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重要提示:科罗拉多州的选民:重新检查您的投票状态,许多人因 "技术原因 "被拒绝,我们仍然可以推翻劳伦-布伯特的地位。

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背后的人❤️: Owen (Twitter)

#WhitePeopleTwitter image
Definitely not trying to distract from the current trending hashtags ( image
The police have released the booking photo of the Colorado Springs MAGA mass shooter domestic terrorist ( image
The heroes that stopped the Club Q gunman, including a military veteran and a drag queen stomping the gunman with their high heels ( image
Elon now hanging out in Libs of TikTok's replies making ableist comments and bashing his former staffer ( image
Kathy Griffin has been permanently suspended from Twitter for impersonating Elon Musk ( image
One of the advertisers that was speaking with Elon responds to his tweet alleging activists are driving them away ( image
Advertisers are already leaving Twitter and Elon is not happy about it. ( image
It is now Elon Musk's Twitter and his first order of business is to get rid of the grown ups. ( image
Why are people hating so hard on TS? Does she actually claim to be revolutionary? ( image
I hold Oprah to blame for giving this twatwaffle and also Dr Phil a nationwide platform all those years ago ( image
The Ku Klux Klan is back and it’s been rebranded as MAGA ( image
We’re gonna see an explosion of wizards in about 10 years… 🧙‍♂️ ( image
Donald Trump is asking supporters to boycott all elections. I 100% support this strategy. ( image
Elon Musk tries to use map from 2012 to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine and a geopolitical expert sets him straight ( image
Funny how the most disrespectful right wing nut jobs only give a damn about privacy and respect when things go bad for THEM ( image
15 year old, kidnap victim jumped out of the car of her homicidal kidnapper and ran to safety toward police, who promptly shot & killed her. ( image
The law is clear. No person may knowingly transport an undocumented person within the United States, and Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis just did. ( image
“What gets me are the women behind him smiling and going along with this.” ( image
I can't think of an adequate title, this is just sad. I hope you're all doing OK. Sending you love from Canada. ( image
18, raped by a 21 year old in her command. He got stationed overseas, she has since been medically discharged and lives with ptsd and depression. ( image
The man is a hero for protecting the kids ( image
Democrats introduce bill to give term limits to Supreme Court justices ( image
Yesterday Republicans voted against protecting marriage equality, and today this. Midterms are in November. ( image
If you don’t believe in basic human rights get the f*ck out of office ( image
Conservatives be like “I agree with the founding fathers until I don’t.” (
Conservatives! You’re living the life liberals gave you. ( image
A year ago these same people were bitching about wearing masks in the summer. Now they use them to hide like cowards. ( image
let's do it, it is protected in the first amendment and in today's ruling ( image
The party of hypocrisy strikes again. ( image
It also includes PAN at the start. I knew it was the gays... (