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To “turn the tables” on cat callers (
to offer a vase filled with flowers to his wife (
To massage yourself unnoticed (
to verify residency (
to show the evidence. (
by a cop to make an educated person look stupid. (
to be a dj (
To lane split (
To scare the cat (
To steal this man’s luggage as a prank (
To attack a cat (
To move an 18 wheeler with a horn. (
to walk the dog (
To send videos of her “crying” to her mother to accuse her babysitter (all over refusing to give her a snack) (
to dive underwater (
to get a Chad to move from a bench (
to block a truck entering (
To impress everyone with this “seafood” boil (
To be safe as a Lyft driver (
To show what a great country USA is through wardrobe. ( image
To display plus size clothes without causing offence (
To say “Aaron earned an iron urn” with a Baltimore accent (
To cheat on his wife (
to steal from Guitar Center. (
To just walk away after being called a weirdo (
To bully a dog (
to intimidate a boxer (
to be logical (
to handle their high.. (
to surprise her Boyfriend. (
To “prank” someone (
To get away with Human Trafficking (Andrew Tate arrested) (
to outsmart an Inspection Officer (
to make a music video (
to be taken seriously (
to intercept this dude's way (
to protest (
to look more intimidating. (
To Find Out An Average Cost Of A Home. (
To get a hug (
to order a Pizza (
to be your favorite president of all time. Better than Lincoln, better than Washington. (
To board a plane with a gun on her (
to cancel him for racism (
to steal someone’s birthday wishes (
to make "content". (
To have a fancy drink (
To have a gender reveal. (
To make conan look stupid (
to block the German autobahn (
to ram open a steel reinforced door (
To hide in the car after saying the n word (
To stop Kanye West from praising Hitler (
To intimidate a comedian during his set (
To get away with calling a UFC fighter a sissy (
to propose (
to have a nice vacation in France (
To cross the street in the UK (
To fry a Turkey (
To hide (
To use a hammer (
to be recognised (
to prank a brother (
To be a cocky shooter at the gun range.. (
To get your crush to go to homecoming with you (
To subdue the perp (
To safely zip line to the other side in a reality TV show with a live audience (
To take a shortcut (
To be a bully (
To evade the cam (
to enjoy a $2,000 pizza (
To catch a Frisbee (
to bully someone who's bigger than you (
to make a cool rollerblading video (
To intimidate a minor but getting owned by him (
To defend a female (
To teach self-defense (
To cut a neighbour’s plant (
To distract him (
To hit someone (
To beat up an old man (
To Dye Hair Blue (
To bully the bigger guy… 🤣 (
To do some pull-ups. (
to have a relaxing boat ride (
to bully a smoll cat (
to convince everyone it’s her money (
to throw their friend into the water (
to reach young voters (
To discuss Geography (
To stop this guy from skating in order to "protect her city". (
To flip the page ( image let the public decide the name of a school. (
To ban this image (but the OP did get banned, removed, deleted, and purged from existence, so goodbye, Reddit; you can purge mine, too 🖕) (
to lock his brother outside. (
To grope a character performer (
to harass a female streamer (
To capture a stunning footage (
To make a point (
To stop use of backpacks (
to humanly release a mouse. (
To call out a racist (
To speak English (
to blow the candles (
To show how strong you are (
To put the broken TV out of its misery (
To make it baby proof (