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2022 年 第 38 周归档(09.19 - 09.26)

1. iPhone和行动的可发现性,或者说 "我到底是怎么知道的?"

iPhones and action discoverability, or “How the hell was I supposed to know?” (alexanderell.is)

2. 有争议的卢西恩-弗洛伊德案

media.newyorker.com image
The Case of the Disputed Lucian Freud (www.newyorker.com)

3. 笔记本电脑上的Linux工作得太他妈好,以至于很无聊

miro.medium.com image
Linux on the laptop works so damn well that it’s boring (clivethompson.medium.com)

4. SafeBeat Rx (YC S21)正在招聘人员

bookface-images.s3.amazonaws.com image
SafeBeat Rx (YC S21) Is Hiring (www.ycombinator.com)

5. 在你的C64上插上一把吉他,把它当作一个瓦赫踏板使用

www.orastron.com image
Plug a guitar in your C64 and use it as a wah pedal (www.orastron.com)

6. 免费书籍。Linux IP堆栈评注注释了TCP/IP代码

Free Book: Linux IP Stacks Commentary Annotates TCP/IP Code (www.satchell.net)

7. ARM原创操作系统。RISC OS在35年后仍然存在

www.cosfone.com image
ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years (www.cosfone.com)

8. 约翰-宾利-加兰的血液拼贴画(约1850-60)

the-public-domain-review.imgix.net image
The Blood Collages of John Bingley Garland (Ca. 1850–60) (publicdomainreview.org)

9. 没有人的自传》。珍妮特-马尔科姆在她的新书中研究了斯坦因和托克拉斯。

www.bookforum.com image
Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book (www.bookforum.com)

10. Vulhub: 基于Docker-Compose的预建脆弱环境

Vulhub: Pre-Built Vulnerable Environments Based on Docker-Compose (github.com)

11. Silphion:一种神奇的植物,被认为在2千多年前就已经被吃掉了,陷入灭绝。

i.natgeofe.com image
Silphion: a miracle plant thought to be eaten into extinction 2k years ago (www.nationalgeographic.com)

12. 2023年起Fitbit用户将不得不登录谷歌

regmedia.co.uk image
Fitbit users will have to sign into Google from 2023 (www.theregister.com)

13. 艺术家将影响者的照片与监控录像相匹配

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
Artist Matches Influencer Photos with Surveillance Footage (www.smithsonianmag.com)

14. Ask HN: 源文件应该总是以新行结束吗?

Should source files always end in a new line? (news.ycombinator.com)

15. Samplebrain。一个由Aphex Twin设计的定制样本混杂应用

gitlab.com image
Samplebrain: A custom sample mashing app designed by Aphex Twin (gitlab.com)

16. 危情》主持人亚历克斯-特雷伯克在与癌症斗争后于80岁去世

www.nydailynews.com image
'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle (www.nydailynews.com)

17. 我的加密货币探索的结束

substackcdn.com image
The End of My Crypto Explorations (www.nicolasbustamante.com)

18. 这篇文章中的图片显示它自己的MD5哈希值

retr0.id image
The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash (retr0.id)

19. 在4.4英里处,怀俄明州队创造了新的步枪射击世界纪录

cowboystatedaily.com image
At 4.4 miles, Wyoming team sets new rifle shot world record (cowboystatedaily.com)

20. 飞艇再次崛起(2021年)

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
Airships Rise Again (2021) (www.smithsonianmag.com)

21. 老龄化程序员

Aging Programmer (world.hey.com)

22. 我宁愿吃一个真正的汉堡":植物性肉类在美国的热度消失了

i.guim.co.uk image
‘I’d rather eat an actual burger’: plant-based meat’s sizzle fizzled in the US (www.theguardian.com)

23. 加利福尼亚野火烟雾在欧洲上空。气溶胶观测的第一个例子

Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

24. 据报道,亚马逊在Facebook私人群组中对其Flex司机进行调查

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups (www.theverge.com)

25. 确保开源软件的安全法案》被提交给美国参议院

www.hsgac.senate.gov image
'Securing Open Source Software Act' introduced to US Senate (www.hsgac.senate.gov)

26. Tibia在25年后为游戏添加声音

Tibia is adding sound to the game after 25 years (www.tibia.com)

27. Shasta: 人工智能驱动的音频录制和编辑

pages.adobe.com image
Shasta: AI-powered audio recording and editing (pages.adobe.com)

28. Mozilla称苹果、谷歌和微软强迫用户使用默认浏览器

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Mozilla claims Apple, Google and Microsoft force users to use default browsers (www.techradar.com)

29. 塑料食用菌 (2021)

www.colorado.edu image
Plastic Eating Mushrooms (2021) (www.colorado.edu)

30. 使用Zig-SQLite的虚拟表

Virtual Tables with Zig-SQLite (rischmann.fr)

31. 困难的普通英语单词的字母表 (1604)

A Table Alphabeticall of Hard Usual English Words (1604) (extra.shu.ac.uk)

32. 唱歌的制冰机

The Singing Ice Machine (onefoottsunami.com)

33. 伊朗的抗议活动刺激了互联网的中断

blog.cloudflare.com image
Protests spur Internet disruptions in Iran (blog.cloudflare.com)

34. 伯罗斯-惠勒变换

Burrows–Wheeler Transform (en.wikipedia.org)

35. 阿什比在欧洲招聘希望拥有所有权的工程师(如产品决策)。

Ashby hiring engineers in Europe who want ownership (e.g. product decisions) (www.ashbyhq.com)

36. 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000通过逆向工程重新创建 (2021)

hexus.net image
3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 recreated via reverse engineering (2021) (hexus.net)

37. 自制热泵宣言 (2009)

The Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto (2009) (ecorenovator.org)

38. 使用GPT-3在随机图中进行路径搜索

jacobbrazeal.files.wordpress.com image
Using GPT-3 to pathfind in random graphs (jacobbrazeal.wordpress.com)

39. 德沃夏克在爱荷华 (2020)

www.plough.com image
Dvořák In Iowa (2020) (www.plough.com)

40. 豪尔赫-路易斯-博尔赫斯的自传笔记(1970年)。

media.newyorker.com image
Autobiographical Notes by Jorge Luis Borges (1970) (www.newyorker.com)

41. 美国已经失去了它的石油缓冲区

images.wsj.net image
America Has Lost Its Oil Buffer (www.wsj.com)

42. 分析鱼类新鲜度的电子舌 (2008) [pdf]

Electronic tongue to analyze fish freshness (2008) [pdf] (moscow.sci-hub.se)

43. 埃马纽埃尔-米尼奥特因发现嗜睡症的病因而获得突破性奖项

med.stanford.edu image
Emmanuel Mignot wins Breakthrough Prize for discovering cause of narcolepsy (med.stanford.edu)

44. 闯入英语

dev.lareviewofbooks.org image
Breaking into English (lareviewofbooks.org)

45. 庞贝团体治疗

www.lrb.co.uk image
Pompeian Group Therapy (www.lrb.co.uk)

46. 我所感谢的软件(2021年)

Software I’m thankful for (2021) (crawshaw.io)

47. Xlskubectl - 用电子表格来控制你的Kubernetes集群

Xlskubectl – a spreadsheet to control your Kubernetes cluster (github.com)

48. 自我复制的自动机理论 [pdf]

Theory of Self Reproducing Automata [pdf] (cba.mit.edu)

49. 有东西在困扰着美国航空公司的公告,没有人知道是怎么回事

Something is haunting American Airlines’ announcements and nobody knows how (waxy.org)

50. LXC和LXD:一个不同的容器故事

LXC and LXD: a different container story (lwn.net)

51. 要有批判性,否则就会被腐蚀

www.cenizal.com image
Be critical or be corrupted (www.cenizal.com)

52. 所有关于那个谷物的问题

gateway.fxhash2.xyz image
All about that grain (www.fxhash.xyz)

53. Langcc:新一代的编译器编译器

Langcc: A Next-Generation Compiler Compiler (github.com)

54. Octojam 9: CHIP-8游戏果酱

img.itch.zone image
Octojam 9: The CHIP-8 game jam (itch.io)

55. Replit(YC W18)正在招聘ML工程师,为代码构建AI

replit.com image
Replit (YC W18) Is Hiring ML Engineers to Build AI for Code (replit.com)

56. 为什么《力量之环》节目不好看(第7934号)?

substackcdn.com image
Why the Rings of Power Show Is Not Good (Part #7934) (bottomfeeder.substack.com)

57. 资助海上风电

substackcdn.com image
Financing offshore wind (jeromeaparis.substack.com)

58. Ask HN: 我喜欢孤独。但这种孤独感让我痛苦不堪

I love to be alone. But this loneliness is killing me (news.ycombinator.com)

59. 几百个用于OSINT的在线工具的集合

A collection of several hundred online tools for OSINT (github.com)

60. 用许多编程语言实现的算法和数据结构

the-algorithms.com image
Algorithms and data structures implemented in many programming languages (the-algorithms.com)

61. Fly.io为开发者提供便捷的基础设施

Fly.io makes infrastructure easy for developers (blog.chiselstrike.com)

62. 优化镍的阵列合同

tweag.io image
Optimizing Nickel's Array Contracts (www.tweag.io)

63. Ezno:一个新的TypeScript编译器

kaleidawave.github.io image
Ezno: a new TypeScript compiler (kaleidawave.github.io)

64. 旧金山著名的酸面团曾是毛坯房

img.atlasobscura.com image
San Francisco’s famous sourdough was once gross (www.atlasobscura.com)

65. 一位匿名人士从龙卷风现金中为Redox操作系统捐赠了299个ETH

etherscan.io image
An anonymous person donated 299 ETH from Tornado Cash to Redox OS (etherscan.io)

66. 矩阵式网络绿色代码雨,用爱打造

Matrix web-based green code rain, made with love (github.com)

67. 野火烟雾使数百万美国人暴露在极端污染水平下

news.stanford.edu image
Wildfire smoke is exposing millions of Americans to extreme pollution levels (news.stanford.edu)

68. 你准备好迎接互联网了吗? (1994) [视频]

Are You Ready for the Internet? (1994) [video] (www.youtube.com)

69. 60位骑士暂停战争,进行大逃杀式的死亡竞赛

www.historynet.com image
60 Knights Paused a War to Fight a Battle Royale Death Match (www.historynet.com)

70. Motion(YC W20)正在招聘高级全栈和后端工程师

app.ashbyhq.com image
Motion (YC W20) Is Hiring Senior Full Stack and Back End Engineers (www.usemotion.com)

71. 在围棋中扮演电子的哀嚎

Wails as Electron in Go (wails.io)

72. 扩展org-mode以处理YouTube链接

Extending org-mode to handle YouTube links (bitspook.in)

73. 排除Linux系统高负荷的现代方法(2020)

The modern way for troubleshooting high Linux system load (2020) (tanelpoder.com)

74. 信号TLS代理

Signal TLS Proxy (github.com)

75. 所有知识的总和和网络的遗憾状态

The sum of all knowledge and the sorry state of the web (christianheilmann.com)

76. 拨号调色板--彩色拨号十六进制代码键盘

The Dial Toner – color dial hex code keypad (twitter.com)

77. 研究报告:晚上在家里给汽车充电不是办法

Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go: study (news.stanford.edu)

78. 你应该相信你的直觉吗?

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Should you trust your gut? (www.vox.com)

79. 了解英特尔Optane的关闭情况

cdn.ttgtmedia.com image
Understanding the Intel Optane Shutdown (www.techtarget.com)

80. 怀孕期间母亲的氟化物暴露与智商分数的关系

cdn.jamanetwork.com image
Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy and IQ Scores (jamanetwork.com)

81. Show HN: Morgan - 用于受限/脱机环境的PyPI镜像

Morgan – PyPI Mirror for Restricted/Offline Environments (github.com)

82. 通往128位Linux之路

The Road to 128 bit Linux (lwn.net)

83. Show HN: 作为RPG的Vim教程

vim-adventures.com image
Vim Tutorial as RPG (vim-adventures.com)

84. 一对Rust内核模块

A pair of Rust kernel modules (lwn.net)

85. 尽管每年都有更快的宽带,但网页的加载速度并不快

www.datafantic.com image
Despite faster broadband every year, web pages don't load any faster (www.datafantic.com)

86. 认识隔壁的说客

media.wired.com image
Meet the Lobbyist Next Door (www.wired.com)

87. 平衡 "如果没有坏,就不要修 "与 "尽早和经常发布 "之间的关系。

www.redhat.com image
Balancing “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” vs. “Release early and often” (www.redhat.com)

88. Deepnote(YC S19)正在招聘工程师,以建立一个更好的Jupyter笔记本

deepnote.com image
Deepnote (YC S19) is hiring engineers to build a better Jupyter notebook (deepnote.com)

89. 任天堂开关的旅程

cdn.factorio.com image
The journey to Nintendo Switch (factorio.com)

90. 未定义的行为应该有更好的声誉 (2021)

blog.sigplan.org image
Undefined Behavior deserves a better reputation (2021) (blog.sigplan.org)

91. 为什么成年人仍然梦想着上学

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Why adults still dream about school (www.theatlantic.com)

92. Ask HN: WhatsApp "端对端加密 "信息引发的广告

Ads triggered by WhatsApp “end to end encrypted” messages (news.ycombinator.com)

93. 鹦鹉

upload.wikimedia.org image
Cassowary (en.wikipedia.org)

94. TLDR解释了一段代码的作用

TLDR explains what a piece of code does (twitter.com)

95. 关于计算机和编程的简短思考

Short Thoughts on Computers and Programming (www.datagubbe.se)

96. 为什么冒险游戏很糟糕

images-grumpygamer.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com image
Why Adventure Games Suck (grumpygamer.com)

97. 反物质将粪便贴到课堂上

techcrunch.com image
Antimatter Brings Shitposting to the Classroom (techcrunch.com)

98. 来自前Adobe员工。关于Adobe收购Figma

substackcdn.com image
From Ex-Adobe Employee: On Adobe Acquiring Figma (build.typogram.co)

99. 问题解决协议

Problem solving protocol (datasciencefromzero.com)

100. 佛罗里达州致最高法院。让我们把社交网络作为共同载体来监管

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Florida to Supreme Court: Let us regulate social networks as common carriers (arstechnica.com)

101. AlphaFold开发者赢得300万美元的突破性奖金

media.nature.com image
AlphaFold developers win $3M breakthrough prize (www.nature.com)

102. 递增的矢量

travisdowns.github.io image
Incrementing Vectors (travisdowns.github.io)

103. 永久HTTP重定向的纠结问题

Tangled issues with permanent HTTP redirects (utcc.utoronto.ca)

104. 南亚多危机

substackcdn.com image
The South Asian Polycrisis (adamtooze.substack.com)

105. 命令行的看板

Kanban Board for the Command Line (github.com)

106. 夜航

img.incoherency.co.uk image
Nightdrive (incoherency.co.uk)

107. 书评。开放电路

Book Review: Open Circuits (www.bunniestudios.com)

108. OpenBSD服务器机架 (2009)

OpenBSD Server Rack (2009) (www.openbsd.org)

109. 超级地球比地球更大、更适合居住,天文学家对此表示怀疑

singularityhub.com image
Super-Earths Are Bigger and More Habitable Than Earth, and Astronomers Are Di (singularityhub.com)

110. 谷歌希望通过新的开放媒体格式来对抗杜比公司

www.protocol.com image
Google wants to take on Dolby with new open media formats (www.protocol.com)

111. 阿帕奇沈阳项目的毕业生

Apache Shenyu Project Graduates (github.com)

112. Factorio是我们拥有的最好的技术面试(2021年)

erikmcclure.com image
Factorio Is the Best Technical Interview We Have (2021) (erikmcclure.com)

113. 帮助伊朗人民重新连接到信号--对我们社区的一个请求

signal.org image
Help people in Iran reconnect to Signal – a request to our community (signal.org)

114. 在GPU因自身重力而崩溃之前,我们需要新的主板

erikmcclure.com image
We Need New Motherboards Before GPUs Collapse Under Their Own Gravity (erikmcclure.com)

115. 避免用代码做作业(和被抓到)。

Avoiding homework with code (and getting caught) (alistair.blog)

116. 用加密货币支付扩大未来工作的机会

images.ctfassets.net image
Expanding access to the future of work with crypto payouts (stripe.com)

117. 开采锂矿的热潮可能使安第斯山脉的高地干涸

e360.yale.edu image
The rush to mine lithium could dry up the high Andes (e360.yale.edu)

118. Pcmcia Pico W卡

Pcmcia Pico W Card (www.yyzkevin.com)

119. 科学史家有太多的大图片,而不是太少(2016)

1.bp.blogspot.com image
Historians of science have too many big pictures, not too few (2016) (doublerfraction.blogspot.com)

120. SFU、MCU或P2P。这些WebRTC架构之间有什么区别?

stream-blog-v2.imgix.net image
SFU, MCU, or P2P: What’s the Difference Between These WebRTC Architectures? (getstream.io)

121. 自我管理的DRAM芯片的案例

static.arxiv.org image
A Case for Self-Managing DRAM Chips (arxiv.org)

122. 新故事》(YC S15)正在招聘一名财务主管

newstorycharity.org image
New Story (YC S15) Is Hiring a Controller (newstorycharity.org)

123. 事实证明,Facebook对心理健康有负面影响

english.tau.ac.il image
Facebook proven to negatively impact mental health (english.tau.ac.il)

124. 豪华媒体

Luxury Media (www.tbray.org)

125. 研究发现,中世纪早期的英格兰出现了移民现象

www.medievalists.net image
Migration came to Early Medieval England, study finds (www.medievalists.net)

126. 规划的一般理论中的困境 (1973) [pdf]

Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning (1973) [pdf] (hci.stanford.edu)

127. 以身作则的C++

C++ by Example (cppbyexample.com)

128. Slack的全新功能有一个出乎意料的丰富背景故事

images.fastcompany.net image
Slack’s brand-new feature has an unexpectedly rich backstory (www.fastcompany.com)

129. Java仍然流行的原因

hashnode.com image
The Reason Java Is Still Popular (debugagent.com)

130. Tell HN: Reddit在创建时对账户进行影子禁制

Reddit shadowban account upon creation (news.ycombinator.com)

131. 用你自己的后端扩展supabase--非常容易

Extending supabase with your own back end – its supa easy (blog.xa0.de)

132. Chainalysis。一家帮助政府追踪加密货币的初创公司

assets.bwbx.io image
Chainalysis: A startup that helps governments trace crypto (www.bloomberg.com)

133. 强型超导的起源

d2r55xnwy6nx47.cloudfront.net image
The origin of the strong form of superconductivity (www.quantamagazine.org)

134. 怀疑的解释

Doubt explanations (sive.rs)

135. 以缓慢和难以置信的方式减肥

assets.nautil.us image
Lose weight the slow and incredibly difficult way (nautil.us)

136. SingleStore的跳过列表索引

www.singlestore.com image
SingleStore’s Skiplist Indexes (www.singlestore.com)

137. Hightouch (YC S19)正在招聘一名工程经理

s4-recruiting.cdn.greenhouse.io image
Hightouch (YC S19) Is Hiring an Engineering Manager (boards.greenhouse.io)

138. 红宝石内置哈希持久性

Ruby Built-In Hash Persistence (github.com)

139. 随着动荡的加剧,伊朗限制了对Instagram和WhatsApp的访问

www.reuters.com image
As unrest grows, Iran restricts access to Instagram, WhatsApp (www.reuters.com)

140. 恋爱方式和态度的性别和年龄差异

Gender and Age Differences in Love Styles and Attitudes (www.dimensional.me)

141. Show HN: 我做了一个开源的Bitly替代品

dub.sh image
I made an open-source Bitly alternative (dub.sh)

142. 美国数据隐私和保护法

American Data Privacy and Protection Act (www.congress.gov)

143. 电热服 (2013)

krisdedecker.typepad.com image
Electrically heated clothing (2013) (www.lowtechmagazine.com)

144. 我花了两年时间试图免费做后台的工作

149351115.v2.pressablecdn.com image
I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free (stackoverflow.blog)

145. 通往现实的全身深层假象之路

metaphysic.ai image
The Road to Realistic Full-Body Deepfakes (metaphysic.ai)

146. Wasp (YC W21)正在招聘从事DSL制作的工程师(编译器、webdev),以制作网络应用。

Wasp (YC W21) is hiring eng to work on DSL for making web apps (compiler, webdev) (news.ycombinator.com)

147. 尼安德特人创造了艺术吗?

www.sapiens.org image
Did Neanderthals Make Art? (www.sapiens.org)

148. 谷歌在欧盟上诉中败诉,被罚款40亿美元的记录

images.axios.com image
Google loses EU appeal and is fined a record $4B (www.axios.com)

149. 在美国政府的授意下,大科技公司的审查制度

tablet-mag-images.b-cdn.net image
Censorship by Big Tech at the behest of the U.S. government (www.tabletmag.com)

150. ZincSearch - 用Go编写的Elasticsearch的轻量级替代品

ZincSearch – lightweight alternative to Elasticsearch written in Go (zincsearch.com)

151. 脸书被诉绕过苹果隐私规则窥探用户隐私

assets.bwbx.io image
Facebook sued for skirting Apple privacy rules to snoop on users (www.bloomberg.com)

152. 没有休息和用餐的长途飞行。神鸟的史诗般的旅程

static01.nyt.com image
A Long-Haul Flight with No Breaks or Meals: The Godwit’s Epic Journey (www.nytimes.com)

153. 围棋中的位图索引。搜索速度

habr.com image
Bitmap Indexes in Go: Search Speed (habr.com)

154. 我想出了一个更好的方法来与用户沟通

I came up with a better way to communicate with users (news.ycombinator.com)

155. 发动机制造商对超音速表示失望,让波姆陷入困境

d3lcr32v2pp4l1.cloudfront.net image
Engine makers sound downbeat on supersonic, leaving Boom in a bind (www.flightglobal.com)

156. 在iOS16中,系统内存分配器的释放操作将去分配的块清零

System memory allocator free operation zeroes out deallocated blocks in iOS 16 (mjtsai.com)

157. FB、Instagram、WhatsApp封锁伊朗账户,甚至在国外也是如此

FB, Instagram, WhatsApp blocking Iranian accounts, even outside the country (twitter.com)

158. 宇宙大爆炸应该使空间出现裂缝,为什么我们没有发现它们?

cdn.arstechnica.net image
The Big Bang should have made cracks in spacetime–why haven’t we found them? (arstechnica.com)

159. AWS与GCP的可靠性有天壤之别

AWS vs. GCP reliability is wildly different (freeman.vc)

160. 惠普土星

upload.wikimedia.org image
HP Saturn (en.wikipedia.org)

161. 关于TypeScript类型系统的文字冒险游戏

A text adventure game on TypeScript's type system (github.com)

162. 内存设计优化了系统性能

semiengineering.com image
Memory Design Optimizes System Performance (semiengineering.com)

163. 无锁定算法 (2010)

Lockfree Algorithms (2010) (www.1024cores.net)

164. Show HN: Rocketry - 现代调度器,为你的Python项目提供动力

Rocketry – Modern scheduler to power your Python projects (github.com)

165. 所以你想与Steam竞争

www.fortressofdoors.com image
So You Want to Compete with Steam (www.fortressofdoors.com)

166. MinIO通过1B累积的Docker Pulls

blog.min.io image
MinIO passes 1B cumulative Docker Pulls (blog.min.io)

167. 有史以来最大的制图错误--加州[视频]

The biggest mapping mistake of all time – California [video] (www.youtube.com)

168. 传统包装不适合现代应用

theevilskeleton.gitlab.io image
Traditional Packaging Is Not Suitable for Modern Applications (theevilskeleton.gitlab.io)

169. 即使没有互联网,也能对应用程序进行实时同步

Real-time sync for apps even without the internet (www.ditto.live)

170. 为什么我们在制作冰淇淋时要在冰上撒盐?

Why do we salt the ice when making ice cream? (www.timothyrice.org)

171. 重看《飞驰人生》的礼物

cdn.theatlantic.com image
The Gift of Rewatching Spirited Away (www.theatlantic.com)

172. 布鲁塞尔的精神病医生现在可以开出免费参观博物馆的处方了

i.guim.co.uk image
Psychiatrists in Brussels can now prescribe free visits to museums (www.theguardian.com)

173. 绘制未知的地图--绘制任何行业的步骤

steveblank.com image
Mapping the unknown – Steps to map any industry (steveblank.com)

174. 提供真正的HTML内容会使网站更快?

blog.webpagetest.org image
Will serving real HTML content make a website faster? (blog.webpagetest.org)

175. Websdr.org - 连接到互联网的软件定义无线电接收器

Websdr.org – Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet (websdr.org)

176. 漫步mp3rson是一款索尼从未制造过的MP3播放器

hackaday.com image
Walkmp3rson Is an MP3 Player Like Sony Never Made (hackaday.com)

177. 死亡率为100%的欺骗性水段

i1.wp.com image
The Deceiving Stretch of Water with 100% Mortality Rate (the-yorkshireman.com)

178. 用机器视觉自动化的激光来消灭蟑螂

Neutralisation of cockroaches with laser automated by machine vision (www.researchgate.net)

179. 美达和谷歌正在裁员

images.wsj.net image
Meta and Google are cutting staff (www.wsj.com)

180. 甘草在干涸的咸海的盐碱地上生长旺盛

www.economist.com image
Liquorice flourishes in salty soils of the dried-up Aral Sea (www.economist.com)

181. 亚马逊删除了对安吉拉-塞尼的《卓越》的最高评分评论

substackcdn.com image
Amazon deletes top-rated review of Angela Saini's 'Superior' (noahcarl.substack.com)

182. 在Debian中使用佳能EOS相机作为网络摄像头

Using a Canon EOS camera as a webcam in Debian (www.schlachter.xyz)

183. Olive.c:一个简单的图形库,没有任何依赖性。

Olive.c: a simple graphics library that does not have any dependencies (tsoding.org)

184. IT群英会》美国试点

archive.org image
The IT Crowd US Pilot (archive.org)

185. 现代性与地球极限不相容:未来的计划

ars.els-cdn.com image
Modernity is incompatible with planetary limits: a PLAN for the future (www.sciencedirect.com)

186. 崩溃后的风险投资市场是什么样子的?

miro.medium.com image
What Does the Post Crash VC Market Look Like? (bothsidesofthetable.com)

187. 跳过使用FoundationDB建立数据库的无聊部分

blog.tigrisdata.com image
Skipping the boring parts of building a database using FoundationDB (blog.tigrisdata.com)

188. Q - 直接在CSV或TSV文件上运行SQL

Q – Run SQL Directly on CSV or TSV Files (harelba.github.io)

189. Beyond Meat因咬伤男子的鼻子而暂停首席运营官的职务

Beyond Meat Suspends COO for Biting of Man’s Nose (investors.beyondmeat.com)

190. 爱尔兰图书馆员谴责威利公司将数百种图书从馆藏中移除的做法

Irish Librarians condemn Wiley’s removal of hundreds of titles from collections (www.libraryassociation.ie)

191. 量子隧道使DNA更加不稳定

static.scientificamerican.com image
Quantum tunneling makes DNA more unstable (www.scientificamerican.com)

192. 盖蒂图片社因担心版权索赔而禁止人工智能生成的内容

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Getty Images bans AI-generated content over fears of copyright claims (www.theverge.com)

193. 睐睐

fly.io image
LiteFS (fly.io)

194. Emacs历史上最有争议的变化(2021)

lars.ingebrigtsen.no image
The most controversial change in Emacs history (2021) (lars.ingebrigtsen.no)

195. 自4月中旬以来,美联储已经从金融系统中提取了约1400亿美元的流动资金

Since mid-April, the Fed has withdrawn ~$140B of liquidity from financial system (fred.stlouisfed.org)

196. 音乐节拍同步的全基因组关联显示出高度的多基因性

media.springernature.com image
Genome-wide association of musical beat synchronization shows high polygenicity (www.nature.com)

197. Twitch终于对赌博采取了行动

substackcdn.com image
Twitch finally takes action against gambling (www.jacobwolf.report)

198. 分享一些关于BTRFS压缩的统计数据

dataswamp.org image
Sharing some statistics about BTRFS compression (dataswamp.org)

199. 茱莉亚ODE求解的编译时间如何从30秒缩短到0.1秒

sciml.ai image
How Julia ODE Solve Compile Time Was Reduced from 30 Seconds to 0.1 (sciml.ai)

200. 将军。作弊检测

substackcdn.com image
Checkmate: Cheating Detection (joeposnanski.substack.com)

201. 烧烤模式对风扇性能/噪音的影响(2011年)

cdn.pugetsystems.com image
Effects of grill patterns on fan performance/noise (2011) (www.pugetsystems.com)

202. EasyPost (YC S13) 正在招聘远程人员

assets.easypost.com image
EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring Remote (www.easypost.com)

203. 绑架、殴打、扣押20万美元赎金的SIM卡交换者

krebsonsecurity.com image
SIM Swapper Abducted, Beaten, Held for $200k Ransom (krebsonsecurity.com)

204. Innernet。一个在引擎盖下使用WireGuard的私人网络系统

Innernet: A private network system that uses WireGuard under the hood (github.com)

205. 寻找世界上最无用的办公室福利

www.adsoftheworld.com image
The Search for the Most Useless Office Perk in the World (www.adsoftheworld.com)

206. Whisper - OpenAI的开源语音识别

openai.com image
Whisper – open source speech recognition by OpenAI (openai.com)

207. 新的韦伯图像捕捉到了几十年来最清晰的海王星环的景色

www.nasa.gov image
New Webb image captures clearest view of Neptune’s rings in decades (www.nasa.gov)

208. 你的工作很重要。据此制定你的时间表

Your Work Matters. Build Your Schedule Accordingly (www.calnewport.com)

209. ARM原创操作系统。RISC OS在35年后仍然存在

www.cosfone.com image
ARM original operating system: RISC OS still alive after 35 years (www.cosfone.com)

210. 没有人的自传》。珍妮特-马尔科姆在她的新书中研究了斯坦因和托克拉斯。

www.bookforum.com image
Nobody’s Autobiography: Janet Malcolm examines Stein and Toklas in her new book (www.bookforum.com)

211. 用GNU Guix黑掉任何东西

Hacking Anything with GNU Guix (gexp.no)

212. 即日起,Getty Images将停止接受使用人工智能创作的艺术品。

Effective immediately, Getty Images will cease to accept art created using AI (app.engage.gettyimages.com)

213. 加州1号公路关闭,摩斯兰丁发布就地收容令(特斯拉大火)。

s.hdnux.com image
Ca Hwy 1 closed, shelter-in-place issued for Moss Landing (Tesla Megapack fire) (www.sfgate.com)

214. 我一直在建立一个成功公司的数据库

api.placid.app image
I’ve been building a database of successful companies (www.starterstory.com)

215. 下一代隐形轰炸机B-21 "突袭者 "于2022年12月揭幕

www.northropgrumman.com image
Next-gen stealth bomber the B-21 Raider unveils December 2022 (www.northropgrumman.com)

216. 英国女王的英语揭示了一个不断变化的世界的情况

What the Queen's English revealed about a changing world (www.bbc.com)

217. 危情》主持人亚历克斯-特雷贝克在与癌症斗争后去世,享年80岁

www.nydailynews.com image
'Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek dead at 80 after cancer battle (www.nydailynews.com)

218. 框架笔记本电脑的Chromebook版

images.prismic.io image
The Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition (frame.work)

219. 稳定币发行商Tether被勒令出示显示支持USDT的文件

s.yimg.com image
Stablecoin Issuer Tether Ordered to Produce Documents Showing Backing of USDT (finance.yahoo.com)

220. 科学家计算出全球蚂蚁的数量:20万亿只

Scientists calculated global population of ants: 20 quadrillion (www.pnas.org)

221. Decipad - 它就像具有解决问题能力的Notion一样

uploads-ssl.webflow.com image
Decipad – It's like Notion with problem-solving capabilities (www.decipad.com)

222. Betterbird: 一个微调的Mozilla Thunderbird版本

www.betterbird.eu image
Betterbird: a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird (www.betterbird.eu)

223. 我可以使用系统调用吗?

Can I use a system call? (justine.lol)

224. 莫顿-苏博特尼克

Morton Subotnick (www.mortonsubotnick.com)

225. 加利福尼亚野火烟雾在欧洲上空。气溶胶观测的第一个例子

Californian wildfire smoke over Europe: A first example of the aerosol observing (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

226. 据报道,亚马逊在Facebook私人群组中对其Flex司机进行调查

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Amazon reportedly surveilling its Flex drivers in private Facebook groups (www.theverge.com)

227. Die Antwoord的新视频《幻觉时代》由AI创作

retrofuturista.com image
Die Antwoord’S New Video, Age of Illusion, Created by AI (retrofuturista.com)

228. 平行经济。抗审查的支付处理

media.sitecenter.us image
Parallel Economy: Censor-Resistant Payment Processing (www.paralleleconomy.com)

229. 美国的禁书:日益增长的学校图书审查运动

pen.org image
Banned in the USA: The Growing Movement to Censor Books in Schools (pen.org)

230. 前台的后台

blog.frankel.ch image
Backend for Front-end (blog.frankel.ch)

231. 达摩与厄运: 一部翻译作品使一部古代印度史诗的结局得以重现

theamericanscholar.org image
Of Dharma and Doom: A translation revives the ending of an ancient Indian epic (theamericanscholar.org)

232. Nvidia发布RTX 6000,配备48GB GDDR6 ECC内存

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Nvidia Reveals RTX 6000 with 48GB GDDR6 ECC Memory (www.tomshardware.com)

233. Show HN: 发送一个GitHub网络钩子到一个私人的URL上

Send a GitHub webhook to a private URL (github.com)

234. 顺应性语言和FullPliant操作系统

Pliant language and FullPliant operating system (www.fullpliant.org)

235. 越南的古鲸鱼寺庙正在帮助科学发展

img.atlasobscura.com image
Vietnam’s Ancient Whale Temples Are Helping Science (www.atlasobscura.com)

236. 美国国家运输安全委员会希望所有新车都能检查司机是否饮酒

media.npr.org image
The NTSB wants all new vehicles to check drivers for alcohol use (www.npr.org)

237. 卡累利阿问题

upload.wikimedia.org image
Karelian Question (en.wikipedia.org)

238. 一位匿名捐赠者刚刚向redox_OS发送了299个以太币(相当于39.3万美元)。

An anonymous donor just sent 299 Ether (equivalent to 393,000 USD) to redox_OS (twitter.com)

239. 贝宝对《每日怀疑论》进行扣押

dailysceptic.org image
PayPal Demonetises the Daily Sceptic (dailysceptic.org)

240. 一个气候爱情故事

A Climate Love Story (dothemath.ucsd.edu)

241. Ask HN: 数学学习计划?

A Math Study Program? (news.ycombinator.com)

242. 开放源代码中的权利

mikemcquaid.com image
Entitlement in Open Source (mikemcquaid.com)

243. 首次报告针对AMD桌面CPU的EMFI攻击

static.arxiv.org image
First reported EMFI attack against an AMD desktop CPU (arxiv.org)

244. 分析鱼类新鲜度的电子舌 (2008) [pdf]

Electronic tongue to analyze fish freshness (2008) [pdf] (moscow.sci-hub.se)

245. 根据关于推荐的新研究,YouTube的 "不喜欢 "几乎不起作用

s.yimg.com image
YouTube’s ‘dislike’ barely works according to new study on recommendations (www.engadget.com)

246. 流行的 "我不关心饼干 "扩展的叉子

Fork of the popular “I don't care about cookies” extension (github.com)

247. 数学哲学--阅读清单(2020)

Philosophy of mathematics – a reading list (2020) (www.logicmatters.net)

248. Demodesk公司正在招聘全栈式产品工程师

assets.website-files.com image
Demodesk GmbH Is Hiring a Full-Stack Product Engineer (demodesk.com)

249. Emacs: 20×10%

lars.ingebrigtsen.no image
Emacs: 20×10% (lars.ingebrigtsen.no)

250. 阅读的权利 (1997)

The Right to Read (1997) (www.gnu.org)

251. 一位前情报官员的酒店安全提示

www.securitymagazine.com image
Hotel Safety Tips from a Former Intelligence Officer (www.securitymagazine.com)

252. 跨编程语言的能源效率(2017) [pdf]

Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages (2017) [pdf] (greenlab.di.uminho.pt)

253. Ask HN: 你后悔做一个通才吗?

Do you regret being a generalist? (news.ycombinator.com)

254. 德州仪器TMX 1795:几乎第一个被遗忘的微处理器 (2015)

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
Texas Instruments TMX 1795: the almost first, forgotten microprocessor (2015) (www.righto.com)

255. 软件可以简化供应链吗?

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Can software simplify the supply chain? (www.theverge.com)

256. Etleap (YC W13) 正在招聘软件工程师 - 伦敦

Etleap (YC W13) Is Hiring Software Engineer – London (etleap.com)

257. 废物利用时间 1.0

bytecodealliance.org image
Wasmtime 1.0 (bytecodealliance.org)

258. JITX(YC S18)推出全面供应并宣布获得红杉的A轮投资

assets.website-files.com image
JITX (YC S18) launches general availability and announces Series A from Sequoia (www.jitx.com)

259. 了解如何释放TypeScript类型系统的全部潜力

type-level-typescript.com image
Learn how to unleash the full potential of the type system of TypeScript (type-level-typescript.com)

260. 紧凑型电子加速器只用光就能达到新的速度

scx2.b-cdn.net image
Compact electron accelerator reaches new speeds with nothing but light (phys.org)

261. Cloudflare Beta (2009)

Cloudflare Beta (2009) (www.projecthoneypot.org)

262. 邦迪夫人 (2015)

themorningnews.org image
Mrs. Bundy (2015) (themorningnews.org)

263. 故意不完美的艺术 (2017)

lh3.googleusercontent.com image
The Art of Deliberate Imperfection (2017) (www.amusingplanet.com)

264. 废弃一台有40年历史的Tandy 100型便携式计算机

spectrum.ieee.org image
Upcyling a 40-year-old Tandy Model 100 Portable Computer (spectrum.ieee.org)

265. 你不会想成为Cloudflare的淘气名单上的人吧

www.ctrl.blog image
You don’t want to be on Cloudflare’s naughty list (www.ctrl.blog)

266. gPodder。一个简单的、开源的播客客户端

gPodder: A simple, open-source podcast client (gpodder.github.io)

267. 从量子计算的炒作中解读事实

spectrum.ieee.org image
Disentangling the Facts from the Hype of Quantum Computing (spectrum.ieee.org)

268. uBlock Origin Lite: 描述

uBlock Origin Lite: Description (github.com)

269. 反应 我爱你,但你让我失望了

marmelab.com image
React I love you, but you're bringing me down (marmelab.com)

270. 使用直键的高速莫尔斯电报[视频] (2011)

High speed Morse telegraphy using a straight key [video] (2011) (www.youtube.com)

271. 星际公民》已超过5亿资金

robertsspaceindustries.com image
Star Citizen has passed half a billion in funding (robertsspaceindustries.com)

272. LibRedirect: 将YouTube、Twitter、Instagram重定向至隐私友好型服务

LibRedirect: Redirect YouTube, Twitter, Instagram to privacy friendly services (github.com)

273. 开发成本最高的视频游戏列表

List of most expensive video games to develop (en.wikipedia.org)

274. 结构化并发和Lua

Structured concurrency and Lua (gist.github.com)

275. 为什么地理围栏将启用L5

semiengineering.com image
Why Geofencing Will Enable L5 (semiengineering.com)

276. 哈希碰撞和利用 - 即时MD5碰撞

Hash collisions and exploitations – Instant MD5 collision (github.com)

277. 鼎的投标人

d1tdv5xoeixo5.cloudfront.net image
Bidders of the Din (www.vqronline.org)

278. 欧盟开放网络搜索项目启动

EU Open Web Search Project Started (www.zylstra.org)

279. 今天可以使用。Windows 11 2022更新

blogs.windows.com image
Available today: The Windows 11 2022 Update (blogs.windows.com)

280. 砾石自行车的空气动力学

Aerodynamics of Gravel Bikes (www.renehersecycles.com)

281. 智力与激进的经济态度

ars.els-cdn.com image
Intelligence and Radical Economic Attitudes (www.sciencedirect.com)

282. 语言建模的拼写介绍:构建Makemore。第二部分:MLP

The spelled-out intro to language modeling: building makemore. Part 2: MLP (www.youtube.com)

283. 填补空白。现代早期书籍空白处的注释

www.historytoday.com image
Filling the Gaps: Notes in the margins of early modern books (www.historytoday.com)

284. Ask HN: 即将有一个孩子,完全被工作所累,我该怎么办?

About to have a child, completely burnt out at my job, what do I do? (news.ycombinator.com)

285. GTK4与Common Lisp的绑定

GTK4 Bindings for Common Lisp (github.com)

286. GeForce RTX 40系列

www.nvidia.com image
GeForce RTX 40 Series (www.nvidia.com)

287. 缓存你的CORS

httptoolkit.tech image
Cache your CORS (httptoolkit.tech)

288. 如何撰写体育评论 (2009)

www.gamedeveloper.com image
How to write sports commentary (2009) (www.gamedeveloper.com)

289. 改变公众的看法

Changing Public Perception (avc.com)

290. 数据狗的DRUIDS

druids.datadoghq.com image
DRUIDS by Datadog (druids.datadoghq.com)

291. 公共基础设施的用户体验测试

UX Testing for Public Infrastructure (setharielgreen.com)

292. 欧洲法院推翻了德国关于不加区分地保留数据的法律

mailbox.org image
European Court of Justice overturns German law on indiscriminate data retention (mailbox.org)

293. 启动HN:Spinach.io(YC W22)--更好的每日站台

Launch HN: Spinach.io (YC W22) – Better daily standups (news.ycombinator.com)

294. Tell HN: 有人实施了我在博客上写的东西

Somebody implemented something I wrote a blog about (news.ycombinator.com)

295. 我从用户那里学到的东西

What I’ve learned from users (paulgraham.com)

296. 美国的开放性伤口

substackcdn.com image
America’s Open Wound (edwardsnowden.substack.com)

297. Ask HN: 贵公司如何处理迟到的项目?

How does your company handle late running projects? (news.ycombinator.com)

298. 只是提醒一下。2019年RX470为70美元,RX580为100美元

postadio.com image
Just a reminder: In 2019 RX470 were $70, RX580 $100 (postadio.com)

299. 具有现代工具的入门级COBOL教育材料

www.openmainframeproject.org image
Introductory-level educational COBOL materials with modern tooling (www.openmainframeproject.org)

300. 深入研究自定义PDF和ePub的生成

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
Diving deeper into custom PDF and ePub generation (nibblestew.blogspot.com)

301. 2000-瓦特协会

2000-Watt Society (en.wikipedia.org)

302. 以色列发现 "极其罕见 "的拉美西斯二世时期的墓葬洞穴

scx2.b-cdn.net image
'Extremely rare' Rameses II-era burial cave found in Israel (phys.org)

303. 爪哇 19

Java 19 (jdk.java.net)

304. 德怀尔压力工程和应用手册 [pdf]

Dwyer Pressure Engineering and Applications Handbook [pdf] (dwyer-inst.com)

305. 基于内容的变化检测与Make

Content based change detection with Make (andydote.co.uk)

306. 苹果是自称代表小型开发者的游说团体的最大资助者

cdn.arstechnica.net image
Apple is top funder of lobby group that says it represents small developers (arstechnica.com)

307. SQLite。过去、现在和未来

blogger.googleusercontent.com image
SQLite: Past, Present, and Future (muratbuffalo.blogspot.com)

308. R. 克鲁姆的意思是有些冒犯

static01.nyt.com image
R. Crumb Means Some Offense (www.nytimes.com)

309. 使用银励SK840编织机

Using the Silver Reed SK840 Knitting Machine (wiki.cci.arts.ac.uk)

310. 马格努斯-卡尔森对汉斯-尼曼下了一步棋就辞职了。反应

cdn.sanity.io image
Magnus Carlsen resigns against Hans Niemann after ONE move: The reaction (new.chess24.com)

311. 戈达尔是电影

www.thenation.com image
Godard Was Cinema (www.thenation.com)

312. 瑞士的消费电子博物馆

spectrum.ieee.org image
Switzerland’s Museum of Consumer Electronics (spectrum.ieee.org)

313. 对庞氏骗局的博弈论看法

blog.ponzifarm.com image
A game-theory take on ponzi schemes (blog.ponzifarm.com)

314. 即将到来的应用程序和应用内购买的价格和税收变化

developer.apple.com image
Upcoming price and tax changes for apps and in-app purchases (developer.apple.com)

315. 人才漩涡。黑手党和磁铁

substackcdn.com image
The Talent Vortex: Mafias and Magnets (investing1012dot0.substack.com)

316. 1Hz的CPU在Minecraft中制作,以0.1fps运行Minecraft[视频]

1Hz CPU made in Minecraft running Minecraft at 0.1fps [video] (www.youtube.com)

317. 纳戈尔诺-卡拉巴赫的古老仇恨的神话

www.historytoday.com image
Nagorno-Karabakh’s Myth of Ancient Hatreds (www.historytoday.com)

318. 我正在建造一个自毁的U盘第二部分

I'm Building a Self-Destructing USB Drive Part 2 (interruptlabs.ca)

319. OCaml中的自动差异化

codeberg.org image
Automatic Differentiation in OCaml (codeberg.org)

320. 当时和现在的性行为

www.the-tls.co.uk image
Sexual Behaviour Then and Now (www.the-tls.co.uk)

321. 我是一个富有成效的程序员,拥有果蝇般的记忆力

hynek.me image
I’m a productive programmer with a memory of a fruit fly (hynek.me)

322. 呵护世界上唯一已知的全卡卡波羽绒斗篷

blog.britishmuseum.org image
Caring for the only known full kākāpō feather cloak in the world (blog.britishmuseum.org)

323. 更快的CPython 3.12计划

Faster CPython 3.12 Plan (github.com)

324. Azure首席技术官:"是时候停止用C/C++启动任何新项目了"

Azure CTO: “It's time to halt starting any new projects in C/C++” (twitter.com)

325. 为什么孩子们害怕寻求帮助

static.scientificamerican.com image
Why kids are afraid to ask for help (www.scientificamerican.com)

326. 索尼的Nextorage展示PCIe 5.0 SSD,进军SSD市场

cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Sony's Nextorage Demos PCIe 5.0 SSD as It Enters SSD Market (www.tomshardware.com)

327. 在MV3中,代理的Chrome扩展程序将无法使用

Proxy Chrome extensions are not going to be usable in MV3 (bugs.chromium.org)

328. Jqp。一个探索jq的TUI游乐场

Jqp: A TUI playground for exploring jq (github.com)

329. 字体分类百科 (2009)

Typeclassopedia (2009) (wiki.haskell.org)

330. 学者们终于破译了一种神秘的古代文字吗?

th-thumbnailer.cdn-si-edu.com image
Have Scholars Finally Deciphered a Mysterious Ancient Script? (www.smithsonianmag.com)

331. 当埃罗遇到他的对手》评论。让萨里宁翱翔

images.wsj.net image
‘When Eero Met His Match’ Review: Making Saarinen Soar (www.wsj.com)

332. 稳定扩散的基于文本提示的绘画 - 替换头发、时装

Stable Diffusion Text-Prompt-Based Inpainting – Replace Hair, Fashion (github.com)

333. 五角大楼对秘密心理学行动进行全面审查

www.washingtonpost.com image
Pentagon opens sweeping review of clandestine psychological operations (www.washingtonpost.com)

334. 不存在 "软件供应链"

There is no “software supply chain” (iliana.fyi)

335. AutoML解决方案。作为一个数据科学家,我喜欢和不喜欢AutoML的地方

AutoML Solutions: What I Like and Don’t Like About AutoML as a Data Scientist (alexandruburlacu.github.io)

336. 宇宙的殖民化。阿斯特的电气未来

the-public-domain-review.imgix.net image
Colonizing the Cosmos: Astor’s Electrical Future (publicdomainreview.org)

337. 独特的二合一计算器应用程序为退休工程师带来了惊喜。

cdn.mainichi.jp image
Unique 2-in-1 calculator app adds up to surprise hit for retired engineer (mainichi.jp)

338. 国际象棋现在只是扑克

cdn.theatlantic.com image
Chess is just poker now (www.theatlantic.com)

339. 蓝色的金子变成了沙子:海水会回到咸海吗?

ml9tl44yqh2k.i.optimole.com image
Blue gold turned into sand: will the waters return to the Aral Sea? (www.theperspective.se)

340. 法拉第和巴贝奇。1833年的半导体和计算

substackcdn.com image
Faraday and Babbage: Semiconductors and Computing in 1833 (thechipletter.substack.com)

341. Tillitis Key - Mullvad的衍生产品,灵感来自于测量引导和DICE

Tillitis Key – Mullvad spin-off inspired by measured boot and DICE (www.tillitis.se)

342. 竞争性编程的算法

Algorithms for competitive programming (cp-algorithms.com)

343. Troy Hurtubise测试他发明的装甲服

Troy Hurtubise testing the armour suit he invented (www.youtube.com)

344. 复杂系统如何失败 (1998)

How Complex Systems Fail (1998) (how.complexsystems.fail)

345. 你可以在这里看我改写了多少

You can watch how much I rewrite here (twitter.com)

346. Meticulous (YC S21) 正在伦敦招聘3号创始工程师

Meticulous (YC S21) Is Hiring #3 Founding Engineer in London (news.ycombinator.com)

347. Ask HN: 你在浏览网页时是否禁用了JavaScript?

Do you browse the web with JavaScript disabled? (news.ycombinator.com)

348. Blender内置的AI无缝纹理发生器

AI Seamless Texture Generator Built-In to Blender (github.com)

349. 我用稳定扩散的文本反转法复活了 "丑陋的声波"

minimaxir.com image
I Resurrected “Ugly Sonic” with Stable Diffusion Textual Inversion (minimaxir.com)

350. 数据如何在Postgres中流动

www.crunchydata.com image
How Data Flows in Postgres (www.crunchydata.com)

351. 苹果公司的iPhone 14重新设计,用于维修

valkyrie.cdn.ifixit.com image
Apple’s iPhone 14 Redesign for Repair (www.ifixit.com)

352. Linux的macOS子系统

macOS Subsystem for Linux (github.com)

353. 神秘的、令人厌恶的、完全令人着迷的鳗鱼起源搜索

hakaimagazine.com image
The Mysterious, Vexing, and Utterly Engrossing Search for the Origin of Eels (hakaimagazine.com)

354. 纽伯里波特的特里马奇奥。蒂莫西-德克斯特的《给懂行的人的泡菜》(1848)

the-public-domain-review.imgix.net image
Trimalchio in Newburyport: Timothy Dexter’s a Pickle for the Knowing Ones (1848) (publicdomainreview.org)

355. 送餐机器人在警用胶带下随意驶过活跃的犯罪现场

video-images.vice.com image
Food Delivery Robot Casually Drives Under Police Tape Through Active Crime Scene (www.vice.com)

356. Show HN: DevTools-X - 一个跨平台的devutils和devtoys的替代品

DevTools-X – a cross platform alternative of devutils and devtoys (github.com)

357. 五角大楼已下令审查美国在社交媒体上的心理活动

cdn.vox-cdn.com image
The Pentagon has ordered a review of US psyops on social media (www.theverge.com)

358. 美国电视业消亡之日 (1988)

spectrum.ieee.org image
The Day the U.S. TV Industry Died (1988) (spectrum.ieee.org)

359. Ask HN: 为什么Adobe公司仍然搞不清楚WASM上的Flash?

Why Adobe still can’t figure out Flash on WASM? (news.ycombinator.com)

360. 五角大楼在破获虚假社交账户后下令审查心理战术

www.washingtonpost.com image
Pentagon orders review of psyops after takedown of fake social accounts (www.washingtonpost.com)

361. 亚历山大-索罗金以198.6英里/319.6公里的成绩打破了24小时世界纪录

s3.amazonaws.com image
Aleksandr Sorokin Smashes 24H World Record with 198.6 Mile/319.6 Kilometer Run (www.irunfar.com)

362. 为什么Figma价值200亿美元以及从Adobe收购中得到的其他观察结果

hunterwalk.com image
Why Figma Is Worth $20B and Other Observations from the Adobe Acquisition (hunterwalk.com)

363. Fgtrace - 完整的围棋跟踪器

Fgtrace – The Full Go Tracer (github.com)

364. 一本2300万美元的亚马逊关于苍蝇的书(2011年)。

A $23M Amazon book about flies (2011) (www.michaeleisen.org)

365. 韩国检方称权斗 "明显在逃",请求国际刑警组织帮助

techcrunch.com image
South Korean prosecutors say Do Kwon 'obviously on the run', asks Interpol help (techcrunch.com)

366. 一种微流控D型微型连接器 (2013)

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov image
A Microfluidic D-subminiature Connector (2013) (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

367. 摇滚明星游戏公司证实他们被外界黑了

Rockstar Games confirms they were hacked by an outside party (twitter.com)

368. 你在互联网上看到的大部分内容都是由疯子写的 (2018)

external-preview.redd.it image
Most of what you read on the internet is written by insane people (2018) (reddit.com)

369. 一位X11的辩护人尝试了Wayland

An X11 apologist tries Wayland (artemis.sh)

370. 超级推手的暴政

substackcdn.com image
The tyranny of the supertweeter (omnibudsman.substack.com)

371. BuildZoom正在招聘愿意努力工作的聪明人

lever-client-logos.s3.amazonaws.com image
BuildZoom is hiring smart people who want to work hard (jobs.lever.co)

372. 价值3000亿美元的谷歌-美达广告双雄受到攻击

www.economist.com image
The $300B Google-Meta advertising duopoly is under attack (www.economist.com)

373. 黑客新闻风格化为90年代复古的macOS桌面

Hacker News stylized as a retro 90s macOS desktop (hackertosh.org)

374. 如何开始使用Rust for Web Dev

mortenvistisen.com image
How to get started with Rust for Web Dev (mortenvistisen.com)

375. 测量CPU核对核的延时

Measuring CPU core-to-core latency (github.com)

376. 写得不好,不是专门的概念,促使对法律语言有困难

ars.els-cdn.com image
Poor writing, not specialized concepts, drives difficulty with legal language (www.sciencedirect.com)

377. 谷歌将我们的网站从搜索中删除,因为它使用了优酷网。

www.kapwing.com image
Google removed our website from search because it uses YouTube-dl (www.kapwing.com)

378. GCC的新强化水平。收益和成本

developers.redhat.com image
GCC's new fortification level: The gains and costs (developers.redhat.com)

379. 普京与欧洲的能源战争似乎陷入了困境

images.wsj.net image
Putin’s Energy War with Europe Seems to Falter (www.wsj.com)

380. Canonical公司的文档的未来(2021年)

ubuntu.com image
The future of documentation at Canonical (2021) (ubuntu.com)

381. 如何绕过Cloudflare。一个全面的指南

cdn.zenrows.com image
How to Bypass Cloudflare: A Comprehensive Guide (www.zenrows.com)

382. Arm的执行官们。我们尊重RISC-V,但它不是数据中心的对手

regmedia.co.uk image
Arm execs: We respect RISC-V but it's not a rival in the datacenter (www.theregister.com)

383. Hg64。一个64位的柱状图数据结构

Hg64: A 64-bit histogram data structure (dotat.at)

384. 蒙特卡洛方法的开始 (1987) [pdf]

The beginning of the Monte Carlo method (1987) [pdf] (lib-www.lanl.gov)

385. 我的生产力系统

img.youtube.com image
My productivity system (www.nunodonato.com)

386. 设计嵌入式软件架构的步骤,步骤1

www.embedded.com image
Steps to designing an embedded software architecture, Step 1 (www.embedded.com)