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被指控的牛津高中枪手的父母James &amp和Jennifer Crumbley的照片。两人现已被捕。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

#pics image
Just completed this "Biblically Accurate" angel sculpture just in time for Christmas! ( image
Saw this car in my non luxury apartment parking lot. Apparently there's only a handful in the world ( image
My friend made the Charcuterie board for a Christmas event ( image
colorized photo of Her Highness, The Princess of Persia, Fatemeh Khanum ( image
Desaturated Santa is still the best costume I’ve ever done. (Not photoshopped) ( image
Note placed on the door of now permanently closed clothing store in Portland, Oregon ( image
Iranian spectator showing football shirt with Mahsa Amini name written on it - Iran and wales match ( image
This is how Japanese team left the locker room after beating Germany in FIFA World Cup match (
Mugshot photo of the Colorado nightclub mass shooter. Local hero, Richard Fierro did a number on him ( image
German football team covers their mouths at their first game in Qatar ( image
Jamal and Wanda hanging out, getting ready for year 7 of Thanksgiving ( image
The president of South Sudan who always wears a Texan cowboy hat gifted to him by George W Bush ( image
Both Egyptians contestants raising Palestinian flag against their Israeli contender. ( image
Bundesliga fans unite in series of protests against Qatar’s human rights record ( image
The White House today for the wedding of the President’s granddaughter Naomi Biden and Peter Neal ( image
Thailand monk kicking police during a protest. November 2022 ( image
Took a several month break from Reddit. Made this while away. ( image
Starbucks is over an hour behind on their first "red cup day" and these are the abandoned drinks. ( image
Picture of the World leaders in an emergency meeting, because of the rockets that hit Poland. ( image
I just got a promotion. The bathroom at my new office has suicide prevention coat hooks. ( image
Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman arrives to new member orientation wearing a suit and tie ( image
Got the best picture I’ve ever seen in my life today. Then my in-laws said “He looks like Trump!” :( (
Vandalized military recruiting ads in Louisville, Kentucky ( image
Gary Sinise here. On Veterans Day, I want to thank all of our nation’s veterans for their service. ( image
Carpenter hides a newspaper and bottle of whiskey in the wall for someone to find decades later. ( image
2 years ago today Rudy Giuliani held a press conference for Trump at Four Seasons Total Landscaping ( image
He really does have tiny hands (I'm a 5 ft. tall woman for reference) ( image
Just spent $40k on new gas pumps and some idiot uses Permanent Marker on one of the screens. ( image
We tried! Had way too many people call me Jesus though... ( image
Buying the cool costumes as an adult that my mom couldn’t afford to get me as a kid. ( image
Been depressed lately, so did something I've always wanted: be the house with full size candy bars. ( image
We get told that we look alike all the time, so this costume seemed inevitable. ( image
Here’s the McRib patty before being cooked. ( image
Putin in a body bag alongside the Czech and Ukrainian flags on the side of the Czech Int. ministry ( image
Sat behind 1st class on a flight out of the richest county in America & every screen was on Fox News ( image
An Eastern Kentucky coal miner raced directly from his shift to take his son to a UK basketball game ( image
Our 80 yo friend is visiting. Our 75 yo neighbor brought him some weed and now they’re planking. ( image
A Minnesota woman recently captured a cloud formation that appeared to look like an ocean in the sky ( image
Upside to divorce is that I get to decorate and stock the kitchen how I want now, Meredith! ( image
Ukrainian helicopter flying with freeway traffic to avoid Russian radar ( image
Suspicious: employee from grocery store across the street buying tons of strawberries from Walmart ( image
I'm pretty sure my girlfriend's favorite hobby is getting my dog to pose using my computer. ( image
2 college wrestlers after fending off a grizzly bear (
Engagement photos came out better than expected. ( image
Herschel Walker flashes a fake badge during the Georgia senate debate. ( image
President Biden stopped for tacos at our friends place in LA yesterday, pays it forward. (
Five years ago, I used Photoshop to go back to my childhood. Here’s me and myself around 1997-2005. ( image
Mullahs who have been harassing women in Iran for 43 years are now being harassed back by everybody ( image
Jimmy Carter unveiling solar panels atop the White House. Ronald Reagan removed them 2 years later. ( image
Times Square, 1958. Taken by my father when he immigrated from Japan. Unedited. Original Kodachrome. ( image
UPDATE - It’s been over 3 years and I always wondered if he kept counting. Original post in comments ( image
30 people getting coffee vs. 30 people getting coffee ( image
What Donald Trump looks like without his spray tan and fake hair. ( image
A good example of how photos can be used to push fake news as much as words can. ( image
Bernie sanders being arrested for protesting against segregation, aged 21. ( image
I love drawing wordless cartoons. Happy Halloween 2022! ( image
Rented a hotel and now it’s my first time drinking. Just wanted to share since I have no friends ( image
Third day in a row I’ve seen this dude wearing a sword on public transit ( image
I spent the night at work for the storm. This is the road I take getting home. ( image
Today I discovered that one of my neighbors in Florida is intelligent ( image
Ian sucked all the water out of Charlotte Harbor. ( image
Iranian women protesting the new mandatory hijab law in 1979 ( image
This is what bravery looks like. Iranian women protesting for their human rights! ( image
Landlord says the home we’re renting doesn’t have hard water. This is after boiling water one time. ( image
After two months of intermittent pain, I passed my kidney stone. ( image
Polish football fans don't mess around ( image
Women arrested during today’s protests against the theocracy in Iran ( image
Jim Parsons, took this photo after getting excited to see his face on a poster for the first time. ( image
Been online friends for 5 years and today we met for the first time. ( image
Parent gave this to my sister who is a history teacher (cursive writing is hers) (
A magnetic knife strip felt too small in the space, so I present my abomination: Knife Frames! ( image
Sign posted (14 SEP) on convenient store door in Gangnam, Seoul. ( image
9 years ago today, this kid fell asleep during an event at the White House. ( image
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom stars Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan reunited at D23 ( image
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sitting in economy on a flight ( image
[OC] I didn’t wear any makeup for my wedding and I’ve never felt more beautiful ( image
Went to the Colosseum today. Apparently the Roman's built the whole thing in just 8 years. [OC] ( image
What does it mean when this light comes on? ( image
[OC] The man who is going to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene, Marcus Flowers (
A few glimpses from my visit to North Korea, before coronavirus. (
The first full-color images from the James Webb Space Telescope [OC] ( image
Full Resolution JWST First Image ( image
[OC] Gary Sinise here. Wanted to share this as today is the 28th anniversary of Forrest Gump! ( image
(OC) this couple on my flight the other day (
Found these in my MIL’s back storage room! VHS tape with BOTH spellings on it. ( image
Frothing Berserker cries out for Donald Trump during the events of January 6th. ( image
My backyard next to a state highway in Reno, NV (OC) ( image
Latest glitchy forest painting! (
Photos from Lauren Boebert’s profile on sugardaddymeet ( image
This is 4-year old Ryker Webb after he was found, he spent two days lost in the Montana wilderness. ( image
This is my latest pencil drawing. It's the reason I haven't got out much for the last 6 weeks. ( image
Headstone of VietNam vet Sgt Leonard Matlovich. He left his name off so it would honor all gay vets. ( image
[OC] A pic I took of my husband with all the books he wrote ( image
My family celebrating my mom’s birthday, after we got reunited since the war in Ukraine ( image
[OC] I photographed a couple proposing at the Grand Canyon and would love to gift them the shot ( image
After 21 years of daily use, my iPod finally bit the dust today. [OC] ( image
A picture from the boom operator of me refueling on my 100th mission over Afghanistan ( image
A sign in front of a home in Washington DC ( image
[OC] Cop w/assault rifle ready to tase parents but won't help children in a school shooting ( image
Beto O'Rourke Wednesday May 25th 2022 ( image
[OC] I drew a chrome Rhino for a chalk art contest ( image
I graduated with a B.S. in Physics the same day as the total lunar eclipse - here's my grad photo ( image
Today I saw the David by Michelangelo. My mother made sure to take some photos. ( image
Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, covered with red paint in Warsaw (
This photo of me was taken by Obama himself ( image
Found this at the goodwill today in the toy bin [OC] ( image
I don’t like that I found this mug at Goodwill, still intact. [OC] ( image
I challenged myself into making this larger embroidery and I’m proud of it! ( image
Another still from the archives - filling up in 1989 while on my first US tour - Rick x ( image
[OC] my mom met the “Easter Bunny” today. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she met furries. (
(OC) My wife and I opened a Cookie Cafe in Spain and just had our door grate spray painted! ( image
[OC] Completed the new Lego model of the Russian warship Moscow ( image
After two years of trying, finally took a pic of the Andromeda Galaxy I’m proud of (OC) ( image
I spent 20 minutes cutting out Will Smith's slap as perfectly as I could. Here's the result: ( image
Will Smith's publicist talking to him after Chris Rock assault during commercial break at the Oscars ( image
[OC] A Children Hospital In Ukraine ( image
We just delivered $9,000 in children's food in Ukraine ( image
Bill Nye taught my Astronomy lecture yesterday! ( image
A photo from 50 years ago posted to r/estoration. Restored, Reframed, Enhanced and Colorized by Me. ( image
My Daughter Praises the Sunlight (OC) ( image
[OC] Georgians 🇬🇪 supporting Ukraine 🇺🇦 ( image
[OC] With my sons autism, there is a lot of repetition. He has snuggled the same way for 19 years. ( image
Beds without people and people without beds ( image
A billboard in Florida calling out modern anti-semitism ( image
Food for the 2022 Beijing Olympic athletes in Covid quarantine hotels ( image
Experimenting with new methods to make single line portraits and wanted to share today's drawing ( image
Book burning in 1933 and again in 2022 ( image
University classroom vs same university's football locker room ( image
Bought my house 6 mo. ago and found this hidden safe when removing an old stove that was left here ( image
Ottawa Residents Letting Fascists Know How They Feel ( image
Someone paid $473,000 for the NFT of this picture (
Gary Sinise here. I found these great BTS photos from Forrest Gump. Such great memories. ( image
New apartment first night dinner. New chair from walmart ( image
“They got you fighting a culture war to stop you fighting a class war” sticker seen in San Antonio ( image
Stewart Rhodes, leader of the Oath Keepers, in tunnel he dug in his backyard to escape the feds ( image
52-year old ukrainian lady waiting for the Russians ( image
Doctor writes a scathing open letter to health insurance company. ( image
US Healthcare. This is what $17,000 look like… Insurance refusing next one because I’m “over limit” ( image
Completed the LEGO Typewriter with my dad ( image
Man who pushed woman to her death at Times Square station, NYC this morning being taken in custody (
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros ( image
Turbines below the horizon. This should shut the flat earthers up for good. ( image
Not even half as good as most of you guys, but I still want to share this picture of my parrot ( image
Tim Allen Tweet: "Miss the ones who have moved to a higher venue." ( image
Remember, There was a time when conservatives had no problem wearing masks. ( image
Greg and Travis McMichael both received life sentences today in Ahmaud Arbery trial. (
Caught this woman sitting in front of me on a plane sending some very alarming texts ( image
Uuno works as a game developer. When you pat a good boy in your game, you could be patting Uuno. ( image
This is what a human hand looks like under a microscope. ( image
This man pulled 8 people out of a burning bus on Christmas eve. ( image
Skateboarder Brooklinn Khoury still smiling after losing her upper lip in a dog attack ( image
This UPS driver remains an absolute king ( image
On this day in 1988, New York cop John McClane thwarted a terrorist attack on Nakatomi Tower ( image
This dude is the President Elect of Chile ( image
A toast to Reddit this Christmas - Rick x (
A machine came thru my local John Deere for repairs from the tornado in Kentucky. ( image
After 30 years of mortgage payments. I paid it off today. It’s all ours (
Pics I took from the tornado destruction in Mayfield Kentucky. (I live here) ( image
Last night's 1-2 am "Family Camping Trip". Daughter unaware of tornado nearby destroying our town ( image
I see your school lunch and I raise you a dinner on a US navy ship. ( image
Finally, after more than a decade of hard work, today, I am officially a US citizen. ( image
We can bring one A4-size note for finals so I copied the whole semester of class material into it ( image
Dieunerst “Killer Whale” Collin from the legendary meme is a state champ 🏆👀 ( image
I struggle with schizoaffective disorder. I make artwork to cope. This is my latests piece ( image
Mugshots of James & Jennifer Crumbley, parents of the accused Oxford HS shooter. Both arrested now. (