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2022 年 第 27 周归档(07.04 - 07.11)

CS101: Introduction to Computing Principles (web.stanford.edu)
news.mit.edu image
Physicists discover a “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures (news.mit.edu)
Clipboard integration between tmux, nvim, zsh, x11, across SSH sessions (blog.landofcrispy.com)
Ignition: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants (1972) [pdf] (library.sciencemadness.org)
cdn.cnn.com image
No antibiotics worked, so this woman turned to a natural enemy of bacteria (edition.cnn.com)
Congratulations: We Now Have Opinions on Your Open Source Contributions (lucumr.pocoo.org)
i.guim.co.uk image
Weedkiller ingredient tied to cancer found in 80% of US urine samples (www.theguardian.com)
Historical language records show surge of cognitive distortion in recent decades (www.pnas.org)
assets.system76.com image
System76 Lemur Pro Linux laptop with 14 hours of battery life (system76.com)
Few people grasp the amount of effort Daniel Gackle expends running HN (2020) (twitter.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Google proposes moving ad business to Alphabet to keep regulators at bay (arstechnica.com)
spectrum.ieee.org image
Switzerland moves ahead with underground autonomous cargo delivery (spectrum.ieee.org)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Arizona makes it illegal for bystanders to record cops at close range (arstechnica.com)
www.justice.gov image
Florida Tech CEO Indicted for Selling $1B Worth of Counterfeit Cisco Equipment (www.justice.gov)
www.reuters.com image
Apple, Google, Facebook's AV1 standards group under EU antitrust investigation (www.reuters.com)
kion546.b-cdn.net image
Governor Newsom announces California will make its own insulin (kion546.com)
element.io image
Element (Matrix) launches Chatterbox, end-to-end encrypted embedded chat (element.io)
images.axios.com image
Former Theranos COO Sunny Balwani is guilty of federal fraud (www.axios.com)
c.tadst.com image
July 8 99% of the world’s population in sunlight simultaneously? (www.timeanddate.com)
images.wsj.net image
Theranos former president found guilty on all fraud counts (www.wsj.com)
www.themarginalian.org image
Alain de Botton on existential maturity and what emotional intelligence means (www.themarginalian.org)
meshtastic.org image
Meshtastic is an encrypted communications platform for the Lora RF protocol (meshtastic.org)
scontent-sjc3-1.xx.fbcdn.net image
A Facebook account is no longer required to use Meta VR devices (www.oculus.com)
Brain.js: GPU Accelerated Neural Networks in JavaScript (brain.js.org)
people.idsia.ch image
LeCun's 2022 paper on autonomous machine intelligence does not cite prior work (people.idsia.ch)
u4d2z7k9.rocketcdn.me image
Nuclear Turn Green as EU Parliament Approves New Taxonomy (earth.org)
substackcdn.com image
Explaining Ethereum's consensus mechanism after The Merge (0xfoobar.substack.com)
www.gameshub.com image
Playstation Store removes Studiocanal movies, no refunds offered (www.gameshub.com)
cdn.cnn.com image
Stores weigh paying you not to bring back unwanted items (www.cnn.com)
2.bp.blogspot.com image
Google ML Compiler Inlining Achieves 3-7% Reduction in Size (ai.googleblog.com)
wpblog.semaphoreci.com image
How to Improve Your Monolith Before Transitioning to Microservices (semaphoreci.com)
Sourcehut is committed to making IRC better (sourcehut.org)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Python 3.11 is 25% faster than 3.10 on average (github.com)
Advice needed for backing up and hosting large amount of files (news.ycombinator.com)
avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Lurk – Language for Recursive ZK-SNARKs Inspired by Common Lisp and Scheme (github.com)
substackcdn.com image
Historical weather data API for machine learning, free for non-commercial (openmeteo.substack.com)
carnegiescience.edu image
Nature Used 57 Recipes to Create Earth’s 10,500 “Mineral Kinds” (carnegiescience.edu)
www.nist.gov image
NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms (www.nist.gov)
blogs.igalia.com image
Running the Steam Deck’s OS in a virtual machine using QEMU (blogs.igalia.com)
bun.sh image
Bun: Fast JavaScript runtime, transpiler, and npm client written in Zig (bun.sh)
xn--1-zfa.com image
To improve search results on YouTube, use the search prefix “intitle:” (xn--1-zfa.com)
Memzoom – view/monitor the raw memory of processes/files in your UTF-8 terminal (justine.lol)
lh3.googleusercontent.com image
NIST announces first PQC algoritms to be standardized (groups.google.com)
litreactor.com image
Lessons from Dungeons and Dragons about storytelling (2013) (litreactor.com)
stmaaprodfwsite.blob.core.windows.net image
Dutch farmers organise mass protests in face of farm closures (www.fwi.co.uk)
images2.minutemediacdn.com image
Amazon spending $465M on season 1 of The Lord of the Rings series (winteriscoming.net)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
Windows x64 handcrafted token stealing kernel-mode shellcode (github.com)
Large Hadron Collider discovers three new exotic particles (home.cern)
cdn.breached.to image
SHGA Shanghai Gov National Police Database for sale (1B entries) (breached.to)
opengraph.githubassets.com image
SQLGlot: SQL parser, transpiler, optimizer – translate to Presto, Spark, Hive (github.com)
talawah.io image
Linux Kernel vs. DPDK: HTTP Performance Showdown (talawah.io)
images.wsj.net image
Peter Thiel-Backed Crypto Lender Vauld Suspends Withdrawals (www.wsj.com)
www.jacc.org image
Only 6.8% of adults have optimal cardiometabolic health (www.jacc.org)
www.uclahealth.org image
New study shows highly creative people’s brains work differently from others' (www.uclahealth.org)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Breast cancer drug trial: Woman given months to live told she is cancer free (www.bbc.co.uk)
i.guim.co.uk image
Europeans will be able to unsubscribe from Prime with two clicks (www.theguardian.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Germany records first monthly trade deficit since 1991 as inflation soars (www.theguardian.com)
video-images.vice.com image
I tried the app that ‘makes you trip’ and it was surprisingly good (www.vice.com)
images.axios.com image
The local news crisis is deepening America's divides (www.axios.com)
secure.gravatar.com image
Vauld suspends all withdrawals, trading and deposits on the platform (www.vauld.com)
blog.adacore.com image
I can’t believe that I can prove that it can sort (blog.adacore.com)
www.jeremybrown.tech image
Kubernetes is a red flag signalling premature optimisation (www.jeremybrown.tech)
bread80.com image
Couch to 64k, a.k.a. Building a Z80 Breadboard Computer (2020) (bread80.com)
Pirate Library Mirror: Preserving 7TB of books (that are not in Libgen) (pilimi.org)
Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation (lab.quantumflytrap.com)
Why does iron deficiency cause fatigue, even in the absence of anemia? (twitter.com)
images.axios.com image
What happened when the rich stopped intermarrying in Britain (www.axios.com)
repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Asset-Level Transition Risk in the Global Coal, Oil, and Gas Supply Chains (github.com)