone 13 in India (www.reuters.com)

222. 芬兰和瑞典最快将于夏季加入北约组织

www.thetimes.co.uk image
Finland and Sweden set to join NATO as soon as summer (www.thetimes.co.uk)

223. 艾特罢工

etsystrike.org image
Etsy Strike (etsystrike.org)

224. 保护不发送电子邮件的域名

www.gov.uk image
Protect domains that do not send email (www.gov.uk)

225. DeepMind的新语言模型,Chinchilla

www.marktechpost.com image
DeepMind’s New Language Model, Chinchilla (www.marktechpost.com)

226. 我喜欢碳抵消的想法,直到我试图解释它

cdn.substack.com image
I liked the idea of carbon offsets until I tried to explain it (climateer.substack.com)

227. 人类基因被重新命名,以阻止微软Excel将其误读为日期 (2020)

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Human genes renamed to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates (2020) (www.theverge.com)

228. Node.js包不值得你信任

Node.js packages don't deserve your trust (josephg.com)

229. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我在哪里可以看到很多真实公司的软件架构的例子?

Where can I see many examples of real companies' software architecture? (news.ycombinator.com)

230. 我们是一个邪教"。I

img.thedailybeast.com image
‘We’re a Cult’: Inside Bitcoin’s Shameless Hypefest (www.thedailybeast.com)

231. 人工智能的数学 (2022)

static.arxiv.org image
The Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence (2022) (arxiv.org)

232. Confluence的事件报告

dka575ofm4ao0.cloudfront.net image
Incident Report for Confluence (confluence.status.atlassian.com)

233. 我决定为了我的孩子和我自己的大技术而搬走。

I decided to move away for big tech for my children and myself (lof.flounder.online)

234. 旧金山警察因没有开灯而将一辆Cruise无人驾驶汽车拦下

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
San Francisco cops pull over a Cruise driverless car for no lights on (www.theverge.com)

235. 无冲突复制的数据类型(CRDT)

crdt.tech image
Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) (crdt.tech)

236. Iced - 一个跨平台的Rust图形用户界面库,灵感来自Elm

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Iced – A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm (github.com)

237. 我必须宣布立即结束SSLPing的服务

I must announce the immediate end of service of SSLPing (sslping.com)

238. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你是否从Headspace、Fabulous等应用程序中获得过真正的好处?

Have you had any real benefits from apps like Headspace, Fabulous, etc? (news.ycombinator.com)

239. C72: 将最早的C语言编译器移植到X86(2021)。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
C72: A port of the earliest C compiler to x86 (2021) (github.com)

240. 我从用Rust制作DNS客户端中学到的东西

blog.adamchalmers.com image
What I learned from making a DNS client in Rust (blog.adamchalmers.com)

241. 联邦调查局没有敲开嫌疑人的门,因为 "那是一个富裕的社区

d2eehagpk5cl65.cloudfront.net image
FBI Didn't Knock Down a Suspect's Door Because 'It Was an Affluent Neighborhood' (reason.com)

242. 我怎么会在技术领域工作得这么不开心?

cdn.substack.com image
How did I get so unhappy working in tech? (thebuffgopher.substack.com)

243. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你喜欢哪些超级关注的行业通讯?

What hyper-focused industry newsletters do you enjoy? (news.ycombinator.com)

244. ThorCon:廉价、可靠、无二氧化碳的电力

thorconpower.com image
ThorCon: Cheap, reliable, CO2-free electric power (thorconpower.com)

245. 平里。一个替代Pinterest的自我托管平台

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Pinry: A Selfhosted Alternative to Pinterest (github.com)

246. 苏格拉底模式--用语言构成零星的多模态推理

socraticmodels.github.io image
Socratic Models – Composing Zero-Shot Multimodal Reasoning with Language (socraticmodels.github.io)

247. 埃隆已决定不加入我们的董事会

Elon has decided not to join our board (twitter.com)

248. 范式生活(癌症版)的结局

i.imgur.com image
Van life (cancer edition) finale (imgur.com)

249. GTK4矩阵客户端

opengraph.githubassets.com image
GTK4 Matrix Client (github.com)

250. Locutus: 构建去中心化应用的平台,来自Freenet的创建者

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Locutus: A platform for building decentralized apps, from the creator of Freenet (github.com)

251. 噪声污染对心脏的伤害

knowablemagazine.org image
Noise Pollution Hurts the Heart (knowablemagazine.org)

252. PSA:React 18在严格的开发模式下调用两次代码以检测副作用

reactjs.org image
PSA: React 18 calls code twice in strict dev mode to detect side effects (reactjs.org)

253. 我的数学博士研究工作流程。LaTeX笔记和即时pdf参考资料

castel.dev image
My Mathematics PhD research workflow: LaTeX notes and instant pdf referencing (castel.dev)

254. 运输安全局确认正在进行有争议的美国铁路公司乘客检查计划

kubrick.htvapps.com image
TSA confirms controversial Amtrak passenger screening program underway (www.ketv.com)

255. 中国新的GPU制造商Moore Threads发布了MTT S60 GPU

www.geeks3d.com image
New Chinese GPU Maker Moore Threads Unveils the MTT S60 GPU (www.geeks3d.com)

256. 什么是Rust的不安全?(2019)

What Is Rust's Unsafe? (2019) (nora.codes)

257. 成就解锁:Rustc segfault

github.githubassets.com image
Achievement unlocked: rustc segfault (gist.github.com)

258. 小项目的乐趣

The Joy of Small Projects (schroer.ca)

259. Erik Naggum

upload.wikimedia.org image
Erik Naggum (en.wikiquote.org)

260. 一个愚蠢的笑话导致了一个愚蠢的新闻周期

kiwiziti.com image
A stupid joke resulting in a silly news cycle (kiwiziti.com)

261. 上海居民受困于禁闭,转而在微信群中寻找食物

149346090.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Trapped in lockdown, Shanghai residents turn to WeChat groups for food (restofworld.org)

262. WeekToDo - 免费的极简主义周计划软件

weektodo.me image
WeekToDo – Free Minimalist Weekly Planner App (weektodo.me)

263. 苹果公司隐藏电子邮件的颂歌

empty.coffee image
An Ode to Apple’s Hide My Email (empty.coffee)

264. 美国铁路公司在Twitch上流传一条空旷的铁路

video-images.vice.com image
Amtrak is streaming an empty railroad on Twitch (www.vice.com)

265. 逆向工程:LM185电压基准芯片及其带隙基准

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Reverse-engineering the LM185 voltage reference chip and its bandgap reference (www.righto.com)

266. ∑ 厦大代码

xahlee.info image
∑ Xah Code (xahlee.info)

267. 研究称中国囚犯在执行死刑时被切除了心脏或肺部

cdn.24.co.za image
Chinese inmates had hearts or lungs removed during executions, study says (www.businessinsider.co.za)

268. 欧洲正在建立一个国际面部识别系统

media.wired.co.uk image
Europe Is Building an International Facial Recognition System (www.wired.co.uk)

269. 1998年《盗贼》的3D软件渲染技术。黑暗计划 (2011)

3D Software Rendering Technology of 1998's Thief: The Dark Project (2011) (nothings.org)

270. 科学是怎么说的。人类能在北约和俄罗斯之间的核战争中生存吗?

allianceforscience.cornell.edu image
What science says: Could humans survive a nuclear war between NATO and Russia? (allianceforscience.cornell.edu)

271. 什么是欧洲美元体系?(2020) [pdf]

What is the Eurodollar System? (2020) [pdf] (research.rabobank.com)

272. Ask HN: Ask HN: Evernote发生了什么?

What Happened to Evernote? (news.ycombinator.com)

273. Ask HN: Ask HN: 为什么密码管理器有TOTP?

Why do password managers have TOTP? (news.ycombinator.com)