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I even felt this through the screen 😯 (
I felt the cringe soon as he brought up that analogy… (
This just makes me so sad. It really be your own people. (
This dude taught gang members how to play dnd (
Body Shaming Used to Literally Be Everywhere (
A side of Taylor Swift I’ve never seen before (
Mark Cuban is as out of touch as any other billionaire. (
... (
The republican/conservative “Quiet Code” 😂😂🤣 (
Being a bro to drunks in Japan (
If your fiancée is having a bachelorette party in Nashville (8/31/2023)... (
McConnell freezes again. Now that he has seen the ghost of America present only one more to go (
Most aggravating type of people (
For once, an actually sensible human being recording themselves at the gym (
Proof men don’t want drama (
Quit whining (
Guy shares the trials/tribulations of trying to learn to read and being heartbroken by Charlotte's Web (
If our backs are their table, what happens when we stand up? (
Men want one thing... (
POV: you’re on a date with a woman in her 30s (
Why don't men pursue anymore... (
Pulled him out with the lasso of truth (
Black people in Alabama when they saw that hat go up😂 (
AOC speaks the truth (
Exposing bad corporate landlords on TikTok (
Rejecting girls because of their star sign (
Tranz people (
How a lot of people feel right now (
Military guys getting tattoos (
Unbelievable (
Laundry tips (
Drag Queens On a College Campus???!!! How dare they!! /s (
Worst ad ever? (
"Essential Workers" not "essential pay" (
😈 (
How to get rid of wasps (
AI generated Joe Biden ad by the daily show (
@christians (
“Same person” (
Who is actually hurting kids (
"That's crazy" (
Remember kids, the internet is a dangerous place. Especially if you share everything with everyone. (
Savage (
It’s cringe because it’s true (
British kids try Southern American food (
Props To This Manager Standing Up For His Employees Against These TikTok Degenerates (
Guy annoys store owner with a barbell he supposedly found in the store (
An Illinois W (
If I worked in IT support I'd probably need anger management classes (
Make America Straight Again (
Every time I see videos of this little kid named Sam who designs and makes clothes my heart literally grows 3 sizes (
Conservative becomes pro-trans, best argument... (
How does this make you feel (
Omg is this real?!?!?! (
China suspends all social media accounts of Uncle Roger. (
Facts (
Veteran does not have any support at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. (
The power of Reddit (
Dark Brandon roasts Fox News (
Trans representation from the 80s (
How a lot of people feel right now (
The Pentagon leak happened in thr most insane way possible. (
Woman who had been posting videos of feeding people who are struggling had her land salted by someone (
Maybe it’s part of the job description? (
There's no hate like Christian love (
How corporations want to colonize your mind (
The Invisible Cameraman (
I felt the cringe soon as he brought up that analogy… (
Politician using tiktok properly lmao (
Glad someone said it live in front of millions of people(applies to all religions and beliefs) (
Teaching English and how it is largely spoken in the US (
Built Different (
I’m too busy doing nerd shit to cheat (
Easy (