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2022 年 第 41 周归档(10.10 - 10.17)

The Moorish invention that tamed Spain's mountains (www.bbc.com)
Google search was giving errors when searching “how many emojis on iOS” (www.google.co.nz)
OpenAPI Generator allows generation of API client libraries from OpenAPI Specs (github.com)
asset.logseq.com image
Logseq: Privacy-First, Joyful Platform for Knowledge Management (logseq.com)
www.reuters.com image
Former WSJ reporter says law firm used Indian hackers to sabotage his career (www.reuters.com)
blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Pimping my Casio with Oddly Specific Objects' alternate motherboard and firmware (blog.jgc.org)
Chaos Computer Club saves the German healthcare system 400M Euros (www.ccc.de)
img.assets-c3.propublica.org image
A Chinese American gangster transformed money laundering for drug cartels (www.propublica.org)
assets.bwbx.io image
Sweden’s incoming cabinet says new nuclear reactors will be built (www.bloomberg.com)
s6.tvp.pl image
Turkey adopts media law jailing for spreading ‘disinformation’ (tvpworld.com)
www.cam.ac.uk image
Claims AI can boost workplace diversity are ‘spurious and dangerous’ (www.cam.ac.uk)
Largest open dataset of apartment models ever got published (zenodo.org)
Some remotely exploitable Linux kernel WiFi vulnerabilities (lwn.net)
metrist.io image
Discovering Azure's unannounced breaking change with Cosmos DB (metrist.io)
images.prismic.io image
Framework Laptops Now Offering Refurbished Products (frame.work)
blog.interviewing.io image
How much have tech layoffs affected engineers vs. other departments? (blog.interviewing.io)
d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Teenager solves stubborn riddle about prime number look-alikes (www.quantamagazine.org)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
TikTok profits from livestreams of families begging (www.bbc.com)
Terminal.Gui: A Cross Platform Terminal UI Toolkit for .NET (github.com)
We are stuck with egrep and fgrep (unless you like beating people) (utcc.utoronto.ca)
i.kinja-img.com image
Meta executives ‘inadvertently’ identified in OnlyFans bribery suit (gizmodo.com)
www.scylladb.com image
New ScyllaDB Go Driver: Faster Than GoCQL and Its Rust Counterpart (www.scylladb.com)
Pitchfork: Rack HTTP server for shared-nothing architecture (github.com)
The rise of robots increases job insecurity and maladaptive workplace behaviors [pdf] (www.apa.org)
Withdrawal of OpenSSL 3.0.6 and 1.1.1r (mta.openssl.org)
digiday.com image
Apple is quietly pushing a TV ad product with media agencies (digiday.com)
blog.jetbrains.com image
JetBrains invites developers to join the Fleet Public Preview Program (blog.jetbrains.com)
www.jvt.me image
Lessons learned since posting my salary history publicly (www.jvt.me)
nickhigham.files.wordpress.com image
Seven sins of numerical linear algebra (nhigham.com)
ourworldindata.org image
Ocean plastics: How much do rich countries contribute by shipping their waste? (ourworldindata.org)
qwik.builder.io image
Qwik: No hydration, auto lazy-loading, edge-optimized, and fun (qwik.builder.io)
Pico.js – A face-detection library in 200 lines of JavaScript (2018) (nenadmarkus.com)
spectrum.ieee.org image
Geothermal may beat batteries for energy storage (spectrum.ieee.org)
invisiblepeople.tv image
Private Prisons Are Behind the Push for Homeless Criminalization (invisiblepeople.tv)
Go: Redefining For Loop Variable Semantics (github.com)
www.uh.edu image
Researchers Find ‘Significant Rates’ of Sinking Ground in Houston Suburbs (uh.edu)
static1.squarespace.com image
Vectis IP Announces Call for Patents Essential to the Opus codec (www.vectis.com)
lemire.me image
Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts (2020) (lemire.me)
pyxis.nymag.com image
Who thought putting a casino in everyone’s pocket was a good idea? (nymag.com)
www.nitinpai.in image
An ‘everything app’ would be bad for liberal democracies and free markets (www.nitinpai.in)
Tremor – React library to build dashboards fast (github.com)
www.statnews.com image
Effect of Colonoscopy Screening on Risks of Colorectal Cancer and Related Death (www.statnews.com)
media.cnn.com image
Made in America is back, leaving US factories scrambling to find workers (www.cnn.com)
Zig-style generics are not well-suited for most languages (typesanitizer.com)
CS631 – Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (stevens.netmeister.org)