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Show HN: 面向本地优先应用程序的 ElectricSQL、Postgres 到 SQLite 主动-主动同步

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2023 年 第 38 周归档(09.18 - 09.25)

Java 21: The Nice, the Meh, and the Momentous (horstmann.com)
static.scientificamerican.com image
Working Remotely Can More Than Halve an Office Employee’s Carbon Footprint (www.scientificamerican.com)
blog.arduino.cc image
Turning an old car into a powerful generator (blog.arduino.cc)
altinity.com image
Is ClickHouse Moving Away from Open Source? (altinity.com)
www.phoronix.net image
Valve is a wonderful upstream contributor to Linux and the open-source community (www.phoronix.com)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Amazon Prime Video content to start including ads next year (www.bbc.co.uk)
signal.org image
Signal: The Pqxdh Key Agreement Protocol (signal.org)
d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Modular forms, the ‘fifth fundamental operation’ of math (www.quantamagazine.org)
tante.cc image
The Age of the Grift Shift (tante.cc)
www.reuters.com image
Volvo to cease production of diesel cars in a few months (www.reuters.com)
www.cam.ac.uk image
Suppressing negative thoughts may be good for mental health after all (www.cam.ac.uk)
blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Outperforming larger language models with less training data and smaller models (blog.research.google)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
India suspends visas for Canadians as row escalates (www.bbc.com)
A customer stuck due to a hurricane who needed SSH (rachelbythebay.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
We're the Researchers who looked into the privacy of 25 of the top car brands (old.reddit.com)
assets-global.website-files.com image
Android 14 adds support for using your smartphone as a webcam (www.esper.io)
docs.developer.apple.com image
LabelContactRelationYoungerCousinMothersSiblingsDaughterOrFathersSistersDaughter (developer.apple.com)
marvinh.dev image
Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem – Polyfills gone rogue (marvinh.dev)
Most UI applications are broken real-time applications (thelig.ht)
jxnl.github.io image
RAG is more than just embedding search (jxnl.github.io)
www.franckgoddio.org image
Sunken temple and sanctuary from ancient Egypt (www.franckgoddio.org)
www.cisa.gov image
The urgent need for memory safety in software products (www.cisa.gov)
i.kinja-img.com image
Bloomberg Is Throwing $500M at Efforts to Shut Down All U.S. Coal Plants (gizmodo.com)
images.wsj.net image
Apple’s failure to build a key part for its new iPhones (www.wsj.com)
external-preview.redd.it image
Google sued for negligence after man died following map directions (apnews.com)
Odin – the integration of LLMs with Obsidian note taking (github.com)
matrix.org image
Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix (matrix.org)
files.defcon.social image
Philips Hue will soon force users to create an account (defcon.social)
My Single-File Python Script I Used to Replace Splunk in My Startup (github.com)
Insider trade on Splunk acquisition for 45,650% return (twitter.com)
Article reply “Godot is not the new Unity” from Juan Linietsky (BDFL of Godot) (gist.github.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Call to shut down Bristol schools’ use of app to ‘monitor’ pupils and families (www.theguardian.com)
Strong arrows: a new approach to gradual typing (elixir-lang.org)
iximiuz.com image
How Container Networking Works: Practical Explanation (iximiuz.com)
images.prismic.io image
Framework – We are not sustainable (frame.work)
developers.redhat.com image
Introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking (2018) (developers.redhat.com)
How to evaluate a product roadmap, for engineers (stephen.fm)
Terraria developer bashes Unity, donates $200k to open source alternatives (lemm.ee)
Organic Maps: An open-source maps app that doesn't suck (hardfault.life)
www.eff.org image
UK Parliament undermined the privacy, security, freedom of all internet users (www.eff.org)
static.arxiv.org image
Neurons in Large Language Models: Dead, N-Gram, Positional (arxiv.org)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Linux gives up on 6-year LTS kernels, says they’re too much work (arstechnica.com)
cdn.changelog.com image
XML is better than YAML – Hear me out (changelog.com)
www.census.gov image
Median Household Income After Taxes Fell 8.8% in 2022 (www.census.gov)
www.adityabaradwaj.com image
Alameda lost tens of millions because of a fat fingering mistake (www.adityabaradwaj.com)
Toyota Research claims breakthrough in teaching robots new behaviors (www.tri.global)
portswigger.net image
Smashing the state machine: the true potential of web race conditions (portswigger.net)
images.jacobinmag.com image
Boys and Men in the United States Are Struggling. The Left Should Talk About It (jacobin.com)
live-production.wcms.abc-cdn.net.au image
Cancer expert gets experimental treatment for incurable tumour,phenomenal result (www.abc.net.au)
d3fwccq2bzlel7.cloudfront.net image
‘Less than half’ fresh produce sold globally makes any profit (www.fruitnet.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
British journalist held by police at Luton airport for five hours without arrest (www.theguardian.com)
Google settles account settings lawsuit less than one week after being filed [pdf] (oag.ca.gov)
mullvad.net image
We have successfully completed our migration to RAM-only VPN infrastructure (mullvad.net)
My trip to the Communication and Laptop Museum in Estonia (ounapuu.ee)
www.scylladb.com image
Shaving 40% Off Google’s B-Tree Implementation with Go Generics (2022) (www.scylladb.com)
OpenTF renames itself to OpenTofu (github.com)
www.faa.gov image
FAA authorizes Zipline to deliver commercial packages using drones (www.faa.gov)
149346090.v2.pressablecdn.com image
A small community of unofficial Apple technicians in Cuba (restofworld.org)
www.phoronix.net image
GCC Preparing to Introduce “-Fhardened” Security Hardening Option (www.phoronix.com)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Google quietly raised ad prices to boost search revenue (www.theverge.com)
static.arxiv.org image
Graph Neural Networks use graphs when they shouldn't (arxiv.org)
YouTube blocks Russell Brand from making money through its platform (www.nytimes.com)
pressprogress.ca image
Facebook is blocking Canadians’ posts about the assassination of a Sikh leader (pressprogress.ca)
valkyrie.cdn.ifixit.com image
iFixit – We Are Retroactively Dropping the iPhone’s Repairability Score (www.ifixit.com)
signal.org image
Quantum Resistance and the Signal Protocol (signal.org)
Snowden leak: Cavium networking hardware may contain NSA backdoor (twitter.com)
tigerbeetle.com image
64-bit bank balances ‘ought to be enough for anybody’? (tigerbeetle.com)
Seeking help to preserve WWII database on Windows 98 (twitter.com)
How unions won a 30% raise for every fast food worker in California (pluralistic.net)
vcmi.eu image
VCMI: Open-Source Engine for Heroes of Might and Magic III (vcmi.eu)
U.K. finally rejoins Horizon Europe research funding scheme (www.science.org)
OSS Game Engines are increasing their stars on GitHub due to Unity's missteps (twitter.com)
Forty years of GNU and the free software movement (www.fsf.org)
www.phoronix.net image
The Maintainer of the Nvidia Open-Source “Nouveau” Linux Kernel Driver Resigns (www.phoronix.com)
scx2.b-cdn.net image
Why and when the Sahara Desert was green: new research (phys.org)
Interpretation and analysis of songs written or performed by Pet Shop Boys (www.geowayne.com)
Self-supervised learning: The dark matter of intelligence (2021) (ai.meta.com)
image.cnbcfm.com image
Striking auto workers want a 40% pay increase–the same rate their CEOs’ pay grew (www.cnbc.com)
akuity.io image
Kargo, a multi-stage application lifecycle orchestrator (akuity.io)
blogs.windows.com image
Paint on Windows is getting layers and transparency support (blogs.windows.com)
assets.technologynetworks.com image
Replanting Logged Forests with Diverse Seedlings Accelerates Restoration (www.technologynetworks.com)
Unix shells are generally not viable access control mechanisms any more (utcc.utoronto.ca)
api.time.com image
US Military Asks for Help Locating Missing F-35 Fighter Jet (time.com)
www.datocms-assets.com image
38TB of data accidentally exposed by Microsoft AI researchers (www.wiz.io)
uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Problems with homemade billing systems (www.getlago.com)
When Zig Outshines Rust – Memory Efficient Enum Arrays (alic.dev)
How to do literal web searches after Google destroyed the “ ” feature? (news.ycombinator.com)
www.openra.net image
OpenRA – Classic strategy games rebuilt for the modern era (www.openra.net)
Wasmer – Run, Publish and Deploy any code, anywhere (wasmer.io)
i.kinja-img.com image
How much garden you would need to survive on (lifehacker.com)
storage.googleapis.com image
Infrastructure Manager: Provision Google Cloud Resources with Terraform (cloud.google.com)
dataswamp.org image
Introduction to Immutable Linux Systems (dataswamp.org)
static.arxiv.org image
Large Language Models for Compiler Optimization (arxiv.org)
Browsing like it's 1994: Integrating a Mac SE, ImageWriter II into a modern LAN (connor.zip)