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Rackspace公司的Exchange主机故障~18小时;"解决方案 "是在O365上重新开始

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2022 年 第 48 周归档(11.28 - 12.05)

ChatGPT passes the 2022 AP Computer Science A free response section (gist.github.com)
www.therobotreport.com image
Exoskeletons qualify for direct disability compensation in Germany (www.therobotreport.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
PFC bans are going to change the face of all waterproof garments (www.cyclingnews.com)
Stack Overflow questions are being flooded with answers from ChatGPT (news.ycombinator.com)
Chrome extension to display ChatGPT response besides Google Search (github.com)
Cognitive ability is a powerful predictor of political tolerance (onlinelibrary.wiley.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Samsung’s Android app-signing key has leaked, is being used to sign malware (arstechnica.com)
Building an interpreter for my programming language with ChatGPT (6502.is-a.dev)
Convincing ChatGPT to Eradicate Humanity with Python Code (zacdenham.com)
ca-times.brightspotcdn.com image
Judge finds no rights violations in FBI seizure Beverly Hills safe-deposit boxes (www.latimes.com)
media.newyorker.com image
A German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles (2021) (www.newyorker.com)
s.rfi.fr image
France prepares for possibility of electricity blackouts during winter months (www.rfi.fr)
external-preview.redd.it image
Anker’s Eufy lied to us about the security of its security cameras (www.theverge.com)
Streaming lossless VNC to a web browser with Quite OK image format (kasmweb.com)
wp-assets.futurism.com image
MSN replaced journalists with AI publishing fake news about mermaids and Bigfoot (futurism.com)
Microsoft Is Forcing Me to Buy MacBooks – Windows Modern Standby (www.youtube.com)
Complete working transistor-scale replica of the classic MOS6502 microprocessor (monster6502.com)
Twenty five thousand dollars of funny money (rachelbythebay.com)
Mistaken beliefs about how much to talk in conversations (journals.sagepub.com)
Silver Bullet: Markdown-based extensible open source personal knowledge platform (silverbullet.md)
Bettercap – Swiss Army Knife for 802.11, BLE, IPv4 and IPv6 Networks (github.com)
media.newyorker.com image
I’m thrilled to announce that nothing is going on with me (www.newyorker.com)
The best leaders are great individual contributors, not professional managers (www.inc.com)
Starshield: Secured satellite network for government entities (www.spacex.com)
i0.wp.com image
The Financial Times has had an error on its “Market Data” page for 18 months (mako.cc)
Biblical verse explaining how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR (twitter.com)
No longer possible for the public to learn who owns a EU company (twitter.com)
reclaimthenet.org image
New Zealand admits it has access to Facebook takedown portal to censor content (reclaimthenet.org)
wasmer.io image
Wasmer takes WebAssembly libraries mainstream with WAI (wasmer.io)
Rackspace Exchange hosting down ~18 hours; “solution” is to start over on O365 (twitter.com)
static.simonwillison.net image
Datasette’s new JSON write API: The first alpha of Datasette 1.0 (simonwillison.net)
strawberryjam.ghost.io image
How to move fast and not break things as a remote company (jam.dev)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Starlink speeds in US dropped from 105Mbps to 53Mbps in the past year (arstechnica.com)
images.bannerbear.com image
Europe makes shipping vessels pay for carbon emissions (www.maxinomics.com)
pbs.twimg.com image
Twitter engineer: I thought I’d been hacked. It turned out I’d been fired (www.economist.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Elon: Let Me Help You Speed Run the Content Moderation Learning Curve (www.techdirt.com)
Remotely unlock/start/locate/flash/honk any remotely connected Honda/Nissan (twitter.com)
People tricking ChatGPT “like watching an Asimov novel come to life” (twitter.com)
static1.squarespace.com image
Understanding Convolutions in Probability (www.countbayesie.com)
mediaproxy.snopes.com image
'Nobody Wants to Work Anymore' Meme Cites Real Newspaper Articles (www.snopes.com)
Launch HN: JumpWire (YC W22) – Easily encrypt customer data in your databases (news.ycombinator.com)
Individuals prefer to harm their own group rather than help an opposing group (www.pnas.org)
pyxis.nymag.com image
Why America’s Railroads Refuse to Give Their Workers Paid Leave (nymag.com)
www.ft.com image
Smartphones wiped out 97% of the compact camera market (asia.nikkei.com)
aatishb.com image
Experiment with Penrose Tilings and other patterns (aatishb.com)
I made a 2D shoot 'em up game with Go, using Entity Component System (github.com)
www.thefire.org image
The distinction between free speech as a legal right and cultural value (www.thefire.org)
Trying to get a bunch of GPUs on Google Cloud (twitter.com)
zed.dev image
Using CRDTs for multiplayer text editing (zed.dev)
Gut epithelial barrier damage caused by dishwasher detergents and rinse aids (www.jacionline.org)
media.tilde.zone image
“I've asked Stable Diffusion to generate 250 pages of 1987 RadioShack catalog” (tilde.zone)
Statistical vs. Deep Learning forecasting methods (github.com)
Apple Blocks Coinbase wallet, for not giving them a 30% cut of exchange fees (twitter.com)
lloydatkinson.net image
Consider Disabling Browser Push Notifications on Family and Friends Devices (www.lloydatkinson.net)
www.economist.com image
Hungary used citizens’ Covid data to help the ruling party (www.economist.com)
kennedn.com image
Hijacking infrared to make a dumb device smart (kennedn.com)
Extism: Make all software programmable with WebAssembly (extism.org)
Human Chess is a chess variant where playing the top engine move is forbidden (humanchess.abcd.party)
www.washingtonpost.com image
Mozilla, Microsoft yank TrustCor's root certificate authority (www.washingtonpost.com)
Launch HN: Patterns (YC S21) – A much faster way to build and deploy data apps (news.ycombinator.com)
www.reuters.com image
Spotify CEO renews attack on Apple after Musk's salvo (www.reuters.com)
openai.com image
OpenAI ChatGPT: Optimizing language models for dialogue (openai.com)
noemamag.imgix.net image
Mastodon isn’t just a replacement for Twitter (www.noemamag.com)
cdn.cms-twdigitalassets.com image
Twitter 2.0: Our continued commitment to the public conversation (blog.twitter.com)
images.prismic.io image
CT scan shows there's still lots of toner left in an “empty” cartridge (www.lumafield.com)
ericlippert.files.wordpress.com image
The last three years of my work will be permanently abandoned (ericlippert.com)
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov image
Persistent and pervasive impact of being bullied in childhood and adolescence (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
doordash.news image
DoorDash Lays of 1250 Employees (doordash.news)
Huawei phones automatically deleting videos of the protests (twitter.com)
assets.bwbx.io image
DoorDash to Slash 1,250 Jobs to Pare Back Rising Costs (www.bloomberg.com)
static.wixstatic.com image
At SpaceX, work was taken away from me in case I “might retire or die.” (www.lioness.co)
about.gitlab.com image
Introducing Gitlab Dedicated, our new single-tenant SaaS offering (about.gitlab.com)
347f7e.n3cdn1.secureserver.net image
Women visited by police after raising concerns over sewage to local MP (lyme-online.co.uk)
www.maersk.com image
Maersk/IBM to discontinue TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled global trade platform (www.maersk.com)
files.mastodon.social image
Windows is the strangest, or hardest, operating system to keep curl support for (mastodon.social)
alpinemag.com image
The Fake Snow Leopard: Photomontage Spread Around the World (alpinemag.com)
JupyterLite: a JupyterLab distribution that runs in the browser (github.com)
www.livelaw.in image
After Delhi High Court ruling, Telegram discloses personal details of users (www.livelaw.in)
Open-source tabletop board game simulator (github.com)
image.cnbcfm.com image
BlockFi files for bankruptcy as FTX fallout spreads (www.cnbc.com)
techcrunch.com image
Dropbox acquires Boxcryptor assets to bring zero-knowledge encryption to storage (techcrunch.com)
static.foxnews.com image
Jeffrey Epstein documents to be unsealed, potentially revealing acquaintances (www.foxnews.com)
citiesandmemory.com image
Obsolete Sounds: collection of disappearing sounds and extinct sounds (citiesandmemory.com)
www.topgear.com image
The factory that only builds white Toyota Land Cruisers (www.topgear.com)
Why is there so little info on the web about IBM mainframe programming? (news.ycombinator.com)
China state CCTV avoids crowd close ups at the World Cup (twitter.com)
jsonhero.io image
JSON Hero: Enhanced JSON structure visualization (jsonhero.io)
minimaxir.com image
Stable Diffusion 2.0 and the Importance of Negative Prompts for Good Results (minimaxir.com)
Intentionally making close friends (www.neelnanda.io)
d1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfront.net image
European countries begin taking down public company registers after ruling (www.ft.com)
files.pharo.org image
Dynamic types have the potential to be more than "no static types" (buttondown.email)
f-droid.org image
Curation and decentralization is better than millions of apps (f-droid.org)
static01.nyt.com image
Beyond Meat is struggling, and the plant-based meat industry worries (www.nytimes.com)
nwn.blogs.com image
Artist feeds childhood diary into GPT-3 to have a chat with herself (nwn.blogs.com)
static.arxiv.org image
No Privacy in the Electronics Repair Industry (arxiv.org)
marvinh.dev image
Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem, one library at a time (marvinh.dev)
godotengine.org image
Godot Engine Release Management: 4.0 and beyond (godotengine.org)
blog.saeloun.com image
Ruby adds a core class called Data to represent simple immutable value objects (blog.saeloun.com)
addons.mozilla.org image
Firefox Translations: Translate websites in your browser without using the cloud (addons.mozilla.org)
github.blog image
Enabling the Future of GitHub's REST API with API Versioning (github.blog)
Temporal Programming, a new name for an old paradigm (github.com)
Index Merges vs. Composite Indexes in Postgres and MySQL (sirupsen.com)