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Kaketsugi - 一种修复织物上的孔或撕裂的技术(2021年)[视频]

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2022 年 第 17 周精选(04.25 - 05.02)

1. 包括 "和。还有。还有。和。和。"在谷歌文档中导致其崩溃

Including “And. And. And. And. And.” in a Google doc causes it to crash (support.google.com)

2. 7GUIs

eugenkiss.github.io image
7GUIs (eugenkiss.github.io)

3. 请停止禁用缩放功能

res.cloudinary.com image
Please, stop disabling zoom (www.matuzo.at)

4. 青少年心理健康急剧下降,社交媒体是一个主要原因 [pdf]

Teen Mental Health Is Plummeting, and Social Media Is a Major Contributing Cause [pdf] (www.judiciary.senate.gov)

5. IBM的屁眼测试

IBM's Asshole Test (johnpublic.mataroa.blog)

6. 谷歌的激励机制不匹配。以晋升为导向的文化的问题

assets-global.website-files.com image
The Google Incentive Mismatch: Problems with Promotion-Oriented Cultures (www.warp.dev)

7. 机械手表

ciechanow.ski image
Mechanical Watch (ciechanow.ski)

8. 您最常使用的自我托管的应用程序是什么?

images.unsplash.com image
What Are Your Most Used Self Hosted Applications? (noted.lol)

9. Tailscale融资1亿美元以修复互联网

tailscale.com image
Tailscale raises $100M to fix the Internet (tailscale.com)

10. 微软3D Movie Maker源代码

repository-images.githubusercontent.com image
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker Source Code (github.com)

11. Kaketsugi - 一种修复织物上的孔或撕裂的技术(2021年)[视频]

www3.nhk.or.jp image
Kaketsugi – A technique for repairing holes or tears in fabric (2021) [video] (www3.nhk.or.jp)

12. Show HN: 展示HN:如何专业地说

howtoprofessionallysay.akashrajpurohit.com image
How to Professionally Say (howtoprofessionallysay.akashrajpurohit.com)

13. 我不小心把我的钱都借给了美国政府

storage.googleapis.com image
I accidentally loaned all my money to the US government (beanlog.vercel.app)

14. 我们认为我们发现的这项很酷的研究是有缺陷的。帮助我们重现它

pudding.cool image
We think this cool study we found is flawed. Help us reproduce it (pudding.cool)

15. 画面

fig.io image
Fig (fig.io)

16. 互联网档案馆加入反对 "SMART版权法案 "的行列

0.gravatar.com image
Internet Archive joins opposition to the “SMART Copyright Act” (blog.archive.org)

17. 诺托表情符号,一种新的黑白表情符号字体,颜色较少

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Noto emoji, a new black and white emoji font with less color (developers.googleblog.com)

18. 你现在可以要求谷歌从搜索中删除你的电话号码、电子邮件或地址

krebsonsecurity.com image
You can now ask Google to remove your phone number, email or address from search (krebsonsecurity.com)

19. 实际正在进行开源

Actual is going open-source (actualbudget.com)

20. 我们告诉自己要继续使用Golang的谎言

fasterthanli.me image
Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang (fasterthanli.me)