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2022 年 第 30 周归档(07.25 - 08.01)

1. 研究发现维基百科影响司法行为

news.mit.edu image
Study finds Wikipedia influences judicial behavior (news.mit.edu)

2. 谷歌定时器不见了

www.google.com image
Google Timer Is Gone (www.google.com)

3. 当城市将汽车视为危险的入侵者时

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image
When cities treated cars as dangerous intruders (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

4. 想启动一家创业公司,作为一名软件工程师?在网上卖东西

blog.pragmaticengineer.com image
Want to Start a Startup, as a Software Engineer? Sell Something Online (blog.pragmaticengineer.com)

5. 肖尔,我来做:解释肖尔的算法,不使用一个酮号

149663533.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Shor, I’ll do it: explaining Shor’s algorithm without using a single ket sign (scottaaronson.blog)

6. 你又成功了

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Opppppsss you did it again (github.com)

7. 为一个单独开发的OSS项目筹集VC资金

blog.tooljet.com image
Raising VC funding for a solo-dev OSS project (blog.tooljet.com)

8. 我独自做了6年的JavaScript沙盒

I've been making JavaScript sandbox alone for 6 years (playcode.io)

9. 在MacOS上使用Nix

Using Nix on macOS (checkoway.net)

10. 视觉化概念的档案

softr-prod.imgix.net image
Archive of Visualized Concepts (archivve.visualizevalue.com)

11. 2022年阿米什人口概况

groups.etown.edu image
2022 Amish Population Profile (groups.etown.edu)

12. 一位调香师对广藿香和香根草的思考

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image
A Master Perfumer's Reflections on Patchouli and Vetiver (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

13. 百万:小于1kb的虚拟DOM,速度很快

millionjs.org image
Million: less than 1kb virtual DOM that is fast (millionjs.org)

14. 著名的HNers和他们的网站

jessimekirk.com image
Famous HNers and their sites (jessimekirk.com)

15. 重新利用蜘蛛的尸体来创造一个气动的抓取器

spectrum.ieee.org image
Repurposing the cadaver of a spider to create a pneumatically actuated gripper (spectrum.ieee.org)

16. 人们越有钱,吃的肉就越多

spectrum.ieee.org image
The richer people get, the more meat they eat (spectrum.ieee.org)

17. 麻省理工学院工程师开发出能看到身体内部的贴纸

news.mit.edu image
MIT engineers develop stickers that can see inside the body (news.mit.edu)

18. 我研究了34个现实世界的顶级区块链项目,所以你不必去研究。

weh.wtf image
I Looked into 34 Top Real-World Blockchain Projects So You Don’t Have To (weh.wtf)

19. 碳的最激动人心的特点是它的呼叫惯例

www.foonathan.net image
Carbon’s most exciting feature is its calling convention (www.foonathan.net)

20. 一个用于逐行读取大文件的SQLite扩展

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A SQLite extension for reading large files line-by-line (github.com)

21. 一个突出的Emacs实验(à la macOS)。

xenodium.com image
An accentuated Emacs experiment (à la macOS) (xenodium.com)

22. 谁在收集你车上的数据?

mrkp-static-production.themarkup.org image
Who is collecting data from your car? (themarkup.org)

23. Tor正在与俄罗斯的审查制度作斗争并将其击败

media.wired.com image
Tor is fighting and beating Russian censorship (www.wired.com)

24. 罗杰斯先生起诉了三K党

allthatsinteresting.com image
Mr. Rogers sued the KKK (allthatsinteresting.com)

25. Clojure需要一个Rails

images.unsplash.com image
Clojure needs a Rails (blog.janetacarr.com)

26. 安全。Rust、C++和Go之间的比较

substackcdn.com image
Safety: A comparaison between Rust, C++ and Go (nested.substack.com)

27. 对32个国家水中的17α-乙炔雌二醇的审查。雌激素作用

cdn.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov image
Review of 17α-ethynylestradiol in water across 32 countries: Estrogenic effects (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

28. 美国法院系统遭受 "令人难以置信的重大攻击" - 密封文件面临风险

regmedia.co.uk image
US court system suffered 'incredibly significant attack' – sealed files at risk (www.theregister.com)

29. 美国监管机构将对首个小型核反应堆设计进行认证

cdn.arstechnica.net image
US regulators will certify first small nuclear reactor design (arstechnica.com)

30. ImHex - 一个十六进制编辑器

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
ImHex – A Hex Editor (github.com)

31. 路由器安全

Router Security (routersecurity.org)

32. 我定制的Wim Hof呼吸练习,以达到最大的高度

My customized Wim Hof breathing exercise for maximum high (ugjka.net)

33. 无服务器的DNS。边缘的自我托管的DNS解析器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Serverless DNS: Self-Hosted DNS Resolver at the Edge (github.com)

34. Linux RNG RFC补丁:在vDSO中实现getrandom()。

Linux RNG RFC Patch: implement getrandom() in vDSO (lore.kernel.org)

35. 建立Unix,而不是Uber

Build Unix, Not Uber (thesephist.com)

36. 建议对Wi-Fi路由器和接入点进行设置

support.apple.com image
Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points (support.apple.com)

37. 亲爱的初创企业。我讨厌订阅服务

miro.medium.com image
Dear startups: I hate subscription services (fangdaddy.medium.com)

38. 摄影测量指南

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Photogrammetry Guide (github.com)

39. 我怀念可编程网络 (2021)

I Miss the Programmable Web (2021) (matt-rickard.com)

40. Clojure网络开发的演变[视频]

Clojure Web Development Evolved [video] (www.youtube.com)

41. 光伏太阳能电池板 (1905)

krisdedecker.typepad.com image
Photovoltaic Solar Panels (1905) (www.lowtechmagazine.com)

42. 没有人能够优化幸福

dynomight.net image
Nobody optimizes happiness (dynomight.net)

43. 发布了Color.js

avatars2.githubusercontent.com image
Color.js Released (svgees.us)

44. 引用计数,不要垃圾收集

Reference count, don't garbage collect (kevinlawler.com)

45. Yandex开源的C++异步框架

userver.tech image
Yandex open sources C++ asynchronous framework (userver.tech)

46. 远程认证要回来了。它将带来多大的自由?

gabrielsieben.tech image
Remote Attestation is coming back. How much freedom will it take? (gabrielsieben.tech)

47. Knuth改变了对伯努利数B_1的看法

www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu image
Knuth changes his mind on Bernoulli number B_1 (www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu)

48. 由媒体引发的对无名墓的社会恐慌

s3.amazonaws.com image
A media-fueled social panic over unmarked graves (quillette.com)

49. Tell HN: 告诉HN:在iOS 16 Beta 3中,Apple Pay可以在非Safari浏览器中使用。

Apple Pay works in non-Safari browsers in iOS 16 Beta 3 (news.ycombinator.com)

50. 作为一种焦虑症的野心

substackcdn.com image
Ambition as an anxiety disorder (moontower.substack.com)

51. 由于美光的新芯片,200TB的固态硬盘可能很快到来

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
200TB SSDs could come soon thanks to Micron's new chip (www.techradar.com)

52. 建立你自己的网络框架

assets.vercel.com image
Build your own web framework (vercel.com)

53. Timsort - 你从未听说过的最快的排序算法

skerritt.blog image
Timsort – the fastest sorting algorithm you’ve never heard of (skerritt.blog)

54. 基特奥,加拿大耗资5000万美元的1980年代鬼城

justinmcelroydotcom.files.wordpress.com image
Kitsault, Canada’s $50M 1980s ghost town (justinmcelroy.com)

55. 背包里的空中支援。匕首刀

substackcdn.com image
Air Support in a Backpack: The Switchblade (asianometry.substack.com)

56. SQL的语义差异

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Semantic Diff for SQL (github.com)

57. 数据库系统中的一致性等级概述

lh6.googleusercontent.com image
Overview of Consistency Levels in Database Systems (dbmsmusings.blogspot.com)

58. Tabler。免费和开源的仪表板HTML/CSS框架

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Tabler: Free and open source dashboard HTML/CSS framework (github.com)

59. 我们如何将我们的设计转换器改名为 "神奇的屁股"?

How we renamed our Design Converter to Magical Ass (news.ycombinator.com)

60. 乔尼-米切尔在2015年患脑动脉瘤后再次学会弹吉他

cdn8.openculture.com image
Joni Mitchell learned to play guitar again after a 2015 brain aneurysm (www.openculture.com)

61. 我没有启用通知功能,无处可去,也从未启用。

I don’t have notifications enabled, nowhere and never (news.ycombinator.com)

62. '类固醇的航海家'。任务将探测太阳系以外的区域

‘Voyager on steroids.’ Mission would probe region beyond our Solar System (www.science.org)

63. 创建真正有用的课程的完整指南

A complete guide to creating actually useful courses (schoolmaker.com)

64. Vim的历史和有效使用 (2019)

begriffs.com image
History and effective use of Vim (2019) (begriffs.com)

65. 开发人员疲于奔命,纷纷辞职,给招聘人员带来危机

www.worklife.news image
Developers are burned out, quitting jobs and creating a crisis for recruiters (www.worklife.news)

66. 坐火车在5小时内能走多远?

How far can you go by train in 5h? (chronotrains-eu.vercel.app)

67. 南斯拉夫的自然主义天堂的不为人知的故事

www.calvertjournal.com image
The untold story of Yugoslavia’s naturist paradise (www.calvertjournal.com)

68. 传言。谷歌体育场可能会被关闭

Rumor: Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down (gamerant.com)

69. TikTok和社交媒体巨头的衰落

media.newyorker.com image
TikTok and the Fall of the Social-Media Giants (www.newyorker.com)

70. 为什么Windows注册表在技术上很糟糕 (2010)

s0.wp.com image
Why the Windows Registry sucks technically (2010) (rwmj.wordpress.com)

71. 黑色MIDI

upload.wikimedia.org image
Black MIDI (en.wikipedia.org)

72. 计算机中可能需要退役的短语

www.sicpers.info image
Phrases in computing that might need retiring (www.sicpers.info)

73. 每个城市最有名的人的地图

Map with the most famous people from every city (tjukanovt.github.io)

74. 男子在卧铺火车上过夜后醒来,发现火车从未离开格拉斯哥

i.guim.co.uk image
Man wakes up after night on sleeper train to find it never left Glasgow (www.theguardian.com)

75. 固态硬盘的4万小时 "死亡漏洞 "继续让企业措手不及

thestack.technology image
SSD drives’ 40k-hour “death bug” continues to catch enterprises unawares (thestack.technology)

76. 只有IPv6的云服务器

cloud.v6node.com image
IPv6 Only Cloud Server (v6node.com)

77. WebContainers现在在桌面和安卓的Firefox中得到了支持

blog.stackblitz.com image
WebContainers are now supported in Firefox on desktop and Android (blog.stackblitz.com)

78. 华硕Zenfone 9

dlcdnwebimgs.asus.com image
Asus Zenfone 9 (www.asus.com)

79. 我设计了自己的16位CPU[视频]

I Designed My Own 16-Bit CPU [video] (www.youtube.com)

80. 关于 "莱博维茨的颂歌"

On “A Canticle for Leibowitz” (www.loukidelis.com)

81. 卡尔曼滤波器只是一个低通滤波器吗?

substackcdn.com image
Is the Kalman filter just a low-pass filter? (jbconsulting.substack.com)

82. 人类愚蠢的五大法则

harmful.cat-v.org image
Five Laws of Human Stupidity (harmful.cat-v.org)

83. ClarisWorks的简史 (2003)

groups.csail.mit.edu image
A Brief History of ClarisWorks (2003) (groups.csail.mit.edu)

84. DataRobot公司因内部人出售股票而产生的叛乱

substackcdn.com image
Rebellion at DataRobot over insider stock sales (newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com)

85. 臀部光滑 "10fps"(2020)。

wunkolo.github.io image
Buttery Smooth “10fps” (2020) (wunkolo.github.io)

86. 华硕推出了大约40款名为 "Eee PC "的笔记本电脑(2021年)。

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Asus put out like 40 models of a laptop called the “Eee PC” (2021) (www.theverge.com)

87. 最佳苹果手机

notes.ghed.in image
The Best iPhone (notes.ghed.in)

88. 那一次,我不小心把自己的社会工程带到了一个电影拍摄现场

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
That time when I accidentally social engineered myself to a film set (nibblestew.blogspot.com)

89. Show HN: Show HN: TensorDock Core GPU Cloud - GPU服务器0.29美元/小时起

www.tensordock.com image
TensorDock Core GPU Cloud – GPU servers from $0.29/hr (www.tensordock.com)

90. EdgeDB 2.0

www.edgedb.com image
EdgeDB 2.0 (www.edgedb.com)

91. S3并没有变得更便宜

S3 isn't getting cheaper (matt-rickard.com)

92. AWS US-EAST-2中断

AWS us-east-2 outage (status.zoom.us)

93. MonetDB的创建者Martin Kersten去世了

www.cwi.nl image
Martin Kersten, creator of MonetDB, has died (www.cwi.nl)

94. 联邦调查局隐瞒对美国人的保险箱进行突击检查的细节

d2eehagpk5cl65.cloudfront.net image
FBI is hiding details about a raid on Americans’ safe deposit boxes (reason.com)

95. 是的,社交媒体正在破坏民主

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Yes, social media is undermining democracy (www.theatlantic.com)

96. AWS US-EAST-2中断

AWS us-east-2 outage (news.ycombinator.com)

97. Retool以32亿美元的估值融资4500万美元

techcrunch.com image
Retool raises $45M at a $3.2B valuation (techcrunch.com)

98. Show HN: 显示HN:Parsnip - "Duolingo for Cooking"

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Parsnip – “Duolingo for Cooking” (www.parsnip.ai)

99. Godot 4.0的开发在第一个测试版之前进入了功能冻结期

godotengine.org image
Godot 4.0 development enters feature freeze ahead of the first beta (godotengine.org)

100. 我赢得了对向我发送未经请求的短信的一方的诉讼

I won a suit against a party that sent me an unsolicited text message (twitter.com)

101. 众议院民主党人将提议禁止立法者的股票交易--报告

static.seekingalpha.com image
House Democrats to propose ban on lawmaker stock trading – report (seekingalpha.com)

102. 我的新闻通讯每月赚取2千美元,有7千名订阅者 - AMA

My newsletter is making $2k per month with 7k subscribers – AMA (news.ycombinator.com)

103. 美国国内生产总值,2022年第二季度(提前估计)

www.bea.gov image
US Gross Domestic Product, Second Quarter 2022 (Advance Estimate) (www.bea.gov)

104. 最年长的和没有父亲的。汤姆-邦巴迪尔的可怕秘密 (2011)

l-stat.livejournal.net image
Oldest and Fatherless: The Terrible Secret of Tom Bombadil (2011) (km-515.livejournal.com)

105. 苹果为iMessage引入裸体检查功能

support.apple.com image
Apple Introduces Nudity Check for iMessage (support.apple.com)

106. 制作历史上 "最差 "视频游戏的人(2019年)。

thehustle.co image
The man who made the “worst” video game in history (2019) (thehustle.co)

107. 我成了美国历史上最恶毒的企业反击的目标

hips.hearstapps.com image
I've Been Targeted with the Most Vicious Corporate Counterattack in US History (www.esquire.com)

108. 哈利波特的谬误

www.the-tls.co.uk image
The Harry Potter Fallacy (www.the-tls.co.uk)

109. AlphaFold揭示了蛋白质宇宙的结构

assets-global.website-files.com image
AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe (www.deepmind.com)

110. 到达太阳引力透镜的焦点区域并在此活动的任务

static.arxiv.org image
Mission to reach and operate at the focal region of the solar gravitational lens (arxiv.org)

111. ICMP、Ping和Traceroute--我希望有人教我什么 (2020)

xkln.net image
ICMP, Ping, and Traceroute – What I wish I was taught (2020) (xkln.net)

112. 研究人员说,萨默顿男子的身份之谜在73年后得到解决

i.guim.co.uk image
Mystery of Somerton man’s identity solved after 73 years, researchers say (www.theguardian.com)

113. 通过使用Stripe作为我的小企业的支付处理器来实现TIFU。

www.redditstatic.com image
TIFU by using Stripe as a payment processor for my small business (old.reddit.com)

114. 工程管理人员的框架

opengraph.githubassets.com image
A Framework for Engineering Managers (github.com)

115. 美达公司公布2022年第二季度业绩

s21.q4cdn.com image
Meta Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results (investor.fb.com)

116. 你不需要微服务

miro.medium.com image
You Don't Need Microservices (medium.com)

117. 锈蚀实际上是可移动的

Rust Is Actually Portable (ahgamut.github.io)

118. HypeScript。在TypeScript自己的类型系统中简化TypeScript的类型系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
HypeScript: Simplified TypeScript type system in TypeScript's own type system (github.com)

119. Graphviz认为美国是如何布局的(2021年)。

pic.blog.plover.com image
How Graphviz thinks the USA is laid out (2021) (shitpost.plover.com)

120. 如何在2022年创建一个Python包

mathspp.com image
How to create a Python package in 2022 (mathspp.com)

121. Ask HN: Ask HN: 日常生活中的高阶导数?

Higher order derivatives in everyday life? (news.ycombinator.com)

122. 阿尔法。创世记1》的翻译

4.bp.blogspot.com image
Alpha: A translation of Genesis 1 (llamasandmystegosaurus.blogspot.com)

123. ESG应该被归结为一个简单的衡量标准:排放

www.economist.com image
ESG should be boiled down to one simple measure: emissions (www.economist.com)

124. 李斯特林特许权使用费

substackcdn.com image
Listerine Royalties (invariant.substack.com)

125. Mitsuba 3基于物理的渲染器

www.mitsuba-renderer.org image
Mitsuba 3 Physically Based Renderer (www.mitsuba-renderer.org)

126. 谷歌推迟到2024年才逐步淘汰Chrome上的广告cookies

Google delays phasing out ad cookies on Chrome until 2024 (www.bloomberg.com)

127. 维基百科如何影响司法行为

www.csail.mit.edu image
How Wikipedia influences judicial behavior (www.csail.mit.edu)

128. 近30年后从Debian Jessie升级到Bullseye

Upgrading from Debian Jessie to Bullseye after nearly 30 years (diziet.dreamwidth.org)

129. ShotSpotter要求被视为藐视法庭,而不是公开其方法。

chicagoreader.com image
ShotSpotter requests to be held in contempt rather than disclose its methodology (chicagoreader.com)

130. CNIL使谷歌分析在法国几乎成为非法行为

www.cnil.fr image
CNIL makes Google Analytics almost illegal in France (www.cnil.fr)

131. 一位著名的作曲家失去了他的维基百科页面

substackcdn.com image
A prominent composer lost his Wikipedia page (tedgioia.substack.com)

132. RStudio正在成为Posit

rstudio.com image
RStudio Is Becoming Posit (www.rstudio.com)

133. 参议院通过两党议案,补贴美国制造的半导体芯片

www.washingtonpost.com image
Senate passes bipartisan bill to subsidize U.S.-made semiconductor chips (www.washingtonpost.com)

134. Instagram知道你不喜欢它的变化。它并不关心

www.washingtonpost.com image
Instagram knows you don’t like its changes. It doesn’t care (www.washingtonpost.com)

135. 圣母大学再次崛起

static.nationalgeographic.co.uk image
Notre Dame rises again (www.nationalgeographic.co.uk)

136. 陌生人》被Netflix追溯编辑了?

media.gq-magazine.co.uk image
Stranger Things is being edited retroactively by Netflix? (www.gq-magazine.co.uk)

137. 美联储将加息75个基点

www.federalreserve.gov image
Federal Reserve to increase interest rates by 75 basis points (www.federalreserve.gov)

138. 我们这里不这样做 (2017)

thagomizer.com image
We don't do that here (2017) (thagomizer.com)

139. 美达公司认可的服务器端使用的编程语言

engineering.fb.com image
Programming languages endorsed for server-side use at Meta (engineering.fb.com)

140. 武汉的华南海鲜市场是Covid-19大流行病的早期震中。

Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan was early epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic (www.science.org)

141. 想开始黑客攻击吗?

about.gitlab.com image
Want to Start Hacking? (about.gitlab.com)

142. 詹姆斯-洛夫洛克已经去世

upload.wikimedia.org image
James Lovelock has died (en.wikipedia.org)

143. 在麻醉状态下,我们的思想到哪里去了?

assets.nautil.us image
Under Anesthesia, Where Do Our Minds Go? (nautil.us)

144. 美泰旋风机是1970年代最酷的圣诞礼物

bestride.com image
The Mattel Spinwelder was the coolest Christmas gift of the 1970s (bestride.com)

145. 家庭安全的假狗

t0.vc image
Fake Dog for Home Security (t0.vc)

146. SQLite内部。页和B树

fly.io image
SQLite Internals: Pages and B-trees (fly.io)

147. 谷歌的Nest将在没有搜查令的情况下向警方提供数据

petapixel.com image
Google’s Nest will provide data to police without a warrant (petapixel.com)

148. 我们不知道如何解决科学问题 (2021)

www.worksinprogress.co image
We don't know how to fix science (2021) (www.worksinprogress.co)

149. 安培拉的历史

merriam-webster.com image
The History of ‘Ampersand’ (www.merriam-webster.com)

150. 尼康为十年前的D7100数码单反相机发布错误修复固件更新

nikonrumors.com image
Nikon Releases Bug Fix Firmware Update for the 10 Years Old D7100 DSLR Camera (nikonrumors.com)

151. 帮助挑选一种CSS嵌套的语法

wd.imgix.net image
Help pick a syntax for CSS nesting (developer.chrome.com)

152. GPSJam。GPS干扰的每日地图

gpsjam.org image
GPSJam: Daily Maps of GPS Interference (gpsjam.org)

153. 信号。你是被选中的人

static.media.ccc.de image
Signal: You Were the Chosen One (media.ccc.de)

154. Show HN: Show HN: Blueboat是一个多合一、多租户的无服务器JavaScript运行时间

blueboat.io image
Blueboat is an all-in-one, multi-tenant serverless JavaScript runtime (blueboat.io)

155. Instagram变得更糟糕了,黑暗的图案从TikTok上被取消了

techcrunch.com image
Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok (techcrunch.com)

156. 如何通过使用 "宋飞策略 "停止对目标的拖延行为

jamesclear.com image
How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy” (jamesclear.com)

157. 了解现代Linux路由(和WG-QUICK)。

Understanding modern Linux routing (and wg-quick) (ro-che.info)

158. 论文中错误的传播

resources.blogblog.com image
Propagation of mistakes in papers (databasearchitects.blogspot.com)

159. Python实际上是可移植的

ahgamut.github.io image
Python is Actually Portable (ahgamut.github.io)

160. 美光公司的232层NAND使2TB闪存芯片的数据传输速度提高了50%。

spectrum.ieee.org image
Micron's 232-layer NAND enables 2TB flash chips that deliver data 50% faster (spectrum.ieee.org)

161. 几个世纪以来,英国面包师的最大客户是马匹

img.atlasobscura.com image
For centuries, English bakers’ biggest customers were horses (www.atlasobscura.com)

162. 写日记的危险在于反省

The Danger of Journaling Is Introspection (www.bramadams.dev)

163. Valgrind的20年

nnethercote.github.io image
Twenty years of Valgrind (nnethercote.github.io)

164. 请拯救黑客实验室

Please save Hacker Lab (tombetthauser.github.io)

165. Facebook类似TikTok的重新设计标志着社交网络时代的日落

images.axios.com image
Facebook's TikTok-like redesign marks sunset of social networking era (www.axios.com)

166. 物流,他们是如何做到的,第一部分:问题

i0.wp.com image
Logistics, How Did They Do It, Part I: The Problem (acoup.blog)

167. CircleCI宣布支持Gitlab

circleci.com image
CircleCI Announces Support for Gitlab (circleci.com)

168. Alphabet 2022财年第二季度财报 [pdf]

Alphabet Q2 FY2022 Earnings [pdf] (abc.xyz)

169. 使用Postgres的行级安全运送多租户SaaS

github.com image
Shipping Multi-Tenant SaaS Using Postgres Row-Level Security (www.thenile.dev)

170. 没有经验可能比拥有错误的经验更好。

Having no experience can be better than having the wrong experience (twitter.com)

171. Hetzner似乎将未列名的 "合理使用 "强加在交通上

lowendtalk.com image
Hetzner appears to impose unlisted “fair use” on traffic (lowendtalk.com)

172. 用围棋在你的终端机上建立乒乓,原因是什么?

earthly.dev image
Build Pong in Your Terminal with Go for Some Reason (earthly.dev)

173. Dicom文件格式基础知识

www.vladsiv.com image
Dicom File Format Basics (www.vladsiv.com)

174. 二茂铁。锈迹斑斑的工具链进入安全关键环境

ferrous-systems.com image
Ferrocene: Rust toolchain to safety-critical environments (ferrous-systems.com)

175. 关于插座,他们没有教你的东西

What they don't teach you about sockets (macoy.me)

176. 美达公司将把Quest 2的价格提高到400美元

scontent-iad3-2.xx.fbcdn.net image
Meta is raising the price of the Quest 2 to 400 USD (www.oculus.com)

177. 宇宙线。发现一个复杂的UEFI固件rootkit

media.kasperskycontenthub.com image
CosmicStrand: The discovery of a sophisticated UEFI firmware rootkit (securelist.com)

178. 特斯拉通过削减1/3的续航里程远程赎回车主

Tesla ransoms car owner remotely by cutting 1/3 of their range (twitter.com)

179. 语言工具 - 开源的Grammarly替代品

languagetool.org image
Language Tool – Open-source Grammarly alternative (languagetool.org)

180. RustDesk - 开源的TeamViewer替代品

opengraph.githubassets.com image
RustDesk – The open source TeamViewer alternative (github.com)

181. Mullvad现已在亚马逊上市

mullvad.net image
Mullvad is now available on Amazon (mullvad.net)

182. 胶带装订书籍 - Cheepo Delux

content.instructables.com image
Duct Tape Book Binding – Cheepo Delux (www.instructables.com)

183. 苹果公司采访--1995年

www.engineersneedart.com image
Apple Interview – 1995 (www.engineersneedart.com)

184. Shopify将在大范围调整中裁减10%的员工

images.wsj.net image
Shopify to Lay Off 10% of Workers in Broad Shake-Up (www.wsj.com)

185. 为什么给谷歌钱这么难呢?

r.moxy.social image
Why is it so hard to give Google money? (paulbutler.org)

186. 马格纳桑蒂--模拟城市中最大、最可怕的城市

habrastorage.org image
Magnasanti – The largest and most terrible city of SimCity (weekly-geekly.imtqy.com)

187. Show HN: 展示HN:我建立了一个为独立的黑客和独行侠制作的电子邮件营销工具

www.useplunk.com image
I built an email marketing tool made for indie hackers and solopreneurs (www.useplunk.com)

188. 丹麦因隐私问题禁止学校使用Gmail和Co软件

tutanota.com image
Denmark bans Gmail and Co from schools due to privacy concerns (tutanota.com)

189. Featherwiki.com - 2.1MB的紧凑型多操作系统单一二进制维基服务器

codeberg.org image
Featherwiki.com – 2.1MB Compact Multi OS Single Binary Wiki Server (codeberg.org)

190. 在偏远的阿拉斯加,膳食计划就是一切

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
In Remote Alaska, Meal Planning Is Everything (www.eater.com)

191. 换工作的人比留下来的人挣得多得多

images.wsj.net image
Job Switchers Are Earning a Lot More Than Those Who Stay (www.wsj.com)

192. 跑步机垃圾收集器 作者:H. Baker

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Treadmill garbage collector by H. Baker (www.cofault.com)

193. 莫诺克公主 让美国感到困惑的杰作

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
Princess Mononoke: The masterpiece that flummoxed the US (www.bbc.com)

194. 在获得A16Z的3.65亿美元投资后,Helium的收入为6.5千美元/月

Helium has revenues of $6.5k/month after $365M investment from A16Z (twitter.com)

195. Show HN: 展示HN:PickCode--继Scratch之后为学生提供的一个教育编码环境

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
PickCode – An educational coding environment for students after Scratch (www.pickcode.io)

196. 作为软件工程师成为全职创造者

blog.pragmaticengineer.com image
Becoming a Full-Time Creator as a Software Engineer (blog.pragmaticengineer.com)

197. 微软Pluton的危险

gabrielsieben.tech image
The Dangers of Microsoft Pluton (gabrielsieben.tech)

198. 沙特王储公布了价值5000亿美元的建筑计划,以容纳900万人口

Saudi Crown Prince unveils plans for $500bn structure to house 9M people (twitter.com)

199. 无耻是一种策略 (2019)

Shamelessness as a Strategy (2019) (nadia.xyz)

200. 最令人毛骨悚然的骑行状况。谢默的脖子

d2p6e6u75xmxt8.cloudfront.net image
The Creepiest Cycling Condition: Shermer’s Neck (www.welovecycling.com)

201. 从8月1日起:6千新谢克尔以上的现金交易为非法。

a7.org image
From August 1: Cash transactions above NIS 6k illegal (www.israelnationalnews.com)

202. FCC对Charter和LTD Broadband的RDOF违约行为罚款300多万美元

qtxasset.com image
FCC fines Charter, LTD Broadband more than $3M for RDOF defaults (www.fiercetelecom.com)

203. 太阳塔 "系统用二氧化碳、水和阳光生产喷气燃料

singularityhub.com image
‘Solar tower’ system produces jet fuel from CO2, water, and sunlight (singularityhub.com)

204. VRchat禁止Mods,拥抱EAC

static1.squarespace.com image
VRchat bans mods, embraces EAC (hello.vrchat.com)

205. 表情符号厨房

emoji.supply image
Emoji Kitchen (emoji.supply)

206. 我在会所学到的东西

substackcdn.com image
What I Learned at Clubhouse (anu.substack.com)

207. 用Rust编写的用于3D打印机的STM32仿真器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
An STM32 emulator written in Rust for 3D printers (github.com)

208. 一个编码错误导致罗杰斯公司的服务中断,使数百万人失去服务

www.theglobeandmail.com image
A coding error caused Rogers outage that left millions without service (www.theglobeandmail.com)

209. 我从阿里巴巴买了一辆便宜的电动皮卡。下面是出现的情况

i0.wp.com image
I bought a cheap electric pickup truck from Alibaba. Here’s what showed up (electrek.co)

210. 编码错误使英特尔GPU在光线追踪中慢了100倍

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Coding Mistake Made Intel GPUs 100X Slower in Ray Tracing (www.tomshardware.com)

211. Show HN: 展示HN:六边形网格上的管道谜题(又称网)。

hexapipes.vercel.app image
Pipes puzzle (a.k.a. Net) on a hexagonal grid (hexapipes.vercel.app)

212. 是的,8086希望能从8080中进行机械转换,但

devblogs.microsoft.com image
Yes, the 8086 wanted to be mechanically translatable from the 8080, but (devblogs.microsoft.com)

213. Show HN: 展示HN:用变形金刚和Python笔记本搜索PDF文件

colab.research.google.com image
Search PDFs with Transformers and Python Notebook (colab.research.google.com)

214. 谷歌Kubernetes集群配置检查器工具

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Google Kubernetes clusters config checker tool (github.com)

215. 道路扬尘及其对人类健康的影响:文献综述(2018)。

Road dust and its effect on human health: a literature review (2018) (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

216. 据腐蚀工程师称,金属腐蚀的成本占全球GDP的3%(2016年)。

impact.nace.org image
Metal corrosion costs 3% of global GDP, according to corrosion engineers (2016) (impact.nace.org)

217. 营养过剩的中间商经济

substackcdn.com image
An Economy of Overfed Middlemen (mattstoller.substack.com)

218. 代码不一定是一团糟

Code doesn’t have to be a mess (www.danielsieger.com)

219. 全球住房市场崩溃了,它正在分裂整个国家

www.bloomberglinea.com image
The Global Housing Market Is Broken, and It’s Dividing Entire Countries (www.bloomberglinea.com)

220. [Fedora-legal-list] 改变CC0的分类

static.lwn.net image
[Fedora-legal-list] Change in classification of CC0 (lwn.net)

221. 我记得作为一个年轻的技术人员,我对市场营销感到很嘲讽

I remember feeling derisive about marketing as a young techie (twitter.com)

222. 封锁。即将到来的对通用计算的战争(2012)

memex.craphound.com image
Lockdown: The coming war on general-purpose computing (2012) (memex.craphound.com)

223. 是时候把闰秒留在过去了

engineering.fb.com image
It’s time to leave the leap second in the past (engineering.fb.com)

224. Ask HN: Ask HN: 我正处于困境中。你是如何走出你的困境的?

I'm in a rut. How did you get out of yours? (news.ycombinator.com)

225. 机械师发明了一种可实现转向角达80度的车轴

Mechanics invent an axle that can achieve steering angles of up to 80 degrees (interestingengineering.com)

226. GameBoy上的斜向战略

img.itch.zone image
Oblique Strategies on GameBoy (nickyflowers.itch.io)

227. 饮食及其对精神障碍病理生理学中肠道生物群的影响

media.springernature.com image
Diet and its effects on the gut biome in the pathophysiology of mental disorders (www.nature.com)

228. 电影院最伟大的场景:《卡萨布兰卡》和《马赛曲》(2015)。

seveninchesofyourtime.com image
Cinema’s greatest scene: ‘Casablanca’ and ‘La Marseillaise’ (2015) (seveninchesofyourtime.com)

229. 握手 - 分散的命名和证书机构

www.handshake.org image
Handshake – Decentralized naming and certificate authority (handshake.org)

230. 两周以来,韦伯太空望远镜正在重塑天文学的面貌

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Two weeks in, the Webb Space Telescope is reshaping astronomy (www.quantamagazine.org)

231. 伪造的β-淀粉样蛋白数据。这意味着什么?

www.science.org image
Faked Beta-Amyloid Data. What Does It Mean? (www.science.org)

232. 谷歌推出实验性的C++替代品Carbon

cdn.thenewstack.io image
Google Launches Carbon, an Experimental Replacement for C++ (thenewstack.io)

233. 从同情心出发进行争论(2021)。

cdn.centerforinquiry.org image
Arguing from compassion (2021) (centerforinquiry.org)

234. 兴发xf187在线娱乐 兴发xf187在线娱乐 兴发xf187在线娱乐

xanadu.com image
OpenXanadu (xanadu.com)

235. 苹果硅是一个不方便的事实

daringfireball.net image
Apple Silicon is an inconvenient truth (daringfireball.net)

236. GNU 名称系统

www.gnunet.org image
The GNU Name System (www.gnunet.org)

237. Ask HN: 请问HN:为什么 "人造阳光"/"人造窗 "产品这么少?

Why are there so few “artificial sunlight”/“artificial window” products? (news.ycombinator.com)

238. 考虑到Sourcehut

postmarketos.org image
Considering Sourcehut (postmarketos.org)

239. 完成你开始的工作使团队更有生产力和可预测性

lucasfcosta.com image
Finishing what you start makes teams more productive and predictable (lucasfcosta.com)

240. 为知道如何开发的开发人员提供的Kubernetes

dev-to-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com image
Kubernetes for Developers Who Know How to Develop (blog.ali.dev)

241. 金日成的身份》(1949年) [pdf]

The Identity of Kim Il Sung (1949) [pdf] (www.cia.gov)

242. Ask HN: 询问HN:什么是可持续的学习笔记方法?

What is a sustainable methodology for taking notes of your learning? (news.ycombinator.com)

243. Ask HN: 询问HN:为好奇心强的人提供的YouTube频道

YouTube Channels for the Intellectually Curious (news.ycombinator.com)

244. C#和.NET的案例

miro.medium.com image
The Case for C# and .NET (chrlschn.medium.com)

245. DwarFS:一个快速的高压缩只读文件系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
DwarFS: A fast high compression read-only file system (github.com)

246. 水晶1.5

crystal-lang.org image
Crystal 1.5 (crystal-lang.org)

247. 德州电网的Datadog仪表板

Datadog dashboard for the Texas power grid (p.datadoghq.com)

248. 为什么麦当劳的自助服务机如此容易被黑?

ghuntley.com image
Why are McDonald’s Self Service Kiosks so hackable? (ghuntley.com)

249. 因素。一种实用的堆栈语言

factorcode.org image
Factor: A Practical Stack Language (factorcode.org)

250. 使用色情制品与男女的性表现

static.cambridge.org image
Porn use and men's and women's sexual performance (www.cambridge.org)

251. 1980年代的Usborne电脑和编码书籍

usborne.com image
Usborne computer and coding books from the 1980s (usborne.com)

252. 用于高保真性能捕获的面部毛发追踪

studios.disneyresearch.com image
Facial hair tracking for high fidelity performance capture (studios.disneyresearch.com)

253. 三星要求为其在德克萨斯州的11个工厂申请规划许可

static.electronicsweekly.com image
Samsung asks for planning permission for 11 fabs in Texas (www.electronicsweekly.com)

254. 拍摄更多截图

alexwlchan.net image
Take More Screenshots (alexwlchan.net)

255. 标准电子书

standardebooks.org image
Standard Ebooks (standardebooks.org)

256. 为什么GNU grep速度快 (2010)

Why GNU grep is fast (2010) (lists.freebsd.org)

257. AWS开源了AWS控制台设计系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
AWS open sourced the AWS console design system (github.com)

258. 赞扬堆积的PR

benjamincongdon.me image
In Praise of Stacked PRs (benjamincongdon.me)

259. 谷歌将暂停所有招聘工作两周

techcrunch.com image
Google to pause all hiring for two weeks (techcrunch.com)

260. 性能比较:Python、C/C++、Awk、Rust等语言中的数词问题

benhoyt.com image
Performance comparison: counting words in Python, C/C++, Awk, Rust, and more (benhoyt.com)

261. 亚利桑那州母亲与儿童安全部的虐待性起诉作斗争

pacificlegal.org image
Arizona Mom Fights Abusive Prosecution by Department of Child Safety (pacificlegal.org)

262. 行为科学。在调整了出版偏差后,没有证据表明有诱导作用

Behavioral science: No evidence for nudging after adjusting for publication bias (www.pnas.org)

263. 福特对电动车供应链地狱的回答。更便宜的电池

images.axios.com image
Ford's answer to EV supply chain hell: Cheaper batteries (www.axios.com)

264. 维-哈特:六面体[视频]

Vi Hart: Hexaflexagons [video] (www.youtube.com)

265. 顶级大学的免费在线课程

cdn8.openculture.com image
Free online courses from top universities (www.openculture.com)