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我的儿子战胜了癌症(第四阶段NB),并最终来到了芬威球场!这是我生命中最美好的时刻,我不知道我是否有机会看到它。这是我生命中最美好的时刻之一,也是我不知道是否有机会看到的时刻! (在帖子被从r/baseball删除后,建议我发在这里)

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)


Core Memories have entered the chat ( image
I was finally comfortable enough with myself and lucky enough to finally go on my first ever date at 31 years old, and was even luckier to get asked on a second! (OC) (
The girl I have a crush on, asked me out on a date! My dreams have come true! ( image
Japan manager Hajime Moriyasu bowed in appreciation to the fans who traveled all the way to support their team ( image
Wedding photographer caught my wife tasting the cake first ( image
7 yeaes ago I held a gun to my head during a suicidal ideation episode after a friend kicked me out of their house for showing up drunk. 7 years later I'm sober, in active recovery and have my first tree since. (
Thought he wanted the smoke at first (
Best problem to have. (
Mom names her newborn daughter after her best friend ( image
Boston college has a policy that employees' kids can attend for free, as long as they are accepted. This janitor has five kids, all of whom got in, saving nearly $700k in tuition. ( image
Last year, I broke every bone in my face. I just had my fourth surgery on Tuesday. Had a CT scan and everything looks GREAT. Been lots of pain and countless days in the hospital but I’m finally done! This agonizing chapter in my life is finally coming to a close! 🤗 ( image
I found my dream car from childhood, flew to SFO, and drove it 442 miles home; I am the happiest girl in the world! ( image
So i was at the mall to watch a movie and this cop approached me and i was like,"ahhh,he is gonna check me for weed in front of everyone and make a scene". But he sweetly came up to me with a smile and wanted to click a pic with me to show his son. Here is the pic, Keep Smiling:)) Have a nice week:) ( image
A redditor who saw my post about insurance turning me down for a prosthetic finger messaged me a few weeks ago saying he would try to make one. I got the prototype in the mail today. He asked nothing in return (
This is probably the most wholesome thing I’ve seen ever (
Japanese's awesome cleaning culture. (
Great dad. (
Instead of wasting food he gives to the homeless (
Guy managed to photobomb his girlfriend for a whole month, by taking engagement ring pictures without her noticing it (
Girl brings home boyfriend. (
When you live to meet First Lady Obama ( image
My wife and I sent our daughter’s adoption announcement to the White House. They wrote back! [OC] (
A Chimp was born a couple days ago at the Sedgwick County Zoo. He had trouble getting oxygen so had to be kept at the vet. This video shows mom reuniting with him after almost 2 days apart. ( image
In the revolution lead by women in Iran survillence cameras get deactivated like this (
This man's joy after receiving his first paycheck in America (
Be a Kate not a Karen ❤️ (
New trend on TikTok where parents give their child the phone to record them dancing but they are actually recording the child’s’ reaction… (
Little lad receives the best surprise of all on his 6th birthday (brand new best friend!) ( image
I hope this story never ends. This is how to celebrate the holiday season. ( image
(oc) Finally got the courage to ask her out, and she said yes! My first date ever. (
Bride brothers wanted to be part of her wedding. Make way for the Flower Bros ( image
After growing up homeless and without the help of family and with parents that didnt care about my education or well being, I still did it. (oc) (
What a beautiful moment, breaking cycles isn’t easy 🤍 (
“Where are you from? Favorite dance move?” ( image
Stranded with a flat tire in a skirt and heels, this homeless man came to my rescue and changed my tire for me. I only had $60 on me, but I very gratefully gave it to him for saving me (
There’s still faith in humanity ( image
(OC) I married my best friend today. We don’t have a lot of supportive family or friends, so here’s me screaming it to the world. (
This was a long time coming ( image
In 2000, Kevin Hines jumped off the golden gate bridge due mental illnesses. He miraculously survived because a sea lion was bumping him up and kept his head above water. Now he is a suicide prevention speaker and a film director. (
Little Angry Italian Girl ( image
Today is my 26th birthday, no one called me or wished me happy birthday but i came home to a little birthday surprise by my girlfriend. I am happy to have her in my life! (
This is Ben, a biologist. A few years ago, a Dubai investment group proposed to dredge Utah Lake to cover it with islands to sell to developers. Ben stood against them, even after being sued. 2 days ago, the project was officially canceled. Millions of birds, fish, and humans owe Ben a thank you. (
Italian man trying to talk without using his hands (
Students and staff at an Oklahoma elementary school lined the hallways to cheer for their school cafeteria manager who passed her test to become a U.S. citizen (
Man does a drawing for a flight attendant , and she does one back for him. ( image
A photographer took pictures of people before and after she called them beautiful. (
Kermit interrupted by the sweetest little girl during ABCs (
Before/After Breast Reduction Surgery (OC) (
Boy thinks he's recording his dad. (
His face sais it all (
"my dream is to be a basketball star" ( image
The ‘Be My Eyes’ app lets blind people FaceTime helpful strangers from around the world who can see for them. I helped a lovely Irish guy find the male bathroom :) (
Photoshops of Celebrities Hanging Out with Their Younger Selves ( image
the most beautiful thing that i saw today, truly one of the moments (
This wholesome family reaction. ( image
My beautiful, post-brain injured 7 year old completed this by himself and wanted me to "show everyone" 😍🥰 (
Langur attends funeral of man who used to feed him. (
A small appreciation goes a long way (
Meet Tadhg O'Donnell, a teenager who recently won a gold medal in the European Junior Championships in Italy. This is how his school in Ireland welcomed him back. ( image
iranian couple kisses under the "si-o-se" historical bridge in iran. what they're doing would land them in prison for up to 14 years (
Great first date (
You only turn one once! (
Just like that ( image
April 18, 1992. Princess Diana And Prince Harry Ride A Water Slide At Thorpe Park (
Love this, when life knocks you down… (
Broke every bone in my face and had to have facial reconstruction surgery. Was terrified how the end-result would be, especially seeing how I looked in the left. This is how I look a few days vs 9 months post-reconstruction ( image
Just curling up under like 5 blankets with the right person when it's nice and cold out feels amazing (
Wife pranks her husband in the most wholesome way (
the way he holds the baby kitty ❤ (
Left To Watch The Game With His Friends (
This video brightens my day every single time I watch it. (
gordon ramsay likes notorious_foodie's shepard's pie (
Little girl’s reaction to finding out that her mom is adopted. (
Lost over 150 pounds in a little less than a year and a half. Still got a lot of work to do, but it’s a start. (
Sweet Story (
After almost two years of arguing with my mom I managed to get the covid shot ( image
2018-2022 Its been a long 4 years. finally seeing progress. Alot of sweat and even more tears as I overcame my mental as well as physical health. slowly making progress. To some this isnt much but to me this is everything "(OC)" ( image
(OC) I've never loved my physical appearance and physical looks. I just wanted one night to feel beautiful and for once and my prom night was the night. I loved the dress. I felt like a princess I felt like I was beautiful. I thought I'd share this with you (
A friend’s aunt gifted me her deceased fathers car. “If you think you can get it running, you can have it”. Before/After (
Her pops would have been so proud (
(OC) Two years ago today I survived an extremely risky surgery that every doctor thought would kill me. I was 93lbs, today I am 193lbs. I’ve come a very long way, I am thankful for life every day I wake up. ( image
Update: I'm no longer taking the FDA approved Alopecia drug due to harsh side effects. I've decided to fully embrace the fact that I'll be a patchy headed princess and I'm ok with that! (
GTA live action ( image
In 2015, Jimmy Carter had brain cancer. In 2019, he broke his hip. That same year, at age 95, he fell at home requiring 14 stitches. Despite his injuries, he showed up the next day, to help build houses for the Habitat for Humanity. Recently turning 98, President Carter is still an active volunteer. (
First day to work after winning the Nobel Prize for medicine (
An old lady celebrates her birthday on her own in a restaurant, but the attracts the best of human behavior to help her with loneliness. (
Humans can be so cute sometimes (
When you get older and realize that the magical childhood is the result of your parent's effort. (fetched from: @hey.its.mikki) ( image
[OC] Went to a school reunion this summer and ended up falling back in love with my high school sweetheart. Here we are 14yo and 30yo. (
Reverse uno card (
Every monkey’s dream ( image
I work at a funeral home and during a service today, bumped into an old painter. (
guy proposed on taylor swift concert with perfect timing as song lyrics (
My life has recently fallen apart, and I'm starting over from scratch. My best friend just sent me this care package! (
The doggo is blessed to have such a caring parent! ( image
This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well ( image
My sister, who is at my house painting one of the bedrooms, sent me this for approval (
He wanted to go (
The kind-hearted boy thinks of his mother, who spends all her time in the kitchen. (
Maybe he was very happy today. (
Reaction to finding out they found an organ donor. (
This passenger on a flight is suprised by the cabin crew after they announce she is cancer free. ( image
(OC) I'm 7 months into a complicated pregnancy and mentioned to my husband that I was thinking of having a bath. I came home to this :) (
Baby distracted by injection by father's affection. ( image
Heath Ledger's response to homophobia at a Brokeback Mountain press conference made me love him even more. (
Husband Surprises Wife With 50th Birthday Wish Over The Radio (
Love this! ( image
Previous homeowners left a note to the young, newlywed couple who purchased their home ( image
My wife decided to go red headed. Oh, by the way she’s 66 years old. We’ll have been married 40 years in December. I’m a lucky man. (
Brendan Fraser: “Thank you for keeping me in the job I love” (
Iranian women burning their hijabs after a 22 year-old girl was killed by the “morality police” ( image
For the first time in months, I actually have some real food and a full fridge. Small win. ( image
This man is absolutely right, we need a station for every bathroom. We also make men smile by giving them this satisfaction (
Last night I told a friend I'm sick. This morning he dropped by with Dayquil and 3 containers of my favorite recipe of Filipino sopas (chicken macaroni soup). He made it himself! (
Ticket gougers bought all the ADA seats to my son’s favorite band, but the bass player is his buddy and offered him way better seats! On the stage!!! (
Boy “Sees” A Firefighter For The First Time ( image
she's coming home with me soon, waiting on the paperwork. not sure what to name her yet (
Loins meet their caretaker who saved them from a circus as cubs (
Toddler enjoys the small elevator which his family build for him (
He has been practicing for this moment his entire life ( image
Students step up to help translate for the immigrants of Martha’s Vineyard ( image
I was adopted and met my bio-dad. After 38 years of believing he had died in an accident, turns out the adoption papers were wrong. I was totally surprised. The week we first contacted in February, he flew to the city I live in to meet me. I talk to him quite often. It’s been an amazing year. (
Disney fan with Down syndrome reacts to the new Little Mermaid Trailer ( image
Over the course of two years I have quit drinking after a near death experience, quit cigarettes, quit weed, started a solo music project and started working out in that order. Took this selfie yesterday in the middle of an 18 mile walk downtown. I feel amazing, it happened! I didn’t think it would. (
Love the bravery and commitment for help. ( image
A few months ago I learned how to stand in physical therapy with no hands. Now I’m standing in a tux! (
Young Fatherhood (
Black kids reacting to the new little mermaid being black ( image
My twin brother took his life last year, but he left scheduled emails to check on me. I’m crying over a lame guy, left pregnant and moved from Sweden lol I’m naming my daughter after him and this email is just what I needed today. (
Black parents on social media are sharing heartwarming videos of their children seeing a Black actress as ‘The Little Mermaid’ for the first time; Halle Bailey playing the title role, says she wants little girls just like her to know they're special... and should be a princess in every single way ( image
These are the stories I want to hear that make you believe in humanity (
she's such an amazing mother and I love her so much ❤️ (
wait for it... ( image
Caitlin Jensen, paralyzed in June by her chiropractor can now move both sides of her body. Here's she getting cuddles with therapy dogs. (
Her happiness made me smile cheek to cheek 😊 (
Baby boy from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is finally adopted after 5 years (
Little girl requests pianist play Ave Maria so her Daddy can sing ( image
Two years sober and I was able to afford this home theater, I'm pretty happy with myself. ( image
The Owners Asked To Superimpose The Image Of Timber, Their Recently Departed Dog, Into The Photo As They Spread His Ashes Into A Pond. This Is The Result (
When you meet a person who's energy matches with yours. (
Steve Irwin on being a father. (
A wholesome conversation about oil change and tires ( image
[OC] I don’t have anywhere else to post this, but I’m proud of myself taking the first step towards fitness. 2.5 miles. 200 calories. (
A wholesome multilingual encounter ( image
My boyfriend of over 10 years still surprises me with setting up a cozy bath whenever I'm stressed- I just came home to see this tonight :) (
"I'm gay. Would you hug me?" in China, home to some of the world's least LGBT-friendly cities (
Everyone can use a bit of help sometimes. (
Young girl introduces her first boyfriend to her mother (
brendan fraser moved to tears as he receives a 6 minute standing ovation during the premiere of 'the whale' (
We all remember our first kiss (
Taylor Hawkins' son Shane kills it on the drums, pays tribute to his late Dad ( image
Until her recent retirement, Betty Reid Soskin was the oldest living Park Ranger in the US National Park Service at the age of 100. ( image
Chicago local #1 Iron Workers remake the iconic “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”photo that was originally captured in 1932. ( image
My friend used to be self conscious when he wore a bib. I found him a new classy bib and surprised him with it today! ( image
After years of collecting, problems with arcade bylaws, and a pandemic, I've finally quit my career in IT and opened a pinball arcade. ( image
Today is my birthday, and my boyfriend (by no means a regular baker) showed up at my house this morning at 7:00 AM with this homemade Black Forest Cake from scratch. 😊 ( image
Jack Gleeson, who played King Joffrey on “Game of Thrones,” got married to girlfriend Róisín O’Mahony over the weekend in a small ceremony in Ireland. (
Ex-marine grandfather is surprised by the graduation of his marine grandson (
Siblings are the only “enemy” who we couldn’t live without ♥️ (
This baby is visually impaired, and then he was given additional glasses, so he could see clearly. His smile when he saw his mother and father clearly! (