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'January 6 heroes' refuse to shake Sen. Mitch McConnell's hand. (
Being clever cleaning ice off a car window (
Young lady taking her driving test forgets something important (
Cat proof fence (
Modern day fear - The waiter dropped her plate. (
Man realizes his earphones are not plugged in, dies inside with a smile on his face (
The neighborhood cat I usually cat-sit discovering there’s a new cat in our apartment (
Guy tries to catch the ball at a baseball game (
Bird steals an AirPod from a news reporter (
Trying to mock someone's hight (
Swedish politician gets stuck in a 26 second blank stare when asked on national television why he gave himself a 27% salary increase (
High five! (
Fiddling with the camera during a wedding (
On this day in 2006, Guy Goma went to the BBC for a job interview, but was mistaken for the expert they due to interview (
Booker-T accidentally calls Hulk Hogan the N-word during a promo (
she accidently released balloons (
What could go wrong jumping on a trampoline with your phone (
Worker accuses customer of not paying tab, customer proceeds to completely embarrass him (
Guy dies inside after being called mental by the hosts for explaining his views. (
My gf's anti-vax city counselor came to her door today... (
The Russian did not realize he was talking to Ukrainian soldiers until this moment (
Guy dies inside after trying to do a runner from a liquor store (
Very expensive Freudian slip (
The man mistakenly switched to the front camera and then realize his mistake. (
Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari learning of their charges of felony murder in the death of their 10 month old daughter, who they let starve to death (
Security guard thought he was following Lady Gaga. (
Dad thought his son got in the car when taking him to school & promptly drove off. (
Kirsten Dunst watching her hard work on a movie disappear by watching the director's Nazi comments (
An attempt to embarrass a climate change activist backfires (
These Tourists got lost in Cartel territory on the way to Cancun 😩 (
Kid drops his hot dog at a baseball game (
Nebraska farmer asks pro fracking committee to drink water from a fracking zone, and they can’t answer the question (
Who says kids slow you down? ( image
The incredible moment where Alex Jones is informed that his own lawyer accidentally sent a digital copy of his entire phone to the Sandy Hook parents' lawyer, thereby proving that he perjured himself. (
So delicious and yummy (
Dog was so excited to go out and changed his mind instantly (
Ever been this tired after work? (
door falls down (
That last one was personal (
When you finally get your degree and die (
These two men spent the game making a pyramid out of stacked cans, only for someone to knock it over with a ball. I feel sorry for them. (
I feel bad for him (
When you hit Coachella and forgot your deodorant (
Difference between ego and determination (
If I can't see them, they can't see me (
When the world is on your shoulders (
Guy tries to peek at the booba of a princess in denmark (
Times when Putin tried to shake someone's hand (
When your owner pets another cat (
Lawyer dies inside as his client confesses to several other offenses (
Poor kid's never gonna be able to see Disney on ice again (
Why mom why (
Mission failed. We will get em' next time... (
You never saw this... (
Waking up and saving the car from a terrible accident. (
Friend gave him a cookie #joke (
A split second photo posted on instagram vs. reality (
He bet his sister $50 dollars that she couldn’t do everything he does and she got mad (
"Why are we still here? Just to suffer?" (
When you took your gf to the bar with your friend. (
The world is changing. (
Chinese soldier (2nd row) fucks up the timing (
Poor guy forgot he no longer had a beard (
"Why are we still here? Just to suffer?!" (
Quality control at a salad dressing factory (
He wasn't ready. (
It's ok, we all have bad days. (
Hold on a little longer (
Time to meet the father in law. (
She couldn't believe the audacity (
When you've never been to church (
Spain shame (
His Reaction Always Gets Me!! (
This is how he become Batman. (
what's my purpose? you put on socks. (
Poor guy just wanted to scare the lady with his Iron Man mask (
Pizza Delivery Problem (
These kids hid in a leaf pile to scare their dad (
There's no turning back now (
Never again bro. (
This was the dad's idea... (
Poor guy. Went from stoked to I hate myself real quick. (
aight I'll just drink it anyway (
They say you should never meet your heroes (
Gender reveal party (
Her stepmom blew out her birthday candles (
Stop trying to kiss my damn hand! (
When your aunt & uncle are visiting but he's the "fun uncle" (
How not to be a good parent (
He didn't have to do him like that (
That's not washing off... (
I guess he needs to let his mom loose a bit. (
This Olympic swimmer's reaction to a false start (
Michael just having a normal one (
An introvert among extroverts (
Oldest trick in the book (
He is confused and terrified at the same time (
That’s gotta hurt (
When your stank face gets caught on camera at church (
When you meet her father (
“What IS in my wallet?” (
girl looking like damn my man only bought me a Pepsi (
Dog dies the slowest of deaths (
"Guys... the bill" (
Thanks for the reminder (
His struggle is real (
Emma Stone dying inside (
Police forces in brazil celebrating a theif's 18th birthday because they can't arrest anyone under 18 (
The Origin Story (
You weren’t supposed to pull that (
Just because you're in your car doesn't mean people can't see what you're doing... (
This guy was more than just ready (
Did he really just do that (
Best goalkeeper. (
"You serious?" (
The camera is on (
Fast Food 2.0 (
Pick THAT up, John (
Kid gets caught taking a selfie. (
April fool’s day (
Oh no (
This guy’s wife will be having a discussion with him at home. (
Corn (
Most desirable face? (
Cashiering is thankless (
curse these broken hands of mine (
"Oh, you're alive....and a cat, my bad." (
"Elite" Karachi rollerblade taskforce...expectation vs. reality (
She says no... And now you have to awkwardly skate back alone with a crowd watching you... (
Not the best way to score (
Bushman scaring people (
'Get off!' (
That’s a big NOPE for the doggo (
The way she looks around at the end like she's reconsidering her life choices (
What have I done? (
Tennis match (
When it's your 2nd time being in 2nd place in a tournament. (
"Listen here you little shit" (
James Harden slams the ball into his own face out of frustration (
Cats can always spot the non cat person (
When you celebrate too soon [happened yesterday in Brazil] ( image
Boston cop who nearly ran me and a bunch of other people over at protest realizes he's being recorded while bragging about it (
Uno! I got you! (
Wayne Gretzky getting denied by his wife on Kiss cam. Never gets old. (
He wasn’t sorry (
Time for Some Snowman (
Chef dies inside after tasting Gordon Ramsay pad thai (
19 year old realizes she can’t taste anything (
Rest In Peace to Omegle stranger (
This guy kills me... (
Oops (
When the snake you said wouldn't bite you bites you. (Rest in peace you legend) (
Not the best choice of song for a kids ride (
Triple homicide (but only in the inside ^^) (
Scottish Reporter Tricked Into Thinking the Koala She Is Holding Is a 'Deadly Drop Bear' (
It's Fucking Raw........ (
Gotem (
Order Disappointment online. (
Don't run (
He started questioning life (
Stephen Fry on God (
He forgot their son ROFL (
I don’t blame him. Which f’ing monster designed that door.? (
I feel so bad for her, but it is pretty accurate (
Why the light no worky (
My guy just wanted some ice cream (
Daughter draws her mother’s face, and doesn’t know why her dad is laughing. (
Miscatculated (
Somebody save him please!!!!🥺🥺 (
Life left the chat (