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"UBO Minus (MV3) - 为Manifest V3提供的实验性uBlock Origin构建。

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2022 年 第 36 周归档(09.05 - 09.12)

1. 没有人的自传》。珍妮特-马尔科姆在她的新书中研究了斯坦因和托克拉斯。

www.bookforum.com image
Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book (www.bookforum.com)

2. 达雷-奥巴桑乔。GOOG的经理们在抱怨懒惰的员工是如何摧毁GOOG的

Dare Obasanjo: Managers at GOOG complaining how lazy employee is destroying GOOG (twitter.com)

3. 我们秘密地爱着会议 (2010)

hbr.org image
We secretly love meetings (2010) (hbr.org)

4. 建造希腊神庙需要什么

antigonejournal.com image
What You Need to Build a Greek Temple (antigonejournal.com)

5. 你可以注册10年的最便宜的域名是什么?

shkspr.mobi image
What's the cheapest domain you can register for 10 years? (shkspr.mobi)

6. 克利皮的曲折人生

res.cloudinary.com image
The Twisted Life of Clippy (www.seattlemet.com)

7. 微服务--请不要(2016)

Microservices – Please, Don’t (2016) (riak.com)

8. HTML5中的生活世界 (2012)

Living Worlds in HTML5 (2012) (effectgames.com)

9. ARM原创操作系统。RISC OS在35年后仍然存在

www.cosfone.com image
ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years (www.cosfone.com)

10. 危情》主持人亚历克斯-特雷伯克在与癌症斗争后于80岁去世

www.nydailynews.com image
'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle (www.nydailynews.com)

11. Connectix QuickCam:第一个网络摄像头

substackcdn.com image
Connectix QuickCam: The First Webcam (computeradsfromthepast.substack.com)

12. 旧金山战后的性爱区 (2006)

San Francisco's Postwar Sex District (2006) (www.foundsf.org)

13. Brickit扫描你的一堆砖头,给你出主意,并附有说明。

Brickit scans your pile of bricks and gives you ideas, with instructions (brickit.app)

14. 互联网上提供内容的最短URL是什么?

What’s the shortest URL for which content is served on the internet? (jameswillia.ms)

15. 加利福尼亚野火烟雾在欧洲上空。气溶胶观测的第一个例子

Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

16. 在肮脏的工作上建立你的事业

staysaasy.com image
Build Your Career on Dirty Work (staysaasy.com)

17. 法医分析家指责比利-米切尔为创 "大金刚 "纪录作弊

video-images.vice.com image
Forensic analysts accuse Billy Mitchell of cheating for Donkey Kong record (www.vice.com)

18. Tell HN: 智利夏令时规则的突然改变造成混乱

Sudden Chile daylight savings time rules change causes chaos (news.ycombinator.com)

19. 外校如何赢得这场大流行

images.fastcompany.net image
How Outschool won the pandemic (www.fastcompany.com)

20. 据报道,亚马逊在Facebook私人群组中对其Flex司机进行调查

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups (www.theverge.com)

21. 佛罗里达州的Cirrus Vision喷气机飞行员拉开了降落伞

flyingmag.sfo3.digitaloceanspaces.com image
Cirrus Vision Jet Pilot Pulls Chute in Florida (www.flyingmag.com)

22. 改良后的德国恒星仪应该运行得更长、更热,并与托卡马克竞争

www.science.org image
Revamped German stellarator should run longer, hotter and compete with tokamaks (www.science.org)

23. Ask HN: 帮我挑选一个前端框架

Help me pick a front-end framework (news.ycombinator.com)

24. 真实生活》杂志。2016-2022

reallifemag.com image
Real Life Magazine: 2016-2022 (reallifemag.com)

25. 一个在浏览器中运行的飞行模拟器

A flight simulator that runs in the browser (fpvsim.com)

26. 谷歌突然暂停我们的域名 - lyearn[.com]。

Google suspended our domain out of the blue – lyearn[.]com (twitter.com)

27. 蒙特卡洛几何学处理

Monte Carlo Geometry Processing (www.youtube.com)

28. 老式的Linux管理(我的下一代家庭实验室)。

Old School Linux Administration (My Next Homelab Generation) (scholz.ruhr)

29. 印度几乎80%是IPv6

www.apnic.net image
India is almost 80% IPv6 (www.apnic.net)

30. 用Nix优化Docker层以获得更好的缓存(2018)

Optimising Docker Layers for Better Caching with Nix (2018) (grahamc.com)

31. 玛丽-肯尼斯-凯勒修女。第一个美国计算机科学博士

static.arxiv.org image
Sister Mary Kenneth Keller: First US PhD in Computer Science (arxiv.org)

32. 分析鱼类新鲜度的电子舌 (2008) [pdf]

Electronic tongue to analyze fish freshness (2008) [pdf] (moscow.sci-hub.se)

33. Stacker(YC S20)正在招聘企业销售AE和产品工程师

Stacker (YC S20) Is Hiring Enterprise Sales AE and Product Engineers (www.stackerhq.com)

34. 计分制草图

Count-Min Sketch (florian.github.io)

35. 皇家养蜂人已经通知女王的蜜蜂,女王已经去世了

i.dailymail.co.uk image
Royal beekeeper has informed the Queen's bees that HM has died (www.dailymail.co.uk)

36. SK海力士开始为下一个半导体热潮做准备,耗资110亿美元建造存储器工厂

images.anandtech.com image
SK Hynix Starts Prepping for Next Semiconductor Boom with $11B Memory Fab (www.anandtech.com)

37. 一个复古的Nethack界面

A Retro Nethack Interface (nethack.glitch.me)

38. 大炮轰击 (2003)

Cannon Smash (2003) (cannonsmash.sourceforge.net)

39. 在每个诗人的下面,都潜伏着一个罪犯 (2019)

s26162.pcdn.co image
Beneath Every Poet, a Criminal Lurks (2019) (lithub.com)

40. 不同电力来源的土地使用情况如何比较?

ourworldindata.org image
How does the land use of different electricity sources compare? (ourworldindata.org)

41. 职业 (1957)

Profession (1957) (www.abelard.org)

42. NeuralPi: 使用神经网络的Raspberry Pi吉他踏板

NeuralPi: Raspberry Pi guitar pedal using neural networks (github.com)

43. Ask HN: 独行侠们,你们是如何维护专业/社会网络的?

Solopreneurs, how do you maintain a professional/social network? (news.ycombinator.com)

44. 松散的谈话(2021年)

www.lrb.co.uk image
Loose Talk (2021) (www.lrb.co.uk)

45. iPhone 14 Pro配备了双频GPS

www.apple.com image
iPhone 14 Pro comes with dual-frequency GPS (www.apple.com)

46. IPv4草皮战争

IPv4 Turf War (ipv4.games)

47. Bouncer - 私人短信屏蔽器

is1-ssl.mzstatic.com image
Bouncer – Private SMS Blocker (apps.apple.com)

48. 密西西比州杰克逊市的水危机在工程兵团到达现场后24小时内得到解决

www.wjtv.com image
Jackson MS water crisis resolved within 24 hours of Corps of Engr on site (www.wjtv.com)

49. 数学家谱项目

Mathematics Genealogy Project (www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu)

50. 法布里斯-贝拉德。一个超级生产力的程序员的肖像 (2011)

smartbear.com image
Fabrice Bellard: Portrait of a Super-Productive Programmer (2011) (smartbear.com)

51. 高难度计算机视觉集群弹药检测

High difficulty computer vision cluster munition detection (twitter.com)

52. 不,大多数书籍不会只卖出十几本

substackcdn.com image
No, Most Books Don't Sell Only a Dozen Copies (countercraft.substack.com)

53. 无限滚动。何时使用,何时避免

media.nngroup.com image
Infinite Scrolling: When to Use It, When to Avoid It (www.nngroup.com)

54. 沃尔夫冈-蒂尔曼斯改变了照片的模样

pyxis.nymag.com image
Wolfgang Tillmans Changed What Photos Look Like (www.vulture.com)

55. Skio(Shopify的订阅,轻松实现ReCharge迁移)正在招聘中

skio.com image
Skio (subscriptions for Shopify, easy ReCharge migrations) is hiring (skio.com)

56. 外国糖果让美国糖果感到羞愧

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Foreign Candy Puts American Candy to Shame (www.theatlantic.com)

57. 超越Posix:一个时代的结束?

Transcending Posix: The End of an Era? (www.usenix.org)

58. 幸福的旋转木马

www.carouselofhappiness.org image
Carousel of Happiness (www.carouselofhappiness.org)

59. Boxes.py - 用激光切割器创建盒子和其他东西

Boxes.py – Create boxes and more with a laser cutter (festi.info)

60. ContainerSSH:按需启动容器

ContainerSSH: Launch containers on demand (github.com)

61. 气候转折点可能会被触发,即使变暖的峰值只有1.5摄氏度

assets.bwbx.io image
Climate Tipping Points May Be Triggered Even If Warming Peaks at Just 1.5C (www.bloomberg.com)

62. 地图不是领土

149664534.v2.pressablecdn.com image
The map is not the territory (fs.blog)

63. YouTube-dl有一个用870行Python编写的JavaScript解释器

YouTube-dl has a JavaScript interpreter written in 870 lines of Python (twitter.com)

64. 我们需要讨论富人的碳足迹问题

noemamag.imgix.net image
We Need to Talk About the Carbon Footprints of the Rich (www.noemamag.com)

65. 你没有对技术上瘾。以下是正在发生的事情

ik.imagekit.io image
You’re Not Addicted to Technology. Here’s What’s Happening Instead (www.nirandfar.com)

66. 一个爱好者对机械键盘开关的深入研究

switchandclick.com image
An Enthusiast’s Deep Dive into Mechanical Keyboard Switches (switchandclick.com)

67. Firezone正在招聘建立一个基于WireGuard的远程访问平台(YC W22)。

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image
Firezone is hiring to build a WireGuard based remote access platform (YC W22) (www.ycombinator.com)

68. 罗伊-哈珀的《斯托姆科克》(2020)。

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Roy Harper’s Stormcock (2020) (www.loudersound.com)

69. Garmin对Apple Watch Ultra作出回应:我们以月为单位衡量电池寿命。而不是小时

images.macrumors.com image
Garmin Reacts to Apple Watch Ultra: We Measure Battery Life in Months. Not Hours (www.macrumors.com)

70. 认知能力与支持言论自由有关(2020)

Cognitive ability is related to supporting freedom of speech (2020) (journals.sagepub.com)

71. 个性之死 (2017)

The Death of Personality (2017) (tdarb.org)

72. Tipi是每个人的个人家庭服务器

Tipi is a personal homeserver for everyone (github.com)

73. 完全用Blender制作的印度大片《RRR》的视觉效果

www.blender.org image
Visual Effects for the Indian Blockbuster “RRR” made entirely in Blender (www.blender.org)

74. 因果关系是一个被低估的概念

super-static-assets.s3.amazonaws.com image
Causality Is an Underrated Concept (scrib.am)

75. Ask HN: 在你的工作/学习领域,你认为哪些书是真正的瑰宝?

Which books do you consider real gems in your field of work/study? (news.ycombinator.com)

76. 驾驭当今的供应链挑战

oxide.computer image
Navigating Today’s Supply Chain Challenges (oxide.computer)

77. K-219

upload.wikimedia.org image
K-219 (en.wikipedia.org)

78. 法兰特化

upload.wikimedia.org image
Flanderization (en.wikipedia.org)

79. 关键的CSS?没有那么快

res.cloudinary.com image
Critical CSS? Not So Fast (csswizardry.com)

80. 富士公司新的X-H2最终将其APS-C相机系统推向了更高的分辨率

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Fujifilm’s new X-H2 finally pushes its APS-C camera system to higher resolution (www.theverge.com)

81. 系统管理的失落艺术

The Lost Art of System Administration (matt-rickard.com)

82. 书籍禁令将德克萨斯州的一个小镇搞得天翻地覆

static01.nyt.com image
Book Bans Turned a Texas Town Upside Down (www.nytimes.com)

83. 用于高性能金融建模的无服务器架构

d2908q01vomqb2.cloudfront.net image
A serverless architecture for high performance financial modelling (aws.amazon.com)

84. 空气污染致癌的突破将改写规则

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Air pollution cancer breakthrough will rewrite the rules (www.bbc.com)

85. 阿什比正在招聘想做产品决策和/或设计的工程师

Ashby hiring engineers who want to make product decisions and/or design (www.ashbyhq.com)

86. Ask HN: 有没有人有一个很好的公共领域的编程书籍清单?

Does anyone have a great public domain list of programming books? (news.ycombinator.com)

87. 关于我辞去荷兰情报和安全局监管人的职务

On my resignation as regulator of the Dutch intelligence and security services (berthub.eu)

88. 初级操作系统 - 为什么我们要在Vala中编写初级应用程序

cdn-images-1.medium.com image
Elementary OS – Why we write elementary apps in Vala (blog.elementary.io)

89. Ask HN: 如何处理有浪费消费习惯的联合创始人的问题

How to deal with a co-founder who has wasteful spending habits (news.ycombinator.com)

90. Stratified Synthesis: 自动学习x86-64指令集(2016) [pdf]

Stratified Synthesis: Automatically Learning the x86-64 Instruction Set (2016) [pdf] (cs.stanford.edu)

91. Sonja Trauss, 囤积现金起诉旧金山住房僵局的女人

sfstandard.com image
Sonja Trauss, the Woman Stockpiling Cash to Sue SF over Housing Deadlock (sfstandard.com)

92. Gzip和Brotli压缩级别估计器

Gzip and Brotli Compression Level Estimator (tools.paulcalvano.com)

93. 模拟生长的植物

Simulated Growing Plants (www.youtube.com)

94. 立体贝氏的平行曲线

Parallel Curves of Cubic Béziers (raphlinus.github.io)

95. 不断发展我的笔记过程

codethrasher.com image
Evolving my note-taking processes (codethrasher.com)

96. 在YouTube上学习的下一章

storage.googleapis.com image
The Next Chapter for Learning on YouTube (blog.youtube)

97. 稳定扩散的网络用户界面

A Web UI for Stable Diffusion (github.com)

98. 无透镜相机通过单次曝光创建3D图像

Lensless camera creates 3D images from single exposure (www.optica.org)

99. Byte杂志。C编程语言 (1983)

archive.org image
Byte Magazine: The C Programming Language (1983) (archive.org)

100. 两个原子钟首次实现了量子纠缠

images.newscientist.com image
Two atomic clocks have been quantum entangled for the first time (www.newscientist.com)

101. 那是我们的海滩"。弗雷德-康拉德1977年的标志性照片的注释

thereader.mitpress.mit.edu image
‘That was our beach’: Notes on Fred Conrad’s Iconic 1977 Photograph (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)

102. 为什么你可能需要像TigerBeetleDB这样的特定领域数据库?

Why you might want a domain-specific database like TigerBeetleDB (twitter.com)

103. 改变航空旅行的技术(2018)

retool.com image
The technology that changed air travel (2018) (retool.com)

104. 广场的中间

The Middle of the Square (bit-player.org)

105. 将视频游戏历史从遗忘中拯救出来的收藏家们

media.newyorker.com image
The Collectors Who Save Video-Game History from Oblivion (www.newyorker.com)

106. 好的记忆还是坏的记忆?一个大脑分子决定

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
A good memory or a bad one? One brain molecule decides (www.quantamagazine.org)

107. CS 168: 现代算法工具箱,2022年春季

CS 168: The Modern Algorithmic Toolbox, Spring 2022 (web.stanford.edu)

108. Zstd压缩的调试部分

Zstd Compressed Debug Sections (maskray.me)

109. 安卓13要求设备有2GB以上的内存和16GB的存储空间

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Android 13 requires devices to have more than 2GB RAM and 16GB storage (android-developers.googleblog.com)

110. Olark (YC W09) 正在招聘一名关心无障碍环境的客户经理

d1zx4fn8ox8446.cloudfront.net image
Olark (YC W09) Is Hiring an Account Executive who cares about accessibility (olark.hire.trakstar.com)

111. 一种新的硬帽技术如何能更好地保护工人免受脑震荡之害

How a new hard hat technology can protect workers better from concussion (text.npr.org)

112. 关于在美国只有eSIM卡的iPhone 14型号。

chrisx.xyz image
Regarding the eSIM-only iPhone 14 models in the U.S. (chrisx.xyz)

113. 第X天(2021年)

Day X (2021) (day-x.simplecast.com)

114. 为什么UML "真的 "死了

buttondown.s3.amazonaws.com image
Why UML “Really” Died (buttondown.email)

115. 滚筒式打印机

minimalissimo.com image
Roller Jet Printer (minimalissimo.com)

116. 为什么投资者正在向金融占星学伸出援手?

www.economist.com image
Why investors are reaching for the astrology of finance (www.economist.com)

117. 对油腻食物的渴望可追溯到肠道与大脑的联系

Cravings for fatty foods traced to gut-brain connection (zuckermaninstitute.columbia.edu)

118. 纪念美国禁用面包片的时刻

img.atlasobscura.com image
Remembering When America Banned Sliced Bread (www.atlasobscura.com)

119. 绦虫猎人》(2017)

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
The Tapeworm Hunters (2017) (www.theverge.com)

120. 软件工程准则(道德规范)

Software Engineering Code (of Ethics) (ethics.acm.org)

121. 徽标,Bullshit and Co., Inc. (2013)

ia.net image
Logo, Bullshit and Co., Inc. (2013) (ia.net)

122. Grafana Mimir和VictoriaMetrics:性能测试

victoriametrics.com image
Grafana Mimir and VictoriaMetrics: performance tests (victoriametrics.com)

123. 在雅典娜学院打盹

www.lrb.co.uk image
Napping in the Athenaeum (www.lrb.co.uk)

124. 徒步旅行者的窘境

acko.net image
The Hiker’s Dilemma (acko.net)

125. 所以你想成为一名作家?

api.poets.org image
So you want to be a writer? (poets.org)

126. Nvidia Hopper在MLPerf的首次亮相中横扫AI推理基准测试

blogs.nvidia.com image
Nvidia Hopper Sweeps AI Inference Benchmarks in MLPerf Debut (blogs.nvidia.com)

127. 剑桥大学的学生们在这里学习。

Winamp 5.9 Final Released (forums.winamp.com)

128. 如何处理一个过度生产的员工?- 工作场所堆栈交流

cdn.sstatic.net image
How to handle an over-productive employee? – The Workplace Stack Exchange (workplace.stackexchange.com)

129. Ask HN: Theregister.com发生了什么事?

What Happened to Theregister.com? (news.ycombinator.com)

130. 钱就是信息

www.drorpoleg.com image
The Money Is the Message (www.drorpoleg.com)

131. 仅仅依靠斯多葛主义是不够的

substackcdn.com image
Stoicism is not enough (simonsarris.substack.com)

132. 亚马逊CEO称公司将放缓招聘速度,不打算硬性返聘

regmedia.co.uk image
Amazon CEO says company will slow hiring rate, no hard return to office planned (www.theregister.com)

133. 呼噜声是一种人类无法表达的爱的语言

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Purring is a love language no human can speak (www.theatlantic.com)

134. AirPods Pro(第一代)声音问题的服务计划

AirPods Pro (First Gen) Service Program for Sound Issues (support.apple.com)

135. 暂时的梦想,暂时的计划。抚养婴儿》中的爱情主题

s3.amazonaws.com image
Dream Awhile, Scheme Awhile: The Love Theme in Bringing Up Baby (www.criterion.com)

136. WASM-4 Game Jam 2结果 - Zig最常用

wasm4.org image
WASM-4 Game Jam 2 Results – Zig most used (wasm4.org)

137. 我们的五次YC申请失败,一次成功

cdn.getmidnight.com image
Our five failed YC applications and one successful one (www.relate.so)

138. 滔客PC-98修复项目

The Touhou PC-98 Restoration Project (github.com)

139. 作为效果踏板的ADSL路由器

hackaday.com image
ADSL Router as Effects Pedal (hackaday.com)

140. 什么是SAP,为什么它价值1630亿美元?

retool.com image
What's SAP, and why's it worth $163B? (retool.com)

141. Deepnote(YC S19)正在招聘,以建立一个更好的数据科学笔记本(欧洲)。

deepnote.com image
Deepnote (YC S19) is hiring to build a better data science notebook (Europe) (deepnote.com)

142. 用标记煮沸海洋(2016)

Boiling the Ocean with Markup (2016) (kellysutton.com)

143. CernVM文件系统

CernVM File System (cernvm.cern.ch)

144. 年度最佳企鹅

www.nationalaquarium.co.nz image
Penguin of the Year (www.nationalaquarium.co.nz)

145. 打败eBPF的Uprobe监控

Defeating eBPF Uprobe Monitoring (blog.quarkslab.com)

146. 英国女王伊丽莎白二世已经去世

ichef.bbci.co.uk image
Queen Elizabeth II has died (www.bbc.com)

147. 悼念:英国女王伊丽莎白二世陛下

www.apple.com image
In Memoriam: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (www.apple.com)

148. 旧金山将迷幻药非刑罪化

doubleblindmag.com image
San Francisco decriminalizes psychedelics (doubleblindmag.com)

149. 文明1》,4x大放异彩

substackcdn.com image
Civilization 1, 4x made it big (www.abortretry.fail)

150. Protohackers: 服务器编程挑战

Protohackers: Server Programming Challenge (protohackers.com)

151. 不是你祖父的Perl

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Not Your Grandfather’s Perl (stackoverflow.blog)

152. 种植树木并不总是约束二氧化碳的有效方法

www.gu.se image
Planting trees not always an effective way of binding carbon dioxide (www.gu.se)

153. ErgodoxE EZ - 带有开源固件的人体工程学键盘

cdn.shopify.com image
ErgodoxE EZ – an ergonomic keyboard with open source firmware (ergodox-ez.com)

154. React的自我实现的预言

joshcollinsworth.com image
The self-fulfilling prophecy of React (joshcollinsworth.com)

155. Vulkan的网格着色

www.khronos.org image
Mesh Shading for Vulkan (www.khronos.org)

156. 投影师》。关于不再存在的最佳工作

pipewrenchmag.com image
The Projectionist: On the Best Job That No Longer Exists (pipewrenchmag.com)

157. 在加州建房不是一个住房开发项目[pdf]

Building a house in California is not a housing development project [pdf] (www.courts.ca.gov)

158. Fresh 1.1 - 自动JSX、插件、DevTools等

Fresh 1.1 – Automatic JSX, plugins, DevTools, and more (deno.com)

159. 让你爱上爱丽丝-科尔特兰的几分钟

static01.nyt.com image
Minutes That Will Make You Love Alice Coltrane (www.nytimes.com)

160. 我的虚拟机比你的集装箱更轻(更安全) (2017)

dl.acm.org image
My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container (2017) (dl.acm.org)

161. Reddit最喜欢的产品在一个地方

looria.com image
Reddit's favorite products in one place (looria.com)

162. 拉马努扬因数近似法 (2012)

www.johndcook.com image
Ramanujan Factorial Approximation (2012) (www.johndcook.com)

163. FlipCoords - lat, lng lng, lat

flipcoords.com image
FlipCoords – lat, lng lng, lat (flipcoords.com)

164. Congress.gov API

Congress.gov API (api.congress.gov)

165. TAOBench。在PlanetScale上运行社交媒体工作负载

res.cloudinary.com image
TAOBench: Running social media workloads on PlanetScale (planetscale.com)

166. 谁控制了互联网?他们应该吗?(2021)

berthub.eu image
Who controls the Internet? And should they? (2021) (berthub.eu)

167. 快速与激情

The Ffast and the Furious (gist.github.com)

168. Caddyhttp:默认启用HTTP/3

Caddyhttp: Enable HTTP/3 by Default (github.com)

169. Motion(YC W20)正在招聘QA和后端工程师

app.ashbyhq.com image
Motion (YC W20) Is Hiring QA and Back End Engineers (www.usemotion.com)

170. 罗尔斯-罗伊斯结束轰动一时的超音速合作关系

airwaysmag.com image
Rolls Royce Ends Boom Supersonic Partnership (airwaysmag.com)

171. Show HN: 通过减少在线会议做出更好的决定

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Make better decisions with fewer online meetings (topagree.com)

172. Show HN: 用《稳定扩散》的故事来学习时间序列

tigyog.app image
Learn time series with a story illustrated by Stable Diffusion (tigyog.app)

173. The Journal of Physical Security, Vol 15 [pdf] 。

The Journal of Physical Security, Vol 15 [pdf] (rbsekurity.com)

174. 攻击火钳子。用Rust编写的AWS的MicroVM监控器

Attacking Firecracker: AWS' MicroVM Monitor Written in Rust (www.graplsecurity.com)

175. 第二版 "守则 "的变化

www.charlespetzold.com image
The Changes for the 2nd Edition of “Code” (www.charlespetzold.com)

176. 崩溃了,这本书

www.troyhunt.com image
Pwned, the book (www.troyhunt.com)

177. 用于Rust的字节串库

A byte string library for Rust (blog.burntsushi.net)

178. 通过导入taichi作为ti,使Python代码加速100倍

Accelerate Python code 100x by import taichi as ti (docs.taichi-lang.org)

179. Go开发者调查2022年第二季度结果

go.dev image
Go Developer Survey 2022 Q2 Results (go.dev)

180. 一个贝都因人的追踪者如何看待沙漠

img.atlasobscura.com image
How A Bedouin Tracker Sees the Desert (www.atlasobscura.com)

181. 了解中央银行业务应读什么书

www.economist.com image
What to read to understand central banking (www.economist.com)

182. 现在静止:派遣莎士比亚的尸体

www.laphamsquarterly.org image
Now Be Still: Dispatching Shakespeare’s Bodies (www.laphamsquarterly.org)

183. 是时候进一步提升FSR 2的档次了。迎接FSR 2.1

gpuopen.com image
It's time to upscale FSR 2 even further: Meet FSR 2.1 (gpuopen.com)

184. Kamby - 一种基于Lisp的编程语言,看起来不像Lisp

Kamby – A programming language based on Lisp that doesn't seems like Lisp (kamby.org)

185. 没有人要求的可弯曲的电视和显示器来了

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Here come the bendable TVs and monitors that no one asked for (arstechnica.com)

186. 日本自民党半数议员与统一教会有联系

www.ft.com image
Half of Japan's LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church (asia.nikkei.com)

187. Ask HN: 我/你如何为欧盟的能源危机做准备?

How do I/you prep for the energy crisis in EU? (news.ycombinator.com)

188. 停止衡量社区参与

rosie.land image
Stop Measuring Community Engagement (rosie.land)

189. 细胞自行形成 "异种机器人

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Cells Form into ‘Xenobots’ on Their Own (www.quantamagazine.org)

190. 欧洲的能源危机冲击科学

www.science.org image
Europe’s energy crisis hits science (www.science.org)

191. 宜家的知识图谱以及为什么它有三个层次

miro.medium.com image
IKEA’s knowledge graph and why it has three layers (medium.com)

192. QuestDB (YC S20)正在招聘一名技术撰稿人

questdb.io image
QuestDB (YC S20) Is Hiring a Technical Writer (questdb.io)

193. 我们的注意力正在被抢走

unstructed.tech image
Our attention span is being robbed (unstructed.tech)

194. 嗅觉的数字化:使用分子图来理解气味

2.bp.blogspot.com image
Digitizing Smell: Using Molecular Maps to Understand Odor (ai.googleblog.com)

195. EasyPost (YC S13) 正在招聘远程人员

assets.easypost.com image
EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring Remote (www.easypost.com)

196. 让我们像1999年一样狂欢吧(Emacs bug left)。

i0.wp.com image
Let’s party like it’s 1999 (Emacs bugs left) (lars.ingebrigtsen.no)

197. 为什么公司对迈尔斯-布里格斯类型感兴趣

daily.jstor.org image
Why companies are interested in Myers-Briggs types (daily.jstor.org)

198. 香农熵对通信的基本限制

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Shannon Entropy Imposes Fundamental Limits on Communication (www.quantamagazine.org)

199. 韩国核聚变反应堆达到100M°C,持续30秒

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Korean nuclear fusion reactor achieves 100M°C for 30 seconds (www.shiningscience.com)

200. 数据不变量

buttondown.email image
Data Invariants (buttondown.email)

201. 对朱莉娅-杰克林来说,一个蹩脚的旧卡西欧键盘改变了一切

media.wired.co.uk image
For Julia Jacklin, a Crappy Old Casio Keyboard Changed Everything (www.wired.co.uk)

202. 没有人的自传》。珍妮特-马尔科姆在她的新书中研究了斯坦因和托克拉斯。

www.bookforum.com image
Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book (www.bookforum.com)

203. Show HN: 用PDF破解LinkedIn

ph-files.imgix.net image
Hack LinkedIn with PDFs (taplio.com)

204. 通过卫星进行紧急求救的功能包括在iPhone 14 Pro中免费使用2年。

www.apple.com image
Emergency SOS via satellite is included for free with iPhone 14 Pro for 2 years (www.apple.com)

205. 对不起,你为什么要吃这么多青蛙?

substackcdn.com image
Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs (experimentalhistory.substack.com)

206. SigNoz (YC W21) 正在招聘前端工程师以建立开源的APM

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image
SigNoz (YC W21) Is Hiring Frontend engineers to build open source APM (www.ycombinator.com)

207. 欧盟无线产品RED指令增加了新的网络安全要求

EU wireless products RED directive adds new network security requirements (news.ycombinator.com)

208. 弗林特的 "新工作 "的兴衰

beltmag.com image
The Rise and Fall of ‘New Work’ in Flint (beltmag.com)

209. Blech: 用于开发反应式、实时关键嵌入式软件的语言

Blech: A language for developing reactive, real-time critical embedded software (www.blech-lang.org)

210. 一场与众不同的体验 (2015)

An experience like no other (2015) (www.flightgear.org)

211. ARM原创操作系统。RISC OS在35年后仍然存在

www.cosfone.com image
ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years (www.cosfone.com)

212. 危情》主持人亚历克斯-特雷伯克在与癌症斗争后于80岁去世

www.nydailynews.com image
'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle (www.nydailynews.com)

213. 史蒂夫-乔布斯给自己发电子邮件 (2010)

Steve Jobs emails himself (2010) (twitter.com)

214. 夏威夷的海滩淋浴房是否违反了《清洁水法》?

undark.org image
Are Hawaii’s beach showers in violation of the Clean Water Act? (undark.org)

215. 通过大型int-str转换防止DoS

Prevent DoS by large int-str conversions (github.com)

216. 加利福尼亚野火烟雾在欧洲上空。气溶胶观测的第一个例子

Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

217. 一个产生幻觉的人。关于T.S.艾略特遗产的争论

harpers.org image
An Hallucinated Man: The battles over T. S. Eliot’s legacy (harpers.org)

218. 量化GitHub Copilot对开发者生产力和幸福感的影响

github.blog image
Quantifying GitHub Copilot’s impact on developer productivity and happiness (github.blog)

219. 科学家们从零开始制造了一个人类微生物组

static01.nyt.com image
Scientists Have Made a Human Microbiome from Scratch (www.nytimes.com)

220. 国税局将研究建立一个免费的电子申报系统

www.washingtonpost.com image
IRS will look into setting up a free e-filing system (www.washingtonpost.com)

221. 据报道,亚马逊在Facebook私人群组中对其Flex司机进行调查

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups (www.theverge.com)

222. 如果意识不是大脑的突发属性呢?

What if consciousness is not an emergent property of the brain? (www.frontiersin.org)

223. 支持/usr合并的案例

The Case for the /usr Merge (www.freedesktop.org)

224. 我跟踪了一年来我在互联网上阅读的所有内容

I Tracked Everything I Read on the Internet for a Year (www.tdpain.net)

225. 加拿大最大的艺术品抢劫案揭示了艺术界的阴暗面

walrus-assets.s3.amazonaws.com image
What Canada’s largest art heist reveals about the art world’s shady side (thewalrus.ca)

226. Pypi.org正在进行一项关于Python打包状况的调查。

Pypi.org is running a survey on the state of Python packaging (pypi.org)

227. 图形的分层语法(2010)

A layered grammar of graphics (2010) (vita.had.co.nz)

228. 智能路灯正在投下长长的阴影

failedarchitecture.com image
Smart streetlights are casting a long shadow (failedarchitecture.com)

229. 新的研究发现,自行车骑行是地球上最节能的运动方式

149764339.v2.pressablecdn.com image
Peloton riding is planet’s most energy efficient locomotion, finds new research (bikebiz.com)

230. 家庭护理的无声成本

static01.nyt.com image
The quiet cost of family caregiving (www.nytimes.com)

231. Tell HN: Otter.ai机器人未经同意录制会议内容

Otter.ai bot recording meetings without consent (news.ycombinator.com)

232. 执事和狗

media4.manhattan-institute.org image
The Deacon and the Dog (www.city-journal.org)

233. 分析鱼类新鲜度的电子舌 (2008) [pdf]

Electronic tongue to analyze fish freshness (2008) [pdf] (moscow.sci-hub.se)

234. 解构面包店,构建分布式状态机

cacm.acm.org image
Deconstructing the Bakery to Build a Distributed State Machine (cacm.acm.org)

235. SQLite虚拟机如何工作

fly.io image
How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works (fly.io)

236. 为什么不呢?从Common Lisp到Julia

Why Not: From Common Lisp to Julia (gist.github.com)

237. 语法高亮器是错误的 (2014)

jameshfisher.com image
Syntax highlighter is wrong (2014) (jameshfisher.com)

238. 新的技术分析证实了针对比利-米切尔的证据

New technical analysis confirms the evidence against Billy Mitchell (perfectpacman.com)

239. 全球之星SEC文件,苹果将使用其85%的卫星网络容量

Globalstar SEC filing, Apple to use 85% of its satellite network capacity (sec.report)

240. iOS 16于9月12日上市

www.apple.com image
iOS 16 Available September 12th (www.apple.com)

241. AirPods Pro(第二代)

www.apple.com image
AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) (www.apple.com)

242. 来自《干货经济人》1909年。销售和商店展示

From the Dry Goods Economist 1909: Selling and Store Displays (blogs.loc.gov)

243. "UBO Minus (MV3) - 为Manifest V3提供的实验性uBlock Origin构建。

“UBO Minus (MV3)” – An Experimental uBlock Origin Build for Manifest V3 (github.com)

244. 证书吊销列表的新生命 - Let's Encrypt

A New Life for Certificate Revocation Lists – Let's Encrypt (letsencrypt.org)

245. BigFAT - 向后兼容的FAT扩展,文件大小无限制

BigFAT – Backward compatible FAT extension for unlimited file size (www.segger.com)

246. WikiHouse - 开源的、模块化的、基于木材的、零碳的住房

WikiHouse – Open source, modular, wood based, zero carbon housing (www.wikihouse.cc)

247. 分析GitHub上的每个Clojure项目

Analyzing Every Clojure Project on GitHub (blog.phronemophobic.com)

248. TinyClock - 一个微小的真正的5架构通用Mac OS X单二进制GUI应用程序

TinyClock – a tiny true 5-arch universal Mac OS X single-binary GUI application (tycho.sytes.net)

249. Laylo (YC S20)正在招聘一名全栈工程师,为创作者发展 "Salesforce"。

Laylo (YC S20) Is Hiring a Full Stack Engineer to Grow “Salesforce” for Creators (news.ycombinator.com)

250. 全球性的远程团队中的异步事后分析

www.ashbyhq.com image
Async Postmortems in a Global, Remote Team (www.ashbyhq.com)

251. 规模经济从何而来?第二部分

substackcdn.com image
Where do economies of scale come from? Part II (constructionphysics.substack.com)

252. 迟钝的人如何承受脱水

www.u-tokyo.ac.jp image
How Tardigrades Bear Dehydration (www.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

253. BCG提供给我16,000美元让我不要讲的故事 (2010)

s3.amazonaws.com image
The story BCG offered me $16,000 not to tell (2010) (thetech.com)

254. 插头和插座的数字博物馆

Digital Museum of Plugs and Sockets (www.plugsocketmuseum.nl)

255. 什么是好的REPL? (2017)

What makes a good REPL? (2017) (vvvvalvalval.github.io)

256. 用3行代码生成合成数据

global-uploads.webflow.com image
Generate Synthetic Data in 3 Lines of Code (gretel.ai)

257. Zig,小语种

Zig, the Small Language (zserge.com)

258. Show HN: 奎克1》被移植到苹果手表上

Quake 1 ported to the Apple Watch (github.com)

259. 我们正在改变Akka的许可证

downloads.lightbend.com image
We Are Changing the License for Akka (www.lightbend.com)

260. 从空气中生产氢气

media.springernature.com image
Hydrogen production from the air (www.nature.com)

261. 阿尔巴尼亚因7月网络攻击事件驱逐伊朗使馆工作人员

storage.googleapis.com image
Albania expelled Iran’s embassy staff over July cyberattack (apnews.com)

262. YC 2022年暑期班

www.ycombinator.com image
The YC Summer 2022 Batch (www.ycombinator.com)

263. 奇妙的差异,奇妙的差异

Difftastic, the fantastic diff (www.wilfred.me.uk)

264. 尼罗河的一条失落已久的支流帮助建造了埃及的金字塔

static01.nyt.com image
A Long-Lost Branch of the Nile Helped in Building Egypt’s Pyramids (www.nytimes.com)

265. 了解赌博成瘾

news.mit.edu image
Understanding gambling addiction (news.mit.edu)

266. 改进后的伽利略首次修复时间

berthub.eu image
Improved Galileo Time to First Fix (berthub.eu)

267. 从Common Lisp到Julia

From Common Lisp to Julia (mfiano.net)

268. Facebook的工程师们。我们不知道我们把你的所有个人数据保存在哪里

theintercept.imgix.net image
Facebook Engineers: We Have No Idea Where We Keep All Your Personal Data (theintercept.com)

269. 今年以来,海运费暴跌了60%。

images.wsj.net image
Ocean shipping rates have plunged 60% this year (www.wsj.com)

270. 两位哲学家在工作的世界里找到了目标

images.wsj.net image
Two Philosophers Found Purpose in the World of Work (www.wsj.com)

271. GitHub再次宕机?

GitHub Down Again? (news.ycombinator.com)

272. 如果肥胖不是任何人的错,怎么办?

assets.nautil.us image
What If Obesity Is Nobody’s Fault? (nautil.us)

273. 人机研究的 "关键 "跟踪任务 (1966) [pdf]

A “Critical” Tracking Task for Man-Machine Research (1966) [pdf] (ntrs.nasa.gov)

274. 给客户的手写感谢信是未来销售的2倍

substackcdn.com image
Handwritten thank you notes to customers 2x future sales (tips.ariyh.com)

275. 痒》(2008)

media.newyorker.com image
The Itch (2008) (www.newyorker.com)

276. Speculoos-2c:一个新的潜在可居住的地球

www.uliege.be image
Speculoos-2c: A new potentially habitable earth (www.news.uliege.be)

277. 使用Cauchy积分进行绕数,使用WebGL

Winding numbers using a Cauchy integral, with WebGL (benoit.paris)

278. 预示信号

Preact Signals (github.com)

279. 日语中的礼貌用语 "ます"(Masu)。

The Polite Form ます (Masu) in Japanese (www.gokugoku.app)

280. 艾萨克-牛顿发现二项式幂级数

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
Isaac Newton Discovered the Binomial Power Series (www.quantamagazine.org)

281. 关于隐蔽性

On Invisibility (www.threepennyreview.com)

282. Rsync.net

Rsync.net (www.rsync.net)

283. Excel的新文本和阵列函数

techcommunity.microsoft.com image
New Text and Array Functions for Excel (techcommunity.microsoft.com)

284. 让我们把亚马逊变成一个哑巴管道

Let's Make Amazon into a Dumb Pipe (scribe.rip)

285. 拉赫玛尼诺夫有多激进?

media.newyorker.com image
How Radical Was Rachmaninoff? (www.newyorker.com)

286. 牦牛剃须。关于保持专注的简短一课

americanexpress.io image
Yak Shaving: A Short Lesson on Staying Focused (americanexpress.io)

287. 艾伦-珀利斯和编程语言的演变

i0.wp.com image
Alan Perlis and the Evolution of Programming Languages (deprogrammaticaipsum.com)

288. 不支付英国

dontpay.uk image
Don't Pay UK (dontpay.uk)

289. 在YouTube的算法之前,有 "酷猎"。

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Before YouTube’s algorithm, there were ‘coolhunters’ (www.theatlantic.com)

290. Wasmtime 1.0: 对性能的审视

bytecodealliance.org image
Wasmtime 1.0: A Look at Performance (bytecodealliance.org)

291. 衣服回收:什么是 "循环",它是否可持续?

thecircularlaboratory.com image
Recycling Clothes: What Is 'Circulose' and Is It Sustainable? (thecircularlaboratory.com)

292. 美国宇航局选择SiFive,使RISC-V成为未来任务的首选生态系统

images.prismic.io image
NASA selects SiFive and makes RISC-V the go-to ecosystem for future missions (www.sifive.com)

293. 跟随兽群?西南亚狩猎风筝的新分布

Following the herds? A new distribution of hunting kites in Southwest Asia (journals.sagepub.com)

294. Etleap (YC W13) 正在招聘软件工程师 - 伦敦

Etleap (YC W13) Is Hiring Software Engineer – London (etleap.com)

295. 有声音的细胞自动机--大声拍手,产生很酷的图案

Cellular Automata with Sound – Clap loud to produce cool patterns (automata-sound.vercel.app)

296. "Proctorio没有发现一个作弊的学生" [pdf]

“Proctorio detected none of the cheating students” [pdf] (ris.utwente.nl)

297. 用木材建造未来的城市可以节省1000亿吨的二氧化碳排放

singularityhub.com image
Building Future Cities Out Timber Could Save 100B Tons of CO2 Emissions (singularityhub.com)

298. SQL的续集?对Malloy的介绍

carlineng.com image
A sequel to SQL? An intro to Malloy (carlineng.com)

299. 通过探索潜在空间,用稳定扩散法创建视频

Create videos with Stable Diffusion by exploring the latent space (github.com)

300. 健康保险公司刚刚公布了接近一万亿的医院价格

www.dolthub.com image
Health insurers just published close to a trillion hospital prices (www.dolthub.com)

301. 谁是 "JC Shakespeare "的作者?

shkspr.mobi image
Who is the author “JC Shakespeare”? (shkspr.mobi)

302. Monocraft。一种基于《Minecraft》中使用的字体的编程字体

Monocraft: A programming font based on the typeface used in Minecraft (github.com)

303. 加密货币的未来在以太坊的转换中处于危险之中

www.economist.com image
The future of cryptocurrency is at stake in Ethereum’s switch (www.economist.com)

304. TIL: 你可以只用HTML来访问用户的相机

cdn.statically.io image
TIL: You can access a user’s camera with just HTML (austingil.com)

305. 会议介绍 柔道

Conference Presentation Judo (perl.plover.com)

306. Github.com再次瘫痪?

Github.com Down Again? (github.com)

307. 有人在捣乱我的亚马逊系统

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Someone’s Been Messing with My Subnormals (moyix.blogspot.com)

308. GiveCampus(YC S15)招聘关心可负担教育的高级工程师

lever-client-logos.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com image
GiveCampus (YC S15) hiring senior engineers who care about affordable education (jobs.lever.co)

309. 你永远不可能有太多的备份

regmedia.co.uk image
You can never have too many backups (www.theregister.com)

310. 围棋的漏洞管理

go.dev image
Vulnerability Management for Go (go.dev)

311. 怪人艾尔有100G的内存

rubenerd.com image
Weird Al had 100 gigs of RAM (rubenerd.com)

312. PCIe扩展卡的死亡

The Death of the PCIe Expansion Card (kerricklong.com)

313. 在当今最大的计算挑战中使用模拟计算机 (2021) [pdf]

Using Analog Computers in Today's Largest Computational Challenges (2021) [pdf] (ars.copernicus.org)

314. 对GPT的最小化PyTorch重新实现

Minimal PyTorch re-implementation of GPT (github.com)

315. 法官裁定Facebook母公司Meta故意违反竞选财务法

Judge rules Facebook parent Meta intentionally violated campaign finance laws (www.atg.wa.gov)

316. 极端整数--来自下层的厄运

i0.wp.com image
Extreme Integers – Doom from Below (luckyresistor.me)

317. Brave与Chromium的偏差(我们禁用或删除的功能)。

Brave's deviations from Chromium (features we disable or remove) (github.com)

318. Riff,自动为Rust项目提供外部依赖性

Riff, automatically provide external dependencies for Rust projects (determinate.systems)

319. 基因组学解决了中世纪集体埋葬之谜

media.nature.com image
Genomics solves the mystery of a medieval mass burial (www.nature.com)

320. 吉加(YC W21)正在招聘

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image
Jiga (YC W21) Is Hiring (www.ycombinator.com)

321. 有门槛的部署:解决规模化的模式部署的复杂性问题

cdn.sanity.io image
Gated Deployments: addressing the complexity of schema deployments at scale (planetscale.com)

322. 塞拉俱乐部、环保组织向美国环保署请愿,要求禁止使用天然气取暖

bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com image
Sierra Club, environmental groups petition EPA to ban natural gas for heating (denvergazette.com)

323. 核子隧道机的系统和成本分析 (1973) [pdf]

Systems and Cost Analysis for Nuclear Subterrene Tunneling Machine (1973) [pdf] (www.osti.gov)

324. Show HN: 用Lisp和数学在浏览器中制作3D艺术

Make 3D art in your browser using Lisp and math (bauble.studio)

325. 最令人遗憾的大学专业(和收入最低的大学专业

www.washingtonpost.com image
The most-regretted (and lowest-paying) college majors (www.washingtonpost.com)

326. 从伤口愈合到再生

From Wound Healing to Regeneration (www.uni-heidelberg.de)

327. 网站建设者的模式

yoramkornatzky.com image
Modalities of Web Site Builders (yoramkornatzky.com)

328. Clasp:一个使用LLVM编译成本地代码的普通Lisp实现

Clasp: A Common Lisp implementation using LLVM for compilation to native code (github.com)

329. 美国宇航局现在可以在火星上可靠地生产一棵树价值的氧气了

singularityhub.com image
NASA Can Now Reliably Produce a Tree’s Worth of Oxygen on Mars (singularityhub.com)

330. Ask HN: 信用卡的2FA?

2FA for Credit Cards? (news.ycombinator.com)

331. 将Django数据序列化以用于JavaScript

Serialize Django Data for JavaScript (epicserve.com)

332. 假肉的可持续性如何?

knowablemagazine.org image
How sustainable are fake meats? (knowablemagazine.org)

333. 反思室内空气化学

www.mpg.de image
Rethinking Indoor Air Chemistry (www.mpg.de)

334. 车厢方程式的暴政

substackcdn.com image
The Tyranny of the Wagon Equation (maximumeffort.substack.com)

335. 启动HN:FlyCode (YC S22) - 让产品团队无需编码即可编辑网络应用程序

Launch HN: FlyCode (YC S22) – Let product teams edit web apps without coding (news.ycombinator.com)

336. 用Mk维护Plan 9上的文件

Maintaining Files on Plan 9 with Mk (9p.io)

337. 欧洲核子研究中心起草计划,因欧洲能源紧缺而闲置加速器

www.swissinfo.ch image
CERN drafts plans to idle accelerators due to Europe’s energy crunch (www.swissinfo.ch)

338. PGPP - 一种新型服务,为您提供私人移动连接

invisv.com image
PGPP – a new type of service that gives you private mobile connectivity (invisv.com)

339. Show HN: 模拟任何股票组合中的美元成本平均法

andex-documents-bucket.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com image
Simulate dollar-cost averaging in any mix of stocks (simulator.tryshare.app)

340. 成人的总蛋白质摄入量中约有一半必须以动物为基础

Approximately Half of Total Protein Intake by Adults Must Be Animal-Based (academic.oup.com)

341. ACM SIGCOMM'22:IPFS的设计和评估

dl.acm.org image
ACM SIGCOMM'22: Design and Evaluation of IPFS (dl.acm.org)

342. 梦幻般的模糊

Dreamy Blur (yuanchuan.dev)

343. 我们一直在等待的英雄是一张地图

www.washingtonpost.com image
The hero we’ve been waiting for is a map (www.washingtonpost.com)

344. Slidge - XMPP的桥梁

Slidge – XMPP bridges (nicoco.fr)

345. Slidge(XMPP桥)的第一个测试版已经出来了

The first beta of Slidge (XMPP bridges) is out (nicoco.fr)

346. 工厂模式中的Avoding If语句

www.talkinghightech.com image
Avoding If statements in the Factory pattern (www.talkinghightech.com)

347. 我给我的Slack客户端打了补丁,以保持 "哎呀 "信息被他人删除

I patched my Slack client to keep “oops” messages others delete (github.com)

348. GitHub停运

GitHub Outage (news.ycombinator.com)

349. 在巴布的倾斜牙签的土方工程

Earthworks at the Leaning Toothpick of Babble (enetdown.org)

350. Bitwarden获得1亿美元的资金

Bitwarden Raises $100M (bitwarden.com)

351. Show HN: Nitric - 构建可移植云应用程序的Node.js框架

Nitric – Node.js framework for building portable cloud apps (github.com)

352. 迪斯尼基于物理的着色(2012) [pdf]

Physically-Based Shading at Disney (2012) [pdf] (static1.squarespace.com)

353. 用电脑为我的鞋子作弊下棋

img.incoherency.co.uk image
Cheating at chess with a computer for my shoes (incoherency.co.uk)

354. 英特尔AMX和苹果AMX的对比

Contrasting Intel AMX and Apple AMX (www.corsix.org)

355. Covid: 实验室-原产地假说的总结

Covid: Summary of lab-origin hypothesis (twitter.com)

356. 塞格德在1934年 (1993) [pdf]

Szeged in 1934 (1993) [pdf] (www.maa.org)

357. 信号公司新任总裁的致辞

signal.org image
A Message from Signal's New President (signal.org)

358. 苹果II台式机更新

Apple II Desktop Updated (www.callapple.org)

359. 世界感应器。世界社会嗅觉雕塑

img.youtube.com image
World Sensorium: The World Social Olfactory Sculpture­­ (worldsensorium.com)

360. Ask HN: 您使用哪种软件来制作您的演示文稿?

Which software do you use for your Presentations? (news.ycombinator.com)

361. 使用双曲线浏览器实现大树的可视化(1996)

Visualizing Large Trees Using the Hyperbolic Browser (1996) (www.youtube.com)

362. 向Unix进程组发送信号的历史

The history of sending signals to Unix process groups (utcc.utoronto.ca)

363. Show HN: 开源的APM,支持追踪、指标和日志

Open-source APM with support for tracing, metrics, and logs (app.uptrace.dev)

364. OpenWrt 22.03

OpenWrt 22.03 (openwrt.org)

365. 关闭10%的Emacs漏洞

lars.ingebrigtsen.no image
Closing 10% of all Emacs bugs (lars.ingebrigtsen.no)

366. Lunatic: 激发Erlang的WebAssembly的运行时间

Lunatic: Erlang-Inspired Runtime for WebAssembly (github.com)

367. DIY机械键盘开关让你设置其执行点

cdn.arstechnica.net image
DIY mechanical keyboard switch lets you set its actuation point (arstechnica.com)

368. PAM的纯粹恐怖

The Sheer Terror of PAM (xeiaso.net)

369. 千仞峰的生命之树》(Livesite by a Thousand Spikes

Livesite by a Thousand Spikes (mahdytech.com)

370. 火箭方程式的暴政 (2012)

The Tyranny of the Rocket Equaton (2012) (www.nasa.gov)

371. 初期患有轻度Covid-19疾病的人的长期心脏病理状况

media.springernature.com image
Long-term cardiac pathology in individuals with mild initial Covid-19 illness (www.nature.com)

372. 假肉的可持续性如何?

knowablemagazine.org image
How sustainable are fake meats? (knowablemagazine.org)

373. Chitchatter。一个无服务器、去中心化和短暂的P2P聊天应用

Chitchatter: A P2P chat app that is serverless, decentralized, and ephemeral (chitchatter.im)

374. 用于MacOS的用户空间FUSE

Userspace FUSE for macOS (www.fuse-t.org)

375. 米勒-伯尔尼(Mille Bornes)

Mille Bornes (www.codex99.com)

376. 凭借古老的传统和新技术,年轻的因纽特人描绘了他们不断变化的景观

hakaimagazine.com image
With Old Traditions and New Tech, Young Inuit Chart Their Changing Landscape (hakaimagazine.com)

377. Tell HN: 像Kiwifarms这样的网站正在毁掉言论自由

Sites like Kiwifarms are destroying free speech (news.ycombinator.com)

378. 量子计算的泡沫

The quantum computing bubble (www.ft.com)

379. 不要忽视看门人

substackcdn.com image
Don't Ignore the Janitor (happychasing.substack.com)

380. 杀死入侵物种现在成了一项竞争性运动

media.newyorker.com image
Killing Invasive Species Is Now a Competitive Sport (www.newyorker.com)

381. Solr的密集向量搜索用于索引和搜索密集的数字向量

Solr’s Dense Vector Search for indexing and searching dense numerical vectors (solr.apache.org)

382. 适合。综合测试的框架

Fit: Framework for Integrated Test (fit.c2.com)

383. 巴黎失落的宫殿和卢浮宫的形成

www.messynessychic.com image
Paris’s Missing Palace and the Making of the Louvre (www.messynessychic.com)

384. NIST的数学函数数字图书馆

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (dlmf.nist.gov)

385. 静态网站托管的障碍

Static site hosting hurdles (notes.volution.ro)

386. 如何展示后端演示

www.notion.so image
How to Present Backend Demos (rxhl.notion.site)

387. 饱和脂肪:心血管疾病的恶棍和妖怪?

academic.oup.com image
Saturated fat: villain and bogeyman of cardiovascular disease? (academic.oup.com)

388. 黑色小时,摩根MS493

upload.wikimedia.org image
Black Hours, Morgan MS 493 (en.wikipedia.org)

389. 一个小小的Stripe欺诈故事

A small Stripe fraud story (falkus.co)

390. 设计一套连贯的键盘快捷方式

commandbar.ghost.io image
Designing a coherent set of keyboard shortcuts (www.commandbar.com)

391. 苹果AMX指令集(M1/M2矩阵协处理器)

Apple AMX instruction set (M1/M2 matrix coprocessor) (github.com)

392. 解决当前高电价的方法(欧洲)

A solution to current high power prices (Europe) (jeromeaparis.substack.com)

393. 与传统活动相比,编程对数学学习没有好处

ars.els-cdn.com image
Compared to traditional activities, programming did not benefit math learning (www.sciencedirect.com)

394. 意外的复杂性、基本的复杂性和Kubernetes

driftingin.space image
Accidental complexity, essential complexity, and Kubernetes (driftingin.space)

395. 为什么是A4?- 纸张尺寸的数学之美

scilogs.spektrum.de image
Why A4? – The Mathematical Beauty of Paper Size (scilogs.spektrum.de)

396. 数字的历史

epsilon.aeon.co image
History by Numbers (aeon.co)

397. EasyPost (YC S13) 正在招聘远程人员

assets.easypost.com image
EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring Remote (www.easypost.com)

398. 基于地点的科学生产力和成本

www.nber.org image
Place-Based Productivity and Costs in Science (www.nber.org)

399. FLAC格式如何在不损失质量的情况下压缩音频

How the FLAC format compresses audio without loss of quality (xiph.org)

400. 过早优化是万恶之源

martin.leyrer.priv.at image
Premature Optimization is the Root of all Evil (martin.leyrer.priv.at)

401. 如果加密货币按照节点数量而不是市值进行排名会怎样?

chainparrot.com image
What if cryptocurrencies ranked by number of nodes instead of marketcap? (chainparrot.com)

402. 数据泄露事件后--三星强迫用户接受T&CS,否则将面临数据风险

In wake of data breach – Samsung forcing users to accept T&CS or risk their data (thecrow.uk)

403. 没有人的自传》。珍妮特-马尔科姆在她的新书中研究了斯坦因和托克拉斯。

www.bookforum.com image
Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book (www.bookforum.com)

404. 创建一个廉价的飞翼/无人机

www.robotshop.com image
Create an Inexpensive Flying Wing / Drone (www.robotshop.com)

405. 暴力即服务。砖头、燃烧弹和枪击的雇佣关系

krebsonsecurity.com image
Violence-as-a-Service: Brickings, Firebombings and Shootings for Hire (krebsonsecurity.com)

406. 有用的工程衡量标准以及为什么速度不是其中之一

Useful engineering metrics and why velocity is not one of them (lucasfcosta.com)

407. 计算VIN校验和

www.johndcook.com image
Computing VIN Checksums (www.johndcook.com)

408. Show HN: 绘制任何东西 - 一个简单的稳定扩散游乐场

Draw Anything – A Simple Stable Diffusion Playground (www.drawanything.app)

409. 填埋场上的红树林

placesjournal.org image
Mangroves on a Landfill (placesjournal.org)

410. 永恒的编程方式

tomasp.net image
The Timeless Way of Programming (tomasp.net)

411. 艾伦-D-索卡尔--跨越边界 (1995)

Alan D. Sokal – Transgressing the Boundaries (1995) (physics.nyu.edu)

412. 数据库模式库

www.dbschemalibrary.com image
Library of Database Schemas (www.dbschemalibrary.com)

413. 危情》主持人亚历克斯-特雷伯克在与癌症斗争后于80岁去世

www.nydailynews.com image
'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle (www.nydailynews.com)

414. 托马斯-皮凯蒂的财富再分配激进计划

static01.nyt.com image
Thomas Piketty’s Radical Plan to Redistribute Wealth (www.nytimes.com)

415. Cowgod的Chip-8技术参考

Cowgod's Chip-8 Technical Reference (devernay.free.fr)

416. ARM原创操作系统。RISC OS在35年后仍然存在

www.cosfone.com image
ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years (www.cosfone.com)

417. 加利福尼亚州野火烟雾在欧洲上空。气溶胶观测的第一个例子

Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

418. TikTok被黑,超过20亿用户数据库记录被盗。安全研究人员

bsmedia.business-standard.com image
TikTok hacked, over 2 bn user database records stolen: Security researchers (www.business-standard.com)

419. 将死亡与红肉联系起来的研究存在 "严重错误

www.thetimes.co.uk image
'Serious errors' in research linking deaths to red meat (www.thetimes.co.uk)

420. Meticulous (YC S21)正在伦敦招聘3号创始工程师

Meticulous (YC S21) is hiring #3 founding engineer in London (news.ycombinator.com)

421. 所有的贫困都是能源贫困

substackcdn.com image
All poverty is energy poverty (omnibudsman.substack.com)

422. 据报道,亚马逊在Facebook私人群组中对其Flex司机进行调查

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups (www.theverge.com)

423. Ask HN: 错过的YC,后来做得很好(如veed.io)。

YC misses that went on to do well (like veed.io) (news.ycombinator.com)

424. 育碧推迟服务器关闭,防止购买的DLC消失

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Ubisoft delays server shutdowns, prevents purchased DLC from going away (arstechnica.com)

425. 美国采取行动,使联邦资助的研究在发表后免费。

physicstoday.scitation.org image
US moves to make federally funded research free upon publication (physicstoday.scitation.org)

426. SQLite 3.39.3

SQLite 3.39.3 (sqlite.org)

427. 纳米废话:25年的骗局 (2010)

scottlocklin.files.wordpress.com image
Nano-nonsense: 25 years of charlatanry (2010) (scottlocklin.wordpress.com)

428. Common Lisp vs Racket

Common Lisp vs Racket (gist.github.com)

429. 丰田为带有手动变速器和离合器的电动车计划申请专利

cdn.motor1.com image
Toyota patents plans for EV with manual transmission and clutch (insideevs.com)

430. 启动HN:Mito (YC S20) - 编辑电子表格,生成Python

Launch HN: Mito (YC S20) – Edit a spreadsheet, generate Python (news.ycombinator.com)

431. 诺贝尔奖得主Gregg Semenza撤回四篇论文

retractionwatch.com image
Nobel Prize winner Gregg Semenza retracts four papers (retractionwatch.com)

432. "写一个应用程序就像为激光唱片编码"

shkspr.mobi image
“Writing an app is like coding for LaserDisc” (shkspr.mobi)

433. 打破沉默

eclecticlightdotcom.files.wordpress.com image
Breaking the Silence (eclecticlight.co)

434. 颜色--包豪斯

www.getty.edu image
Color – Bauhaus (www.getty.edu)

435. 分析鱼类新鲜度的电子舌 (2008) [pdf]

Electronic tongue to analyze fish freshness (2008) [pdf] (moscow.sci-hub.se)

436. 篡改检测电路 (2020)

Tamper Detect Circuit (2020) (ibex.tech)

437. 芬兰的教育系统正在衰败。我们应该向亚洲看齐吗?

bigthink.com image
Finland’s education system is failing. Should we look to Asia? (bigthink.com)

438. Inco Superstack

upload.wikimedia.org image
Inco Superstack (en.wikipedia.org)

439. 我不想让它靠近我:苹果AirTag如何成为跟踪者的礼物

i.guim.co.uk image
I didn’t want it anywhere near me: how the Apple AirTag became a stalker's gift (www.theguardian.com)

440. 从应用程序中抓取数据:现实世界的例子

substackcdn.com image
Scraping data from an app: real world example (substack.thewebscraping.club)

441. 学习10000张图片 (1973) [pdf]

Learning 10000 Pictures (1973) [pdf] (www.gwern.net)

442. 用JavaScript可视化世界各地的活跃火灾 - Znote博客

Visualize active fires around the world with JavaScript – Znote blog (blog.znote.io)

443. 朱迪数组

Judy Arrays (judy.sourceforge.net)

444. 使用SIMD的高速Unicode程序

High speed Unicode routines using SIMD (github.com)

445. Plink。与朋友和陌生人一起创造史诗般的音乐

Plink: Create epic music together with friends and strangers (plink.in)

446. 一个重新设计的战术决策游戏(TDG)。

A Re-Purposed Tactical Decision Game (TDG) (www.shadowboxtraining.com)

447. 在工作面试中向潜在雇主提出的问题

Questions to ask a prospective employer during a job interview (nibblestew.blogspot.com)

448. 规则;对宗教的尊重

Rules; Reverence for Religion (novalis.org)

449. 黑白色的约翰尼记忆法

www.screenslate.com image
Johnny Mnemonic in Black-and-White (www.screenslate.com)

450. 复兴帕康胶片扫描仪

Reviving the Pakon film scanner (ktkaufman03.github.io)

451. 5G的麻烦

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
The Trouble with 5G (backreaction.blogspot.com)

452. 拯救面孔。人工智能时代的肖像画

www.artforum.com image
Saving Face: Portraiture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (www.artforum.com)

453. 艺术家作为一个成年人的画像

thebaffler.com image
Portrait of the Artist as a Grown Man (thebaffler.com)

454. 自我托管的电子邮件是最难的,但也是最容易的

Self-hosted email is the hardest it's ever been, but also the easiest (vadosware.io)

455. "宜家效应"

“The IKEA Effect” (mannhowie.com)

456. 以我的方式完成电子邮件,第0部分 - 旅程

Email Done My Way, Part 0 – The Journey (jan.wildeboer.net)

457. CreditKarma因信用卡报价误导消费者被FTC罚款3M

thefintechtimes.com image
CreditKarma Fined 3M by FTC for Misleading Consumers with CreditCard Offers (thefintechtimes.com)

458. 地铁卡如何运作 (2005) [pdf]

How MetroCard works (2005) [pdf] (events.ccc.de)

459. 设备上的学习

On Device Learning (geohot.github.io)

460. 什么是多目标优化?

miro.medium.com image
What is multi-objective optimization? (medium.com)

461. 柯达光盘相机

clickamericana.com image
The Kodak Disc Camera (clickamericana.com)

462. 表格式数据深度学习的简短年表

A Short Chronology of Deep Learning for Tabular Data (sebastianraschka.com)

463. 准时制简史 (2003) [pdf]

A Brief History of Just-In-Time (2003) [pdf] (eecs.ucf.edu)

464. 近几年来,人们对热泵的兴趣急剧增加

norwegianscitechnews.com image
Interest in heat pumps has increased dramatically in recent years (norwegianscitechnews.com)

465. 文森特-凡高是色盲吗? (2012)

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
Was Vincent van Gogh color blind? (2012) (www.smithsonianmag.com)

466. 热门芯片34--特斯拉的Dojo微架构

i0.wp.com image
Hot Chips 34 – Tesla’s Dojo Microarchitecture (chipsandcheese.com)