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2021 年 第 14 周精选(04.05 - 04.12)

1. 谷歌地球多年来最大的更新,时间飞快。

storage.googleapis.com image
Time flies in Google Earth’s biggest update in years (blog.google)

2. 更高质量的音频让人们听起来更聪明

cdn.substack.com image
Higher quality audio makes people sound smarter (tips.ariyh.com)

3. 不要使用谷歌浏览器

spreadprivacy.com image
Don't Use Google Chrome (spreadprivacy.com)

4. Coinbase从YC到IPO

blog.ycombinator.com image
Coinbase from YC to IPO (blog.ycombinator.com)

5. Show HN: 显示 HN: Lofi.cafe

lofi.cafe image
Lofi.cafe (lofi.cafe)

6. YouTube暂停了链接到WPA2漏洞博士研究的账号。

external-preview.redd.it image
YouTube suspends account for linking to a PhD research on WPA2 vulnerability (www.reddit.com)

7. 山内10号家族事务所

y-n10.com image
Yamauchi No.10 Family Office (y-n10.com)

8. Deno 1.9

deno.com image
Deno 1.9 (deno.com)

9. 苹果似乎并不在意App Store上的刷榜骗局。

Apple doesn’t seem to care about top-grossing scams on the App Store (twitter.com)

10. 有钱就好

images.unsplash.com image
Just Be Rich (keenen.xyz)

11. Adobe收取取消订阅费

Adobe Charges Subscription Cancellation Fee (twitter.com)

12. AWS发布分叉的Elasticsearch代码。宣布新名称:OpenSearch

d2908q01vomqb2.cloudfront.net image
AWS releases forked Elasticsearch code. Announces new name: OpenSearch (aws.amazon.com)

13. 现在人们如何致富

s.yimg.com image
How People Get Rich Now (paulgraham.com)

14. 像专家一样使用Console.log()。

markodenic.com image
Use Console.log() Like a Pro (markodenic.com)

15. 微软斥资近200亿美元收购Nuance公司

images.axios.com image
Microsoft buys Nuance for nearly $20B (www.axios.com)

16. 大家在规模化创建软件方面还是很糟糕的

mikiobraun.files.wordpress.com image
Everyone is still terrible at creating software at scale (margint.blog)

17. 为什么uBlock Origin在Firefox上效果最好

opengraph.github.com image
Why uBlock Origin works best on Firefox (github.com)

18. 拥抱磨练

jacobian.org image
Embrace the Grind (jacobian.org)

19. 科学家称不应该排除SARS-CoV-2的实验室泄漏假说。

wp.technologyreview.com image
Scientists who say the lab-leak hypothesis for SARS-CoV-2 shouldn't be ruled out (www.technologyreview.com)

20. 亚马逊工人投票反对在阿拉巴马州成立工会

images.wsj.net image
Amazon workers vote against unionizing in Alabama (www.wsj.com)