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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

2022 年 第 9 周精选(02.28 - 03.07)

1. Earn-IT威胁到加密,从而威胁到用户的自由

static.fsf.org image
Earn-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom (www.fsf.org)

2. 搅拌机3.1

www.blender.org image
Blender 3.1 (www.blender.org)

3. 史蒂夫-乔布斯在一次主题演讲中诋毁我的那一天(2010年)

The day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynote (2010) (sive.rs)

4. Hello World中的错误

www.monkeyuser.com image
Bugs in Hello World (blog.sunfishcode.online)

5. 静态洪流网站,通过BitTorrent对200万条记录进行点对点查询

boredcaveman.xyz image
Static torrent website with peer-to-peer queries over BitTorrent on 2M records (boredcaveman.xyz)

6. 苹果公司推出M1 Ultra,全球最强大的个人电脑芯片

www.apple.com image
Apple unveils M1 Ultra, the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer (www.apple.com)

7. 新的沉默的大多数。不发推特的人

images.axios.com image
The new silent majority: People who don't tweet (www.axios.com)

8. 苹果Mac工作室

www.apple.com image
Apple Mac Studio (www.apple.com)

9. 我是我认识的最健康的人,而我却得了癌症

seema.page image
I am the healthiest person I know, and I got cancer (seema.page)

10. 威胁形势的最新情况

storage.googleapis.com image
An update on the threat landscape (blog.google)

11. 所以你想学习数学

static1.squarespace.com image
So you want to study mathematics (www.susanrigetti.com)

12. 肮脏的管道漏洞

www.cm4all.com image
The Dirty Pipe Vulnerability (dirtypipe.cm4all.com)

13. 俄罗斯将使软件盗版合法化

writing.kemitchell.com image
Russia to Legalize Software Piracy (writing.kemitchell.com)

14. 关闭重要的纪录片工具YouTube-Dl的运动仍在继续

www.eff.org image
The Campaign to Shut Down Crucial Documentary Tool YouTube-Dl Continues (www.eff.org)

15. 我的蜥蜴大脑比不上无限的滚动

alexanderell.is image
My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll (alexanderell.is)

16. Windows Defender已经足够了,如果你对它进行加固的话

0ut3r.space image
Windows Defender is enough, if you harden it (0ut3r.space)

17. 莫斯科警察拦下人们,要求他们的手机阅读他们的信息

Moscow police officers stop people, request their phones to read their messages (twitter.com)

18. 现代智能手机的镜头很疯狂

Modern smartphone lenses are crazy (twitter.com)

19. GE不会让我在不连接WiFi的情况下使用新烤箱的对流式烤肉

GE won’t let me use convection roast on my new oven without connecting to WiFi (twitter.com)

20. YouTube因播放特朗普否认选举结果的片段而暂停了《国会山报》的报道

tampafp-15818.kxcdn.com image
YouTube suspends The Hill for playing clip of Trump denying election results (www.tampafp.com)