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在电影《马达加斯加》中,贾达-平克特-史密斯扮演一只河马,这是对以下事实的反思:"什么东西......威尔-史密斯,你在我的房间里干什么?Owww what the fuck man why would you slap me?

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#shittymoviedetails image
For his award winning performance on The Whale [2022] - Brendan Fraser didn't use a fat suit, he simply copied the eating habits of Reddit mods for 6 weeks to gain his impressive physique. ( image
In episode 3 of The Last of Us (2023), the characters Bill and Frank kiss multiple times throughout the episode, which shows that they are very good friends ( image
Your mom was originally offered the lead role in The Whale (2022), but she couldn't commit to the dramatic weight loss required. ( image
In Disney's animated film Lilo and Stitch™, during the pet rescue scene, it is revealed that Nani doesn't wear panties. ( image
Ellen Ripley in the movie Alien (1979) was originally written to be a man. Director Ridley Scott changed his mind when he watched The Hunger Games (2012) and realized that women can also be action movie leads ( image
In Pixar’s Elemental (2023), two opposites have to go a journey together and annoy one another but then develop a bond. Then there’s a misunderstanding before the third act and they get mad and separate. Then realize they love one another and rescue each other at the end. Just a guess ( image
In the Little Mermaid (1991), Ariel meets an African mermaid from the Ivory Coast. This is because mermaids are fictional and can be black. ( image
In Bullet Train (2022) the main character (Brad Pitt) takes a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, usually a 2.5 hour journey. In the story it takes 12h and gets called an overnight train. This is due to the fact that Americans don't understand the concept of high speed rail. ( image
The movie Mobius (2022) led to so many people making "It's morbin time" jokes that the Reddit mods had to start banning people for it. That's a nod to the fact that it's more ban time ( image
in Watchmen (2009) a graffiti reads "Who watches the Watchmen?" this is a reference to me, as I am currently watching Watchmen ( image
In morbius (2022) the main characters uses their wolf form to win an arm wrestle competition for control of New Jersey, this is a reference to the fact no one can prove me wrong, because no one’s seen this movie ( image
In the movie Madagascar Jada Pinkett Smith plays a hippo, this is a refrence to the fact that WHAT THE HELL... WILL SMITH WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM... OWWW WHAT THE FUCK MAN WHY WOULD YOU SLAP ME (
In Venom (2018), cops are pretty racist. (
In Shrek (2001) the entire movie can fit into a 20mb gif file and be uploaded to sites like Reddit. I know this because it's attached to this post and completely watchable albeit in a terribly low quality. ( image
In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Scarlet Johansson throws herself off a cliff so she doesn’t have to be part of the girl power scene ( image
VIN Diesel’s full legal name, Vehicle Identification Number Diesel, was the sole determining factor in his original casting for the Fast & Furious franchise. (