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Actual Rocking horses (
Milking coconuts (
Cleaning a roller brush (
Squeegee Paintings (
Heated razor blade to remove decals (
Not a drop of food spilt (
A sparkler stuck into an orange (
Coordination challenge (
origami money bank (
Playing Jianzi, an ancient game in China (
Dragging feet though bioluminescent water (
Costco Auto Saucer (
Purrfectly synchronized. (
Getting out every bit of cheese (
Satisfying joinery (
Concrete repair work. I love watching someone who has mastered his trade. (
Sonic and tails birthday cake (
Boiling milk in a non-stick pot (
These handmade tiles (
Nice house entrance paving work (
A herding dog at work (
Satisfying Audi headlight system. (
Pastries rising in the oven (
The way she pours this sauce into a bottle (
The way this concession clerk serves popcorn (
4 men rhythmically pounding a hard steel rod deep into the ground. (
Candies slowly dissolving in hot water (
This explains why the bunker wasn’t draining. (
The way this sign is written (
A fold out desktop (
A cat that likes beets (
Joining optical fiber cables (
Extracting a beautiful pearl without damaging the host (
Watching Amaury Guichon is Always Satisfying ( image
This is what it looks like standing directly under an Aurora. (
Impressive ball juggling (
Working with plasticine modelling clay (
Suspension demonstration (
Crow flies parallel to a moving train, and on the way, grabs a biscuit from a passenger. (
Using a pressure washer to dig and flush a hole so the pipes don't get damaged (
This stone effortlessly crumbling into smaller rocks (
Removing people from a marriage proposal photo (
Ditto by Sundu0201 (
This Goomba bread cut open (
Neglected pup gets a much needed makeover! (
This round of Rock, paper and scissors (
Homemade mozzarella cheese (
Amazing dominoes structure (
Best use of waste plastic bottles (
oh the satisfaction! just a snake in a tire (
Best Companionship (
Bottomless Table (
Cleaning up a beach by extracting small plastics from sand (
Quick cleanup hack (
This automatically adjusting oxygen mask for pilots (
This girl lacing her boots (
Completing this puzzle. (
How nails are oriented correctly prior to boxing (
Okay, not the biggest spider fan but this little fellas got talent (
Lightning Bolt Is Guided to Ground Through Rocket Trail (
DIY holiday decoration (
Finding the good markers 10/10 (
Letting the sheep in (
the lamination of the dough in this pastry (
This stop motion animation of Halloween candy being chopped up (
Craftsman installs gypsum with hatchet - smooth as butter. (
Power washing overgrown stairs (
An enormous obsidian stone split in half (
Opening a window on your flight (
A tennis racquet covered in powder hit with a ball in slow motion (
The organization of the cabling at a Rammstein concert (
The variety of ways getting past an obstacle (
How Polyurethane foam is being used for packaging heavy parts (
Making tulumba in Turkey (
Cake icing machine (
Creating this "stone" facade (
Making a chocolate chess set (
Putting the needles onto a model tree (
Freshly poured diamond-pattern driveway (
(Wait for it!) Every spring and fall their toilet gets illuminated by the sunshine coming through a perfectly placed window. We finally caught a Timelapse video to document the bowlstice. (
Reloading random objects like in first person shooters (
The perfect garage doors ( image
A friend of mine is having heated floors installed throughout her home. (
Washing dirty carpets are always oddly satisfying. (
Dodecahedron Infinity (
Sandblasters Make it Like New Again (
Hand editing people out of photos (
A Chinese artist creates stunning 500m ladder in the sky with fireworks in tribute to his grandmother (
Bored man walks in circles on the snow (
Mini oil painting background blend (
Drawing on a spinning dry erase board (
The perfect croissant doesn’t exi- (
Drone captures its own rescue (
A satisfying transition (
This man's gyroscopic ball illusion. (
Concrete wall art mold (
Some Therapeutic Chiseling ( image
The lighting under this bridge that makes it look like a Crescent-Moon in the water. (
Roller Skating with the Griffin Brothers (
Tattoo removal with laser (
crazy control by the driver (
A feeding cyclone (
Satisfying Resin Art. (
Tying a floral knot (
I recorded this path near my home for a year to capture the changing seasons. Here's the result. (
A street artist draws cartoon version of a girl. (
Ancient papermaking (
Cement fence handmade to look like tree trunks (
Pencil sharpener from the 1890s (
The way this gorilla slides up to the glass (
Remove the red dot (
These brush strokes (
Surgical Weeding Procedure (
Easy trick to clean cut carpet flooring around the pole (
Varnishing an oil painting (
Blending a painting with a real cucumber (
The way this guy plays the Speed of Light game (
100 year old digging technique (
How to tie a scarf. (
Sorting a pile of plates (
A perfect plungers bullseye! (
How to draw a happy tree. (
Log splitting the water (
Different ideas for a loose screw (
The enchanting kiss of physics (
Me winning a free beer by stopping the timer at exactly 10 seconds (
Throwing a bowling ball through a giant balloon (
This scene from the 1934 animated Disney short "Funny Little Bunnies" (
These Japanese YouTubers go around Shibuya district Tokyo filming real life videos mimicking sandbox games like GTA (
This Olympic archers accuracy (
Pinball that’s stuck. (
CNC-Lathe machine programmed to sharpen worker's pencil (when boss is away). (
New warehouse floor (
why make sand castles if you can make these (
This planter in the Memphis botanical garden (
Can’t get more juicy than this (
Frequencies and waves (
Dump truck redirects baseball (
Espresso Chocolate (
Blowing a bubble in freezing temperature (
This stop motion woodworking ( image
Adding the backstitches to my cross-stitch embroidery (
Satisfying cake art. (
Almost seedless mango (Mahachanok from Thailand) (
Removing paint from glass (
Repairing upholstery (
Playing with shadows (
Speed skating at 103 km/h (
Who remembers these bad boys? Best feature on a calculator. (
A perfectly placed wrecking ball strike (
Mesmerizing tulip fields in Netherlands (
Screen printing on a tank top (
Turning a block of fermented honey into 16,384 strings in less than a minute (
Cut for perfect fit (
This boiled egg that came out looking like an astronaut waving their arm. (
Traditional olive oil extraction (
Hydrophobic gecko skin (
Adding gold foil to this thread I came across (
Katana chopping hot water bottle in sub-zero temps (
Capybaras relaxing in a hot bath during winter. With oranges. ( image
Countless hours of wind moved the chains to get this piece of art. (
the perfect burrito roll... (
This goat perfectly timed kick to a drone (
Opening a dam gate after it was shut for many years (
This frog fully opening it's eyes (
Studio Ghibli’s depiction of food (
BurgerBoy woodworks. (
Guy demonstrates how to create a custom ambigram (
Removing every ad from Times Square (
A clever way to measure honey in a recipe (
Cleaning up the lines. (
This doggo with floppy ears (
Bullfrog hitting the sweet spot (
Packaging design. (
The clarity of this Alaskan river (
This boiled egg that came out looking like an astronaut waving their arm. (
I was asked to remove the ex wife as this was the only nice photo they had with their grandparents (
This has got to be the best looking soft serve out there (
Chinese incense ceremony is so satisfying (
Detailing this filthy truck (
Clock hitting midnight (
Splash and rainbow (
A string shooter (
Get a Siberian Husky they said, it would be fun they said (
When the Pool Steps get Slightly Off Color (
Time lapse of me cleaning my depression room (
Most satisfying accident I've ever seen (
Found this cracked rock that fits back together almost seamlessly (
Fireflies in a rural Pennsylvania field at dusk (
Teapot quality check. (
Engineering design applied on front gate... (
Imprinting designs on ceramics (
This artist putting the final two strokes on their painting (
Puddle reflecting lights which look like mini fireworks when rain drops into it (
The way this candy changes colors as it is pulled (
This oil pastel art process (
Giant fossil crab exposed - around 12-million-years-old, it took me 208 hours! (
This amazing music box zoetrope (
A quick pierogi flip (
1k Celsius Tungsten ball vs lead. (
This pink neon graffiti (
I just love kitchen organization... (
Vac Sealing Marshmallows (
Using a Chameleon to get rid of bathroom flies ( image
Got my moderna vaccine. When I got home I noticed the perfect placement by the pharmacist. Got us both with one shot. (
Round and round it goes (
Replacing a single piece of carpet ( image
Seems like a good time to finally show off the spice rack I built. (
Perfect watertight seal (
There was a quack in the ice. ( image
The way the frost highlights the sculpture (
This clock hitting midnight is oddly satisfying... (
this guy’s water drain pipe that i found on insta (
Peeling my most recent painting. (
Satisfying car door closure. (
A fairytale path (
this incredibly smooth front flip. (
Painting from day to night (
Magnetic dryer vent (
Slingshot v tree branches (
The way he draw the lines (
Lego Chocolate Cake (
UPS slide delivery ( image
My niece’s handwriting is very precise...calming just to look at. (
First time a Woman had climbed under 7 seconds in competition (
Guy using a car as a sweeping brush (
Mount Fuji looks awesome from this height (
Does that paint-roller have unlimited paint?? (
Shredded glowsticks ( image
When your daughter accidentally breaks a mug... Symmetrically. (
The beauty of Grindelwald, Switzerland (