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Inky Impression 5.7" - 用于Raspberry Pi的彩色电子墨水显示器

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2022 年 第 34 周归档(08.22 - 08.29)

www.gimp.org image
Gimp development release 2.99.12 includes initial CMYK support (www.gimp.org)
www.gannett-cdn.com image
American chestnut tree in Centreville is the 'holy grail' for conservationists (www.delawareonline.com)
A new Linux handheld game console based on ODROID-N2 (forum.odroid.com)
static01.nyt.com image
Remote scan of student’s room before test violated his privacy, judge rules (www.nytimes.com)
The container orchestrator landscape (lwn.net)
The culture of rejection in computer science publications (sigbed.org)
plausible.io image
How to pay your rent with your open source project (2020) (plausible.io)
cdn.openart.ai image
OpenArt: “Pinterest” for Dalle-2 images and prompts (openart.ai)
www.whitehouse.gov image
Guidance to make federally funded research freely available without delay (www.whitehouse.gov)
assets.bwbx.io image
Korea shatters its own record for world’s lowest fertility rate (www.bloomberg.com)
comepbstatic.imgix.net image
EPB launches America’s first community-wide 25 gig internet service (epb.com)
images.wsj.net image
SpaceX, T-Mobile to connect satellites to cellphones in remote areas (www.wsj.com)
uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
We compiled a library of realistic engineering take-home tests and ranked them (www.trytapioca.com)
us.v-cdn.net image
1Password delisting forum posts critical of their new Electron based 1Password 8 (1password.community)
www.science.org image
White House requires public access to all U.S.-funded research papers by 2025 (www.science.org)
Debian's Chromium changes default search engine to DDG (www.mail-archive.com)
darknetlive.com image
“We kill people based on metadata” and other metadata things (darknetlive.com)
media.springernature.com image
“Science must respect the dignity and rights of all humans” (www.nature.com)
IPv6 support for cloning Git repositories from GitHub (github.com)
s0.wp.com image
Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become (jeremyeder.com)
H1B rejected – builds unicorn back home (twitter.com)
www.reuters.com image
India forced Twitter to put agent on payroll, whistleblower says (www.reuters.com)
www.nginx.com image
The future of Nginx: Getting back to our open source roots (www.nginx.com)
Collapse of emergency healthcare in England may be costing 500 lives every week (twitter.com)
scx2.b-cdn.net image
Study first to link weed killer Roundup to convulsions in animals (phys.org)
www.iccl.ie image
Class action against Oracle’s worldwide surveillance machine (www.iccl.ie)
crawlee.dev image
Crawlee – The web scraping and browser automation library for Node.js (crawlee.dev)
cdn.cnn.com image
Ex-Twitter exec blows the whistle, alleging reckless cybersecurity policies (www.cnn.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
“10% error rate is okay“ – Leaked EU Commission document regarding Chat Control (reddit.com)
www.sandia.gov image
Using the power of the sun to roast green chile (www.sandia.gov)
Got a rejection for mentioning Apple pre-release software, but I am not (twitter.com)
netblocks.org image
YouTube disrupted in Pakistan as former PM Khan streams speech (netblocks.org)
64.media.tumblr.com image
The Collapse of Complex Societies (Book Review) (continuations.com)
Republishing a fork of the sanctioned Tornado Cash repositories (twitter.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Google refuses to reinstate account after man took medical images of son’s groin (www.theguardian.com)
adguard.com image
The downfall of smart TVs: From promises of seamless viewing to ad tool (adguard.com)
Audible feedback on just how much your browsing feeds into Google (github.com)
Ridiculous vulnerability disclosure process with CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor (www.modzero.com)