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2022 年 第 36 周归档(09.05 - 09.12)

shkspr.mobi image
What's the cheapest domain you can register for 10 years? (shkspr.mobi)
Brickit scans your pile of bricks and gives you ideas, with instructions (brickit.app)
substackcdn.com image
The case for building something wonderful alone (derw.substack.com)
blogapi.uber.com image
Rethinking GPS: Engineering next-gen location at Uber (2018) (www.uber.com)
What went down on Wikipedia after Queen Elizabeth II's death was announced (twitter.com)
Bank tells customers to disable updates and not upgrade to iOS 16 (www.coutts.com)
images.barrons.com image
White House Is Mulling a Ban on Bitcoin Mining (www.barrons.com)
ContainerSSH: Launch containers on demand (github.com)
cdn1.thecomeback.com image
Happy 30th anniversary to ‘Sneakers,’ a cult classic that was ahead of its time (thecomeback.com)
cdn.cnn.com image
Oberlin College to pay $36M to bakery owners who were falsely accused of racism (www.cnn.com)
Why public chats are better than direct messages (teamplify.com)
assets.bwbx.io image
Google pays ‘enormous’ sums to maintain search-engine dominance, DOJ says (www.bloomberg.com)
Widespread misperceptions of long-term attitude change (www.pnas.org)
storage.googleapis.com image
The Next Chapter for Learning on YouTube (blog.youtube)
images.wsj.net image
Companies are buying large numbers of carbon offsets that don’t cut emissions (www.wsj.com)
archive.org image
Byte Magazine: The C Programming Language (1983) (archive.org)
wp-assets.futurism.com image
Scientists found genetic mutations in every astronaut blood sample they studied (futurism.com)
bae.st image
It seems that the good times for online Minecraft play are over (bae.st)
joshcollinsworth.com image
Introducing Svelte, and Comparing Svelte with React and Vue (2021) (joshcollinsworth.com)
blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Korean nuclear fusion reactor achieves 100M°C for 30 seconds (www.shiningscience.com)
www.apple.com image
Emergency SOS via satellite is included for free with iPhone 14 Pro for 2 years (www.apple.com)
Pypi.org is running a survey on the state of Python packaging (pypi.org)
fly.io image
How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works (fly.io)
Citibank may lock bank accounts for 45 days if breach suspected (twitter.com)
images.wsj.net image
Ocean shipping rates have plunged 60% this year (www.wsj.com)
images.prismic.io image
NASA selects SiFive and makes RISC-V the go-to ecosystem for future missions (www.sifive.com)
sfstandard.com image
San Francisco braces for commercial real estate crash (sfstandard.com)
Richard Stallman Announces GNU C Language Reference Manual (lists.gnu.org)
www.dolthub.com image
Health insurers just published close to a trillion hospital prices (www.dolthub.com)
cdn.statically.io image
TIL: You can access a user’s camera with just HTML (austingil.com)
KeePass is the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager (keepass.info)
go.dev image
Vulnerability Management for Go (go.dev)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Keith Davis was protecting the oceans, then he disappeared (www.bbc.com)
img.incoherency.co.uk image
Cheating at chess with a computer for my shoes (incoherency.co.uk)
variety.com image
Amazon putting a three-day pause on reviews for Rings of Power (variety.com)
www.economist.com image
Heatwaves kill more Americans than hurricanes, tornadoes and floods (www.economist.com)
Kiwi Farms is down across all domains as DDoS-Guard terminates service (twitter.com)
Apple AMX instruction set (M1/M2 matrix coprocessor) (github.com)
Stable Diffusion PR optimizes VRAM, generate 576x1280 images with 6 GB VRAM (github.com)
Apple can terminate developer account without a reason by mistake (twitter.com)
A fully open-source and end-to-end encrypted note taking alternative to Evernote (github.com)
www-assets.kolide.com image
The Twitter whistleblower story is worse than you think (www.kolide.com)