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在一些老的Sierra标题上使用Stable Diffusion的img2img

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2022 年 第 36 周归档(09.05 - 09.12)

1. 你可以注册10年的最便宜的域名是什么?

shkspr.mobi image
What's the cheapest domain you can register for 10 years? (shkspr.mobi)

2. 在片段着色器中渲染我的(台球)球

Rendering my (billiard) balls in a fragment shader (www.getlazarus.org)

3. Brickit扫描你的一堆砖头,给你出主意,并附有说明。

Brickit scans your pile of bricks and gives you ideas, with instructions (brickit.app)

4. 独自建设美好事物的案例

substackcdn.com image
The case for building something wonderful alone (derw.substack.com)

5. 德克萨斯州的大城市中,空荡荡的办公室正在变成公寓

img.texasmonthly.com image
Empty offices are becoming apartments in Texas’s big cities (www.texasmonthly.com)

6. 反思GPS。Uber的下一代定位工程(2018)

blogapi.uber.com image
Rethinking GPS: Engineering next-gen location at Uber (2018) (www.uber.com)

7. 伊丽莎白二世女王去世后,维基百科上发生了什么?

What went down on Wikipedia after Queen Elizabeth II's death was announced (twitter.com)

8. Zoho在没有外部投资的情况下成为10亿美元的公司

techcrunch.com image
Zoho became a $1B company without external investment (techcrunch.com)

9. 云飞扬经纬度

Cloudflare Warp (

10. 银行告诉客户禁用更新,不要升级到iOS 16

Bank tells customers to disable updates and not upgrade to iOS 16 (www.coutts.com)

11. 6.851: 高级数据结构 (2021)

6.851: Advanced Data Structures (2021) (courses.csail.mit.edu)

12. 白宫正酝酿禁止比特币挖矿

images.barrons.com image
White House Is Mulling a Ban on Bitcoin Mining (www.barrons.com)

13. ContainerSSH:按需启动容器

ContainerSSH: Launch containers on demand (github.com)

14. 运动鞋》30周年快乐,这是一部领先于时代的经典之作

cdn1.thecomeback.com image
Happy 30th anniversary to ‘Sneakers,’ a cult classic that was ahead of its time (thecomeback.com)

15. 欧柏林学院将向被错误指控为种族主义的面包店老板支付3600万美元

cdn.cnn.com image
Oberlin College to pay $36M to bakery owners who were falsely accused of racism (www.cnn.com)

16. 为什么公共聊天室比直接信息更好

Why public chats are better than direct messages (teamplify.com)

17. 关于肥皂的信 (1997)

Letters about Soap (1997) (people.cs.ksu.edu)

18. 使用.GPU

Use.GPU (usegpu.live)

19. 司法部称谷歌支付 "巨额 "资金以维持搜索引擎的主导地位

assets.bwbx.io image
Google pays ‘enormous’ sums to maintain search-engine dominance, DOJ says (www.bloomberg.com)

20. 早发性癌症是一种新出现的全球流行病吗?

media.springernature.com image
Is early-onset cancer an emerging global epidemic? (www.nature.com)

21. 制作一个1kB以下的网站

Making a Website Under 1kB (tdarb.org)

22. 对长期态度转变的普遍误解

Widespread misperceptions of long-term attitude change (www.pnas.org)

23. 立体贝氏的平行曲线

Parallel Curves of Cubic Béziers (raphlinus.github.io)

24. 在YouTube上学习的下一章

storage.googleapis.com image
The Next Chapter for Learning on YouTube (blog.youtube)

25. 稳定扩散的网络用户界面

A Web UI for Stable Diffusion (github.com)

26. Bitwarden。不惜一切代价避免使用(停电问题)

Bitwarden: Avoid at all costs (outage issue) (news.ycombinator.com)

27. 晶体管的工作原理[视频]

How Transistors Work [video] (www.youtube.com)

28. H.R.2184 - 结束石油和天然气税收补贴法案

H.R.2184 – End Oil and Gas Tax Subsidies Act (www.congress.gov)

29. 联邦贸易委员会提议制定规则,禁止困扰汽车买家的垃圾费、诱饵和销售策略

FTC proposes rule to ban junk fees, bait-and-switch tactics plaguing car buyers (www.ftc.gov)

30. 公司正在购买大量的碳抵消,但并没有减少排放

images.wsj.net image
Companies are buying large numbers of carbon offsets that don’t cut emissions (www.wsj.com)

31. Byte杂志。C编程语言 (1983)

archive.org image
Byte Magazine: The C Programming Language (1983) (archive.org)

32. 格雷顿-霍尔 60分钟内完成21个编译器和3个数量级的工作

Graydon Hoare: 21 compilers and 3 orders of magnitude in 60 minutes (lambda-the-ultimate.org)

33. Ask HN: 普通的HTML/CSS/JS开发怎么了?

What happened to vanilla HTML/CSS/JS development? (news.ycombinator.com)

34. 梅塔削减负责任的创新团队

images.wsj.net image
Meta cuts Responsible Innovation Team (www.wsj.com)

35. Python的类型提示是图灵完全的

static.arxiv.org image
Python type hints are Turing complete (arxiv.org)

36. 科学家们在他们研究的每个宇航员血样中都发现了基因突变

wp-assets.futurism.com image
Scientists found genetic mutations in every astronaut blood sample they studied (futurism.com)

37. 看来,在线玩Minecraft的好时光已经过去了

bae.st image
It seems that the good times for online Minecraft play are over (bae.st)

38. Patreon解雇了他们的安全团队

Patreon laid off their security team (twitter.com)

39. 英国女王伊丽莎白二世已经去世

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Queen Elizabeth II has died (www.bbc.com)

40. 旧金山将迷幻药非刑罪化

doubleblindmag.com image
San Francisco decriminalizes psychedelics (doubleblindmag.com)

41. 不是你祖父的Perl

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Not Your Grandfather’s Perl (stackoverflow.blog)

42. 我的虚拟机比你的集装箱更轻(更安全) (2017)

My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container (2017) (dl.acm.org)

43. Reddit最喜欢的产品在一个地方

looria.com image
Reddit's favorite products in one place (looria.com)

44. 介绍Svelte,并比较Svelte与React和Vue(2021)。

joshcollinsworth.com image
Introducing Svelte, and Comparing Svelte with React and Vue (2021) (joshcollinsworth.com)

45. 用于Rust的字节串库

A byte string library for Rust (blog.burntsushi.net)

46. 我被Airbnb终身禁入(2018)。

miro.medium.com image
I Got Banned for Life from Airbnb (2018) (jacksoncunningham.medium.com)

47. 了解中央银行业务应读什么书

www.economist.com image
What to read to understand central banking (www.economist.com)

48. 史蒂夫-乔布斯档案

res.cloudinary.com image
The Steve Jobs Archive (stevejobsarchive.com)

49. 我们的注意力正在被抢走

unstructed.tech image
Our attention span is being robbed (unstructed.tech)

50. 韩国核聚变反应堆达到100M°C,持续30秒

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Korean nuclear fusion reactor achieves 100M°C for 30 seconds (www.shiningscience.com)

51. 通过卫星进行紧急求救的功能包括在iPhone 14 Pro中免费使用2年。

www.apple.com image
Emergency SOS via satellite is included for free with iPhone 14 Pro for 2 years (www.apple.com)

52. 国税局将研究建立一个免费的电子申报系统

www.washingtonpost.com image
IRS will look into setting up a free e-filing system (www.washingtonpost.com)

53. Pypi.org正在进行一项关于Python打包状况的调查。

Pypi.org is running a survey on the state of Python packaging (pypi.org)

54. Tell HN: Otter.ai机器人未经同意录制会议内容

Otter.ai bot recording meetings without consent (news.ycombinator.com)

55. SQLite虚拟机如何工作

fly.io image
How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works (fly.io)

56. 工程管理是胡说八道吗?

www.makeartwithpython.com image
Is engineering management bullshit? (www.makeartwithpython.com)

57. WikiHouse - 开源的、模块化的、基于木材的、零碳的住房

WikiHouse – Open source, modular, wood based, zero carbon housing (www.wikihouse.cc)

58. Show HN: 奎克1》被移植到苹果手表上

Quake 1 ported to the Apple Watch (github.com)

59. 怀疑有违规行为,花旗银行可能锁定银行账户45天

Citibank may lock bank accounts for 45 days if breach suspected (twitter.com)

60. 奇妙的差异,奇妙的差异

Difftastic, the fantastic diff (www.wilfred.me.uk)

61. 从Common Lisp到Julia

From Common Lisp to Julia (mfiano.net)

62. 今年以来,海运费暴跌了60%。

images.wsj.net image
Ocean shipping rates have plunged 60% this year (www.wsj.com)

63. 贝宝封锁了有130万美元的Flipper Zero账户

PayPal blocked Flipper Zero account with $1.3M (twitter.com)

64. 美国宇航局选择SiFive,使RISC-V成为未来任务的首选生态系统

images.prismic.io image
NASA selects SiFive and makes RISC-V the go-to ecosystem for future missions (www.sifive.com)

65. 旧金山为商业地产崩溃做准备

sfstandard.com image
San Francisco braces for commercial real estate crash (sfstandard.com)

66. 理查德-斯托尔曼发布GNU C语言参考手册

Richard Stallman Announces GNU C Language Reference Manual (lists.gnu.org)

67. 健康保险公司刚刚公布了接近一万亿的医院价格

www.dolthub.com image
Health insurers just published close to a trillion hospital prices (www.dolthub.com)

68. TIL: 你可以只用HTML来访问用户的相机

cdn.statically.io image
TIL: You can access a user’s camera with just HTML (austingil.com)

69. 有人在捣乱我的亚马逊系统

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Someone’s Been Messing with My Subnormals (moyix.blogspot.com)

70. KeePass是一个免费的、开源的、轻量级的、易于使用的密码管理器。

KeePass is the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager (keepass.info)

71. 围棋的漏洞管理

go.dev image
Vulnerability Management for Go (go.dev)

72. 基思-戴维斯正在保护海洋,然后他就消失了

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Keith Davis was protecting the oceans, then he disappeared (www.bbc.com)

73. 我给我的Slack客户端打了补丁,以保持 "哎呀 "信息被他人删除

I patched my Slack client to keep “oops” messages others delete (github.com)

74. 用电脑为我的鞋子作弊下棋

img.incoherency.co.uk image
Cheating at chess with a computer for my shoes (incoherency.co.uk)

75. 亚马逊对《权力之环》的评论暂停了三天

variety.com image
Amazon putting a three-day pause on reviews for Rings of Power (variety.com)

76. Outlook.com正在默默地丢弃电子邮件 (2015)

blog.paranoidpenguin.net image
Outlook.com is silently discarding email messages (2015) (blog.paranoidpenguin.net)

77. 在一些老的Sierra标题上使用Stable Diffusion的img2img

Using Stable Diffusion's img2img on some old Sierra titles (sciprogramming.com)

78. 用于MacOS的用户空间FUSE

Userspace FUSE for macOS (www.fuse-t.org)

79. 热浪比飓风、龙卷风和洪水造成更多美国人死亡

www.economist.com image
Heatwaves kill more Americans than hurricanes, tornadoes and floods (www.economist.com)

80. 由于DDoS-Guard终止了服务,Kiwi Farms的所有域名都被关闭了

Kiwi Farms is down across all domains as DDoS-Guard terminates service (twitter.com)

81. 苹果AMX指令集(M1/M2矩阵协处理器)

Apple AMX instruction set (M1/M2 matrix coprocessor) (github.com)

82. 为什么是A4?- 纸张尺寸的数学之美

scilogs.spektrum.de image
Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size (scilogs.spektrum.de)

83. 对维基人的调查得出结论。维基媒体筹款电子邮件具有误导性

Poll of Wikipedians concludes: Wikimedia fundraising emails are misleading (lists.wikimedia.org)

84. 美国的电动车采用率比预测的要快

assets-global.website-files.com image
EV adoption in US is happening faster than predicted (www.recurrentauto.com)

85. tiktok_us被入侵了吗?

Has tiktok_us been breached? (twitter.com)

86. 虚幻的铁锈

Unreal Rust (maikklein.github.io)

87. 稳定的扩散PR优化了VRAM,用6GB的VRAM生成576x1280的图像

Stable Diffusion PR optimizes VRAM, generate 576x1280 images with 6 GB VRAM (github.com)

88. 苹果公司可以无缘无故地错误终止开发者账户

Apple can terminate developer account without a reason by mistake (twitter.com)

89. 一个完全开源和端到端加密的笔记替代Evernote的工具

A fully open-source and end-to-end encrypted note taking alternative to Evernote (github.com)

90. 保时捷老板面临软件困境 让大众汽车落后特斯拉一步

assets.bwbx.io image
Porsche boss faces software woes keeping VW a step behind Tesla (www.bloomberg.com)

91. DBOS:一个面向数据库的操作系统

DBOS: A database-oriented operating system (dbos-project.github.io)

92. 德国力推 "按需付费 "模式

ik.imgkit.net image
Germany pushes for ‘pay as you fly’ model (www.businesstravelnewseurope.com)

93. 复兴帕康胶片扫描仪

Reviving the Pakon film scanner (ktkaufman03.github.io)

94. 不是你祖母的课本上的练习

cacm.acm.org image
Not Your Grandmother's Textbook Exercise (cacm.acm.org)

95. 推特告密者的故事比你想象的要糟糕

www-assets.kolide.com image
The Twitter whistleblower story is worse than you think (www.kolide.com)