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Show HN: Show HN: Superblocks - 内部应用、API和Cron Jobs的IDE

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2022 年 第 31 周归档(08.01 - 08.08)

1. Ivy - 一个类似APL语言的解释器

pkg.go.dev image
Ivy – An interpreter for an APL-like language (pkg.go.dev)

2. 自制的蓝牙耳机

homebrewheadphones.com image
Homebrew Bluetooth Headphones (homebrewheadphones.com)

3. Show HN: 显示HN:图是一个日常逻辑谜题游戏

figure.game image
Figure is a daily logic puzzle game (figure.game)

4. 监狱金钱日记》。人们在狱中的收入(和支出)情况

d1n0c1ufntxbvh.cloudfront.net image
Prison Money Diaries: What People Make (and Spend) Behind Bars (www.themarshallproject.org)

5. 框架平板电脑组装手册

content.instructables.com image
Framework Tablet Assembly Manual (www.instructables.com)

6. 如何停止 "终结性上网"?

How to stop being “terminally online” (nights.bearblog.dev)

7. 我们对尼克斯的路线图

tweag.io image
Our Roadmap for Nix (www.tweag.io)

8. Ask HN: Ask HN: 更多用于编辑/编写代码的 "实验性 "用户界面?

More “experimental” UIs for editing/writing code? (news.ycombinator.com)

9. 创世纪:一种解释性的、图灵完备的古希伯来语编程语言

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Genesis: an interpreted, Turing-complete Paleo-Hebrew programming language (github.com)

10. 史蒂夫-乔布斯就苹果与微软的交易进行谈判(1997年)

substackcdn.com image
Steve Jobs negotiates Apple's deal with Microsoft (1997) (www.techemails.com)

11. 停车场上的太阳能雨棚

e360.yale.edu image
Solar canopies on parking lots (e360.yale.edu)

12. 电子产品是用死亡日期建造的。让我们不要把它们作为一个秘密

www.washingtonpost.com image
Electronics are built with death dates. Let’s not keep them a secret (www.washingtonpost.com)

13. Ask HN: Ask HN: 学习生成艺术编程的资源?

Resources to learn generative art programming? (news.ycombinator.com)

14. AlphaFold不会使药物发现发生革命性变化

d2cbg94ubxgsnp.cloudfront.net image
AlphaFold won’t revolutionise drug discovery (www.chemistryworld.com)

15. 苏格兰高地、阿巴拉契亚山脉和阿特拉斯山脉是同一山脉

vividmaps.com image
The Scottish Highlands, Appalachians, and the Atlas are the same mountain range (vividmaps.com)

16. NetBSD 9.3

blog.netbsd.org image
NetBSD 9.3 (blog.netbsd.org)

17. 欧空局 - 来自太空的气候

cfs.climate.esa.int image
ESA – Climate from Space (cfs.climate.esa.int)

18. 将 "文件,请 "塞进手机里

3909.co image
Cramming 'Papers, Please' onto Phones (dukope.com)

19. 两分钟内搞定Git(8年后更新)

static.typepad.com image
Git In Two Minutes (updated after 8 years) (www.garyrobinson.net)

20. 意大利和英特尔接近达成50亿美元的芯片工厂交易

www.reuters.com image
Italy, Intel close to $5B deal for chip factory (www.reuters.com)

21. `(种子*9301和49297)%233280`随机算法的原始来源?(2014)

cdn.sstatic.net image
Original source of `(seed * 9301 and 49297) % 233280` random algorithm? (2014) (softwareengineering.stackexchange.com)

22. 育碧即将收走你买的游戏

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Ubisoft about to take away games you bought (www.pcgamer.com)

23. Show HN: 显示HN:PDF-Diff - 将两个PDF之间的任何差异可视化

opengraph.githubassets.com image
PDF-Diff - Visualize any differences between two PDFs (github.com)

24. 选择FreeBSD而不是GNU/Linux的技术原因 (2020)

unixsheikh.com image
Technical reasons to choose FreeBSD over GNU/Linux (2020) (unixsheikh.com)

25. 模拟整个汽车发动机(是的,它会发出噪音)[视频]

Simulating an Entire Car Engine (yes, it makes noise) [video] (www.youtube.com)

26. 美国至少丢失了三枚从未被找到的核弹

ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
US has lost at least three nuclear bombs that have never been located (www.bbc.com)

27. 美国监管机构刚刚批准首个小型模块化核反应堆

singularityhub.com image
The First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Was Just Approved by US Regulators (singularityhub.com)

28. 谷歌试图解决UUID的问题

www.google.com image
Google Trying to Solve a UUID (www.google.com)

29. 关于红肉和心脏病的最新研究。一个红鲱鱼

substackcdn.com image
The Latest Study on Red Meat and Heart Disease: A Red Herring (unsettledscience.substack.com)

30. Ctrl-C

Ctrl-C (kevinlawler.com)

31. 电梯是如何失去音乐的?

substackcdn.com image
How Did Elevators Lose Their Music? (tedgioia.substack.com)

32. MyNoise - 背景声音消除器

mynoise.net image
MyNoise – Background Sound Canceller (mynoise.net)

33. Ask HN: Ask HN: 如何对GitHub问题的功能请求说不?

How to say no to a GitHub issue feature request? (news.ycombinator.com)

34. 迷幻蘑菇的微剂量:一个双盲安慰剂对照的研究

media.springernature.com image
Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study (www.nature.com)

35. Show HN: 显示HN:将英语转换为Cron表达式

Convert English to Cron Expressions (cronprompt.com)

36. 推特确认零日事件被用来暴露540万账户的数据

www.bleepstatic.com image
Twitter confirms zero-day used to expose data of 5.4M accounts (www.bleepingcomputer.com)

37. 皮肤暴露在UVB光下,诱发皮肤-大脑-性腺轴和性行为

www.cell.com image
Skin exposure to UVB light induces a skin-brain-gonad axis and sexual behavior (www.cell.com)

38. 关于DynamoDB 2022年论文的一些说明

Some notes on DynamoDB 2022 paper (_.0xffff.me)

39. Lowbar - 用于Python的最简单的无意义的加载条

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Lowbar – The simplest no-nonsense loading bar for Python (github.com)

40. CudaText: 开源的、跨平台的文本编辑器,用Lazarus编写

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
CudaText: Open-source, cross-platform text editor, written in Lazarus (github.com)

41. Show HN: 展示HN:我创建了一个浏览器自动化工具

www.rocketride.io image
I created a browser automation tool (www.rocketride.io)

42. 加州DMV指责特斯拉虚假宣传自动驾驶和FSD功能

ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image
California DMV accuses Tesla of falsely advertising Autopilot and FSD features (www.latimes.com)

43. 假冒品、欺诈和盗窃。为什么Silca改变了其退货政策

cyclingtips.com image
Counterfeits, fraud, and theft: Why Silca changed its return policy (cyclingtips.com)

44. BlenderBot 3: 一个参数为175B、公开可用的聊天机器人

scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net image
BlenderBot 3: A 175B parameter, publicly available chatbot (ai.facebook.com)

45. 超人类主义者到底怎么了?

i.kinja-img.com image
What ever happened to the transhumanists? (gizmodo.com)

46. 蓝牙低能耗与蓝牙经典的能量消耗分析

hj.diva-portal.org image
Analysis of energy consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy versus Bluetooth Classic (hj.diva-portal.org)

47. 我参加了99年的伍德斯托克音乐节,它摧毁了我的纯真。

cms.kerrang.com image
I was at Woodstock ’99 and it destroyed my innocence (www.kerrang.com)

48. 亚历克斯-琼斯必须为桑迪胡克骗局索赔支付5000万美元的惩罚性赔偿金

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Alex Jones must pay $50m in punitive damages for Sandy Hook hoax claim (www.bbc.co.uk)

49. 政治投注网站PredictIt在CFTC撤销批准后将被关闭

Political betting site PredictIt to shut down after CFTC withdraws approval (www.predictit.org)

50. 字节杂志。LISP (1979)

archive.org image
Byte Magazine: LISP (1979) (archive.org)

51. 凤凰城一家唱片店老板让发烧友的世界为之沸腾

www.washingtonpost.com image
A Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire (www.washingtonpost.com)

52. 火狐浏览器将不再是支持的浏览器 - service.mbna.ca

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Firefox will no longer be a supported browser – service.mbna.ca (github.com)

53. NSA、NIST和后量子加密技术:我对美国政府的第二次诉讼

NSA, NIST, and post-quantum crypto: my second lawsuit against the US government (blog.cr.yp.to)

54. 需要阅读和重读的软件工程书籍

quentin.delcourt.be image
Software engineering books to read and reread (quentin.delcourt.be)

55. 氦气

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Helium (blog.dshr.org)

56. 推特称马斯克的垃圾邮件分析使用的工具称他自己的账户为机器人

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot (arstechnica.com)

57. 专利法》要求发明人必须是自然人,而不是人工智能 [pdf]

Patent Act requires an inventor to be a natural person, not an AI [pdf] (cafc.uscourts.gov)

58. 戈多3.5

godotengine.org image
Godot 3.5 (godotengine.org)

59. 梦工厂动画公司将把MoonRay作为开放源代码发布

www.awn.com image
DreamWorks Animation to Release MoonRay as Open Source (www.awn.com)

60. 是时候停止向非统计学家教授频繁主义了(2012)

static.arxiv.org image
It is time to stop teaching frequentism to non-statisticians (2012) (arxiv.org)

61. LocalStack和AWS平价解释

localstack.cloud image
LocalStack and AWS Parity Explained (localstack.cloud)

62. 用arc42记录软件架构

hotshot.innoq.io image
Documenting software architecture with arc42 (www.innoq.com)

63. 苹果警告台湾供应商在徽章上标注 "中国 "字样

www.ft.com image
Apple warns Taiwanese suppliers to label “China” on badges (asia.nikkei.com)

64. 去中心化标识符(DIDs)v1.0成为W3C建议

www.w3.org image
Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0 Becomes a W3C Recommendation (www.w3.org)

65. 让贝尔实验室的黄金时代重现

media.springernature.com image
Bringing back the golden days of Bell Labs (www.nature.com)

66. 亚马逊将以约17亿美元的价格收购Roomba真空吸尘器的制造商

image.cnbcfm.com image
Amazon to acquire maker of Roomba vacuum for roughly $1.7B (www.cnbc.com)

67. 无现金社会的代价是什么?

walrus-assets.s3.amazonaws.com image
What is the cost of a cashless society? (thewalrus.ca)

68. 在Node.js上使用Clojure脚本

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Clojure Scripting on Node.js (github.com)

69. 高迪:沉浸式三维场景生成的神经架构

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Gaudi: A Neural Architect for Immersive 3D Scene Generation (github.com)

70. C23完成了:这里是菜单上的内容

thephd.dev image
C23 is Finished: Here is What is on the Menu (thephd.dev)

71. 反对惩戒

substackcdn.com image
Against Discipline (irinadumitrescu.substack.com)

72. 我最喜欢的iPhone功能被删除了,其不合格的替代品万岁

substackcdn.com image
My favorite iPhone feature was removed long live its subpar replacement (technicallychallenged.substack.com)

73. Gitlab在反响强烈后对删除休眠项目的做法做出了调整

regmedia.co.uk image
Gitlab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash (www.theregister.com)

74. 如何将iPad作为安全的通话和信息设备(2022年更新)?

How to Use an iPad as a Secure Calling and Messaging Device (Updated 2022) (yawnbox.com)

75. 马克-安德森说他支持新的住房,但记录告诉我们一个不同的故事

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Marc Andreessen says he’s for new housing, but records tell a different story (www.theatlantic.com)

76. 关于QBasic和QuickBasic的一切

www.qbasic.net image
All about QBasic and QuickBasic (www.qbasic.net)

77. 马克-安德森是一个NIMBY吗?

Is Marc Andreessen a NIMBY? (twitter.com)

78. 当你使用引号时,我们正在改进搜索结果

storage.googleapis.com image
We're improving search results when you use quotes (blog.google)

79. Show HN: 展示HN:Penumbra,一个基于自然光的感知优化调色板

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Penumbra, a perceptually optimized color palette based on natural light (github.com)

80. 使用葡萄收获日期来估计650年来的夏季温度

tamino.files.wordpress.com image
Using grape harvest dates to estimate summer temperature over 650 years (tamino.wordpress.com)

81. Show HN: 显示HN:杀手填字游戏 - 一个没有线索的填字游戏变体

Killer Crossword - A crossword puzzle variation with no clues (killercrossword.com)

82. Ask HN: Ask HN: 作为一个开发者,如何做到独立?

How to be independent as a developer? (news.ycombinator.com)

83. 珊瑚在大堡礁上卷土重来

www.hawkesburygazette.com.au image
Coral makes comeback on Great Barrier Reef (www.hawkesburygazette.com.au)

84. Tell HN: 告诉HN:我在我父亲去世前采访过他

I interviewed my dad before he died (news.ycombinator.com)

85. 关于成为富人的问题。我从突然成为中产阶级学到的教训

substackcdn.com image
On Being Rich-ish: Lessons I learned becoming suddenly middle-class (www.residentcontrarian.com)

86. mCaptcha - 基于工作证明、尊重隐私的验证码系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
mCaptcha – Proof of work based, privacy respecting CAPTCHA system (github.com)

87. 为什么网络如此单调?谷歌

Why Is the Web So Monotonous? Google (reasonablypolymorphic.com)

88. Solein--无中生有的蛋白质

www.solein.com image
Solein – Protein out of thin air (www.solein.com)

89. 现代公司在德国推出27辆重型氢气卡车

thedriven.io image
Hyundai rolls out 27 heavy-duty hydrogen trucks in Germany (thedriven.io)

90. 优秀的人永远不会死

substackcdn.com image
Excel Never Dies (www.notboring.co)

91. 连接-网络。是时候让Protobuf/gRPC成为你在浏览器中的首选了

buf.build image
Connect-Web: It's time for Protobuf/gRPC to be your first choice in the browser (buf.build)

92. 谷歌的视频聊天合并开始了。现在有两个 "谷歌见面 "应用程序

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Google’s video chat merger begins: Now there are two “Google Meet” apps (arstechnica.com)

93. Lex Fridman播客#309 - John Carmack

lexfridman.com image
Lex Fridman Podcast #309 – John Carmack (lexfridman.com)

94. 维萨公司暂停对Pornhub和MindGeek上的广告购买进行刷卡支付

image.cnbcfm.com image
Visa suspends card payments for ad purchases on Pornhub and MindGeek (www.cnbc.com)

95. 老笑话

dynomight.net image
Old jokes (dynomight.net)

96. OG社会网络。其他人的网站

blog.jim-nielsen.com image
The OG Social Network: Other People’s Websites (blog.jim-nielsen.com)

97. 英飞凌芯片缺陷扰乱IONIQ 5电动车生产

www.kedglobal.com image
Infineon chip flaws to disrupt IONIQ 5 EV production (www.kedglobal.com)

98. 阅读手册的艺术(2020年)

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Art of README (2020) (github.com)

99. 苹果正在建立一个需求方平台

digiday.com image
Apple is building a demand-side platform (digiday.com)

100. Ask HN: Ask HN: 这里有任何单独的游戏开发者吗?

Any solo game developers here? (news.ycombinator.com)

101. DALL-E 2是在不了解它们的关系的情况下'把东西粘在一起'吗?

ml8ygptwlcsq.i.optimole.com image
Is DALL-E 2 ‘gluing things together’ without understanding their relationships? (www.unite.ai)

102. C99不需要函数体,或者说 "VLA是图灵完全"。

C99 doesn't need function bodies, or 'VLAs are Turing complete' (lemon.rip)

103. 启动HN:CodeCrafters (YC S22) - 练习编写复杂的软件

codecrafters.io image
Launch HN: CodeCrafters (YC S22) – Practice writing complex software (codecrafters.io)

104. Tell HN: 告诉HN:亚马逊购物正在向质量底线飙升

Amazon shopping is racing to the bottom of quality (news.ycombinator.com)

105. Show HN: Show HN: Superblocks - 内部应用、API和Cron Jobs的IDE

superblocks-marketing-assets.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com image
Superblocks – IDE for Internal Apps, APIs and Cron Jobs (www.superblocks.com)

106. Gitlab计划删除免费账户中的休眠项目[谣言]

regmedia.co.uk image
Gitlab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts [rumor] (www.theregister.com)

107. 印度政府撤回个人数据保护法案

www.accessnow.org image
Indian government withdraws Personal Data Protection Bill (www.accessnow.org)

108. Ask HN: 问HN:哪个HN帖子让你赚钱了?

What HN post made you money? (news.ycombinator.com)

109. Quaise能源公司正在努力创建地热井

news.mit.edu image
Quaise Energy is working to create geothermal wells (news.mit.edu)

110. 在我们的一生中,我们与谁共度时光?(2020)

ourworldindata.org image
Who do we spend time with across our lifetime? (2020) (ourworldindata.org)

111. 像《卫报》这样的权威媒体是如何摆脱抄袭的?

substackcdn.com image
How prestige outlets like The Guardian get away with copypasta (erikhoel.substack.com)

112. Ask HN: Ask HN: 这些DoorDash的黑暗图案是怎么回事?

What's up with these DoorDash dark patterns? (news.ycombinator.com)

113. 宇宙飞船。罗马路线规划器

OmnesViae: Roman Routeplanner (omnesviae.org)

114. 我的实验室每年的废物量从4000公斤减少到130公斤

media.nature.com image
My lab went from 4000 kg to 130 kg of waste a year (www.nature.com)

115. 使用HVF加速,在苹果Silicon Mac上的QEMU中运行适用于ARM64的FreeBSD 13.1。

github.githubassets.com image
Run FreeBSD 13.1 for ARM64 in QEMU on Apple Silicon Mac with HVF Acceleration (gist.github.com)

116. 新的开放源码项目。Common Lisp 3D图形系统

www.redditstatic.com image
New open source project: Common Lisp 3D graphics system (old.reddit.com)

117. 垃圾邮件启示录

memex.marginalia.nu image
Botspam apocalypse (memex.marginalia.nu)

118. 免费在线教科书的作用

media.gatesnotes.com image
Free online textbooks work (www.gatesnotes.com)

119. 将垃圾邮件发送至密码炼狱

www.troyhunt.com image
Sending spammers to password purgatory (www.troyhunt.com)

120. SQLite-HTML。一个用于查询、操作和创建HTML的SQLite扩展。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
SQLite-HTML: A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML (github.com)

121. Klipper - 开源的3D打印机固件

www.klipper3d.org image
Klipper – open-source 3D Printer firmware (www.klipper3d.org)

122. Show HN: 展示HN:500行中的类似PS1的微小渲染器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Tiny PS1-like Renderer in 500 lines (github.com)

123. 我的部分代码使Copilot崩溃

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Part of my code makes Copilot crash (github.com)

124. Show HN: 展示HN:Adadot--为更好、更快乐的开发者提供分析服务

adadot.com image
Adadot – analytics for better, happier developers (adadot.com)

125. 我所画的东西是一个网站,其中孩子们画的东西是真实的。

static.wixstatic.com image
Things I Have Drawn is a site in which the things kids draw are real (www.thingsihavedrawn.com)

126. Alpine Linux正在减少对Busybox的依赖性

gitlab.alpinelinux.org image
Alpine Linux is reducing dependencies on Busybox (gitlab.alpinelinux.org)

127. 切断俗套的错误

alexwlchan.net image
Cut the Cutesy Errors (alexwlchan.net)

128. 启动HN:Iollo (YC S22) - 延长健康寿命的家用代谢组学测试

Launch HN: Iollo (YC S22) – At-home metabolomics test to extend healthy lifespan (news.ycombinator.com)

129. GlobalFoundries加入了谷歌的开源硅计划

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
GlobalFoundries joins Google’s open source silicon initiative (opensource.googleblog.com)

130. P5.play

P5.play (molleindustria.github.io)

131. 最小化你的容器

avatars.githubusercontent.com image
Minify your container (github.com)

132. 冰岛开始火山喷发(网络视频直播)

www.ruv.is image
Volcanic eruption starts in Iceland (Live webcam) (www.ruv.is)

133. 培生称区块链可使其在每次电子书转手时赚钱

Pearson Says Blockchain Could Make It Money Every Time E-Books Change Hands (www.bloomberg.com)

134. 开发人员的GDPR实例

blether.chat image
GDPR for Developers by Example (blog.blether.chat)

135. 废除博士学位 (2016)

blog.devicerandom.org image
Abolish the PhD (2016) (blog.devicerandom.org)

136. 双料指挥官

doublecmd.github.io image
Double Commander (doublecmd.github.io)

137. 生产力色情片

calebschoepp.com image
Productivity Porn (calebschoepp.com)

138. 政治筹码

i0.wp.com image
Political Chips (stratechery.com)

139. 图解的TLS 1.3连接(每个字节都有解释和再现)

tls13.xargs.org image
The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection (Every byte explained and reproduced) (tls13.xargs.org)

140. 为什么基于树的模型在表格数据上的表现仍然优于深度学习?

static.arxiv.org image
Why do tree-based models still outperform deep learning on tabular data? (arxiv.org)

141. 在书中发现的最奇怪的事情

secure.gravatar.com image
Strangest Thing Found in a Book (noctslackv2.wordpress.com)

142. 松树配方

tuxphones.com image
The Pine Formula (tuxphones.com)

143. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你和谁讨论过系统架构和设计?

Who do you talk to about system architecture and design? (news.ycombinator.com)

144. 用Cloudflare电子邮件路由劫持电子邮件

albertpedersen.com image
Hijacking Email with Cloudflare Email Routing (albertpedersen.com)

145. 美国反拒收电话诉讼工作组

bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com image
US Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force (www.thecentersquare.com)

146. 是的,美国经济可能处于衰退状态

cdn-japantimes.com image
Yes, the U.S. economy is likely in recession (www.japantimes.co.jp)

147. 被淹没不是一种荣誉的象征

d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net image
Being swamped is not a badge of honor (www.gkogan.co)

148. 我在建立现代TUI框架方面学到的东西

www.textualize.io image
Things I've learned building a modern TUI framework (www.textualize.io)

149. RTEMS 实时操作系统

www.rtems.org image
RTEMS Real Time Operating System (www.rtems.org)

150. TikTok的毒药

www.calnewport.com image
TikTok’s Poison Pill (www.calnewport.com)

151. Ask HN: Ask HN: 为什么YouTube的质量会急剧下降?

Why has quality of YouTube reduced drastically? (news.ycombinator.com)

152. Django 4.1

static.djangoproject.com image
Django 4.1 (www.djangoproject.com)

153. 中村英树的禁忌平台

images.prismic.io image
Hikaru Nakamura's Forbidden Platform (lichess.org)

154. Vulkan更新:Raspberry Pi 4的1.2版本的一致性

www.raspberrypi.com image
Vulkan update: version 1.2 conformance for Raspberry Pi 4 (www.raspberrypi.com)

155. 20B参数的Alexa模型在几率学习中树立了新的标杆

assets.amazon.science image
20B-parameter Alexa model sets new marks in few-shot learning (www.amazon.science)

156. 非营利组织markups.org曝光最令人震惊的新车价格

www.themanual.com image
Nonprofit markups.org is exposing the most egregious new car prices (www.themanual.com)

157. 麻省理工学院发明4美元的太阳能脱盐装置

www.freethink.com image
MIT invents $4 solar desalination device (www.freethink.com)

158. Show HN: 展示HN:从Zillow搜罗的房产趋势

Property Trends Scraped from Zillow (trends.pillr.io)

159. 恶意代码添加到35000个GitHub仓库,泄露用户环境

Malicious code added to 35k GitHub repos, leaking user environments (twitter.com)

160. 被解雇的英雄之旅

substackcdn.com image
The hero's journey of getting laid off (backtohumanity.substack.com)

161. FauxPilot - 一个开源的GitHub Copilot服务器

opengraph.githubassets.com image
FauxPilot – an open-source GitHub Copilot server (github.com)

162. Y Combinator以经济衰退和资金为由,将目前的学员规模缩小了40%。

techcrunch.com image
Y Combinator narrows current cohort size by 40%, citing downturn and funding (techcrunch.com)

163. 朝鲜的战术(2020) [pdf]

North Korean Tactics (2020) [pdf] (irp.fas.org)

164. Ask HN: Ask HN: 在技术领域为气候工作?

Working in tech for climate? (news.ycombinator.com)

165. 我仍然喜欢PHP和JavaScript

I still love PHP and JavaScript (the.scapegoat.dev)

166. 在PFAS新的地球边界的安全操作空间之外

Outside the safe operating space of a new planetary boundary for PFAS (pubs.acs.org)

167. 我的数据能装进RAM吗?

Does my data fit in RAM? (yourdatafitsinram.net)

168. 离开Facebook/Meta是我们能为社区做的最好的事情

trino.io image
Leaving Facebook/Meta was the best thing we could do for the community (trino.io)

169. 罗宾逊公司裁员23%,并对其进行处罚

images.wsj.net image
Robinhood lays off 23% of staff (www.wsj.com)

170. 为什么要学习函数式编程?

Why study functional programming? (acm.wustl.edu)

171. 在Arduino中引入多任务功能

blog.arduino.cc image
Introducing multitasking to Arduino (blog.arduino.cc)

172. Rsync客户端任意文件写入漏洞

www.openwall.com image
Rsync client-side arbitrary file write vulnerability (www.openwall.com)

173. 后量子加密的竞争者被单核PC和1小时干掉了

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Post-quantum encryption contender is taken out by single-core PC and 1 hour (arstechnica.com)

174. Elixir Livebook现在是一个桌面应用程序

img.announcekit.app image
Elixir Livebook now as a desktop app (news.livebook.dev)

175. Go 1.19版发布

go.dev image
Go 1.19 Released (go.dev)

176. 我用DALL-E 2生成了一个标志

jacobmartins.com image
I used DALL·E 2 to generate a logo (jacobmartins.com)

177. 无休止地寻找加密货币的用例

substackcdn.com image
The endless search for a crypto use case (networked.substack.com)

178. 由于追踪SPAR19的用户激增,FlightRadar24崩溃了

FlightRadar24 crashes due to surge in users tracking SPAR19 (twitter.com)

179. 使用Firecracker和Go来运行简短的、不受信任的代码执行作业(2021)

stanislas.blog image
Using Firecracker and Go to run short, untrusted code execution jobs (2021) (stanislas.blog)

180. 游牧民族因编码错误而流失1.5亿美元的资金

Nomad drained of $150m due to a coding mistake (twitter.com)

181. 使用一个大的服务器

www.servethehome.com image
Use One Big Server (specbranch.com)

182. 迪尔伯特到底怎么了?

substackcdn.com image
What the Hell Is Up with Dilbert? (meghanboilard.substack.com)

183. 甲骨文暂停了我的账户(未通知)。

batin.sh image
Oracle Suspended My Account (Without Notice) (batin.sh)

184. 气流的问题

substackcdn.com image
Airflow's Problem (stkbailey.substack.com)

185. 编码为灰胡子的人

Coding as a greybeard (news.ycombinator.com)

186. 用e-ink电子货架标签搭建面板

rbaron.net image
Building a Panel out of e-ink Electronic Shelf Labels (rbaron.net)

187. 谷歌和Facebook的招聘冻结是怎么回事?

blog.interviewing.io image
What’s going on with Google and Facebook hiring freezes? (blog.interviewing.io)

188. Capy - 用于在Zig中制作本地图形用户界面的跨平台库

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Capy – Cross-platform library for making native GUIs in Zig (github.com)

189. Show HN: Show HN: OneDev - 一个轻量级的Gitlab替代品

opengraph.githubassets.com image
OneDev – A Lightweight Gitlab Alternative (github.com)

190. AlphaFold的数据库增长超过200倍,几乎涵盖了所有已知的蛋白质。

storage.googleapis.com image
AlphaFold's database grows over 200x to cover nearly all known proteins (wandb.ai)

191. Xv6,一个简单的类Unix教学操作系统

i.creativecommons.org image
Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system (pdos.csail.mit.edu)

192. Optane的结束是个坏消息

regmedia.co.uk image
The end of Optane is bad news (www.theregister.com)

193. Ask HN: 询问HN:谁想被雇用? (2022年8月)

Who wants to be hired? (August 2022) (news.ycombinator.com)

194. 给Geocities网站的一封情书

www.cameronsworld.net image
A Love Letter to Geocities Sites (www.cameronsworld.net)

195. TikTok具有操纵性,令人上瘾,并对隐私有害

miro.medium.com image
TikTok is manipulative, addictive, and harmful to privacy (uxdesign.cc)

196. 了解简街

substackcdn.com image
Understanding Jane Street (www.thediff.co)

197. 使用Python的模式匹配的犯罪行为

c.tenor.com image
Crimes with Python's pattern matching (www.hillelwayne.com)

198. PiBox:用于自我托管的微型个人服务器

PiBox: a tiny personal server for self-hosting (pibox.io)

199. 迪士尼的蚊子控制计划

images.unsplash.com image
Disney's mosquito control program (mousetrack.co.uk)

200. 在x86上更快的CRC32-C

Faster CRC32-C on x86 (www.corsix.org)

201. Show HN: 展示HN:Emery - 个人生产力工作区

emery.to image
Emery – Personal productivity workspace (emery.to)

202. Juris Hartmanis 1928-2022

rjlipton.wpcomstaging.com image
Juris Hartmanis 1928–2022 (rjlipton.wpcomstaging.com)

203. 美国证券交易委员会指控11名个人参与3亿美元的加密货币金字塔计划

www.sec.gov image
SEC Charges Eleven Individuals in $300M Crypto Pyramid Scheme (www.sec.gov)

204. 苹果公司的硅子系统

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Apple Silicon Subsystems (github.com)

205. 粒子物理学家困惑于新的二元性

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Particle physicists puzzle over a new duality (www.quantamagazine.org)

206. 创始人最难雇用的人是所谓的C级管理人员

The hardest people for founders to hire are so called C-level executives (twitter.com)

207. 联邦贸易委员会采取行动,阻止Opendoor欺骗潜在卖家的行为

FTC Takes Action to Stop Opendoor from Cheating Potential Sellers (www.ftc.gov)

208. 关闭购房公司Opendoor的虚假声明之门

consumer.ftc.gov image
Closing the door on home buying company Opendoor’s false claims (consumer.ftc.gov)

209. 日本和美国将启动2纳米芯片量产的研发工作

www.ft.com image
Japan, U.S. to launch R&D for 2-nm chip mass production (asia.nikkei.com)

210. 带有死刑的迪斯尼乐园

upload.wikimedia.org image
Disneyland with Death Penalty (en.wikipedia.org)

211. 发射HN:Polymath Robotics(YC S22)--工业车辆的一般自主性

Launch HN: Polymath Robotics (YC S22) – General autonomy for industrial vehicles (news.ycombinator.com)

212. 巨大的压力。回顾

photos.tylercipriani.com image
Meshtastic: A Review (tylercipriani.com)

213. Show HN: Show HN: SnoopForms - 开源的Typeform替代品

SnoopForms – Open-Source Typeform Alternative (snoopforms.com)

214. 在Cloudflare工人上用WASI运行Zig

blog.cloudflare.com image
Running Zig with WASI on Cloudflare Workers (blog.cloudflare.com)

215. 正式验证Rust的不透明类型

live.staticflickr.com image
Formally Verifying Rust's Opaque Types (dylanj.xyz)

216. AMD的市值超过英特尔

image.cnbcfm.com image
AMD passes Intel in market cap (www.cnbc.com)

217. 关于便携式Makefiles的教程(2017年)

nullprogram.com image
A Tutorial on Portable Makefiles (2017) (nullprogram.com)

218. 谷歌的内部桌面Linux

images.techhive.com image
Google’s in-house desktop Linux (www.computerworld.com)

219. 美国陆军伪装改进说明--第一部分(2013年)

www.hyperstealth.com image
U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Explained – Part 1 (2013) (www.hyperstealth.com)

220. Show HN: 显示HN:欧洲的技术补偿

techpays.eu image
Tech Compensation in Europe (techpays.eu)

221. Ask HN: 询问HN:谁在招聘?(2022年8月)

Who is hiring? (August 2022) (news.ycombinator.com)

222. 台积电在亚利桑那州完成5纳米工厂的建设

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
TSMC Completes Construction of 5nm Fab 21 in Arizona (www.tomshardware.com)

223. Ask HN: Ask HN: 新闻通讯有用吗?为什么网站会如此推崇它们?

Do newsletters work? Why do websites push them so much? (news.ycombinator.com)

224. 软件工程书籍

software-engineering-books.com image
Software engineering books (software-engineering-books.com)

225. 维基百科阻止了对 "衰退 "的编辑,因为人们改变了定义

content.fortune.com image
Wikipedia has blocked editing ‘recession’ as people change definition (fortune.com)

226. 我是如何恢复注意力和专注力的

hotshot.innoq.io image
How I Regained Concentration and Focus (www.innoq.com)

227. Ask HN: Ask HN: 你离开Kubernetes了吗?

Have You Left Kubernetes? (news.ycombinator.com)

228. TikTok视频让青少年认为他们有罕见的精神障碍 (2021)

images.wsj.net image
TikTok videos leave teens thinking they have rare mental disorders (2021) (www.wsj.com)

229. Docusaurus 2.0

docusaurus.io image
Docusaurus 2.0 (docusaurus.io)

230. 你想知道一些关于我们的大脑是多么狗屁的疯狂吗?(2018)

You want to know something about how bullshit insane our brains are? (2018) (twitter.com)

231. 妮可-尼古拉斯去世了

Nichelle Nichols Has Died (twitter.com)

232. 图书管理员给谷歌安全的信

lh6.googleusercontent.com image
Librarian's Letter to Google Security (docs.google.com)

233. Show HN: 展示HN:通过透明压缩将SQLite数据库的大小减少80%。

opengraph.githubassets.com image
Reduce SQLite database size by up to 80% with transparent compression (github.com)

234. 莱纳斯从一台M1 MacBook上发布了5.19内核

static.lwn.net image
Linus releases the 5.19 kernel from an M1 MacBook (lwn.net)

235. Gitea 1.17.0发布 - 包括软件包注册表支持

docs.gitea.io image
Gitea 1.17.0 is released – includes package registry support (blog.gitea.io)

236. 从零开始的可微分编程

thenumb.at image
Differentiable programming from scratch (thenumb.at)

237. 雪铁龙2cv页面

www.citrobe.org image
Citroen 2cv pages (www.citrobe.org)

238. 机械游戏引擎的终结者

End of the Machinery Game Engine (news.ycombinator.com)

239. 最糟糕的水坝想法:蒸发地中海为欧洲供电

substackcdn.com image
The worst dam idea: evaporating the Mediterranean to power Europe (everythingisamazing.substack.com)

240. 从游戏机到主系统的转换

nicole.express image
Converting from the Game Gear to the Master System (nicole.express)

241. 如果Borland坚持使用CP/M的Turbo Modula-2就好了 (2013)

i.creativecommons.org image
If only Borland had stuck with Turbo Modula-2 for CP/M (2013) (techtinkering.com)

242. 为什么我建立了一个字典应用程序

wordnote.app image
Why I built a dictionary app (www.wordnote.app)

243. 澳大利亚活动家不能使用加密的应用程序,必须让警察访问手机

live-production.wcms.abc-cdn.net.au image
Australian activist can't use encrypted apps, must let police access phone (www.abc.net.au)

244. 迫在眉睫的铜荒以及为什么回收不能解决这个问题

www.mining.com image
A looming copper crunch and why recycling can’t fix it (www.mining.com)

245. Kubernetes在良好的意义上重塑了虚拟机的形象

iximiuz.com image
Kubernetes reinvented virtual machines in a good sense (iximiuz.com)

246. 研究表明,放下设备,让你的思想徜徉其中

www.apa.org image
Put down devices, let your mind wander, study suggests (www.apa.org)

247. 星际迷航》中的乌胡拉Nichelle Nichols逝世,享年89岁

variety.com image
Nichelle Nichols, Uhura in ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 89 (variety.com)

248. Ask HN: Ask HN: 解释写好的代码库的课程?

Courses explaining well-written codebases? (news.ycombinator.com)

249. 核能是清洁的

www.collectifission.nl image
Nuclear Energy Is Clean (www.collectifission.nl)

250. 基于RISC-V的单板计算机正在取得进展

bret.dk image
RISC-V based Single Board Computers are getting there (bret.dk)

251. Arris/Arris-variant DSL/Fiber路由器关键漏洞曝光

derekabdine.com image
Arris / Arris-variant DSL/Fiber router critical vulnerability exposure (derekabdine.com)

252. TI-83再加一个

www.leadedsolder.com image
TI-83 Plus One More (www.leadedsolder.com)

253. 易拉宝

easyrpg.org image
EasyRPG (easyrpg.org)

254. 乘坐公交车的时间几乎是开车的两倍(2017)

erepublic.brightspotcdn.com image
Riding transit takes almost twice as long as driving (2017) (www.governing.com)

255. 日立木塞切割器在手持式钻机中完美运行(2013年)

paulsellers.com image
Hitachi Wood Plug Cutter Works Perfectly in Hand Held Drills (2013) (paulsellers.com)

256. 新的Ghostscript PDF解释器

New Ghostscript PDF interpreter (www.ghostscript.com)

257. 风险投资商在滑板车初创企业上挥霍了数十亿美元

news.crunchbase.com image
VCs Squandered Billions on Scooter Startups (news.crunchbase.com)

258. LinkedIn正在将其在网上找到的招聘信息导入公司的档案中。

LinkedIn is importing job postings it finds online onto company's profiles (news.ycombinator.com)

259. 把一个旧的亚马逊Kindle变成一个电子墨水开发平台(2021年)。

adq454703481.files.wordpress.com image
Turning an old Amazon Kindle into a eInk development platform (2021) (blog.lidskialf.net)

260. 哈佛CS109A,完全开放和免费

harvard-iacs.github.io image
Harvard CS109A, fully open and free (harvard-iacs.github.io)